The Return (1980) Movie Script

[suspenseful music]
[spacecraft rumbling]
[car door closing]
[Cowboy] You wait out
here, kid, okay?
[dog howling]
[music continues]
[Man] You wait here.
I'll be right back.
[car door shutting]
[rumbling spacecraft]
[rumbling sound continues]
[suspenseful music]
[music continues]
[rumbling continues]
[car starting]
[country music plays]
[Man] I don't see a thing up
there, Wayne ole buddy.
It's okay, Wayne,
I've seen a few lights in
the sky myself sometimes.
You stay out here, kid.
[country song plays]
[piano music]
[rumbling spacecraft]
[man singing]
Mine eyes have seen the glory
of the coming of the Lord. He
has trampled out the vin--
[rumbling spacecraft]
[man singing] Mine eyes have
seen the glory of the coming
of the Lord...
he has trampled out the
vintage where the grapes
of wrath are stored.
[dog whines]
He is loosed his fateful
lightning of his terrible
swift sword...
-[dog whining]
-Dog fight whatever
it is or shut up.
[dog barking]
[Prospector] What the hell...
[dog continues to bark]
[organ music plays]
-What the hell is that?
-[rumbling sound]
[suspenseful music]
[Prospector] Ahhh!
[Prospector] Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!
[rumbling continues]
[suspenseful music]
[music continues]
[rumbling continues]
[traffic noise]
[Roger] Jen... Jennifer.
Mortorff said you wanted these.
Oh, yeah. Are these all of them?
-Oh, there will be another
series this afternoon.
-Okay thanks.
-But Jen... Jennifer how
about dinner tonight?
-Dinner tonight?
-No. I'm going to be at the
skycon thing for hours.
-Come on Jennifer.
-How about tomorrow night?
Jennifer come on. It's always
tomorrow night. I've been asking
you for three weeks--
-Roger come on. I've got
a lot of work to do.
-[Roger] Excuse me.
Jennifer, you always have a lot
of work to do. You are in no
jeopardy of losing your job.
-Your father is not going
to fire his daughter.
but I've found something
interesting here.
I mean what could
be that interesting?
[Dr. Kramer] Uh, huh,
very interesting. Yes,
yes I can see what you mean.
Then give me the go ahead daddy.
[Dr. Kramer] Jennifer, you've
only been here for a year.
You really need some time to--
You were the one who told me to
follow every hunch. Strive for
the unattainable.
Did I say that?
Well we are supposed to be the
first father-daughter team in
space remember?
Yes, I remember.
Some team with a
part-time cripple on it.
Oh, daddy.
I think we better have Dr.
Mortorff take a good look
at your findings.
You're gonna be proud of me.
[suspenseful music]
Our skycon one system has been
sending back terrific pictures
for two years.
When I was going over
some of them, several
weeks ago, I noticed a problem.
And just what should we
be looking for?
[Jennifer] Well, this photograph
taken a month ago is clean.
But this next one...
[slide changing]
taken three weeks ago has this
obvious problem in a small town
near Alamogordo, New Mexico.
[Dr. Kramer] What do you feel
that indicates, Jennifer?
It could be a sign of a
primary system malfunction.
[Jennifer] It's almost as if the
light rays are being accelerated
in this region.
You mean, uh, not unlike
a black hole?
[Jennifer] No, that's not
what I mean.
[Dr. Kramer] Are you suggesting
that there is a black hole in
the middle of New Mexico.
No, just uh, making a suggestion
of an analogous situation.
[Dr. Kramer] Your
suggestion has been noted.
What do you think, Larry?
Say, why don't we send somebody
out there with some hardware to
check and see.
[Larry] Jennifer, would you be
willing to see this through?
[Roger] You know that's, that's
a marvelous idea except Jennifer
hasn't had the experience
in the field and uh,
perhaps I can go down
there and assist her.
[Dr. Kramer] The way people get
experience in the field is to
be in the field.
Jennifer can handle
it, thank you.
[string music]
[breaking glass]
[Man screaming] Whahoo!
[tires screeching]
[Male voice] Come on! Floor it!
[country chase music]
[Man] Alright. Come let's...
[country chase music]
[sirens continue]
-Come on!
[sirens continues]
[screeching tires]
[knocking sound]
[loud music]
[spitting sound]
Get out of the car, Eddie.
