The Rezort (2015) Movie Script

-Is this the right road?
-I guess.
-The guy said it was.
-He said there was a turn. There. Left.
Any good?
-You do realise how big this story is?
-Standing by.
Are you on with Jan? Let me talk to him.
Jan, it's Terri.
Are you going to cut in for us, yes?
Don't give me that. This is huge.
Look, my source is good. It's happening.
Thank you.
They are cutting us in.
Are you ready?
Beyond the horizon
is the world-famous Rezort,
where, if our sources are to be believed,
there was a serious security breach
late last night.
As a result, reports are coming through,
not yet denied,
that a Brimstone protocol
has been activated.
[different languages]
The second-known use of the Brimstone
protocol in the last ten years.
That's right, John.
It is only considered if there is
a genuine risk of another outbreak.
[different languages]
The chromosyn-A outbreak
ten years ago
was the deadliest pandemic
the world has ever known.
A virus that kills people
and brings them back to life.
A virus that creates wars
between the living and the dead.
The most brutal and vicious war
that humanity has ever waged.
A virus
that annihilates two billion people.
Two billion people.
[overlapping news reports]
The Brimstone protocol was the cure.
So, why the need to use it again
after seven years of rebuilding
free from infection?
The last place on Earth
where they can be found,
the Rezort is a sun-drenched island
where guests can pay to shoot the undead.
Vengeance, baby! Vengeance!
Still no comment
from the Rezort's parent company.
No questions!
An outbreak at the Rezort would be
utterly catastrophic, wouldn't it?
If true, yes, but look,
what can't be overstated
is the pioneering vision
of Rezort CEO Valerie Wilton.
Who is Valerie Wilton?
She has been described as many things.
[French, Spanish]
She used the undead left roaming her
island when the rest had been destroyed
to create jobs,
to stimulate the economy...
We are now hearing rumours
that the army has been called in
to evacuate this airport
and the refugee camp surrounding it.
The camp, which is run by Hope 4 U,
is one of dozens set up by the charity
around the world
to help cope with the humanitarian
disaster that the outbreak sparked.
And if the protocol fails, what then?
Well, we will do exactly
what we did last time.
Dropping bombs on hundreds
of innocent people?
Young lady,
you get gangrene in your foot,
you sacrifice your whole leg
to save the rest.
You lost this argument a long time ago.
That's why the people are behind us
because the people understand
that a sharp knife cuts quick.
The question that remains is,
in this age of relative optimism,
with humanity almost back on our feet,
if an exclusive island paradise
with a billion-dollar security
can be overrun, then what hope--
[planes soar by]
There, confirmation, if more were needed,
that something has gone very seriously
wrong at...
You're not still hear from the outbreak
survivor's support group thing, are you?
It's just I've got to lock up now. Didn't
you see the guy turn off the lights?
No, I didn't. Thanks, though.
You at the Rezort, seriously?
Yeah. Someone shared at the group
who'd been and it really helped them.
And for the first time, I am thinking
it might be right for me too because...
If I can't get over this, then...
I am just going to fade away.
Alone, because you will have left me
for someone who isn't completely mental.
Hey. Won't happen. I am with you.
100 per cent.
You won't have to anything or go anywhere.
It was the war, Mel. It affected us all.
-You'd love something like this.
-I'd fucking smash it!
I'm sorry.
I don't know how you got through it.
I just looked forward.
Kept my eye on what's important:
the future.
And what's it like?
Killing them?
Mostly, it just feels right.
Go back to sleep.
I'm OK.
Melanie, honey.
I know you're angry with me.
Honestly, I never wanted to leave you.
If you're watching this, you're safe.
That's all that matters to me.
You're such a good person, kind, caring,
always have been.
I am going to tell you some things
and I need you to listen to me, OK?
The world I raised you to live in,
it's gone.
When we talked about right and wrong,
it doesn't matter any more.
People have changed,
and I need you to change too.
Fit in or they will pick you out as weak,
and I need you to stay strong,
I need you to fight,
and keep on fighting
long after this war is over.
I know this is going to be hard for you.
But you have to promise me, baby,
promise me that you will stay strong.
[screaming, then TV off]
[plane roars]
[airport announcements]
Passports, please.
We have a nice lounge area.
And the boat to the Rezort is scheduled
to start soon, so please relax.
Enjoy yourself.
You've got to let me
give you something towards this.
It's OK. I can afford it. Kind of.
You're doing this for me anyway.
No, you're right. It is a real chore.
Relax. Enjoy yourselves.
So, the island was totally overrun?
Oh, yeah, recon unit found it
after the war teeming with shufflers.
