The Resurrection of Gavin Stone (2016) Movie Script

And that wraps it up
for today's pop culture
and celebrity news.
Now, let's throw it over
to our very own Nikki Boyer
for this week's
"where are they now?" Segment.
In tonight's
"where are they now?" Segment,
we take a look at
child star Gavin stone.
Twenty years ago, stone shot
to small-screen stardom
as cliffy in the smash
sitcom family life.
And had seemingly
every kid in America saying...
Don't look at me.
His legendary manager,
star maker, Jack Roth,
parlayed that into
merchandise, a cliffy DVD,
and after family life's
cancellation, a couple of movies.
And then, tragedy struck.
The unexpected
death of Gavin's mother
ultimately led to
a messy emancipation
from his now
estranged father, Waylon.
Exercising his newfound freedom,
Gavin became a fixture
on the party scene.
But, five years ago, his fast
living finally caught up with him.
After consecutive
stints in rehab,
stone has been mostly
out of the public eye.
his career has stalled.
Even his former director and creator
of family life, Mike Meara,
reportedly didn't even audition
stone for Meara's new TV series.
Ouch. It looks like his career
will remain quiet for a while,
much to the delight
of movie critics.
So there you have it,
"where is he now?"
Gavin, I'm your manager,
not a miracle worker.
The party went
too far this time.
You trashed
the entire rooftop of a hotel.
Take a look.
Memory still failing you?
Is that a catapult?
Gavin, listen,
the damage is your fault.
This judge won't budge
on community service.
Community service?
Maintenance at a local church.
Like, god and choirs
and all that?
Or sewage cleanup.
Is there a difference?
Gavin. Take the deal.
Spend 200 hours of your life doing
something positive for a change.
In Masonville, Illinois?
I got out of here for a reason.
Please, guys, remind me
never to visit again.
You got no choice, okay?
So, I want you
to deal with this,
and I want you to make it work.
Reconnect with your old man.
You're gonna need
a place to stay.
I prefer jail.
Okay, fine.
The church thing.
Be on time, be respectful.
You listening?
Don't screw this up.
How could I?
I'll fit right in.
This is Mike Meara.
Who are you?
Hey, hey, Mikey. Gavin stone.
Just wanted to see
if you needed, uh...
To leave
your message, press two.
To re-record, press three.
Mike, my man.
Hey, still owe you that drink
from a few years back.
Good day, Mr. Meara. I just
wanted to reintroduce myself.
My name is Gavin stone.
It'll be fine.
He's your dad.
Just tell him what happened.
Tell him you're sorry.
He'll be fine.
Well, thanks for the ride.
Good luck.
You in trouble?
A little.
What kind?
The kind where you
can't leave the state
until you've completed
your community service hours.
What did you do this time?
Long story.
You clean?
Are you clean?
Dad, yes.
Been a while.
Yeah. Yeah, it has.
Place looks nice.
No, it doesn't. Not yet.
Well, you know,
you finished the outside...
Eight years ago.
Um, look, I'm just
gonna come out with it.
I need a place to stay.
Low on cash,
and I don't have a gig, so...
Say what you need to say.
It's been a one-man band
around here for a long time.
Yeah, I know.
But if you have a spare room,
I promise
I'll stay out of your way.
I don't have maid service.
This isn't the motel 6.
If you're out late, the
light's not left on for you.
How long are you
gonna be around?
Uh, two hundred hours.
And unless you can drive me, I'm
gonna need to borrow the truck.
The 16th birthday truck
that you turned down
'cause you wanted to
buy a Vette, that truck?
Yes, dad, that is the one.
Have at it.
Thank you.
Oh, I gotta be at Masonville Bible church.
You've ever been there?
I go to about as many
church services as you do.
Well, this should be fun.
Come on.
Thank you, father, for this
opportunity we have...
Toto, we are not in
Los Angeles anymore.
Hey, do you know
where the pastor's office is?
I do.
You're Gavin stone.
All right.
Let's do it fast, man.
You got your phone?
I'm sorry? I'm happy to do a selfie.
You're a fan, right?
Of what?
Me, the show...
I mean,
you recognized me, right?
Should I?
How did you know my name?
It was printed at
the top of your rap sheet.
I'm Allan Richardson.
Pastor Allan Richardson.
So, why are you fixing the...
Because it's broken.
"Drink from your own
cistern." Proverb, sort of.
And at 30 bucks an hour, always
better to fix it yourself.
I didn't know pastors did that.
Well, I guess you
haven't met many pastors.
The catapult was a nice touch.
Quite a party, huh?
They gave you the pictures.
I've been a pastor for decades.
Nothing shocks me anymore.
I really wasn't a part of...
Yeah, they told me the story.
You're not the best decision
maker, but you're no criminal.
So, we don't need to share
with anybody why you're here.
It's a big church, you'll fly under the
radar, everybody'll treat you great.
Okay. Got it.
Gavin, we really do believe
in second chances here.
But they're not
to be taken lightly.
200 hours means 200 hours.
And don't just think because
I'm the "caring pastor"
that you're gonna
put one over on me.
Got it?
Got it.
So, father...
"Pastor" is fine.
Or just Allan.
Okay. Yeah, Allan...
What is it exactly
that I'll be doing?
What are you doing?
Sorry, I'm not, uh...
You know, just cleaning.
Where is Helen?
I'm just filling in for Helen.
Okay, well,
you need to put a sign
because this is
the women's bathroom.
Yup. Should have
done that, yeah.
Do I know you from somewhere?
You recognize me?
I don't think I've seen you
around here before.
You can figure it out later.
Maybe over coffee
or deep-dish pizza.
You guys are into that, right?
Yeah, thin crust is fine, too.
Uh... well,
I got a ton of work to do,
and I've known you for 30 seconds, so...
Ls that...
Are these movie scenes?
Uh, no. It is our annual
stage production.
That's totally my thing.
I could help you with that.
Right now, you can help me
by cleaning another bathroom.
'Cause this is the women's.
Yeah. Hmm.
