The River Thief (2016) Movie Script

[skateboard scraping]
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[light wind]
Some places change things
some days, some people...
they can put a mark on you
that won't ever wash off.
The good ones, and the bad ones.
Learned that more than one way.
Before all this,
life was simple.
I was an alley kid.
If I needed something
and you didn't,
I made it mine.
An empty bed,
a clean shirt,
a bike here or a truck there.
Might seem awful, but...
I never felt bad.
Not usually.
But like I said, some places
change things.
Beat you to it.
You do n ot know what
you're doing.
I came down this river
looking for my father.
Don't know why.
Maybe I was hoping to take
something from him.
I was so young when he
moved on...
I only remember his boots.
Do you need anything?
Can we help you?
No thanks,
I don't take handouts.
Can I help you?
Want to take a ride in my raft?
Uh, no thanks. We have our
I only saw mine down there.
I'll let you keep the cooler.
[motor start]
Are you kidding me?!!
There's our boat!
Thank you, thank you all!
Come back soon now.
And you ma'am...Wanna come back
right now?
No?! Phone number?!
Morning Star to River Mule, were
in the bend and on your six.
Repeat, in the bend and on
your six.
Clyde, no games.
I'm not going to be at the
docks tonight
unless I get sample now.
Who wants some
Party payload in 4, 3, 2, 1...
That's one for the money,
River Mule.
You'll get your money when
those fish are on this boat.
...and tested.
...and tested! salmon.
Farm salmon?! We talkin'
about drugs!
You can build a
crystal cathedr...
Alright boys, one rare
grilled onions and
One medium cheddar bacon,
fries all around.
You good on drinks?
Hey, where's Shelby?
I'm Selah.
Selah...but this is
Shelby's table.
She's only the best waitress
in town...
I don't know...
[backpack rustling]
Alright, one dry burger,
plain and quartered.
And fries, extra crispy.
You know, you don't have
to come in here every
single day.
I'm not staying with you
so I can live off your tips.
Well, I wish you didn't have to
work at all,
I don't like that.
Wanna go fishing?
We'll play cards tonight.
Maybe we can go fishing
Love you Bamps.
I'll give you a moment
with the menu.
I'm Diz. I'm ready now.
I'm Selah. Perfect.
[engine running]
[airplane door opening]
[hose running]
All done.
Load tonight...and you get paid.
Where's Lane?
Lane...whose Lane?
Lane stole a brick from
the reservation
and threw a party under
the bridge.
What did you do?
I would have handled it, Clyde!
Well, I can take you to him
if you'd like.
By tomorrow morning, his pieces
will pass through the
turbines in the dam.
Sturgeon need to eat!
I'll bet he's gonna give
some of them
a good ole fashioned
They're gonna want more.
Don't you threaten me, Clyde.
I don't threaten.
I am.
[trashcan dragging]
[fire crackling]
You shouldn't have served him.
You're gonna have to pay
for that now.
He' fine, he's just hungry.
Whatever, your problem.
Only thing dumber than
a guy is a girl.
That's just rude.
[small clank]
[small clank]
[match lighting]
What the hell man!
You run a $30 tab
and you're just gonna
walk out?!
Leaving me with...what is
this crap?
I don't believe in money.
Oh yes you do. You believe
in my money, you dumbass,
'cause, guess what, now I have
to pay for this.
With money.
These will last your whole life.
Great. What? A candlestick
and some weird little...
shepherd girl?
She reminded me of you.
Pay the girl.
Oh my ...[ding]
I vouched for you!
You know, I said you
looked nice!
[door slam]
Son, hold up.
I'm cooking steaks on the
grill tonight.
I have some work that needs done
around the house.
Come to dinner and we'll talk
about it tonight--
I don't need a sermon old man.
Well, that's a matter
of opinion.
The address is on there.
Round about 6:30 or 7:00,
it'll be fine.
Well, you can keep the money.
I know I can keep it.
I took it, didn't I? It's mine.
Let's call it a gift!
Let's not.
No. It's my mistake,
I'll pay for it.
Seriously dude?!
[dialing phone]
How much for this?
Make me an offer.
