The Return of the Vampire (1943) Movie Script

This is the case
of Armand Tesla, vampire,
as compiled from the personal notes
of Professor Walter Saunders,
Kings College, Oxford.
The following events took place
in the outskirts of London
towards the close of the year, 1918.
They began on the night
of October the 15th.
A particularly gloomy, foggy night,
that was well suited for a
visitation by the supernatural.
It's night again.
Beautiful, dark, silent night
with the fog creeping in.
Time for you to awaken, Master.
Time for you to go out.
Andreas, you will tell me
what has transpired
during the hours of light.
She is still alive, Master.
I watched her through the window
at Dr. Ainsley's sanatorium.
She just lies there on a cot
stares upward at nothing at all.
And a great professor, an
old teacher of Dr. Ainsley.
Has come from Oxford to find
out what is wrong with her.
Just as if any of them
could tell what happened.
Possibly, we have them sometimes.
Look at this, Professor Saunders.
There's nothing wrong
with this blood condition.
Certainly no indication of anemia.
Yet, the woman was practically
bloodless when she was found.
Nothing to indicate hemorrhage, wounds?
Not a sign of a thing.
She was evidently suffering from shock.
We haven't been able to
get a thing out of her.
Baffling, very.
That's why I sent for you, Professor.
Master John, you simply
must not jump about like this.
Oh, Lady Ainsley, I'm so glad
Grandpapa brought me with him.
We've been playing war, sir.
Nicki was a German, and I killed her.
I hope he didn't kill
you very much, darling.
Don't you think it's
time you were in bed,
young man, or don't soldiers sleep?
Of course they do.
May I play one piece on the
piano before we go to bed?
- Please?
- Very well, then, just one.
Oh, hooray, come, Nicki.
We can be riding in a
tank until we get there.
I'm sorry to have
interrupted you, milady.
That's quite all right.
We'll be up later to tuck them in.
- Shall we see the patient now?
- Yes.
Put the light on the
patient's face, please.
Miss Norcutt, can you hear me?
Miss Norcutt?
That light, my eyes.
No, don't close your eyes.
Just keep looking at
me as long as you can.
Yes, like that.
Observe the eyes.
The dilation, almost hypnosis.
You're hurting me.
Who's hurting you?
Answer, am I hurting you?
Miss Norcutt, answer.
My dream.
What dream?
Your eyes looked like burning coals.
Don't come any nearer.
Don't touch me.
No, no, I didn't tell them.
No, I didn't tell them.
I didn't tell them.
Dr. Ainsley!
Dr. Ainsley!
What did she mean about the dream?
I don't know yet.
I'm afraid it goes deeper than medicine.
Deeper even than science.
From the beginning of time
man has been troubled.
By the uncertainty of death and by
the rare and horrible manifestations
which occur at intervals in which the dead
are known to return from their graves.
Professor, you
haven't been to bed.
You've discovered something.
I want you to come with me.
Lacerations about the size
of pinpricks on the throat.
Needle pricks, surely.
No, I paid no attention to those marks
on her throat last night
because they seemed unimportant.
This morning I know better.
What then do they indicate?
Incisions made by
the teeth of a vampire.
A vampire, a bat, an animal?
No, Jane, not a bat,
a vampire, a monster.
A fantastic something that
draws blood from the human body
through the jugular veins of its victim.
This thirst for blood is
akin to our craving for food.
Without human blood, they perish.
Listen to these notes that I have made
from the writings of a Romanian scientist,
an authority on vampirism.
Armand Tesla, who lived 200 years ago.
This, for instance.
Once attacked, the victim of a vampire
is completely dominated by this creature.
But surely vampires exist
only in the imagination.
Did imagination make
those marks on her throat?
Was it reality or fantasy
that caused the dogs
to bark last night as
though wolves were about?
But this is ridiculous.
I can't believe...
- What is it, Elsa?
- It's Nicki.
- I can't wake her.
- Nicki.
Transfusion, our only chance.
Then, you're really convinced
that Nicki was attacked by a vampire.
There's not the
slightest room for doubt.
If we allow another night to pass,
it will try to reach her again.
And the next time may prove fatal.
How ghastly.
I tell you, not a soul
will ever believe us,
but we know this monster exists.
A menace, deadly, horrible.
- We must destroy it.
- But how?
- According to this Dr.
