The Rich Are Always with Us (1932) Movie Script

Are you ready?
- I'm through.
Oh my dear, have you heard
the news about the Van Dykes?
No. What?
- They have a baby.
A baby girl born this morning.
They are naming it Caroline
after it's grandmother.
Imagine being the richest
baby in the world.
I must tell Ethel.
I'm terribly sorry I'm late.
Darling, have you heard
about Caroline Van Dyke?
No. What?
She is engaged to Greg Grannard.
- You don't tell me.
Ambitious young stockbroker marries
the richest dbutante in the world.
I call him a lucky man.
Guess who is having luncheon together?
Caroline Grannard and Julian Tierney.
Who is Julian Tierney?
- You know, he writes novels.
Except when there is a war going
on and then he is a correspondent.
You don't mean do you, that there are
things wrong between Caroline and Greg?
No. Not if Greg could help it.
What man would walk out on
the richest woman in the world?
I shouldn't think he would.
- Ha.
Do you care for this one, madam?
Now, should I?
Yes, I think I should. That one.
Yes, ma'am. And for yourself?
- No thanks.
Don't you want one, Julian?
- No.
Well Julian, how did you
get away? What did you say?
Say? I didn't say anything.
I paid a native cab man double his fare
to gallop all the way to the airport.
And got a plane to take
me out of the country.
I didn't want to linger
in any chink jail.
I decided it was time to get back home.
To you.
Yes. Me and five or six others.
If you insist on being platonic,
I'll need five or six others.
To take your place.
Oh Julian, I wouldn't
go platonic on you.
Are you sure about that, Caroline?
Friendship is either too nice to be
platonic or too platonic to be nice.
Did I read that somewhere
or did I make it up?
Well .. it isn't very good anyhow.
With all this burning
passion you feel toward me.
I think it is mean of you not
to divorce Greg and marry me.
Mean? It is not even polite.
Give me a cigarette will you.
- Certainly.
You know.
Greg and I.
Are so.
Greg and I are so completely ..
Permanently, peacefully, married.
You know I trust him so completely.
If I were a woman I
wouldn't trust any man.
You wouldn't be chump enough to
trust me if you were married to me?
Not a chance.
If I caught you having
luncheon with a pretty girl ..
I'd shoot her and then knock you over
the head with something and lock you up.
That would be great.
To be loved like that .. by you.
So you still trust Greg, do you?
I bet your four bits he cheats on you.
You make me very angry
when you talk like that.
I can make you angry.
And I can make you laugh.
How about kissing me sometime?
Just to see what happens.
Oh Julian, you are the
most impertinent villain.
Well, it's just that I'm not very
well civilised. That's all.
Did they chase you far before they
caught you and put pants on you?
They had to tie me down.
- I bet it hurt.
I suppose the reason I love you.
Is that you are the most charmingly
civilised person I have ever known.
You know, that is the very
nicest thing ever said to me.
Oh, you see.
I never had a real chance.
- No.
My home life was never
what it should have been.
Mother was a radio announcer.
And father owned a trained-flea circus.
And that was just before
the Spanish-American war.
You think you'll ever be serious?
If you will take me seriously.
When I say I love you.
But Julian, you know you
mustn't really make love to me.
I understand.
Not to clown about the only important
thing that has ever happened to me.
Why, there is Malbro.
Well, ain't that just dandy.
How do you do, madam?
- How do you do?
Has Miss Parks come yet?
- Not yet, madam.
I'll wait.
- Yes, madam.
Julian, why don't you marry Malbro? You
know she is terribly in love with you.
Well, the fact that I'm not in love with
her might have something to do with it.
She's got lots of money. Millions.
So have you. But I am not in
love with your bank account.
Look out, here she comes.
- I hope she trips.
No luck. Hello.
Check, please.
- Yes, sir.
Sit down, won't you.
- I can't. I'm in a rush.
But you sit down.
You are the only couple in the
room that doesn't look bored.
Of course. Julian is propositioning
me. That's always interesting.
Why do the married
women have all the luck.
Have you seen the pretty
girl Greg is lunching with?
No. Where?
- Over there.
Oh. That is Madeleine Cheney.
I thought you knew her.
Will you please sit down.
Julian hates the
exercise of standing up.
He says it tends to wear the body out.
I am on my way. Don't
forget about tomorrow night.
Well that will be one of the
world's greater blessings.
When Malbro learns to
think before she speaks.
Just what do you mean?
- Oh, nothing. Shall we go?
By the way, Madeline Cheney
sailed for Europe two weeks ago.
Quite unworthy of you, Julian.
The first thing you've ever said
or done that I really dislike.
It isn't my fault if Madeline sails for
Europe instead of lunching with Greg.
So next time I'll say
Suzie Jones or Lizzie Smith.
Hello, Allison.
- Hello.
You're looking awfully pretty as usual.
You know Julian Tierney, don't you?
- How do you do.
Has Greg asked you down
for the weekend yet?
He hasn't. But I am dying to come.
How splendid.
If I had known you were here we
could all have had luncheon together.
Won't you have some coffee with us?
Oh, I couldn't think of
being so unfeeling.
Oh Allison, Greg will tell
you what train to take.
Or you might motor
down with him? Bye-bye.
- Goodbye.
As a matter of fact .. I don't think
I want to go for the weekend.
I don't like being in the same
house with you and her.
Oh, darling. Please.
You didn't think to ask me.
I was going to, darling.
Please come.
I'll miss you so terribly if you don't.
Now do you see how absurd
you were about Greg?