Do you take credit?
Prefer cash.
Cash works.
Yea, we're fine here.
$150 for the guitar, $40 for the
vest, $20 for the helmet, $210.
Hey Mom.
I got your message.
I love you too.
I'll call you soon.
Bamps is good. He misses
Grandma a ton.
Doesn't feel real here
without her.
Hug Dad for me, and Chris too.
Talk soon.
[light rain]
Three?! You seriously think
he's coming.
Oh, he's coming.
I'd be mad if I thought
you were right.
[bike braking]
I knew a little girl who
to come to my office and
steal quarters...
to buy candy with.
Bamps, that is totally
You were old enough to know.
And you were old enough to lie.
And you were old enough to feel
sick about it after.
It did bother me.
I felt horrible.
I mean, the way grandma
looked at me.
Yea, but Grandma looked at
everybody that way
Especially me.
I remember you made me
put the quarters back,
and then you gave me ten dollars
and took me to the water park.
Well, it all worked out
to the good.
Imagine if I didn't
catch you.
[singing and humming]
[bike gears clicking]
[bike gears clicking]
[engine dies]
Did you try the sample?
Lovely stuff.
Almost makes dealing with you
worth it.
Where's the rest?
Yeah, it's good.
[door opening]
[bag rustling]
Son of a gun! You cook this?
Doesn't matter who cooked it.
It's enough to keep Portland
happy for a weekend.
And then it will need more,
and I will have more.
Right, but we have a deal.
strictly Portland.
None of this comes back up
with river. Not one gram.
C'mon, hoss.
Junk finds junkies wherever
they are...
No, we had a deal!
These drugs will never be
in this town.
That's the deal.
If, as you say, junk finds
junkies, even here...
then, well, I guess I'm gonna
have to
cut you up into little
tiny pieces...
and s prinkle y ou from
the sky!
[engine starts]
[engine revs]
Hey! Wait!
[engine roaring]
[water gurgling]
[window opening]
[wet shoes squishing]
You can have the car.
You're gonna take it regardless.
You don't mean that.
It's a gift.
You're just saying that so I'll
leave it and go.
I paid this time.
For the food and the car.
I don't do gifts.
You don't do gifts?
Here's one.
And another!
You take those heartbeats
for yourself?
You leave enough money for
your two eyes?
Those hands?
Brother, if you're paying,
you owe more than you
can imagine.
I've already paid more
than you could imagine.
You think stealing gives
you control?
Well, gratitude gives
you freedom.
The car is not for sale,
and neither is my food.
But you can have it.
Thanks for the steak.
Money's on the table.
[door slams]
[car starts]
Did he just take your car?
I told you he would come.
What can you tell me
about this thief?
Based on the calls that
came into the station,
I'd say he's on some
kind of a spree.
He's not local.
Last night I went through the
high school rosters over
the last couple years,
there was nothin'.
If he's here I'll find him.
If? If?!!
Thieves run!
They always run!
He's a drifter with
a million dollars in
a bag.
He's on a plane...
or a boat...
or a bus...
or he hitched a ride and he's...
perched up in some cab
on a long haul rig
on his way to Mexico.
This kid is gone!
Trust me!
If I thought this kid was gone,
then I'd be gone too.
Long gone.
I'd put a bullet in that
psychotic head of yours,
because I know that the
Sinaloa cartel
would come and get me
if I didn't.
But, I'm not. I'm here,
and you're here.
And you're breathing.
And I will find this kid.
You can find him?
I'm gonna find him.
Because a kid like this
can't lay low.
He needs to bang drums
and raise flags.
He's gonna make a mistake.
That's why I'll catch him.
And when I do...
then you can skin him.
I'll stop by the store
on the way home
Sorry you have to walk.
That is not your fault. At all.
I'm the one who gave
him the car,
and I meant it.
Maybe I'll come down for lunch.
I'll be back soon.
You think this makes
anything ok?
Stay here. Take him wherever
he wants to go.
I'll stay here all month!
You better believe it,
have mercy...Whoo!
Oh! Thank you!
A limo?
Just give back his car,
you moron.
I'll buy a new one.
