The Return of Dr. Fu Manchu (1930) Movie Script

(dramatic orchestral music)
(light orchestral music)
(all chattering)
Hello Albert.
What's going on here?
Chinese wedding?
No, funeral.
Is somebody dead?
I hope so.
They're gonna bury him.
Ooh, who?
Dr. Fu Manchu.
Haven't you ever read about him?
(all chattering)
Do you feel equal to going in?
No, no Inspector Smith.
It's still so horrible to me.
I'll take Lia for a little drive
and we'll pick you up later.
All right Dr. Betreace.
(car engine revving)
Oh, I say, Inspector.
Oh, hello Camden.
Are you covering this for your paper?
Yes, there are several
details I wish to clear out.
Well, I'll be glad to help you
if you'll come inside and wait for me
while I officially attend the service.
Thanks very much.
(congregation singing in foreign language)
(bell ringing)
- Let's sit down here.
- Oh, thanks.
Can you tell me how many men
Fu Manchu actually murdered?
I'm afraid we'll never know,
he was too clever in his methods.
Look here, Camden, can't
you persuade your paper
to soften that part of the story?
Before Fu Manchu went insane,
he was a magnificent scientist
working for mankind.
And not only that,
during the boxer rioting
he was the best friend the
White man had in China.
And when the Chinese rebel
attacked the British delegation
Eltham, one of the missionaries
sent his little girl
to Fu for safety.
But some of the Chinese snipers
used Fu's garden wall for protection.
The White troops were obliged to fire
and Fu Manchu's wife and
little son whom he adored
were killed before his eyes.
Is that why he went insane?
And in the mistaken belief
that his White friends
had intentionally fired on his house,
he swore to his gods
that he'd wiped them out
to the third generation.
And that he would use the child,
Lia Eltham in his vengeance.
The next 20 years, Fu spent murdering
the surviving officers
of the boxer rioting
in Russia, Germany and France.
And just before death, Fu
sent to each of his victims
this blood-stained dragon.
The stain represents his wife's blood.
For every officer he murdered,
He re gilded a scale that
had been covered with blood.
Ah, there's one left.
Yes, he meant to kill
young Petrie for that scale.
He brought the girl Lia into the plot,
all entirely innocently upon her father
and used her to lure the boy.
And one time he actually
had them both prisoners
in Limehouse.
Ah, that was when you made
your famous capture, wasn't it?
I'm afraid death made the capture.
He took some Oriental poison he concocted
just as we got him.
A delightful chap.
Inspector, why are you here today?
To see the coffin sealed
and also to pay my respects
to a truly great man.
(monks singing in foreign language)
(switch clicks)
Just one more thing, Inspector.
What's happened to young
Petrie and the girl?
They've been through a horrible ordeal,
but they're young and very much in love.
As a matter of fact,
I've got my eye on a wedding present.
(monks singing in foreign language)
(man speaking foreign language)
As nice a funeral as I could wish for.
Yes Master.
Do not look so serious,
stupid one. (Laughing)
This wax on my face makes
it difficult to laugh.
And now Chang, we have work to do.
We must not tolerate
interference from anyone.
Gods of my ancestors, help me to keep
my solemn promise to you.
Only one life more.
Let the blood of Jack Petrie
wipe this stain from the house of Fu.
(light organ music)
Do you hear that?
The organist is practicing
the wedding march
in the chapel.
Wasn't it nice of Aunt
Agatha and Aunt Helen
to have the wedding here?
You know my great grandfather
was married in that chapel.
In a few more hours we'll be married.
Nancy was telling
me, the Lohengrin March
always comes first.
Slowly and solemnly up
to the altar like that.
And then
Back down the isle in
triumph in the spirit of,
I've got my man.
(laughing) Agatha.
Oh, there you are.
[Jack] Hello.
I don't know how we'll
ever be able to thank you
and Aunt Helen for all
you're doing for us.
My dear, you've already
paid us a thousandfold.
Indeed you have.
Don't you realize the thrill
two maiden ladies feel
having a wedding in their own house.