The Bells are one of his
biggest clients in the state.
He's got to take her around.
- Oh, of course.
Pretty too.
Very pretty.
Perhaps Greg would like to have me
take her off his hands for the weekend?
It's not nice of you to plant
suspicion in my mind.
In the first place it makes
you look ridiculous.
I know my Greg too well.
- Hmm?
I want to talk with you.
If it's anything serious,
I'm not going to listen.
Do you keep all your serious
moments for Caroline?
Would you like me
better if I weren't so ..
Flip and wisecracking?
I'm tired of being what I am.
Aren't we all.
Proud of being what we are.
Except Carol I suppose.
She is so perfectly balanced.
Worse luck.
I think I'm going to cry.
Oh no. Don't. It spoils the taste.
I hate you.
- There is Caroline.
Did you hear what I said?
No, darling.
I was looking into your eyes and
the glamour of them deafened me.
What did you say?
I said I hate you.
That's sweet.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Please, may I have your attention.
Alright, dear?
My dear friends.
All of you at some time or another.
In your lives.
Have played the great game of roulette.
And most of you, at some time
or other, without knowing it.
Have been up against a crooked wheel.
Tonight I will provide you with
one of the crookedest wheels ..
That the police department of
New York City has ever taken in a raid.
Behind the wheel.
You'll have the slickest crook who ever
escaped serving two terms in prison.
He is serving his second one now.
He's been loaned to
us tonight by the Warden.
Well chaperoned, I might add.
Oh, I want to warn you.
With this wheel and this gambler.
You haven't got a chance.
Now dear, be careful.
You may not get them to play.
And I want to tell you before I
forget, which would be terrible.
That all the money that you lose will go
to our local home for crippled children.
Which you have so generously
supported during the past five years.
And now. Now I want to introduce
our Master of Ceremonies.
Mr Clark Davis.
Ladies and gentlemen.
First of all I want to
thank Mrs Grannard ..
For the complimentary things
she's been saying about me.
Hello, Mr Randall.
Say, that was a nice trip we took
across the Atlantic, wasn't it?
It cost you about $15,000
too didn't it, huh?
Ah, you were easy.
Hey, you give another thousand
dollars to this charity ..
And I'll show you how I took
it away from you, Mr Randall.
Wait, wait.
It's worth $1,000 of my money to
know how that skinflint was trimmed.
Wait, wait. The fight doesn't start
until you get in the other room.
You will find blank checks and pens
just inside the door. Now come on.
Hey, my gal.
Here is yours.
If you are going to flirt with a man you
will have to work at it all the time.
Julian, stop.
Allison is a new guest in the house.
She doesn't realize yet you
don't know how to behave.
All the more reason I
ought to go to work on her.
If you don't stop annoying Allison I'll
tell Greg you've been proposing to me.
But Greg takes that for
granted. Don't you, Greg?
Caroline, while we are
all taking our hair down.
What can a girl to do when
she's in love with a man ..
And he won't take her seriously?
Won't he marry you for your money?
I don't know what the world is coming
to when a man prefers work to money.
I'm going into the garden for a breath
of air. Come, Julian. Take me, will you.
- Oh, Malbro.
I tell you what you do.
You pursue him to the point where he
either proposes to you or shoots you.
If he shoots you your troubles are over.
If he proposes, they are just beginning.
Come on, Julian.
Let's get away from the crowd.
I really must stay here and drop some
money just for the sake of appearances.
Do it later. Please, dear.
It seems ages since I've
been alone with you.
What about that kiss?
I told you I wasn't very well civilised.
Now Julian, it is all
very well for us to play.
You may be playing.
I'm not.
I'm in love with you.
You won't interfere in a
happy marriage, will you?
Oh, don't be silly, I'm just
a home-wrecker at heart.
You may be a home-wrecker
but you are out of practice.
You are not getting anywhere.
Hmm .. I wonder about that.
Are you sure that you don't love me just
a bit more today than you did yesterday?
Now don't be ridiculous.
Haven't you got any morals at all?
Well, they began to ache
when I was sixteen.
So I had them pulled out.
What am I going to do with you?
Let me tell you.
- No.
Please, darling.
Positively, I will not let you kiss me.
You are all panicky aren't you.
- No. No, I'm not.
You are not the least
attractive man in the world.
And I am not the
least susceptible woman.
Do you want to walk with me
and talk of something else ..
Or you want to go back in the house?
- Oh.
I'd rather walk.
- Well, come on then.
Are you working on your new novel?
Yes, Mrs Grannard, I am
working on my new novel.
Now you say something.
I am working on my new
novel, Mrs Grannard.
Dear, you must let me
handle this in my own way.
But I have, Greg.
And it has got us nowhere.
It isn't fair to make the
person you love suffer ..
Just because you're
afraid of hurting her.
Oh, now. Please, dearest. Please.
But you have delayed so long.
You know why.
I get afraid, Greg.
And jealous.
I want to be close to you.
In your arms.
I want you to hold me.
Kiss me.
Of course, any form of
writing has its limitations.
What you can do with a play
you can't do with a novel.
And vice-versa.
It just happens that the novel
form interests me much more ..
Shall we take a turn down the garden?
You join the others.
Caroline, please.
- Let me go, Julian.
I'm sorry. I couldn't avoid seeing you.
I'm not sorry.
I'm glad that you saw us.
Why should Greg and I have to hide?
We're not ashamed of our love.
It might be less a sense of shame than a
sense of tact that may make you hide it.
If Greg and I are in love ..
Why shouldn't you be tactful too?