I did pay for it, but he can
keep the money.
You're unbelievable.
Are you wearing cologne?
It's just a sample I got from a
place with new clothes.
Bought new clothes.
I didn't know if it
would be stupid.
Well it is.
You smell like my best friend's
creepy uncle.
What is your goal here?
What are you hoping
to accomplish?
Yes. Stalking me to work
after stealing my granddad's
I did leave money.
You're unbelievable. Shut up.
I should call the cops on you.
but then Bamps would say
that he gave you the car
and everything is fine,
because he's just as crazy
as you are.
Did you rob a bank?
Yes, a bank. A place where
people have money.
Yesterday you were this
punk thief kid
and now all of a sudden
you have all this money.
So, did you rob a bank?
No, I just...
...I want you to like me.
You my friend have the world's
shortest memory.
Yesterday's still pretty
vivid for me.
Don't follow me!
I have no problem running
into the street
and telling some redneck
to get out his gun
and shoot you!
Sorry I'm late!
I had to walk.
Well, Happy Birthday or
whatever it is...
but if you don't mind
can you tell your boyfriends
to stop?!
[background sizzling]
"It's a boy"?
I bought all the balloons
they had.
And no more flowers.
It's starting to look like
a funeral home in there.
[door closes]
Hey, how's it going today?
We shopping for a girlfriend?
Or your mother perhaps?
Is it a sister?
Just a girl.
That one.
[laughing] That is gonna be
pretty pricey for
'just a girl'.
I, uh...
But I probably have some little
things over here that...
that would be in your budget.
And what is my budget?
I'm just trying to be helpful.
Aren't you supposed to want
as much of my money
as you can get?
All I want is a happy customer.
That one.
That is a very valuable
estate piece
that we're planning
on moving
through a Seattle auction house.
I'm sure I have some other
over there that are more
And how will we be paying
for this?
With money.
Or, I could just smash the
glass and run.
Money will be fine.
I'll be right with you.
Are you Selah?
Your boyfriend's crazy.
In a good way.
[door closing]
[box slams]
Get over here!
I didn't steal it!
I can show you the receipt.
You don't understand anything.
You can't have me.
Maybe if I was desperate
for male attention.
But, I'm not that girl. Sorry.
And you can't buy me either
cuz... I'm not a whore.
That's n ot w hat I meant...
I just...
I'm just trying to do
something r ight.
Swing and a miss.
Great taste though.
How do you m ake s omeone
forgive you?
You don't.
You can't.
You can a sk.
It's a gift. Kind of like
the right girl.
Can I drive you home after?
I'm not getting in a
car with you.
Well, can I walk you then?
You can carry the groceries.
And come over and apologize
to Marty.
And return the car.
I want to be different.
Than you were yesterday?
Or right now?
You're saying this kid paid
all in hundreds?
Yeah, he overpaid by $2,000
But I saved the bills if you
wanna see them, I saved them
Well listen if you have a
clear shot
of him from one of your
security cameras
I'd really appreciate it if you
texted it to this number.
No, we always follow up.
Well, thank you for
calling it in.
You got a problem?
Not in my world. How about
Yeah, just a second.
The way I hear it, the hearing
didn't go so well.
Bad news is coming down.
But here you are, ordering
fingerprints on a pink
Interviewing a kid who
spilled his drink,
And rushing down here over
a hundred bucks
Feels kinda personal, Saul.
What's really going on?
You dancing on the dark
side again?
If I lose my badge...
would you rather it was
for something
I did a month ago?
Or something I do to you...
right here and right now?
Cuz either way I don't
give a damn.
I got that shot pulled up
for you in the back.
Be a little more specific -- Ok
or I'll knock those teeth
out of your head
and I'll give them to the
kid --
Where's the kid that left
all this stuff?
I hope I'm not treatin'
it wrong.
What are you treating
what wrong?
He went to get some burgers
or somethin'!
He's getting some burgers?
Give her a huge tip.
Fourth or sixth or something,
I don't k now!
Do a little better.
Fourth and a half!
Fourth and half? Ok!
Haha, I don't know...
Are you the Reaper?
[body falling]
Yeah, I'm the Reaper.