Speak for yourself, my dear.
I get no thrill at all out of sentiment.
Oh, don't put on your
Amazon mood Agatha.
(dog barks)
- Look where you're going.
- I can't.
Oh, get along, get it.
Get along.
The old spirit is willing,
but the flesh is weak.
What's the matter with you, Sylvester?
You're quaking like a jelly.
I can't help you, lady Agatha.
Ever since Fu Manchu came into my life,
I've been nothing but a nervous wreck.
I've imbibed eight strong
cups of tea since breakfast,
but nothing seems to help.
Well, there's nothing
to be nervous about now.
Fu Manchu is dead, isn't he?
So they tell me.
Whoa, my soul and body.
Wait, don't do it, I beg of you.
What's the matter now?
There's nothing in the world
so sure to bring bad luck
as the groom kissing the
bride before the wedding.
If they didn't kiss before the wedding,
there'd never be any wedding.
Now run along you to
uncover the marriage service
in the prayer book.
You don't know a word
of it, either of you.
I'll take care of him.
Oh, please don't.
Leave them alone.
(plane engine whirring)
To love and to cherish
until death us do part.
We're going to be so happy.
(plane engine whirring)
What was that?
That was only an aeroplane shadow.
(plane engine whirring)
I feel just the way I used
to when Dr. Fu was alive
and near.
Oh no.
Is everything prepared
as I have ordered?
Is the camouflage
arranged for our airplane?
I did as you ordered, Master.
And the wedding of Dr. Petrie,
it takes place today.
Yes, today, honorable one.
Although they have not seen
fit to send me an invitation,
I shall be nevertheless an interested,
though invisible, guest.
Wow, you are lovely.
Come and have a look at
yourself in the large mirror.
Just lovely.
That gown is beautiful and
you're going to be so happy,
I know.
Oh, I love weddings, dear.
Oh, I love those pearls.
Pins, where are my pins?
Fai Lu, I'm going to
throw the wedding bouquet
straight at you, see that you catch it.
I'll catch.
(thunder crashing)
Look how dark it's getting.
There must be a storm coming.
Yes, I think we should have some light.
There's so much to remember
and exactly as much to forget.
Ring, right hand, left hand, pass over.
Ring, right hand, left hand, pass over.
Ring, right hand, left hand, pass over.
Ring, right hand, left hand, pass over.
(Jack whistling)
Stop, I dread you stop.
Stop what?
That whistling, it's bad luck.
All right.
(Jack humming)
It's worse luck to sing than to whistle.
So tell me, Sylvester,
is it bad like to strangle your best man?
I don't think so.
No, excellent.
(Sylvester groaning)
Let go, leave me alone.
I'm so nervous now.
Oh, you're going to take that long trip
just to give me away.
You are a darling to ask me.
You know, I feel as
though you belong to me.
Come along, come along,
the music's already started
in the chapel.
We'll take care of her
or take care of her tree.
Here's flowers Ms. Lia.
Oh, thank you Fai Lu.
Oh, I'm so happy.
Ms. Lia happy leave old Fai Lu?
No, you old darling.
You're going to live with us always.
Oh, come along, come along.
Don't be so sentimental.
A wedding's no place for
sentiment, come along, come along.
Oh girls, do be careful with that train.
(thunder crashing)
Lia my dear, what's the matter?
I don't know.
I feel just as I used to when...
It's the wedding excitement.
No wonder the child's upset.
Don't worry, I'm all right now.
(thunder crashing)
Now everybody, be calm, be calm.
Don't get excited.
Watch me, see how calm I am.
They're ready.
Now, be perfectly calm.
Be perfectly calm, Doctor.
Remember, I'll be there with you.
Now, quick, we go in by the side door.
Ready, ring, right hand,
left hand, pass over.
Pass over, pass over, pass over.
Ring, right hand.
(organ music)
(thunder crashing)
(light orchestral music)
(Fu Manchu laughing)
We are gathered together
here in the sight of God
and in the face of this congregation
to join together this man and this woman
in holy matrimony, which
is an honorable estate in-
(woman screaming)
Ms. Lia, Ms. Lia.