- Armand Tesla a vampire
can only be destroyed by driving a spike
through its heart while
it sleeps in its coffin.
Or by forcing it out
into the bright sunlight
which will cause it to shrivel and perish.
We can't see this thing
through by ourselves.
Yes, we can.
A vampire must rest during the day
in the soil in which it was buried.
But the coffin might be hidden anywhere.
Could it?
How many graveyards are
there in this vicinity?
Well, there's the church fields
and the burial ground at Old Priory,
but that's been abandoned for years.
Then, we must try them
both and pray for guidance.
Are you coming with me?
Look here.
There's nothing to fear as
long as we have the sunlight.
We haven't much time.
Look, Jane.
If this is it, it's likely to be here.
Why, it's a man and he's alive.
Yes, alive, with the
blood of his victim.
Now are you convinced, Jane?
But how can we be certain?
According to Dr. Tesla, a vampire's face
casts no reflection in a mirror.
Shall we try?
Oh, Professor.
You killed him.
Killed the master.
Why, what is it?
Some loathsome creature of the vampire.
Tesla said that they exist.
We must help him.
This is absolutely the most
fantastic thing I've ever read.
Fantastic, Sir
Frederick, or unbelievable?
Oh, I'm not gonna haggle
phrases with you, Lady Jane.
This manuscript was discovered amongst
the effects of Professor Saunders
who died recently in a plane crash.
Its very serious implications
can't be ignored.
My dear lady, you simply
can't go around the country
driving things through people's hearts.
I quite understand, Sir Frederick.
This person that you
and Professor Saunders
disposed of, who was he?
Armand Tesla, the depraved Romanian
scientist who died in 1744 shortly
after he published his work on vampirism.
Tesla's morbid thirst for
knowledge turned upon him
and after his death, he
himself became a vampire.
Oh, rubbish, there's no
such thing as a vampire.
You're wrong, Sir Frederick.
And Tesla's man Friday, this Andreas,
what happened to him?
For years, Tesla had him
under complete hypnotic control.
But with Tesla's destruction, Andreas
was released from this nightmare.
And after years of patient care
and treatment, he was restored to normal.
Today, he's perfectly well and
invaluable to me in my work.
My dear Lady Jane.
I have the greatest respect
and admiration for you
like everyone else in England,
but you must remember that
I'm chief commissioner for Scotland Yard.
And as such, there's
only one thing I can do.
That grave must be opened.
And if we discover the remains of a man
with a spike through his heart,
well, then I'm very much afraid that
you will be liable to
prosecution for murder.
Mother, I thought you were going
to stop by the concert hall
after you left Sir Frederick's office.
No, I came straight home.
- Oh, Nicki dear.
- Hello.
- How did the rehearsal go?
- Oh, just so so.
That's informative.
They've really done him awfully proud.
Honorably discharged
from the Royal Air Force
because of wounds received
in a sweep over the channel.
Mr. Ainsley returns to
music lovers of this city.
It is rather thrilling.
Nicki made a perfect
spectacle of herself.
She brought at least a
dozen of them home with her.
I did not, it was two dozen.
I ask you, what can I do with him?
That's for you to find out.
After you're married I'll
wash my hands of him entirely.
You know you can't get
rid of me that easily.
I'd like to talk to
you for a few moments.
Nicki won't mind, will you, dear?
I don't mind a bit.
The wedding announcements
are up in your room.
Thank you.
Come on.
So, that's what Sir Frederick wanted.
When is he going to open the grave?
He'll call me.
And if they find a body?
I shall be able to
prove that Tesla was a vampire.
The body will not be decomposed.
- Are you worried?
- For myself, no.
For Nicki, yes.
I've always hoped that she would never
know about this whole ghastly business.
If it's to come out into the open...
What is it, Andreas?
Here is the blood report
you asked for, milady.
Andreas, did you hear
what we were talking about?
No, sir.
- Here come the Jerries.
- You better call Nicki.
I shall want her if
there are any casualties.
Blimey, look at this place.
It's getting so it ain't
even safe to be dead.
So help me.
I ain't going to do nothing with him.
The king expects every
man to do his duty.
Well why did they have to
shove this blinkin' job onto me?
Well, I don't know why.
- Look.
- Don't do that.
There's a blasted spike
stickin' out of his chest.
You know it ain't right for a man
to be buried decent and proper like
and then go and get hit
by a bloomin' bomb splint.
That spike's gotta come out
before we bury him again.