Wilton's group bid for clean-up relief,
built the Rezort instead. Now, that is
spotting a market and exploiting it.
Zero outlay. Millions in mark-up.
I am all about making sure that you are
on the ground level for the next Rezort.
People be proper old!
Yeah, but... Fuck me.
I would tap that until it fell off.
Yo, I meant my dick not her arse.
Either way, man!
Travelling alone?
Yep, afraid so.
Wedding present. Tickets arrived on time.
Pity the fianc didn't.
Non-refundable, so...
Well, you came to exactly the right place
to be working out any anger.
Oh, yeah, let's hope
that they all look just like him.
[Mel giggles]
I can't believe it's still such a problem.
Well, at least they are getting
some sort of help these days.
If you could all follow me, thank you!
We're up.
[chatter and laughter]
[woman] Welcome to the Rezort.
Would you like some champagne?
[Jack] Yes, yes, yes, go!
[Alfie] Whoa! Whoa!
[low chatter]
Lewis and Melanie? My name is Isabel.
Welcome to the Rezort.
How was your flight?
[low chatter]
And this is your living room.
And the bedroom.
-Anything you need, call our concierge.
-[Lewis] Thank you.
There will be cocktails by our pool
for new guests at six.
-Very nice.
-Is everything satisfactory?
Yes, thank you.
Don't forget.
Your orientation starts shortly.
Sprayed it like a total newb!
Check it, bruv!
[instructor] Cease fire!
Weapons down.
Safety glasses off, ear defenders off.
Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.
Please make your way
out of the firing range.
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to the firing range.
Please take a booth each.
Safety glasses on, ear defenders on.
[man] They got nothing like this
in Hong Kong.
Need some assistance with your weapon,
We're good, thanks.
Do you have weapons experience, sir?
Uh, yes, in the war.
OK, well, you're still here,
so that's good enough for me.
You OK?
- Shall we do this together?
Take it by the grip.
It's just about breathing.
And concentrating.
Breathe in. And out. And squeeze.
-And again.
[gunfire in background]
It's actually pretty cool.
Warrior princess.
[electronic music plays]
[low chatter]
You look happy.
Maybe I am.
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to the world-famous Rezort.
As our new guests, we'd like
to extend a very personal welcome to you.
So, please show your appreciation for the
visionary mind behind our island paradise.
Valerie Wilton!
Two billion dead.
The world in ruin.
The chromosyn pandemic
gave each of us a story.
Those stories led us all to this island.
In a world rebuilt, a world reborn...
...I created the Rezort
to make your fantasies come true.
We are here to offer you a holiday
like no other...
A killer. Sand, sun, sea and slaughter...
[Valerie continues indistinctly]
So, why are you here?
-Vengeance, baby, vengeance!
-To kill those fucks! Come on!
[shouting and cheering]
We know exactly why you are here.
Huh? Feel good?
Now you're talking my language.
[Valerie] Ladies and gentlemen, the undead
have had their fun, now it's your turn.
At the Rezort, we firmly believe that
every apocalypse deserves an after party.
[music plays, growling]
[growl fades]
I fucking love this place!
[distant growl]
For a quirky, fun time,
please enjoy our...
It's unacceptable.
I am not paying those sort of prices.
-Try again.
-I am not sure this is going to work.
-It's probably nothing.
-We don't know.
Maybe we should tell her...
or you should tell her.
-She likes you.
-You found it.
And you would too, hours ago, if you had
done your systems, which you never do.
OK, OK, let's just get through today.
I'll clean the system overnight.
She'll never know. OK?
Just keep going through, people.
Keep going all the way through, please.
Thank you very much.
Just keep coming. Straight through.
[Jack] Whoa! Yeah!
Mikey, who you got today?
A bunch of dick-swinging investment types.
Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll shoot
themselves, huh?
Your pre-selected weapons
are waiting for you.
Your appointed guide
will take you to your vehicles.
Whoa! Easy there, tiny.
This is reserved for grown-ups.
Reserved for fucktards, more like!
Step this way.
Fuck, yeah.
Actually, you sit...
Hey, wherever you like.
OK, so, my name is Tom Nevins.
I'll be your guide this weekend.
We are good to go.
So if everyone has visited
their respective
little girls' or little boys' room,
let's go have some fun, yeah?
Right, let's begin.
Ladies and gentlemen,
your adventure starts in five...
four.. three...
Gates opening. Park is live.
-It's all for show.
-Oh, it's fucking on, boy!
All guest vehicles away.
Locked and secured.
[beeping continues]
-[beeping stops]
-All good.
Locked and secure.
What's causing that?
System's been laggy this morning.
I think it's OK now.