Yep. All right.
I'll just get a sign.
As well.
I can sing, I can dance...
Okay, next up is Charles.
Woe to you, scribes and pharisees.
Woe to you.
Hi. My name is Doug.
I've never acted before.
But I'm willing to serve the lord
in whatever way you see fit.
My name is
Charlotte Elizabeth Stewart.
I'm the stage manager.
And I'm going to be
performing amazing grace.
My name is Anthony Mathias
Roundstone, and I live for Jesus.
The stage is a close second.
I'll be performing a monologue from
Henrik Ibsen's a doll's house.
Finished already?
You know what they say.
Time flies when you're serving your
state-mandated community service hours.
Eight down, 192 to go.
You know, as naturally
gifted as I am with a mop,
I'm 10 times better on stage.
You think I could spend a few
of my hours working on this?
Maybe help you guys out?
Oh, that'd be nice.
But, uh, this is one
of our ministries.
We ask that all cast members
be believing Christians.
Well, lam one.
You are what?
You're a Christian?
You are?
You didn't know that?
I must have missed it
in your file
between the drunk
and disorderly charges.
Touch, touch.
No, I'm Christian.
Capital c.
I've had the passion of the
Christ for a couple of years now.
As in, you believe that Jesus
Christ is the son of god?
And that he's our savior?
Savior, yeah.
I've had my share of
hiccups, as you know.
A couple of nights ago,
was a mistake, obviously,
but it's no mistake
that I chose to come here.
Why didn't you tell me?
I don't know. Just didn't
think you'd believe me.
Not sure if you do now.
No, no. I...
I didn't expect it.
Just so you know,
newcomers are expected
to share their testimony
when they audition.
Done that plenty of times.
No, I don't mean
the kind you do in court.
Yeah. Yeah. I know.
Okay. Okay?
Of course.
All right.
All right.
All right.
Christian testimony.
Christian testimony.
Bono? But he's so cool.
Hello. My name is John mark. And I'm
auditioning for the role of Peter...
Uh, hi.
I'm Gavin, I'm here for Jesus.
Oh, that's sweet.
Me, too.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
That, too.
Uh, no, I'm here for the role of Jesus.
Oh. Oh! Uh...
John mark is going up now, and
you can go on up after him.
Okay. Oh...
Got it.
Go quickly and tell his
disciples that he has risen.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Okay, is that it?
No, no.
Great job, buddy.
Oh, gosh.
Should I stand here?
Yeah, that's fine.
Since this is your first time,
we ask that you
share a little bit...
Ah, my testimony.
Yes, yes.
That's Gavin stone. Gavin:
Pastor Allan mentioned that.
Then go right ahead and then you can
go into your reading after that.
All right, all right.
Let's do this.
Hi, everybody. Um...
As you probably already know,
my name is Gavin stone.
Oh... that's where I recognized him from.
What is he doing here?
But what you probably didn't
know is that I'm a Christian.
I wasn't until a few years ago
when I hit rock-bottom and
just felt something missing.
Guess you could call
it a god-shaped hole.
So, I came to a place
where I decided to climb
that stairway to heaven
and let Jesus take the wheel.
And ultimately, uh,
hey, let go and let god.
Mmm. Mmm-hmm.
I'm still a bit new to it, too.
Forgive me if I don't always
get the details perfect.
- Uh...
- Thank you.
If I may ask, what are you
doing here in Masonville?
Well, this is my hometown.
I had a bit of
a rough patch recently.
And ultimately, I had no choice
but to come home to my father.
Anyway, I thought,
"hey, while I was here,
"I could help out
on stage, too."
So, I'm auditioning for
the role of Jesus Christ.
Theater joke. Anyway, uh, this
is a speech from Hamlet.
He's anguished and alone
after his father's death.
O, that this too too
solid flesh would melt,
thaw, and resolve
itself into a dew!
Or that the everlasting
had not fix'd
his canon
'gainst self-slaughter!
How weary, stale,
flat, and unprofitable,
seems to me all
the uses of this world!
Fie on't! Oh fie, fie!
'Tis an unweeded garden,
that grows to seed, things
rank and gross in nature
possess it merely.
That it should come to this!
But two months dead!
Nay, not so much, not two.
Okay, thank you.
I had... I had more.
That's okay.
We got it. Very good.
Good'? That was incredible.
- Awesome!
- Nice.
- Okay. Thank you.
- Whoo!
So, why didn't he tell us?
I told him what I tell
everybody who does this.
Nobody needs to know the
details of why you're here.
So, you saw it? I was
watching from the back.
He's very good.
Yes, dad, he's good.
But do we really want the most
important part of the play
to be done by a newcomer?
Especially somebody who
brings all this attention.
Since when is attention
a bad thing for a play?
But he seems so cocky.
I'd love to not cast him
just to show him
that he can't get what
he wants all the time.
Look, hon, it's your call.
I trust you completely.
But I will say this,
yes, he has his quirks
and I'm not sure
he completely understands
all the things
he says about his faith.
But isn't this
why we do what we do?
I think he needs us
as much as we need him.
Uh... we need him?
I saw the other options.
They weren't that bad.
They were horrible.
What is happening?
I'm opening my chi. And I've gotta
be loose for rehearsal tonight.
I got the lead in this big production
they're doing at the church.
I'm playing Jesus.
You as Jesus?
Well, if you're not too tired from
all that acting you've been doing,
give me a hand
unloading the truck.
I also mopped a lot.
Something useful.
Acting is useful, dad.
Yeah, it clearly paid off.
Enjoy your Buddhist ballet.
It's called yoga.
Builds your core.
Okay, people. Opening
night is six weeks away,
so there's gonna be a lot of late
nights between then and now.
The only way this works is if
we're together as a team, okay?
So, let's just dive right in.
Jesus, disciples,
you're up first.
Let's do it.
Okay. Yup, keep moving
it to the left.
Yup, yup, yup-
stop, stop-
hey, Gavin.
Your audition last night
was perfect.
And I'm not just saying that because
you're playing the sinless son of god.