-[more laughter]
-You better get
out of the car, Eddie.
[laughter continues]
I said get out of the car!
-Hey you can't do anything. This
is private property.
[Female] My daddy
owns this ranch.
[Male] Yo daddy!
Get out of the car.
-Wait... I was only joking!
-[Wayne] Move it!
Get over there!
Put your hands on the hood.
Come on, get 'em up there.
You don't want to do
anything Mr. Casper is
going to get upset about.
[Eddie] Yeah. My daddy can have
your job anytime he wants to.
You know that.
You know what you and that thing
have in common?
[loud radio music]
You both too damn loud!
Jesus! Wayne! What'd you
do that for?
Get your hands on top of
the car, kid.
I had to pay seven hundred
bucks for that!
What's my daddy gonna say? I'm
gonna tell him who did this.
Hey What's the trouble here?
I don't know, Buc. This guy has
gone crazy. Started shooting
up the place.
[Eddie] Look what he did
to my tape deck.
[Eddie] What are you going
to do about this?
[Buc] Okay, okay. We are
all friends here.
Come on now. No sense of getting
all heated up over a little
Getting all riled up.
Tell you what. I'll talk to your
daddy about this little fracas.
Explain it to him. Also try to
talk him into getting you a new
cassette player for your car.
-It'll be real nice.
-[Eddie] Yeah, it better be.
[suspenseful music]
-I could use a
cold one. How 'bout you?
-[whispers] Yeah.
[symphonic music]
[space sounds]
Wha-wha why are you doing this?
[symphonic music continues]
[growling dog]
[barking dog]
[continues barking]
[screeching tires]
[car horn blares]
[dramatic music]
[country music]
[bar noise]
Here you go, hun. Can't have you
drinking flat beer.
Yes, ma'am.
[car horn blaring]
Think if you ignore something
long enough it will go away?
I'll take care of this.
Since you go along.
See if I ignore something long
enough, Wayne will make it go
away. [laughs]
[car horn blaring]
[Wayne] Woman driver.
[Wayne] Are there any survivors?
Nope. I'm fine.
[car horn continues blaring]
[cricket sounds]
Japanese make funny cars.
Alright, I'll get you
out of here.
No, that's alright. I can do it.
[car starts]
[tires screeching]
[revving engine]
[tires screeching]
[Jennifer] Should I applaud.
Unless you mean it.
How long have you been driving?
Uh... fourteen hours.
You lucky all you dinged up
is the car.
I didn't fall asleep at the
wheel. A dog or something
jumped on the hood.
What you bump in to some poor
ole mutt and knock him up on
the hood of the car?
He jumped on the hood and tried
to claw through the windshield.
[Wayne] I don't see any
scratches or nothing.
If there was a dog around here,
it's long gone.
Look sheriff, can we continue
this in the morning? I'm going
to be here for about a week.
I'm a deputy marshal.
Where are you staying?
Point me to the nearest motel.
I'll point you to
the only motel.
It's about uh, two, three
hundred yards down over
there on the left.
You come by my office in the
morning. Straighten all
this out then.
It's gonna look a lot better.
Oh, deputy. Thanks for
your country hospitality.
[car starts]
[dramatic music]
[upbeat instrumental music]
[Jennifer] Good morning.
When Lee Ann brings me my bacon
and eggs and then leaves,
I look down and only see two
strips of bacon on my plate
so I check the menu and it
says three strips.
So I call her back and now
she accuses me of eating
one of those strips
so I swear on my honor as a law
enforcement officer you know,
anyway I swear on my
honor that I didn't eat the
bacon and we are investigating
and guess what... the two
strips of bacon are stuck
together like one.
How do you like that!
-[Wayne] Morning
-[Jennifer] Am I
disturbing anything?
No. Not a thing.
[Jennifer] You don't mind
if I interrupt?
Not at all.
What do they think
they're looking at?
[Wayne] Ah, you just a little
unusual for Little Creek.
Not that I'm complaining.
I'm not here to seek
your approval, deputy.
-Uh, call me Wayne.
Just what is this
institution you work for?
It's a publicly funded, private
agency. Sends up satellites,
that sort of thing.
Very complicated.
-And I wouldn't understand, huh?
-Probably not.
You might be surprised. I still
gotta know what you are doing
in Little Creek?