[engine dies]
What's up?
That guy? Do not let him in, ok?
Don't let him in.
[machines running]
You see a kid go in there?
[door slams]
You have a key?
I don't have a key.
[machinery running]
[gunshot through door]
[machinery running]
[machinery running]
Hey, pervert!
Sorry, I'm a cop, I thought
he was someone else.
Did he touch you
Yeah! Inappropriately!
I'm recording this conversation!
It was a mistake lady!
- What did he do to you?
- He touched me!
Hey, where you going?
Where you going?
I'm gonna sue your ass!
You get back here!
You pervert!
Are you ok, Bubby?
[video game noises]
Heard someone just
shot up a car.
No driver? No shooter?
Stolen. Wow.
Who was it registered to?
Text me that address, will you?
[door slamming]
[birds in background]
[knocking on window]
How long you gonna sit out here?
That kid told me to sit
out here all day
and take you wherever you
wanted to go.
[car door slams]
[guitar bumps]
[car door opening]
Ok boss, where we going?
I need to have a chat
with my wife.
Hey, wait up!
[opening guitar case]
Liz, I've been screwin' up.
I know you don't like
that word, but...
it's true.
That boy,
I've been tryin' but you always
had the better touch.
[guitar tuning]
[guitar playing]
Just another boy that
needs a father.
[birds in background]
Alright, time for more
questions. And no lying.
I don't lie.
There's your first one.
I don't.
Ok, whatever.
So, you grew up in Portland,
and came into this town
on the river.
What's your real name?
I Doubt Diz is on your birth
My name is what I say it is.
That's cocky.
My mom tried to kill me
every way
she knew how before
I was born.
And then she left me
in an alley.
I don't really care what
she called me.
I do.
You're not going to tell me?
Did you ever meet your Dad?
Every once in a while I
want to find him.
Then I do something stupid
like float into this town.
Last time I saw my Mom,
she said he was here.
And if I did find him,
I'd probably kill him, so...
probably best I don't.
So if you have a kid...
is he going to think the same
thing about you?
What's that supposed to mean?
It's just a question.
I mean...
Are you just going to be
some idea...
where he doesn't know
if he wants to
meet you or kill you?
[guitar and singing]
[guitar and singing]
[guitar singing]
[guitar and singing]
[guitar and singing]
[birds in background]
Do you like me?
Yeah, I like you, I mean...
Not romantically.
I mean, I just met you.
You're not exactly in a stable
What would m ake y ou like
me romantically?
What would I have to do?
How long would it take?
Why, do you have somewhere
to be?
I don't know.
Maybe never.
It's not a fair question.
It i s a fair question.
Are you attracted to me?
No lying.
Now you're just being an ass.
You know, I can like something.
I can even be attracted to it.
but that doesn't mean
I have to go
take it off the shelf and
shove it in my pocket.
I have this thing called
impulse control.
If I see something I know
isn't good for me,
then I don't touch it.
I mean...can you understand
If I find a guy that I can...
give my days...
my weeks and my years to...
and he can give that right back
then yeah.
I'll have that conversation
with h im.
Maybe someday you could be
a guy like that, but...
Girls betting on guys changing
is like jumping off a bridge
and betting against gravity.
So now you're going
on strike
because I don't love you?!
I have most of one
million dollars
hidden in a bag.
If I stay in this town, I will
get killed.
I have to leave.
And I want you to come with me.
Now I'm going to kiss you.
And then we'll go.
Or I go.
Whoa, uh, I..
I don't even understand any
of this.
I wish I knew what to do.
Ok, I would give ALL
of me to you
if I just knew HOW!
Hey Bamps!
Sorry I'm late. Our
thief friend
made everything very
And which thief friend
would that be?
Who are you?
Bamps isn't here, sweetheart.
Oh, and I made tea.
I hope you don't mind.
Why don't you put those
bags down?
and we'll talk about me.
I'm not so sure I want to.
Become sure.
If you happen to be missing most
of a million dollars
I want you to know I have
nothing to do with that.
Neither does my granddad.
That had to be the fastest
squeal on record.
You must really dislike
this kid.
