The Returned (2013) Movie Script

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Sumonggo Wilujeng Mirsani
Oh, no!
Dad, Dad!
Not Mom!
-Relax, everything will be fine.
-We are here dear.
- Honey calm.
-Of course you're going to be fine, you'll see.
Wait, wait,
only nurses!
Only nurses, sorry.
You have to wait here.
- Are you his mother?
- Yes.
- He'll be fine.
- No, no, wait, we want to be with.
He'll be fine.
- What?
- He's fine, calm.
- What are you reading?
- Look ...
- Yes, Lord!
- Can jump there.
- It's huge.
- Very beautiful.
Yes, and very expensive.
Romance ...
Remain expensive ...
I know, I'm sad.
Remember, Jacob and Amber
come for dinner tomorrow.
Yes, I remember.
What you really want to know?
This time it looks serious and I
sick of hiding it.
He's my best friend.
What it does not matter?
It's up to you.
Good morning.
- Did you get a haircut?
- Yes, my wife, as usual.
Good morning.
Thank you.
-Hey, how's it going?
- Hello Dokterr.
- Hi.
- How are you?
Look at me.
- So, what is it all good?
- Yeah, okay.
Hello, sir, you look better this morning.
Yes, I slept soundly.
- Hey, how are you Paul?
- I'm fine.
So, I thought he had gone down,
I think more than fifty.
Good morning.
- I have a secret for you.
- What?
You can go home today.
Father's mother had come to you.
- Yes!
- Are you happy?
I'm sad ....
I will miss you.
- And did you miss me?
- Of course.
- All right, be a good boy
- Yes.
Just have to be careful with his blood,
if you get hurt or anything, make sure to wear gloves.
What we need to take special precautions?
Just like other children his age.
The same?
He injected every day for life,
and if not ...
When he was brought here last week,
You will be relieved with the outcome.
Being "That Has Back" is
an honor, not a curse
Do not patronize me.
I'm just trying to help.
No, you can not help,
Benar'kan? Because you do not know anything
one's feelings with this.
Is it true what they say doctor?
What almost no protein reserves
and can not make more?
It was ridiculous news.
Your son has survived,
home and enjoy with him,
do not worry about it.
Thank you.
Come on
No, it's too hard for me, sir.
- Fixed suaja difficult.
- You can do it, have faith, here.
No, really.
Like one of those "Who Came Back",
every time I tried my hand shaking
All right, get out of here, fast.
- No, I just ...
- Get out!
All right.
Well, remember pentatonic and ...
Yes, a wonderful evening for
guys, Rock On.
Good night.
- Hello, Kate.
- Hi.
You know, I'm not going to give an additional salary
Friday night you go home.
I know.
Johan said, parents were very worried.
Yes, obviously.
You tell them not to worry?
- What more can I say?
- Yes.
Well, keep yourself Kate.
When did you last eat something?
- See you.
- Happy weekend.
- How is it there?
- Different day, same shit.
Yes, God ...
Thank you.
Thank you.
Here you are.
- Thank you, congratulations weekend.
- You also, be careful.
situation more difficult by the minute.
Previous demonstrations against "That Has Back"
carried out in rehabilitation centers
now attacks spread across the city.
The latter occurs
Prank Puri,
During the day, "Who Came Back"
attacked by two masked men.
It was not the first time such an incident occurs, but ...
Oh God, the smell is amazing!
I hope as good as it feels.
- I can be five again.
- Yes.
You smell good.
Can you help me?
They will soon come.
What time comes?
About twenty minutes longer.
Oh my God, that's good, I mean,
only a few reviews so ...
Okay, and just so you know,
We're here all weekend.
Well, take care of myself.
- What is it?
- Oh, God.
Did you win a Pulitzer or what?
This woman will be roving
international book tour.
What did he say, is what we are talking about ...
and get out some of the reviews,
So, what are they good? Honey ... -
- Oh, God.
- Well, toast.
You can not do this, without telling about the book.
At least tell us how many times you
there is the word "lust" in the book,
- Because we do bet.
- Yes, very funny.
- We have already bet, come on.
Actually, this story of a man
unimaginable death.
It's crazy, unbelievable happened,
and of course there is some sort of
exception for him.
Not so dead.