Allison, I'd like to talk
with Caroline alone please.
No. I think it best that
all three of us talk.
Why make it more embarrassing
than necessary, Caroline?
You and I are embarrassed.
Why shouldn't Allison
be embarrassed too?
No, I want to stay.
I want you to know that
I'm in love with Greg.
I'm glad that you know it.
Are you in love with Allison?
Are you or aren't you?
Yes, my dear.
You know I must love her when I can
drag you through a thing like this.
Do you want to marry her?
Why shouldn't he if I
can make him happy?
I agree of course to any arrangements
you may wish to make.
Thank you, Caroline.
I am.
Sorry I have hurt you this way.
Sometimes we just can't
help hurting other people.
Don't you think it would be better if
you motored Allison into town tonight?
Perhaps it would.
No. I'll not leave at night as though I
were kicked out of the house. I won't!
It is not fair.
My dear Allison, it is not a question
of you being kicked out of the house.
I thought it might just be much
more comfortable for you.
This is all very painful ..
Surely you must have known it would be?
Greg didn't want to hurt you.
He's delayed telling you for weeks.
I would like to talk to
Caroline if you'd let me.
Without you being here.
- Just as you say.
I am sorry.
But I can't help being
in love with Greg.
I wish that it had been
someone else that I loved.
I've loved Greg for a long time.
I've given his happiness
a great deal of thought.
In a way.
I've made his happiness my career.
Perhaps I've blundered
in some way. I don't know.
Even so, you can't wonder I hoped you'd
given his happiness some thought too.
Naturally I have.
I love him.
Marriage is based on a great
deal more than sex attraction.
Sex attraction and sex congeniality
are two entirely different things.
Perhaps you've already found that out.
I neither know nor want to know.
Greg and I will be happy.
If your youth can hold him.
You are older than I am
and you haven't held him.
Greg has been used to
a great deal of wealth.
He may not be content without it.
Greg makes a hundred thousand
dollars a year of his own.
He told me so.
Sometimes he makes more than that.
Does that seem a great deal to you?
He's been used to much more you know.
Not that I mean to suggest
for a minute that Greg had ..
Money in his mind when he married me any
more than he has now he is leaving me.
It will be quite enough for us.
Well of course, if you
feel confident of that.
And then too, Greg is
used to his old friends.
He might not find it
easy to make new ones.
Why should he make new friends?
Is there any reason why his
old ones won't like me?
Well, you see Allison. They've
got the habit of liking me.
And you will do everything you
can to turn them against me.
Oh no, my dear. No, of course not.
I am still very fond of Greg.
And he will need his old friends more
than he's ever needed them in his life.
I don't think there is really
anything more to say.
So goodnight, Allison.
And goodbye.
Of course you hate me.
I am perfectly indifferent to you
Allison, as I always have been.
What a charming party, Caroline.
Wonderful, my dear.
We're having a gorgeous time, Caroline.
Are you alright?
Yes. Of course I'm alright, darling.
I'm going to gamble now.
This is most exciting.
Has Mr Grannard rung
for his breakfast yet?
He has gone, Mrs Grannard.
- Gone?
I suppose he took Miss Adair with him?
Yes, Mrs Grannard.
Will you tell the others when they waken
that I was obliged to go up to town.
And express my regrets.
Tell Miss Drake to come here.
You wanted me, Mrs Grannard?
Yes. Will you sort out all Mr Grannard's
personal things and send them into town.
That portrait of myself belongs to him.
He adores the 18th century screen in the
dining room so you might send that too.
I want him to have the Whistler etchings
and those drawings in the upper hall.
I am .. I am closing the house at once.
So, will you cancel all invitations.
I want you to do your best to try
and get the servants good places.
Except Bridget. She is looking tired.
She needs a long vacation.
Now will you come upstairs
with me. I want to pack.
Please, please, please
stop that hammering.
The noise drives me frantic.
I guess it is the sound of
things being torn down.
[ Buzzer ]
Tell whoever it is I died last week.
Yes, sir. Smallpox.
Mr Tierney in?
No ma'am. No. He ain't in.
Perhaps you'd better see if
he is in to Mrs Grannard?
Mrs Grannard? Oh yes, ma'am.
Just a minute, please.
It is Mrs Grannard.
- Caroline!
Caroline, dear.
I wanted so much to see you.
Why didn't you even
answer the telephone?
Julian, I have been so wretchedly busy.
So this is where you live and work?
- Yes.
It's nice, Julian. I like it.
Oh. Is this your new novel?
Julian. Hold me in your arms
just for a minute, tightly.
No, Julian.
No, please. Don't.
Please. Julian.
Julian, I didn't mean ..
I mean, I mean ..
I can't kiss you.
I might fall in love with you.
- I want you to.
Please, I can't kiss you again.
Oh, Julian. Julian.
I can't keep on kissing you.
If I am not willing.
- Exactly.
Get me a sip of brandy, will you.
Why Caroline, you are shaking.
Yes I know. Isn't it silly.
Maybe it's a good sign.
Take off your hat and sit down.
No, I can't sit down.
Every time I try I bounce.
[ Buzzer ]
Now, who the devil ..?
[ Buzzer ]
Max .. answer the door.
Not at home.
Yes, sir.
Mr Tierney isn't in, Miss Barclay.
That's alright. We just
stopped in for a drink.
But ..
Is this scandal or not?
A lovely lady, hat off.
Hair dishevelled, drink in hand.
A bachelor apartment, and a
"Don't Disturb" sign on the door.
