The Rider (2017) Movie Script

How you doing, part'?
It's good to see you.
What the hell
are you doing here?
You're supposed to be
up there in the hospital.
I seen Tanner at the bar,
he said you escaped, huh?
Told you to check me out.
Well, doctor said you're
supposed to stay up there.
Give me a hug.
Why don't you go inside
and sober up?
Sober up?
Let me see you rope that.
Checking yourself out of the
hospital like your Uncle Roddy?
What the hell?
Can't you rope anymore?
Got any chew?
Just give me a hug.
Love you.
Ladies and gentlemen,
how about another round
of applause?
You get a little bit
out of time,
and that's all it takes
to put you down on the ground.
Next in the livestock bucking
chute, here's Brady Jandreau.
ANNOUNCER: Bucking chute.
Here comes Brady.
WOMAN: Go, Brady. Go, Brady!
WOMAN: Go, Brady!
Well, folks, it's...
Our rear pickup can't get a hold
of that horse. The cowboy...
WAYNE: There's supper.
Better have a bite
of that chuckwagon.
Just look at it
for a second.
I'm sick of it.
It makes me all mad.
- WAYNE: I'll make a deal with you.
- Hmm?
A bite of the chuckwagon
or wear a bra.
But I don't like
that bra ever!
WAYNE: Brady,
get her that bra.
You shouldn't try to force her
to eat things
she doesn't want to eat.
But I just want to eat
fruit or not
or respect about your
favorite thing to do or not.
You're as stubborn
as your brother.
Look how he ended up.
- LILLY: That's dirty.
- Big old gash on the side of his head.
I told him not to go over there and
ride that son of a bitch anyway.
Well, I would have won the rodeo
if I would've got her rode.
LILLY: Excuse me, guys.
Whole point of it is,
is I told you to stay home.
I had a bad feeling
the whole time.
FRANK: You got him
backing up pretty good?
BRADY: How you doing, Frank?
Hey, Brady. How you doing?
Shit, I'm healing up.
- It looks pretty wicked there.
- Yeah.
I'll be good to go
before long.
Bullshit. Don't let him
lie to you, Frank.
Fuck that.
I'll come and see you, Frank.
Don't worry about it.
You should lay off that
horse's face a little bit,
and he wouldn't be putting his
head in there like a goose.
Well, you can tell me
what to do
when you're riding
the son of a bitch.
Too bad you went to the rodeo
and got all fucked up
and you ain't showing him.
BRADY: I was doing
what I needed to do.
Well, I'm doing
what I need to do.
Finishing something
that you should be doing.
Well, see you, Brady.
Take care.
I was tough, Mom.
LILLY: What's the matter,
Sit down, Lilly.
- You okay?
- Sure.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm okay.
All right.
You won't get hurt yourself.
I didn't mean to.
Aw, it's okay.
Come here.
- Listen.
- What?
This time, you don't...
Your hurt boo-boo?
- Yeah.
- I...
That... This is a head.
- Yeah.
- It's called "skull."
Yeah, I hurt my skull.
- You know what they had to do?
- What?
They had to do surgery.
Surgery? Don't joke me.
You know what they do
when they do surgery?
- What?
- What do they do?
- Got broke.
- Yeah.
I broke it.
Broke my skull.
Yeah, "broke my skull,"
And then you have
to cut it with a knife.
- Cut it.
- Yeah.
- And then they put a plate in there.
- Uh-huh.
And then they sewed it up.
(STAMMERS) But you said...
- "Not gonna, either"?
- Not gonna what?
Bucking horse anymore.
Uh, maybe.
Oh, dear, that's terrible.
I'm not gonna die.
- No, I'm not gonna die, either.
- No.
- I'm staying alive.
- Yeah.
Lil, can you sing me a song
so I can take a nap?
- Yes.
- Okay.
Holy piss.
Jesus Christ,
he looks like Frankenstein.
That's fucking right.
Fuck that.
That's just a scratch.
Some smoke will help it.
Get the fuck out of here.
You can wrap it up, right?
What are you guys doing?
Put your Wranglers on, man.
- Yeah, let's go get fucked up, bud.
- Let's go.
CAT: Last of the Mohics.
Your turn, James. Do it.
Fuck yeah, dude.
Come on, Brady!
Let's go!
Come on, Brady!
- Brades, come on!
- Yeah.
That horse I got on
in Fargo was...
Everything I heard
about her was shit,
but I got on her
and said, "Fuck it," and...
She was good out there
for a while, and...
Until the whistle,
she got real trashy
and started turning there
by the fence, sucking back,
and I went over
the front of her.