It's not that...
Doesn't matter.
How little you care for him
is irrelevant.
How much he cares for y ou...
Now that is the question.
What would he be willing
to sacrifice
to keep you from being
and permanently harmed?
[door opening]
And you must be Bamps!
Welcome! Come in.
Glad you could join us!
Look here guys.
In order to get my money back,
we're going to have to
work together as a team.
Come on, come on, let's do this.
Come on.
[tires squealing]
Geez dude, get out of the way!
Is that you, dude?
[car door opening]
Go go go, drive!
You shouldn't have gone
without me.
It was fun.
What part of you thought
taking a taxi was a good idea?
And now there's a record
of you being there.
[snort] hahaha
You some kind of cop
or something?
He is.
Well as long as somebody is...
I don't want to get a ticket
Right here, right here.
[car door slams]
[engines revving]
Those men take something
from you?
That driver is a dirty cop.
Saul Morgan.
And then today he touches my son
inappropriately in an arcade...
What about the other guy?
I don't know who he is.
His name is Clyde,
he flies a yellow plane?
Crazy Clyde Catskill?
Always a suspect,
never a convict.
a felony bridesmaid.
Can I borrow your phone?
In the morning, I need you
to report this stolen.
Make the cops track it, ok?
Uh, excuse me...
Marty, wake up!
Selah's in trouble!
[phone ringing]
Mister Dizzy!
So glad to speak with you!
I left you a note
but I wasn't sure if you would
be returning.
A note? Who is this?
This is the man you robbed!
The man with the beautiful girl
tied up in his shop!
Would you like to have her back?
Simple! Follow the instructions
and you will have her.
Maybe a little damaged, but...
likely alive.
Now...Hold the bag above
your head so I can see it.
At my signal, hang it
on the tree.
One minute late, they die.
If the bag is too light,
they die.
If you try to cheat in any way,
they die...and then you.
[other phone hangs up]
Mom? It's...
11:50, why are you calling...
are you downstairs?
No, bubby it's not your mom...
but I am a friend of hers
and I need your help.
Do you think you could
help me out? Bubby?
My name is Phillip...
and I should probably
ask my mom,
she doesn't really let me
do anything--
No, no, can't do that.
You cannot ask your mother
about this.
This is like a mission.
and it would scare her.
But if you do do it,
I know she would be
crazy proud of you.
She might even start
calling you Phillip.
Do you have a car?
Hey, wake up.
Let's go.
I'm really starting to hate you.
A couple stops then a drive.
[whispering] I can't
I have clarinet practice!
No! Bubby has clarinet practice!
I'm talking to Phillip!
What does that even m ean?
I am Phillip!
Ok, here! Just hold on to this.
Don't open it! Ever, ok?
Just get the car; I'll call you.
I can't just steal my
mother's car!
Are you kidding--
No, don't think of it as
Just...late night borrow.
"Borrow"! Yeah! I'll b orrow
her car!
Just do it!
I'll call you.
[window smashing]
Oh, oh no man,
you just straight stealin'
I'm totally not comfortable
with this
this, and you that's
happening right now--
Then leave.
I'll buy the limo.
How much?
For White Lightnin'?
Oh, I'll take you wherever
you wanna go.
You know, I left plenty
of money,
if that's what you're
I bet you did.
I think-- I'm glad they got
they money.
Right, so uh...
Who we gonna rob next?
Morning Star Aviation
And that would be, uh, where?
I don't know.
Couldn't find it online.
Clyde Catskill: OWNER / OPERATOR
I'm gonna need an address--
it's not--
You're joking, right..?
Or not.
Yeah nah, it's good...
nah, it's good...we uh....
We're just gonna rob a few
people, you know...
straight gangsta,
you know, uh...
No, I went to Catholic school,
I ain't no gangsta.
But nah, nah, we hard
though...ebony and I...
We gonna do this thing, we--
Whoo! Yeah boy, y'all
bettah watch out!
We gangsta up in this joint!
We're goin' in hard...
Whoo whee...
[door opening]
Good morning sunshine.
Talk to me Marty.
I'd like to help you if I can.
Liar. Where is my granddaughter?