Yes, and when the time comes spared,
something happened and
he accepted it.
- That is wishful thinking.
- I know.
Until one day, when
routine examination,
You found a tumor disease.
No physician guarantees
life is more than four months.
This person receives, as if
fate insulted.
So he decided to make a fuss,
Kills one person every day.
- It's amazing, is not it?
- It was sadistic.
Good, but for what? Why ...?
Think about the relationship
indirectly with death
then he understood.
What he can, however?
Of course not, all buried.
Without really understand.
That's why I love him,
she writes romance novels,
but in fact he is
most dramatic in the face of the earth.
- Congratulations dear, I love you.
- I love you.
It was an interesting story,
little sadistic for my taste.
But somehow I
invite him to dinner.
What is it?
Relax, I do not have a tumor.
Well, thank God.
The story is a reality
nightmare for writers.
Yes, depending also on the
the real story is not it?
What is it?
One day while walking,
The moment I saw it.
I never thought I would find
the guitar, but it's there.
I'm sure it was my lucky day.
There was no one behind
table, I think being out.
But I'm not sure.
I see that person.
Dude, come on!
I thought I was safe from attack,
so I try to help,
Taking purses and incorporate it in
mouth to not bite my tongue and ...
I just scratched a little.
Only scratches,
but sometimes, small things can grow.
Emergency Services, what
How can I help?
Yes .. I do not know,
I think I'm infected.
What are the symptoms, sir?
Cold sweat, heart
palpitations, shortness of breath.
Please, specify your name, sir?
Alex Green.
The military took me to one
a mobile hospital.
I saw dead bodies in the hallways.
Some of them have been shot,
Directly in the head.
I think I opened my eyes too early.
I do not know how long
I tied on the bed,
I do not know what could
out of that hole.
You said he woke up
on the way over here?
Forget what you saw.
This is an elephant tranquilizer,
cause hallucinations in patients.
We see the results, this
would not kill him.
Do you know? Each of the first dose
not working, can kill you.
So congratulations' son, you
successfully overcome.
Then I was transferred to a civilian hospital.
And that's where I
met with Kate.
So ...
... Six years ago,
I have returned.
I want you to know because
is correct and up to date.
I think, you should know.
- Thank you.
- See you next month.
Let's get out of here!
Get back here!
Please, do not hurt me.
I want to remain normal.
Do not hurt me.
If not injected
within a period of 36 hours,
the spread of the virus in the body
become unbalanced .
These statistics are undeniable, not the case
single to prove otherwise.
And we all know the consequences.
We do not have an official number
compared with the first outbreak.
But most of us have
experienced at least one case.
However, we believe there's millions
deaths worldwide.
Outbreaks can not be compared to the tragedy
Other known in modern history
Trauma is what drives
us to start looking for solutions.
And ten years later, the protein
of "Who Came Back",
is a great gift to the people
humans are commendable.
So, after the outbreak
The second inevitable.
we were able to save
many people.
"That Has Back" is a person who
ever contracting the virus and suffering,
but at the same time good luck
large has addressed immediately.
As you know,
the virus is still there.
We can not turn it off.
For now.
But now at least we can
control if it arrives on time.
Protein "That Has Back" as
barrier, as a retaining wall.
The virus is still there, but the daily dose
keep it at a safe distance.
This problem of lack of natural proteins,
ended with the creation of synthetic alternatives.
It will be a long treatment
infected for life, guaranteed.
Cutting funding from private
would be a disaster, believe me.
For "Who Came Back" is, of course,
but for society as a whole.
Yes, but there are two things awkward.
Please, everyone is free
express an opinion.
You are very friendly.
These people,
is a time bomb.
Before we found the protein
synthetic, they are a threat.
If the first dose is skipped.
One: there's no way back.
Precisely that is why we
need to continue to investigate.
True, and this treatment is very expensive,
which takes up all of their lives.
Yes, I do not deny it, but face
another epidemic like 20 years ago ...
- There are alternatives.
- ... It would be much more expensive for everyone.
There are other alternatives.
Please share with us.
That could put them live in special camps,
Outside the city, far
of the children.
- Or we could destroy it.
- I do not say it.
But you think about it.
Therefore, get rid of
smokers, diabetics,
and obesity as us.