She stepped on my head,
popped me out.
Didn't knock me out until they got
me back to the hospital there.
I had a seizure
and went into a coma.
CAT: Yeah, I been going
for 10-plus years, you know?
Probably had
10-plus concussions.
I probably should...
I mean, by NFL standards,
I should be dead,
you know what I mean?
Got kicked in Kadoka
at Rodeo Bible Camp.
Went out the back door.
That wasn't so bad.
It was kind of a stinger there
for about a week, but...
Started riding and it
loosened up a little more.
TANNER: Got on this big,
gray mare.
I was getting pretty stretched
out towards the end,
and thank God
I heard the whistle blow.
But, anyway, right at the end,
she slammed me down
in the dirt.
Hardest I've ever been
slammed before.
Brady over there told me
to get on my short-go horse
even though my ribs hurt
like a son of a bitch.
Ain't that right, Brady?
You don't let no pain
put you down.
You ain't gonna be turning out
horses left and right
just 'cause your head hurts
a little bit now, are you?
I'm not... I'm not drawing out
of anything.
I'm just taking some time off.
Your brain's a little
different than your ribs.
Yeah, I know, but it's all
the same to a cowboy.
Ride through the pain.
You gotta make sure this head
of yours don't get you scared.
I know how that goes
with some guys.
They get scared
to get on again,
and then they
end up becoming farmers.
Hey, Brady.
You seen Lane?
Well, I didn't get a chance
to see him there for a while,
while I was rodeoing.
They just checked him into a
brand-new rehab facility.
He probably could have won the World
if he'd had an honest chance.
Remember when he went three for three
in McCool Junction and won it?
Yeah, that was a good night
for Lane.
Remember when he
broke his riding arm
and won the bull riding
first time ever
riding a bull with his right hand?
Eighty-four points.
Shit, one time, me and Lane
was coming back from a party.
We was driving
in Tanner's brother's car,
and we was kind of
talking about women.
We was a little drunk,
and Lane looks over at me
and says,
"James, you know what?
"One thing
I've learned in life,"
he says... (CLEARS THROAT)
"I've always thought girls
come in with a name
"and they leave
with a number."
It's kind of
fucked up, but...
- Dirty dog.
- Yeah. Lane.
Real wild.
CAT: Want to say
a prayer for him.
I mean, be best if we say a
prayer every day, you know...
For the guy,
'cause he sure could use it.
But I just want to
go ahead and say...
Pray to God that
he takes in all the strength
from all his friends
across the nation.
North, south, east and west.
'Cause we all know he's got
friends all over this country.
Pulls through.
Hope he gets to ride again.
Feel the wind
hit his back
and watch it flow
through the grass.
We are him, and he is us.
We're all
one in this together.
Sun shines in
This traveling car
Leaving one rodeo
Headed on to another
Rolling patience
Burning down that highway
Loving the things that
Keep rolling my way
'Cause I'm a gambling man
- Get over here.
Should have left
them mares alone
and quit rubbing your nose
on the fence.
Wouldn't have to be
sitting here.
Come on, Gus.
- Hello, ma'am.
- WOMAN: Hi.
I'm here to see Lane Scott.
Hey, brother. How you doing?
Long time, no see, brother.
I missed you.
Feeling better?
You're looking good.
Looks like they're doing
a lot for you here.
How you feeling?
Feeling good, huh?
It's a pretty good place here.
How's my head?
Feeling all right.
Oh, "Rub some..."
"Rub some dirt in it"?
Little bit of Copenhagen,
too, huh?
(ON VIDEO) Name's Lane Scott.
I'm 18 years old, and I'm
from Kennebec, South Dakota.
MAN: Lane, he's young,
but he's really good.
Best bull rider to come out
of South Dakota, for sure.
LANE: I mean... I mean,
I'm not... Not trying to imply
anything, but me and Superman have
never been seen in the
same room together, so...
MAN: No shirt. Wild man.
MAN: Nice, baby!
Good ride, cowboy!
I was about three years old
when my dad introduced me
into the rodeo world.
There's nothing
that really can beat it.
You get on a bull,
make a good ride, everybody...
Everybody in the stands
stands up for you,
yells, cheers. Um...
Your adrenaline's going,
You just can't stop
but smiling.
There's nothing
like strapping yourself
onto a 2,000 pound animal
and just going with it.
That's what I wanted to do,
and I knew I wanted to do it
for the rest of my life.
I couldn't imagine
doing anything else.
Somebody come and play
Somebody come
and play my way
Somebody come
And rhyme the rhymes...
