The Road (2023) Movie Script

What am I doing is wrong.
But I dont have any other option, Nisha.
Give me six months.
Stop talking to me, Vijay.
I'm already in a huff.
Don't make me rebuke you.
Better drive quietly.
What happened?
Why are you halting the car now?
I think air pressure is low in tyre.
Wait, I will check it.
Please understand, Nisha.
If you look somber, what will my relatives
think of in tomorrow's function?
Even now you are bothered about
your relatives but not about me, right?
Not like that, Nisha.
-How about then?
You should earn and buy jewellery
for your sister's wedding.
You shouldn't ask mine.
First of all, did you ask for my consent
or did you spare me time to think?
You confused me with sentimental words...
...took my hundred sovereigns of jewellery
and brought me along in the car.
Don't be enraged, Nisha.
You're damn mean, Vijay.
Nisha, please.
Shut up, Vijay.
I hate talking to you.
Sir, the car is ready.
What happened again, Vijay?
Don't know, Nisha.
Wait, I will check.
Is it okay now?
The car does not start.
We got stuck in mid of nowhere.
Thunderstorms and lightning are intense.
It's going to pour heavy, dear.
Let it rain, dear.
We have sown the maize.
Come, let's hurry up.
-Who are they, dear?
Staying alone here?
Yes, just check out.
Sir, what happened?
My car broke down.
Is there a mechanic available nearby?
Oh, no!
There won't be any shop at this odd time.
There is a mechanic guy
known to me in next town.
Come, let's go and bring him.
No need, Vijay.
No, my wife is alone here.
Sir, why do you hesitate?
Let my wife be with her for her safety.
I will be with her, sir.
What are you doing, Vijay?
How can I be here alone?
No other way, Nisha.
Just ten minutes,
I will be back.
Stay safe.
-Sir, be quick.
It may rain.
I'll be back.
Come back soon.
Hey, take care, darling.
-Okay, dear.
Still how long to go?
Sir, here we are...almost reached.
Sir, why have you stopped there?
Come, let's go.
No, I will take care.
You can't go just like that, sir.
NH 44
Yes! Let's see how the baby is doing!
The foetal growth is good.
The heartbeat is 160 and that's normal.
There is movement, that's great!
Everything is fine, very good!
Both of you bluffed last time
without giving treat.
I will not spare you this time.
You can't escape.
Anand is not in town.
Infact, I didnt convey him yet.
It's a surprise for him.
Aah! So sweet!
When is he arriving?
Tell him to forget about wild life photography
for nine months.
From now on, he should
spend time only with you.
Doctor, a small doubt.
Yeah, darling!
Can I travel long by car?
Is it okay at this stage?
What do you mean, Meera?
For Kavin's birthday celebration, we have
planned a long road trip to Kanyakumari.
He will be very disappointed
if we don't go, that's why...
No chance at all,
you are in the eighth week.
You need to be very careful.
I'm advising even to take
your step carefully.
Wondering, you're asking about road trip.
Try to convince Kavin, Meera.
He will understand.
Plan it more grandeur next year,
with your baby.
Cheer up, my girl!
It's time to celebrate!
Sounds good! You too started reading
my articles, astounding!
I just gone through it
when I felt bored.
But I couldn't stop reading,
your writing was excellent!
Yeah, how did you collect such enormous
informations about those tribals?
Those details have already been collected.
I didn't have sufficient time to write.
Now I quit my job.
After Kavin leaves for school,
I am free for long time.
That's why, I have started writing again.
Let's see, how it goes forward.
You're enjoying the life well, Meera.
Why are you talking tiresome?
Does Prasad take good care of you or not?
What the hell he has to take care of me?
Am I a child?
Hey, have you started ruckus again?
-Can't both of you stay quiet?
He is hiding something from me.
He is cheating on me.
He is having affair with someone else, Meera.
Don't make fun, Uma.
I know Prasad from my college days.
I'm damn sure, he isn't of that sort.
-You'll never give up your friend.
You always support him, idiot.
Be patient, I will talk to Prasad.
-Let's rectify everything, okay?
-Okay, leave it.
There is no end for my blabbering.
Kavin's birthday is just three days away.
What's the plan?
-What about your trip?
We have planned it already.
But I think the trip is not possible this year.
Why? What happened?
I am pregnant!
Wow!!! That's amazing!!!
You said a great thing!!!
I feel happy!
Okay, Kavin's school van has arrived.
I will call you later, bye.
Take care.
Hi, mommy!
"Happy Birthday Kavin"
Love you all!
Thank you...Thank you...
Dear, had fun?
Dad is very irresponsible, mom.
Why are you saying like that?
Then what? Just three days are left
for my birthday trip.
He hasn't arrived yet.
When will he arrive, buy my stuffs
and get ready for the trip?
So sad...
It seems you've big plans!
Yes, what did you say last year?
What did we say?
Didn't you say that next year's birthday
will be a grandeur?
I don't remember saying
anything like that.
You might have forgotten
but I'll never forget.
You should do what you have promised,
that's the beauty of good parenting.
Not even a single plan should fail.
Ascertain of it.
Okay, list all your plans in an order.
I'll take note of it.
I'll update my husband
after he arrives, okay?
If so, I'll directly tell him.
Why should you be amidst us?
Mom, why have you stopped?
It's getting late,
Come, let's go.
Hey, you need me to wake you up
in the morning, bathe you, feed you...
...send you to school, pick you up again,
play with you and make you to go bed.
You will talk everything else directly
to your dad and you expect me to stay away?
I just made a prank, mom.
Why are you saying
such a long punch dialogues for this?
Okay, wipe your tears, let's go home.
I have to be little careful with you.
What have I taught you
and what have you done?
Everything is wrong, Kavin.
Why do you torture me
all the time with homework, mom?
Am I torturing you?
It's you who is torturing me.
I'll do after coming back
from my birthday trip, please.
Still two days left for your birthday.
Now complete the homework.
You're monotonous, mom.
You aren't allowing me
to enjoy life even a little.
I'm calling you
and you're sitting here.
Then what, mom?
My mind is occupied only about
my birthday trip and nothing else.
Don't waste time.
-Is it?
But who said that your birthday trip
is confirmed?
It's you who said, mom.
Yeah, I said...But I forgot to say
one more thing.
Dad's work is not yet over.
So he asked to cancel the birthday trip.
Don't make fun, mom.
It's clear that dad will arrive today
looking the way you've dressed up.
Hey, dad has arrived!
Didn't I tell you...
Dad has arrived!!!
-Did you miss me?
-Yes, dad.
-You taught daddy wont come right?
-How is the surprise?
-Damn sure I know that you'll come.
How are you?
I bought a gift for you,
guess what it is.'s gaming console, right?
- Yes!
-Thank you, dad.
-Love you so much.
Love you too...
Hey, I got gaming console,
I'm elated!
Welcome, sir.
Will you give surprise gift only to your son?
It seems you've forgotten your wife!
Am I going to give you a surprise
rather than the gift of your's?
Why didn't you tell me this earlier?
If I had told you earlier,
would've you left your job and arrived home?
Indeed, what is more important
other than my wife?
Dad, how long will it take
to reach Kanyakumari?
We can reach in ten or eleven hours.
Oh, will it take that long?
Anand...why does it take
ten hours by flight?
Yes, I forgot it.
Actually, we can reach in an hour by flight.
Are you both making fun of me?
Our plan is to go by car.
Why are you changing it now?