I mean, besides we need
many costs, too unpleasant.
Well, that was ... different.
Too harsh?
No, no, no, you just
Just call it "Fat dumb".
He was stupid,
is so fat,
and now I have
prejudice against fat people.
Yes, among others.
He thought he had a lot of money?
Who? The Fat idiot?
Fuck him, everyone is so meaningful
because you are very attractive, right?
Correct me if I'm wrong, but
natural proteins can be extracted only
spinal fluid of infected
of those who have died.
Fortunately there is little "That Has Back"
But it also means a lack of resources
from which to extract the protein.
Exactly, this vicious circle,
so "That Has Back"
both protein deficiency.
This has led to restrictions imposed
in access to treatment,
consequence of this restriction,
is what worries the government,
especially after tensions in recent weeks.
- Please fill $ 60.
- My father in, pay it there.
- $ 60.
- Good.
Thank you.
All right, everyone,
good music.
I come to work nights, no food in the oven.
I love you.
Damn, just spent half
night, I am not accustomed to shift work.
Get used to now, only three
shift, your turn is almost complete.
I know.
That's perfect.
I mean, I think Tristan and
Josh can go home early.
I hope, Josh here
in a long time.
Where are you going? Close to the wall.
You! there. Come on!
Calm and silent, there is no
relationship with you.
It is, thanks.
You must have nerves of steel to
take care of the zombies, right?
Why are you
crying and shaking?
There are no zombies, meraka
"That Has Back".
What did you say?
Listen bitch, because it seems
You do not understand my language.
They are zombies.
Is that clear?
They are not zombies.
They are zombies.
Repeat again!
I'm telling you,
they are not zombies.
And I say
they were zombies.
Repeat again, bitch.
Come on, tell me.
Fine, I'll put a bullet in
This bitch's head. Tell.
They are not zombies.
Forget them!
We have to get out of here!
It's your lucky day.
- Do not move a fucking muscle, it is clear?
- Let's get out of here!
Who is responsible?
I ...
Oh, God ... I ...
I have never seen
something like this.
This is the first time.
Let's take a look
A video recording.
I told you, they
wearing a mask.
Sabentar again will come reporters
vultures (scavengers).
There is nothing more they like
rather than a piece of fresh meat.
Go home.
Yes, thank you.
What is it?
Honey, it's okay.
Unfortunately, all is fine.
Network what? That's what we do not know,
and they do not have leadership
However, many people firmly
condemned this action.
Network "Anti That Has Back"
condemned the criminal acts such as last night,
we always did.
Yes, but never before
we have seen that good action.
What do you think causes
increase in these attacks?
- Fear.
- And fear justify such barbarity?
Do not cut off my sentence.
That's right, the Department of Health to control
most of the "Who Came Back",
but we also know
there are loopholes in the system.
There are a bunch of out of control
physicians, such as the homeless, for example.
- And they are tolerant to the protein.
- Yes, like that, exactly.
Do you remember what happened when "Who Came Back"
stop taking their daily dose without warning?
In less than 24 hours without
treatment of the person attacked five people.
He killed them all.
Crazy people, crazy fucking
commit suicide.
Do you think the scale is justified thousand people ...
Yes, God ..
All right, calm down.
So, how long rest?
- One month.
- A month?
Kate, I need you,
you're the best doctor.
Please at least tell me you will ensure
fundraising conference alright.
No, it's not going to stop.
Thank you God.
Are they kidding?
The girl at the clinic wanted
I went to his house.
He said more secure.
But he lived many miles away.
What I should accompany you?
No, I think better go alone.
I do not want people to know
about you, even now.
Hi, do you know where I
see the building manager?
Yes, go up the stairs apartment No.. 4, there
the words "Administrator" on the door.
- There is the view when you entered?
- Not.
I mean, I do not know for sure.
So, next time be sure,
just in case.
After the attacks of that day, I
can not be much of a hospital.
So I no longer think there again.
For two-class women,
like us, do business.
Is there anything else?
I mean money is not a problem.
Yes, of course. But realize too
risk taking inventory.
Only I can take
few at a time.
We have not received
letter from the lab this week.
Other hospitals also so ..
How long have you been careful?
There is one month.