Thank you. Thanks.
Little joke, but...
I'm Anthony, and I am a leader
with the church SWAT program.
Yeah, students with a testimony.
Our youth group.
Oh. Oh. I also am one
of your biggest fans.
That's cool.
Well, anyway, lam really looking
forward to working with you.
I'm playing Peter.
Peter. Mmm.
The first disciple. Basically, he's
known as the rock of the church.
Disciples. Yeah, yeah.
The guys in the painting.
I know it's an ensemble piece,
but he's kinda
like the lead guy.
Anyway, if you need anything. If you
wanna run lines or go for pizza...
I'm kind of a local pro.
Semi-pro, I guess.
All right, places, guys.
Gavin, you're supposed
to be sleeping.
Supposed to be
sleeping? Why?
That's what it says
in the Bible.
Oh! Right.
Yeah, I knew that.
Here we go.
Sleep on here? No.
I'll sleep here.
I'll get it.
And action.
Quickly, to the nets.
We must hold on.
The tempest rises.
Yet still our lord slumbers.
Awaken him!
Cue Gavin.
Gavin, it's your line.
Oh, ye of little...
I'm gonna say "you."
Oh, you of little faith,
where is your courage?
Peace, be still.
Teacher, who are you that even
the wind and waves obey you?
God most high!
Only god could do this.
It is as you say.
I think that line
should be even bigger.
Let's just play it as written.
Mmm-hmm. Yeah. But what
if as soon as you say...
You say it.
"Teacher, who are you..."
Hihateven the wind and waves...
You kill the lights. Okay?
You drop a single spot on me.
I step out away from these guys,
big hero moment for me.
I am the Alpha and the omega,
the beginning and
the end of all things.
Cue pyro.
We can't do...
And these waves obey the one
they recognize as their creator.
I don't know.
Something like that?
That is actually the exact
opposite of what Jesus was about.
He wasn't an attention seeker.
Really? I mean, why not?
In short, humility.
Don't you pick up on that
when you read the gospels?
Well, yeah, you know,
when I read the gospels,
I pick up on that
a little bit. Um...
All right, trying to bring something
to the production, you know.
Okay. Well, thank you. Let's
just do it again as written.
And back to one, everyone.
Just wanna say, great
first rehearsal. Yeah?
And I have some thoughts
that might help you out.
I think I've had enough
of your thoughts for today.
How about tomorrow?
Lunch? Coffee maybe?
No, thanks.
It's lunch. What's the worst
thing that can happen?
I watched your e! True
Hollywood story last night.
So I can think of
about 10 worst things.
Okay. But you see
how it is, right?
I mean,
they need help out there.
It's still early. The cast will
get it together in a few weeks.
But they're so stiff.
It's like they're in
a bad '40s melodrama.
And you, you're so uptight.
You just need to relax.
We've been doing this
for 15 years.
That's why it's so stale.
I gotta go. Believe
it or not, I'm late.
Late? For what?
One of my students left this,
and I have to drop it off.
Give it to him tomorrow.
No. If he doesn't get this
by bedtime in 10 minutes,
he's not sleeping. Gotta run.
Oh, oh. One more quick question.
This is important.
What is that thing?
It's a...
I don't know what it is.
Surely, it had
a face at one point.
I have nine minutes.
So, I take it lunch is off.
Don't sweat it.
We've been there.
In her dust.
I haven't been there myself,
but from what I've seen,
she's a pretty
tough woman to impress.
I've been trying to court
her since the late '90s.
Court her?
What, are you
a Quaker or something?
I was, yes.
Oh. Sorry, dude.
- What, you guys know a lot about her?
- Totally.
You should come to Doug's.
We can fill you in.
What's at Doug's? Just
some fellowship, brother.
It's our small group.
We get together once a week.
And do what? Where?
It's Masonville.
Just relax, talk, pray.
You know, that kind of thing.
So, what do you think?
Ls it a bit much?
Just a little.
Fair enough.
No, that's cool.
What do you guys do?
You know, we show up
for church events,
go to homeless shelters,
things like that.
Yeah? Full time?
That was the old Doug. Bc.
That was a much
different group of guys.
We mostly do this just for fun.
I'm basically now just a
mechanic and a family man.
You want a brewski?
Can't. I'm sober.
And the root beer
has processed sugar.
I get you. You're keeping
the old temple pure.
I'm trying.
Don't leave me hanging.
Hey, hey.
- It's here.
- Nice.
Deep dish. Gavin, you
want to pray it up?
Pray, before we crush this.
Oh. Uh...
Yeah, yeah. Let's...
Yeah. Mmm-hmm.
Uh... all right, guys.
Let's take a knee.
Dear god,
as we head into battle each day...
We know it will not be easy.
Mmm. Mmm-hmm.
But even though our enemies,
like the devil,
may try to take away our lives,
they will never
take away our freedom.
Oh. Yeah.
And thank you
for this glorious feast
of cheese and bread,
pizza and fellowship.
All right then.
Yeah, looks nice.
I know.
So, she can have fun.
Kelly? Yeah, she's just
under a lot of stress.
Especially being a pk.
Pretend I don't know
what that means.
Pk, pastor's kid.
She's Allan's daughter?
Yeah. I mean, she
basically runs half the church
between the children's ministry
and now the production.
Does she ever do anything
besides church stuff?
Not that we know about.
She's totally sold out.
She sold what?
She sold out to Jesus.
First time I asked her
out about 10 years ago,
she told me there's only room
in her life for one man,
and that man was Jesus Christ.
How do you measure up to that?
You don't.
Mmm. I tried. I dressed up
like Jesus at a church event.
Totally had the opposite effect.
Didn't go well.
Yeah, it was bad.
She, like, ran away.
He, like, talked to her...
He tried to woo her in Aramaic.
Step one, go to church.
Step two, wear the uniform.
Good morning. Blessings.
Peace be to you.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Good morning. Blessings.
Good morning.
Blessings. Peace be to you.
Oh, thank you.
Good morning.
Peace be to both of you.