Horace, pull it out yourself.
Chickenhearted is what you are.
What's that?
Come on, Horace.
Let's bury him and get it over with.
Yes, but which is his grave?
How do I know which is his grave?
He oughta consider himself
lucky to have a grave.
- Yes.
- Come on.
Let's shove him in the blinkin' hole.
Oh, that's splendid news, indeed.
Quite, I'll proceed
exactly as with the others.
Andreas, have you ever
heard of Dr. Hugo Bruckner?
Oh, yes, the famous
scientist from Heidelberg.
He's a prisoner in some
German concentration camp.
He was a prisoner.
The underground are slipping
him across the channel tonight.
They want me to make the same
arrangement as with the others.
You want me to go to the coast,
then on to the Professional Club with him?
Yes, exactly the same
arrangements hold good.
Be sure you carry all the necessary
identification papers with you.
I have them all in good order, Doctor.
That's splendid.
I never met Dr. Bruckner,
but I feel we're doing a
good thing for humanity
helping our fellow scientists
escape the Nazi yoke.
- You better get started.
- Yes, Doctor.
Dr. Ainsley.
I lied to you yesterday afternoon.
I did hear what you were
saying about the grave.
His grave.
I see.
I'm afraid for Sir Frederick to open it.
Please, don't let them, Doctor.
There's nothing I can
do to stop him, Andreas.
Really, there's nothing
for you to worry about.
Why, I know you're right, Doctor,
but I wish they weren't going to do it.
Good night, Doctor.
You have no power over me.
That was ended many years ago.
I'm no longer your slave.
Dr. Ainsley has cleansed me
of all the evil you forced upon me.
You can't bring it back.
You can't.
I won't let you, I won't.
You're a fool, Andreas.
A complete, utter fool.
Your fate is to be what you are
as mine is to be what I am, your master.
Come here.
I won't.
I won't.
Look at me, Andreas.
Look at me.
Come here.
Master, you have come back.
Lady Jane Ainsley and Professor
Walter Saunders imprisoned me.
Deprived me of life for the past 23 years.
It was my curse that caused
Professor Saunders's recent death.
It shall not be as simple for Lady Jane.
How will you do it, Master?
Through those she loves the most.
Come, Andreas.
I must find a new resting place.
There, you will bring the
coffin with my native soil.
And then, Andreas, I have other plans.
- Well, you were successful?
- Yes, Master.
There were two men in the boat
when it landed on the beach.
It was very dark, and they didn't see me.
Their bodies, Master,
are lying at the bottom
of the channel with
rocks about their feet.
Here are his clothes.
His wallet.
His identification and his ring.
No one, not even Lady
Jane, will ever suspect.
Now, all that remains
is for me to take you
to the Professional Club where
you will be welcomed as...
This is it.
But what about the vault?
Who took him out of there?
Professor Saunders and I took the coffin
and buried it here, an unknown grave.
We were determined that no one
should ever again find Tesla.
You're absolutely
certain this is the spot?
Oh, yes.
We mapped the location.
Between this one of Fairchild
and this one here of Smidley.
This is, or rather was
the grave, Sir Frederick.
That's right, sir.
There was an unmarked grave here, sir.
Copped a direct hit too and all.
Do you know anything about this grave?
No, it was here when
I got here 12 years ago.
- All right, you can go.
- Thank you, sir.
Well, Lady Jane, now what?
The Jerries seem to have rather
taken things out of your hands.
Yes, let's get back to the car.
Then you're going to drop the inquiry?
Well, you can't do much
with a hole in the ground, can you?
There's Sir Frederick.
Excuse me a moment.
Oh, good evening, Lady Jane.
You know, if I hadn't known better
I should have thought that...
That I was the bride.
Yes, how'd you know I
was going to say that?
I've been rehearsing it for an hour.
You forget women's intuition.
- Yes.
- I'm sorry.
I should have let you finish.
About this manuscript
of Professor Saunders,
do you think I ought to give it to Nicki?
After all, she is his granddaughter.
Oh, no, please, please let me have it.
I don't want her ever to
know anything about it.
By Jove, perhaps you're right.
It is rather grim, isn't it?
- Good evening.
- Oh, good evening.
I hear Dr. Bruckner's
coming tonight, is that true?
Yes, do you know him?
No, but he must be a
queer sort of a duck.
They tell me at the club
he sleeps all day and works all night.