I don't pay you to think, Salva.
I pay you to know. Fix it.
You'll have seen fences that divide
areas of the park.
That's just to keep them
from herding too much.
Once we are inside those boundaries,
then we are on our own.
[Jack] Awesome!
OK, we really should go over
some health and safety.
So, rule number one, bites not blood.
[Jack] Remember the time
you went to school, yeah?
Chromosyndrome-A is passed
through saliva so beware of teeth.
-You know rule number two?
-Fresher they are, the faster they are.
Yes, but since all of our shufflers
date back to the war,
that doesn't really matter out here.
-Rule number three--
If you don't shoot them in the head,
you are pretty much dead.
What do you think we are? Newbs?
[Tom] On the left, you can see some of
our other guests at their shooting spot.
Whoa! Yeah!
Not bad shooting.
Don't want to make you look bad, guys.
Let me show you how it's done.
All right, all right.
[yells in Chinese]
Finger on the trigger.
You're up.
[ Keep Your Hands To Yourself
by the Georgia Satellites]
Let them have it!
Fucking die!
[bored] Yup... You show 'em, boys...
Hey, man. Yeah.
OK, take your time, relax.
Just remember everything
you were shown on the range.
All right, easy, boys.
I didn't realise there would be so many.
[distant groaning]
Yeah, buddy.
Enjoy. Rifle, miss?
-Um, no, I am good for now, thanks.
-All right.
That's shameful. Allow me, yeah?
You ready?
You go first.
Got one?
-OK, now remember.
Breathe in... And when you're ready...
...squeeze and fire.
I know you can do it, Mel.
Yeah, just... give me a sec.
-Just squeeze the trigger. You can do it.
She looked at me.
-No, no, don't be sorry.
[shots continue]
All it takes is a little TLC.
Gentle touch always does the trick.
Is it the same problem as before?
We don't know yet.
This might take a while.
What are you doing tonight?
Tate, run full diagnostics.
[sighs] I'll get on to it right away.
This is us, folks.
Your room for a night under the stars.
Then his head was like, boom!
Seriously, I want to marry this place
and have its beautiful babies.
I think this is a bad idea.
Coming all this way
and spending that money.
[she sighs]
I couldn't do it. She looked at me.
[he sighs]
Let's give it a chance.
It'll be good, I promise.
Are you enjoying yourself?
You didn't feel like shooting.
Well, my fianc... well, my ex-fianc,
it was more his kind of thing.
It really is beautiful here,
though, right?
Sorry about your fianc.
Yeah, sucks to be him.
We won a tournament, me and Alfie.
The prize was to come here.
We play Genocide.
It's an online shooter.
I mean, there's a campaign,
but it sucks, so...
You've heard of it.
Huh? Really?
It's kind of a big deal.
Our team name is Smashed Up.
-Great name.
-Yeah, I came up with it.
-No, you didn't.
-Sorry, how old are you?
That went pretty well!
-What is it?
-I traced the lags.
There was an unauthorised access
of the system late last night.
Why am I just hearing about this now,
Who was it?
Somebody swiped through reception five
minutes before but with no ID attached.
-No idea how they did that.
-They downloaded a ton of data.
-But they left something behind.
-Get Security in here right now.
-I lost readings everywhere.
-Are the fences done?
-I'll take over.
-I don't know.
-The system is not responding.
-Not letting me override.
-Warn the cars.
[indistinct radio]
And that is how we take care of business.
I gotta take a piss.
Hold it, princess. Excuse me, will you?
It's no good, it's jammed.
It's not working. Look.
[beeping stops]
-Whoa, he's angry.
-Done? What do you mean it's done?
Are we clear?
Me love you long time.
The fucking alarm! Give me options.
If it's a virus skull-fucking the system,
then probably trying to reboot itself.
We start clean.
Guys, I pissed all over him.
Could you get in the car for me, please?
-[laughter and applause]
-You were lucky, man.
I wasn't scared at all, not for a minute.
Go, go, go!
How much of the Rezort's breached?
Teams on every entrance now.
-Listen, we have to reboot this now.
-It's not going to work.
Keep trying!
This is fucked. I am out of here.
[he screams]
Brimstone protocol activated.
You've still got another hour
till it's your turn.
-Can't sleep.
Really is beautiful here.
If you can ignore the slaughter, that is.
You're not one of those psych cases
sent here by a doctor to...
Oh, I've read about it. That's all.
Something like that.
No one forced me, though.
-Chose to be here.
-Kill to get well.
They are just us, you know?
Still, I hate them.
My dad was...
Just like a normal dad, you know?
He was a good man.
He was a kind man.
I watched him turn.
