The Rescue (1988) Movie Script

Chapman speaking. MARSHALL: Hi, Captain,
it's Marshall. We just got a satellite burst
via Omsat Nae-Ri. Flash priority.
It's from the Topeka . CHAPMAN: Is she in trouble?
MARSHALL: Uh-huh. Reactor,
right outside the N.K.'s. CHAPMAN: (SIGHS) Get SEAL team
6 back. I'll be down
in a minute. And you'd better wake Rothman. (RADIO STATIC) SOLDIER: Washington, please
stand by for urgent Satcom.
Navy department, section 9.
Please hold. (PHONE RINGS)
OFFICER: Section 9. WOMAN ON RADIO: Putting you
through. You are on scramble. (RADIO BEEPING) PILOT: Zebra-delta-zebra,
SEAL team 6
returning to base. Please acknowledge. Over. (ALARM BLARING) MAN ON RADIO: Eagle Eye,
this is Big Daddy. Mustang is vectoring
from Zulu-sector to
your 320 relative. Sharks 1 and 2
are on their way. Five hours ago, a Los Angeles
class sub had an explosion
in her engine compartment. Source unknown. Her electrical and
back-up propulsion systems
were severely damaged. She's dead in the water. Here. Still well outside
North Korea's
territorial waters. But then, so was the Pueblo. What about the reactor?
It's been secured. However, the anti-submarine
warfare and intelligence
gathering equipment is still highly vulnerable. That sub must not
fall into enemy hands. And I don't have to tell you
to what lengths
the North Koreans will go to get hold of our
top-secret A.S.W. capability. The Pentagon wants
to ensure that, that equipment is
permanently destroyed
when the sub is sunk. And they specifically
requested your SEAL team,
Commander Howard. (SIRENS WAILING AT A DISTANCE) Are they on to
her yet, Admiral? Satellite surveillance
indicates a lot of
movement in the area, but in my estimation,
I don't think they
have a fix on her. You should have
a three-hour window. I want your men
on deck in 30 minutes. (SIGHS)
(DOOR OPENING) Hey, pops. I thought
you were on exercises. Where were you last night?
There is a curfew
on this base. I was around.
Answer the question! Where were you last night?
Why weren't you with Commander
Nelson's family, mister? Put the beer down! I went into town.
We had a deal, J.J. When I travel,
you stay on the base. I stayed on the base
for a while. I mean, what do you want me
to do, sit here and watch TV? You want me to go to
the goddamn rec room and
guzzle punch with the brats? You know what
I expect of you. You've been back here
five months. So far, all you've done
is prove to me that
you can't cut it! It has got
to be by my rules. Yeah, well, your rules
are killing me, Dad. Well, if you can't
hack the program, maybe we pack your bags
and send you stateside, so you can live
with your mother! You couldn't live with her,
neither could I! That's unnecessary, mister! I'm not interested
in basic training.
I make the decisions! You've got nothing to say
about it! Is that clear? I've never had anything
to say about it, have I? I've never had anything
to say about anything! You call you and me family? All you care about is
how I stack up as
a SEAL commander's son. Well, I'll tell
you something, I don't give a shit
that I'm a commander's son! Well, what do you care about? Not the shit you care about! Give me a minute, Wicks. We don't have much time. (GRUNTS)
(ALL GRUNT) (GRUNTS) (ALL GRUNT) It's your dad,
over there. (SPEAKING KOREAN) Daddy, you're back!
You said another week. Uh, I'm back, I'm back. I gotta go out again. You cut your hair? You're going out again?
How long are you
gonna be gone? Close your eyes. (CAR HORN HONKING) Rain check on
the birthday dinner. Dad, what's goin' on?
What's goin' on with you? SYBIL: Give us a kiss,
commander. Hi, Dad.
You sick again? Maybe.
Yeah? How sick are you? Are you sick enough
to take care of things
while I'm gone, huh? You're a ninja, aren't you?