- Lil.
- What?
Thinking about going
to the rodeo.
If I do, you want to go with?
Take you to
the carnival afterwards.
- Carnival?
- Get on some rides.
Are you sure?
- If you want to.
- Yes.
Somebody come
And play today...
All right.
And watch the sun
Till the rain again
What are you doing here, bro?
Riding today?
BRADY: Go! Go! Go! Go!
Hustle! Hustle! Hustle!
an eight-second whistle.
He could beat South Dakota.
He's safe on the ground.
Put your hands together
for Tanner Langdeau.
Let's hear it for Tanner!
CAT: Holy piss, did you see
that gray horse buck today?
TANNER: With Cameron, right?
CAT: Yeah. Saddle horse.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Hey. Wake up, Grandpa.
Falling asleep over there.
You entering Water's Rodeo
on the 17th?
- 17th?
- TANNER: Yeah.
Should be ready to roll
by then.
TANNER: Yeah, man, it'll be good to see
you back out there, scratching 'em.
Come on, now, Tanner.
What's wrong with that?
WOMAN: He has a metal plate
in his head.
So? Metal's strong.
It's supposed to not break.
He'll be fine.
He's not a little bitch.
You know what? Fuck you.
Yeah, fuck you, Brady.
It's dangerous.
Hey, don't worry
about it, man.
- Are you Brady Blackburn?
- Yeah.
- Bill.
- Bill, it's good to meet you.
I heard you're
a great horse trainer.
LILLY: Sesame Street?
BILL: I have a colt
that nobody can break.
I'm 15, silly.
BILL: Would you come
and look at him?
Tell me what you think?
BRADY: I caved my head in riding a
bucking horse not too long ago.
I got some
healing up to do right now.
- TANNER: Lil, are you thirsty?
- LILLY: What?
- Nah.
- And...
Here in a couple weeks, I'll
probably be able to come and...
- Come on, Lil.
- No way!
- Right here, right here. Come on.
- No way.
- LILLY: No!
- TANNER: It's just one sip.
It's way better for you
than that. Come on.
The fuck you think
you're doing with her?
What the fuck, man?
What do you want?
- Hey, hey, hey, hey...
- Fuck you!
- Calm down, man. Calm down.
- Get the hell out of here.
Tanner didn't mean
nothing by it.
TANNER: Just being friendly.
That's all.
Fuck, man.
We all love Lilly.
You know that.
BRADY: Okay.
- Lil, are you all right?
- I'm okay.
This is what you need
right now.
LILLY: Hey, everybody.
Look at the moon
and the stars.
(GASPS) And the planets!
Planets, moon and stars
Above the world so high
Higher than the clouds...
Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.
Higher than the sky
Planets, moon and stars
Shining stars in space
Each one in its home...
The problem with you boys,
you don't like to get
your pride hurt.
Earth, it is far below
Below each shining star
Earth is what we know...
Lilly used to get all mad
whenever we were in the store
and she didn't get
what she wanted, and...
She'd throw a fit.
You know,
and be mad about it.
I don't know, she's just
not like that anymore.
She's got all these new things
that she does and likes,
and saying...
She's growing up so fast.
You get to be around more.
No more rodeo for you.
Here I go!
Hey, Miles.
How's it going, guys?
MILES: I'm looking
for your dad.
He owes me some money
on this trailer.
Need payment.
I'm gonna come and get it.
He went to the horse sale
in Corsica yesterday,
and I haven't seen him
since he left, but...
Yeah, it's been four months
since I got any money from him.
I need some.
I'm tired of looking
for his ass.
Okay. I'll be sure
to let him know.
MILES: Yeah, he needs
to come and find me.
I'm done.
I like your tattoos.
- WOMAN: Do you have a resume?
- No.
Any job experience?
I'm a horse trainer.
You can't do that
right now?
Um... Well, I would,
but I can't ride for a while
since I'm laid up, so...
Any high school? GED?
No, ma'am.
The OST TERO office,
they have job training
for, like, construction,
road work.
I'm looking for something a
little more temporary than that.
You know,
I'm probably gonna
be training horses again
here in a few months
when I'm healed up, so...
My cousin's a manager
at Dakotamart.
They have some
temporary positions.
You can call him
and tell him I sent you.
Thank you.
You look like your mom.
I used to go to high school with her.
She was really awesome.
Wow, Brady.
What are you doing here?
How you doing, Victor?
Good. How about yourself?
All right.
- So you work here now?
- Yeah.
Guy's gotta do what he's
gotta do, I guess, huh?
I don't know.
