The Returning (2018) Movie Script

Don't forget to check
your carabiner locks, alright?
Hey! It's good. Right, guys?
Hold on! Hold on!
-Help! Help!
-Hold on! Hold on!
Don't pull it!
Hold on! Hold on!
Go up!
It's very good.
-Hold on.
-Good evening.
Is this Mr. Colin's house?
-Yes, that's right.
Mrs. Natalie,
I'm from the SAR Team.
We have just received
a report from Mr. Ardo that...
...your husband fell off
a cliff during a climb.
At the moment, our team is
still searching for your husband.
However, seeing that
the terrain is quite dangerous,... is unlikely that
Mr. Colin is still alive.
-I hope.....
3 months later.
Go away.
-Why are you so arrogant?
I can't concentrate
when you are around.
What do you want?
There you go.
Now I'm more handsome.
Colin, they say it's taboo
for the bridal couple to meet...
...before the ceremony starts.
Since when do
I believe in superstition?
So, what do you want?
-I'm not allowed?
If I read
our marriage vows now,...'s okay, right?
You still have an hour and
a half to make corrections.
What if I were to share it?
Well, then you have to
say it again from the start.
From the start?
From the start like three and
half years ago was only yesterday?
I think one and half
hours isn't that long.
No matter what happens,...
...I love you.
Have you checked
Dom's homework?
Since when has it
been my responsibility?
He is your own brother.
What's the matter with you?
I have my own things to do, Mum.
Things like staying up late
every day on the phone with...
...Ricky till night time?
-Just because you sleep... my room, doesn't mean
you can bother my privacy.
Alright, tomorrow
onwards I'll sleep alone...
...if that's what you want.
Grandma called earlier today.
She asked us to come
for a holiday this weekend.
I can't, I still
have a lot of work to do.
Grandma said we need
a refreshing change, Mum.
After Dad passed.....
What did I do wrong?
I'm just saying the truth...
...and you can't accept facts!
Maggie, there are
times in life,...
...we are faced
with two choices.
Choose to wait or dare
to take the initiative.
Which one are
you going to choose?
Depends on
the situation, Dad.
If it's like now, how?
Perhaps it'd be better if we wait.
Whereas your badminton game
is about to start? Are you sure?
How about if we
take the initiative?
Dad, you mean
we have to get wet?
There's always a risk
for every decision we make.
Maggie, come on.
-Dad, wait!
Dom, tonight you'll
sleep with Maggie, alright?
Sleep soundly, alright?
Hi, Sweetheart.
You can't sleep?
Come here and
sleep with me.
Dom, listen to what the teachers
in school tell you, alright?
Don't fall behind on your studies.
Did you report to Ricky last night
that you're sleeping alone now?
Why aren't you eating it?
Maggie, answer me when I ask!
-I'm not hungry.
I can eat at school.
Dom, hurry up!
We can't be late!
Don't shout at Dom
or he will choke.
There! Uncle Ardo
has arrived. Let's go.
Hi, Uncle.
-Have you said goodbye... your mother?
I've been calling the house
for the past few days but... seems your mother
never picks up. Why?
I don't know.
Perhaps she was busy, Uncle.
Is there anything
you want me to tell Mum?
No, I just wanted
to know how you guys were.
Last night I dreamt
about Colin again.
I feel like he's still around
somewhere but I don't know where.
Do you want me to
send you to Dr. Mel tonight?
Perhaps you've to meet someone who
understands about this trauma...
...after such
a devastating loss.
Am I sane if I'm still
hoping he will return?
Perhaps it's true, right?
I have to see Dr. Mel.
Don't keep quiet if you
want some company, alright?
There's no need.
It's alright.
Anymore orders?
Not at the moment.
You just get
some rest first, Natalie.
Try to arrange some recreational
time with your children, alright?
Din, that lesson was
really hard, wasn't it?
Yes, it was. Maggie,
I'll go first, alright?
Okay, bye.
Maggie, let's go play
basketball after school.
I already have plans, Hendra.
-So, you want to go out...
...with him when
your family just had a tragedy?
Don't bring up
my family, Hendra.
Nothing to do with it.
-But you've only known him...
...for 8 days.
-And you've known me for 8 years.
So, you shouldn't stop me.
Melanie Pribadi,
Clinic & Psychology Consultant.
Mrs. Natalie?
Please go in.
You're expected.
Losing someone
is indeed not easy.
You may experience
...such as
hearing his voice,...
...feeling his presence
at certain times.
But it is not a big problem.