Well, besides being a
nuisance you are a chump.
Hello, Dante.
- Hello.
You look so surprised.
Surely you knew Julian and I were having
an intrigue on the side, didn't you?
Don't look so shocked Dante dear.
Well, I ..
You're just plain shocked.
We just came for a drink, Julian.
No use being coy about it.
Have you ever tried being coy?
Max. Shake up some cocktails.
And I came to find out whether writers
make love out of fun or curiosity.
Which is it?
Well ..
As far as we've gone, I should call
it a normal combination of both.
Give me some more, darling.
Oh .. Dante.
Don't for heaven's sake let slip
to Greg that you saw me here.
He'd be so shocked.
I'd swear Caroline, you ..
You have me breathless.
Oh my dear Dante, don't you know that
Greg and I are just like other people?
Surely you're old enough and have
been married often enough ..
To realize that when two people marry
they both of them get the worst of it.
And they've got to make the best of it.
So here is to the almost
perfect marriage.
[ Clock chimes ]
Oh, it's late. I must fly.
Julian, it has been entirely
fascinating. Bye-bye, my dears.
See you sometime.
There is something wrong, some-place.
Tell them I didn't mean a thing
I said, will you. I'm upset.
Please stay. They'll be gone in
minutes. Or come back later.
No, I can't.
I can't possibly.
I sail tonight on the Europa
to get a divorce in Paris.
You're the only one I've told.
I'll take care of you until you sail.
- I need so terribly much to be alone.
Don't tell anyone until I have sailed.
Let's not say goodbye. It hurts so.
It seems only yesterday
that I sailed the last time.
Will you look this way, Mrs Grannard.
- Yes, surely.
Thank you.
Mr Grannard isn't sailing with you?
No, he couldn't. Not with the
market in this condition.
Is there any particular
reason for your trip?
Oh, just the usual reasons.
Buy a few clothes, see
a few people. Rest a little.
So sorry I can't give you more time boys
but I've got to get my luggage on board.
Thank you very much.
- A very pleasant voyage to you.
I just adore nightclubs.
Do you, darling?
- Uhuh.
That's fine.
Good evening, sir.
I thought they'd be here.
This place is Allison's weakness.
Well .. one of them.
Hello Allison.
- Hello.
- Hello, Greg.
Hello Malbro and Julian.
I thought Caroline was sailing tonight.
Why, yes. Yes she is. At 1:30.
Oh well I must ..
Well, see you later.
That is putting him on the spot, baby.
Why didn't you tell me she was sailing?
Well, I simply thought it was better
to avoid any discussion of Caroline.
I think I had a right to know.
I'm sorry darling, but whenever Caroline
is mentioned you get so upset.
Just as you are upset now.
There is that girl
who sings so divinely.
"I was never so blue."
"I saw love passing by."
"And now everything feels so sad .."
"As love goes by."
"When the skies are so cold."
"And I'm part of the gray."
"Though our partings go on now."
"You grow dearer each day."
"What a life."
"To live alone."
"What is left?"
Almost 1:30.
I hate to think of Caroline
going to that ship all alone.
How do you think I feel about it?
"All the love."
"That used to be."
"Sings a minor .."
"What a life."
"Trying to live."
"Without you."
"All the funny .."
"Funny little things."
"We used to say and do."
"They are not meant for one."
"They were made .."
"For two."
"Just the same .."
"The world goes on."
"I must live."
"What a life."
"Trying to live .."
"Without you."
[ Telephone ]
Answer that, will you Max.
- Yes, sir.
Miss Paris?
Paris, France?
I guess somebody is
playing a joke on us.
She says Paris France is calling.
Oh, sorry.
You mean to say you're
going to talk to Paris France?
A small but important part of it.
Oh, Max.
There is a good chance that I'll be
sailing for Europe tomorrow at noon.
If I do, I'll be gone about a month.
Your pay.
Yes, I'm still waiting.
And impatiently, I might add.
Your pay will go right on.
Keep the house in order and don't
be late tomorrow morning either.
Hello, Caroline dear.
Julian, my dear.
I've just landed back from
the Palais de Justice.
It's all over. I am a free woman.
Oh, I don't know how it feels yet.
Give me time.
Is the sky bluer?
Darling, it is winter in Paris.
I haven't seen a blue sky for weeks.
Is Mr Tierney in?
He is talking with Paris France.
Oh, here is Malbro.
I positively refused to give her
luncheon but she is here anyway.
Yep. Same old gag.
Says she is in love with me.
I suppose if fell for the gal she'd
be fed up with me within a week.
Caroline has got her divorce.
Caroline, dear. Congratulations.
- Give me that.
Give me.
Far from loving Julian,
I am beginning to despise him.
He's all flabby from not
exercising and drinking too much.
He's runs around with strange women.
She is a liar, darling.
I've been to two parties in a month.
I think he stayed at home smoking opium.
He looks it anyhow.
Have you seen mother lately?
Yes, just last week. She gave
a perfectly enormous party.
You couldn't put a foot down.
Without either stepping on a title or
getting it into a pail of champagne.
I've had three proposals
during the last week.
All from men who were too tired to work.
Well, you tell those mugs you are going
to marry a poverty-stricken old author.
I'll bring no debt and no dowry expect
a typewriter and a terrible thirst.
Darling, will you mind so much if Julian
married me until you were ready for him?
We could go to Europe on our honeymoon
and I could deliver him to you in Paris.
That reminds me of Mrs Joshua Slade.
She said she spent her first honeymoon
in Europe, the second one in Canada ..