Flying will be fun.
You had so much fun last time,
have you forgotten?
I had headache and I just puked.
Is that an enjoyment?
Going by car will be amazing, mom.
On the way, we can see peacock
and mountains.
We can take photos and videos.
It will be astounding!
Look, your friend Shamyu is calling.
Hey, Shamyu!
I forgot to tell you something.
-You know why are we going
to Kanyakumari...
-it's to celebrate my birthday there...
Hey, why do you worry?
I'm taking him for shopping today evening.
I'll somehow convince him.
I'll take care, have dinner now.
Take it.
Has he Slept?
I tried my best,
but I couldnt convince him
Ill try again tomorrow.
No, don't try anymore to convince him.
Let's manage it.
What do you mean?
We will go with this plan.
Meera, are you serious?
Have you forgot what the doctor said?
I didn't forget.
Only yourself and Kavin are taking this trip,
I'm not coming.
Hey, what are you saying?
This is not the solution for this issue.
I have toiled a lot and this is the solution.
Disappointing him beyond this
is not fair, Anand.
We have never missed any of
his birthday trip so far.
I'm bothered that it'll be missed
this time because of me.
But Meera, what if we don't go...
Anand, I have a perfect plan.
Just listen to me, please...
For the first time, they are travelling alone
Hey, don't worry, Meera.
It's just two days trip.
Yeah, just two days...
Okay, around 10 p.m, they will reach Madurai.
Yourself and Prasad be ready.
I agreed to this trip just because of Kavin.
I feel enraged when I think of
Prasad coming with me.
Its okay
It's a good chance for you both
to have a heart-to-heart.
More than that, Kavin will be happy to be with you
He will not feel my absence.
-Meera, bring Kavin's binoculars.
Uma, I'll call you back.
-Okay, bye.
I have packed everything
required for two days.
If you need anything else, buy it, okay?
Make sure Kavin is properly taking food.
If you be lethargic, he will cheat.
Don't allow him to be on phone
for long time.
I thought of saying something else.
I love you, Meera!
I'll miss you!
Wherever I go,
my thoughts will be with you...
Better, shall I too accompany you?
I feel something weird.
Don't worry,
we will be back in a jiffy, okay?
Dad, how long will you keep talking?
Hurry up.
Take care
Bye, Kavin.
Love you, mom.
-Love you, dear.
I miss you so much.
So guys, how was the party today?
Today's party was a big success
than we expected, sir.
Our clients are so happy.
The reason for this success
is the hardwork of our team.
But remember, we have a long way to go.
...Until the tasks are finished.
-Yeah, sure sir.
All the documents are ready.
We can also fix an appointment
with the minister.
If you stay here for two more days...
Two days?
No chance at all...
I must reach Chennai in an hour.
Do one thing, I'll pass by next month.
We will fix an appointment then, okay?
Yeah, sure sir.
It's too late, sir.
You can't catch the flight if you leave now.
I'm taking my car, don't worry.
Shall I arrange the driver, sir?
No's alright.
Alright guys, let's continue the party.
Will check out this bar.
Come on, let's go...let's go...
Mom, I took more photos
and videos on the way.
I will show you after coming home.
Look dad, the internet signal
is not good here.
The message is not delivered
as delivered to mom.
We will reach Madurai in a while,
then your message will be delivered, okay?
Hey, message delivered to mom.
She has even replied, dad.
-I miss you so much, Kavin.
-I feel lonely at home.
I must have accompanied you.
Tell mom if she sends messages like this,
dad will take U-turn to home.
This is too much dad,
I'm watching you.
You are sharp!
-Dad, don't take risk.
-You are nearing sixty.
-Don't travel alone by car.
Hey, age is just a number man.
I'll show you my six-pack
when you come from U.S.
-Dad, your humour sense is getting
younger day by day.
Of course, I'm young.
Who is old here?
-Dad, hope you remember this day.
You didn't forget, right?
How will I forget?
I do remember well.
Then, when are you coming to India?
-It's been a long time, dad.
I wish to see you immediately.
Look at this bloody idiots...
-Dad, what happened?
Any problem?
Nothing, Sundar.
I'll call you back.
-Sleep for sometime
and take rest, Kavin.
-You must be tired of day long travel.
Mom will speak to you in the morning, okay?
-I love you so much.
Have you informed the
cops and relatives?
We have informed the cops, sir.
Trying to contact the relatives.
Send both the deadbodies to mortuary.
-Okay, sir.
Nothing would've happened, right?
-Don't panic.
Sister, where is ICU?
Go inside and take left.
-Thank you.
-It's hurting.
-Sit quietly, sir.
-I need some clarifications in MRI.
-Okay, sir.
-Just ask to repeat MRI.
-Sure sir.
Anand who met with accident...
Are you his relative?
Atleast save Kavin,, doctor.
We tried our best but...
He is almost brain dead.
We will declare in a while.
I don't know how am I going
to convey this to Meera.
She can't bear this, doctor.
She is pregnant.
How are they, Uma?
Everything is fine, right?
The treatment is going on,
you drive carefully.
I did a mistake, Uma.
I did a big mistake.
I shouldn't have send them alone.
It's completely my mistake.
Its not your fault meera.
You come safe.
At any cost, save them both.
If anything happens to them,
I'll not be alive.
I cant even imagine the
life without my family
At any them both..
Please, give me a good news,
Uma, Anand and Kavin are safe, right?
Immediately I want to see them, please. are they?
Please listen meera..
the doctor wants to talk to you..
Let's talk to the doctor later, uma.
First, I want to see my son
and my husband, please...
Doctor, first I want to see
my son and my husband, please...
Meera, please listen to me.
No, doctor.
Please understand.
I ought to see them.
Uma, please make him understand.
Sorry, Meera!
We couldn't save them both.
Meera! Meera!
Meera, are you okay?
Cool down!
Give some water.
Wake up!
Wake up, Meera!
Sister, ask to bring the stretcher.
The Professor looks handsome today, isn't it?
He was striking yesterday than today.
He looked dazzling a with a black pant
and grey shirt and when walking on the corridor...
...I felt like eloping with him.
Hey, he is my guy.
Are you in secret love with him?
I will kill you.
You are always saying that he is your guy.
But he never looks at you.
We shouldn't long to something
which will not happen.
Wait for sometime,
I will make it possible.
It's beyond the bounds.
Priya, get up.
Get out.
Maya sir!
Sorry, sir.
-It's okay.
I apologize for my behavior
in today's class.
I want to talk with you.
Then, I can clear all the doubts
If you tell me when you'll be free
and alone, I'll come.
Then, we can clear out all the doubts.
-I feel enraged when looking him.
-Nesanadhi stop, get down.
Hey, Maya!
Hey , you always eating something..
Will you buy me more?
Hey, I just asked for fun.
Hey Its nothing wrong to see a girl.
If a girl comes deliberately,
would anyone just let it go?
You are ignorant to adore the beauty, Maya.
Is that a problem now?
Hey, teaching is a noble profession.
you cant understand that.
Yeah, you are right
but love is divine above all...
Hey, pedal properly.
Dad, why aren't you even going
through the document?
Why are you remaining quiet?
Tell us something.
How long should we wait?
We have to sort it today.
You bloody idiots.
Want to sort it out today?
How dare are you?
-Dad, we inherited it from you.
-We are your blood.
-Inherited from me? You don't possess
the dignity and honor I have.
-If so, you wouldnt be this much dumbass?