It's none of my business,
but when you start getting
comfortable, you know,
you need to get back to them
horses and rodeos and stuff.
Just not making enough money.
You know what I mean?
Thanks, Victor.
Hey, don't give up.
WAYNE: Hey, I stopped by
the Family Dollar.
Got you a surprise.
- Me? (LAUGHS)
- Yeah.
Boy, I don't think so.
You don't think so?
Why in the hell not?
You want to go
to that rodeo with me?
You gotta wear that.
- Nuh-uh.
- It's a public place. Yep.
- You're in high school now, Lil.
- Nuh-uh!
- You can wear a bra.
- But I don't like it anymore.
- Come on, you're 15 years old.
- But I don't like it, my daddy.
- Why?
- Because it's not fair.
Why wouldn't it be fair?
Because it doesn't like
15 anymore.
But I just want
a 14-years-old.
WAYNE: Well, you can't
do a 14 no more, dear.
LILLY: But yes, you will!
Hey, Lil.
- What are you doing, Lil?
- I'm doing good.
Hey, I don't like to wear a bra anymore.
It's all yucky. (GROWLS)
Oh, good.
BRADY: You know Daddy's just trying
to watch out for you, right?
LILLY: Yeah.
I sure better tell him, "Watch
out the revolving door."
He should've just greased it.
The children are
all over the world, is a...
You don't want to do something,
you're just not gonna do it?
You're stubborn, just like
your big brother, aren't you?
Yeah, whatever,
but I don't like it.
MAN: I just don't know
about you horse traders.
- Hey, Todd.
- Yep.
- How you doing, Brady?
- Pretty good. Yourself?
Good. How's your head doing?
Oh, I'm healing up.
That's good. Good.
Hey, Todd, I haven't talked
to Brady yet about this so...
So can you just come back
tomorrow and pick him up?
Yeah, I can.
Catch you later, Brady.
- I'll see you.
- See you.
What was that all about?
What was Todd doing here?
Had to sell him Gus, Brady.
Sell him Gus? What do
you mean, sell him Gus?
You can't sell Gus.
You want 'em
to haul the trailer away?
You want Lilly to not have
a place to live?
Gus is part of the family.
I guess it's his turn
for us to make a living.
Well, where's all
your money going?
It costs a lot to live.
Well, maybe you should've thought about
that when you were putting money
in the slot machines, going to
the fucking bars and casinos.
That's where
all the money went.
Fuck you, Brady. I don't
need to hear your shit.
It's not like you
can fucking ride anymore.
What are you gonna do?
Fight me?
I don't need your shit.
My dad sold Gus today.
CAT: Damn. Really?
Yeah. Todd bought him.
Well, at least he's going
to a good home.
I wish I could ride him
one last time, though.
WOMAN: Looks really nice,
WOMAN: Who is it of?
My buddy, Lane.
- You know him?
- Mmm-mmm.
BRADY: Yeah, he was
a pretty good bull rider.
He was like
a big brother to me.
CAT: Pretty awesome tribute
for a wild guy, anyway.
BRADY: Yeah. And a lot of
times, you know, you get hurt,
but you don't ever think
you'll get hurt like that.
He'll get there, though.
He says he's gonna ride again
in no time.
God, I just ask you to take care
of Gus on his travels, Lord.
Just be with him all the time
and protect him.
Keep him safe, God.
In Jesus' name,
I pray. Amen.
BILL: This breed I've been...
That I got in this horse here,
he's a thoroughbred, Arabian,
leopard and quarter horse.
I've been trying to
get this breed for years.
Nobody's ever been on his back.
Nobody's touched him.
Whoa, partner.
Whoa, partner.
Good boy.
Easy, partner. Easy, partner.
BILL: Did you... Did you
learn this on your own,
or did someone teach you?
- My mom and dad.
- Your mom and dad?
Taught me about
everything I know.
But I learned a lot
by being on their back,
looking down them ears.
Whoa, good boy.
You didn't even know
you did that, did you?
Good boy. You just led.
I'm gonna ask you to do that
in a minute, all right?
I'm gonna ask you to do that
in a minute.
Step forward. Step forward.
Step forward.
BILL: Wow, look at that.
Whoa, whoa.
I think I'm gonna touch you up there.
I'm gonna touch you up there.
It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay.
Good boy. I know. Sorry, I
was too tight on you there.
Just gotta let you trust me.
Gotta quit trying
to force you.
Now, just trust me, brother.
- No, no
Stay with me.
Stay with me, now.
Whoa, partner.
Whoa, partner.
All right, I know you're turning
away from your buddies,
and I know you
don't want to do that.
