The Resistance (2016) Movie Script

Some days I wake up,
before sleeping second.
It all feels like just a bad dream.
But it doesn't take long before reality
just as quickly.
Hope fades. I wanna wake...
It all started 13 years ago,
Day 15 of the plague and Aurodeca
was in a total collapse.
I still remember it as
if it was yesterday.
all the terms of continent failed
For the first time I was on the street
the borders of all ten
territories they open.
The ten royal leaders were pronounced dead
without ten point leader
to gover the ten lands
who violates panic to continue the world.
There wasn't any hope left
The end was near.
We were all doomed.
Citizens of Aurodeca,
the time has come to put
an end to this plagueness.
Now, destiny itself has
arrived on the wind,
hating is pain but searching for one
who prepared to answer its call
I have found syrus to
keep this virus in check
Even now my team is producing
as much Noxe as possible.
Cross all ten territories,
come to be here tomorrows.
This is a begin for you.
We're now one people, united
by the horrors of death,
ready to be much stronger
than ever before.
Citizens of Aurodeca.
My name is Syrus Primoris.
And Il figure you all.
A savior, a saint.
A blessing from the God above.
that's all we thought
17 yeas later
Imagine, free from disease,
Noxe, engineered by the new scientists
Noxe, the key to the freedom,
live with no sickness
Imagine, free from disease...
Hold a line to recieve Noxe.
Make sure you have your ID cards out.
Bleeders, at the front.
None of credits.
No credits, no Noxe.
No...Its a mistake.
Please, please just help me.
I have a family. Please!
Just went me down, help me.
Check it hard! Check it hard!
Let go!
I like your jacket.
Stop screwing around!
Shut up!
I like it even more before you stole it
Bran, go get it!
you keep the jacket
i just need what's in the front
right pocket- the memery chip
just reaches your hip
pocket and give me the chip
give me the chip
i am willing give you to the court
it's not here.
Arm Hideout
welcome back!
what's the latest?
no sighs here be troops weeks
we should be safe here in a couple of days
And NOXE trials?
back square one
when are Cian and Bran back?
All any time now
Let's pray the chip has info welcome for
even fit chips both have formula
how can we produce enough
NOXE make it difference?
Hey Lana
look, I didn't mean to like that
Lana i am tired
ok, I'm tired of waking every
morning blindly hoping that
today is going to be the
day the world changs
We spent everyday looking for a cure
year after year
not the season I'm living
look, sometimes I just wish
things could be normal
There is no such thing as normal
hasn't been for 17 years
as long as Syrus is the only
one can produce the NOXE,
nothing would ever be normal
You alright?
I'm Fine
Lana, Lana
Stay with me
You are ok! Lana
Stay with me Lana
Lana, look at me, you are fine
you are fine
you are ok
I'm sorry
I thought it could last
But you can't keep
taking chances like that
men make the tasks first, that's the rule
want what a meaning if you're dead?
it's Cian and Bran
Lana, we have a problem
a selective EMP,
it's how they hacked into our videoboards
dosen't look like much,
but the secretary are quite
advanced and expensive
that sort of thing you found just anywhere
seems likely
should I pay him a visit?
that won't be necessary
Downtown Primoris
Eww, Horace this is sweet stuff
vary translty 15% more less supplier
How much you making it up?
16% 16%
Hey, try leave some of
the pink athrough, ah?
oh yeah
real sweet stuff
We are all ready, does Syrus get you come?
I need to finish counting first
why don't you go ahead
and have a seat, relax
I've got room for you right here. mommy
To breath, Dysten
To be continued