Blessings. Blessings.
Oh, my gosh.
We have the same book.
Blessings to all of you.
Hey, how are ya?
We're good.
Hi. Hey, guys-
so, where's Kelly?
Why are you whispering?
It's a church service.
Where's Kelly?
God, show your power!
We've waited for this day
we're gathered in your name
calling out to you
your glory like a fire
awakening desire
will burn our hearts with truth
you're the reason we're here
you're the reason we're here
You're the reason we're singing
open up the heavens
open up the heavens
we want to see you
we want to see you
open up the floodgates
a mighty river a mighty river
flowing from your heart
filling every part of our praise
filling every part of our praise
ah, thank you.
Here you go.
This is my body, broken for you.
Do this in remembrance of me.
This is my blood
shed for you
and for all mankind.
Do this in remembrance of me.
Lord, we thank you for all the
work you're doing in our church.
We ask all this
in Jesus' name. Amen.
Are we not supposed
to get up on that?
Oh no, thanks.
Can you just pass it on?
Oh. Hey, blessings.
Good morning.
Pass it to him.
Oh. Oh.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Let go of the rope,
and trust in Jesus.
He will do a better job managing
your life than you ever will.
It's been a joy
worshipping with you today.
Have a great week.
You are loved.
You are loved.
You are loved.
Hey, we're gonna grab some lunch.
Do you wanna...
Do you wanna come?
Lam exhausted.
Think I need a nap.
Okay. Next time.
Thanks, guys. Blessings.
Blessings to both of you.
He'll come next time.
We're falling a little behind.
So we're gonna have to pick up
the pace tonight, you guys.
Um, where's Gavin?
Sorry. Sorry.
I know, right?
Hey, everybody.
So, I got this great deal
from this shop I've worked with before.
Didn't cost you anything.
I figured I might as well
start diving into character.
And it all starts
with the wardrobe, guys.
Wow. I, uh...
Okay, let's get started.
Uh, nativity scene's up first.
Mary and Joseph.
All right, boat scene is over.
you're up next, please.
Are we really that bad?
Just shoot us straight.
How are we doing?
You know, it could use
a little improvement.
But it's okay.
I knew it.
We're terrible!
No. We're okay. Right?
Wait a minute. So, "okay"
really means we're not good.
Yeah. How can
we improve?
All right. Follow me.
He's gonna show us how to...
Here's a chance of a lifetime.
All right, first of all...
Guys, we're not on stage
in the 16th century.
Christians talk
so weird all the time.
Don't they?
We... don't we?
But all the great stuff
we have to say
won't matter if
no one can understand us.
Yeah, it's like
St. Francis of Assisi.
"Preach the gospel, and
if necessary, use words."
Yeah. Now,
John mark, Doug,
you guys are stepping all
over each other's lines.
Sorry about that. What are
we supposed to do because...
This is what lam talking about.
There's an old acting exercise
that I think might help. Okay?
I want you to sing row, row,
row your boat on three.
One, two...
Row, row, row your boat John".
Row, row, row your boat
gently down the stream
gently down the stream
merrily, merrily,
merrily, merrily
merrily, merrily,
merrily, merrily
life is but a dream
life is but a dream
you're way behind.
Yeah. Now, I want you to sing it
again but this time split up. Okay?
I want you to sing
every other word.
Starting with you, Doug.
Ready? Wait for the "three."
One, two, three...
Boat gently down...
gently down the stream.
Work in progress.
Work in progress.
You guys are gonna
figure that out later.
When you do, really
listen to each other.
Acting is listening.
I project too much.
I've been self-conscious of it
since I took this Meisner class.
And is totally off because.
You just need to get out of your head.
Just be yourself up there.
Acting isn't about method.
It isn't about what your
idea of a good actor is.
It's just about being yourself
through the character.
That is literally one of the
greatest things I have ever heard.
- Well, thank you.
- Hey.
I'm glad you're
having fun out here
but I've been looking for you
for the past 15 minutes.
Oh, yeah. Sorry.
I was just...
You're up. Now.
So we should probably...
She's under a lot of stress.
We don't have the
budget to cover a staffer.
It's 15 kids.
It's manageable.
Okay, listen, I trust you
to own it right now
because I can't
put my eyes on it
for another four weeks until this
production is on its feet...
You're gonna wanna see this.
Looks really good.
What is going on?
Hey. So...
The thing in the Bible where
Jesus flies up to heaven?
The ascension.
Yeah, that.
I think fading out
after the resurrection
is just way too soft an ending.
We need something
with more punch.
I don't think this is a good idea.
Let me show you. Guys.
This is pretty awesome, right?
Ls it safe?
Oh, man!
- Are you guys okay?
- Perfect.
Bad idea.
We are not doing this.
Gavin, go get looked at.
No, no, no, I'm fine.
I just...
I got the wind
knocked out of me.
Just got a few kinks.
Doug, we can work
on that, right?
No, no.
Get this rig out of here!
We will pick up rehearsal
tomorrow, you guys.
It was the gloves. We could
get different gloves.
Kelly, what's your problem?
Besides that you almost died?
You're making this impossible.
I know you're talented
and charming,
but I've had entire classes of fourth
graders who are less trouble than you.
And what you still don't get
is this is entirely
opposite of who Jesus was.
He wasn't about spectacle.
He was humble.
He made himself low.
If you weren't so busy trying
to make everything sparkle
and burn and fly,
maybe you'd see that.
Just go home and rest.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Bulls still down?
By six.
Mind if I sit down?
Yeah, have at it.
Still cold.
Are they organic?
D. Rose will get them back.
He just needs to start
hitting his jumper.
He's no MJ.
Who is?
Didn't know
you still watched them.
Of course.
Uh... it's why I was in
town this time, actually.
Went to most of their games
the last few years.
Sort of followed them around.
It reminded me of home, I guess.
Didn't know that
was a good thing.
Wasn't all bad.
So, how are things
in Jesus-ville?
Rough night. Rough night.
But they're actually
not that bad.