You can hold the fort. (VOCALIZES)
(GRUNTS) We were going sailing
this weekend. (CAR HORN HONKING)
Yeah, I'm sorry, pal. Where are you going, Dad? (SIGHS)
Is it something hot? Tomorrow you go to school. HOWARD: I'm not impressed
by the fact you're sick
every time I'm gone. You be here when
I get back, good lookin'. Follow me, pal.
I want to have
a word with you. Dad? Tell me what's up.
Is this some big deal? It's always a big deal.
I always come back,
though, don't I? (JEEP ENGINE STARTS) That is some beautiful girl
you got there, chief. Yeah, you should
see her room. Take care of your mother.
Watch your brother. (JEEP ENGINE STARTS) Watch yourself. School! (HELICOPTER WHIRRING) (BEEPING) Joshua 1, Joshua 2. HOWARD: This is command com.
Prepare for liftoff. PILOT: Roger, command com.
Joshua 1 and 2
proceeding to Zulu-5. PILOT: Main control, this is
Big Bird 5 requesting
clearance for take-off, over. MAN ON RADIO: Roger,
Big Bird 5.
You're cleared for immediate take-off
on runway three-niner. (AIRPLANE ENGINES OVERHEAD) HOWARD: Okay, it's official,
we blow the sub as planned. The problem is
the Musu-Dan current, here. In their present drift rate,
they'll be inside North Korean
waters in less than two hours. What about the crew? Most have been transferred
to a Japanese trawler, but their captain's
still on board. The second helicopter
should not come in
until we're on the surface. We'll have 10 minutes
to clear. I do not want
the North Koreans to get
a fix on our position. (CONTROL PANEL BEEPING) One minute. PILOT: Approaching target.
Twenty seconds. (BEEPING)
Stand by for deployment. Joshua 1, Joshua 2,
we have the football. I repeat.
We have the football. What about your men? My orders are to get you out
of here, Captain. Now go! Go! Phillips! Joshua 2, this
is the quarterback. We have a touchdown, over. (MAN SHOUTING IN KOREAN) (SHOUTING IN KOREAN)
drama of four
U.S. Navy servicemen charged with espionage
in North Korea has now
moved into its 30th day. Pentagon sources
confirm that the men, members of a SEAL
special forces unit, had successfully completed
their mission before
they were taken prisoner. The men are being held
in a remote prison camp
near the D.M.Z. Controversy still rages
over the incident, the communists insisting
the men were engaged
in espionage, and will be tried as spies. The trial, to be held in
the capital city of Pyongyang, could begin as
early as next week. Mounting outrage throughout
the United States has led to rumors of direct
military intervention. But the White House
and the state department continue to pursue
the release of the men
through diplomatic means. The President, referring to
the prisoners as "hostages," has called the trial
"A sham. Simply an arena
for propaganda." However, under
North Korean law, if the men are convicted,
they could be executed. MAN ON TV: And now,
for a live update on
the building tensions in the Persian Gulf,
here's our armed forces
network correspondent... Turn it off, please.
Mike is coming to us
via satell... (ROCK AND ROLL MUSIC PLAYING) ROTHMAN: Yes, sir, that's
very encouraging. Yes, I think so, too. Jerry Gates?
Yes, I've met him. Yes, sir. Good. Yes, he's a straight shooter. I'd be happy to. ROTHMAN: Good night, sir. MRS. ROTHMAN: Well?
What was that all about? ADRIAN: Thirty days?
The Israelis would have
had them out 29 days ago. Face it. They don't know
what to do. Take it easy. What are you,
some kind of expert? Take it easy?
Your father's stuck in
some prison somewhere. ADRIAN: Don't give me
power and glory. You don't have to tell me
where my father is, okay? SHAWN: Max, bud, what's up? We need to talk. Sit down. I think they're
going to try a rescue. Where'd you hear that? How do you know? I bugged my dad's study. Jesus. (SNORTS) I overheard him tell
my mother the whole thing. I hooked the microphone
up to the radio,
added a couple of things... What's going on? Sorry, Bobby, it's
a private conversation.