You have to give yourself
time to accept this fact... matter
how long you need.
At first I thought work and
the children would be able to...
...distract me.
Apparently not.
That's very reasonable, Natalie.
Even though you are no longer...
...a wife but you are still
the mother of your children.
Focus on them.
They are your future...
...because we cannot
turn back time to what it was.
I was even thinking of
taking sedatives or alcohol.
That won't be able
to solve the problem, Natalie.
So, did you do it?
-No, doctor.
I thought of Maggie, Dom,...
...what would happen
to them without me.
Good, it means
your consciousness is still high.
I'm sure as time goes by,
you will soon get better.
Focus on
the positive things.
This is your medication.
Thank you.
-You're welcome.
Mrs. Natalie, sorry. I forgot to
return your identification card.
Thank you.
-I seek my leave.
Mum, how come you're home?
Where are you going?
Ricky has been
waiting since just now.
That's not what I asked.
Mum, Ricky wants to
invite me out to the movies.
It's his birthday today.
No wonder my daughter
is so beautiful now.
But there is
something missing.
There. Now you're ready.
Mum, thank you.
Answer honestly when
someone asks you, alright?
Normally if you start lying,
there's a tendency to keep lying.
-Don't come home late at night.
Alright then.
I'll be going now, alright?
Wake up. Dom?
Maggie, you said you wanted
to go to Grandma's house.
Mum, I won't follow, alright?
-Don't argue.
You promised
Grandma the other day.
But this is Grandma's house too.
She will come here as well.
Not quite like that.
Come on, wake up. Wake up.
Oh, gosh!
-Hey! Hey! Maggie!
Why are you like that?
You must be ready in 15 minutes.
Come on, have a bath.
Come on.
My grandson
is so handsome.
Okay, Miss.
Let me carry it.
How are you?
-I'm fine, Ma'am.
There's my granddaughter.
How are you, Mum?
I am making satay.
Come on, let's go in.
-Yes, let's go in.
Grandma, is it done yet?
-Why? Are you hungry?
Yes, I'm hungry.
-Don't play too long.
The children have
grown so fast, haven't they?
It feels like it was only
yesterday I was guiding them... they walked.
-Yes, don't realise it. So fast.
As fast as Colin left
his mother and his children.
I'm sorry for
your loss, Natalie.
A loss to all of us, Mum.
How about your work?
Are you starting
to get a lot of orders now?
I know it's not that easy
to be a single parent, Natalie.
So, if you want to leave
the children here,.....
There's no need, Mum.
You don't have to worry.
It's nothing, Natalie.
I'm just offering.
After all, they are
my grandchildren too.
Yes, Mum.
I understand.
But I'm sure I can
take care of them myself.
Mum suddenly asked us
to go to Grandma's house.
I'm sorry
I'm just telling you now.
It's alright.
I just miss talking to you.
How's Hendra?
Is he still sulking?
Yes, I'm still just upset.
He doesn't want to understand.
When in fact think about
how long we've been friends.
Have you ever
thought about it?
That perhaps
Hendra likes you.
You're talking rubbish.
There's no way, Ricky.
He and I are like siblings.
-You're acting like... innocent girl, is it?
-So, this is your reason...
...for getting close to me?
-Of course not.
You are different, Maggie.
You are special.
What are you
talking about, Ricky?
Come on,
come here now, alright?
What's with you?
What nonsense.
Ricky, by the way,
I'll call you again.
Grandma, you've been there
for quite a while, right?
Long enough to see you
smiling by yourself.
One day,...
...introduce Ricky
to me, alright?
There you go,
you were eavesdropping.
I'm embarrassed.
-That Ricky...
...must be handsome.
Natalie? Natalie?
Come and eat.
The children are waiting.
Looks like you didn't
sleep well last night.
Nightmares, Mum.
-About Colin?
When will you be willing
to let him go, Natalie?
What do you mean, Mum?
Perhaps it's time
we talk about the funeral.
Why are you talking like that?
What if Colin
were to return?
What if all your hopes continue
to torment you and the children?
Until when, Natalie?
I just want my son
to rest in peace...
...and let's not burden
him anymore with anything.
Let's go.
We'll talk again later, Mum.
-If you need anything,...
...don't be shy to see me.
Come again to my house, alright?
Maggie, Dom,
you guys study hard.
Yes, Grandma.
I seek my leave, alright?
Bye, Sweetie. Bye, Dom.
Bye, Dom. Be careful, Natalie.
-Alright, Mum.
Bye, Sweetie. Bye.