Good boy, Cool Breeze.
Good boy.
Good boy, Cool Breeze.
What I'm teaching
right now is pressure.
There's a good boy.
No. All right.
- BILL: Whoa, Cool Breeze.
- Keep going.
One, two, three...
My hat! Whoa, partner.
Yeah, my hat
comes off my head.
See that?
It comes off like that.
BILL: His dad
never had no buck.
He just would let us get on, but
he would always keep an eye on us.
BRADY: Keep going, buddy.
Come on, buddy.
- Stay calm.
- BILL: Wow, that's amazing.
A horse that never had nobody
on his back before.
You can tell
he wants to learn.
- Oh, yeah, he's smarter.
- BILL: He's real smart.
BILL: That's a lot of trust
he has in you.
BRADY: Yeah.
See how much calmer he is
now that I'm actually on him?
BILL: Yeah. Yeah.
He feels me.
Let's get a little
forward. Forward.
You're gonna be
a racehorse someday.
Let's get some forward.
One more time to the right.
And that's all we're doing.
Good boy.
Excellent job.
All right, now, I'm coming
off the same side I came on.
Whoa, partner.
Whoa, partner.
BILL: Yeah, I heard
you had that touch.
Now I finally get to see it.
Good boy.
Now 12.
Now 13.
Fair bid on four, folks.
Have a look.
I'll tell you what,
we're gonna show you something
pretty nice right here.
- Good to see you, Brady.
- Hey, how are you?
Let's go. And a 12, 13...
Here's a pretty
nice-looking horse right here.
Just a 2009 model, guys.
Give me 7,000
on a good deal here.
Got 6,800.
- Give me 7,000.
- Nice horse.
- Definitely.
- Sixty-eight hundred.
Now 7,000.
WAYNE: Hey, Victor, what's up?
Hey, I got a nice
roan gelding for you.
Yeah, Brady and I
will be over soon.
- Hey, Wayne.
- Hey, Greg, how you doing today?
- It's all good.
- How you doing?
Hi. I'm good. How are you?
What would you like?
- I'll have a Crown and water.
- Okay.
Come on, dickhead.
Pay something.
- All right.
Aren't you one hell
of a bronc rider?
WAYNE: We don't
talk about that.
- How you doing, man? Good to see you.
- Good, Victor. How you doing?
Pretty good. Pretty good.
Here's his paperwork.
All right.
Pretty good bloodline there.
- Just as you said, isn't it?
- VICTOR: Yep.
Easy, bud.
Dang, you sure are a
good-looking sucker, ain't you?
Whoa, buddy.
Whoa, buddy.
Whoa, buddy.
Hey, Brady,
your dad's looking for you.
BRADY: Who's this?
That's Apollo.
How well is he broke?
Ah, some dumb fuckers came
down and tried to ride him,
but, uh, he got bucked off,
so they quit, you know.
He gots a lot of bad habits now.
He's starting to buck.
It's a shame.
Good horse like this
going to waste.
VICTOR: I'll let him
go for seven.
Yeah, I might have to come
back for him someday.
This right here
is gonna save us.
- Save us all.
- Might cure the meth.
There's gas in here.
There's oil in here.
There's clothes in here.
- Yep.
- There's rope in here.
This is the future, boys.
WAYNE: So, what do you think
about that horse?
VICTOR: What you think you're
gonna want for him? For real.
WAYNE: I want $1,250 cash.
I don't know if I got $1,250,
though, man.
Willing to make a deal?
I need a back windshield
for an '82 Camaro.
VICTOR: What do you say
I throw in that back window
and I got $700?
WAYNE: Seven hundred?
VICTOR: Seven hundred
and this bag of weed.
Dad, we need the cash.
We can take that money and buy
another horse and make some money.
You're always
smoking my weed up.
Just as well trade him
for this little bit of grass.
What do you think?
Don't you like the grass?
All right, let's do it.
All right, we got us
a deal, then?
- Yeah, you're damn right.
- All right, sounds good.
Clean up
Clean up,
everyone is clean up
Clean up, clean up
Clean up,
clean up, clean up
Clean up
PAWNBROKER: Definitely looks
like you got some...
Some wear and tear on it here.
A little rough there and...
You know, one of these new
would run a guy about $2,300.
- Yeah?
- Custom and everything, so...
Um, general rule of thumb,
pawnshops offer
about a quarter on the dollar,
so, you know, if it...
If it's worth two grand,
maybe $500 just to help you out
since you said you're selling it,
you don't want it back.
- All right.
- Do that?