About what? Uh, it's private.
What's the difference? Is it about Dad?
If it is, I want
to know about it. Look, it's private.
Buzz off! Bobby, it's not
about your dad. Go on! There's a big meeting
this afternoon. Half the state
department's here. ADRIAN: Well, they gonna
tell us what they're gonna do? MAX: No. Yes. (STATIC ON RADIO) Don't touch.
Uh-huh. All right. Good luck! (EXHALES) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) MAN 1: The plan's a good one.
MAN 2: You feel sure? Yeah, I really am.
It's clean, simple. MAN 1: Sure. I'll have
an update for you
before they go. MAN 2: Sir, I may be able
to have it for you
by the end of the day. ROTHMAN: That's great.
Thanks a lot. Excuse me. Max? What the hell
are you doing in here? I'm, uh, looking for you, Dad.
Can we talk for a minute? I don't have a minute.
You should've called first. All right, what is it, son? It's personal. Man to man. All right, come in.
Make it quick, okay? What's the matter with you?
Something going on between
you and your mother? No, sir. Take the gum out
of your mouth, Max. ROTHMAN: Are you in
anymore trouble? Not yet, sir.
I'm here to tell you
how I feel about myself. Oh? It's just... I know
I've been screwing up
a lot lately, and I'm not interested
in trouble anymore. Uh-huh.
You seem very busy. Yes, well, as a matter
of fact, I am very busy. But you seem to
have something that you think is important
enough to talk about. Max, Max. Um... ROTHMAN: What do you
say we talk about it
after dinner, okay? Okay.
Max? Sir. MAX: Does it work?
It's perfect! The meeting just started.
You're a genius. (CHUCKLES) ROTHMAN: Secretary Gates,
gentlemen, good afternoon. Gates. Now we're
getting somewhere. I'd like Captain Miller
to continue the briefing with an explanation of
the planned rescue attempt
of the captive SEALs, Code named
"Operation Phoenix." Secretary Gates,
Admiral, gentlemen. Operation Phoenix is
now ready to implement. It'll coincide with
the workers' festival
six days from now. As a result of penetration
already accomplished
by Colonel Kim Song, we have a direct,
secret route into the fortress
where our men are being held. MILLER: Despite the heavy
security, by exploiting
this weak link, the rescue has a high...
Bob, let me stop
you for a minute. Yes, sir?
I'm familiar with
the operation. But I think we have
to address ourselves
to the larger picture, and the international
complications involved. MILLER: What complications
are you referring to? We can't prove that our men
were in international waters
when they were taken. (SCOFFS) You know damn well
they were! We all do. We can't prove it. And besides, it doesn't
mean a damn thing
to the North Koreans. They're playing
this to the hilt. MILLER: It means a hell
of a lot to those men, sir. No, at this juncture,
a rescue attempt is
simply not justifiable. What are they doing?
MILLER: But, sir!
Admiral, please. ROTHMAN: Excuse me,
Mr. Secretary. My men were taken
in international waters, and under article 51,
we have every right to
go in and get them. I understand.
Excuse me, Gerald,
let me finish. Now, the President was in
on this from the inception. Why the change
all of a sudden? Harold, the President is
outraged about this incident. If it were up to him,
he'd be in there himself.
You know that. But the way things
stand with North Korea
and her friends, the President is just
unwilling to pull the trigger. You gotta pull the trigger! Mr. Secretary,
for the next week,
we have an open window. Our only chance to go in there
and get those men out. If we lose this opportunity,
they don't stand a chance. SECRETARY: I'm sorry,
gentlemen, but under the circumstances,
Operation Phoenix
is out of the question. (INDISTINCT CHATTER ON RADIO) We've got to tell him. Look Adrian,
the guy is a loser. He's not one of us.