-Dad, is he asking anything wrong?
It's our righteous.
-Hey, all the four sons are the same to me.
Maya, your brothers have started ruckus.
They won't let your father
to stay in peace.
Is this new to me?
It has become routine.
You go. I'll take care.
Okay, you don't talk anything
with those goofs.
Your father will take care.
-Okay, I'll take care.
-What? You want me
to divide this house?
I have given you
the entire agricultural lands, isn't it?
Maya will own only this house.
But you've come here asking
for share in it, you shameless...
-Dad, is this the way to talk to your sons?
-You behave like we are your enemies.
Are you all talking respectfully to your dad?
Here is the teacher.
All this ruckus is because of him.
Maya, you go and take some rest.
-Dad, you took loan to
make him study but not us.
-You stopped us at tenth grade itself.
-I made you all to study.
-But you were poor in studies,
what can I do for that?
-Hey, leave it.
-When he brought his second wife
from Kerala...
-...our mom should've fought then.
-What the hell we are fighting for now?
-It is a waste of time now.
I'll not spare you all.
-I'll lynch you into pieces.
Revathi, twenty two...
-Thank you, sir.
Maheswari, twenty four.
Thanks, sir.
Sir, the Principal called you immediately.
Mr.Maya, what's problem with you in taking
special class for an hour everyday?
Besides that, she has failed
in your subject.
So, you're responsible for it, tell me.
Sir, I don't have any problem in taking
special class after college hours.
But Priya is not a poor student to fail.
Sir, he pokes me as if I deliberately
failed in his subject.
I am going through sleepless nights
since I failed in his subject.
Always shedding tears..
Calm down priya.
I'll talk to him.
Wipe your tears, first.
It doesnt look good to see you like this.
they will think wrong.
Sir, when a student asks willingly,
why do you hesitate?
Okay, sir. I'll take special class.
But a small request.
What's it about?
Hurry up.
Not only Priya,
four more students have failed.
I'll take class for altogether.
Sir, no one else has asked
for special class except myself.
It's better if all four students
study together.
What's your problem with this?
No problem to me.
No problem, I'm ready.
Sir, start the class today itself.
Okay, sir.
Better follow him.
I have some work to do.
Take the vehicle.
Sir, the Principal asked me to follow you.
Shall we start today, okay?
Look priya.
what you are doing is not right
He is avoiding you, right?
Then why are you stalking him?
Don't do this, Priya.
Leave him.
Hey, did I ask you to advise me?
How can I leave him?
I can't...
Hey, you're going to settle down
in Singapore, right?
Then why such unnecessary things?
First of all, can you convince your dad?
If he is aware of this...
Hey, that's the secondary problem.
I'll take care of it.
But why is professor avoiding me?
Whats wrong with me.?
The guys in the neighbouring college
are yearning to talk with me.
This entire college is
celebrating me like a queen.
Wonder, what he expects more than this?
Maybe, is he in love with someone else?
I doubt the Tamil Professor Kalpana
had enticed him.
No way, I know well about Maya.
Look Priya, only ten days left for graduation.
Tell him frankly before that.
It's good if he likes you,
if not, better leave him.
Don't you have anyone else?
Hey, if he liked her,
he would've conveyed by now.
Will he fall for her in these two weeks
who didn't like in two years?
Priya, dont invite the trouble and
don't get fooled, that's all I can say.
Look here, you all know well...
If I need something,
I'd go to any extreme.
Not two weeks, In just two days, I'll make
Professor Maya to say, "Love you Priya".
Mam..I need to go to rest room.
Sir, how long will you be here?
For an hour.
Maya sir!
What are you doing here?
Aren't you writing the exam?
I came to meet you.
I want to talk to you.
First go write the exam,
we can talk later.
No, I want to talk to you personally.
Right now, here itself.
Priya, take off your hands.
Kannan! Kannan!
Kannan, open the door.
Kannan, can you hear me?
Kannan, can you hear me or not?
I ordered him to lock the door.
Kannan will not open the door
until I ask him.
Don't waste time, sir.
I'm left out with less time.
Okay tell me, what's that
you want to talk?
Sir, I'm in love with you.
You too like me,
I'm very much aware of it.
But you pretend
as if you don't like me.
-Listen, Priya!
Mind that your are taking to your Professor,
don't play with me.
I'm not playing with you, Professor.
I'm in love with you, seriously!
Don't cross your limits, Priya.
If someone witness,
what will they think?
Tell him to open the door,
don't provoke me to be furious.
Why are you avoiding me now?
Don't you like me?
Priya, I don't have any feeling on you.
Not only now, ever in future too.
Don't you have feelings on me!
For past two years,
I was coming behind you, isn't it?
How come you didn't sense any feeling?
Because you're my student
and I'm your Professor.
You better focus on your studies, Priya.
Is this your problem?
In another four days,
all my exams will be over.
So, post the exams..
is that okay?
I have pride and dignity in this college.
For sake of your silly love,
I can't spoil my reputation.
Kannan! Kannan!
Somebody open the door.
Then, you aren't concerned
about me or my love!
Is your pride and dignity are more
important to you, Maya?
You've done a mistake, Maya,
you've done a big mistake...
Don't know why did she
marry him, mam.
Kannan! Is anyone there?
I anticipated the other question.
-Which question do you mean?
Mr. Maya!
What Maya sir is doing here?
Don't know!
Hey, it's Priya!
-What is she doing here?
Priya, is it true what you mentioned
in the complaint?
Did Professor Maya misbehave with you?
Think well and reveal only the truth.
No one's life should be ruined.
Yes, he misbehaved with me.
Go inside.
Oh, destiny!
Whose conspiracy?
Whose pain?
Don't be in a hurry, let her be
in observation for one or two days.
Having been in coma for two weeks,
her body and mind are weak.
Is it just two days, doctor?
I'll take care.
Okay, but you must look after her
with utmost care.
She is likely to suffer from PTSD
which is post traumatic stress disorder.
Doctor, what about Meera's baby
in the womb?
Oh, pain!
I didn't do anything, dad.
I didn't do anything.
Who spewed fire into
the damp nest?
When the path arrived...
Why, dad?
-...who tore the foot?
In the dream of a fish
resting in water
Whose finger is it that swings
like a baited shadow?
Is everything an illusion?
-He was thrashed by cops it seems.
-He was brought home
after paying money.
-Everyone is mocking at him.
-Shameless guy.
Whose conspiracy?
Chinnaswamy, for sake of your son
you're selling all your assets.
Do you've tremendous confidence
on your son?
My son will bring pride not only to me but
to this village and our nation.
Elated about it!
Mom, Im hungry.
Maya, down! down!
I went to the college in search of her.
She wasn't there.
I think they had sent her somewhere.
Has the storm swept away
my yesterday's life?
Has time took away my blessed day?
A bird in the gray storm wind
It bears the burden of death
and see the moon
Is the life a fence?
Oh, destiny!
Whose conspiracy?
Whose pain?
Whose light?
From now on, everything that happens
in my son's life must be good.
Lord Ayyanar, you should
take care of my son.
Whatever happens in life,
we should accept and keep moving on.
If the solution is to die with our loved ones,
then no one can live in this world, Meera.
This is life.
I understand, Uma.
I'll come out of this.
One last time,
can you do me a favor?
Why are you asking so?
Tell me what should I do?
Come, let's go.
Car servicing was done just last week.
Oh, no! Then why the hell it stopped!