-[Wayne] Research?
That a secret or something?
No. But there is something
I should check out with you.
[Wayne] What's that?
[upbeat symphonic music]
[Jennifer] I got
some equipment I would
like to set up around here
and I don't want to get
arrested for trespassing.
[Wayne] Well is there any kinda
danger to kids or livestock?
[Jennifer] None at all. Just
some meter readers, master
readers and some stations.
Nobody will
probably notice them.
[beeping sounds]
[water flowing]
[clicking camera]
[upbeat music]
[music continues]
Anybody there?
Anybody in there?
[clicking camera]
[creaking door]
[breaking glass]
[growling and barking]
[dramatic music]
[Jennifer] Hmmm...
You ready? Here it comes.
Hello, Jennifer. What do
we have here?
[Jennifer] It's a normal shot
of a metering unit.
Are we getting a
proper transmission?
Yes, that's the problem.
It came out that way.
I take it you see a
relationship between this
and the fogging of
the satellite photos.
It's more than
that. I'd like you to
try enhancement of this one.
What are we looking for?
[Jennifer] Barely
visible markings on the
rocky side next to the unit.
I marked where
circular patterns of some
sort of crystal are prominent.
Doesn't seem random. I'm hoping
the computer enhancement will
pry out additional details.
Alright. We'll do our best.
Fine. I'll talk to you later.
Joseph, do you see what your
daughter is after here?
[Dr. Kramer] Not exactly.
But she may be on to something.
She always had good instincts.
I'm certain she'll produce, Joe.
I'm not concerned about it.
[relaxing music]
Neither am I.
[music continues]
[dramatic music]
It can't be possible.
[dramatic music swells]
How the hell...
[Voice on intercom] Excuse me,
Dr. Kramer, your daughter is
on line 3 again.
Yes, Jennifer.
[Jennifer] Hello Daddy.
Remember those wonderful
lights I saw in the sky
when I was a
little girl?
[Dr. Kramer] Yes, of course.
Was that somewhere
in New Mexico?
I believe it was, yes. Why?
I think I'm back here now
in the same town, Little
Creek, New Mexico.
Jennifer, it's certainly
possible that a lot of little
small towns look alike.
-[Dr. Kramer] Anyhow, I'm sure
it's just coincidence.
No, I'm positive it's
the same town.
[Jennifer] I'm positive of it.
Now Jennifer take it easy.
I'm sure you're right but you
certainly don't think this
has any real significance.
[sighing] No. No,
maybe you're right.
Okay then. We'll talk to you
tomorrow, dear. Goodbye.
Maybe it's just a coincidence.
Imagine that.
[country music]
[Wayne] Hey, sweet jeans. How
about a couple of breakfast
rolls and a six-pack to go?
Sure thing, hun.
Hey, uh, Wayne... I hear you
had some nasty business up
at Walt Casper's place.
Ah, just a couple of headache
adolescents checked out
before their time.
Well that ain't what I heard.
I heard we got a cattle
mutilation right here
in Little Creek.
There's talk that you
can't handle it.
I've been handling you for
years haven't I?
[Wayne] Well hello. Good
morning. How you doing?
You run up on any stray dogs
lately? You know dogs are out
of season this time of year.
How did you know?
[Wayne] You mean you were really
attacked by another dog?
And you didn't report it?
To get laughed at
again. No thanks.
Well did he jump up on the hood
of your car this time?
[Jennifer] No, he didn't.
-There's your beer, Wayne.
-[Wayne] Thank you.
[Wayne] You know, I did some
checking around the other day.
That's some helluva
outfit you rigged.
[laughs] Checking up on me?
Just checking that's all.
[Jennifer] Would you like a list
of personal references?
I'm not out to destroy this
little town of yours.
[Wayne] Yeah, well there is a
couple of thousand of people
in this little town
and they depend on me to
investigate anything that
may be out of the ordinary.
-I see. You think I'm
out of the ordinary?
-[Wayne] Yes ma'am.
Out of the ordinary.
I'm not use to lady scientist
running through the streets
of my little town.
There's just one thing that
I can't figure out.
[Wayne] What's that?
[Jennifer] Is it this town that
seems like it's from another
world or is it just you?
You know I think about
that almost everyday.
[Dr. Kramer] Jennifer.