- Yeah.
- All right, perfect, man.
Let me get
some paperwork going.
You know what?
I see a lot of young cowboys
come in with their saddles.
A lot of 'em get rid of 'em. You
can't be rodeoing forever, right?
Okay, partner, what... What'd
you say your last name was?
You know what, man?
I think I changed my mind.
Okay. Well, I appreciate you
bringing it in.
Yeah. Thank you.
WAYNE: What are you doing
with that bronc saddle?
I was gonna pawn it.
Pawn it for what?
Victor's horse, Apollo.
I think he'd turn out
to be a good one.
Hey, I just got off
the phone with Victor.
He said you can go get Apollo
tomorrow if you want him.
I sold that buckskin
to some people from Arizona.
Told him I'd pay him
when I got the money.
- I think I'm gonna go to the bar.
There's pizza
in here for Lilly.
VICTOR: Got a ways to go?
- Yeah.
- All right, man.
Good luck
to the both of you.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Whoa, whoa, buddy.
Whoa. Whoa.
It's okay, buddy.
You're okay.
Hyah! Hyah! Hyah!
Go on, then, you fucker.
Go ahead, fucker!
Good job, Apollo.
Hyah, hyah, hyah!
Hyah, hyah, hyah, hyah, hyah!
Good boy.
You did a good job.
You're a good boy.
Good boy.
Come on.
Let's go for a cruise.
How does that sound, bud?
- You know, Lil...
- What?
It's hard
not rodeoing anymore.
I know it's hard, but can't
you please more careful?
I know I need
to be more careful.
But it still have
A-through-Z adventure.
At least I can
ride again now.
Train horses.
I know.
We'll seize this time.
I can take in
a whole bunch of colts,
make some money,
and maybe get you all those presents
you want for your birthday.
Wow, I can't wait
to see this.
Good night, sun.
See you in the morning.
- I'll take care of you, Lil.
- I'll take care of you, too.
Hey, Brady. What the fuck
you doing here?
You still need me
to train those horses for you?
You want another hole
in your head?
(CHUCKLES) Sure. Why not?
Whoa. Whoa.
Whoa! Bitch.
- Hey, hey, hey.
Come on, Crystal.
Get in there.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Smell it.
Whoa, Crystal.
Whoa, whoa.
Whoa, Crystal, whoa.
Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.
Whoa, girl.
FRANK: You all right, Brady?
Yeah, I'm all right.
Looking pretty wild
over there.
Come on, Apollo!
WOMAN: (ON P.A.) Dr. Nyman,
reception area, please.
Dr. Nyman.
DOCTOR: What's going on
with your hand
is called a partial
complex seizure.
The brain is sending
these signals too fast,
and your hand can't keep up,
so it just stays clenched.
And your dad says you haven't
been resting at all?
- Is that right?
- WAYNE: I told him to rest.
He never listens, though.
DOCTOR: If you don't stop, your
seizures are gonna get worse.
And you can't afford
another head injury
on top of the one
that you have.
Think about it, okay?
No more riding,
no more rodeos.
Most of the time
I can keep myself distracted
You know, I'm your dad.
You can talk to me.
Well, Brades, we have to
play the cards we're dealt.
Sometimes dreams
aren't meant to be.
Should've never let you go
I'm hanging on...
It's too bad
your mom ain't here.
You and her could
be stubborn together.
You still cross my mind
Cross my heart
All right, when he goes up in the
air, throw that shoulder back.
Stay back in your saddle.
He's gonna kick.
Like that. Perfect.
Just like that.
So, then, after that, I...
- Yeah, just...
- Throw my shoulder back?
Yeah, to get rid
of that range.
And then up in the air,
off to your left.
When he jumps up,
put your shoulder forward.
Just like that. Perfect.
Now, let me...
Don't forget to lift across.
There you go.
Get your feet involved.
There you go.
Lift on that rein now.
Ride like it's gonna be the
last horse you ever get on.
'Cause any bronc
could be the last one.
There you go.
All right, let me
feel the jump.
Go ahead.
Okay, go ahead.
Go ahead, jump.
All right.
About right there, then.
All right.
Go ahead.
See how I go back and across?
Way out here,
hold him a second.
Beat him back to the ground.
Hold him a second.
Beat him back to the ground.
Fast feet.
James, you want to try?
All right.
- You all right?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
This is Lane Scott's
old riding shirt.
He won about
$15,000 in one summer
in this shirt.
It was mine for a while.
I probably had
my best summer in it.
And if it fits you,
you can have it, too.
But way too short
in the arms for me.