But when she married Slade they just
went home and had a good steak dinner.
She said she got tired of having
her new husbands lose her luggage.
Oh Julian, I don't care
if it costs $10,000 a minute.
It is such fun to hear your voices.
No, no, no. Please don't hang up.
You are a pair of darlings
but I can't come home yet.
Oh, Malbro.
This won't interest you, Julian.
I've got the most
marvelous new laundress.
When she pleats my nighties they
are no bigger round than my thumb.
Darling, it is positively immoral
when I skin into them.
What do you mean,
it wouldn't interest me?
I'm human, ain't I baby?
He's positively inhuman.
My seductive wiles haven't
gotten me anywhere.
I'm going to bring her home with me.
That laundress. I'm still
talking about the laundress.
She's married to a Chinaman
who acts like a Frenchman.
She wants to come to America to find
an American who acts like a Chinaman.
Don't let her meet Julian.
You'll be out of a good laundress.
What about being out a good lover?
Or doesn't that count?
Has either of you seen
Greg and Allison lately?
Is she still dragging the poor
sacrificial lamb around nightclubs?
Not very often.
Just five or six times a week.
Well, I was nice enough to
ask her to dance with me.
She says her family will
be frightfully mortified ..
If the newspapers mention her in
connection with a divorce scandal.
Tell her my family would be frightfully
mortified if their scandals weren't ..
Spread all over the front pages.
They always have been.
I've got to leave you now, my darlings.
My lawyer has just arrived.
What kind of a surprise? Now, Julian.
Oh, Julian. Promise me it isn't
that you are coming over here.
No. Of course I am not afraid, silly.
I just don't feel up to meeting people
or being reminded of things. That's all.
You promise me?
I'm not promising anything.
Goodbye, dear.
Goodbye, darling.
What was that last crack?
Are you going to Europe?
Wouldn't you like to know.
- Yes, I would.
I don't know myself yet.
I'm waiting to hear from my agent.
He is trying to sign me to do an article
on Romania for a newspaper syndicate.
So you won't be hanging
round Caroline in Paris?
Just as much as I can.
If you are trying to burn
me up you are succeeding.
I'm not interested.
Max .. you may serve luncheon for one.
You get out of here. I'm busy.
I've got a book to finish.
You don't care if I starved.
Make it luncheon for two, Max.
If I feed you will you lam out of here?
Like a nice girl?
I'm not a nice girl.
I'll be using every dirty trick known to
the female tribe to get you for myself.
Even if Caroline is my best friend.
Here is where friendship bites the
dust and true love is triumphant.
Will you choke off the childish
prattle until luncheon.
If you go to Europe, when do you sail?
- Tomorrow noon. On the Bremen.
Will you please shut up.
I've never seen an author off before.
I ought to marry you.
Just to make your days
and nights hideous.
I'll answer it, Max.
- No, I will.
No you won't.
Give me that.
Who wishes to speak to him?
This is one of his secretaries talking.
- You clown.
Hello? Oh yes, Jim.
Yes, yes. I know it's been busy.
Yes, I've been talking with Paris.
Say, that's great. Fine.
Sure, I can make it.
I'm in a jam trying to finish the book.
I've got the pest of
Park Avenue with me.
I'm going to feed her
and give her the rush.
Alright. Bye, Jim.
Sailing tomorrow.
Now Malbro, dear. Please.
Please don't interrupt me.
- Julian!
Oh Julian, I am so excited.
Oh, darling.
I never was so happy to
see anybody in my life.
Oh, you look lovely.
Mr Julian Tierney.
Is your name Julian Tierney?
- I don't know.
I don't care.
Here you are.
I am from the bank, sir.
Your ticket to Belgrade.
You are leaving tonight by air.
At 10 o'clock, sir.
- What?
I travel 3,000 miles to see the girl I
love and you expect me to leave tonight?
You are just plain crazy.
- Yes, sir.
Let's make every moment count.
- Right.
You've not signed the receipt.
Please, Mr Tierney. Sign the receipt.
Life would be much more simple.
If I could kiss you and look
at you at the same time.
Well, it is a trick that could
be done with mirrors.
But I don't think it is very nice
to kiss and keep your eyes open.
It depends on what you see.
Tell me.
How do I look after all these years?
You have a kind of a sillier
looking face than I remember.
Have I more "it"?
Do you realize that you haven't proposed
to me for months and months and months?
Except by cable and telephone.
- Those don't count.
Apparently not. Now look here, hussy.
I'm going to ask you a plain
question and I want a plain answer.
Will you or won't you?
Well .. I'll decide later.
Now what is the use of going
on proposing and proposing ..
If you're still in love with Greg?
I was married to him once and
you used to propose to me then.
I wasn't so sure that you
were in love with him then.
Are you so sure now?
I don't know.
That's the devil of it. I don't know.
Will you believe me
if I tell you I'm not?
Because you don't know yourself.
That also is the devil of it.
Well don't let's talk about Greg.
We've got so little time.
- That's right.
Come here, woman. Where you belong.
Are you really going to Romania tonight?
That depends on you.
Stay on the other side of that door.
There is no fun on this side.
You are always telling me to stay
on the other side of something.
Stay on the other side of the ocean
or stay on the other side of the door.
Tell me about Malbro. What is she doing?
Making a nuisance of herself as usual.
Now look here.
Don't try to evade me.
We're wasting a lot of time talking.
And what I've got to say to you
I can put in a ten-word telegram.
Shall I say it and save the money?
Spend it on those wild women in Romania?
Certainly not. I insist on a telegram.