Thank you, sir.
Dr. Bruckner.
Ah, Doctor, may I introduce myself?
I'm Lady Jane Ainsley.
I have waited impatiently
for this moment.
I owe you so much, Lady Ainsley.
Oh, this is Miss Nicki Saunders.
Dr. Hugo Bruckner.
And my son John Ainsley.
How do you do?
Charmed, indeed.
I understand this is an engagement party.
May I offer my
congratulations and wish you,
how do you say it in
England, all the best.
Thank you.
Have you been in London before, Doctor?
Years ago, for a very short while.
I saw a few people.
One of them was your grandfather,
Professor Walter Saunders.
Oh, you knew the professor?
I came in contact with him just once.
You were a very little girl.
Now Doctor, I want you
to meet Sir Frederick Fleet.
I shall be delighted.
Au revoir, young lady.
- I shall see you again.
- I hope so.
Complete understanding of
fear psychosis is essential
if you want to control
the mind of another.
Sort of mind over matter business, what?
Precisely, Sir Frederick.
The mind is the greatest
of all human forces.
Control the mind and you control the body.
- How right you are, Doctor.
- When I entered the grounds,
I noticed some buildings in the rear.
Yes, they house my patients,
but the laboratory is just through here.
- Would you care to see it?
- It would be a privilege.
If you'll excuse us, gentlemen.
We shan't be long.
Oh, Andreas.
What in the world are you doing here
at this hour of the night?
I thought I'd finish
these tests, Doctor.
I don't think I've ever had
such a faithful technician.
I can never get him to go home.
I think we both owe
Andreas a debt of gratitude.
Well, as you can see, we're
very well equipped here.
You have a fascinating place, indeed.
I should consider it
an honor and a privilege
if you would accept free run
of this laboratory and of our hospital.
What do you say?
Thank you.
I accept your offer.
Splendid, Andreas, you will assist
the doctor in every way you can.
I will, Doctor.
- Well, shall we go?
- Yes, indeed.
The lock's been forced.
I put the manuscript in this drawer.
It's odd, I grant you, but I shouldn't
attach too much importance to it.
Only the two of us knew it was there.
No, I don't like it.
You're not suggesting your vampire
friend's on the loose again, are you?
I don't think it's a
matter to be treated lightly.
I've been uneasy ever
since we visited his grave.
Oh, I know what you're going to say,
but just the same, we
didn't find his body.
Oh, my dear lady,
that's all over and done with.
Whoever took that manuscript
is human and no spook.
You can bet your life on that, my dear.
Well, I'm afraid I must
be trodding on right now.
I shouldn't worry too
much about this business.
There's an explanation and we'll find it.
No, don't trouble to come to the door.
Please, good night.
Goodbye, thanks so much for coming.
Not at all.
I've got to thank you
for an excellent dinner.
Thank you.
Good evening, Dr. Bruckner.
I am going to my room now.
Nobody must disturb me, nobody.
Do you understand?
I sleep during the day.
Quite, quite.
Nicki, I am waiting for you.
Come to me, Nicki.
I'm here, Nicki.
Nicki, come to me.
It is useless for you to struggle.
I am waiting for you.
Who are you?
Why have you forced me to come here?
You read your father's manuscript.
Look at me, Nicki.
Now tell me who I am.
You are Armand Tesla.
But Tesla is dead.
I am Tesla.
And I can never die.
And you are mine, mine forever.
But before I take you away from here.
There are many things I
will make you do for me.
Then you will go with
me to my native country
where no deaths can claim
you or tear us apart.
Your mind is no longer your own.
I shall command and you shall obey.
Look at me, Nicki.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Lady Ainsley, come quickly.
Lady Ainsley.
What is it?
Call a nurse at once.
Yes, milady.
- Hurry.
- Yes, milady.
What's the matter with her?
Wait for me downstairs.
I'll be able to tell you more later.
It's ghastly.
A transfusion is all I can do for now.
Let's take her right away
from here, anywhere, miles away.
Now, don't get panicky, dear.
That won't help Nicki.
But something must be done.
Something is going to be done.
I understand from the caretaker
that you are the two gentlemen.
Who helped clean up the
cemetery after the big blitz.
Yes, we are that, ma'am.
Were many of the bodies disturbed?
Well, maybe half a
dozen, ma'am, more or less.
Do you remember seeing
one of an old man,
a very old man with a spike in his heart?