Damn it!
It's pouring down
and this is creating problem.
Damn it! Oh, gosh!
Don't know what to do now!
Sister, I have prepared black coffee.
I don't know whether you'll like or not,
just taste it.
Take it.
If you don't like,
I'll prepare some other coffee.
You are drenched in the rain,
drink hot.
Dear, did you call
the car mechanic Murugesan?
I keep calling him,
he isn't picking my call.
Don't know where he was lying drunk.
It's okay, we'll arrange
another car and leave.
Sister, why don't you stay tonight
and leave at dawn?
We are glad to have you here.
Dear, how can they stay here?
They're used to comfort.
That's why, they are hesitating.
Nothing like you think.
Meera is leaving early to Chennai.
If not, we'll surely stay tonight.
Youre our special guest,
why dont you stay tonight?
Don't know whether we will meet again.
Please accept, sister.
Okay sir, we'll stay tonight
and leave at dawn.
I'm contented, it's so relaxing
and fortunate to see you.
I was longing to see you.
When thinking about the accident happened
that day, it makes me shudder.
By the time I arrived at the spot,
all were taken to the hospital.
I thought atleast the child would survive
but that didn't happen either.
Born and brought up somewhere,
finally they come here and die.
Not only your family, many other families
have died as orphans on this road.
Seeing all this, I lose faith on God.
Mom dont leave us.
you have lot of work to do here.
Sir, how much fuel to fill?
Fill the whole tank.
-Okay, sir.
-Brother, It's not like last time,
cops surveillance is high.
-Dodging between two cars is very tedious.
Moreover, it's a huge amount,
so need to bring carefully.
-Okay, come fast.
Sir! Sir!
Just a minute, I'll come.
Stop! Stop!
What is happening here?
Lets take on her..
Hey, stop the bike.
Meera sister!
It is like a guy getting married
at the right age.
You didn't understand, right?
I too don't understand what you're saying.
What you said is unbelievable.
An accident happens,
somebody fights for his life..
And then the car is missing.
Am I fool to believe this?
How will i take this as a complaint?
I don't have any necessity
to say an imaginary incident, sir.
I say what I have witnessed.
Something is wrong!
Then where did the car
that met with accident go?
Is it a toy car to carry in a pocket?
Sir, please don't be angry.
Don't mistake me, without any proper evidence
where and who to inquire?
Don't blabber!
Sir, instead of questioning us, why don't you
come and visit the accident spot?
Hey, shut your trap,
all this is because of you.
Once the rain stopped, the car would've started
and they would've gone home.
Unnecessarily you make them wander
and creating trouble for us.
This problem is because of you.
What a shabby name you have...
Sir, if you can't handle, leave it,
we will speak to the DSP.
Sit down, why do you people
call DSP for everything?
Hey Karuppiah, ask Subramani to come.
Hey, the spot they mention falls
under which limit?
Sir, it's within our station limit.
Go, get the vehicle ready.
My gosh!
By the way, where is the accident spot?
Did the car hit this milestone
and met with accident?
Yes, sir.
Look, how fresh it is.
It down poured last night.
Look here!
Mam look there, can you see any trace
of the car tyre?
Why are you wasting our time?
Time is gold!
Yes brother,
I'm talking about your matter.
Sure, I'll convince, brother.
-Brother, don't think like that...
-Brother, do you know what he did?
-He says that the wineshop must be
opened between 4.30 to 6 a.m.
-How that is possible, brother?
That time is meant for housewarming.
-He says the business flourish well at dawn.
What I can do for it?
-I told him to run the business in closed manner,
more than this what can I do, brother?
You don't seem like lying.
Nor you've the necessity to lie.
If you're so sure, definitely something
must have happened here .
Did you note the car number?
Sister, do you remember the colour
of that car?
That is...
Is it red colour?
Manga, I've been with you for many years,
has this ever happened?
I'm loyal to you, Manga.
Just forgive me this time, Manga.
It happened by mistake.
I executed everything as planned,
I don't know how she came there.
Hey, who sent him?
So far, he was loyal..
Its the first time mistake, manga..
Manga, forgive me once,
I'll be loyal at your foot.
Had we been negligent,
she would've saved his life.
If that had happened,
I'd have been dead now.
Manga, don't...
Manga, please!
-Not only your family, many other families
have died as orphans on this road.
-Can you see any trace of the car tyre?
-Is it red colour?
-Mom, dont leave us.
-Find the reason, Meera!
Reason is the key!
Maya, will the problem be solved
if you starve?
That's good question, uncle.
Instead of starving and ruining the health,
it's better to kill her and go to prison.
Hey, I'll hit you.
I'm doing penance expecting my son
to study well and become an officer.
How dare you talk about killing!
Are you provoking him to commit a crime?
She is the reason to feel humiliated
for a mistake he didn't do.
How can we leave her?
You kill her, Maya.
I'll accept the culpability.
Hey, get lost..idiot..
You make him dumb by rambling..
Ask him to eat first.
Maya, once upon a time,
this whole land was ours.
When my father lost his business,
he sold away all the land.
I happened to get guard wage
in our own land
Maya, do you know what is guard wage?
No, dad.
At the age of ten,similarly I'll wrap a towel
around my neck and go around.
During the harvest season,
my mom will take me to the field.
I go to each and every farmer,
raising my towel for gurad wage.
I'll get some measured paddy..
I asked my mother about it.
She said that it is called guard wage
At that moment, I didn't understand it.
Later, I understood guard wage is nothing but an extortion
from the farmers not to steal from their rice fields.
Thats when I decided, in our linage,
I must be the last one to get guard wage.
I decided my children
must be well educated...
...And should attain great heights
where no one can imagine.
Maya, this is not just a wish,
it's my dream, my ambition!
There will be thousand obstacles
to achieve our ambition.
We should not give up.
You must fulfill my dream,
until then I will not die.
-Ramaswamy is not paying the tax,
we should enquire him.
This has become routine for him.
Hey, why are you in hurry?
Where is Maya, uncle?
He is upstairs, why?
That is...nothing.
He is always running on wheels.
Maya, immediately we have to
go to a place, come.
Come, I'll tell you.
Let's go.
Tell me, to where?
It's getting late,
Come, let's go.
Come, let's go soon.
-Hey, leave my hand.
Brother, Muthu's clan is not at all obedient.
-Yes, they've thrashed our guys, brother.
He is here, come.
I'll call them and speak in the evening.
Don't create any ruckus,
I'll take care.
You go.
-Okay, brother! We are leaving.
Come, Chella...
Come, brother.
Uncle, he is my friend Maya.
I spoke to you about him, right?
-It's him.
Chella told about you, there is a vacancy for
Professor in Madurai Government college.
If it's okay for you, I'll talk to the
Minister and get you the job.
What are you thinking, brother?
People are ready to pay seven lakhs...
-But I'll get you this job for six lakhs,
what do you say?
I wouldn't have come with you
if known I've to pay to get the job.
That's why, I didn't tell you.
Maya, this world is running hastily
behind the money, we too should follow.
You're innocent
but a girl has humiliated you.
The people who felt proud of you
are insulting you now.
Your siblings envy you.
Don't you wish to excel
in front of them?
Why do you go and hide
in the temple outside the town?
Fearing of humiliation?
Maya, to regain your lost respect,
you need a job.
For getting a job, you've to pay.
Money is everything in this world.
Without money
everyone is an orphan in this world.
How can I mobilize such huge amount?