Can you get me
again next week, please?
I'll pay whatever.
Well, I can not guarantee it,
but I'll try.
It will cost you four
times more current.
I say money is not an issue.
Well, give me a few days.
Thank you.
Is this you?
Are you one of the
they "That Has Back"?
The bastard did not just kill the damn thing
them, but also take notes.
All patient records?
Taking the hard drive as well, therein
no address, phone number.
All that you have
good for them.
So if you're one
of them, be careful.
Thank you.
Hey, buddy!
- What are you doing here?
- Talk to you.
- Succeeding with the glasses?
- You like?
Yes, very sophisticated.
I do not want people
I think advanced.
This is false.
I'm kidding, what are you so
one of those people?
I'm one of them.
Want a drink?
- Always.
- Let's go to Spendler.
Spendler, whatever.
What about Kate? Less is more.
It took a while to work there again,
after what happened that day.
It's too difficult.
But he's stronger than it looks.
I'm a lucky man.
We're both lucky man.
True, but you're the man
lucky rich.
What's this?
For what?
Do not know, you know,
Over 25 years
and tell me and the new
I give hugs, so ...
You're so concerned I have
tell you everything.
Actually, I just want you to know ...
Same ... me.
Still the same that made impregnable
bullet in the leg, a few years ago
- You deserve it.
- I know, but who cares.
Anyway, what I mean that I do not care,
I do not care what happens to you,
I do not care about any of this,
I'm always there.
Thank you friend.
Yes, Lord.
Oh God, look!
He said he had to kill.
Are you okay?
Do not worry, it's finished.
We had to call the police.
No, we are fine, they will
ask questions, and draw conclusions?
- So "That Has Back" is not a crime.
- Yes, but it could be a problem.
Calm down.
Come on!
entire press comes ...
... press conference, the Minister of Health
of guessed there would be an announcement
authorized temporary suspension
distribution of protein for
"That Has Back". "
"There is no reason to worry" Has
Back ", a temporary regulation,
and all state resources that work well.
Officers our facilities
specially designed,
for all emergencies
and ensure that all affected
can be a viable treatment.
This announcement has
rocked the community,
afraid that this situation will lead to
The new outbreak is not under control
and Government accepted
serious response.
Thousands of people took to the streets
protested in all major cities.
looting and burning of several centers
supply of protein by certain sects
has led to the destruction of
some suburban areas.
"That Has Back"
also involved in the riots,
tensions exploded after
issue that hangs news
Freddys near Burg.
State Security Forces
has deployed
to disperse the crowd
in front of City Hall.
I'm ready, how about you?
Where are you going?
I do not know, but
28 to a motel tonight.
Friends, it's ridiculous, you do not
can do it, come with us.
Come on.
No, thank you guys,
but it was too much.
Everything is going well.
One hundred and fourteen.
You do not say it.
And they whispered.
And say good things.
But it is not growing.
Do not see the number,
but its function.
This should have been authorized.
Sticky, sweet and
greasy, I'll eat it.
I have news.
Seven "That Has Back"
died at St. Patrick Hospital. John,
and twelve in Central.
Two places at once attacked
about two in the morning.
Can not be trusted.
What did the police?
Just nonsense.
Not able to ensure that the group
what, but it does not look good.
And it's not the worst.
They say this is only until
synthetic protein function.
There should not be everywhere.
They were given three days.
The plan is to publish
all question, Kate.
Every "That Has Back" that will not
sent to the monitoring center will be arrested.
The research center?
Are you kidding Jacob?
Sound like them.
Look at that!
Try to convince Alex.
Come home with us.
It was a safe place,
talk to him, come on.
Talk to him, grab the goods
and we go from here as soon as possible.
I'm an agent! I'm an agent, damn!
All right, you know? Now you
talk, talk, blah blah blah ...
I do not understand what
you say.
There is a conflict.
Well, there is a conflict, many
conflict here, understand?
Do not like it now, but I feel,
me to do
This, Fuck you, asshole!
My friends, I like when
you're angry.
- Period?
- Yes.
Alex was lucky to have you.
Why do you say that?
I'm a writer, I see
things from people.
What do you notice?
Do not feel sorry for myself.
Do not treat such
sick or disabled person.
Because that's what happened.
