The Return of Bulldog Drummond (1934) Movie Script

Ladies and gentlemen.
I am here to plead for
peace between nations.
That man hates his brother
man, I believe to be untold.
Hear hear.
So we are here tonight to
record our profound conviction
that only by the creation of good will
can war be averted and civilization saved.
I have here proof that propaganda
is poured into countries
to stimulate armament expenditure.
That is the evil we have to crush it.
Or it is difficult.
These rogues work within the law.
Administrators can do little.
The police nothing.
No, sir, nothing's happened yet.
I've taken five men into
custody as a precaution.
We do nothing about 'em,
except their past records.
What time will he be finished?
Oh, about 10:30, sir.
Right, I'll have two squad
cars there to meet him.
Monsieur, please send these cars away.
Oh, but sir.
All these demonstrations,
frustrating objects of my mission.
But sir, we have special instructions.
I shall not travel if they accompany me.
I think you're very
unwise if I may say so sir.
Oh very well, if you insist.
If they can only realise
how much harm they do.
I agree, Mr. Bruneer,
but I was afraid they'd
do something like that.
If you want to avoid them,
I've got my car round the square behind.
But I could not ask you
to drive me to Birmingham.
Oh, I should've driven up in any case.
Then I accept your kind offer.
I'm sorry, Monsieur.
Terribly stupid of me,
but I'm afraid I've run short of petrol.
I've run short of petrol,
but we just passed a garage
so I'll go back and get some.
But permit me, Mademoiselle.
I know the way, so
perhaps, I'd better go.
If you insist.
You were not present
at the moment of the tragic.
No, I'd gone to get petrol.
You were secretary
to two previous presidents
of the world peace conference.
Both of whom were murdered.
One in Paris.
The other in Prague.
Excuse me.
Take this to B4.
Now, tell me, did you witness
the two former assassinations?
No, not actually.
In this case, can you
describe any of the men?
I'm afraid not.
I only saw the car dash by.
Thank you.
Now you, sir.
You are?
Algernon Longworth of 9
Cousin Street, London W1.
What were you doing on the West Road
on the night of this occurrence?
Well, just tootling along
smoothly without any fuss,
sober and alone.
You witnessed the tragedy?
Good heavens, no.
I just stopped, looked and listened.
You left immediately.
A lot of the reports that you telephoned
from an RAC box immediately afterwards.
Full marks, I did.
Who to?
To me, Tum-Tum.
I had a message you wanted to see me.
Yes, Drummond, I do.
Won't you sit down?
What are you doing with Algy?
Dear old boy.
I cannot make these bone headed gentlemen
understand that I was merely
tootling along the road,
smoothly and oh.
Notice of a special wireless broadcast
coming through at 11:55.
With the leader of that society
that calls itself The Black Clan.
Yes, I know, I did it for purpose.
Well, it's one minute to, sir.
Switch on now.
Yes sir.
This is
to inform the interested public
that an international armament ring
is at work in deafening to create distrust
and if possible war between
the nations of the world.
Yesterday, the distinguished president
of the peace confederation was murdered
in order to blacken the
name of this country
in the eyes of Europe.
It's unlikely that the assassin
in these days of fast
aeroplanes be apprehended.
It is for this reason that the Black Clan
has come into existence.
The Black Clan is determined that at least
in this country those pests
should be exterminated.
The pests in question are asked
to take this warning seriously.
This is the leader of
the Black Clan speaking.
I thank you.
What you make of that, Mikilah?
Oh, it's a silly hoax.
What do you think, Drummond?
I was asleep I'm afraid.
Ask this young lady.
I'm sure she was listening attentively.
I think that the lead of the Black Clan,
whatever it calls itself,
would be wiser not to pit himself
against a power whose
strength he does not appreciate.
Would be a pity if such
a well meaning young man
came to any harm.
What makes you think he's so young?
Well, he apparently hasn't
reached the age of discretion.
Yes, that's right.
Show him up at once.
Will you excuse me for a moment?
Oh Drummond.
I'd like you to wait for
a moment if you will.
Oh, certainly.
Good morning, Mr. Latter.
You wanted to see me?
I do indeed, sir.
Look what I received
by this morning's post.
Now sir, I look to you for protection.
There's a public person.
That's all right, Mr. Latter.
You can speak quite openly
in front of Captain Drummond.
Well, I hope so.
That a person in my position
should be subjected to such terrorism is...
