The Return to Homs (2013) Movie Script

I hugged all of them.
We kissed each other.
At the gates of city
we bid each other adieu.
Before that, there was a part of
the conversation that I don't remember.
I don't remember certain details,
or colors...
The city I used to pass by on my 'nave!
route to my old house 'm Damascus.
Not once did I think about going into Homs.
The city which has become
the most precious thing I have.
Nothing can compensate this toss.
I cannot make judgments.
Did we do the right thing?
I take one last look at the place.
I may not pass by there again...
and if I do, it is going to be lonelier
without my loved ones.
Stay by my side!
Hold me again for as long as you can.
Homs, the audacious...
Leave us be, it's what we need.
We're the grandchildren of Khaled.
Leave us be, it's what we need.
We're the grandchildren of Khaled.
Leave! Leave! Leave!
Evening protest on
Stadium street, Homs.
The army's hearts are dead.
The honor in them is dead.
Why is it killing us? Army and people
are supposed to be brothers.
It is your choice, soldier,
to kill or to heal...
It is your choice, soldier,
to kill or to heal...
The age of oppression will end,
The people shall overcome.
Look, they've recorded all your songs!
A bit of time is left for me
to tell parts of the story...
Our previous dreams are behind us now...
Nb; first visit to Homs in 2011
working with Ossama and Abou Adrian
as a media activist...
At days when no media was aimed
to cover the events 'm Syria.
Homs, Al-Hamra neighborhood.
The regime fires tear-gas on protesters.
August 1st, 2011.
This guy is our friend.
His name is Adnan Abdul-Dayem.
He's holding a placard that says:
We can see that some of the other
protestors were throwing rocks...
whereas he did not.
He chanted: "Peaceful"
in front of security forces.
We lost him on that very night.
I was named 2nd best young
goalkeeper in Asia.
I played in the Syrian National Youth
team and for Karama FC.
When I first joined the sit-in.
Regime deployed snipers around.
I couldn't stay sitting down.
I told my friends: Hold me up.
I took off my shirt and chanted "Listen up
sniper, here's my neck, here's my head".
Abdul-Basset, may God protect you.
Homs, the audacious!
Buman Ghalioun, aren't you listening?
The people want a no-fly zone.
Heroes of Khalediya and Bayada
"Martyrdom and Victory".
Bashar kills his own people
to keep his seat.
Shame on him! Shame on him!
Victory, o Homs!
Damn your soul, damn your soul o Hafa!
Basset, we love you Basset,
Basset we love you.
People want to live in dignity and freedom.
The mayor was corrupt, they demanded
his dismissal and he was dismissed.
But the regime suppressed them
so they wanted to topple it!
We didn't demand
toppling the regime at first.
It was what we learned that changed us.
Maybe older generations already knew
the regime better. Our generation didn't.
Bilal, when you die I'll post
this photo on your tribute page.
Will call it:
"We are all as lame as Bilal".
One is shot at, then scandalized!
The Army continued its campaign
to take over Al Rastan...
This is "Al Assad Military Hospital".
We were there to pick up
our dead friend's body.
Look at the hospital's torture room!
This guy is dead.
You call this dead? Look. He's been
mutilated beyond recognition.
Look, they interrogate people here.
I was the only one who entered,
hence, I can't publish this video.
They're such morons. I had my
phone camera on and I was recording...
pretending that I was talking:
"Hey, how are you? We're coming soon"...
We used to cross the most risky
checkpoints to join his demos...
On TV, Syrians used to gather
to listen to Basset...
whenever he's on, live from Homs.
His courage and popularity
amongst Syrians...
put him on the regime's wanted list.
He was accused of many charges,
including terrorism.
The army raided his neighborhood,
Bayada, looking for him.
He was able to escape with his parents...
but the army killed
his older brother Walid...
with his cousins
and a number of his friends.
The family home was destroyed...
when they refused to leave it
and surrender.