I'll be red and
you'll be blue, alright?
Where's the dice?
Need to shake it. I'll go first.
One, two, three, four.
Maggie, please open the door.
-Yes, Mum.
Here, you play
first, alright?
How long have I not returned?
-3 months, Dad.
3 months?
Dad, look at this.
Dom got the highest mark
in Art class. Isn't that great?
At the time, what happened?
I don't quite remember.
But apparently my clip
wasn't attached properly yet.
-I fell from a height,...
...fell through some trees,
then crashed to the ground.
Everything was dark,...
What I remembered,...
...I saw you,...
But you guys kept away...
...until I couldn't
see you guys anymore.
Sit down.
I thought you had died.
I'm still here
for Natalie,...
...for my children.
-I also need you.
You cannot go before me.
-Yes. Lucky, right?
I haven't seen
my own grave, right?
What is this boy
talking about?
What have
the doctors said, Natalie?
It seems there's
nothing serious, Mum.
Just told to do an X-ray
and waiting for the results now.
How fortunate, right?
That I insisted on telling you
to take him to the hospital.
We should know
for sure his condition.
Good afternoon, Ma'am.
-Good afternoon, doctor.
Mr. Colin, Mrs. Natalie,
all the results of the tests...
...are out. Mr. Colin,
you may go home now.
From the results of the scan,
no serious injuries were found.
Thank God for that.
Doctor, thank you.
-Thank you.
Mum, why are you always
like that with Natalie?
Don't accuse your mother...
...of not being able
to make peace with her.
Your mother here is
just worried about you.
Are you eating well, getting
enough rest? Isn't that so?
I'm no longer
a small child, Mum.
Mum, you have to believe,...
...I'm in the right hands.
Just as I believe I was
raised by the right mother.
You're very good when
it comes to talking, aren't you?
Don't wake him up.
Let him rest.
I think this necklace
suits you better.
Well, this is odd.
What's this for?
This gift will not
change anything, Natalie.
Alright then.
You guys just go home.
Colin still needs to rest.
Sweetheart, wake up.
The kids are making noise outside.
Mum, Dad burnt the food.
Come have breakfast.
Adjust his bow tie.
Done? Everyone ready,
right? One, two,.....
Look at the camera.
Dom? Dom?
-Dom! Dom! Dom!
Dom? Be careful, Dom.
-Dom, wait for me!
Go after him. Oh, gosh.
Give it to me
Your son is naughty.
Do you remember when
I gave birth to Maggie at 21?
Then we agreed we didn't want
to ask the doctor the gender.
Yes. I bought
baby boy clothes,... boy stuff, everything.
Your mother blamed me
until she intervened...
...and bought
everything for Maggie.
But that's Mum, isn't it?
I told you, these clothes
can be used again for...
...the second child
or the third child.
But what we didn't know is that
it took eight years to have Dom.
But it wasn't
in vain, right?
Look at that.
Dom! Maggie!
They've grown so fast, right?
The bigger they grow, that
means the older we get, right?
I think only
you will get older.
That's rude.
You'll get older too.
Whatever it is,... long as
I'm with you,...
...I don't care about time.
Let's see if you can still
say that 20 years from now.
Forgive me.
What's the matter with you?
There's nothing.
There's nothing. Come on,
go back to sleep, alright?
You were just dreaming.
Get under. I'm here, aren't I?
Go back to sleep.
He returned, Yasmin.
What's the story?
Well, he suddenly
returned home last Friday night.
Then I immediately took him to
the doctor. Checked everything.
They said there
was nothing serious.
Why is it a bit strange?
Yes, but at least
you guys can be together again.
That's what
we should be grateful for.
Yes, thank you for
listening to me all this while.
How about
I treat you to a meal?
You're free today, right?
-I can't. I've already made... appointment
with a photo studio.
Next time, alright?
-Alright then, if that's...
...the case, I'll take
your part first, alright?
Hey, you've
returned from school.
Hi, Maggie.
-Hi, Dad.
This. As of now,
when you draw,...
...this is
the limit, alright? This.
Mum will scold me, alright?
Maggie, thank you for
the coffee this morning.
Yes, Dad.
-Another one please.
Alright, I'll make you one.
Ma'am, please choose which one
you want enlarged and framed.
I'll leave for a moment, alright?
Which one have
you chosen, Ma'am?
This one, Sir.
There's something strange, is it?
Maggie is beginning
to look like you, right?
Just as beautiful.
Yes, you're right.