It's a little creepy.
What do you fear today?
I'll eat your brains.
Well, start with your wife.
- I do not want to eat his brain.
- It's very clever.
"military forces to attack the"
We do not come out. Ever
I did previously.
No, not like this.
Forcibly kidnap and attack
they are like the Gestapo bastard.
Therefore I want, Kate.
So they want to have me.
You can not even shoot.
-Any fool could,
aim and pull the trigger.
We must not exaggerate.
- We are safe here.
- No, we are not safe.
It is very close to the city.
And ...
... Too risky for Jacob and Amber.
But we are not armed, for God's sake.
Prior to this we are not, but I do not
we now know what actually.
Everything has changed.
Got a better idea?
What should I do?
I do not know what it was,
I do not want a gun here!
Come on, we have to go up the elevator, hurry up.
Yes, Lord!
I Call Detective, and
The Detective Anderson.
We are here to
see Alex Green.
Only five minutes.
But, he's not here.
What is this, you appear
without warning,
With a warrant, and I want to get off.
I'm late for work.
Just watched it, ma'am.
This home is listed, the
quickly we started getting better.
He went three weeks ago.
've Gone three weeks ago?
Or four weeks. On 11.
What is the reason?
I do not know.
You're a man, certainly know better than me,
what's on the minds of men before
leaving a woman.
We need to see the whole room.
It's really annoying!
This indoor studio.
This bedroom.
Do you know where he went?
I shot his head!
I shoot the fucking head!
Oh, God!
He over-dose.
Why not bring it
Research Center?
He did not want to.
Why not force him?
Because actually he did not want to.
He has been monitored and controlled.
Yes, Lord, they will
let him die.
You know it.
He will die surrounded
by foreigners.
Am I wrong?
From theory, yes.
In practice?
Our job searching
name in the list.
If what you say is true,
Our work is completed and we
would remove his name from the list.
But we need to see the body.
Good, but,
After it was over?
There is no question anymore?
There is no question anymore.
It very quickly decomposes in the body.
All I can say is:
Male gender,
with a single shot to the head.
Well, you can come out of it,
and call Rescue Unit.
We had enough here.
My friend will
took you home.
Thank you.
If it makes you better,
I think you're doing the right thing.
In a few hours they would
announced no synthetic proteins.
Does not seem to work the way
when they said it would.
This complicated.
Thank you.
- Are you okay?
- Yes, I'm fine.
She spoke with her.
She was a woman who helped
supply of protein.
We can already sixty doses so ...
So tomorrow morning we will
went to pick him up.
Then we will go
as far as possible from here.
60 doses?
- For a long time.
- Yes.
If only to those
You do not need to do it.
You know, right?
I know.
They said it would treat
Alex in a few days.
I mean, you know, a week
longest, you can do it.
He better go.
It's too dangerous.
But thanks to
all that you do.
negative results of recent trials
made us postpone the hope
synthetic protein can not be synthesized.
However government labs continued
struggling to find a solution
our hope is still there, since everything can be
change in the coming weeks.
All residents should remain calm and confident
we can control and we agree with this.
Thank you, no
No further questions.
Good morning.
- Do you want coffee?
- No, thank you.
Search this?
- Yes, where is it?
- On the couch.
You're up early.
Yes, Amber got up early and went to visit
mother and she woke me up.
- So, do not wake Alex.
- What he did not go with you?
No, he thought so,
but instead turn off the alarm.
- It is much easier if I go alone,
- He will be angry.
Enjoy it ...
Kate, guess what?
I think it's awesome
how patient you are.
Yes, indeed.
's Eve, you know that should be done.
Hello dear, what is it?
- What Jacob and Amber at home?
- Why? What happened?
Go to the room and check all the needle.
No, I think they've gone.
Check the fast injections!
- Honey what happened? Is there something wrong?
- Check it out!
Well, well, I check.
I'm sorry.
Oh my God.
You know, what they do not
different from what we do.
Nurses are basically selling
dose to others.
I did not kill anyone
to get it.
Yes, indeed.
I'm sorry, it was stupid, ridiculous
I said, I'm not aware of it.
I hope this all ends soon.
Are you sure you see it?
I hope there are still nine.
I say it's important.
Did you know?