I left the house and got into my car.
They were watching us.
They did not target any other cars.
Close to Cairo Str. checkpoint,
I saw two tanks...
I jumped out of the car,
two tank shells hit it, it ew high up.
2 or 3 months ago, I could've
returned to my regular life...
Training with the team and all...
They told me that if I went
to Damascus and met with Bashar...
then spoke on Al-Dunia TV...
They are furious cos' I rejected that offer.
"You'd be a star player!", they said.
But everybody knows I don't
need them to be a star player!
Where are we going?
What's the solution?
Peaceful resistance is futile.
We're dealing with people
who do not fear God.
We'd never win if we stay peaceful
To your right there is a major
security checkpoint.
There are 3 tanks,
a troop carrier and many soldiers.
It's the same if you go
to the left of the street.
2 troop carriers, 2 tanks and more soldiers
who have pitched a tent there.
It is impossible to cross either way!
People created this passage...
because it is the only one
linking Khalediya to Bayada.
The closure of Cairo Str crossing...
was one of the early signs
of the siege that came later.
This was the only road
Ossama and I used to take...
from Khalediya to Basset's
demos in Bayada.
It is a necessary road for the inhabitants,
that's why they had to reopen it.
Day by day movement inside Homs
became harder ..
More checkpoints between
neighborhoods were deployed...
and more snipers on government buildings...
They have no idea with whom
they're playing. This is Homs!
This is the only safe passage for ambulances
to go back and forth to Bayada.
Here they come...
They're coming.
Homs, Wadi Arab Str.
29 Jan 2012.
The child martyr...
God curse you, Bashar.
Perhaps we should wash the blood off
before we bury him?
We'll take him home.
"To God we belong and to Him we return".
- God!
- Look at that pose!
Wow, you were at restaurants and all!
I was injured then.
Basset, we have photos of you
when you were an infant.
Hello, how are you doing?
- I'm well, Basset, how about you?
- Fine, thanks.
I'll secure some money
as soon as I can, God willing.
We have sent some money for Eid:
quite a handsome amount.
I called them again and asked for more.
They said the money is there but
to whom are you going to send it?
I told them that there's Basset
and Abu Ibrahim; both are trustworthy.
Thank you Abu Omar.
You know we have groups!
Keep in mind that the money
they need is not just for food!
It will be used for arms too.
We want to be clear about that.
I've got groups to take care of
and we're facing difficulties.
I've told them it's for arms.
What's new in terms of songs
and chants? Anything new?
Yes, there is a new one.
Exclusively for you!
For your radio channel.
Why do you make me say this?
To become a martyr, father,
has been my dream for years.
With our blood, father,
we shall please God.
I'm your only son, father,
I'm only twenty years old.
My dream is to become a martyr.
My other dream is victory.
To become a martyr, father,
has been my dream for years.
With our blood, father,
We shall please God.
Our homeland bleeds, father,
and the land is sad.
The child calls for help, father,
but who will listen?
Who will listen?
What's up man?
Don't drive yet. Wait.
That road is slippery
and it's full of rocks.
No, no, it won't. I've done this before.
This sniper is spraying bullets!
Even if he isn't targeting you
specifically, he may still get you.
I think crossing now is better than later.
Let's do it.
Are we or aren't we the grandchildren
of Khaled? Aren't we fearless or what?
Do it.
Come on, do it!
It's a short distance. You don't
need to see. In the name of God.
- Didn't I tell you to drive?
- Alright, pray for me!
- Where are you going?
- Home, my family is waiting.
- Come with us.
- You know what, I hesitated earlier...
thinking I may hit a curb
and flip the car!
- Come on, join us.
- My family is worried.
They know I was crossing.
I have to go.
God be with you.
Wake up! You're still sleeping?
Are you by yourself?
Where are the others?
- There's only me.
- Wake up.
- I had the most terrible sleep.
- Why?