Ms. Lia, Fu Manchu alive.
Fu Manchu alive.
Oh, I knew it.
I felt him near me.
She's dead.
(suspenseful music)
(Lia crying)
(thunder crashing)
Now please don't cry anymore, dear.
Did you find anything, Smith?
Not a thing.
Some agent of Fu Manchu
is responsible for this.
I think it is Fu Manchu himself.
But I saw Fu Manchu dead.
I pronounced him dead.
Yes, and I saw him sealed in his coffin.
But I'm convinced now that he lives.
Wasn't there an autopsy
performed on the body?
No, out of respect for his religion.
I deserve any criticism
you might care to make,
lady Agatha.
It was on my pronouncement
that you pass the body.
Good of you to share the blame, Petrie.
But I'm afraid it's not gonna help much.
But how can he still be alive?
The poison he took was
obviously not poison.
The funeral was conducted
entirely by Orientals.
I don't doubt the embalming was fake.
Anything is possible with a
man is rich and diabolical
as Fu Manchu.
But still I'm not
convinced that he's alive.
I'm sure of it, I felt it.
Why should that being
take it out on poor
inoffensive Fai Lu?
You've forgotten that
she once betrayed him.
When he had Petrie a
prisoner in Limehouse,
it was Fai Lu who saved Jack's life.
And mine.
So you see Fai Lu's deaths
served a double purpose.
What do you mean?
Revenge and warning.
I found this message in Fai Lu's hand.
It's addressed to you, Petrie.
Shall I read it?
"Esteemed Dr. Petrie, let
this be the first warning
that your life is still forfeit
to the gods of my ancestors.
Best you still have faith
that your misguided friends
can shield you, or the
brilliant Inspector Smith
protect you, I shall send a second warning
through my faithful Lia.
May you die 1000 mental deaths
in anticipation of the
third and last warning,
which I shall deliver to you myself.
There is still one bloodstain
scale to be wiped out.
The dragon has begun to coil about you.
Fu Manchu."
Smith, we must do something.
We must do something at once.
We'll get nowhere,
Petrie, by losing our heads.
Inspector Smith, the men have
arrived from Scotland Yard.
Oh, Lady Helen, do
you mind them coming in?
Certainly not, Inspector.
Show them in.
Yes, my lady.
Come in please.
- Good evening.
- Good evening sir.
- Good evening.
- Evening.
- Good evening sir.
- Evening.
You all know from my message
that Fu Manchu is alive.
Yes sir.
My men realize the
seriousness of that statement
only too well.
And I must ask all of you
to follow my orders to the letter.
We will do as you say, Inspector.
First thing is to plan our defense.
- Kendall.
- Sir.
You two men, guard the north gate.
Very good sir.
- Abbot.
- Sir.
The bridge over the mountain.
Very good, sir.
- Prescott.
- Yes, sir.
You stay on guard in the barn.
Yes, sir.
- Gordon.
- Sir.
Tell the Constable to
you use the stable man
as a patrol around the outer wall.
Very good, sir.
Post all men in the shadows.
Yes, sir.
You two men, stay in the house with me.
Yes, sir.
My first request is that you retire
to your rooms immediately.
Yes sir.
You stay with Dr. Petrie here.
Don't leave him for a moment.
- Lawrence.
- Yes, sir.
You are to guard Ms. Lia.
And now please remember, Fu
Manchu was in this house tonight
and his traps may be laid in
the most unsuspected places.
Keep away from all windows.
I don't wish to alarm you unduly
but Fu Manchu may still be in this house.
If I see anything, I'll die.
I know I'll die.
And if I don't see anything,
I'll be scared to death.
I'm not afraid for myself.
It's for you.
Come Lia.
(Sylvester gasping)
Sylvester, what are you afraid of?
I'm afraid of nothing.
Nothing, but I shall sit up all night.
Yes, Inspector.
I wanna go over the
plans of the house again.
(dog barks)
Sylvester dear, that
was only Phyllis barking.