He'll just screw things up. Hey, Shawn, I can't worry
about you and your
personal hang-ups with him. He's one of us now,
and he's got a right to know. J.J.: What do you want? I think you
should hear this. ROTHMAN: My men were taken
in international waters. Under article 51, we have
every right to go in
and get them. SECRETARY: I'm sorry,
gentlemen, but under the circumstances,
Operation Phoenix
is out of the question. ADRIAN: Okay, that's it.
We're just gonna make it. SHAWN: How much do we have?
ADRIAN: $2,076.32. What's he doing here? He's a friend. Tell him I made the tape. He made the tape. ADRIAN: Shawn and I want
to go to Washington,
and talk to some people. We scraped up enough
money from our savings,
Max included. ADRIAN: If you want to put in,
well, you're welcome to come. And talk to who?
Anybody who'll listen. (SCOFFS) You're wasting
your time. Look, if you came here just
to blow us out of the water,
there you go. You don't think the President
would see them? He gets off
on that kind of stuff. Yeah, sure,
he'd see them.
Yeah. He'd pat you on your head
and tell you
how brave you are, break the hearts of America,
and send you back home. We can't just
let them die in there. He's not gonna listen to you.
You're not gonna change
anybody's minds. He's got a point. See this?
You know what this is?
SHAWN: Yeah, what about it? It's the SEAL's crest.
I know what it is. It says, "We take care
of our own."
SHAWN: So what? We can't just sit back
and be one of the numbers. Look, maybe they've written
my father off, but I haven't. Where are you heading? North Korea,
Operation Phoenix. You mean,
we go get them? Yeah. Why not? J.J.: It's all there for us.
The plans, the agents, everything. That's crazy.
Yeah. I love it.
How do we get the plans? No. My father will buy an electric
chair, and my mother
will pull the switch. Okay, go.
Watch yourself. (WHISPERS) All clear. Shit! SHAWN: Yeah. (DOGS BARKING) (BARKING CONTINUES) SHAWN: It's all here. Plans,
maps, contacts, everything. Just hurry, or I'm dog meat. SHAWN: Okay. Yes! Okay, okay, this is it. "Operation Phoenix,
outline and summary." Max, check this out. "SEAL team 6." Guess that's us now. SHAWN: "Will insert
North Korean waters from
submarine Blueback. "Entering Osan River
by rubber assault boat, "passing through
flood-control dam
at Hushan Bridge, "proceeding to
the fishing village
of Sang-Ri, "where contact will be made
with Colonel Kim Song,
South Korean intelligence." Perfect! All you need now
is a submarine, a rubber assault boat,
a North Korean guide book
and a credit card. J.J.: Anything else? MAX: Yeah, there's some
details of the assault
on the fortress. SHAWN: Hey, this must be it. There's an entrance here. There's a list of equipment. Machine guns, explosives. This is a full-scale
military operation. Explosives,
I forgot explosives! MAX: Uh, I'll pick some up
on the way home from school. ADRIAN: Come on, Max,
this is serious. J.J.: Look, all these plans
say is that the SEALs
are going in by boat. Well, so can we. The hardest part is
gonna be finding this
operative, Kim Song. If we want to make it,
we gotta go tomorrow night. The hardest part is
gonna be finding us a boat. Don't worry about the boat.
I can get you a boat. I know this guy in Seoul. Wait a minute.
Who is this guy?
Can we trust him? You got a better idea?
You wanna call the yacht club? Yeah, maybe I should. Hey, guys, come on.
You're not gonna
get anywhere like this. Okay, so we go
tomorrow night. You're not going. What? She's not going.
We can't take her. It's hard enough,
what we have to do.
We don't need a girl. J.J.: It's too dangerous.
That's bullshit! ADRIAN: Who the hell
do you think you are? It was my idea to bring
you in the first place. I'm as much a part of
this as you, either of you.
And I'm going. Tell him, Shawn. Shawn, tell him! She's going. She's not going.