- Patients started to come at 7 o'clock.
- Who came?
How should I know? Abu As'ad sent me
a patient and God knows who else!
What was the problem?
One needs coronary catheterisation and
another needs urinary catheterisation...
from 7 am.
Let's get him.
Carry him carefully.
O Lord, may you accept him.
O Lord, may you accept him.
Get back, get back.
O Lord, may you accept him.
Get in the car with me.
Have a seat, Hajji.
Where is your car, Hajji?
O Lord, may you accept him.
There is no God but Allah.
There is no God but Allah.
Homs, don't worry. I will sacrifice
my soul and blood for you.
Tomorrow the regime will fall
and its supporters will flee.
The traitor sent his thugs to the streets
while he begs Iran for help.
Khalediya and Baba Amr are united
and steadfast against the traitors.
Homs, don't worry; I'll sacrifice
my soul and blood for you.
Tomorrow the regime will fall
and its supporters will flee.
Homs, our eyes are open,
day and night...
until this back-stabbing regime falls.
Saturday, February 4th, 2012.
The Khalediya massacre.
The neighborhood which was
the revolution's heart, its compass...
Shelled with mortar grenades...
killing many of its residents.
Friends of mine were killed, what a pain!
The majority of casualties
were children and elderly.
The shelling took place because
the army failed to enter.
Families, women and children...
were slain with knives.
The dream of a revolution with
songs and peaceful protest ended.
The dream ended.
The young boys' dream of freedom
arriving soon ended.
The beat of the drum... the dancing ended.
They say our revolution is sectarian,
but it's they who are building sectarianism.
This is what we are able to show you.
It's only a part of the many martyrs today.
In this clinic in Khalediya...
we have around twenty or more martyrs...
These are the ones we know of here.
Mosques are full of martyrs.
The national hospital too...
Al-Amal hospital has many martyrs...
Near Rifai Mosque, they're
slaughtering everybody there.
They forced us to flee our homes at 2 am.
We've been moving
from place to place for 3 days.
- What happened?
- Plenty of shelling!
With tanks, targeting everybody.
- You left your homes?
- I wear, we had to leave at 2 am.
The Alawites... and all of them...
They came at us with tanks
and they're not leaving anyone.
They raided us at 7 am.
They displaced the people.
They were killing those
who tried to cross Settin Street.
They shot at them and
slaughtered them with knives.
Hundreds d? thousands were displaced.
Only rebels and the poorest
of families stayed...
those who couldn't find
a place of refuge.
Defections from the army increased.
The revolution was now armed.
The weapons that were used at first
to protect peaceful protests...
were now used to protect the
neighborhoods and not surrender them.
Snipers were deployed heavily...
so the safest way to move
was though deserted homes.
Even in my darkest nightmares...
I wouldn't have imagined the city
in this condition today.
The people who filled the streets
with life on a day not too long ago...
whose protest chants used
to drown out the sounds of bullets. ..
They deserted their homes.
They deserted everything.
Nothing interrupts this silence
but the chirping of birds...
and he roaring of bombardment.
Bayada fell into the hands of the army
Ossama is busy supervising
the field hospital...
and there were no news
about Basset for 2 months.
All we knew is that he is
on the front of Cairo Sir...
the point nearest to his childhood home.
We should cross
to the other side quickly.
Wake up Basset, breakfast is ready.
Regime TV is here. Get up.
Getting here is very difficult.
We had to cross half of Homs
to get here.
Did you? You're late, man.
This is my gun!
My clear gun.
10-round box and engravings.
But I don't need it now.
The army entered Bayada
through Deir-B'albeh...
They shelled it with mortars to clear it...
All these houses were destroyed
by mortar shelling.
The army wanted to take over this front
in order to proceed into Khalediya.
This is why we took this front and
control the area starting from here...
and ending with Cairo Square.
Further there is another battalion
the army control those territories.