CAT: Some cowboys believe
yellow is superstitious.
- Yeah.
- That one's lucky, though, huh?
Yeah, that one
must just be 'stitious.
Yeah, just
a little 'stitious.
'Stitious is okay.
- It's classy and old-school, too.
- Yeah.
Don't make it look bad.
Yeah. Try on them chaps, too.
You got any chaps?
JAMES: Uh-huh.
If they fit,
go ahead and take 'em.
JAMES: Fit perfect.
Thanks, Brades.
Appreciate it.
Can't wait to ride
in these bad boys.
MAN ON TV: This is the reigning
world champion saddle bronc rider!
James, you still wrestle?
Sometimes. Haven't practiced
in a while, though.
Come on, let's wrestle, then.
- Right now?
- Why not?
I... I mean, are you sure, Brades?
Is your head okay?
I'm fine.
Been a long day, hey.
Shake it up a bit, huh?
Come on, James.
JAMES: Okay.
All right, let's do it.
BRADY: All right,
let's go, then.
Just watch his noggin.
MAN ON TV: In his first appearance
ever, has an excellent round.
CAT: Get that leg out.
Okay, Brade. Okay.
Brady, I'm pinned.
All right, all right,
all right, man.
Fuck, Brady.
Fuck, man.
- You all right?
- JAMES: Yeah.
- BRADY: Didn't hurt you, did I?
- Said I was pinned.
Told you I was done.
What's the matter
with you?
CAT: Cowboy up, part'.
MAN ON TV: With the highest-marked
run of the National Finals Rodeo.
BRADY: You don't think I was
too hard on James, do you?
CAT: No, he's all right.
You know, I... I know
about your hand.
I know you ain't supposed to be
rodeoing or anything like that.
Must be tough.
But you just
gotta learn to let it go.
Move on.
Or else it'll eat at you.
But it's gotta be tough.
I mean...
I understand.
You don't understand.
BRADY: "Say I won't,
and I will"?
Pick up.
There you go. There's one.
All right.
Looking good,
stud muffin.
Okay, grab the saddle horn.
Grab on.
With this hand.
Let him... Let him
bend over a little bit.
WOMAN: Got it.
Good job. Keep going.
BRADY: Get a hold, brother.
MAN: Okay, push through
on this leg hard, Lane.
You ready?
- I got him.
- WOMAN: Check.
Okay, bend this leg, Lane.
Come around. Come around.
Lift over.
Keep going.
Okay, now, sit down.
- Sit down.
- WOMAN: Nice.
Okay, come up.
Use your arms.
All the way up, Lane.
- Good job, buddy.
- All the way up.
- Good job.
- Nice work.
Don't wanna get a burn.
Whoa, boy. Now, slow
him down a little bit.
All right.
Stop him and back him up.
All right, now,
stick your chest out.
Sit... Sit up straight.
Let's go... Let's do
some loping and go fast.
Really loping off
into the distance, huh?
You bet.
All right, wheel him
around to the right.
Wheel him around
to the left.
All right, now stop him.
Ho, boy.
Let me hear you say "Ho"!
Good job, Lane.
All right, now, you better hold on.
She might go to bucking.
Better if you can keep
a good tight seat in there.
Grab a hold of
that saddle horn, huh?
Bobbing her head.
You better lift on your rein.
Lift, lift, lift,
lift, lift.
Lift, lift.
You got her pulled up now.
Sit up, Lane.
Sit up and look at me now.
Pick your head up, brother.
Pick your head up, Lane.
You got it now, all right?
Stay tough.
There you go.
All right, brother.
It was really good
seeing you.
All right, brother.
Sit up for me.
Look at me now, brother.
Look at me.
There you go.
Big and tall.
All right, brother.
See you.
Give me a hug, now.
Give me a good one.
Give me a good one.
There's my man.
I love you, brother.
WOMAN: (ON P.A.) Meat department,
can you come to desk eight, please?
Excuse me,
are you Brady Blackburn?
Oh, this is my little brother,
and he's a huge fan.
- What's your name, buddy?
- Adriano.
- Good to meet you.
- Nice to meet you, too.
You're gonna be a bronc rider
when you grow up?
- Yes, sir.
- You betcha.
Yeah, I think
he wants to take a picture.
He's been talking
about you all day.
All right. You...
You riding pony broncs yet?
Yes, sir.
You gonna stick it to 'em
when you get older, huh?
- Yes, sir.
- You bet.
- All right, thank you.
- Right on.
So, do you, like, work here?
Oh, yeah, I'm just trying to stay
busy while I'm healing up, you know.
BOY: Nice.