The motel said I might
find you here.
Daddy. What are you doing here?
[Dr. Kramer] Well, I came to see
how my daughter was doing with
her field research.
After your phone call yesterday,
frankly, I was concerned.
So I jet down to Alamagordo,
hired car and here I am.
Oh, this is deputy Wayne
Thompson. My father,
Dr. Joseph Kramer.
-Nice to meet you.
-Mr. Thompson.
[Waitress] Hey, Wayne. You
better get those beers and
rolls out to pop
before he falls dead
sleep in his car.
[Wayne] Yeah. Yeah. It was
nice to meet you, sir.
I'll be seeing you again.
Seems like a nice young man.
Hmm. Nothing earth shattering.
[beeping sound]
[Dr. Kramer]
Probably something loose.
Check the circuitry inside.
What's that?
[Jennifer] Looks like a
trail of blood.
Hey Buc, look who's here.
-Why don't you take some shots
around on the other side.
So That's what you were
talking about yesterday.
Yeah. Same thing different
cattle. This is the fourth
one we found today.
-[whispering] Who's this?
-[Jennifer] Oh, this is my
father, Dr. Joseph Kramer.
Oh. Hi. Marshal Niles Buchanan
but every calls me Buc.
[camera clicking]
[Jennifer] Daddy. Come take a
look at this.
[Dr. Kramer] Not a pretty
sight. No sir. Not a
pretty sight at all.
Somebody really did a job
on it didn't they.
I've been looking into
cattle mutilations on
my own for some time.
[Dr. Kramer] Notice
the incisions.
They are precise surgical cuts.
Very interesting.
[Buc] I wanna know who's
making these cuts?
[Jennifer] Are the
others like this?
Well, yeah, their ears and
hooves sliced off clean
as a whistle.
Some of them missing lips and
tongues and even their uh...
well it gets pretty grim.
Pretty grim.
[Officer] It's
freaking everybody out.
None of the other animals will
even go near it.
Hell, there's not even any
flies or ants on it.
That's why I think it's one of
those, you know, devil cults.
They can do stuff like this.
You have many of those
cults around here?
Well, no.
It's one of the theories but,
uh, as far as I'm concerned
I'm not sure.
Damn, none of these
are coming out.
May I see one
of those, please.
Jennifer, take a look at this.
[Jennifer] This fog here is
similar to the one I took.
[Walt] Well you look here, Wayne
Thompson. I don't give a damn
about your authority.
I got three worthless
carcasses on my hands.
And I'm not the only one.
Daddy, I told him it was serious
and he didn't even give a damn.
We've covered this whole creek
and all around here and nothing
to find. Can't find a thing.
Well who the hell's
fault is that.
[Walt] Are you saying we are
helpless about this thing?
You expect me to stand here
and do nothing?
You know Wayne if you can't
handle this, we can.
If anyone under your
authority breaks the
law, I'm coming after you.
You might be able to push my
boy around but not me.
I won't be threatened
on my land.
I'm not threatening you. I'm
just telling you how it is.
[fly buzzing]
What the hell are
they doing anyway?
They're alright. I know them.
What are they up to?
What do they want?
Well I don't like strangers
sticking their damn noses
around here. You understand?
Walt, there's nothing to
get sore about. I told
you I know them.
This lady is a scientist
from the SSR Institute
on the west coast
and this is her father,
Dr. Kramer. He runs it.
-You here to help us on
these cattle mutilations?
-No. That's not our field.
What do you think is
cutting up our steers?
[Jennifer] I told you.
That's not our field.
I have heard of
cattle mutilations and it's
gotta be some kind of predator.
Predator? Pr--
You see. Some damn scientist
that don't know the difference
between a cow and a steer
telling us our business.
These mutes were reported
by cattlemen, lady.
People who live and work around
cattle all their life.
People who learned from
their father and their
fathers before them.
Don't you think I've seen every
damn predator mark there is?
Don't you think I have seen
every goddamn thing on earth
that could happen to a cow?
No my friend you haven't seen
everything that could happen
to a cow.
Scientifically that would be
impossible now wouldn't it.
What the hell are you
doing here anyway?
Actually, I'm just
visiting my daughter
but I'm very interested in the
cattle mutilation and all
that it implies.