Already my dad has borrowed enough
for my sake.
No need.
Hey, Maya...Maya...
It's worthless to think
when already drowned in problems.
Let's borrow some more money
with the existing debts.
The house is on your dad's name, right?
Hey Pandi, do we all look like crackpots to you?
First settle all our money
and then mortgage the house.
If you take the house in mortgage,
should we be fooled?
Hey, why are you creating ruckus
at my house?
He came seeking for help and I'm going to do it,
So what's your problem?
Help? We know about you.
If you take the document of his house
without my knowledge...
...then I'll not stay quiet, mind it.
What? Won't you be quiet?
Your wife is telling everyone
that you're quiet and idle.
Goof off, he has come for justification.
Sir, my father borrowed money
for my sake.
I'll take the responsibility to re-pay.
Give me some time, I'll repay all your money.
How will you re-pay?
You're highly educated in this village.
We lent you money trusting you'll go
for a good job and settle our money.
But what have you done?
You misbehaved with your student.
Who will give you a job now?
How will you repay our money?
Hey, talk only about money,
did you see him misbehaving?
Or did your newly married wife tell you?
(Indistinct Voices)
Listen me.
(Indistinct Voices)
Chinnaswamy's first wife's sons are here,
let's ask them.
Hey, your father has
come to mortgage the house.
Already those who lent him money
are asking to settle them.
What's your call?
He borrowed money only for his studies
and he was proud of him too.
So let him settle the debts now.
Listen, the house is our ancestral property.
We have a stake in it too.
Lend him just the value of his share.
Brother-in-law, you're talking unaware of the law.
Only the legitimate son has a share
in the house not the Concubines son.
How dare you say that!
(Indistinct Voices)
Chinnaswamy! You're still staying quiet,
say something.
All these days, you helped me
by lending money whenever I asked.
For one last time, if you help now,
my son will settle in life.
I plead you all.
Dad! Dad!
Hey, he is from a reputed family
but you all made him fall at your foot.
Better you all leave, he'll settle your money.
Come, Maya.
Here it is, give it.
I thought you won't come back
as you spoke harsh and left on that day.
Good, you've arranged the money.
Yes sir, take it.
Hello, sir!
Why are you here?
-I came to meet the minister.
Who needs the posting?
For him, sir.
Write the exam, rest I'll take care.
Take his blessings.
You'll receive the order soon.
The Minister is a nice person,
He will keep up his word.
I see the sky with unspread wings
Minister Pichaimuthu died in a road accident.
Why...why....why are these tears?
Just got aware of the matter,
that's why we came to meet you once.
A new minister has just joined
after his death.
I'm talking about you,
I'll take care.
I said I was talking about you.
I'll call you, sir.
Come after I call you.
Oh, life! Why do you hold
rancor against me?
Just be patient for sometime,
my son will get a job.
When will he get that job?
When will he get it?
Will he get or not?
I'll pay off your debts
even by selling this house.
You've just a month, Chinnaswamy.
-We must be blamed
to lend you money.
Maya, any news about the job?
That's where I have been,
I will get, dad.
If all the people chase me away...
The money you already gave
to the ex-minister is not accountable.
If you want a job, you've to
pay again, will you please arrange?
Damn it!
Why are you roving for money?
I have only my life to give,
more than this.
Will you take it?
Will you take?
Get lost, you...
You beggar...vagabond...
How dare you hit me?
I challenge how you'll get a job.
Maya, why are looking tedious?
Had food or not?
Dad, please forgive me.
Hey, why are you weeping?
Any problem?
I am completely cheated and lost all the money.
What is it about and who cheated you?
Tell me clearly.
Forgive me, dad.
I was cheated by paying money
to get a job, dad.
Forgive me, dad.
Everything has gone!
All my hope has gone, dad!
I can't.
Forgive me, dad.
There are stars in the sky,
But where are those in my life?
Everything moves like a mirage,
Tears in my eyes...
There is a day for everyone...
This canine has come seeking property.
You sucked my father's life
and finally killed him, you sinner.
Hey, you're in no way related to us.
-Chase him out.
Go clear of your debts.
Hey, Mayan is going to stay
with us from today.
Hey, oldie! Where is Chinnaswamy's
son Mayan?
Who are you all?
We have lend him money.
Ask him to come.
No one is here.
Who are you, run away...
Yes, he misbehaved with me.
Maya, down! Down!
I live with the dusk
that never turns dawn
I see the sky with wrecked wings
Take it, eat.
You're starving since last night.
Please have food.
There are stars in the sky!
Please have food.
I said I don't want.
Where are those in my life?
What did I do?
What did I do?
What did I do?
I didn't do any mistake.
I don't know how to live.
I don't wish to live, Chella.
I don't wish to live.
Meera, is it a must to go
to Tirunelveli now?
Why are you resolute
and wandering crazily?
Sometimes I just can't understand
what you do, Meera.
What do you want to understand?
I'm going to meet an accident victim.
Why are you showing ardour
in developing the conspiracy theory?
It's not a conspiracy, it's a mystery.
In India, the accident ratio has come down
manyfold after four-lane concept.
But in NH 44, at a particular zone,
still accidents are frequently occurring.
So far, more than seven accidents
has happened at this specific spot.
No one knows the reason.
Five days after the accident,
they pulled out the car from a well.
They said my son was drunk
and drove the car and lost control.
Was there money or jewels in the car
when the accident occured?
Two days after the car fell into the well,
the cops have identified it.
It's shocking!
There isn't any suspicion
in seventy percent of registered cases.
But in the remaining thirty percent cases,
either the money or jewels of the victims are missing.
The cops couldn't able to recover till now.
Some people didn't even lodge a complaint.
To my knowledge, four to five
accidents have happened here.
Even last week, a family met
with an accident here and died.
How many people died in that accident?
Might be four people.
The tree is far off the road,
how is it possible to hit on it?
-My husband had been a driver for fifteen years,
Not a single accident has happened.
He was accoladed, "a safe driver".
But no one is aware how that accident
happened that day.
The bride and groom, their parents,
seven such people have died.
Should I feel happy that
my husband survived the accident...
...or should I feel sad, though alive,
he is lying like a vegetable.
Mam, don't get angry,
listen to me with some patience.
Sir, how to be patient?
His father had killed a family
by drunken driving.
If he offers money,
should we take it?
Meera is doing social service
with her own money.
Who wants your money?
Excuse me, mam.
I too lost my dad in this accident.
And I also know well the pain
what a death can cause.
No matter whatever we say or scream,
the dead will not be back.
Even this money is just a small
compensation on humanitarian basis...
...and not with any intention to offend you.
Mam, instead of going to court,
why not we settle here?
If you need more money,
tell me I'll get you.
We have no problem going to court.
Whatever let's meet at the court,
Meera, come let's go.
That's not what I meant, mam...
What you said is right.
No matter whatever we say or scream,
the dead will not be back.
I don't want your money or sympathy.
If you wish to do something for me,
make me a promise.
Sure, tell me what should I do?
In your life, never drink and drive.
Because of your dad's mistake,
I lost my family.
Such kind of loss should never happen
to another family.
Just a minute, mam.
I don't know why and how
this accident has happened...
But I am sure about one thing this accident didn't happen
because my father was driving drunk.
Yes, my father was not drunk
on the day of the accident.
I am not saying that my father is a good person
but his love on my mother is true.
He wasnt that kind of person to drink on
the day of her death anniverasary.