Just think I may be dead tomorrow.
And if I'm not here, there
won't be anybody left
to be sorry for me.
(men grunting)
And that's not all,
this miserable Fu Manchu.
Yes, my lady.
I tell you if we women
were running Scotland Yard,
he'd never had been allowed to
behave in this feverish way.
Yes, my lady.
(low howling)
Do you know what it was?
(low howling)
Don't be frightened, it's
probably some men in the wood.
No, it's not that,
it's the call of Siva.
The call of Siva?
Yes, I heard it in the Orient.
Dr. Fu told me it was a signal
used by a tribe of native thugs.
(low howling)
(Smith screams)
(Lia screams)
(Lia screaming)
Smith, it's locked.
Put your shoulder to it.
- Lia, Aunt Agatha!
- Where's the light switch?
Over here.
You look in here, Petrie?
Look out!
(gun firing)
(body thudding)
Don't touch that.
It's a dot from a blow
gun and maybe poisoned.
The second note from Fu.
"Esteemed Dr. Petrie, be
at the standing stones
on the moor at midnight quite alone.
Obviously this is a trap, yet
with Lia as the precious bait,
you will instantly walk into it.
To an Oriental, a woman
would not be worth the risk,
but being a White man,
you will not be able
to bear the thought of
her suffering torture.
Your sentimentality will bring you.
With sympathy, Fu Manchu."
Where are you going?
To the standing stones, of course.
Listen doctor, I
realize you are a Petrie
and descended from a
long line of brave men.
But don't let your courage
outrun your common sense.
Smith, I have more respect
for you than any man alive.
But the thought of Lia in Fu's
clutches is driving me mad.
I've got to do something.
Wait a minute.
I can't wait, it's already 11 o'clock
and he's torturing her.
He said so in that note.
Don't you think your
death would torture her?
Don't try and reason with me, Smith.
There's only one thing I can understand.
Fu Manchu has got Lia.
I know it and because of that,
we may get Fu Manchu and
save Lia and Lady Agatha.
But you've got to follow my orders.
What's your plan?
Tonight at midnight.
We've got the place surrounded, sir.
That's the closest we can
get without being observed.
Very good.
Remember to keep your men
hidden until the attack.
Fu Manchu said that
Petrie must come alone.
Very good sir.
How about lights?
We've got 40 motor cars.
When I fire two shots, they have orders
to turn their headlights on
and flood the whole place with the lights.
Then we close in.
Here he comes now.
(car approaching)
Everything ready, Smith?
Everything's ready.
Better use your car, Petrie.
They're expecting you at 12 sharp.
It's now 11:40.
Every man to his post, hurry.
Very good, sir.
(gun firing)
(jet engine roaring)
(gun firing)
Call for planes.
Hurry, hurry.
(Fu laughing)
Master, the gates are shut.
Put this in the black onyx bottle.
Are you certain that no one
suspects us in this place?
Quite certain, honorable one.
It is well.
This old dye-works is
excellent for our purposes
and you have prepared it very cleverly
in accordance with my orders.
My good nature shall reward you.
(knocking on door)
Where is he, that miserable Fu Manchu?
I demand that I see him, and at once!
Since she has come to herself,
it is impossible to keep her quiet.
Permit to come in.
(bell ringing)
Your hands.
You have something to
tell me, Lady Agatha?
I have a great deal to tell you.
What do you mean by
carrying on in this fashion?
Frightening women half out of their wits
and making a game of murder.
What do you mean?
Where's Lia?
Not having your superb constitution,
she has not yet to recovered.
You dare so much to lay
a hand on that girl, I,
I demand that you release us at once.
I can well understand
you're being terrified
to find yourself in my hands, helpless.
But being an English woman,
you are too proud to show your fear.
If you know what's good for you, Dr. Fu,
you will give up this
melodramatic nonsense
and get back to China.
You will pardon me.
(muffled chattering)
I quite agree with you.
I shall look forward to
continuing our discussion
some other time.
Just now I have a matter
of some greater importance.