Yes, he may have a solution.
But I need to know
telling the truth.
Jacob! Thank you, thank you!
What happened?
I do not have much time
so let me talk.
You do not have much time?
Where are you, asshole?
You know I can not tell Alex.
Where are you? Steal
all dosisku, damn.
Alex, shut up or I'll
hang up, okay?
- Where are you?
- Shut up!
Well, okay,
talk, talk!
Amber was not in that room.
He did not want me to call you.
And I promise I will not call.
But I have to talk to you.
It's hard for me, to do this.
But it was for him.
- I know it sucks.
- Nonsense. Are you kidding?
I can not be less than 24 hours,
You know what that means?
I had no choice Alex, it's crap
I do, I know, but I had no choice.
You two have a choice, you've got.
Wait! Hear, hear!
Sorry, I'm listening.
Give me six or seven
dose alone, understand?
Needless to see, you can leave
somewhere and I'll take it.
How can I do that, Alex?
Why life is more
valuable than my wife?
- What makes you so special?
- Jacob, friend ...
- You do not even need to see me,
- I can not do it.
- I'll take it, right?
- I can not do it.
Six or seven doses,
The dose of your life.
Jacob, please, friend.
choice do I have?
Tell me.
Give me just a few.
I have not ...
I have not said goodbye to Kate,
I'm not ready, give me,
Just that I need,
just a few.
I can not.
Jacob, please.
Please, I just need a few.
Alex, sorry Alex.
They had been compromised, and have taken
everything from a military hospital.
And we have sent
to a different place.
I'm on dialysis, Lucy in the ER, and Mary
there the upper floor with the kids.
It was a disaster.
So what can you do?
David said that I might change the schedule,
because it will take some time, a complicated operation.
I'll be back in a minute.
- What are they going to succeed?
- Yes, I'm sure.
The last few days they've worked
with new antigens to plant them,
David, do not say shit, but when?
I had to tell her.
Why did I fall in love
with "That Has Back"?
No, you've been involved in all this.
So I can warning letter?
For all cleaning
including gossip about me?.
- For what?
- To prevent this disaster.
Now I can not
help you, Kate.
So, I had to go to
military hospitals alone.
They will catch you.
I need a shot of it.
Nothing there.
And they will catch you.
So what do I do?
Just stand and watch him die?
I'm so sorry.
What should I do?
Tell me.
Come with me.
Oh, God.
There are fifty. I hope this
enough before they know.
I do not know.
Every head of the hospital
decided to keep a backup,
Government at least
do not know, just in case.
I always thought
out of all this.
The camera recording we get.
Yes, I know.
I'll think of something.
Anyway, I ...
... I've been wanting to retire.
Thank you.
- I got it!
- Thank you, Lord!
Wait, wait, how many?
There are fifty-dose!
I drive home, I'll give
you in half an hour.
- I love you.
- I love you.
See you.
Oh, God!
Oh no, shit!
Oh God.
Damn ...
I do not want you to find
again elsewhere.
... I want you to go.
No, Kate.
- I had to try.
- There is no time to talk.
I can barely breathe.
It's still not okay, right?
Kate, listen to me ...
We say good-bye now,
and you do not like it, Kate.
I will not leave
alone, understand?
I'm still here.
Promise me.
Before things get out so
uncontrollable, promise.
Mother, please!
I can not, please!
I love Mom.
Do not worry.
- No, no ...
- Do not worry, calm.
I love you so much ...
I know.
No, do not.
Thank you God!
I can not get through the night,
what is wrong with your phone?
- My phone is lost.
- Damn, I thought there was nothing to you.
- What is it?
- You have not heard?
Hear what?
Are you kidding?
With all the fireworks
and half of the city fuss?
But what you have not heard?
Yet, what is it David?
- Kate, we succeed.
- Not ...
Synthetic protein function.
It worked.
Yes, it worked.
A few hours
then been announced.
And immediately distributed out.
We did it, Kate,
look at the fireworks.
People are going crazy.
What is it?
Come, Kate, we go.
There will be other times,
you'll see.
Put it where these boxes?
Oh, sorry, sorry!.
It's okay.
- Habit.
- Thank you.
Baby boy or girl?
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
- We are almost finished.
- All right.
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