I'm going. I'm glad I'm not going. WOMAN ON RADIO: A new report
issued by the National
Transportation Board indicates that
commercial air... What is it, Adrian? I'm gonna go out. (SIGHS) Don't come in
late again, all right? On a similar note, the Federal
Highway Administration...
Yeah. ...has released
a study indicating that... Mom?
Hmm? I love you. Predictions of ten times
longer delays on freeways... I mean, I really love you. I love you, too, sweets. ...are only a few of the items
covered by the report. This is WSPN,
world satellite news, coming to you directly
from Washington, DC. And now for the world
financial situation... Good evening, Mrs. Philips. Good evening, Corporal. Okay, guys, you can
come up now. SHAWN: Why, thank you,
Mrs. Philips. MAX: That's very funny,
very funny.
Why am I doing this? Adrian, your mother is
going to catch me. I know it. Soon as I pull into
the driveway, there she'll be. "Max, what are you
doing in my car?" "Max, what are you doing
in my dress?" ADRIAN: I told you,
she puts on
the news every night and stares at the TV, waiting
for the next catastrophe. MAX: I hope
you guys aren't it. We don't have
a boat, do we? He ripped us off. I'm sorry. ADRIAN: I thought you said
you had it all worked out? I knew I shouldn't
have trusted you. What do we do now? (INDISTINCT LAUGHTER) (INDISTINCT CHATTERING) Let's go home. Let's take that boat. Have you completely snapped?
That is a very dumb idea. Yeah, well, that's
the only idea we got. There are ten guys down there. And I say they're down
there getting drunk. And I say it won't work! Will you shut your face,
Rothman? You keep outta this.
SHAWN: Hey, you lay off him. He's put himself on
the line for us, all of us. Yeah, well we still need
a boat and it's sitting right
there waiting for us. Yeah, let's do it. Take care of my mother
and my little brother. I'll give you five minutes,
in case you change your minds. Bye. Bye. (GLASS SHATTERING)
(SIGHS) Sorry, Mrs. Phillips.
It's for a good cause.
Such a beautiful car, too. (SPEAKING KOREAN) (THUMPING)
BOBBY: Hey! Open up! Let me out!
Come on, open up! Bobby, what do you
think you're doing here? Get out of the trunk! Where are they?
You stand right there! (RADIO ANNOUNCER IN KOREAN) What are you doing?
in Boston And Pittsburgh, PA Deep in the heart of Texas
to San Francisco Bay Fantastic!
All over St. Louis
and down in New Orleans All the cats goin' dancin' Sweet little sixteen Ahhh! (GRUNTS) (GRUNTS) About a half a million Ooh!
Get in the boat! Hey, come back here! You little brat! ADRIAN: Start the boat!
J.J.: Come on, Shawn! (ENGINE STARTS)
J.J.: You said you could
drive this thing! MAX: Shut up! Where do you
think you're going? Shawn! (SHOUTING IN KOREAN) Somebody steals the show Oh, daddy, daddy
BOBBY: Wait for me! I beg you Shawn! Bobby!
What are you doin' here? He was hiding in the trunk! BOBBY: I'm in!
J.J.: Shawn, go! (ENGINE REVVING) In Philadelphia, PA (SHOUTING IN KOREAN) Deep in the heart of Texas Shawn, move it now! All over St. Louis... (GUNSHOTS) SHAWN: Look!
ADRIAN: Oh, no!
My mom's car! We did it! We did it!
Whoo-hoo! MAX: Let me off this boat.
I'm getting out right here! SHAWN: Forget it, Max.
BOBBY: Yeah! (RADIO GURGLING) Virginia, do you
have to smoke? If there was one day that
I'd need a cigarette,
Sybil, it is today. Can you blow it in a bag
or something, please? Can you take this out
on someone else? Ahem. Good morning, Admiral.
Good morning. Good morning, Harold.
Sybil. ROTHMAN: Virginia, Sybil, I want you to know that
I understand what
you're going through. What all of us
are going through. I just want to assure you
that we are doing
everything we can. We're watching the borders...