Never had the opportunity to
see one before firsthand,
I-- I thank you for that.
You're thanking me?
You're thanking me for having
cattle mutilations. Well you
dumb son-of-a-bitch.
[Walt] Come on son, we're
getting out of here.
Damn law enforcement.
Bunch of drunks!
Well they found four more over
at my place this morning.
Jesus Christ!
Sorry about that.
You think there's anything you
can give us a hand on this
cattle mutilation thing?
[Dr. Kramer] No, not really.
Jennifer was certainly correct.
It is not our field of study.
However, I am very interested
and I'll send you all the
information I can find.
I appreciate that.
Well maybe you better all find
your way back to town right now.
[Dr. Kramer] I'd
say you're right.
Now Thompson, you take very good
care of my little girl.
[Buc] Dr. Kramer, I'd like
to tell you about one of
my little theories.
That farmer had no right
talking to you that way.
Oh, Walt? He's alright.
He just lost several thousand
dollars in cattle today and
he's a little hot.
Listen do me a favor,
get going back to town.
I'll call you later, okay?
[upbeat music]
[Man on horse] Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
Look at this. Fantastic isn't
it? Look at that air. You can
actually see. It's amazing!
Alan, don't you think we should
get back to the others?
Joyce, I didn't spend two
thousand bucks a week
to go riding with a bunch
of shoe salesmen.
You are a shoe salesman.
Come on.
Look at that. Cattle.
Imagine how it had to
of been with the trail
herds, fighting nature.
Here, hold this.
I'm going down there.
-[buzzing sound]
-What's that?
Uh, that's a sound
that cow's make.
Alan, I wouldn't go
near those cows.
It's all right
uh, cow's eat grass,
they're not uh carnivorous.
-[buzzing sound]
-[Alan singing] Get
along little doggie...
[cows mooing]
Oh. Excuse me. Go on about your
business. I was just uh...
We were... uh... I'm sorry, uh.
[Alan] You go on about your
business, uh... I mean uh...
We're over the hill here
with the dude ranch.
Look you go on about your
business... I'm just
with my wife...
What a minute... Wha...
what's the matter?
[Alan] Hold it a
second. Come on.
Hey, uh, uh, uh, ahh!
[searing sound]
Come on, we really should be
going. Alan, come on!
[buzzing sound]
[heavy breathing]
[suspenseful music]
[heavy breathing]
[heavy breathing]
Please listen. We didn't
mean any harm. [screams]
[intense music]
[buzzing sound]
[horse neighing]
You know Walt had no cause to go
off the deep end like that.
I mean we are doing everything
we can, aren't we Wayne? Huh?
They ought to make these holes
bigger in these cans.
I mean, how you gonna dunk your
doughnut in such a small
opening like this?
Not a lot of guys
have my technique.
They got their problems
I'll tell ya! [laughs]
[Buc] Hey! Watch it! On the side
of the road.
[screeching tires]
Well it's a mute. But this time
it ain't cattle, it's humans.
There's human mutilations now.
We're gonna get into this. We
are going to find out who or
what is doing this.
If it's satanists or even
aliens. We're gonna find out.
We're gonna get to the bottom of
this once and for all.
[Wayne] I'll tell you what we
are going to do. We're gonna
call in the county boys.
Wha-- what are you talking
about? This is our case.
We're gonna solve it.
Niles, we're a couple of yahoo
cops from a jerk water town.
We're not about to have the
means to investigate
something like this.
Come on Wayne. I want to
prove my theory.
Another thing Niles, I don't
think we oughta be shooting our
mouths off about this in town.
Sure, I won't tell a soul.
Okay, I won't say a word.
And don't call me Niles.
[radio indistinct]
[suspenseful music]
Oh, ho, ho, little lady. What do
we got here? This yours?
[Jennifer] Matter of fact it is.
We found this little death
machine in a pool of blood.
You're crazy.
Now we may not be smart enough
to know what it is but we know
it's killing our cattle.
It's just a monitoring device.
It's not hurting your cattle.
Oh yeah. It's gonna end
tonight and it sure the
hell ain't a tv set.
[Jennifer] It monitors
geothermal magnetic and
radioactive materials.
That enough explanation for ya?
What do you think? Cow killer!
I think you must be a whole
lot dumber than you look!
-[dramatic music]
-[Man] Get her!