I mean, different,
but, yeah, not bad.
It's nice to not be cliffy there.
You're not cliffy here either.
Has the greatest story ever
told become a one-woman show?
I wish. Then maybe
we'd be on schedule.
I really like what you've
done with the sets.
Everything seems bigger.
Everything's bigger actually.
Bigger sets, bigger problems.
Bigger egos?
You know, for being so smart,
he really is a whack-job.
You'd think this was a rock
concert, not a church production.
This was today's stunt.
Gavin's idea for the ending.
I don't think he gets the story.
He's not unique. I'm still
figuring it out myself.
Yeah, but I don't have time
to babysit him while he does.
Then, don't. Don't treat him
like one of your students.
Make him your partner.
Then, he won't fight you
so much.
He brings a lot to this
that we don't have.
We should take advantage of it.
Large cappuccino, right?
Hey. Oh. You are early.
We're not on for,
maybe, 10 minutes.
Yeah. Just catching up.
Hi. Who's this?
Uh, this is Rachel.
She's in my Sunday school.
She's gonna be one of the kids
in the palm branch scene.
Hi, Rachel. You're gonna
have fun out there?
Um, she's hearing impaired.
Oh. Oh, oh, oh.
That's okay.
I'm Gavin.
Are you going to
have fun out there?
Oh... now, remember, don't hit
Jesus with the palm branch.
Hey. I'm working on it.
Thank you.
Rachel, go find
Ms. Charlotte, okay?
I didn't know you could sign.
Yeah, I learned it for a hallmark movie.
A little rusty.
Oh, she doesn't normally
communicate that much.
She should. She's funny.
Since you're here, I want to
talk to you about a few things.
One, we're falling behind.
Yes, I know. I know. I know
exactly how to fix it, too.
Have you heard
of an Italian run?
Gavin! Listen.
Actors are supposed
to be listeners, right?
Okay. One,
we're falling behind.
Two, a lot of your ideas not
only don't work for the role
but they're too
expensive anyway.
Three, you're really annoying.
So, let's just try this.
If you work really hard
on getting us caught up,
and more importantly,
learn who you're playing,
I will be more open to
your input.
But you have to
lock in on this. Okay?
If you can learn sign language,
of all things,
for a hallmark movie,
you can put half that kind
of time into this thing.
Okay. Okay.
You're right. Okay.
Well, okay then.
The more we give up control,
the more Jesus takes control.
Boat gently...
So, Jesus said, "let the
little children come to me."
Whoa. No!
Guys, no. Stop.
And that's a wrap
for set building.
So... good night.
See you tomorrow.
Yeah, I'll give you a ride.
Come on.
Say something nice.
It is coming together
nicely, thank you.
See? There it is.
So let's celebrate.
I haven't clogged an artery in a while.
Let's grab some deep dish.
It's been a long week.
It's not a date.
It's merely a discussion
outside of the workplace
that positively acknowledges the
work we've done to this point
and seeks solutions on said success.
At the end of the night,
he introduced me to his parents
where his mom pulled me
aside and said, and I quote,
"god told me you're gonna be my
daughter-in-law someday." Oh...
First date.
What did you say?
I said, "um, I think you heard
wrong." And then I took off.
Yeah, I had to.
All right, all right.
So I gotta ask,
and this is not a line,
why no boyfriend?
Mmm... not for tonight.
John mark says, and I quote,
"you only have room in your life for
one man, and that is Jesus Christ."
Well, that is a kind of line that
works on a guy like John mark.
Mmm. So what is it?
You first.
Well, that's easy.
I'm a petulant narcissist
with intimacy issues
stemming from
a robbed childhood,
where my every whim was met
with instant gratification.
Back to you.
I was engaged.
What? When?
Seven, eight years ago.
Head of our music ministry.
Couple of months
before the wedding,
he came to me and he said he wanted
to take his music to Nashville.
With his new girlfriend.
Oh. Whoa.
Yeah, so, did what any
normal girl would do.
I flew to Nepal to work at our
church there for two years.
And since then, I've just
been focused on my work here.
Yeah, focused is
one word for it.
I'm not that bad.
I can be breezy.
Prove it.
Yeah, tell me a joke.
Right now.
You can't just say
a joke out of nowhere.
Yes, you can.
I'm gonna show you.
So, guy walks into
a doctor's office,
he says, "doc,
you've gotta help me.
"I have this horrible
Twitter addiction."
Doctor says, "sorry,
I'm not following you."
That's good.
All right, your turn.
Okay. Ahem.
How do you make a tissue dance?
Put a little Boogey in it.
That's a good joke!
It's a joke.
Okay, fine, I'm intense.
But that's just because I
care about what I'm doing.
You know, like, not to
get cheesy or anything,
but we're doing this for the
lord, you know what I mean?
Yeah. Sure.
I'm sorry.
You don't know what it's like,
living in a fishbowl like this.
Pastor's daughter.
Everybody's watching, waiting
for me to make a mistake.
Oh, yeah, I have no
idea what that's like.
Okay, fair enough.
The difference is, people
expect you to be perfect.
They expect me
to be the opposite.
I'm not any fun if I'm not
acting crazy or drunk or saying,
"don't look at me!"
And yet, here you are.
At a church.
And yet, here I am.
God works in mysterious ways.
Am I right?
Ls that how it goes?
Yes, well done.
All right.
Gotta get you back.
Come on, let's put a little
Boogey in it.
Well, thank you for the ride.
You're welcome.
Good night.
Good night.
Oh. Hey, um,
about that mistake thing.
You know, where you think everybody's
waiting for you to make them?
If they are,
it's not to judge you.
From what I've seen
of the people here,
I think if you admitted
you made mistakes,
they'd like you even more.
I'm not sure that's true.
You know, early on, I thought my
biggest mistake was casting you.
No, no, no,
they're gonna love me.
Okay, good night.
All right, good night.
You're out late.
What you doing still up?
Every night, almost midnight,
you're hammering and sawing
and whatever that thing is.
It's a level, Gavin.
Yeah, leveling.