Escort her ladyship to her cell
and see that she has every comfort.
Lia, Lia.
Little Lotus blossom.
You are awake.
Oh, it is you.
[Fu] I regret that it was necessary
to interrupt your wedding, my dear.
But perhaps it is fortunate
the ceremony was not completed.
It is better to be a sorrowing sweetheart
then an inconsolable widow.
Oh, if it's my life, you want, take it,
but please, please don't harm Jack.
Your life means nothing to me,
but the life of your sweetheart
I have pledged to my gods.
Your Dr. Petrie shall die just as my wife
and little son died at the
hands of those White devils,
your countrymen.
Well, you've failed.
You won't get him, I tell
you, you won't get him.
They'll put a guard around him.
They'll protect them from-
- That is you where
you're wrong, my child.
He will gladly deliver himself to me.
- What do you mean?
- If he were threatened
with torture, would you not come to him?
(Lia sobbing)
I see that you understand me.
Master, the aeroplane has come.
They have brought him.
I was right in my prophecy.
Your sweetheart is in my hands.
Jack, Jack.
(Fu laughing)
You are a welcome messenger, Arling.
You shall be rewarded.
Thanks, great one.
Remove the bandage that
I may feast upon my hate.
Good evening, Doctor.
Fool, imbecile.
You have brought the wrong man.
Hold this miserable one for my call.
I didn't know.
You shall still be
rewarded, my hateful servant.
(Fu clapping)
I am sorry, Inspector,
but the servant problem
is a difficult one.
I'd ask mercy for that poor devil
if I thought you knew
the meaning of the word.
It always gives me pleasure
to prove you wrong, Inspector.
I shall not have him killed.
Thank you.
Sit down.
So, we too meet again.
It was inevitable, Doctor.
Since the reports of your death
were so greatly exaggerated.
Did my resurrection puzzle you?
You see, I attended your funeral.
I was deeply touched.
I promise you that I will
return the compliment.
Thank you.
You will be amused at my death trick.
The poison I drank was,
as you see, not fatal.
A discovery of your own, Doctor?
Yes, at least the present ingredients.
The theory is old.
Your Shakespeare used it
in "Romeo and Juliet.
I have used it several times on my enemies
with perfect success.
As you will readily see, the beauty of it
is that apparently they die.
Then they awake after three days
to find themselves in
a coffin, buried alive.
Then they really die.
The thought of inflicting
two deaths on a victim
delights my peculiar sense of humor.
Yes, it would.
In my own case, I have you to thank
for observing the religious
customs of my race.
If an autopsy had been performed,
I would have become my own victim.
That would have been delighted
my sense of humor, Doctor.
(Fu laughs)
A cigarette?
No, thank you.
I prefer one of my own cigars,
but in searching me, your
men took my cigar case.
I shall have it brought at once.
(gong ringing)
Mr. Smith's cigar case.
I'm afraid for once, your
plans have miscarried.
If I'm not mistaken, you
took Dr. Petrie's place,
believing you could better
handle any situation
that might arise.
And of course, you arranged that your men
would follow and rescue you.
But the one thing I didn't
foresee and prepare for
was an aeroplane.
Did it not occur to you that
even if your men did follow,
they might be a trifle
late and find you dead?
The thought did occur
to me, Doctor, I admit.
But if it ended in your capture,
I considered it quite worthwhile.
You see, I could
scarcely ask anyone else
to take the risk.
I honor you for your
spirit of sacrifice.
But it would be impossible
for your men to find you here.
The goddess of fortune
has put you into my hands
and you shall not slip through them.
Smith, you have been a powerful opponent.
And without flattery, I
admit that your removal
will be a great relief to me.
It's unusual for a death
sentence to be so complimentary.
I am not going to kill you.
That's a pleasant surprise.
Your mind is my enemy.
I shall merely kill your mind.
What do you mean?
(gong ringing)
The black onyx bottle.
And have Arling brought in.
I will show you.
I have promised the honorable
inspector to spare your life.
How can I thank you?
But wait, I must still punish the brain
that failed me tonight.