Oh. Let's compromise.
I'll say it and send
you the telegram too.
I love you.
I need you.
And I want you.
Let me wait.
That's a swell pan.
Now don't get conceited.
As I've said before, it's not
your face I'm in love with.
Well, just the same.
Aren't you glad I didn't get too dirty
a deal when the faces were passed out?
Are you really going tonight?
I've told you, dear.
That depends on you.
The car is probably waiting for me now.
Yes, it is.
Julian, you can't put a proposition
to me and just say take it or leave it.
It's what I'm doing.
- Julian, you really ..
- Exasperate.
Well, I'm glad we've got that settled.
Now you get this straight.
If I leave here now I'm
never coming back.
Unless I'm moving in.
To stay.
Julian, you must give me time.
- Time?
Yes, you've got to. You're not fair.
Time to waste? Time to throw away?
That isn't what time is for.
Julian, you can't.
Toss a few things in a bag
and come with me, will you?
Let's run away together.
To a country where no-one knows us.
And no-one gives a hoot about us.
We can be alone.
Together, darling.
Now Julian, you can't. You can't
rush me off my feet like this.
You know perfectly well I can't
I can't think when I am in your arms.
Caroline, please.
Julian, you see that is why I didn't
want you to come to Europe.
I've got to think things out for myself.
I've got to decide what I'm going to do.
I realise I could kiss
you into needing me.
And I am not going to do it.
Please kiss me into needing you.
You know I love you.
[ Telephone ]
Oh, a communication you
have for Mrs Grannard?
One minute.
Miss Barclay is calling from New York.
Hello Malbro.
How are you, dear?
Sweet of you to call.
Julian is here.
Oh, Julian.
Malbro says to say that she
loves you in the same old way.
Allison and Greg were married today.
Did you go?
Yes, I went.
Just because I knew you'd want me to.
It was rather pathetic.
Greg doesn't look very well.
He is in sort of a bad way.
What's the matter? Is Greg in trouble?
A whole lot of your friends have
taken their accounts away from him.
Oh dear.
Do you think if I came back
immediately I could help Greg?
Not very much you can do about it.
A man has a right to choose his wife
and his broker for himself and ..
Change either of them
whenever he pleases.
But Malbro, I've got to do something.
After all, in this situation ..
Greg hasn't got anybody
but me to help him.
Well, I tell you. You give me their
names and I'll write to them.
Hold on a minute until
I get a pencil and paper.
Julian, Allison and Greg
were married today.
Oh dear.
Six servants in the house, and you can
never find a piece of paper and pencil.
Julian, have you got a ..
Hold on a minute.
Get me a coat. Hurry. Quick.
[ French language ]
But Julian.
I'm so glad to be back.
If I could only hug and kiss all
three of you at the same time.
Where's Theresa? I've lost Theresa.
There she is. Here, take that.
Malbro, I've never seen you
look so beautiful in all your life.
Oh Flo, isn't it fun.
Say, where is Julian?
Where is Julian?
- He's back from Europe, isn't he?
Oh, weeks ago. He's been awfully busy.
He said to say hello to you for him.
Julian has a new apartment.
We've had a grand time fixing it up.
We've been prowling about
the funniest little shops.
Oh, Therese.
Better get out the decoration
and start undoing the trunks.
I've put everything I
declared in one trunk.
Well, that makes it much easier.
What's the matter with you, Malbro? You
have changed. Not so much a roughneck.
That's Julian's influence.
He won't stand for any nonsense.
Bangs her around.
He'd be good for Malbro.
Oh, you mean Malbro and Julian are ..?
Well, it looks that way.
Well, you never can tell.
Did you bring back hundreds
of beautiful frocks?
Oh darling, thousands.
And the cutest little undies
for you, you ever saw.
And nighties for you, Flo.
And pyjamas for you.
Yes. I was in a particularly bedroom
frame of mind when I went shopping.
Can't you possibly come
to us for the weekend?
No, dear. I'm awfully sorry.
I don't think there is anything more to
do here. I think we should go. Therese!
Therese, we're off to the apartment.
You come when you get things finished.
Come on.
What do you want to go to China for?
Because they are willing to pay
me a lot of money to write things.
Now, what do you think of that?
Not so good.
The telephone operator is positive
there has been no calls for you, sir.
Listen, my fine young friend.
What you are suffering
from is girl trouble.
Will Madame have her breakfast now?
Yes, please. Has Mr Tierney called?
No, Madame.
[ Telephone ]
[ Telephone ]
I hope I woke you up.
I've been up for hours.
How are you, Caroline?
Oh, I am very well, thank you.
And you?
Busy doing what?
I work for a living.
Just at the moment I'm up to
my neck in manuscript.
Yes, I'd like to see you too.
Oh, I could make it about 4:30.
I'm taking Malbro to tea at five.
I could stop on my way uptown.
Very well.
I'll see you this afternoon at 4:30
Yes. And don't you be late because
I have an appointment too.
Mr Tierney.
Julian, it's good to see you.
Hello Caroline.
Well ..
Sit down, won't you.
Have a nice trip across?
Well, you can at least
act human, can't you?
It seems I'm either excessively
human or not human enough.
Why didn't you write to
me when you left Paris?
I thought it better to let each other
alone until the thing got washed up.
You can't stand a licking all the time.
That sounds human enough, doesn't it?
You see, it was the maternal
thing that had me beaten.
Why, you'll mother Greg
until the day you die.
Mr Grannard to see you, madam.
Oh. Show him in.
How appropriate.