-Don't let her get away! Hurry!
Go on the other
side! I'm going on
the other side! Come on!
[door opening]
[dramatic music]
You can't get away from
us, lady scientist.
Now, you're going to tell us
what you're doing here.
And why you are doing
this to our cattle.
[Jennifer] You go to hell!
[screaming] Tell us!
You see that? I done that
with a soldering iron.
You know why?
I wanted to know how my
daddy's cow felt when
it was branded.
It wasn't all that bad.
But I'm telling you,
when I see my daddy's
cattle laying out there
all cut up
and their eyes cut
out and mutilated.
Makes me wanna scream. Ow!
[Man] Stop her! Stop her!
[indistinct yelling]
[Man] Grab her!
-[fighting sounds]
-[Jennifer] No. No.
[Jennifer screams]
[Man] Come on lady!
[fighting sounds]
What's the matter with you?
[slapping sound]
[Walt] That's enough, Eddie.
[fighting sounds]
[Buc] Come on!
[Wayne] Tell her you're sorry!
-Tell her you're sorry, you
goddamn piece of gutter trash!
-[Buc] Wayne! Wayne!
Heyyyyyy! Son!
Settle down. I didn't raise
no son to attack women.
No matter what they done.
[Eddie crying]
What my son done to you is wrong
ma'am. So is what you been doing
to my cattle.
Anybody come around my ranch
from now on, there's going
to be hell to pay.
You and Niles is going to be
haulin' away the bodies.
[Eddie cries out]
[Buc] Boys! Don't
go out all half cocked
you going to
get yourselves in
trouble I'm telling ya!
[rain and thunder sound]
You okay?
Uh huh.
You look like hell.
You never looked better
in your life.
You know all this mutilation has
got everyone all worked up and
trying to find an easy way.
This town knew all that was
going on they would really
come apart I tell ya...
Some of them things we
seen on the road why...
Why don't you go see if
you can patch things up.
And make sure she gets back
to the motel and get some
food and clean.
Make sure she doesn't
cause any more trouble.
I didn't cause any trouble.
Those stupid cowboys started it.
Whoever is doing the mutilating
is what started it.
[string music]
[Jennifer] The High
Frontier. Gods from
Outer Space. UFO Experience.
Arthur C. Clark's
Voices from the Sky.
Proceedings from the
First International UFO
Congress. The Friendly Stars.
Well, Wayne I have to
admit. I'm surprised.
What you don't think a
yahoo oughta have a interest
in the wonders of the universe?
Didn't mean it that way.
Yeah, yeah you did.
It don't matter. It
really doesn't you know.
I was uh, interested in that
stuff since I was a little kid.
How about you?
[sighs] I think I would
like that beer now.
-It's in the refrigerator.
-Some host!
-What do you want?
Light or real?
-Light. Real.
Oh, I don't
know. Anything.
-You having trouble
finding something you like?
-[Jennifer] Something I know.
I never really followed
country and western music.
Well, let me play DJ.
Have you ever been out
honky-tonk dancing?
I don't know how.
No, I never have.
Well, I did it once or twice.
Come on with me.
[upbeat country music]
Stick out!
[continued laughter]
[dramatic music]
[Wayne] What's the matter?
Well I thought we
was having fun.
I don't understand what
is going on.
The most
irrational thing that
ever happened in my life
happened to me in this town.
It doesn't make sense.
I'm supposed to be a scientist.
I'm supposed to deal with facts.
You're saying you
been here before?
When I was a little girl.
When I was little, I saw the
strangest, most beautifulest
lights in the sky.
But no one would believe me.
They wouldn't believe me either.
[enlightening music]
[Jennifer] It was you.
I saw 'em too.
[rain falling]
[beeping sound]
Look, see. See what I told you
boss. That witch has these all
over your land.
[Walt] Damn her.
[beeping sound]
You look around
over there, Darren.
Okay, boss.
[Darren screams]
[buzzing noise]
[searing sound]
What are you doing over there?
-[dramatic music]
-[Walt] Oh my god!
[buzzing noise]
[Walt] Dammit!
[buzzing noise]
Ah, ah, ah, ahhh!
[buzzing noise]
[searing sound]
You know, I can't help but feel
that this was all meant to be.
From the mutilations and how you
and I got together.
The way we remember the same
thing from when we were kids.