Yes, we do, ma'am.
But how did you know?
Can you tell me what became of him?
We pulled the spike out, ma'am.
Did anything happen while you were
pulling out the spike or afterward?
Yes, it did, ma'am.
We heard a sort of gasp, a low moan.
But it couldn't have
been him, or could it?
What happened then?
We buried him again, ma'am.
All nice and cozy like.
Could you show me where?
Here we are, ma'am.
Blimey, he's 'opped it.
Law love a duck.
Who would go and steal a dead corpse?
Where did you get that ring?
I found it, ma'am.
It was laying there in the dirt.
- Is it yours?
- Mine?
Oh, no.
No, it came off the corpse.
Here, ma'am, have it
with my compliments.
Pardon me, ma'am, I've
gotta go with Horace.
I've been trying to
tell you for the last hour
it's no longer a question
of accepting or believing.
Armand Tesla is alive.
You now have concrete
evidence, his attack on Nicki.
Rubbish, my dear lady.
There's a natural explanation
to this thing and I mean to find it.
I'll give you all the protection possible,
but I will not believe
in galloping ghosts.
Then there's no more to be said.
It's half past five.
I'll have to get back
to Nicki before dark.
Is John going through with his
concert tonight or is that all off?
John will be there.
- Goodbye.
- Goodnight.
Lynch, I've got an idea.
Really, sir?
Yes, really.
- Splendid, sir.
- Oh leave that thing alone.
There's a man who assists her
ladyship called Andreas Obry.
Hey, there, wait a minute!
We wanna have a talk with you.
What have you got in
that bundle, my lad?
Come on, hand it over.
Keep away from me.
That wasn't a man.
That was a wolf.
You say he was carrying this bundle?
Yes, sir.
What happened then?
We asked him to show us
what was in the bundle.
First he seemed scared and
then he jumped us, sir.
You mean you two big
men couldn't handle him?
We did have the best
of him, sir, until he...
He turned into a wolf, sir.
He did what?
He turned into a wolf, sir,
right in front of our eyes.
First there are vampires
then men in coffins disappear
from the cemetery and now
a man turns into a wolf.
You haven't by any chance a
rabbit up your sleeve, have you?
Or an elephant in your hat?
What do you take me for?
For nothing, sir.
It's the truth, sir.
Show him.
What's this?
Hair, sir.
I pulled them out during the fight.
There can be no mistake, sir.
We saw it quite plainly.
What do you want?
This report came from the
laboratory earlier this evening.
You weren't in, sir.
It is the finding of this laboratory
that the exhibit in this report
taken from the Ainsley
Sanatorium is wolf hairs.
Well, of course, I may be crazy.
What are you doing, Elsa?
Just drawing the blackout
curtains, Miss Nicki
so we can turn on the lights.
Leave them alone.
Don't you love the night and the darkness?
The soft, lovely darkness,
there's so much mystery in it.
For my part, Miss Nicki,
I prefer the daylight
where one can see what's what.
Are you feeling better?
Very much better, Elsa.
Why don't you go get your supper?
I'll go later.
Lady Ainsley said you
were not to be left alone.
Very well.
You must go to him.
Now, Nicki.
What's the matter with you?
Nicki, you shouldn't be out of bed.
Stop that, Stevie, I don't know
what's the matter with him.
He never acted that way before with you.
Get out, get out, be quiet.
You shouldn't have left
your room like this.
You knew I'd say goodbye
before I went to the concert.
Nicki, Nicki, what's the matter?
I was afraid you'd forgotten.
I love you so very much.
Hello, Van, is everything all right?
I was delayed in the blackout.
Did Mr.John get off to the concert?
I believe so, milady, although
I didn't actually see him leave.
Excuse me.
Hello, yes, this is the Ainsley residence.
- It's the concert hall, milady.
- Oh, I'll take it.
Hello, yes.
This is Lady Ainsley.
I don't know anything about it.
I'll see about it at once.
That was the manager.
He says my son hasn't arrived at the hall.
See if he's in the library.
- I'll go up to his room.
- Yes, milady.
Well, Dr. Bruckner, what
have you to say about this?
Is this a police interrogation?
Now look here sir,
don't beat about the bush.
Do you believe this was
an attack by a vampire?
There are many strange things
in the world, Sir Frederick.
Vampires may be one of them.
And you still say there is
no such thing as a vampire?