Here we are covered by one wall...
but this road exposes us
to the army tanks...
We made holes in the first wall there,
and in the second one on the inside.
So we can see through both walls and shoot,
and we count on two walls to protects us.
If the first wall got hit,
the second one will protect us.
Thus, we can hold out in a skirmish
with regime soldiers.
In case of mortar shelling,
we have to retreat to ground floor...
cos' the roof could collapse.
We stay on the ground floor
as they are shelling...
because we are not prepared
for such an attack...
Thank God I did not shoot.
It was a woman.
Like the homes and the streets, we too
get our fair share of mortar shells.
Before losing consciousness, Ossama
spat the blood coming out of his chest.
Shrapnel pierced into all parts of his body.
He told his friends, as if to say farewell."
"I love you.
His friend, the kind doctor,
was cutting his sweater and crying...
"I like this sweater", he told him.
He moved his right hand with
difficulty and continued talking.
The finger may need to be amputated.
Do what you have to do.
Ossama then went unconscious.
Brave rebels liberated...
many of the city's
governmental buildings...
The revolution's armed power
started to grow...
relying on what rebels plunder
from the army...
and on individual donations
from abroad.
However, they didn't learn
to secure their support lines.
The rebels of Homs lost the big battle...
after being lured by their small victories.
This is a gift from Abdul Basset Saroot...
to our "terrorist" brother, who is armed
only with a camera, the journalist Ossama.
This is a photo of when he was young,
with his father and younger siblings.
We found it here in your house.
Those are your cups, my dear, so that
you can wash them when you come back.
This is the destruction caused by a rocket.
You were targeted, brother.
We're proud of you, Ossama.
I told you, we should've fought
peacefully with olive branches...
You insisted on arming the revolution!
or was it the other way around?
Calm down.
Go and stand next to the cars.
They've burnt down our homes and
displaced us. Please, dont film my face.
Sister, this is Abdul-Basset Saroot
from Homs, Khalediya.
UN observers arrived here yesterday,
we wanted to take them into Bayada.
The regime stopped shelling yesterday
while the observers were here.
They spared Muslim souls only
in front of the 6 UN observers.
Observers said they only had 30min
Homs and all the destruction...
they only had half an hour to see it.
Six observers for the whole city.
They were unable to do anything.
- What's that in his elbow?
- A shrapnel.
- Is it out?
- No, it's deeply embedded.
Can you get out mortar shrapnel
with a magnet?
- It's made of aluminum.
- No it is not!
Kamel has to attend tonights meeting.
Go get him to go...
- He should demand ammo!
- All meetings are a futile.
I know, but that's
cos' we should be working!
We are the only ones fighting
on this battlefront.
He has to go and ask for
ammunition and supplies.
Come in!
Hello, we're coming in, make way!
Man, I want to understand,
where are the sofas?
The battlefront is there, isn't it?
- Are we in danger here?
- No, don't worry.
What's the deal with this gas cylinder?
It hasn't blown up!
And this is the fridge. It's gone.
My mug!
I had a shirt with the same design.
Well, now it has a thermal print,
so it'll stay like this forever.
This is my sisters mug.
They need to be washed.
Do you remember when I filmed
your destroyed house?
Now it's my turn.
My old "Sony" camera lens
should be here somewhere.
Steadfast, dear homeland,
we remain steadfast.
Nothing in this world can replace you.
My perfume.
O Damascus, land of the honorable,
we remain steadfast.
Steadfast, O Syria,
we remain steadfast.
Take the finger, sniper!
Welcome back.
Have a seat, rest!
- How are you, guys?
- We missed you! What about you?
Why is it so dark here?
Open a window.
The period Ossama spent away
since his injury...
managed to change the face
of the city and its people.
The Homs he knew
had drastically changed.
Passion for weapons had spread endemically
amongst those who were once non-violent.
Everyone talks about battles
and the army's losses in Homs.