That's all we're doing
is watching borders? Now, Virginia, I said we
are doing everything we can.
We will find them. SYBIL: (SCOFFS) Find them? We shouldn't even be in
this situation, Harold. Why hasn't there
been a rescue
attempted before now? Why were you so bloody
frightened to go in and get our men out
in the first place? Sybil, he had every intention
of rescuing those men. It wasn't his decision not to.
Whose decision was it, Vella? Oh, please.
You knew and
you didn't tell us? You know better than this...
Please, Vella. This isn't going
to accomplish anything. You're right. I'm sorry. The only thing that
we can hope for is that we find
those children before they
cross over into the North. Is that it? It looks clear.
Let's go for it. What's the matter? We're not going in. I can't take Bobby in there. Shawn, I can
take care of myself. You shut up.
You've got nothing
to say about this. You follow me around,
you mess everything up. I'm not here to follow you.
I'm here to get Dad. What do you mean
we're not going in? We're not gonna
turn this boat around
and go back. Look, he'll never
make it in there. I'm not sure we'll
make it in there! I made it this far, didn't I? Look, he's a little brat,
but he's here. Now, we're not gonna
turn this boat around. I'm not taking him over!
It's too dangerous. He has a point. That's North Korea,
not North Dakota. Look, you crossed that
line last night. Why didn't
you say something then? Come on, Shawn,
we had a plan.
Exactly. Exactly. And he wasn't part of it. Maybe we should take a vote. Look, I said I'm going
and I'm going. And she's gonna go. You don't have to go.
Your father's not in there. You know, you are not
giving the orders around here. You know
what you are? I know what you are.
You're scared. You're just a little
chicken, hiding behind
your baby brother. He's not chicken! Because you don't have
enough guts to go in
and get your own father. Well, maybe you don't care
about your father,
but I care about mine. J.J.: I'll go in by
myself, if I have to. And if I don't die doing it,
I'll bring him back. Hey, J.J... And if you're
such a chicken shit, I might just bring
your father back for you. (GROWLS)
No, no, stop! MAX: Cut it out! Cut it out!
ADRIAN: You guys, stop it! MAX: Now, relax! Stop it! J.J.: I'll rip
your face off. Oh, we can't think
about it anymore! We just have to go!
We go. We do it.
We go all the way! The plan,
the commitment,
all of it! Now, let's cross
the line right now. Once and for all,
do it! Do it! Come on, goddamn it!
Do it now before
I know what I just said! You get down,
and you stay down.
Do you understand me? Yeah. (ENGINE STARTS) (SHOUTING IN KOREAN) Oh, God.
Look behind us. (MACHINE GUN FIRING) They're
shooting bullets! Real bullets!
Shawn, move it! J.J.: Watch that rock! (MACHINE GUN FIRING) Go, Shawn! Stay down! (SHOUTING IN KOREAN) They've got a cannon!
They've got a cannon! They're trying
to kill us. Watch out! (SHOUTING IN KOREAN) God, Shawn,
do something! (MACHINE GUN FIRING) (SCREAMS) (SHOUTING IN KOREAN) We're trapped! Hang on! Hit the deck! (SHOUTING IN KOREAN) (SCREAMING) Oh! Yeah!
Whoo-hoo! Whoo!
Yeah! J.J.: You all right?
Everyone okay? ADRIAN: Yeah.
SHAWN: Yeah. SHAWN: But we're sinking. MAX:
Welcome to North Korea. ADRIAN:
I keep imagining
my father. Seeing him looking at me
when I come for him. I wonder what
he's gonna say. I know what
mine will say. "Why aren't you
at the Nelson's,
mister?" ADRIAN: J.J.? Do you think
somewhere inside you that nothing terrible
is gonna happen to us? J.J.: No. ADRIAN:
It's crazy, isn't it? J.J.: Nothing's crazy. ADRIAN:
Truth is, I'm really scared. J.J.: Me, too. (CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING) (SIGHS) J.J.: Okay,
this is it, guys. J.J.: Get in the boat,
Rothman. (WOMAN CALLING IN KOREAN) J.J.: Look at this place. SHAWN: (CHUCKLES)
Well, we finally
made it to Club Med. J.J.: (WHISPERING)
Would you shut up already? Bobby,
come here. (PEOPLE SPEAKING KOREAN) Coming up on a turn.