I appreciate your position Mr. Latter.
You should be accorded
immediate protection
and this matter firmly investigated.
I don't wish to be shadowed, Sir Bryan.
Very well.
Then I shall leave the
matter in your hands.
And good day.
- Good day.
Who's funny face?
Mr. Charles Latter.
He's the founder of
the Up England Society,
et cetera, et cetera.
No friend of the Black Clan
doesn't seem to care
much about him, do they?
Sure it seems,
but I don't know why.
He's a man of integrity.
Lives a bit above his income,
but who doesn't?
Well, what do you want
to see me about Bryan?
Well, we've known each
other for a number of years.
I know you're not quite
the fool you'd like some
of us to think you are.
I remember the Peterson
affair three years ago.
Good old Carl.
I'd like to see him again.
What do you know about the Black Clan?
Just the stuff the newspapers dish out.
Well, I have no proof
but I have suspicion.
I'd love that broadcasters
have some very sound ideas,
didn't he?
That was a very clever ruse, Hugh.
Unfortunately, I have a very
retentive memory for poison.
As I say,
I have no proof.
I'm not going to ask you direct questions.
Only take advice.
Black clans, pink shirts, green jerseys.
Don't pity this great country of ours.
Is that too picturesque?
All right, Tum Tum.
If I meet any of your picturesque friends,
I'll give them your advice.
I'll say,
I believe Mikilah is a
member of the Black Clan.
Cunningly disguised.
You find out where he went to?
Number five,.
Good, come on.
Wait for me, Kevin.
Morning Stilletta.
Good morning.
How are you?
I'm very well.
They tell me that you
have visited the police.
What did our friend, the
commissioner have to say?
Very little.
I showed him the letter
I received this morning.
Huh, let me see it.
I'm afraid I can't.
I left him with it.
He asked me to.
He's promised me protection.
You know that Zebelith
himself is coming over?
Yes, I was told.
So apparently were the Black Clan.
Under these difficult circumstances
what do you want me to do?
Exactly as arranged.
You will speak at
Sheffield tomorrow night.
Stress Franz has act in bad faith.
Urge the ability of two new cruises
and the need of adequate
ammunition supply.
Very well.
I'll go.
When do I get some money?
That's on the count.
Meet Dominic.
Give him these papers.
He'll take them back with him to Europe.
Take care of them because
they're somewhat incriminating.
All right.
Good day.
Good day, Mr. Latter.
How do you do?
Lost your taxi, Mr. Latter?
Yes, I have.
I told the fool to wait.
I told him to go.
Seemed a pity the
he so hardly earns.
That's why I've waited to give you a lift.
I don't appreciate
playing to the gentles.
Praise my soul, I'm not joking.
This is my good turn for the day.
Now don't spoil a good intention.
Now come along, Mr. Latter.
But this is absurd.
There you are, Mr. Latter.
Now having at your little jokes,
suppose you let me get a cab.
Where are you going, Mr. Latter?
I'm going by train to Sheffield.
Oh Sheffield.
Doesn't our genial friend, Delmonic
live in Sheffield, Algy?
He does.
You know Mr. Delmonic, Mr. Latter?
I, no.
I think you do, Mr. Latter.
I'm afraid you're going
to miss your appointment.
Mr. Delmonic's left Sheffield
with a friend of mine.
Did you ever hear of the Black Clan?
You know I have.
I was in Sir Bryan's office when...
Yes, well I'm the boss gangster.
Black Clan came into existence
to exterminate creatures like you.
Ever since the war,
poisonous reptiles like you been in work
under the cloak of patriotic propaganda,
stirring up trouble in this
and every other country.
Your only purpose being money making.
This is an outrage, I protest.
We believe in making the
punishment fit the crime.
Don't we, Algy?
We do.
Well, what do you propose to do with me?
Well, I haven't quite made up my mind.
This is absolutely absurd.
You don't want.
I think we will have a look
at this desirable residence
by moonlight.
Here we are.
Over here, straight on the left.
I'll meet you there at 11:00.
My dear boy, a uniform of course.
Yes, cheerio.
I say what are you going
to do with the space?
I haven't made up my mind.
His plane's just come in.
Right on.
Continental lovers are
concerned about this attack.
Zadowa, I want you to contradict it.
Stress the patriotism of the manufacturers
and the employment that it provides.
Do the splendid isolation stuff.
You know what's wanted.