He was like an immigrant
discovering a new city.
And when he wanted to be alone...
he'd 'sake his camera and leave...
looking for the missing details in his city.
Look, look... it's a bee!
Guess where I was then?
I was with one of Bakr's
guys on one of the upper floors.
I didn't realize that the building
was collapsing.
Anas told me: "Basset, the tank
is shooting at us from behind".
Then came the second shell.
He said: "The building is falling".
I said: "it's just a shaking
when a tank shoots".
I had no idea the building was collapsing.
I had an RPG on my shoulder...
waiting for the tank to come closer.
When the third shell struck,
I swear to God, Abu Adnan...
The building I was in
swayed like this, then back...
"It's nothing you said?", I said to him!
Move it!
We found the street right there!
Since when was that the ground floor'?!
Everything was completely destroyed.
I swear, Abu Adnan!
We just ran off!
He made all the mothers widows.
He who kills his awn people is a traitor.
Your protocol, Annan, is killing us.
O world, what are you waiting for'?
Your observers are causing death.
Kofi Annan, what are you waiting for?
Bring NATO and come to us.
He who kills his awn people is a traitor.
It's only freedom we yearn for.
We who don't feel safe even at our homes.
Young and old, we agree on one thing.
God, you are all we have left.
We're ready to die for our freedom.
Assad's rule we reject.
We're ready to die for our freedom.
Assad's rule we reject.
Homs, the audacious, is destroyed.
God, you are all we have left.
Bashar, you Pig-
We're the men of Zeer street!
Come on, reload my gun.
God, you are all we have left.
God is great!
Move yourself, Issa.
Thy guy who offered us tea,
a few hours ago, died.
The guy who told me about the girl
he'll propose to, after victory died.
The plan to liberate Bayada failed.
A sniper's buffet hit Basset's foot.
but he survived and returned to Khalediya.
We ask God almighty for the honor
of making us martyrs.
"Do not say about those who are killed
in the way of God They are dead"...
for they are alive, by God's side".
Sign." "Stand with respect." Here lies
God's Sword, Khaled Ibn AI Walid".
Welcome back, Basset,
welcome back!
Basset, may God protect you.
Homs, the audacious.
Paradise, paradise,
our homeland is Paradise.
Paradise, paradise,
our homeland is Paradise.
O our clear homeland...
Dear Ossama. ..
We published the photos
of the destruction on Cairo Sir...
carrying your same old optimism...
that they would make a change for the world
to hear and to see what is happening.
I recall your optimism after
publishing the videos of snipers...
videos of martyrs...
videos of protesting masses...
videos of the regime checkpoint
and of the tanks throughout the city...
of the massacres
and the slaughtered children...
of the shelling and displacement...
of the fighter-jets that bomb us.
My optimism echoed yours
and I thought that...
these images would shake
the world to its core...
I see Abu Adnan, I notice
the hoarseness in his voice...
I whisper to him to calm down...
and to turn these photos
into a souvenir, nothing more.
The world watches what is happening...
how we're getting killed, one by one...
while it remains as silent as a graveyard.
June 9th, 2012.
The liberated districts in Homs
were under siege...
thousands were be-sieged in it.
The last access point fell
into regime hands.
Along with it, supplies were cut off.
Going in or getting out became impossible.
"Liberated areas" turned into a prison.
Basset and his comrades
were now stuck inside Streets.
Homes and shops were besieged.
Homes, rooms, even the clothes
were besieged.
Cats, squares and graffiti were besieged.
I don't want talk, I want action.
God willing,
God willing, we will stay here.
But everybody is promising
and not delivering.
Me, I will stay here,
tell people they can join me.
But one your guys say we'll join
at 10am, they should do that!
I can carry out a reconnaissance
operation in the area...
then position guards
and go to sleep!
Abu Hadid! Talk a little,
the line is breaking up.
I am starting operation.
While outside of Horns,
I receive bad news every day.