I repeat, Armand Tesla
is one and he lives.
With Nicki already in his power
he has set out to destroy John too.
Heaven knows who may be his next victim.
Nicki, your eyes.
I never saw them so queer.
Stop staring at me like that.
Andreas, we'd like to speak
to you for a few moments.
What do you want?
Did you take a manuscript
from my desk several nights ago?
A manuscript, Doctor?
I don't understand.
What were you doing outside the
Professional Club at three this morning?
Why are you asking me these questions?
Why are you looking at me like this?
Let me see your hands.
Let me see your hands.
So now you know.
Yes, I took the manuscript.
Where is Armand Tesla?
I'll never tell.
You'll never find him no
matter how hard you try.
You can never destroy the master.
He'll live forever.
And you're too late to save
John and the Saunders girl.
Poor Andreas, what a
tragedy to lose his soul again
after struggling for so
many years to find it.
My dear Jane, how you
can feel any sympathy
for a creature like that is beyond me.
But don't you understand?
He's not responsible for his actions
while under the domination of Tesla.
Anyway, my men will pick
him up within an hour.
In the meantime, dear lady,
you better come along with me.
I have a surprise for you.
Never mind your orders.
I'm Sir Frederick Fleet of Scotland Yard.
I'll take you to his room, sir.
It looks as though he
was asleep, doesn't it?
I can't understand it, sir.
He came in a little before daylight
and he hasn't gone out.
I'm sure of that.
Perhaps he sleeps under the bed.
Oh, no, sir.
He'd hardly do that.
What about the fire escape?
There is none, sir.
And it's a three-story drop
from here to the ground.
Well, he may be
somewhere in the building.
- Make inquiries, will you?
- Certainly, sir.
May I ask why this sudden
interest in Dr. Bruckner?
Oh, it's not sudden, dear lady.
I've been interested in the
gentleman from the start.
Would you like to hear my little surprise?
Bruckner, Hugo.
Age, 62.
- 62?
- Mm-hm.
Bald, heavily built and walks with a limp.
There's your real Dr. Bruckner.
Then who is this man?
A very fishy customer.
And that monstrosity Andreas
is somehow tied up with him.
- Sir Frederick.
- Mm-hm?
Now I have a little surprise for you.
Do you notice anything
peculiar about this room?
By Jove, yes.
It's not broken.
I wonder who'd turn a mirror
to the wall like that.
Hello, what's this?
That ring belonged to Armand Tesla.
I got it from a laborer at the
cemetery after the bombing.
You'll remember, I showed
it to you at your office.
Yes, I remember.
- Dr. Bruckner stole it then?
- Oh, no he didn't.
It belongs to him.
That ring proves beyond
a shadow of a doubt
that Dr. Bruckner is
Armand Tesla, vampire,
whose face casts no reflection.
That's why he turned
the mirror to the wall.
I must know about John.
Don't worry about John.
He's going to be all right.
Does he know everything?
He knows and understands.
What did he say?
He said he loves you very much.
How much longer can he go
on loving me knowing that I...
But John has always loved you.
He always will no matter what happens.
The sun is going down, isn't it?
Oh, if I could only hold back the night,
keep it from getting dark.
That's when I hear those
voices whispering to me,
telling me what to do.
If there were only some way
to stop this terrible thing.
Lady Jane, you've got to help me.
I will, darling, I will.
Nicki, Nicki, look at me.
I want you to answer just one question,
is Dr. Bruckner Armand Tesla?
I don't know, I don't know.
All I can hear is that voice.
Then my mind seems to go.
I think I've found the answer.
Only it may involve terrible risk for you.
I don't care about myself.
Anything, just so long as John is safe.
May I keep this for the time being?
If you wish.
Thank you, dear.
Just trust me.
- Come along, Elsa.
- But milady...
Don't ask any questions.
Just come along.
- Sir, Peters.
- Yes, sir.
Dr. Bruckner, I didn't see you come in.
I didn't come in, Peters.
I haven't been out.
- Are there any messages?
- No, sir.
Can you be reached at Dr. Ainsley's?
I shall be there.
Whether I can be reached
is quite another matter.
- Where did he go?
- Where did who go?
Bruckner, the chap we're after.
Nobody came out this way.
Why, he just stepped out this door.
Not this door, he didn't.
Now, look here, with my own very eyes,
these here in the middle of my face.
I just saw him come out.