'Cause I said I would.
Wanna know the last promise
I made to your mom?
Right here.
I told her I'd build her a dream
house with countertops and all.
It's the first promise
I broke to her.
Yeah, me, too.
You know, we could get mom
that dream house sooner.
I could try and help out
with this stuff.
Mmm. Well,
that would be a first.
Apparently, this Jesus fellow
I'm playing is into carpentry,
so 'Nd be good character
research anyway.
So, got a question.
Was out with this girl tonight.
No, that's outside my area.
What do you mean?
You're my dad.
Aren't you supposed
to tell me what to do?
Gavin, you're a man in your 30s.
I think you can figure it out.
She's the pastor's daughter.
You didn't...
No, no, no.
I just connected with her.
Like a normal person.
And she doesn't care about
the celebrity thing.
That's new for me, too.
Okay, so?
So nothing, dad. I just
thought we could talk.
Gavin, I'm old. I don't
know how to do this.
Give advice.
I got nothing but this big,
old empty mess of a house
that I'm probably
never gonna finish.
It is a mess.
But it's not empty.
You're listening to WAAY,
the best in Christian radio.
This is the morning sun
with Wayne McCusker.
So, hey, we have a special
guest with us this morning.
But I don't need
to tell you who it is,
you should be able to figure
it out when he says this...
Don't look at me.
There it is.
And of course, you can't look at
him 'cause he's on the radio.
But if you're over 30 years old,
you know that sentence comes from
former child star, Gavin stone,
who's here with us this morning.
Hey, Gavin. Or shall I call you cliffy?
Uh, no, Gavin's fine.
So, cliffy, you used to play in a
lot of roles on TV and movies,
but you're here today to talk
to us about a special new role.
One that might just be the most
special role of your life.
Am I right?
Tell us about it.
Well, it's called
crown of thorns.
We're doing it at
the Masonville Bible church.
It is directed by the fabulous Ms.
Kelly Richardson.
And, Kelly, you snagged
cliffy for the part of...
Jesus, yes.
He's doing a great job.
So, cliffy, let's talk.
Aren't we...
I'd love to hear about
your heart transformation.
How has the blood of Christ
impacted your own walk?
I'm sorry, what? Share with
us the spiritual journey
that got you here.
From sinner to savior.
My spiritual journey?
Well, I'd love to
tell you all about it,
but, honestly, this production
isn't about Gavin stone.
I'm really hoping and praying
that when people come to see
this show, they don't see me.
That I've gotten so lost in this
character, that they just see him
and the story and
the rest of the cast.
I don't want to be
a distraction to that.
This woman was
caught in adultery.
You know the law, she must
be stoned for this sin.
I'm writing?
Sorry, sorry.
Uh, dumb question.
What is he writing?
It doesn't say in the script.
Because it's not in the Bible.
Really? Why not?
I guess 'cause it's not
the focus of the scene.
But just improvise.
Keep going.
This woman has sinned
against heaven.
What shall be done with her?
Let he who is without sin,
cast the first stone.
My sister, where are
your accusers now?
Does even one remain
to condemn you?
None, lord.
Neither do I.
Go and sin no more.
Yeah. Uh...
This doesn't work.
What's up? I thought it looked good.
You're doing great. Uh...
First of all, why does
he even defend her?
Does he know her?
I've got this, Kelly.
Let me... yeah.
It's called the
doctrine of atonement.
What it means, is the
totality of human inequity
can only be removed by the one who
establishes those moral parameters.
However... uh, John
mark, not right now.
But... we can talk
about it later.
The whole thing
just feels so, um...
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Where were we?
Uh, it feels...
Yeah, the whole thing just
feels so stiff and formal.
I mean, it's not quite right yet, but
it will get there.
Uh, Gavin, there's a Jack
Roth asking for you.
I'm sorry, I need
to take this. Um...
Yup, just tell him I'll
call him back on my cell.
Sorry. Sorry.
I guess we're taking a five.
Hey, Jack, what in the world?
This is important.
Why didn't you pick up?
I'm in the middle of a scene.
What are you talking about?
From the production.
The church production
that I'm doing.
I didn't tell you about this?
No, I thought you were
doing maintenance.
I was.
But they cast me as Jesus in
their big Easter production.
So now I get to act to work off my hours.
It worked out perfect.
They cast you as who?
Yeah, look, what do
you want, Jack?
Okay, this is
why I love you, kid.
Because I love you,
I took a chance with Meara.
So you got through to him?
I remembered how much
he loved to party,
so I told him
your little hotel story,
but I spiced up your
role in the incident.
And said that you'd love
to catch up with him.
Yeah? And?
And after he demanded
to see the pictures,
he said that he'd keep an eye out
and that he would be in touch.
That's great.
If he gets in contact with you,
you better be all over it.
You got that? I will,
I will, I promise.
Okay, so, seriously, now
that you're a Christian,
can you pray for me?
Bye, Jack.
My sister,
where are your accusers?
Where are your accusers?
Still not working for you?
Thought you went home. No, I
was printing up the posters.
Oh. Not bad.
"Not bad"?
You, of all
people, should love it.
I put you front and center.
Gavin comes first.
Uh, that's Jack, my manager.
"Kid, this is all you need
to know about show business.
"Gavin comes first.
"Everybody else, they just need
something from you.
"You want to survive in this
business, you look out for you."
Interesting advice.
Yeah. I was eight.
But it stuck.
"Gavin comes first."
Maybe that's why you have such a
hard time playing somebody humble.
Yeah, maybe it is.
Thank you, Dr. Phil.
Wait, I have an idea.
What are you doing tomorrow?
It's Saturday, so sleeping.
Maybe I'll wake up early for lunch.
Not tomorrow.
Meet Doug at the garage
by the parking lot at 9:00.
I did say it was Saturday.
You said your character
wasn't coming easy, right?
Just show up. Trust me.
Hey, man.
Kelly said you'd be coming by.
Welcome to CFSM.
Cars for single moms.
Okay, so, what's happening?