Okay, I know how to tackle that.
All right, I'll leave with you.
Hey, has that guy showed up yet?
Yes, his plane's just arrived.
Yes, I hope he brought
some money with him too.
You do very well my dear.
Thank you, kind.
Shall we go to the printing room.
Yes, excuse me.
Get it quoted in as many
European papers as you can.
Tell them to come in.
Yes, come in all of you.
Just a moment, writer.
What do you think of that?
That's good.
Very good.
We want more of it.
Despite the Brunelle incident
another gigantic meeting was
held in Manchester last night
protesting against the sell of armaments
for private property.
And apparently nothing
has been done about it.
One other thing.
This Black Clan,
you are all afraid of them.
They are nothing.
They are all foolish young
men playing a stupid game,
but their exploits appeal
to most of the public.
And so they must be stopped.
Well, how you gonna do it?
No one's ever seen 'em.
That is foolishness.
They are not ghosts.
What's that?
You must all realise that
our business is like any other.
The secrecy demanded by our clients
makes our advertising campaign
all the more necessary.
Our European markets are
developing splendidly.
It is in this country alone
that we make no progress.
You must make the most of
the site this incident,
otherwise, how do you say?
The bottom will fall out of it.
Stand still all of you.
Search them.
Back up with those lights.
Okay now.
Good evening, Mr. Rave.
Still labouring in the cost of peace.
May I ask the meaning
of this masquerade?
If you may, I'll explain.
Algy, arrange the specimens in a row.
Now then specimens,
arrange yourselves into a neat little row.
There we are.
Mm, a nauseating collection.
Who are the insects on the right?
These gentlemen are my clarks,
and what I want to know is...
All in good time.
Now listen you worms.
My friends and I don't like your type.
You meet in secret places
and your slimy minds concoct foul schemes,
which incredible to relate
meet with a fair measure of success.
And what you do elsewhere
doesn't concern us.
But we won't have any
affairs in this country.
We won't tolerate them.
Therefore we are going to make
an example of some of you.
Algy, take lot four, not the lady,
outside and dump them in Fred's car.
It's the dirtiest.
Right oh.
Come along, specimens.
Come on, out you go.
Come on, take 'em along.
Take 'em along, come on, take 'em along.
This way, come on.
Out you go.
you mind if I sit down?
No, of course.
I'm sorry to have kept
you standing so long.
Now you two gentlemen are
going to leave this country
before noon tomorrow,
and I hope you'll have the
good sense not to return,
otherwise it's going to
be very uncomfortable
for both of you.
And Miss Loraine, as we
don't like fighting ladies,
I hope you'll go with them.
I should.
And as for the rest of you,
take my advice and chuck it.
You'll get a decent job
if anyone will have you.
Well, that's all I think.
Right boys.
Good night.
Thanks all.
Stay still, stay still.
Algy, hear,
well how about the specimens?
Just near the range.
Then we'll go home.
Right oh.
Remove the specimens.
Remove, remove.
I say dear old boy.
We've still got old man Latter.
So we have.
So we have.
All right, where is he?
Over here.
Come on.
Yes, that'll do.
Right ho.
One, two, three,
off to your right, go!
Bad luck for the fishes,
but there you are.
Mm, Mr. McKenza.
This is getting very serious, Mclver.
Latter is a man of great influence.
It would be Christian's oust
of the house, I'm afraid.
Has he heard of it?
We never know where they're gonna turn up.
Nobody ever sees him except our victim
and they never seem to
be able to identify him.
Yes, I know, I know.
Listen to this, sir.
At half past four this morning,
one of our cars, number 28,
found three men tied to
very high part railings.
One of them pressed him, we knew.
They've been knocked about a bit too sir.
What'd they say about her?
Oh nothing, told a story.
Obviously lies.
And here's something else.
Constable Barking Creek reports,
number of young men in expensive cars
at Barking Creek at 255.
When questioned said they
were on a treasure hunt.
There's a description here, sir,
of the men who seems to
have been the leader.
I'll bet a month's pay
it's the same gang, sir.
You don't suppose he took the number
of any of the cars?
No sir.
Didn't think it was necessary.
Any case it's probably
they'd use false number plates.
Yes sir.
Get me Captain Drummond on Brooks Street
on the phone, will you?
Sir Bryan wants you
on the phone, darling.
All right, I'll be there in a jiffy.
All right, I'll tell him.
He'll be here in a moment, Sir Bryan.