But the autopsy report states that
alcohol was present in your father's body.
How is that possible?
I don't know, that might be
a human error or conspiracy.
No matter what I do,
I'll never get my father back.
But I have my wife, kid and business.
They need me.
I don't want to dig more.
If Gangadharan didn't drink
on his wife's death anniversary...
Then why did the autopsy report
states he was drunk?
Else, was Gangadharan really drunk?
A mistake has happened somewhere.
The Doctor name is Madhana Gopal,
he is working in Thirumangalam GH.
He has conducted more than
five thousand autopsies.
When enquired about him,
he is known to be honest.
Who are you?
What do you want?
Why did you manipulate
Gangadharan's autopsy report?
Who did you do this for?
You'll not kill me
until you know the truth.
I'm not strong enough to hit you.
So, why this drama?
Come, sit down.
Let's have a talk.
I don't have any necessity
to change the autopsy report for money.
Everything mentioned in the report is true.
But the autopsy report says
there was no traces of alcohol.
Gangadharan's gastric juice had
excess amount of alochol.
But there was no alochol in the blood
or in urine sample and in vitreous humor.
That means, he must have died
before digestion.
What do you mean?
As the cause of death is accident,
he must have been drinking and driving.
Otherwise, this report isn't possible.
But Gangadharan's son affirms
there is no chance of drinking.
If you still have doubts call the forensic experts
and examine the car that met with accident.
I'm sure you will find alochol traces.
I feel you're ruminating. she thinks is right.
Since most of the people remain silent,
that's why many facts are not revealed.
The silence of the victims
is the cause of the subsequent mistakes.
Sir... Sir...
Sir, can you hear me?
It's me Subramani.
Mam, SI sir asked you to come.
Mam, we have thoroughly checked the car.
There are no traces of alochol,
not even a single drop.
Mam, due to the force of accident, the seat
belt was cut, that's why the air bags didn't work.
It's a rare event but we have got
a crucial evidence.
Caltrop! This is an artificial material
used to puncture the car.
We go get the report ready, mam.
Maybe, If there isn't alochol traces
in the car?
Then, someone should have forcefully
infused alochol in the body.
Mam, whatever you said is true.
A case has been filed in Virudhunagar police station
that a person is missing who drove the red colour car..
Have they sent any photo
of the missing person?
I have.
Yes, he is!
Hey, who are you?
Why are you following me?
Will you tell me or not?
Don't test my patience,
I have no patience at all.
I have nothing left to lose.
I wouldn't even think for a minute
about killing you.
Even if you spare me alive,
they'll not let me to live.
It's better you kill me.
Then you better die.
I'll tell you...I'll tell you.
I'm working in the morgue
on contract basis.
The salary isn't sufficient to
take care of my family.
Because of this, there was a problem
at home everyday.
When you don't have the potential to earn,
why do you need a family?
Hey, who is wastrel?
Who is wastrel?
I'll smash your face.
As I had no way to repay the existing debt,
no one was willing to lend me money again.
Suddenly one day, I received a message on my cell phone
that one lakh rupees has been credited to my account.
I don't know who credited the money.
At that time, I wasn't keen
to know who sent it.
All I need was money...
Only money.
I started spending the money.
After getting the money,
everything around me has changed.
Initially I thought someone had sent
by mistake.
Hey, come.
But again next month, one lakh rupees
was credited to my account.
Similarly, how many times have you
received money to your account?
Three times.
Every time when I received the money,
I was scared along with elation.
I started hiding that money.
Suddenly one day, I received a call
from a private number.
What was it about?
Yes, it's me, who are you?
-You should do what I tell you, Ponnudurai.
-That's why, I credited the money thrice
to your account.
-If you're not interested,
return the money.
-If you can't do both,
then you'll have to die.
-Right now, you've to decide.
For sake of money and fearing of
losing my life, I did it.
I don't know who is behind this.
What's your account number?
Hey, two people have come looking for you.
Wonder who has come looking for me?
Come and see.
They told me to have a bank account
if I want Government subsidy.
That's why, I only went once
and signed at the bank, sir.
Other than that,
I don't know any details, sir.
After opening a bank account, have you ever
gone there to deposit or withdraw money?
I don't know all those details, sir.
If I have money on hand,
I can go and deposit in the bank.
I'm herding goats for wages.
Where would I go for huge money?
What is he saying?
The money has been credited
from his account.
But he says that he does not
know anything.
Who took you to the bank
and opened the account?
A guy, who often visits our town.
Getting us Government insurance plan,
Getting ration card, pension etc.
He will help us in all these chores,
it's him who took me to the bank.
Did he take you alone to the bank
or took others too?
He has helped many people.
A good and noble guy.
He will help the poor people
and the afflicted.
He is very kind hearted.
Can we see him now?
Why do you bother, sister?
I will take everyone,
open a bank account...
...and finish all the works.
You all go ahead with your routine
without any worries.
Do we have to pay anything for this, sir?
Why did you ask so?
If we have a sibling helping us in our house,
would you pay money or give him commission?
You won't give, right?
I have come here to serve you.
Just sign here.
See, how his hands are trembling!
Greetings, brother!
I heard you do a lot of social service.
I feel elated.
That's why, I came to meet you once.
You open an account for them by yourself,
deposit and withdraw money... much work do you take care!
Really astounding, brother.
You've opened net banking
and mobile banking for everyone, isn't it?
What's this?
All the numbers are the same.
Does the company give like this?
Are you sweating!
I think it may rain since you sweat.
All these numbers are your's, right?
"Let's play hide and seek,
Find out who is good and who is bad".
I'll receive a message stating how much
money to deposit in who's account.
In this 200 accounts that I maintain,
I'll transfer from any one of the account.
Once an account is used,
I'll not use it for next three months.
To who have you transferred the money?
Why did you do it?
It's the task.
I have no idea for whom and for what
I'm transferring the money.
I don't need to know.
That's the rule of this task.
How do you receive money
to send so many people?
From which account are you receiving it?
I dont receive money by bank account.
How else will you receive?
My number will receive
geographical coordinates.
If I track the map
of that and proceed...
...there will be money in the bag
at that location.
The location changes every time.
In fact, it's a secret network.
I don't know who's there, what they're
doing and who is having control of it.
I must work like a robot.
People who are struggling for money
like me is the target of this network.
Mam, have coffee.
-Thank you.
Dear, take it.
He is like this,
always helping someone.
He would help the downtrodden
to get ration card, Aadhaar card...
...and to take loan,
he'll do all sort of help.
If he doesn't help someone,
he won't sleep peacefully.
If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask.
He will do that too.
Have coffee.
This is called "Dark banking".
That means?
Whether a person is aware or not,
By using his documents and opening
a bank account on his name...
...and someone else is doing
money transaction is "dark banking".
This is often the technique
used by criminals for money laundering.
I've heard Mexican drug cartels will do this.
But when this is happening in Madurai,
it's shocking.
This is something much bigger
than I expected.
Yes, from the 300 accounts
under Baskaran's control...
...the money has been transferred many times
unrelatedly to the accounts of many people.
Similiarly the money has been transferred
even to Ponnudurai.
In what way the money has been
transferred to others?
I have taken the details of everyone.
All are underprivileged people.
A fuel station worker, a tollgate worker,
a puncture shop worker...
...hotel server, register office peon,
a mechanic, just unrelevant to each other.
Who are all these people?
Why did the money transfer happen?
I don't understand anything.