- Yeah.
- Hope you get better soon.
And look forward
to see you ride.
- Thank you, buddy.
- Yes, sir.
- Nice to meet you, Brady.
- Yeah. You boys spur 'em high.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Come on, boy!
Whoa, Apollo.
Whoa, Apollo.
I'm sorry, buddy.
I'm sorry, Brady.
This is all there is to do.
Whistle for him
when you walk away, please.
BRADY: You know, Lilly,
Apollo got hurt,
and we had to put him down.
BRADY: It's not fair
to the horse.
He can't run and play
and do what he wants to do.
She doesn't go on.
You know, I got hurt
like Apollo did.
But I'm a person,
so I got to live.
If any animal around here
got hurt like I did,
they'd have to be put down.
You know, Lilly,
I believe God gives
each of us a purpose.
Very true.
To the horse, it's to
run across the prairie.
For a cowboy, it's to ride.
WAYNE: Where are you
going with that?
Where does it look like I'm going?
I'm going to the rodeo.
You fucking crazy?
I'm gonna ride. I figured
you were coming to watch.
What the fuck
would I wanna come for?
Watch you kill yourself?
You're just stubborn as hell.
You won't listen to nothing
anybody tells you anyway.
Oh, I don't listen?
I always fucking listened.
I listened to everything
you fucking said to me.
What happened to "Cowboy up,"
"Grit your teeth," "Be a man"?
What happened
to all that, Dad?
You don't need to
go ride today.
- You don't need to fucking go ride.
- Bullshit.
I'm going.
I'm entered, and I'm riding.
Go kill yourself, then.
I'm not gonna end up like you.
Welcome back.
Good to see you.
I'm waiting out back
People are gone
Behind yellow tape
with my laminate on
I just love to watch you
Doing all the things you do
City after city,
night after night
If you called me crazy
You'd probably be right
But there's one thing, baby
Really want to say to you
hear you get louder!
Let me hear you!
I'm your number one fan
I'm your right-hand man
ANNOUNCER: About 13 feet in here.
Put it down.
How about
a round of applause...
That's what you call that
right there.
And that's what you call bronc riding
here in Pine Ridge, South Dakota.
MAN 1: Go ahead,
drop your foot.
MAN 1: Got any bronc stompers?
MAN 2: They're down there.
They're not here.
ANNOUNCER: Good afternoon.
About 13 feet in here.
Put it down. How about
a round of applause...
That's what you call that
right there.
- Running down the fence line.
- Hi, Brady!
You guys gotta stand up,
whoop and holler.
How many guys
are having fun so far?
Good luck, Brady.
ANNOUNCER: Ladies and
gentlemen, are you having fun?
- MAN 1: Let's go, Brady.
- MAN 2: Let's go, man.
- Come on, Brady.
- Come on, Brady, your horse is in.
MAN 3: Your horse is in the goddamn chute.
What the hell?
You all right?
Come on, then.
Good luck, part'.
You, too, cowboy.
BRADY: It's you, Lane.
Your favorite picture
of yourself on a bull.
You like it?
"Salty"? (CHUCKLES)
It's pretty salty, huh?
And it's badass.
You gave him a kick
at the end, too.
Jumped off on his feet.
There's my brother.
"Don't give up
on your dreams."
Come on.
Look up at me, brother.
Grab your reins.
All right, wheel him
around to the left.
All right, now to the right.
- Hmm.
All right,
go ahead, stop him.
Back him up.
You're on...
You're on big old Gus again.
Loping across there.
Remember that wind
on your face.
Through the badlands, chasing
them cows out of the trees.
You excited?
You bet, brother.
Well, I'm an outlaw
Running from the storm
From the Tennessee Hills
to the New Mexico summers
I've got nothing but my name
and my pistol by my side
Just spin around
Just spin around
I ride at night
'cause I sleep all day
The only way I live
is the outlaw way
Got my horse packed up
and my pistol's loaded
If you wanna doubt me,
boy I'll show you
Say click, click, boom,
like Jesse James
Shoot you down,
but there ain't no shame
Leave you there lying
with nothing but your name
Playing Russian roulette
This ain't no game
On every wanted poster
from here to the Sun
Got myself,
I don't need no one
All I need
is my horse and my gun
Down by the fire
I live on the run
Don't count on me
waiting for the sunrise
I'll be gone with the moon
to free my mind
Rolling like a sage
pushin' wind
Here I go again
If that sheriff
ever runs me down
I'll just move along
to another town
But I...
I just can't
say where or when
Here I go again
I'm an outlaw
Running from the storm