How are you?
Hello, hello.
Oh, good morning, Tum Tum.
God bless my soul.
Poor old laddie.
Oh, what a place to bathe.
Now listen, Drummond.
I think you know more
about this than I do.
It's got to stop.
I don't want to take drastic action.
It's not policy.
But the constable at Barking Creek
has supplied a very good description
of a fellow in charge of
last night's treasure hunt.
Smart fellow.
You'll have to promote him.
And it took place within a stone's throw
of where they found Latter.
Oh, what did Latter say about it?
Mr. Latter is suffering
from loss of memory.
Now listen,
I'm going to send Mclver around
to have a quiet little chat with you.
Yes, yes.
Well, I'll be at the Ritz Royal at 11.
I'll see old granite face there.
As he can stand me a drink.
All right, yes, yes.
The Ritz Royal.
Match, I'll get there.
For shout.
Oh, excuse me sir.
There's a gentlemen in the
hall waiting to see you.
He says he has an appointment with you.
Oh, my Lord, that's old granite face.
Why tell him I'll be there
to break some shakes.
Very good, sir.
Sorry Bill.
I have to go.
I'm late already.
Oh, sorry I'm late.
Hello Algy.
Hello old boy.
Oh rather.
How do you do, sir?
How do you do?
Let's go and have a drink, shall we?
That's an idea.
Very good sir.
I'll give him that message.
Thank you.
I am the reverend Theodosius Longmore.
I engage these three
for myself and my niece
over the telephone this morning.
Oh, quite right sir.
And your luggage sir?
We have very little.
It's here.
There's a gentlemen waiting
to see you sir upstairs.
Oh, yes, that will be from
the Orphan Relief Committee.
Very well, sir.
Well, now Mclver, what's the trouble?
Mr. Drummond,
you know what happened
to Mr. Latter last night?
Yes, Algy.
Latter went bathing last
night in Barking Creek.
The also young lady of Barking Creek.
Will you lie down?
We should be serious.
I'm sorry.
Mr. Drummond.
A very clear description
of a young gentlemen
who led a treasure hunt last night
has been handed in by local constable.
Good for him.
Sir Bryan thinks that
you were in a position
to give him a little private information
concerning the affair of Mr. Latter.
I think Latter's indisposition
was due to the ghosts of the past,
or perhaps the spectres of the present.
A punishment Mclver
for things done that it's not good to do.
And that is all you are
prepared to say to me?
On the contrary.
Drink up and have another.
No thank you.
I sometimes have work to do.
I'm very sorry.
Give my love to Tum Tum.
Algy, underneath that granite face
there beats a heart of gold.
Damn fool.
Here quick.
What's the matter?
Come outside a minute.
Is she pretty?
It isn't a she, idiot.
Well, what about them?
I don't know
expect that I spotted
them in the writing room,
talking about old friend,
Atkinson that lives down.
So he
didn't take good advice.
All that's left, time telling.
Allow me sir.
Oh, I thank you.
I'm so very forgetful.
I rarely smoke before luncheon,
but I had a very trying morning
and I thought a cigarette
would soothe my nerves.
Too bad, too bad.
May I introduce my niece, Janet.
How do you do?
Your name sir?
I'm afraid I don't know.
My name's Drummond, Hugh Drummond.
Oh yes, how do you do?
Yes, a friend of mine has been a victim
of an astounding outrage.
Good Lord.
A blackmail it really is.
He's been upset about it.
Must be.
I am trying to obtain assurances
from the blackmailers.
They will not, how shall I put it?
Use their knowledge against him.
He will go to almost any
lengths to prevent it.
Would he now?
Almost lunch.
Would you care sir to give us the pleasure
of your company?
Well, that's very nice of you
but I'm meeting my wife.
We're having a little
snack here in the buttery.
Perhaps you'd care to join us.
We should be charmed,
shouldn't we my dear?
- Oh, thank you.
- Yes.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Oh, Janet, thank you.
Janet my dear, it's from the sewing guild.
Would you ring them and tell them
that I should be delighted
to attend on Wednesday?
Certainly uncle.
She's a charming girl and so helpful.
Yes, I'm sure she is.
Have a look at my note?
Drummond's here.
Yes, we know.
We've been talking to him.
Get me Drummond's telephone's number.
He lives on Brook Street.
What do you want to do?
Find his wife.
Whose idea is this?
Couldn't tell Carl, he's
still with Drummond.