It is agonizing;
regime security detained Ossama...
on the Syrian-Lebanese borders
while returning from a hospital there.
Ossama just vanished. His whereabouts
and his destiny were unknown.
Sarout, you can make
a good construction worker.
A rebel says." "What we have available
may allow us to persevere for months...
The siege won't last long...
Move the food that's left the bags of our
from the mills into safe basements...
keep your heads safe and your hearts.
Go back to the fronts...
We will not be left on our own. "
Basset says:
"Our priority is to unite
the battalions on the fronts...
Let's turn these houses
into a living hell for them...
should they decide to break in again
- You're good?
- Yes.
Move it guys, move it...
"Brothers, your brother Mohammad...
Ali, departed to God' s mercy".
Forgive him and pray for him.
Basset, what wrong?
I no longer have it in me to do this.
This is not like you.
It's not just that, brother.
All my close friends are gone.
I'm fed up, man.
Hello, sister...
How are you?
I'm on the front... bad coverage...
Midyan is dead.
It hasn't exploded.
Guys, take plenty of cigarettes with you!
Months passed while I was
unable of going to Homs.
I was waiting for news, with fear: ..
News came that the Free Syrian
Army in Homs' countryside...
was preparing to break the siege
by entering Bayada.
Hajj Obeid's group goes first.
Then Ali's group...
Come here.
This is how we're getting in:
I go in first with 5 men...
If we survive
then Issam and Hazem will follow...
with the Salafi guys...
with you guys...
Then, the 3rd group, Haj Obeid's group
with Izz al-Din should follow...
Then the 4th group,
you and the guys I put you with.
Before you though,
Amer's group should go in...
You're 4th, you're 5th...
You, you don't go with your group,
you go with the last.
Basset, it's 1.30am.
There's nothing we can do about that.
Tell them to sit and rest.
The army's hearts are dead.
The honor in them is dead.
Why is it killing us, why?
Army and people are
supposed to be brothers.
Wake up, free men of the army.
Wake up, you Arab, you Syrian.
Live with pride and dignity.
Get rid of the immoral Assad.
The army's hearts are dead.
The honor in them is dead.
Why is it killing us, why?
Army and people are
supposed to be brothers.
You're killing the honorable.
For the sake of a backstabbing criminal.
Stop the tyrant from
committing his injustice.
O defender of the land.
The plan required the besieged rebels...
to attack at the same time too.
200 fighters led by Basset were prepared
to enter the neighborhood.
I was scared for his safety
as he led the Avant-garde.
He's hit, he's hit.
That's my cousin! My cousin!
As soon as Basset and the fighters
reached the outskirts of Bayada. ..
The regime surprised them
with an immediate counterattack.
The plan had been exposed. Basset and
the guys were surrounded 'm a small street.
Regime snipers were anticipating
any move from Basset's side.
On that day, there were rumors
Basset was killed.
I remained silent for days
until I was assured he's alive.
Escaping required digging a tunnel
underneath Cairo Str..
so that they return from this new siege
to the bigger siege one with the others.
Making the tunnel took 13 days...
after which, Basset
and the guys were saved.
- Do you have tobacco?
- You're asking for tobacco?
It's easier to get hashish than tobacco.
So have you got any?
Don't worry, we'll sort it out.
Rami, we'll be with you
in 4 or 5 hours.
I want to send this message to the world:
Our martyrs are all around, we can't bury
them, such destruction is unprecedented.
Get this message
to the lying world out there...
such destruction is unprecedented.
They ask us not to fight!
Who will fight then?
Who will protect our land?
How will the women get out of Khalediya?
Where is the road out?
They have children with them too.
This martyr has been dead
on the street for 8 clays!
1, 2, 3, 4, and there are 2 more there.
6 in total.
They were killed within 5 minutes.
And all the injured people too, in buildings
that are going to fall on their heads!
Where are you?