Which way? Try to the left. Where are they,
Shawn? They're up there,
somewhere. There it is. Go right. MAX: This should be it. It's the last one
on the right. But there's supposed
to be a signal. J.J.: The plan's cancelled,
remember? No one's expecting us. This place gives
me the creeps. Come on. (SHOUTING IN KOREAN) (SPEAKING KOREAN)
Don't move. Are you Kim Song? Phoenix,
Operation Phoenix. (SPEAKING KOREAN) (SPEAKING KOREAN) I don't think these
are the right guys. I think
we're in big trouble. (SPEAKING KOREAN) (SPEAKING KOREAN) Who are you?
Robert Franklin Howard, sir. How old?
Ten and a half, sir. Who are you? Merrill. J.J. Merrill. We're looking for
a man called Kim Song. Can you help us? And who are you? Shawn Howard. We're brothers.
We're looking for... Shut up.
Don't tell him anything. So,
you are Phillips. And you are Rothman. Your father
is looking for you. What? I'm Kim Song. The Admiral Rothman said that
you would try to come here. I can't believe that
you have done this. Incredible.
(LAUGHS) Incredible. Then you'll help us? No. I cannot help you. But I will take care of you
and get you back home. We're not going
back home. Sir. You honor your fathers
by this bravery. But you have risked
your lives for nothing. It's too late. Too late?
What do you mean
we're too late? Look. One of my men
taped this last week
from a delivery truck. Your fathers are in
the cells to the left, behind those fireworks. Fireworks? SONG: Yes.
They're preparing for
the workers' celebration. ADRIAN:
There's the well. It's just like
in the plans. SONG: Your fathers are
being led back from
the daily interrogation. We had planned
to rescue them here. BOBBY: There's Dad. SHAWN: Jesus. SONG: The well was to be
our way in and out. We still have
smoke bombs and grenades
stored in the tunnel. But now, it's too late. At dawn, your fathers will be
moved to Pyongyang prison. No one leaves there. Well, then we have
to go tonight. SONG: Impossible. Without the special rescue
force of Americans, there's no chance. No, I'm sorry. (SPEAKING KOREAN) We're leaving tomorrow.
There's a way back
to the coast. Until then, I want
you all to stay here. This man will see
to your needs. Incredible. Anybody asleep? No. I can't believe
it's ending this way. Dad wouldn't quit. We can still do it. Everything's ready. We still got the boat,
the plans, everything. You're forgetting
one small thing. Without Kim Song
and his men,
the plan won't work. ADRIAN:
Well, we can improvise. MAX: How? We've got fireworks. The workers'
celebration. We could celebrate
a little early. Yeah.
What do you have
in mind? I don't know. Yet. There's always a way. Come on, J.J.
What do you think? Hurry.
We've got
less than an hour. MAX: Look at that. Here. Okay, let's go. (DOG BARKING) Here, take this. (GRUNTS) All right, come on. J.J.: Come on, Rothman,
move your butt. MAX: I'm trying. Look out.
ADRIAN: Max. All right, I got you.
Where are the plans? (SHAWN GRUNTS) Look at
this place.
All right. Which way? Through there. Come on. J.J.: It should be
here somewhere. There it is. ADRIAN: Whoo!
SHAWN: Yeah. SHAWN: Smoke canisters
and grenades. So far, so good. Come on, take it. They're right above us. Take this. Are you all right? Yeah, I'm fine. Just don't look down. J.J.: Jesus,
look at this place. SHAWN: Let's try not
Bobby, come with me. (WHISPERING)
Okay, let's move. Gas tanks. Here. ADRIAN: Freeze.