Groovner, 5025.
Groovner, 5025.
Get on another phone
and tell Warlock to call
for Mrs. Drummond at once
at her husband's request.
You got the address?
Yes, hello?
Is that Mrs. Drummond?
This is the reception
clerk at the Ritz Royal.
Captain Drummond is sending
a car around for you now.
There's some friends here
he wanted you to meet.
Yes, it'll be their car.
A Daimler.
It'll be around for you in a few minutes.
Thank you very much.
All right, Warlock's on his way.
Now get me Carl.
He's in the hall.
Tell him the Church Guild
wants him on the phone.
Put me onto the bureau, will you?
My dear niece is a long time.
wanted on the phone sir.
The Church Guild.
Oh dubby, dubby.
Excuse me a moment.
I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.
One has so much to attend to.
Look here.
There's no need to wait.
My wife won't mind.
Well, if you're sure.
Ah, here's Janet.
Hello Janet.
Well, should we go?
Look here, I think we can sit over here.
Extraordinary these up to date hotels.
Rather like a modern Tower of Babel.
Well, sit down.
Yes, thank you.
Well, what will you have?
Well, I don't eat very much
in the middle of the day.
I think perhaps half a dozen oysters.
You my dear?
Oh, I think I'll have
one of those please.
I'll have some oysters.
What do you drink?
Oh, I only drink water.
But I have no objection to others
following their inclination.
In that case, I'll have.
Water for you, my dear?
I'm sure.
Yes, water please.
I trust your wife will soon be with us?
Oh yes, we only live at Brook Street.
Well, in that case
doubtless she will be here
at any moment.
What did you say your name was, Diamond?
No, no Drummond, Drummond.
Drummond, of course.
Hugh Drummond, yes, Hugh Drummond.
You and your niece alone?
You wouldn't believe what
a comfort she is to me.
Never wastes time.
Always doing something
for the good of humanity
and when I think of my
poor friend upstairs,
my heart bleeds.
He is a good man fighting the set of scum.
And yet it ought to be so easy
to come to some arrangement.
Why not try the police?
Oh, you will understand Captain Drummond
that it is not always desirable
to air these delicate matters in public.
Oh, I can understand that.
Take another case.
That of my other friend,
Latter, the politician.
Oh yes, I've heard of him.
You surprise me.
Latter, if you'll forgive my saying,
so was an unpleasant man engaged
upon unpleasant business.
There are men behind people
like Latter, Mr. Longmore
who blush unseen.
Won't you have some more oysters.
No thank you, no.
Enough is as good as a feast.
No, thank you.
Oh Algy.
Would you give Phyllis another ring?
Find out what's happened to her.
Oh, right oh.
Certainly old man.
Captain Drummond,
your wife seems to have
deserted you entirely.
I hope we should have the pleasure
of making her acquaintance some other day.
We must run away now.
My correspondence at the moment
with regard to the earthquake relief fund
Oh hey.
A goodbye and a thousand thanks
for a very pleasant lunch.
Oh my.
what do you think?
Our new acquaintance is
the Reverend Mr. Longmore,
who is Zebelith.
And Zebelith's our old
friend, Carl Peterson.
Dear old boy.
By the way, did you phone my wife?
Yes, and her maid said that she'd left
in the car you ordered for her.
Are you sure?
The car for her?
Great Scott, Hugh.
You don't think the
Peterson's kidnapped her?
He has,
he's got her.
While I've been sitting
here talking dribble.
I'm sorry sir, but
they weren't here at all.
You see, your friends got away.
Yeah, I know, I know,
I quit on the send.
Yes, it's all really
rather awkward, isn't it?
I say it's quite a lot.
No, she's just left sir.
They've got her.
They've kidnapped her.
I didn't send the car.
Why has he done that?
What's his game?
The papers I got from the letter
are enough to hang Peterson
and have his gang signed.
This is to prevent my using them.
The papers can take care of themselves.
All you have to think about is Phyllis.
Just when we had them
where we wanted them.
There's a car for you sir.
Answer it Algy, will you?
Can you take
down the one box please
or they'll put it through?
No, this is not Captain Drummond.
Right, hang on will you?
I'll find him.
Hugh, it's him.
The Reverend Mr. Longmore.
He wants to talk to you.
I'll talk to him in his room.
No, no, be sensible
Hugh, for Phyllis' sake.
Speak to him on the phone.