Now Julian, you must stay. You must.
- Why, naturally.
I wouldn't have Greg
think I'm unfriendly.
Hello Caroline.
How nice it is to see you.
- How are you, Greg?
And Julian. I haven't
seen you in a long time.
How are you, Greg?
- Fine, fine.
I hope Allison is well.
Oh yes, yes.
I have some papers for you to sign.
I thought I'd drop in on the
chance I'd find you home.
And leave them if you weren't.
Oh, how sweet of you.
You know ..
Greg has been kind enough to go on
managing some of my affairs for me.
It will be awfully natural
to hear you say:
"Sign here and here and here."
Let's go in the other room, where
there's a pen. Excuse us, Julian.
Of course.
I wish you'd come downtown
and have lunch with me.
I'd like to very much, Greg.
I understand.
I shouldn't have come
here without asking you.
I do think it better if we have business
to talk over if we should meet at lunch.
Don't you? We could chat then.
I feel in desperate need
of you at times, Caroline.
Aren't you happy, Greg?
I suppose I should be.
Allison is going to have a baby.
What fun that will be for you.
Don't you worry.
Everything will be alright. You'll see.
It was kind of you to send some
of my customers back to me.
Frankly, I needed them.
Oh Greg, I didn't send them back.
No. But they came back soon enough
when they knew it would please you.
Oh Greg, come along.
Are you going uptown or down, Greg?
I am going up.
- Well, that is fine.
I'll ride along with you
if you don't mind.
Yes. I am taking Malbro to tea.
Oh Greg, thanks so much for ..
Helping to manage my
business affairs for me.
Why don't you call me up soon?
We'll have luncheon together.
Let's make it Monday.
Oh, I'd love to. Thanks.
- Bye-bye.
I should like to introduce myself.
To the waiters.
I am the host.
By special permission of
the copyright owner ..
My wife.
I am going to require a great deal of
attention for the rest of the evening.
Oh, Julian.
I was beginning to think
you weren't coming.
I got tied up downtown.
Let's sit down over here.
There is something I want to tell you.
I was busy drawing up a contract
that's going to take me to China.
Oh, Julian.
Must you?
I've got to get out.
Is it going to be for long?
Six months in China.
Another six months in India.
You've been a mighty nice person to me.
And I like you.
So cupid takes it on the chin again.
That silly-looking little chump.
It is Caroline, I suppose?
I am afraid so.
Caroline's here, you know.
No I didn't know. You ..
- She changed her mind.
Don't you want to see her?
Not particularly.
Every time I see her it
throws me on my face.
And this pan has had
too many bad landings.
I guess I'll go and have a drink with
Dante and pour myself into bed.
I am leaving for Seattle
tomorrow night and I ..
And I have to get an early start.
You'll want to see Caroline.
Wouldn't you like to go
up in my sitting-room?
We can have some
champagne sent up there.
Listen to me.
You funny, dear kid.
Don't make yourself unhappy.
Clinging to a false hope.
That's goodnight.
And goodbye.
Oh, Malbro.
I'll be with you in a little bit.
Why Caroline, I heard
you weren't coming.
For once, this girl changed her mind.
- Beat it.
Oh, alright. You wouldn't
hit me, would you?
Perhaps it doesn't make
any difference in your life.
But Julian is leaving for
China tomorrow night.
And going to be gone a whole year.
I've used every trick one woman can use
against another to take Julian from you.
I couldn't get away with it.
There has never been an instant
when he hasn't been utterly yours.
I've never even been a bum second-best.
He is in the bar with Dante.
If you are interested.
Hello, Allison.
- Hello, Caroline.
Nice to see you.
Oh, how I hate that woman.
"Oh, hello Allison".
How I'd like to get something on her.
Seems to me, if there's any hating to be
done it ought to be the other way round.
After all, you took her husband.
I just hate her. That's all.
She is so cool and sure of herself.
It must be thrilling to be a writer.
Tell me something I've
always wanted to know.
How do you writers get your plots?
Your stories, I mean.
Frankly madam, we steal them.
You say such funny things.
Excuse me, please.
- Surely.
This is all very nice but aren't
you going to say anything at all?
Not here.
Come in, Julian.
I love you more than anything on earth.
I am sorry I've made you unhappy.
I've been unhappy too.
My dearest.
Dawn is coming.
I wish it wouldn't.
So do I.
Will you think I've fallen out of
love with you if I light a cigarette?
Not if you light one for me too.
Here you are.
I read once of a woman who hid her lover
in the attic of her house for two years.
Of course, she slipped him his meals.
Never let him out of her sight.
That's the way I feel about you.
I don't want anybody to look at
you or know anything about you.
Would you mind if I took a
walk every now and then?
You might get run over.
- Oh, yes.
Of course, I could take
you out on a leash.
Yes, I'd like that.
Can I always watch you put
cold-cream on your face?
You look so cute. That's why.
You bet you can.
You look perfectly ridiculous
in your evening clothes.
Why don't you change?
Because I worry you'll
find you don't love me.
Oh, well.
You realize it will be awfully hard for
us to get ready to go to China tonight.
After you've been married to me for a
month or so you won't mind difficulties.
- Yes.
Must we really go tonight?
- Absolutely.
Whatever you say, dear.
- Yes, dear. That's the spirit.
Always agree with
everything I say. Always.
Yes. I'll be a docile wife.
- All the time?
Well, docile at midnight.
Difficult as noon.
Oh, my darling.
It is al so unbelievably
wonderful and lovely.
Good morning.
Come and watch me shave, darling.