And I say nobody came out.
I'm not going to like it when
Sir Frederick hears of this.
Good evening, Lady Ainsley.
I've been expecting you, Dr. Bruckner.
So at last through Andreas,
you learned who I am.
How great must be your satisfaction
to realize how well you cured him.
There is good in Andreas's soul,
good that I have placed there
and which even you cannot
destroy, Armand Tesla.
What a fool you are.
With all of your scientific knowledge
you have achieved nothing.
You are too late to stop
what I have set out to do.
I have waited for this
moment for a long time.
Tonight I will take Nicki away.
Her soul will wander through the night
and you will never find
where her body rests.
And then, in another form
she will come back for John.
You're lying.
You attacked my son and made
Nicki believe that she did it.
You're a very brilliant woman.
But a foolish one to pit
your strength against mine.
It is possible that you may take Nicki,
but there is something
stronger than even you.
Something greater that you have forgotten.
You are evil.
But even the power of
evil cannot stand against
the power of faith and goodness.
And with that power,
you will be destroyed.
Lady Jane.
Is everything all right?
- Bruckner was here.
- Already?
Well, he won't get out of the house.
I've got the whole place surrounded.
You won't take him that way.
If you don't listen to me
now, you'll never take him.
The time has come.
I am waiting for you.
You must follow my voice.
Nothing can keep you from me.
Follow my voice.
Nothing can keep you from me.
Follow my voice.
I've listened to your
ridiculous theories long enough.
I'm out to capture two men
and I'm going to get them.
But Sir Frederick I...
She's under the hypnotic
control of Bruckner.
Oh, nonsense.
There's only one way to find him
and that's for Nicki to lead
us to his grave herself.
- But Jane...
- Now you listen to me.
I may be risking her
life as well as my son's,
but it's our only salvation.
We must follow her.
- It's my way or none at all.
- But it's preposterous.
I tell you it's the only way.
Are you going to help me follow her
or do I have to see this through alone?
All right.
The night is our friend, Nicki.
I will protect you and bring you to me.
Bring you to me.
You're almost to me, Nicki,
just a little further.
Just a little further.
Closer, Nicki.
And we will be together,
just you and I, together.
For heaven's sake, Sir Frederick.
Don't shoot again.
Pick her up, pick her up.
Nicki, Nicki!
Oh Sir Frederick, we've lost them.
Help me, Master.
I'm hurt.
What is that to me?
But I'll die.
You must not let that happen, Master.
You promised me life eternal.
Like yours, forever.
I no longer need you, Andreas.
Your usefulness is over.
You must not say that, Master.
Get away from me.
Get back to that corner.
Remain there to die.
There is no power great
enough to keep you from me.
I have won.
You are saved, Andreas.
Because I have taught you
the meaning of goodness.
You hold it now, locked
tightly in your heart.
And nothing evil can ever
stand against it again.
Always remember that goodness
is the strongest force in the world
and that all evil cannot
prevail against it.
Remember that and you will be strong.
Andreas, go back, go back.
I'm your master.
You must obey.
Go back.
You are my master no longer.
You are evil.
You must be destroyed.
For years I've lived in terror of you.
I'd wake up screaming in the night
because I thought you'd come back.
And I was your slave again.
Because I forgot what Dr.
Ainsley had taught me.
But now that is over.
I am going to destroy you forever.
Every member of the
force is looking for them.
They must be found before
daylight or it will be too late.
You've fought every move I've
tried to make in this case.
You've got some silly absurd notion...
Oh, please.
Yes, what?
- They've found them.
- Oh, thank heaven.
- Oh, Nicki.
- Lady Jane.
- Where are the other two?
- Over here, sir.
Lady Jane, it was Andreas.
He destroyed him.
I'll be home soon, darling.
Well, there's one of them, Andreas.
Doesn't look much like
a werewolf now, does he?
He isn't now, poor Andreas.
He found his soul after all.
May he have peace forever.
But who this blighter is, I don't know.
He looks to me more like a
bundle of rags and bones.
Looks as if he'd been
lying there for some time.
That, my dear Sir Frederick,
is all that is left of Armand Tesla.
Now do you believe in vampires?
My dear Jane, must you
go back over all that?
Very well, then.
If it isn't Tesla or Bruckner
perhaps you'll tell me who it is.
Say, you fellas don't believe
in this vampire business, do you?
Yes, sir, we do.
And do you people?