Where do you think it goes?
When they come back...
That goodness in people.
What do you think happens to it?
Maybe it doesn't go anywhere.
Or maybe... I don't know... lives on in you.
Do you know where they word "zombie"
comes from?
African tribes
once called their soul "nzambi".
But when they were transported to Haiti
as slaves,
their soul became "zombi".
Meaning "all free will gone".
Unthinking, uncaring.
Right now, does that sound
more like them or us?
Do you ever find yourself thinking
that... we won the war but...
we forgot why?
Every day.
We have all these ethics about
how we are treated before we are born
and after we die, but we get bit,
we are just fair game.
If we can treat the dead like meat, then
who is to say the living won't be next?
Sadie, where's your gun?
Help... Get up... Get up! Get up!
-Jack, wake up!
Sadie, shoot it.
Sadie, shoot it! Sadie! Sadie, shoot it!
-Shoot it, Sadie!
Ha! Yeah, buddy.
Hakuna matata, motherfucker.
They shouldn't get this close.
Isn't this why we take turns
to keep guard?
-Do they not roam free in these parts?
-Are you kidding?
There are hidden fences everywhere.
How long would we stay in business
if guests got bit?
So, what the fuck's going on?
Ah, shit!
Stay down! Don't move!
Go, go, go!
[Tom on radio]
Red, red, red! Red, red, red!
Brimstone protocol activated.
[engine fails]
Quick, get up!
OK. We need to get to the truck.
Everybody to the truck!
Just fucking die!
Hold your fire. Hold your fire.
[engine stalling]
All clear.
How is everyone's ammo?
-Four rounds.
I've still got this.
Listen, it won't be long
until they discover something's wrong
and they'll come for us.
-Yeah, we'll be OK.
-They're not coming.
-The whole park is down.
-How long?
-Just a few hours.
-They level the island.
-Jesus Christ.
It prevents the spread of infection.
And we are just collateral damage.
What about the rest of the staff?
Uh, we were told to rally at the dock
30 minutes before the strike.
Where are you going?
You heard the man. To catch a boat.
It's too far. He's wasting his time.
-There's no way without a truck.
-We just wait around for the inevitable?
OK, look, we didn't come in a straight
line. There must be a quicker way back.
Hold on.
OK. Uh... Maybe... Yeah, right.
If we cut across here, that just leaves
this fence and town to cross.
Then we are at the communications relay.
It has underground access
back to the dock.
If it's clear, we could make it in time.
Still here?
Brimstone protocol activated.
You OK?
It's just bringing it all back.
Like muscle memory.
Look at him.
He's loving it.
Hey. It'll be OK.
-I'm sorry about your friend.
-His name was Alfie.
He was so excited about coming here.
He just wanted us to have
a ridiculously awesome time, you know?
I was such a dick to him.
We didn't get off to the best start,
did we?
I'm Sadie.
You seriously want to do this?
Excuse me.
Can I ask you a question?
Who the fuck made you the man?
When you decided to follow me.
The fence is just up ahead.
Thanks, bruv.
Jesus, Mike.
All of you, move.
How did things turn to shit so fast?
The systems in this place,
the security, is watertight.
This ain't your fault, bruv.
This is some virus thing, swear down.
Some next-level hacker shit.
How would somebody do that?
I don't know. From anywhere.
Internet, innit?
Inside job would be easier.
-Gate safe?
-Yeah, gate's fine. Go.
Go on. One at a time.
-Let's go. Come on.
-Women and children first, man.
[groans, gunshot]
Go, go.
Go, go!
No... No...
It's OK. It's gonna be OK.
Fuck me, man.
Don't worry about wasting that guy.
Seriously, I met him. He was a prick.
The world's a better place.
Are we not talking to each other now?
So this was you, was it, during the war?
Don't worry about it. Happens.
That doesn't make it OK.
Listen, I liked Nevins
but he was gonna turn.
Your boyfriend. He came here for you.
And what are you doing here?
The only thing I was ever good at.
You act tough.
But you had the chance to leave
and you came back.
You had the map.
I think I found it.
There it is.
No turning back when we get there.
And you, keep your head in the game.
Or we're leaving you behind.
Fuck off!
You don't even know her, kid.
And what you do?
Fucking apologise.
Just leave it, Jack.
The other night, sneaking around,
avoiding Security.
-What does he mean?
-So what?
Last I checked, it was still a free world.
You're gonna tell them, why you're here?
Look, I just downloaded some files.
That's all.
What files?
Whatever we could use to get this place
closed down.
Who is "we"?
-Living 2.
-The undead-rights activists.
What did you do to get in the system?
I just typed some codes that they gave me.