And do keep your temper.
Yes, yes.
Yes this is Drummond speaking.
What do you want?
Well, Captain Drummond,
I've been feeling very uneasy
because your wife didn't turn up to lunch.
And since we parted,
certain information has come to my ears
bearing on the matter.
And as delay may
conceivably prove dangerous
to your wife.
All right, I'll come.
I'm gonna seize Abelith.
They wouldn't dare to hurt her, Hugh.
If they do, they'll find the remains
of an elderly parson and
pick a delay tonight.
Should I come up with you, Hugh?
If I'm not down in half an hour,
ring his room.
If I don't answer, you'll know what to do.
You stay here.
This way, sir.
Come in, come in.
Ah, my young friend.
So you've thought over my message?
Yes, I have Mr. Longmore.
Monsieur Zebelith.
Carl Peterson.
Well, you're a very good actor, Carl.
I admit I wouldn't have recognised you.
For one very consistent habit of yours.
My dear, I think it must be the heat.
Or perhaps...
Now look here Carl.
We've met before, haven't we?
Three years ago, wasn't it?
You've played fair then.
We kept our women out of it.
You apparently come down
in the world since then.
Come on, let's talk business.
My dear young man,
I intended to talk business
with you when you arrived,
but you haven't given me a chance.
Where are you going?
I'm going straight to Scotland Yard
to tell them about the
whole shooting match.
And I'm going to give
them the papers I stole,
ah ha, stole from your
charming friend, Mr. Latter.
You admit you've got them?
Oh yes, I've got them,
but not here.
Captain Drummond.
Suppose it were possible for
me to expedite the return
of Mrs. Drummond in exchange
for the papers in question.
in regard to myself?
If I get my wife back,
we start fair and square again.
Won't pay you to go the police
and I don't want to.
I want you for my own bag,
to add to my collection of specimens.
We'll make it single, shall we?
And no monkey business with my wife.
Or I'll tear you in pieces
and litter the bits over
the parks of London.
How aptly you put things.
Bring the papers complete to this room
in half an hour to prove your good faith.
You can keep them in your possession
until your wife arrives.
I on my part would undertake
to produce Mrs. Drummond.
Uh huh.
Well, after all we are in the Ritz
and you're too big and strong a man
to allow any horseplay.
Especially in a clergyman's suite.
All right, I'll come.
And there no funny business
or heaven help you.
Ring up Green Street.
Tell them to send number
13 around at once.
Oh, and number 10 and Franz
better come along too.
Put that away below until I send for them.
What are you gonna do with his wife?
One thing I'm not gonna
do is to produce her.
And there's gonna be no mistake
about her gallant
husband this time either.
Yes, yes and Mr.
Peterson wants number 10
and Franz to come to.
Now give me the phone.
Yes, yes.
As it was last time, just the same.
Franz is about his size.
Get a wheelchair, understand?
Hold on, Erma wants you again?
What are you doing?
Limiting accommodation.
And if you carry me,
I will spray some of
your atrocious knitting
over that sitting,
I think we should achieve
the desired result.
Is that what you want?
Drummond's got to sit in this chair.
And afterwards, this linen
affair has got to be burnt.
Be careful you don't touch it.
Tramsey Ollie taught me this little trick.
Poor Tramsey Ollie,
pity he died young.
This'll dry off in a few moments.
I only used it once before
and then I unfortunately used too much.
And the patient died.
In the right quantities,
it induces partial paralysis.
One can see and hear,
but cannot move or speak.
What ultimately happens I don't know.
You'll be careful, Carl?
Come in.
Morning sir.
Ah, 13.
I've got a man coming here shortly
whose voice I shall want you
to imitate over the phone.
Are we over the phone sir?
Go into the bathroom
and listen to the voice of the man
who will sit in that chair.
Oh, by the way,
have number 10 and Franz arrived yet?
Yes sir.
They're waiting downstairs.
Oh, Elma, my dear,
you haven't heard my latest
acquisition, have you?
He's really quite remarkable.
Imitate me.
Erma my dear,
you haven't heard my latest
acquisition, have you?
He's really quite remarkable.
All right, get out.
Very good sir.
Our young friend oughta
be here at any moment now.
Punctual as ever.
What about his friend?
He wouldn't keep this visit to himself.
My dear.
You wound me to the quick.
Drummond's friends will sleep
soundly in their beds tonight,
harbouring none but the sweetest thoughts
of a kindly and much maligned
clergyman at the Ritz.