All these people have a common factor, Uma.
What is it?
National Highway.
Those who travel on highway
are their target.
They have looted money and jewels
and brutally killed innocent people.
They have framed the murders like accidents.
You mean, orchestrated accidents.
They have created a large invisible network
and assigned a job to each and everyone.
Someone is controlling
this whole network.
An intelligent monster!
Then, was Gangatharan's accident
happened just for money?
No, there was something important
in his car than money.
That is what they have targeted.
How do you say?
Again I spoke to his son Sundar.
Ten lakhs have been recovered
from the car by the cops and handed over.
If something more important
than money... What else it'd be?
I don't know.
Before that I want to know
the answer to an important question.
What it is?
Who admitted those three people
in hospital after the accident?
How are you doing, Kaaturosa?
Why are you silent?
Yeah, you won't tell anything.
Even the truth.
Yeah, you were with me, right?
But why have you left
without informing me?
Are you hiding anything from me?
You admitted those three people
in the hospital that night, right?
Why didn't you tell me?
Are you scared?
Scared of who?
You dug your own grave!
I'm coming for you.
Tell me, sir.
Mam, Bhaskar's cell phone has
received a code from that private number.
Is it geographical coordinates?
We must immediately shift Ponnudurai
and Bhaskar to some other place.
I'll be there in ten minutes, sir.
Yes, Meera.
Without asking what, why and how,
just follow what I say.
Don't be scared, Uma.
Just do what I said.
Subramani sir, the map is ending here.
Is it?
Nothing is here.
Sir, this is Kavin's tab!
Sorry Mummy, I miss you so much.
It's hard for me to be without you.
But I promise, I'll never go
anywhere without you.
Sleep happily.
Don't scream!
Control yourself.
Hey, do you know why we are digging pits?
Just to bury you both.
Hey, If you stay silent,
you will die peacefully.
If you laugh and irritate us,
you will die brutally.
Leaving you both in front
and he is hiding behind you,
Tell him to come front without fear.
Here I am, Meera.
On that night, I came to the main road
to flee from the town.
But the accident I saw that day...
...shattered me.
Your son breathed his last on my lap.
Before he died, he looked at me
and called, "Mommy, Mommy" ...
...That sounds still in my ears.
When I saw you in the hospital that day,
I wished to hug you and cry aloud.
But I was scared to see the guy who stole
from that car was standing next to you.
Thinking that no danger should come
to you from him.
That's why, I came around you like a cat.
Forgive me, sister.
I thought you are an ordinary woman
and you can't do anything.
But I didn't expect you will come this long.
I really underestimated you, Meera.
I should have let you commit suicide.
You betray for sake of money?
Are you going to live for
a hundred years with that money?
I don't know if I will live
for a hundred years.
But I can't live even a day without money.
Yeah, then what did you say, Meera?
You're wrong, Meera.
Don't say like that.
Falling into the pit of debt
and sinking inch by inch...
When the mind told me this is
the end of life, a hand saved me!
I don't know whether
it's the hand of God or devil.
I believe that hand as God
and I'm loyal to that.
Dare to call me a betrayer?
You take other's life, made this road a hell
and speaking philosophically as God and hand.
Relax, Meera!
And I promise...
On that day, the accident was planned
for Gangadharan.
But your family trapped in this plot
is the biggest twist for us too.
Nothing personal, Meera.
It's all about business.
This is personal to me.
This is personal to each and everyone
who has lost relationships on this road like me.
What's your business? Ending the happy journeys
cruelly, is this your business?
Ponnudurai and Bhaskar,
not only that network...
I'll destroy each and everyone
of you unrecognizable.
You have to stay alive for that, right?
Meera, what you found was just one
Bhaskar and one Ponnudurai.
Similarly there are hundred Bhaskars
and thousand Ponnudurais.
This is the world that has been built
for ten years.
To understand this,
you need to be intelligent.
If you want to destroy it,
you can't do it in this life.
If possible, take another life and come.
Uma, listen to me just a minute, please.
Damn it, shut up.
I feel disgusted to think
that I have led a life with you.
Uma, listen me...
No, Uma!
Don't get into unnecessary problem, Uma.
Hurry up!
Hurry up!
HIt her to death.
Hey, go!
Catch her.
Hey, go fast.
Hey, chase them.
Come on...
Better die.
Hey, Maya!
Hey, Black ant!
Hey, Maya!
Why are you sitting here?
Had any money lenders came?
Then, what happened?
Why are you sitting here?
I have committed a big mistake, Chella.
Please, forgive me.
What mistake did you do?
Where are the jewels now?
I feel disgusted of myself, Chella.
I can't believe I did such a thing.
I don't know how to live among the people
who are obsessed with money, Chella.
I have no other option but to die.
I went to die
but this has happened.
Why should you die?
You have to live your life from now on.
What you did is not wrong, Maya.
This is right!
Now, for the first time,
you've done it right.
What's the need of jewellery
and money for the dead?
What will he do with it?
Had you not brought it,
then someone else would've taken it.
You shouldn't feel guilty about this.
Is this why my father nurtured me
with utmost care?
Will my father's soul forgive me?
Maya, you decided to die but this is
the last chance you got to live.
I'm telling for your goodness.
Don't try to be a good person.
This is a wealthy gift to you
at the right time, don't forgo it.
If you had been hit by that truck and died,
you'd have vanished in thin air by now.
No one would've bothered about you.
You decided to die
since you didn't have this money.
Now, you've the same money.
This money will accomplish
what you wish and what you don't wish.
Just wait and watch tomorrow,
the wonders this money is going to do.
Are you paying only the principal?
Then who will pay the interest?
Will your deceased father pay it?
Do you want the interest to be waived?
Does the money grow on tree
or is it lying on the road?
Okay, we'll settle the money with interest
but at one condition.
What condition?
That day my father fell at your feet
and pleaded you all...
What about that?
What now? Your father was in need of money,
so he fell at our feet.
Now you all fall at Mayan's feet
and take back your money.
Look at these guys,
simply making fun.
Is it enough to fall on feet
or need to do anything else?
Why are you causing trouble
before elderly people?
I'm telling you the fact,
I'll pay you twice the interest.
If you pay twice, will we fall
on your feet losing our dignity?
Not twice the interest but the principal.
Double the principal!
What he is saying Double the principal?
That's excellent, Maya!
(Indistinct Voices)
I'm telling you finally and you've
just ten minutes to decide.
Whoever falls at Mayan's feet will
get twice the principal amount.
Hey, Theera!
Hey, Maara!
Hey, Veera!
Hey, Maya!
The devil looked inside
Here he is back and ruled me
"If one had wealth
even though he is not learned"
"That wealth makes him welcome
by everyone"
"If poor, even his wife
and mother will not want him"
"Even his words will not be accepted"
Maya, it's not written for anyone else,
it's written just for you.
We didn't go looking for it,
instead it came looking for us.
Henceforth, this is our profession.
Brother, save me.
There is no time to look back
The way which I travel
is the boundary of life
Money and jewels are accumulating, Maya.
We don't have a place to hide it.
There is no God who can
overtake me anymore
O'Kindness, go away,
O'demonicness, come on
Chella, in future if road accidents decrease,
then where to go?
Tell me what to do, Maya?
We can't wait for the fruit to fall.
We have to climb and pluck it.
A white coloured car, a truck and a van,
I have kept at the curve, okay?
Hey, Maara!
Hey, Veera!