The potion paralyzes
the brain immediately.
And very soon, he will
be completely demented.
(clapping hands)
And that, Inspector, is what
I am going to do to you.
The strain is killing me.
I think it my relieve my
mind if I had a good cry,
don't you?
- Perhaps.
- Yes.
(Sylvester wailing)
There there, Sylvester.
Jack, any news?
The draft is ready.
But don't think me too inhuman, my friend.
I never prepared a poison
without compounding an antidote,
the ingredients of which
are known only to myself.
I shall restore your mind
after my work is completed.
Of course, if I should happen to be killed
by your blundering assistants,
I should hate to think of your future.
Horrible, but quite worthwhile
if I could be sure of your death.
Flattery, Inspector, flattery.
Is there any last request before we begin
our little experiment?
Perhaps you should like
to write some record
for your memoirs.
No, but I haven't eaten
since before the wedding.
It takes time to eat.
And during that time, you
think you might work out
a solution to save yourself from this.
(chuckling) I advise
you not to put it off.
(both speaking foreign language)
You still are hungry?
Very well, I do not wish
to appear poor host.
So I shall dine with you myself.
And this shall be served as your liquor.
You will pardon me a moment.
I must give my personal attention
to the ordering of so important a meal.
I might add, escape is impossible.
Every exit is guarded.
- Oh.
- Are you all right?
Where's Jack?
Quite safe at home.
(plane engine whirring)
- An airplane.
- Searching for us.
Will we escape?
Not yet, they're watching for my signal.
(airplane engine whirring)
What's that?
My cigar case, but also
a gun for signal lights.
(airplane engine whirring)
Watch that door.
(airplane engine whirring)
(gun firing)
(plane engine whirring)
(gun firing)
Do you think they saw it?
We can only hope so, my dear.
You better go back.
What's Fu Manchu going to do to you?
Nothing if you'll help me.
Now, listen to me, Lia.
(plane engine whirring)
I think it is only the air raid,
but if we should be attacked,
use these hand grenades.
They are powerful enough to
blow to bits a score of men.
The door is unbolted.
Watch for my signal.
Unfortunately, most of these
dishes were prepared for me
and they're Chinese.
I hope your palette will not be outraged.
Sit down.
This is bird's nest soup.
The condemned man ate a hearty dinner.
Are you sure the signal came
from the old Wilson dyeworks?
Yes, sir, I made certain.
- Good, let's go.
- Right,
you take the upper road.
We'll pick up some more men.
Are you eating slowly to delay your fate
or is it that you do not enjoy your eggs?
[Smith] They are a bit gamey.
We consider three years
the proper age for eggs.
Only three years?
[Fu] Perhaps some
condiments would disguise
the Oriental flavor.
No, really, I prefer the original.
50 million Chinese can't be wrong.
A brave man to the last.
And this, Inspector, is a shark's fin.
And with this course, we serve our liquor.
Let's drink, Inspector, to your courage.
And also to that brilliant brain of yours,
which I regret to add will
presently cease to function.
Keep still.
One sound and I'll plunge
this knife in your throat.
Listen to me, Doctor.
Give me your word that Lady
Agatha, Lia, and myself
are given immediate freedom
or I'll kill you instantly.
Don't cry out.
Smith, I am disappointed in you.
You must know that I would be prepared
for some such emergency.
If I'm found dead, my servants have orders
to put to death not only you,
but Lady Agatha and Lia as well.
I'm not afraid, Mr. Smith,
you do what you think is best.
Now you have courage, Lia.
But unfortunately the
inspector is a sentimentalist
and Englishmen cannot bear the thought
of women being tortured.
You may be willing to
suffer death to defeat me,
but not incurable insanity.
(Fu gasping)
Unless you give me your
word to release us,
one twist of this,
(Fu groaning)
And I'll force this drink down your throat
and destroy the brain, which
alone knows the antidote.
Had I been in your position,
my first move would have
been to empty that cup.
Nine times out of 10,
you've already done so, but-
- Prepare to take the chance then, Doctor.