And now sit down and knit.
Come in.
Well, here I am, Carl.
On the stroke.
Oh, there's just one
thing I'd like to mention
before we come to the fun and games.
My friends know I'm here.
I hope I make myself clear.
You are the soul of lucidity.
Very hear of the goods,
the old incriminating documents.
Or should we discuss another subject
until Mrs. Drummond arrives?
Anything you like, Carl.
Do sit down.
Very close day, don't you think?
Yes, close.
Have a drink.
Not on your life.
It's an unopened bottle.
Come on, have one.
Well, old Carl.
Charming room, Carl old man.
Why I never expected to see you again.
No, certainly not a charming room.
Poor old Latter.
I did that.
Seems to have acted excellently.
Number 13.
Yes sir.
I want you to telephone Mayfair 2501
using this gentleman's voice.
I want Mayfair 2501.
Send this message.
Is that you, Algy?
Listen, this bloke's
isn't old Zebelith at all.
He's a perfectly respectable
pillar of the church.
Dear old boy.
Have you found Phyllis?
Phyllis is as right as rain.
The whole thing's a bus
shot of the first order.
Sorry, old man, I couldn't hear you.
Oh Phyllis, yes,
she's as right as rain.
The whole thing's a bus
shot of the first order.
I'll see you later.
Give me that and tell
the others to come up.
All right, sir.
I'll trust you approve
the way our single
has started, Captain Drummond?
Your a damned interfering
louse, aren't you?
But you're gonna pay for it this time.
You and your dear wife.
I'm gonna meet Franz.
Oh, don't go too near that thing.
Ah, my dear friend.
How good of you to come.
How are you?
That's right, this way.
I'll ring for you when
this gentlemen leaves.
Come in.
That's right.
Lift him up and put him in there.
Put the coat on.
Is this really necessary, Carl?
Has his car been taken away?
Yes sir.
Then half an hour for spiritual solace.
And we can send him away.
Thank you, my dear.
Goodbye, my dear friend,
So very charming of you to have come.
Take care of him, lift man, won't you?
I certainly will sir.
That's him.
Say, how far is it from here?
About 800 yard.
You see the light from the free from here.
Open the door.
All right Tony.
You come out from the running ball.
Oh all right.
Say Franz.
You going to the bridge?
You'll let us know when a boat's coming.
You bet.
Well, I'm going back to Maybrick house,
where your pretty wife is all tied up.
It doesn't matter if he does
fall over at the last moment.
Boy, it sure seems a shame
to smash up such a beautiful car.
Look out!
There's a boat coming now!
Come on, Tony.
Now's the time.
Keep your strength, the last moment.
And don't make any mistakes.
Well, he's on his way.
A long way.
Hey, hey!
Stop, stop!
Over there somewhere.
What's the matter, captain?
Come down.
He went in at 60 miles an hour.
I saw him.
Well, the poor fellow
hasn't got a.
There's the man who dived in.
All right.
Help him out, will you?
Help him out.
I've been to the bottom.
I can't find him.
Well, I follow well blind
along with that speed.
What can you expect?
Well, there's nothing we can do.
Let's go.
Tony, come on, made it.
Well, it's a go off on the right, eh?
Don't want to talk about it though.
They didn't hurt you, did they?
No, they fed me.
They haven't done anything.
Hugh, what's happened to you?
I'm all right.
What a fool I was to let them get you.
Come on then.
Who is that?
It's the caretaker.
Enough, just listen.
Where's the girl?
Come on, some of you guys get outside.
Come on boys.
What are you going to do?
Come on!
We've gotta jump for it.
Oh Hugh, we can't.
Yes, you can.
Come on!
Come on, dear, jump.
I'll break your fall.
All right.
Come, quick!
I'll do it myself.
Come on this way!
Oh no, come back.
We can't get through the fence.
They've turned on the current.
If we try, we'll be electrocuted.
What are we going to do?
I'm going to throw you over.
Hugh, I'm not going without you.
Keep yourself curled up
till you feel you're falling.
Come on.
I can't.
Yes, you can.
You all right?
Yes, I'm all right.
Right, try and get the gang.
Get on the phone somehow.
I'll give you a good start.
Well, I'll do my best.
Roll up, roll up!
All part of the fair.
New charge for admission!
God have a shy!
Have a shy!
Is that him in the booth?
Can you hear him?