This is Homs, but I don't know
where I am.
Look at the building I used
to sleep in,Abu Adnan.
Does it look like a building now?
Just wait until I have a shave
and look good.
Do you think I'll have time
to shave before I die?
Maybe we'll find a barber at the
battlefront. Let's hope he's good.
- Will this revolution come to an end?
- Sure. They're not immortal.
I swear, we'll make them hate their lives.
We'll make them leave the country.
But we shouldn't allow them to leave.
We still have business with them.
After some contemplation
and hesitation...
Basset was convinced to leave
the besieged area, through the sewers...
to the outskirts of the city...
to provide food and ammunition...
and to encourage the rebels
around Homs to break the siege.
The situation was hopeless and nobody
was even trying to break the siege.
Basset managed to lea veg
and a few days after...
the sewer was exposed
and the army closed it.
Outside, battles were on,
all around the country...
The destruction is nothing less
than it was in Homs.
This is the return to Homs.
The return via a tunnel.
You'll stare death in the eye on the way.
Those who want to go through this
with us need to be prepared for that.
I'll be the first to go.
I'll be there in front of you.
Death. No cigarettes,
no food, no ammunition.
Show them the way to Homs.
Who want to can go!
That's what I'm saying...
No, there's no decision.
I'm a guy...
If you want to go in then do it,
if not, it's alright.
I'm a crazy guy.
This is what my mind tells me.
I understand. Basset wants to lift
the responsibility off himself...
One second thing:
I need men to go in.
I don't want men who have to go back
to their wife and kids after a few clays.
I don't want men to go back and forth!
There are people inside who have daughters
they haven't seen for 9 months.
That's what I'm talking about.
I'm hitting you hard with my words
so that you listen well.
I don't want to go in there only to find
someone crying next to me!
I need men whom I can help
and who can help me.
We had to leave, it was out of our hands.
Now, we'll go back with our
hands and feet, crawling.
Am I right or not?
Those who have kids and a wife,
if you can't come in, it's alright.
Stay and fight here.
There might be other roads later...
but this one is the road of death.
We shall do this for the people.
We're 5 soldiers, would you take us in?
Of course, it is my pleasure.
I'm honored to have you guys.
- It's an honor.
- We've been marginalized, Basset.
I don't mind everybody marginalizes me,
God knows what I'm doing.
Being outside of Homs,
we're marginalized!
I wanted to stay as close as possible.
If I'd managed to get inside Homs,
not even God could get me out.
I'd either die with them
or get my freedom with them.
I wish you luck doing that.
Wish me, go marry someone new,
whatever you want.
- Would you leave dad on his awn?
- If I could get in I wouldn't get out.
I wanted to do it, but God didn't...
We need a good cook like you, mother.
I would've cooked for you
and washed the dishes.
Here come Assad's thugs...
Greet the sheep!
I bid my mother farewell at the door.
I told her: "Wait for me".
I either come back
as the best of young men...
or as a martyr who makes you proud.
God help my mum,
what will become of her?
And O Sham, o our Sham.
God protect you and us.
Sham, come here.
Look at her! Come with me...
We're coming to get you,
God willing we'll get you!
- Where are you going?
- Returning to Horns!
- Where are we going?
- To Horns!
The return to Homs was no easy feat.
The fighters were in high spirits,
but that wouldn't be enough.
I shared Basset's disappointment,
as many let him down.
He wasted his time waiting. ..
For empty promises of support.
Only his old friends wanted to go back
with him to liberate the besieged.
The group wasn't strong enough
and had insufficient ammunition.
But Basset couldn't simply surrender
Somebody had to try.
Do you see that blue gate?
Do you see the wall? They're positioned
between the gate and the wall.
Does anybody have grenades?
Go! Go!
Go, go.
He threw it!
Come on, get in! Get in!
They're shooting from this direction.
They've killed him!
Hand me the scissors;
or a blade, any blade...