If I didn't look like Mum,
who else would I look like, Dad?
Let's play Scrabble.
-But I'll just help Dom, alright?
That's cheating.
Are you guys ready?
Okay, if it's this
that means I can put this.
My first word is.....
A little bit more. There is
an 'A' and the last letter is 'N'.
There you go.
Try to beat that.
-Oh, gosh!
What can I do?
-Can you do it?
I can, Dad.
-If you're not sure,.....
Dad, I'm concentrating.
No, it's not.
-What's that?
-Oh, sincere.
Okay, that's a good word.
-I could do it, right?
Come on, Dom.
What's your word?
Death, ocean, heart, black.
-Dom? 'Hu'?
That's a good word.
Okay, it's Dom's turn now.
-Hurry up, Dom.
Who has a debt with you?
Enough! Let's not
play anymore, alright?
What's with you?
-Mum, what's the matter?
It's nothing.
Come here, come here.
Dom, let me have a look.
Let me look at this.
Are you drawing instead?
Where is your assignment?
Enough, enough, enough.
Come on, do your assignment.
Dad, I'm going to study
at Ricky's house, alright?
Hi, Maggie.
Where are you going?
Hey, what's
the matter with you?
-Dad, I'm going to study... Ricky's house, alright?
Don't come home
late at night, alright?
Yes. Bye.
Hey, your father has returned?
Maggie, what's the matter?
-No, it's nothing.
Let's just go.
Sweetheart, your coat.
Maggie hasn't come home yet?
-She said she's at Ricky's house.
What are you looking for?
-Now where did I put it?
You're playing around.
Come on, let's go.
Now the lights have gone out.
Maggie? Maggie?
What's the matter, Sweetie?
Mum, bats. There were
so many in our house, Mum.
No, there isn't.
You were dreaming, is it?
No, Mum. I really saw it
just now, Mum. I'm so scared.
You were dreaming, Maggie.
-Dad! I'm not lying, Dad!
There's nothing here.
Friend, smile? Smile?
-It's not funny, Ricky.
Hey, hey, stop. Tell me
what I can do to make you laugh.
I don't feel like laughing.
-Hey, hey, hey.
Tell me, what's the matter?
-Hey, if he's making... be in a bad mood,
I can make you be in a good mood.
What do
you guys actually want?
I just want
the old Maggie...
...who was open to everything
without feeling any embarrassment.
My father is acting weird.
-Haven't we discussed this?
Wait, wait, wait.
What are we discussing?
Discuss lower secondary
students' problem that...
...upper secondary students
don't need to know.
Is this a discussion
about your father?
Or perhaps he is.....
-Don't be weird.
My father is different now.
He eats apples in the middle
of the night and it was a lot.
Now my father also checks more
often on Dom and I in our room.
Well, perhaps that's not odd.
-But the problem is...
...he wasn't like that before.
-People can change, Maggie.
They won't
always be the same.
Then, have you
talked to your mother?
I can't talk to
my mother at the moment.
Maggie? Wait, Maggie.
How come you're home?
Mum, tomorrow Dom will
be representing school in...
...a painting competition
between primary schools.
We'll leave earlier
to go to school.
My son is really great.
Hopefully you'll win tomorrow.
Alright, Sweetie?
Come on, let's eat.
-Let's go.
You're not asleep yet?
Go to sleep.
Why aren't you sleeping?
I've a bad feeling.
I'm afraid for them.
I also can't imagine
if they're not around.
Go to sleep.
Mum,... you think there's
something odd since Dad returned?
At that time,
I accidentally saw Dad...
...eating apples like someone
crazy in the kitchen and...
...yesterday Dad was so odd too.
That's not even the first...
...or second time, Mum.
It has happened before.
What do you mean
by saying that?
I think Dad isn't
like how Dad used to be.
So, you mean that you prefer
Dad to just go and never return?
Is that how it is?
-No, not like that, Mum.
What I meant was I no longer
see Dad like how he used to be.
Dad is different.
Enough, Maggie! I don't want
to hear you talk like that again!
This is to be taken too, right?
Hi, Natalie.
-Hi, Herman.
I'll take this
to the car first, alright?
Yes, alright.
-What's all this, Yasmin?
Herman has been
transferred to Jogja.
Gosh, what's
going to happen?
Someone is good at acting.
Congratulations, Yasmin!
He asked me to move away with him.
-To Jogja?
-What about the fate of gallery?
Well, in the mean time,
I'm closing it first.
Later, if I don't
feel at home in Jogja,...
...Herman has
allowed me to reopen it.