Yes, my pet.
If you promise not to cut
yourself. I couldn't bear that.
What is the matter, Dante?
Malbro, your adopted
father wants no breakfast.
I feel as though I were stuffed
with cigarette stubs and glue.
You poor darling.
Should Malbro fix you a prairie oyster?
Would you?
How would you like a little
scandal to pep up the party?
Julian and the noble, the perfect,
the immaculate Caroline.
Have ..
Oh, I have to tell this inside.
Now what was that?
Excuse me.
- I can't stand what you did.
Don't touch me again. Don't you dare.
- Why you ..
You get out of this house.
If you ever mention it to anyone
it'll be the sorriest day of your life.
What is it, Malbro?
She thinks she has a scandal on Caroline
and wants to tell it to the whole room.
It is scandal.
- Don't you dare say another word.
Go and pack your things.
We are going back to the city.
Go on.
I am so sorry for you, Greg dear.
Of course.
Mr Grannard's roadster at the west
entrance and make it snappy.
I won't listen to any of your
silly, stupid scandals.
Oh, very well.
Caroline is so good, so pure.
So noble.
- Wait.
I want to tell you this. I've
never hit a woman in my life.
But you're close to it now.
You'd better not say anything more.
You've left me with nothing
but contempt for you.
If that's the way you feel about it ..
You'll be very glad to hear that
I am not going to have a baby.
What do you mean?
- I was mistaken.
Besides, why should I have a baby?
I'm young yet. I want to enjoy life.
You mean ..
You think I want my figure spoiled and
my life messed up by a squalling brat?
- Huh?
Before you give that blessed port away.
I think we ought to go downtown
and get that marriage license.
Then that is finished.
Just as you say.
- That's the spirit.
- Hmm?
You will be nice to Greg, won't you.
I suppose so.
Let's forget about him.
Well, after all you ought to
be very grateful to him.
Why so?
Hasn't he given you the
best years of his wife?
Don't be silly.
Was that a wreck?
- Yes. Don't look.
A bad one too.
The ambulance is there already.
There is nothing we can do.
It seems so unreal, doesn't it.
That anything so brutal and cruel
could happen when we are so ..
Blissfully contented.
Well. Everything is
for the storage again.
Yes, but gladder tidings this time.
Mr Tierney and I are going to
be married this afternoon.
We are leaving tonight.
- Tonight?
Oh, I am so happy for you.
I am so happy for myself.
We are going to disappear.
Then it is China, India, Europe.
We don't know when we
will be coming back.
Not in.
How do you do, Dr Derwent.
Wait, wait. I'll take it.
Hello. Hello, doctor dear.
You are a neglectful brute
not to come and see me.
How awful.
The Arch Hospital?
Yes. I will come at once.
Mr Grannard has been terribly injured.
Will you tell Mr Tierney to come
for me at the Arch Hospital.
And explain to him. Come and
help me get a dark coat and hat.
What is the number of
Mr Grannard's room?
- 406.
How is Greg?
- He has an even chance.
A little better than an even
chance with you here.
Is Allison with him?
You had better sit down.
Allison is dead.
She was instantly killed.
I knew you would want to be called.
You are the only person
in the world Greg has.
Greg has been terribly injured.
Fortunately I was in the hospital seeing
Judge Bradshaw when he was brought in.
Oh, was Judge Bradshaw
in the accident too?
No. He is recuperating
from an operation.
Caroline, if there is anything in
the world that can save Greg ..
It's the sight of you.
And the touch of your hands.
Do you feel strong enough to go in now?
He is unconscious.
A Mr Tierney is in the reception room.
Ask him to wait.
Beg him not to go.
Greg, dear.
I'm here, Greg.
Don't leave me.
I won't leave you, Greg.
Is Greg going to pull through?
Julian .. I can't go.
I can't leave him.
Then it is goodbye?
Just for a little while.
- Oh, I am sure of that.
Why, I've just been an idiot
to love you as much as I have.
But Julian, I will come
to you. I swear I will.
Julian, I can't go away from him
and leave him all hurt and broken.
I'm licked.
Oh, Julian.
Julian, please. Please.
I can't help it. I can't
help mothering Greg.
It is just as if he were
my own little son.
All hurt. Cruelly hurt.
Oh, Julian.
If I went away and left him like that I
wouldn't be a person you could love.
Well, I am on my way
and I'm not coming back.
You come with me.
What number is Judge Bradshaw's room?
- Thank you.
[ Door knocks ]
Hello, Judge.
- Hello, Caroline.
How is Greg?
He will recover.
You know Mr Tierney, don't you?
Why, of course.
We've met with the Doubledays.
But I can't talk with
this thing in my mouth.
Do you think you can remove
it long enough to marry us?
But Caroline, dear.
- But nothing, my dear.
Better keep these. They may have
some telephone numbers on them.
This is quite unusual, but ..
Perfectly legal.
[ Door knocks ]
Mrs Grannard?
- Yes.
The information desk said you were here.
Mr Grannard is conscious
again and asking for you.
No, Julian. You can't desert me now.
Well dear, we'll just
have to adopt Greg.
We'd better make this snappy.
I have to catch a train.
Nurse, get someone else.
We want you as witnesses.
Why, sure.
Mr Tierney, thank you.
Do as you are told. Put that pail down.
And stop chewing gum.
Now if you will get
over on the other side.
Yes, around.
By virtue of the power in me, vested ..
You must go now, my dearest.
You will be late.
Don't look back.
I want you to see me next in China.
Goodbye, dear.