I have no time to argue.
(groaning) You win.
You win.
I give my word.
Your word of honor?
My word of honor.
I promise to return you
and the two women unharmed
to Greenwood Towers.
But in exchange, I must
be guaranteed safety
for myself and my servants.
I'll give you a six hours.
Five will be quite sufficient.
Very well, it's a bargain.
I have a tingling curiosity
to know if you have been
threatening me with an empty cup.
Will you satisfy it?
I should have been disappointed otherwise.
[Man] They got the guns, take cover.
(explosion booming)
(guns firing)
[Man] Quick!
(guns firing)
(explosions booming)
[Man] Hurry up men, hurry up.
Come on boys.
Come on, break down that door.
It is your men, Inspector.
Since their arrival makes
it impossible for you
to keep your part of the bargain,
certainly I am released from mine.
Oh, oh, you beast.
Please get me out.
(Lia screaming)
(all shouting)
Chang, kill that man.
(gun firing)
(all shouting)
Through that door.
Where's Lia?
Fu's got her out there.
[Fu] (laughing) I am but
slightly wounded, Inspector.
It is not the end of the story,
only the end of another chapter.
Oh, Smith, I can't
stand this any longer.
Why don't you let me get
out and do something?
I know what you're going through,
but you can see for yourself
that everything possible
is being done.
All the police in the British
Isles are on the lookout.
Every port is being watched.
Harding has 50 picked
men scouting the city.
And if anyone can find him, Harding can.
(intercom buzzing)
Yes, sir.
Have you got that
Chinaman, Chang to talk yet?
Not yet, sir.
Keep trying.
Right, sir.
(phone rings)
Oh, Harding.
Oh, that you Harris?
You've lost him, where?
By the river?
How long ago?
Put every man you've got into finding him.
Yes, at once.
Repeat after me.
Inspector Smith.
Inspector Smith.
Harding talking.
Harding talking.
We've got him.
We've got him.
I'm coming for you
immediately in the car.
I'm coming for your
immediately in the car.
We'll need Dr. Petrie.
We'll need Dr. Petrie.
Now speak in an excited tone.
Inspector Smith, Harding talking.
We've got him, I'm coming for
you immediately in the car.
We'll need Dr. Petrie.
Harding's on the phone, sir.
Yes Harding.
Inspector Smith, Harding talking.
We've got him, I'm coming for
you immediately in the car.
We'll need Dr. Petrie.
What about Lia?
He's so excited, he rang off.
What did he say, what's up?
Get your hat Petrie, Harding has got Fu.
We'll wait for him below.
Yes, I know, but Smith.
Has he got Lia?
- Hello, Harding.
- Inspector Smith.
[Smith] Yes.
Harding, we've left Smith behind.
Oh, driver.
Harding, what are we doing in this car?
Harding, the dri...
It will please you to know, Dr. Petrie
that your health is perfect.
You recover quickly.
Where's Lia?
Lia is here and safe.
Now that you've got me, you let her go.
Those details can be discussed later.
I have a present and very urgent need
for your professional services, Doctor.
What do you mean?
You see your friend's
bullet reached its mark.
It is embedded in here,
near the base of my skull.
Possible paralysis has already set in
because the bullet impinges on a nerve.
Any physician I might call in
would be professionally bound
to turn me over to the police.
The price I pay for being
such a sought after celebrity.
Well, what is this to do with me?
You, Dr. Petrie, I know to
be one of the most skillful
young surgeons in London.
This operation is delicate,
but not necessarily dangerous.
In fact, it can be done
under a local anesthetic.
I intend that you shall
operate and remove the bullet.
Very well, I'll operate.
I can read the part in
your mind, my young friend.
In such a delicate spot,
the knife will slip a little
and your enemy is gone.
Is it not so?
I'll do the best I can.
I can't do any more than that.
You can and you will do more than that.
Tonight you will be the most
skillful surgeon in London
and the operation will
be eminently successful
or Lia will remain
in her present condition forever.
What have you done to Lia?
(slapping knee)
[Fu] Bring Ms. Lia in.