Don't worry, Natalie.
A few of my clients will... you directly
if there are any orders.
Enough, you don't need to
think about me, it's alright.
I'll find a way later.
What's important is you're happy.
Once again
congratulations, Yasmin.
I'm so happy for you.
Hi, Natalie.
Go ahead and Eat, Natalie.
Colin purposely woke up early... make fried rice for you.
-He woke up early...
...because he had
an appointment with you.
You and the children
are fine, right?
I'm going to ask Colin
to go fishing today, alright?
the weather is very good now.
I'm just asking that you please
don't leave him again this time.
I didn't mean it
that way, Natalie.
But the reality
isn't like that.
What time
will we be back?
Hi, Colin.
-Good morning, Sweetheart.
Good morning.
-I cooked this for you.
Ardo asked me to go fishing.
-Yes, he told me.
I can go, right?
I promise
I'll definitely send him home.
Come, I'll take this for you.
I'll put it
in the car, alright?
I won't return late at night.
Alright then.
-Alright. Bye, Sweetheart.
-See you later.
Children, please
pay attention for a moment.
Your friend Dom has
succeeded in emerging as...
...the champion in
a painting competition...
...between schools the other day.
You must be curious what
his artwork looks like, right?
this is his artwork.
Dom, come here
and take your trophy.
Does it hurt? Oh, yes.
He can't answer. So, why ask him?
It's done.
It'll heal soon, Dom.
Why didn't you say
you were coming, Mum?
Do I always have to report...
...if it's just to come
and see my grandchildren,... the house that
I bequeathed to my son?
That's not it, Mum. What I meant
was if you had told me earlier,...
...I could have prepared.....
-No need to trouble yourself.
I'll just sleep in
my grandchildren's room.
Oh, gosh.
How did Dom get injured?
His friend tripped him.
Maggie, this isn't
the first time, right?
Can you be more attentive
to your brother at school?
There's no way I can keep
an eye on Dom the whole time, Mum.
I also can't possibly enter during
classes and know all his friends.
Don't you pity him?
He's always silent,
that's what scares me.
Mrs. Putih gave this.
Perhaps you're the one who
should pay more attention to Dom.
Why are you
just keeping quiet?
What's the matter?
I'm confused, Grandma.
Well, tell me about it.
Whatever I do is
always wrong in Mum's eyes.
Sweetie, sometimes...
...the perception of right
or wrong can be different.
But if it's something you think
is the right thing to do,...
...just believe it, alright?
Becoming an adult
is indeed not easy.
It takes a long
and winding process.
Yes, but I don't want
to become an adult, Grandma.
Sweetie, becoming
an adult is a choice.
I'm sure someday
you'll find the right choice.
Keep this.
Use it if someday... feel
you are an adult, alright?
It's pretty, is not it?
If only you could
continue to live here, Grandma.
Maggie, any time you
and Dom have problems,... house is always open.
All you need to do
is pick up the telephone,...
...Mr. Agus will immediately
come to pick you up, alright?
It's like this, Mrs. Natalie.
We would like to discuss...
...Dom's progress with you.
Perhaps you have heard that.....
Yes, I heard.
What exactly is this about?
Hasn't this problem
been discussed often enough?
That's right, Ma'am. But
the foundation has determined...
...that this school year
will be Dom's last school year... this school because Dom is
still unable to behave properly... the other children,
that is to speak normally.
It's nothing really.
We're actually worried about...
...Dom's psychological development
and we are also worried that...
...the other children
will put Dom under pressure...
...if Dom is still schooling here.
-This is how it is, Ma'am.
I've said so many times
that Dom is a normal child.
So, don't think he is not normal.
All this while, he always gets...
...good grades and even
first in his class, Ma'am!
Yes, Ma'am. We know.
Please calm down first.
We, the teachers
also know and...
...have never doubted
Dom's intelligence.
Dom's comprehension
is very good and...
...Dom is far smarter than
the other kids in his class.
Yes, therefore
I beg you, Ma'am.
Please consider, Ma'am.
-I'm sorry, Ma'am.
The decision is not
in my hands alone.
Please understand. You still
have a month or two before...
...this school year ends.
Perhaps you can try to find...
...a reliable therapist.
I understand your intention
in calling me here today.
Good afternoon.
-Hold on, Mrs. Natalie.
Yesterday I had a chance to talk
to your husband via telephone...
...and he agreed to
find a school for Dom.
Please talk
to your husband.
Oh, by the way,...