And I used this.
Look, I don't even know what's on it.
It's encrypted.
Are you fucking kidding me?
You've been played.
While you were downloading whatever,
they uploaded some shit.
So all these people are dead
because of you?
Oh, come on.
Do you honestly think I would be here
with you if I knew this was gonna happen?
Jack! I didn't know.
Yeah, tell it to Alfie, yeah?
I'm so sorry.
Well, we are not gonna leave you behind.
[distant growl]
[whispers] Jack. Jack.
OK, Jack...
[whispers] Jack...
OK, come on, quick...
Come on...
Jack, come on...
Wait, wait, wait!
Jack and Sadie.
[Sadie whispering] OK... OK...
OK... OK...
Come on...
Jack! Jack! Fuck!
Jack, come on!
Jack, quick!
Jack, in here!
[Sadie] Oh, fuck...
Jack! Jack!
Jack... Jack...
I'm so sorry.
Go! Go!
[distant roar]
Go! Go!
Let's go! Let's go!
Jack, where's Sadie?
Hey, we need to go.
It's along here somewhere.
[buttons beep]
This way.
[banging and groaning]
[banging and scraping]
Wait, we are
willingly going into the dark place?
[distant groaning and shrieking]
[footstep squelches]
What is it?
Nothing. Keep going.
What the hell were they doing in here?
[distant groaning]
[Lewis] Move! Go! Go!
Move! Move!
-[electric shock]
[Lewis] Move, move, move!
Go on, move!
Go, go, go, fucking move! Go, go!
Fucking move! Go!
-[groaning ends]
-Whoa! Whoa!
What is happening here?
Cattle runs? Ovens?
Seriously, fuck this island.
-[Mel] No, no, no...
-[Jack screams]
Walk away.
Walk away.
[Jack chokes]
[Jack chokes]
[gunshot, silence]
Hope 4 U. From the airport.
It's a hell of a way
to solve the refugee crisis.
Who's to say the living won't be next?
Something that Sadie said.
They are making more
to keep the island running.
But they'd all be fresh.
The heaters are for ageing them.
They could never get away with it.
They did. Because nobody cares.
[yelling and screaming]
You go first. You go first.
I'll hold them back.
-Go on, go.
I'll be right behind you. Come on. Go.
Go, go, go!
Archer, come on.
You got Sadie's stuff.
Just make sure it gets out.
[gunshots, groaning]
[gunshots continue, fading]
Come relax at our spa
with our hot-stone massage...
[groaning and growling]
I'm sorry.
-You left me.
-I'm sorry.
When you run, everybody runs.
[he groans]
No, no, no, I am not one of them.
Are you alone?
-Oh, Christ.
Come on, the emergency exit is our only
option. The problem is getting to it.
There is a crawlspace under the terminal.
We can get to it through there.
They're holding a study group
by the door.
They never leave, and we've got about five
minutes until the island is incinerated.
We need a distraction.
-You're an animal.
You killed all those people.
-The refugees.
-Now is not the time to talk about--
You are worse than they are.
I'm a businesswoman in a world
with new priorities, and you pay for it.
Give me the gun.
Do you want to live or not?
Go fuck yourself.
It's been three weeks since the terrible
incident which claimed the lives
of 250 people.
Investigators are still no closer
to figuring out what caused...
[grinder and voices drown out TV]
...made nigh on impossible by the drone
strike which levelled the island
and incinerated the resort.
To date, only one survivor has been named,
Melanie Gibbs.
But authorities suspect
she may not have been
the only one to make it
off the island alive.
Her release of a cache of top-secret files
downloaded from the Rezort's computers
before disaster struck
continues to make waves.
A public enquiry has been announced
to investigate the allegations
of a link between the Rezort
and the Hope 4 U charity,
implicating them both in a conspiracy
to profiteer from the death
of thousands of innocent refugees.
On the contrary, we welcome the enquiry
and look forward to refuting once
and for all these terrible allegations.
They are lies.
Miss Gibbs hasn't spoken publicly
since handing the files to the media
but broke her silence to talk to us
about the proposed enquiry.
[Mel] Any investigation is a start.
But it won't fix the problem.
What happened at the Rezort,
it's on all of us.
Because we won a war but somehow...
we lost ourselves.
I went there to try and fix myself
and then I realised
I am not the one who needed fixing.
I know what's coming next.
I think we all do.
How you deal with it this time,
that's up to you.
Amidst this talk of enquiries,
that could drag on for years,
let us not forget the immediate plight
of the refugees
at the Hope 4 U camp near here.
They now face the terrible prospect
of the charity going bust--
[distant groaning]
Jesus, what is going on?