Well, first of all,
you're changing.
I think I might actually
have something new for you.
Here you go.
Put that on.
Rusted catalytic converter,
detached from the exhaust system.
The VCT solenoid valve
needs replacing,
and there's a significant binding
in the brake pedal linkage.
I have no idea
what those words mean.
All right, first things first,
you're gonna change the oil filter
while I work on the convertor.
You've done that before, right?
All right. Tightened all the way?
Not quite.
So, what do you think?
Think I've got a truck
I can bring in next week.
Watch this.
This is the best part.
They always try
to pay something.
No, no, this is on us.
Why don't you go over there? No.
Then she'd know who did it.
Yeah, exactly.
We don't want the credit.
Hashtag, words I've never
said to my agent.
So, who was she?
That was Olivia.
Uh, two kids. She almost lost her job
'cause she couldn't get to it.
But thanks to you...
Oh! Come on,
thanks to Doug.
You got a little smudge or
something on your outfit here.
That's very funny.
I know I look ridiculous.
It's not so bad.
It works on you.
- You know what this means, don't you?
- Do tell.
You're a free man.
I still have a couple
more hours, don't I?
No. After your car work,
Saturday, you're over 200.
Oh, no, that doesn't count. I don't
even want the hours for that.
Really? Thank you.
Well, then, after
rehearsal, you'll be done.
I'll turn this in today, anyway.
I gotta tell you, Gavin, you have
really livened this place up.
You've been a great
addition to our church.
And you've made my daughter's
life a little easier, too.
Thank you. Thank you
for the second chance.
All right, now I'm gonna need you to
pray for a full house this weekend.
Way ahead of you.
So how's the Messiah doing?
Hey, guys. We're not on for
another 10 minutes, right?
I know, but we wanted...
We just decided...
We just thought...
Well, we got you something.
Years ago, when we
dedicated this building,
pastor Allan did
something really cool.
Gave each church member
a nail from the building.
We all kept ours.
We just thought since you're
a part of the family now,
that you should have them.
Do you like it?
Thank you, guys.
I don't know what to say.
All right, it's last
week of rehearsals.
Let's crush this.
All right.
Oh, yeah.
Okay, exit Jesus.
Houselights, please.
You guys, that was great.
It's really coming
together, you guys.
We will pick up work tomorrow morning.
We'll go over tweaks then.
Just call it a night, okay?
Hey, um, I have
a few notes for you,
but l have some last minute costume
alterations I need to do.
I was thinking maybe you could
meet me at my place in a bit.
I'll make you coffee.
You asking me on a date?
Whatever you need.
Just get there, okay?
All right, all right. Just like to
be courted a little bit. That's all.
Gavin stone?
Long time, no talk.
Yeah, it has been.
So, I got some good news.
Like the sound of that.
Long story, short.
Your man, Jack,
told me about that rager
you threw on the roof
not too long ago.
Yeah. Yeah, man,
it was something.
Ah! What an animal!
I got so inspired by the story,
that I scrapped
a character in my show,
and I rewrote one just for you.
And I want you to come
out to la to play it.
A series regular.
I need that bad boy energy.
I got network approval.
And the PR,
they love the whole thing
about the child actor
playing the druggie.
We shoot as soon as
you hit the set tomorrow.
It shoots tomorrow?
It is the real deal.
I'm in Chicago, man.
This is the big leagues, bro.
You got a first class ticket waiting
for you right now at O'Hare.
Well, you know this production I'm
doing, it runs through the weekend.
Yeah, Jack mentioned
something about that.
Yeah, it's a stage production
of the Bible, actually.
TMZ's gonna eat that one up.
Well, whatever it is,
you got a back-up, right?
Yeah, there's a guy, Charles.
Great, so you got it covered.
This is not gonna
happen twice, all right?
Not for you. So like I
said, I need to know.
Are you in?
Are you stupid?
I'll see you in la tomorrow.
Charlotte just called me.
She said she overheard you
on the phone with some la guy.
She heard you agree to leave
tonight for some shoot.
I told her that
she must have heard wrong.
That there's no way you're leaving
three days before opening night.
That nobody,
not even Gavin stone,
would do something that selfish.
Please tell me she's wrong.
It shoots for three weeks
in la starting tomorrow.
There's a plane waiting
for me right now.
I'm gonna be on it.
This isn't happening.
Look, I'm sorry.
You're sorry?
Say it again, I'm sure
it'll make me feel better.
Do you know that I have a
voicemail message from my dad
saying that every seat in the house
is reserved for opening night.
Charles will be happy
to step in.
Everything we changed
still works.
Your name and face are on the poster!
Are you out of your mind?
I can't say no to this.
Hollywood isn't like church.
Second chances
don't just come around.
What am I supposed
to tell the cast?
I think that god has
something bigger for me.
God has nothing to do with this.
How do you know? Doesn't god
want me to pursue my dream?
To be happy?
I can't believe this.
What kind of Christian
is this selfish?
I'm not a Christian! Okay?
Do you really not know that?
I do now.
I didn't think
it would go this far.
I don't even know
how it happened.
And I didn't know that you and I...
How can I make this up to you?
I will do anything.
Call them.
Tell them you have
another commitment.
I shouldn't be surprised.
Gavin comes first, right?
Now, hold on. I told...
Gotta call the printers
and get new posters made.
And you have
that plane to catch.
Did I miss something?
My 200 hours are up.
I'm out of your hair.
Got a TV gig that
shoots tomorrow. Just...
You know,
don't even worry about it.
Isn't that church thing
happening this weekend?
Don't you start in with me, too.
You're bailing on them.
Yes, dad, lam bailing.
I'm a screw-up.
Go ahead, say it!
Look, if you don't
wanna stay here, fine.
But don't walk out
on these people.
You were mocking them yourself.
Why do you care if I stay?
Because you said you would.
That's great.
So now you care about
my acting choices.
It wasn't about acting.
It was about keeping you
from becoming the kind of man
who thinks the world
revolves around him.
I guess you failed.
"Don't look
at me." There he is!