Well. She's elsewhere.
Didn't want you to see
what might happen to her.
So. How'd this go down?
That kid rob you too?
Everything he took I gave him.
You're playing with fire, son.
I'm playing with fire?
Well how's that, Marty?
"Vengeance is mine, saith
the Lord"
You don't wanna taste the wrath
when he comes around.
I got me a religious man here.
I think it's a little late
for me, Marty.
No, it isn't.
You r eally t hink you're that
important, huh?
That God himself really
cares about
what happens to you,
that He even knows you exist.
Son, He's the only one big
enough to get so small.
What you do to us,
you do to Him.
Are you saying...
That I can actually hurt
Jesus Christ himself?
And you believe that?
Now that's the best news
I've heard in months.
Pass that on to the man.
I got nothing against you Marty.
But with Hi m...
it's personal.
You're choosing the wrong
side, son.
I know.
Take mine with cream and sugar.
[door opening]
Well, Grandpa's crazy.
How's this one?
Smell her hair?
No. I'll pass.
So will you.
No more creep show.
Hey! Wheels up. You need to
be in the air
if you want to see this
[coffee pot clanking]
Don't worry, he's even worse
when you get to know him.
What have you got to say
this morning?
Let's see if you can top
your Grandpa.
You're gonna die.
[laughing] prophecy?
Then what?
You ever read Dante?
[plane engine]
You there?
Ok good.
Wait for that plane.
That was a long hike!
I really have to pee.
Outside? Are you serious?
And Phillip...Thank you.
[door opens]
Would you not point that at me?!
Just untie it!
[breathing heavily]
[plane engine]
[plane engine]
Would you get your knife?
Where's Marty?
[over radio] S aul, this boy
is crazy
he sent another kid with
a dummy bag.
I'm pulling back right now.
Run, run!
Selah run! You have to get
out of here!
You have to go now!
There's a car. I'll get Marty,
you go call the cops.
Look at you.
Who's there?
Come on!
[heavy breathing]
[shoes scuffing]
Are you ok, son?
[engine dies]
Calm heads, calm heads...
We need him to talk.
Where's the girl?
In the kitchen.
Good. Let's cut her
until he talks.
Then they can all die together.
[crowbar dropping]
[door slams]
You shouldn't be here,
You didn't do anything.
I've done plenty.
Lord, pour out your grace on
Selah. Gather your angels--
She's safe.
She's free.
Now I'm ready.
You are not dying with me.
Someone....the cops.
Not here.
And not with me.
With your family and your house
years from now.
You are my family.
I've been given to you
and you to me.
Here is an old man for you
to die with.
And like the Lord I've been
given a thief.
Now bend your damn neck.
Can you hear the singing?
[muffled] The girl is gone
and the cops will come,
and then it's over.
[gun cocking]
No not him! He didn't do
Just let him go.
I deserve this! I deserve it.
[whispered] I deserve it..
I don't care about the money!
You can have it!
[whispered] Just let him go.
Too late kid.
Today you got a good man killed.
Be my brother.
For this I was born:
to testify to truth.
What is truth?
You made me do this.
[door slams]
This is not my fault.
I am innocent of this.
Get the bodies into your car.
And you should find the girl.
She must be killed as well.
[phone vibrating]
An I.D.?
You're kidding.
Well it doesn't make any sense.
No, I never had a son.
Of course I'm sure!
What year was he born?
[birds in background]
[bed rustling]
[birds in background]
Think we can get to the river
before the sun's down?
We can try.
Came down this river looking
for my father.
What I found? Well...
I didn't find anything.
I'm the one who got found.
Lost myself first.
See that water?
That sun?
Feel that wind?
Smell that distant rain?
It's all gift.
The whole world and you in it.
Those beats thumping in
your chest.
I know you didn't pay for those.
I never paid for mine.
Your two eyes?
Those hands?
Here's what I know:
There's nothing you can do
to deserve this world,
this life.
So just bend your damn neck and
receive it with some gratitude.
An old man told me
that gratitude
would give me freedom.
Don't know exactly
how that works.
But I know I'm grateful.
And I know I'm free.