All tendons are torn.
Tendons here and here are torn.
We fixed one tendon,
it's impossible to reconnect the rest.
The fraction needs to be held
in place from both sides.
Both the fibula and the tibia are broken.
What's up, Basset?
A little tired.
- How are you?
- Ok!
- Ok, thank God!
- Thank God!
- Thank God whatever may come.
- Thank God whatever may come.
- Maher!
- What, Basset?
- May your brother rest in peace.
- May we all do...
Don't let the blood of martyrs
go in vain.
- Don't waste their blood.
- I won't be wasted.
For God's sake, don't let the blood
of martyrs go in vain.
For God's sake, don't let the blood
of martyrs go in vain.
For God's sake, don't let the blood
of martyrs go in vain.
The blood of martyrs, guys.
I want to open up a way
for the families.
I will open up a way
for the families, Abu Ammar.
I will open up a way
for the families, Abu Ammar.
Take it easy, praise the prophet...
God praise the Prophet...
We don't need money or anything. Kill me,
but just open up an exit for the people.
God, I want to become a martyr!
It's for God. It's for God.
Do you guys need anything?
Just take care, man!
I returned after months
to the countryside of Homs.
Like their eyes,
my eyes were on the city
The city I used to pass by on my
travel route to my old house 'm Damascus...
Not once did I think
about going into Horns.
The city which has become
my most precious.
The city which has become
a dream, out of reach.
Nb; friends are buried there, who will
take care of their tombs, their souls...
if we all left.
I return, accompanied by Abu Adnan...
to whom I am grateful for filming
many of this film's scenes.
It has been a year since Ossama was
detained, no news about him yet.
His fate and whereabouts
remain shrouded 'm mystery.
Basset's foot has healed,
and here he is scrambling...
to gather those who are left
of his comrades in order to return...
into the siege through
the roads of death.
- You won't play football anymore?
- No, of course not.
- Wouldn't you consider coaching?
- No, it's not my thing.
A coach needs an education
and degrees.
All that matters is victory. I would become
a blacksmith as I was before.
I'd be very happy.
I don't have other dreams anymore.
Most important is to return
to our families and people.
May God deliver us and all Muslims.
- What about Bayada?
- May we see it again...
Whatever God wants will happen.
God's greatest bliss to humans is Oblivion.
Anyway, all of the fallen
are martyrs with God now.
Do you want to forget?
God's willing I would be martyred
before I am back home.
Do you want to forget?
Nothing helps you forget.
I mean, you forget then you remember again,
things come back to you.
God will salvage us. Those guys
have all gone as heroes, as martyrs.
We should be sad for ourselves,
not for them.
- Basset!
- Yes, dear!
There we go.
To Homs!
Have you loaded your gun?
All is ready, thank God.
Where's the 14.5mm?
- Here it is.
All is packed?
Remind me about the ammo
we should pick up on our way.
I whispered a few words in his ears.
He smiled at me.
We hugged for as long as we could.
I looked into that beautiful spark
in his eyes.
There is nothing to say in this farewell.
Be proud of what happened.
Be worthy of all the sacrifice.
Look at the halo around your head.
Your feet will never touch
the ground again.
You 're free now.
There we go, Bayada Matyrs.
God's willing, to Homs we're heading.
God's willing, to Homs we're heading.
I've crossed my path and will not stray.
I'll march ahead with a heart of iron.
My stubborn heart has made its decision.
My destination is the land of lions.
O Brothers, brothers of ours,
all over the world.
Are calling on you to help.
Isn't it a shame to ignore them?
Could you be proud of complacency!
Be patient, my wife,
if you hear of my death...
I will be a martyr
and this honor is unmatched.
The Lord will forgive me
for all my sins.
My Lord is forgiving and merciful.
For whom do you leave those families?
They are in shackles of adversity.
They've suffered agony and hardship.
Their hands are not yet free
from the hell of chains.