There's a guard crossing. Okay, you're clear. (BOTH GASP) Psst. What do you think? I think you scared
the hell out of me. Now what? Do it
just like we planned. Once I get 'em out,
I'll signal you on the radio. You guys cover us
with a diversion. Then it's
across the courtyard,
right back here, down that tunnel,
back to Kim Song. He'll have
to help us then. Yeah.
Ready. Listen.
How're you gonna do it? Inside, I mean. J.J.: However I have to. When I get 'em out,
I'll signal you on the radio. If something goes
wrong back there,
just get the hell out of here. You can still make it back
to Kim Song. Remember,
we've only got till sunrise.
After that, that's it. Hey, take care of them,
okay, Shawn? SHAWN: You got it. SHAWN:
There's a guard. He's watching you.
Just keep walking. He looked away. Okay, I'm inside. I'm turning it off now.
hurry it up! (MAN SPEAKING KOREAN) (SPEAKING KOREAN) In five minutes,
this place is
going to be jumping. Something's gone wrong.
I know it.
IN KOREAN) It is too late. (GRUNTING) There's still time.
There's no more time. We're not leaving. (GRUNTING) (GROANING) (NECK SNAPS) That's it. We're dead. (WHISPERING)
IN KOREAN) They're going in. Okay, we're out... Damn it. Come on, J.J.
Come on. There. That's him.
Do it. It's too late.
are they? There they are!
Come on. ALL: Dad! ALL: Dad! (SHOUTING) It's Kim Song!
He's with us! Children, over here! Get your guns. (SCREAMING) (SCREAMING) Go! Follow me! J.J.! Over the wall! (SCREAMING) Get up! Ahh! (GRUNTING) (GRUNTING) (SCREAMING) (GRUNTING) Come on, J.J.,
let's go! Come on! You stay with her. (SCREAMING) Come on, Bobby. I got you. Go. This way. Here. Down there.
(GASPS) Are you serious? Go on, Shawn!
Go! You all right?
BOBBY: Yeah. Okay, good.
(SCREAMING) (SCREAMING) Whoo-hoo! Whoo-hoo! Where's it go?
Hell if I know! Wait!
did you get here? Somebody had to come
and get you, Dad. Yeah?
And who is Kim Song? He's part of the plan
to get you out. You know, like 007. What plan? Phoenix.
The plan
they gave up on. Yeah.
But, how did you get here? We had to
use Mom's car. They drove here. There's an airfield.
Can anyone fly a plane? Phillips. (SHOUTING IN KOREAN) All right.
We gotta go! You go.
I'm staying. No! You get on this plane.
You can't take the chance! Life is a chance.
Now, go! Incredible. Okay, Chief. Let's get
the hell out of here! All right, hold on! I figure we're ten minutes
from the border. If we can get to those
mountains, we've got a chance. Look! (MAN SPEAKING KOREAN) Chief, we're hit!
On the right side! She's losing oil. Dad?
Are we gonna make it? Yes, sailor,
we're gonna make it.
Just hang on. (SPEAKING KOREAN) PHILLIPS: There it is.
There's the border. Hang on! (SCREAMING) Chief! (PHILLIPS GRUNTS) There it is!
It's the coast!
We made it! We made it.
Unidentified bogey,
25 degrees west, 900 feet. Looks like an intruder
from the north. We got to shut her down.
Feather that prop. The green lever's there,
on the right. What the hell
was that? Look! MAX:
It's one of ours. And there's another,
right on this side. They're warning us off!
They think
we're North Korean! J.J.:
We have to let them
know who we are. PILOT: Cobra, this is Six Gun.
we have vector target,
visual contact. PILOT: Cobra, this is Six Gun.
you're not gonna believe this. Daddy, look! WOMAN: Oh, God! That's it, hold on! (SHOUTING) (SIRENS WAILING) Yeah! We did it!
Yeah! Mom! (CHEERING)