Hey, Maya!
O'fire! You don't quench...
Hey, don't quench
Your anger will never change...
How many jewellery shops are there
in Madurai, Chella?
There are numerous shops in Madurai.
Every lane has a parotta shop
and a jewellery shop.
From the small trader who carries it
hidden around his stomach,
The big businessman who hides it
in his car, everything is black money.
Only twenty five percent is accountable.
Balance seventy five percent
is unaccounted.
Save me, sir...
Save me.
Brother, let's sell the house and share it
equally between the three of us.
Look, I too know what property you have.
Hey, are you going to sell the house or not?
This is the right time to make
the next move, Chella.
We should extend our boundaries.
This isn't a road, it's a gold mine.
Two of us aren't enough to do the job,
we need to build a network.
A network for our own.
For who we work,
with who we work...
..and for what we work,
to any such question... one should know
the answer in that network.
Two kinds of people
will be there in our network.
Number one, who provide us
information for the accidents.
Money for information.
Number two, processing the information
and executing the accidents.
Money for work.
Both these people should be in our control,
without knowing who we are.
Kottai-manga gang, the notorious highway criminals
in madurai for the past ten years..
They are heading blindly,
now we're going to show them the way.
Henceforth, they're going to work only for us.
This is just the beginning, Chella.
Wherever there is road on this earth,
our empire must be there.
Prasad is my old friend.
He will be useful in organising our network.
He will be your another brain.
Hereafter this road will be
under your control.
It's your responsibility to have control
until I return.
How did you find this place, Uma?
For a long time, I had a doubt
that Prasad was having an affair.
So one day, I started followed him.
That's when I found this place.
Meera, "57-86-32".
The private number that controlled
the entire network all these days...
It's none other than Prasad.
We shouldn't spare him.
Chella! Prasad!
Then who is in the middle?
Don't know!
Call from Subramani.
Tell me, sir.
Mam, Chella doesn't have parents.
He had a grandfather,
he too passed away a few years ago.
But he has a close friend.
A close friend!
Who is it?
His name is Mayazhagan.
Sir, did you enquire about him?
No one knew much about him.
But ten years ago, he worked
in a college as a Professor.
If there is nothing to lose,
the enemy will have no fear.
She'd have no fear.
But she had a lot more
to think about and find out.
Let her think and find out.
By then, let's complete our mission.
Like we suspected,
Gangadharan is not a businessman.
He is a smuggling consultant.
Smuggling consultant?
Yes, gold smuggling.
In another two days,
from Kerala to Mumbai...
....via NH 44, huge amount of gold
will be smuggled.
Gangadharan has planned it.
It's for that plan,
they have targeted Gangadharan.
Huge quantity of gold means, how much?
Five hundred kilograms.
If everything goes well as per plan...
...then what we earned in last ten years
by hard work will be earned in just one day.
This will be our last crime
on Madurai highway.
What are we going to do next, Meera?
I don't know.
But this is my last chance to avenge
for the death of my family.
As per the plan of Gangadharan...
One kilometre before and behind
Arumai Chandran's car...
...They would've set up a safety convoy.
This distance will not change for any reason.
By any chance, if one of the car
has some problem,
Then the other two cars will not move.
That's how, they have set
the safety convoy plan.
What happened?
I'll check, sir.
The phone should remain on
until the mission is completed.
Sir, the tyre was flattened,
it will take five minutes.
Stop all the cars for five minutes.
Stop the car!
All we have is five minutes to attack them,
when changing the car tyre.
The car driver will escape
when the gun is fired.
He is our guy.
Chella, be careful.
Come fast.
Five hundred kilograms and eight grams,
my earlier job.
Maya, Our plan went well.
Tell me what to do next.
Good, give the phone to Arumai Chandran.
Arumai Chandran? We left him there
and took only the car.
What? Isn't Arumai Chandran
not there in the car?
This is not in our plan.
Something is fishy.
There is no gold in that car.
Get down from the car.
Maya, what are you saying?
Everything is going well
according to plan.
Get down from the car.
Maya, we have brought the car.
Get down from the car, Chella.
What happened?
-What Maya? It seems the mission
has been failed.
-I'll give you another chance.
If you want your gold, come looking for me.
-I'll be waiting for you.
Arumai Chandran is not only a gold smuggler.
He is also a benami of a minister.
He has been arrested many times.
He never trusts anyone.
His second wife was Padma.
She is also a smuggler.
Both of them did not trust
the plan given by Gangadharan.
I have been following Arumai Chandran's
every move for the past one week.
As per the plan, Padma is not there
in this smuggling.
But Padma has arrived in Kerala
by flight, this morning.
There might be plan B.
She is my target.
- Meera, it is a big risk
to face him alone.
-Better leave from there, please.
No, he will come looking for me.
I'll decide it's outcome by myself.
-Listen to me, Meera.
- He doesn't know where you are.
How will he find you?
Born in an ordinary village, studied
and became a professor... turned into a criminal,
he has created a world for himself.
He will not accept his defeat so quickly.
By now, he must have found
where I am.
Definitely, he will come looking for me.
I will be waiting.
Hello, Meera...
Prasad, she is just a plant.
If she had been plucked that day...
...she wouldn't have turned
as a banyan tree today.
It's not wrong that you died.
You deserve to die, you fool.
Where are you, Meera?
What's this, Meera?
You shoot while talking.
I'm not here to fight.
I have lost.
I'm a failure.
I just came to say it and leave.
Don't you believe me, Meera?
Do you believe me now?
Come on, Meera.
Let's talk.
Nice try, Meera.
But you missed again.
Do you know one thing?
Revenge is the weapon of the weak.
But you are not like that.
Then, in this world, revenge, sentiments,
emotion, all these have no value at all, Meera.
What else has value?
Money, only the money.
This society is running hastily
behind the money.
In that race, I think I should come first.
Is that such a grave mistake?
How many people, with how many dreams
have traveled on that road?
Do you want to come first in your race,
taking all those innocent lives?
Don't you have mercy?
I have never seen anyone
worthy to show mercy, Meera.
But for the first time,
I feel sorry for you, Meera.
Tell me how much money do you want?
It will be transferred to
your account in five minutes.
You're still young, Meera.
Start a new life.
money is every thing.
It is not enough if you die, Maya.
Your ideology also must die along.
Meera, this world must perish for that.
Listen, shall I tell you a short story?
A father and son were traveling
in a car on the Madurai highway.
The car met with an accident
and both of them died.
Everyone has believed it.
But do you know what the fact is?
We beat them to death.
That little boy, he cried a lot.
He writhed in pain.
His father, tall, handsome and smart,
he pleaded a lot.
"Leave my son".
He pleaded for life, we did not give.
Now you ask for it, I'll give.
Will you ask me, Meera?
Just a small lie,
See how that made you weak?
Your sentiments doesn't let you think,
does it?
Didn't I say, money is more powerful.
Not for human emotions.
Maya, sir!
Arumai Chandran's second wife
Padma alias Padmapriya.
She is also a smuggler.
So far, she has never been arrested.
After a lot of detailed research,
I have a plan in place.
What if it fails?
We have a plan B, sir.
I am in love with you
He misbehaved to me.
You've misbehaved with your student.
Didn't I say? I will kill your ideology
along with you.
Gold is just a metal.
money is just a paper.
-What you found was just one
Bhaskar and one Ponnudurai.
-Similarly there are hundred Bhaskars
and thousand Ponnudurais.