Hey, it is good to
see you again, stoney.
It is.
Yeah, man.
Hey, need your autograph
before the end of the day.
You know, to make
this all official.
Um, hey, hon, honey.
Listen, could we make it a little
bit darker around the eyes there?
And that depression beard.
That is a keeper right there.
I love it, I love it.
Good stuff. All right.
Hey, Mike, I wanna talk to you
a little about the character.
Got no time.
Come on, now.
Look, you are gonna be fantastic.
Don't worry about a thing.
All right, babe? I love you.
I'll see you soon.
I love you, too, Mike.
Hey, Gavin,
let me get that for you.
Gavin, my man, come on down.
Let's get this party started.
All right.
How you feeling? You good?
Right here. All right.
Sit down. Okay.
Stoney, you are
at your lowest point.
You desperately need a fix.
All right? You with me?
Got it.
I put a little
in your prop glass there,
all right?
An old favorite
of yours. Enjoy.
I'm clean, man.
I can't...
Fine. Don't worry about it.
Enjoy the drink. Loosen you up.
It's for the character,
Come on. That's a
good baby, all right?
All right-y!
Hey, let's crank one of these out, guys.
Let's go. Slate it.
And roll sound.
And action!
- Cut.
- That's a cut.
Gavin, I said action.
Okay. Just hold on.
Let's get into it.
All right, now, let's roll.
Back to one. Going again, take two.
Roll sound.
And action.
- Cut.
- That's a cut.
What's the problem? All you
have to do is take a drink.
Should be easy for you.
That's the Gavin that I want.
I don't know if that
Gavin exists anymore.
He doesn't exist anymore?
That's the only reason
why you're even here.
Then I don't belong here.
This was a mistake.
Oh, come on, now. Gotta get
back to Chicago. Sorry.
Whoa, whoa. Hey, hey,
you're kidding me, right?
Appreciate the opportunity,
Mike. Can't take it.
So, let me get this straight.
You're walking off
a network TV show
to do a church play
in flyover country
with a bunch of Jesus freaks?
I'll tell you what, buddy boy.
You walk off this set,
you won't have one friend
left in this business.
I never did, Mike.
Be still.
That's it for tonight, you guys.
Um, we'll run it all the way
through tomorrow afternoon.
- I don't know. What did you think?
- It wasn't that bad.
It's getting worse.
It goes a little stage left.
It's too far over.
Jesus will bump into it during the
transition from the triumphal entry.
Aren't you supposed to be in la?
Wasn't a good fit.
Seems like the director
didn't like me very much.
Of course, I did walk off a set
in the middle of his shoot.
So, yeah...
Had his reasons.
I know how he feels.
I don't have time, I have a show to prep.
Yes, I know, I know.
Can I just... please?
Nothing I can say
will make this right.
I don't have any lines.
So, I'll just keep it simple.
I was wrong.
I was wrong when
I was rude and selfish.
I was wrong when I lied.
I mean, you guys
gave me an opportunity.
I just blew it.
And I know saying sorry
doesn't help, but...
Doesn't hurt.
I am sorry.
And I don't know
how this whole thing
you have with god works exactly,
but I like what
it does to you guys.
I'm saying, I don't
wanna lose this yet.
I'll put in the maintenance hours
that I gave up to do this.
I will work backstage
on the show.
I will do whatever it takes
to earn this back again.
I have to talk to the cast.
I think they're listening.
What did he say?
Well, then,
I won't have to repeat it.
I have to talk to
dad, too. So...
Okay. Good night.
You're back in.
So I can...
I can help out?
We want you to play Jesus.
Yeah, well, dad reminded me
of all that Christian stuff.
You know,
what our church is about,
and how this could
really impact you.
And what grace looks like and...
He did?
He did.
And, um...
It took me a few minutes, but I
have decided to forgive you.
What about the rest of the cast?
Took them a few seconds.
So, um...
So I am back in, huh?
Just like that?
This is what we do.
And we just pray for
the audience tonight,
that this story will impact them.
In Jesus' name.
- Amen.
- Amen.
Told you. Full house.
Nice dress.
It's, um...
House lights off.
Mary and Joseph on stage.
Behold, the lamb of god, who
takes away the sin of the world.
This is my beloved son
in whom I am well pleased.
All right,
cue the miracle sequence.
Disciples up. Now.
Lord, wake up or we'll die.
Help us, please!
Be still.
Good teacher,
what must I do to
inherit eternal life?
Go and sell all that you have.
I have many possessions.
Lam a wealthy man.
Give them away.
You'll have treasure in heaven.
I cannot
don't go.
Don't walk away.
You'll miss out on so much.
So much more than
anything you have.
Hosanna! Hosanna!
You know what the law says!
She must be stoned for this sin!
What is your answer, Jesus?
Let he who is without sin
cast the first stone.
My sister.
Where are your accusers?
My sister.
Where are your accusers?
Does even one remain
to condemn you?
No, lord.
Neither do I.
Go and sin no more.
All right.
I give in.
I surrender.
My way didn't work.
I missed out on all this.
I missed out on you.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for all of it.
So, here goes...
Into your hands,
I commit my spirit.
The next three days were
dark ones for the disciples.
But as many of you know, that's
not the end of the story.
We'll get back to
this in a second.
So, what happened out there?
I believe.
So that was pretty cool.
That was pretty cool.
You connect with your dad?
He said my room was
available indefinitely.
And I met this girl that I like.
Oh, really?
Oh, wow.
She must be fabulous.
Oh, she is.
A little bossy.
I mean, to be honest.
But I'm thinking
I should spend some time
and get to know her.
Especially now that
we go to the same church.
Let me know how that goes.
So what's next?
I smell a sequel.
A sequel?
I don't think so.
Come on. There are so many
good stories in the Bible.
You got your David and Goliath.
You know mark?
Uh... oh, what about Moses?
We could build
a big boat in here.
Noah! Him, too.
Maybe I could direct that one.
Hey, you could use your row,
row, row your boat trick.
Yes! That's perfect.