Like a puzzle that's supposed to
fit together soon.
Maybe I'm just crazy.
No. You're not crazy.
I feel it too.
[sighs] We were meant to
be here, together.
[romantic music]
[Motel Manager] Nope. It's like
I said, her car is parked next
to her room but she's not there.
[Dr. Kramer on phone] Do you
know where she might be?
[Motel Manager] Well, I'm sorry
but I really couldn't say.
Her bed has not be slept in.
I don't know where she is.
All right. It's very important
that I speak to her.
Have her call her father
as soon as she comes in.
Right, thank you very much.
Have Edwards get me everything
what we've got on aerial
phenomenon in New Mexico.
Yes sir.
[Dr. Kramer] You have
the photo's graphics?
[Male] Frances has
them now, sir.
Okay. Cue circuits
four and nine.
Hold on to your pants everybody.
[Dr. Kramer] Looks like
that flaw showed up in
those satellite photos
has led Jennifer right to class
one evidence of alien contact.
That rock formation that
she photographed has one
helluva crystal structure.
All those mineral streaks are
a manipulated metamorphic
of the riled eye host.
The circular patterns
are precise schematic
diagrams of our solar system.
I assumed those points around
it were known star clusters.
But the position seemed way off.
[Dr. Kramer] Here's the payoff.
The positions aren't wrong.
If you're looking at
Earth's solar system from the
opposite side of the galaxy.
It's as though someone left
us a calling card.
Why hasn't anybody
noticed it before?
[Dr. Kramer] The message must
of had a time function
some other trigger
mechanism built into it.
In the mean time, I'm trying to
read the damn thing.
Any ideas Larry?
We'll need the distances
and quadrant points for
area of view.
[Larry] Then we'll work out an
inforemost time break down.
I want to know when these stars
were in this configuration.
And if they haven't ever
formed this pattern...
-find out when they will.
-[Dr. Kramer] We need to
start pattern David.
What about security?
I'll uh, take care of that.
Oh, uh, Dr. Parkfield.
There's one more thing.
Get in touch with the airport.
I want a plane equipped
and ready in one hour.
We're going to New Mexico.
[water splashing]
[dramatic music]
Well I'll be a son-of-a-bitch.
[Wayne] Come on.
[dramatic music]
[gun cocking]
[more gunfire]
-[dramatic music]
[Wayne] Come on. Stay behind me.
[dramatic music]
-[Jennifer] Where did he go?
-[Wayne] I don't know.
[Buc] You get over there and
Eddie wasn't even there
and all you find is
another mutilated steer.
I tell you these
cattle mutilations
has got everyone all worked up
and bent out of shape.
I mean Walt and Darren are
probably off somewhere
sleeping one off
and that kid of his thinking the
worst and taking a pot-shot at
you and Jennifer here.
Will you excuse us for a second.
Well the sheriff's department
identified that body.
A dude from Chicago.
His wife still missing. No
telling what happened to her.
And those federal
boys that called in,
stopped by last night.
What are you talking about?
I didn't call no feds.
Well someone sure as
hell did. Two guys came over
with plenty of identification.
[whispering] They were asking
a lot of questions about her.
The whole town is
talking about her.
Mrs. Keaton over at the motel
said she wasn't in all night.
Ain't nobody's damn business
where a lady spends the night.
Well where else would she be?
Wow. Sure complicates things
Wayne ole buddy.
No it doesn't Niles. All it does
is prove that she is not the
cause of all this.
If you say so. But let
me tell you something
these federal boys,
asking a lot
of questions about you too.
Not that I've paid it any
mind but... well.
Uh, I need to check one of
my metering units.
-You think there is any way that
Niles can do it for you?
-[Jennifer] No.
Oh, I would be very happy to
help you out. See I'm a bit
of a science nut myself.
Uh, you just tell me what to
do and I'll do it.
The way things are going, I hate
to let you out of my sight.
Okay, you can pick it up
and bring it back.
Got it!
What do you know
about federal agents?
Where did you place this device?
[Jennifer] Near that old shack
up in the mountains.
Which shack?
[Buc] Walt... Darren!
-[suspenseful music]
[door creaks]
[Buc] Where the hell is he?
His truck is out there. Huh.
[flame burning]
[Buc] Anybody here?