...I found this drawing in
Dom's drawer a few days ago.
Mum, me, Maggie, not Dad.
Gosh, Dom!
You know how long
it took me to finish this!
Answer, Dom! Answer!
Gosh, Sweetie.
Forgive me, alright?
It hurts, is it?
Come here.
Why did you have
to scold him like that?
He's still young.
He didn't mean to do it.
Perhaps it's time you become
a true father to the children.
What do you mean?
You wanted to Dom to another
school without telling me first?
That school isn't good
for him. He feels pressured.
You could have told me first,
isn't it? Did you know that...
...I went all out to oppose
his teacher to keep him... that school?
Why don't you look at this?
How long do we have to bear this?
You think changing school is free?
There are
many other schools.
There is a way out.
-Yes, the way out is for you... find a job and
not just doing nothing here!
That's not fair, alright?
We must accept this problem.
Alright? We both must understand.
-I've tried to understand.
But you need to change!
Perhaps I was wrong
to risk everything for you.
-I'm going out.
Hey! Natalie!
-Not to mention your mother!
Always blaming me, giving
the impression I'm such a fool...
...and can't take care of the kids!
-Up to you.
Dom? Found him?
-No, I didn't.
I'll check over there.
Dom, this isn't your fault.
Go home, alright?
Let's go home.
Promise you won't
run away again, alright?
-I found him.
He ran away
to Mr. Tomas's house.
You got me worried.
Go inside, go onside.
If I wear this necklace,
will it be nice or not?
Give it to me.
Relax, I'm not going
to do anything. Give it to me.
This necklace is such an antique.
Where did you get it?
I got it from my Grandma.
Enough, give it back.
Don't tell me I can't
look at it for a moment?
Ricky, it'll break.
-It won't break.
Why don't you believe me?
It won't break!
Ricky! Give it back, Ricky!
-It won't. What's with you?
Good evening, Auntie.
-Get inside, Maggie.
I'm sorry, Ricky.
Mum, you didn't have
to be that rude to Ricky.
He was so nice
to send me home.
I'm not blind. I could see what
you guys were doing in the car.
You're not fair.
You want to know what's fair?
Your brother is under threat...
...of being expelled from school,
he ran away from home,...
...Dad and I were busy looking
for him while you were on a date!
Dom, I don't want
to play, alright?
Hey! Hey!
-What's the matter, Sweetie?
Hey! Hey! What is it?
What is it, Sweetie?
I'm scared.
It's fine, Dear. They'll only be
at their grandma's for two days.
There's something odd.
Are you going for
the job interview today?
-The job interview.
-You're dressed nicely,...
...not like a rock climber.
I seldom wear a tie.
-It's good, it's suitable.
You're handsome.
What is this?
What is this?
I will do anything
so that you can return.
What do you mean?
Now you tell me.
What should I have done then?
Alone, having to face
questions from Maggie and Dom.
...I don't understand.
I can't live without you.
That's the woman whose husband had
an accident the other day, right?
Try consulting
with this doctor.
Perhaps it's time
we talk about the funeral.
Am I sane if I'm still
hoping he will return?
And you can't accept facts!
Please follow
my instructions, Natalie.
I can call
your husband back.
Please take this book.
All the rules are in here.
You have two days
to decide before Friday night.
The perfect time
to start the ritual.
-Please forgive me.
There is a way out?
We'll find another way,...
We will find another way.
You should not be here,... this world.
Your wife,
that agreement,...
...the stakes are lives.
-How do you...
...cancel the agreement?
You have returned here,... someone has to leave.
-That is the rule.
The agreement that has
been made cannot be cancelled.
Perhaps there is
one thing that can be done.
But I dare not promise.
-What is it?
It's a full moon tonight.
Spread this salt
at all the entrances.
This is the only way
to cancel that agreement.
And make sure no one goes out
or comes in until the sun rises.
Go spread it.....
-Then find the mark of a dowry... the house because whoever
has that mark of a dowry,...
...his life is in danger.
Find the sacrificial altar... your house and destroy it.
Thank you, Mr. Agus.
Gosh, how come
you guys are back?
-Come here, follow me.
Where is Dad?
-Come here.
Maggie, remove
your necklace. Remove it.
Maggie, hurry up.
Maggie? Maggie?
Maggie! Dom!
Dom, Maggie.
Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, Maggie. Maggie.
Dom, what's the matter?
Where's Mum?
Where's Mum?
Where's Mum?
Mum, Dad.
-Where's Mum?
-What? What is it, Dom?
Where's Mum?