Roll up, roll up!
No charge for admission!
Come on!
Try your luck.
Have a shy!
Oy, let's go.
Stop, stop, stop!
Excuse me!
Can you help me?
Well, Mrs. Drummond, isn't it?
Certainly I can help you.
Get inside.
Oh, thank you so much.
Drive on.
Hey, hey!
Who is it?
What do you want?
Open the gate or
I'll punish you again.
Hey, listen bud!
Now pull over!
Captain Hugh Drummond?
Yes, speak up Carl.
I can't hear you.
Unless you are in this
house within five minutes,
I shall personally kill Mrs. Drummond.
All right, I'll come.
Good evening, Carl.
You have a wonderful
faculty for a menial life,
my young friend.
You have a wonderful
faculty for making mistakes,
haven't you?
Come inside.
Come in Captain Drummond.
Your wife is waiting.
Where's number 10?
He's dead.
This guy got him.
He got three of the boys.
Are you alone?
You guessed it Carl.
Alone I did it.
Not a bad bag eh?
With General Macaroni as an also round.
Bring him in.
My poor darling.
I'm all right, Hugh.
Well now,
what shall we do with him?
Finish them boss.
We can bury them in the grounds.
That won't do at all.
We've got to remember
the rest of the gang.
No, I have it.
You remember my original idea,
which unfortunately went astray?
I refer to the drowning episode.
Your car is in the river.
Your body floated out of it, that's all.
Together with your wife's.
It's really better that way.
I regret Drummond the necessity
of your wife's sharing your fate,
but I see no way out of it.
I understand we are to be taken out
and held under water.
Are you going to use the bath here
in the very unlikely event
of your friend's having one?
Oh Hugh,
I think I'm gonna faint.
Oh then, Peterson,
let me go to my wife.
Let him.
Three and two make five
and one makes six.
Three two five six Gerrard.
They come before Miss, but I was cut off.
Hello, is that three two five six?
Yes, Algy.
Gerry, I've been trying
to get you for an hour.
Can you help me?
Listen, Hugh is in the soup.
Peterson's got him.
Phyllis phoned from somewhere.
She evidently got away all right.
Where is she?
I know where he is.
No time to explain now.
Collect your section and
meet us at the ace of clubs.
Brixton, seven double four three.
Yes, yes.
Right oh, okay, on the job.
Right, I'm on my way.
Darling, I must fly out a bit soon.
I'm so sorry.
Yes, what?
Yes, I'll be over right away.
Yes, all right.
I'll be there.
Yes, right, right.
We're halfway there.
And now Captain Drummond,
that your wife was recovered,
shall we get along with the ceremony?
I think your plans damned unsound.
You can't put us in at the bridge
without the intelligent gate
men sticking up his toes
of it, can you?
As you say you're doing it for the movies.
Tell him you're Charlie Chaplin
and you dressed in a hurry
and forgot your moustache.
Very funny.
Let me get on him, chief.
He won't be so funny then.
You will?
If it weren't' half a
battalion of infantry
holding their guns behind my back,
I'd break your neck.
Let us not lose our temper.
We're wasting time.
Get the water ready.
All right boss.
Do I understand you intend
to drown us in this house?
I confess it sounds rather drastic but...
Peterson, try what you like with me
but lay off my wife.
Impossible I'm afraid.
It affords me no particular pleasure
to have your wife killed,
but I have no alternative.
Take the woman away.
Hugh, Hugh!
No boy box, you fool!
Oh chief.
Bring him back.
Now if you want
this sure to be damned!
Come on!
We're doing it.
Hands up!
Let us get back in.
Captain Drummond,
I advice you to open this door.
Very well, break it in.
Okay, Chief, I'll fix it.
What do you want?
Come on.
Come on boys, come on!
That's the idea, boy blue.
Blow the door down.
What's that?
Those rats!
Come on!
Uh oh!
Thank you boys.
Is anybody hurt?
You all right, Hugh?
Yes, I'm all right.
Algy, I'm just about to lose a moment.
Now Carl,
since you prepared a bath you can use it.
Take him in there.
Stand still, Captain Drummond.
Don't move or I'll shoot whatever happens.
Quickly Carl.
Come Erma.
Don't worry about me.
Go on, you get out.
Come on boys!
After him!
Somebody tell the.
All right, I'll go!
Well, that I think's
the end of the chapter.
Tum Tum's welcome to the rest.