Do not frighten her, merely observe her.
I have taken her mind, Doctor.
And only I can restore it.
But you shall have it back
for the successful operation.
And now your hand will not slip.
Will it, Dr. Petrie?
Oh Lia, Lia.
Are you ready?
Yes, but I have no instruments.
I think I have all that is required.
I do considerable dissecting myself.
Let us go.
Johnson, bring Chang in this room.
Watch him carefully.
Yes, sir.
Speaker, come with me.
Very good, sir.
Johnson, I want you a moment.
Is Chang still unwilling
to make a statement?
Yes, sir.
Well, watch him carefully.
Under no circumstances must
he be allowed to escape.
Right, sir.
Inspector, Inspector, he has escaped.
It's all right, Johnson, I planned it.
He escaped through that window
and is now being followed.
I'm hoping he's dazed
enough from his wounds
to lead us to Fu Manchu.
The temptation to kill me
must be very great, Doctor,
since you must realize that
our bargain concerning Lia
does not alter my promise to my gods.
My first act when I am
recovered, after curing Lia,
of course, will be to take your life.
But remembering Lia, you
will control yourself.
I feel perfectly safe in your hands.
We traced Chang to a
warehouse on the river.
I'm positive it's Fu's hiding place.
I'll show you the way, sir.
All right, come with me.
Jackson, you'll follow me.
Yes, sir.
(car engine revving)
I've finished.
You operated just in time.
Put your shoulder into it.
(man speaking foreign language)
Don't shoot.
Good evening, doctor.
Good evening, Inspector.
Don't hurt him.
See how solicitous the
doctor is of his patient.
What do you mean?
I've just operated on him,
but nothing must happen to him.
If your men will release
me, in the next room,
I will show you why the
doctor is so concerned.
It's Lia.
Yes, Lia.
Smith do anything that he asks.
Release him.
Your men must stay here quietly.
Excitement might put Lia beyond my power
to restore her mind.
Before I cure Lia, I
must ask another favor.
This time from Inspector Smith.
What is it?
I must walk out of that
door a free man, Smith,
and I must be allowed to
leave England unharmed.
I'll not agree to that.
Well Smith, think of what you're saying.
For Lia's sake, for my sake,
I'd do anything he asks.
A nice problem Inspector and the villain
holding all the cards.
(chuckling) I can see that
you are wavering already.
You can't refuse your friend's request.
You can't leave the poor
gal in this condition.
England would never forgive you.
Do you promise never
to return to England?
I prefer the sun of the
Orient to your climate.
Very well, then I agree.
Come Lia, sit in this chair.
Drink deeply.
Drink deeply.
Watch her, Doctor.
She will recover in a moment.
And now, Inspector, since you
are also a man of your word,
are you ready to give me a
safe conduct to the boat?
I'll escort you myself.
Remember you promised never to return.
I hold promises very sacred, my friend.
- Jack?
- Yes, dear.
For example, I promised Dr. Petrie,
to return Lia's sanity.
That I have done.
There remains but one promise unfulfilled.
To avenge the death of my wife and child.
I have promised the gods of my
ancestors, Dr. Petrie's life.
- No.
- Stand still!
If one of you moves or cries out,
I will pull this contact pin
and we shall all be blown to death.
I shall welcome death
for Dr. Petrie will die with me.
Then my life's work will be finished,
but Dr. Petrie can save you
all by taking his own life.
No, no, no!
To show you that I am not
entirely devoid of feeling,
I have arranged a quick
and painless death.
In the white bottle on the top shelf
is a potion which will immediately
blot out your existence.
You are brave and will not hesitate
to sacrifice your life for those you love.
I shall not wait, drink.
In 10 seconds it will explode.
If you will drink the poison,
I will throw this bomb
into the river.
If not, see, I have pulled the pin!
I'll take you.
(water splashing)
(explosion booming)
It's all over, Petrie.
There are no more chapters.
The book is closed.
Is everything all right?
I knew it would all come out all right.
I never worried for a moment.
(light orchestral music)