[suspenseful music]
Anybody here!
[Prospector] Here, here you go.
[high pitched sound]
[Buc] Hey!
This was one of my theories
right from the start.
I know what you're doing.
You're taking bits
and pieces of cattle
our most important food supply
and sending them to your
bosses. For monitoring.
Ain't that right?
[Buc] Well ain't it?!
Oh, no.
That ain't a cattle part...
that there is the
hand of Eddie Casper's.
I'm Marshal Niles Buchanan
and you're under arrest.
-[buzzing sound]
-[Buc] Ugh!
[jet noise]
[Dr. Kramer] Any
word from Jennifer?
Still no luck, sir. But they
will keep trying.
What's our transportation
from Alamogordo?
There will be a
helicopter available as
soon as we touch down.
Sir I think we have dated
the star pattern from the rock
your daughter photographed.
My god. It's today.
[jet noise]
[Federal Agent 1] Well sir, it's
pretty much as you predicted.
It appears that the deputy and
the scientist has come across
certain information sir.
Uh, information that could be
misinterpreted by the media.
Yes, sir. Yes,
sir. I understand.
[Motel Manager]
It's probably none of my
business where you've been
but your father has been
trying to get in touch
with you real bad.
[Jennifer] When did he call?
Oh he started calling this
morning but I told him you
hadn't been in all night.
Thanks. Can you make the call
for me now please.
Great. What am I supposed to
tell my father
that my equipment is
being systematically
destroyed by UFOs?
I tried to scare you away.
I tried to turn the
others against you.
I tried to keep
things the way they have been.
But you wouldn't go.
-What do you want from us?
-[Prospector] I wanna
be left alone.
-[Wayne] Ahhh!
-[dramatic music]
-[Jennifer screams]
Help me! Hurry!
They're killing each other.
[car speeding away]
[dramatic music]
[more gunfire]
Okay, what the hell is the idea
firing at the sheriff.
Wayne you better drop gun.
These guys mean business.
[Federal Agent] Hands on
your head! Hands on top
of your head, now!
They ruined my place!
Who's gonna pay for all this!
-[fighting sounds]
Okay freeze you son-of-a-bitch!
[dramatic music]
[Wayne] Get it! Let's move!
[screeching tires]
[Federal Agent] Get out of
the car. It's gonna blow.
[intensified music]
[breaking glass]
[motorcycle revving]
[Federal Agent] There
he is. Come on.
[breaking glass]
[screeching tires]
Don't shoot! Don't shoot him!
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music continues]
[revving engine]
[Prospector] I did everything
they wanted all these years.
Done just what I was supposed
to. They wanted to keep track
of us and they needed me.
It ain't fair.
But now that she's here
won't be needing me no more.
[buzzing sound]
What will happen to me?
I haven't aged since that
day many years ago.
That day both of
us were visited.
I can't let you steal
that from me.
[Prospector] Don't
you understand?
It's you they have been
waiting for all these years.
You were chosen long ago.
But you ain't so special.
[buzzing sound]
[Prospector] I can take care of
you just like the others.
[dramatic music]
You're human. Just like me.
But I can't let 'em have ya.
I tried to make you go
away but you wouldn't go.
I was a fool not to
kill you right off.
-[searing sound]
[searing sound]
[dramatic music]
[buzzing sound]
[revving engine]
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music continues]
[revving engine]
[dog whining]
It's not only you. It's him too.
[rattling door]
[Wayne] Jennifer!
[rattling door]
[Wayne] Jennifer!
[rattling door]
[dramatic music]
[Wayne] Jennifer!
[engine starts]
[Jennifer] Wayne!
[Wayne] Jennifer?
[Jennifer] We were chosen all of
us. Even him. But he wasn't
supposed to kill anyone.
Whoever brought us here
didn't do it for evil.
I'm sure of that.
You can't get away
from them. Nobody can.
Nobody can stop what
is meant to be.
Not me. Not you. And now
my job is over.
-[Wayne] Come on.
-No Wayne.
[Jennifer] Come on
let's go. It's time.
Come on.
Come on.
[dramatic music]
[spacecraft rumbling]
[dramatic music]
[rumbling of spacecraft]
[high pitched sounds]
[rumbling of spacecraft]
[dramatic string music]
[rumbling of spacecraft]
[end credits music]