The Road Ahead (2021) Movie Script

-Come on.
It's gonna cost you.
Shadows settle on the place
that you left
Our minds are troubled by
the emptiness
Got it.
Happy one year, babe.
I love it.
Destroy the middle,
it's a waste of time
From the perfect start
To the finish line
And if you're still breathing,
you're the lucky ones
'Cause most of us are heaving
I can't believe you made this,
this is delicious.
Oh, I'm amazing
Setting fire to our insides
for fun
Oh, I'm such an idiot.
I'm gonna clean it up,
I'm gonna clean it up.
-I'll be right back.
-No, it's okay, babe.
It's okay, it's okay,
it's okay.
The lovers that went wrong
What's up, Liam?
We are the reckless
We are the wild youth
Will you marry me?
Chasing visions
Of our futures
One day, we'll reveal
the truth
That one will die before
he gets there
It's a house!
To our new house.
And if you're still bleeding,
you're the lucky ones
'Cause most of our feelings
They are dead
I got the job!
And they are gone
I got the job!
We're setting fire
Thank you.
To our insides for fun
Collecting pictures
from a flood
That wrecked our home
It was a flood that wrecked
this home
And you caused it
And you caused it
And you caused it
Well, I've lost it all,
I'm just a silhouette
[indistinct speech]
what the fuck is that?
This is our biggest
you can't go saying that!
A lifeless face that you'll
soon forget
-What are you doing?
Relax, it was an accident.
-This is our new carpet, idiot!
-I know it's our new carpet.
-Every time, you wait all day--
-Unbelievable, Liam!
-All day!
We could have talked about it--
-That I wanna talk to you?
-All day.
When you broke my chest
Ringin' in my head
When you broke my chest
And if you're in love, then
you are the lucky one
'Cause most of us are bitter
over someone
Setting fire to our insides
for fun
To distract our hearts from
ever missing them
But I'm forever missing him
And you caused it
And you caused it
And you caused it
So when did you leave
the North Herald?
To be honest, I haven't really
left yet.
Well, I like honesty.
And you've been writing the
travel section for how long?
I haven't been writing that
exact column,
but I do have my own blog and
14,000 weekly readers.
Look, Mia, I like you.
You're obviously a very smart
young woman,
but I have to tell you the
competition here is fierce.
We have hundreds of interviews
and uh, travel writers
with over 14 years'
It's tough.
I know.
I know, but I think a fresh
perspective would be good.
I've been wanting to work here
for so long and I think
it would be a great fit if you
just gave me a chance.
Let me look at this, we'll get
back to you.
Okay, okay.
Thank you.
So I had that job interview
My journalism dream is pretty
much crushed.
Maybe I'll just go work
at a box factory.
Yeah, that really sucks.
Do you wanna do something today?
Do you wanna do something today?
I haven't seen you in a while.
Yeah, sure.
Maybe wanna watch TV
or somethin'.
I'm exhausted.
What do you wanna watch?
Doesn't matter.
Okay, Curb?
Ugh, I hate that guy.
Comedy or--
Uh, I don't know my brain's
Can you just choose somethin'?
Okay, Seinfeld it is.
So you choose another show
with Larry David?
What's your beef at Larry David?
Well, I'm just gonna go work out
and then go to bed.
Can you um, help me to pick some
sod for the backyard tomorrow?
Can we do it on the weekend?
I got a real busy week.
Well, the sod place is right by
the doctor's office
and I have the follow-up
appointment, so I thought maybe
we could you know,
grab some dinner
and make a night out of it.
Come on.
Thank you.
Ugh, whoa!
Alright, alright, alright.
Take a break.
[taking deep breaths]
Easy now, man.
Big sweaty black man and
a ragin' dude in a hoodie,
in a field at 10:00 p.m.,
can't just stare down
a woman like that.
She'll mace your ass.
Yeah, well, soon we'll be back
in the gym listening
to the groans of steroid-induced
gym rats, so
Uh, yeah.
Yeah, fair enough.
[clears throat]
You good?
Where are you, man?
You're not here today.
You think we're built to be
with one person
for the rest of our life?
You do realize you're the best
man at my wedding
in April, right?
I know, but come on.
Uh, you haven't thought
about it?
Do you think Camilla's gonna
make you happy
for the rest of your life?
Uh, yeah, I do, cowboy,
otherwise I wouldn't have
just spent half my salary from
last year on a ring.
Things between you two are not
any better at all.
-I love her.
She's family.
It's just um,
you know, sometimes I see
a girl walk by
and I think, "Maybe that girl
will make me happy."
Okay, so why don't you just,
both of you just you know,
freak your shit out a little
bit, man, you know,
just get a swing on
or some shit.
You gotta work to keep these
things alive, right?
It's not that, Ben, it's--
And we've been together since
high school.
It's just there's nothing
there anymore.
You gonna try to work it out?
I think I'm at the end, man.
I've been trying for two years.
I gotta have that talk with her.
Uh, look, divorce is expensive.
She's gonna take half your shit,
I thought you wanted to branch
out from Apho Blue
and reboot that whole business
How you gonna do that without
any money?
You can't.
Let's go.
I need to talk to you about
Can't yell at each other here.
Well, can we talk about it
No, we gotta talk about it now.
Mia Griffin?
I'm gonna wait outside.
Come on, it's just gonna be
five minutes.
Come with me.
[Dr. Abbott]
Thanks for coming in.
We got your blood work back and
found something troubling,
which is why I called you
back in.
[Dr. Abbott]
The upper abdominal pain
in the left quadrant
and the jaundice you've been
experiencing is
because we found a mass
and you have pancreatic cancer.
Uh, um, are you sure?
It's fast moving, I recommend
treatment immediately.
Now, we can talk about
all the options.
I understand if you need a few
moments to process.
I think we're gonna need more
than few moments.
Am I gonna live?
There is a small chance if you
do treatment.
If not, I would say you have
around two months.
Stop the car.
Will you look at me please,
I can't look at you.
You don't ever look at me
You could fight this.
Can't stay here.
So what do you wanna do, Mia?
We need to talk about this,
We need to come up with a plan.
Don't wanna talk about it.
Just need some time.
Well, can we fast-forward to a
time when you can talk about it?
Because time is of
the essence here.
What a waste.
This is my life,
this is all I get?
It's not fair,
but if you start chemo
right away
the doctor said there could be
a chance.
No, they just say that, Liam.
You gotta at least try.
Well, what do you wanna do,
We're running out
of options here.
Your parents are comin' to town
on Wednesday,
maybe they can talk some sense
into you.
You called my parents?
They're your parents.
I can't face my dad right now.
Okay, I'm just tryin' to help
you here, Mia.
My dad is gonna tie me
to a chair and force
a bloody IV in my arm.
You're overreacting.
Huh, you're unbelievable.
I don't wanna spend the rest of
my life rotting in a hospital.
You're not thinking clear.
Yes, I am.
You know what?
I hate my job.
Quit with me.
Mia, I can't just quit my job.
Yes, you can.
They demoted you and you worked
so hard for this company.
You wanted to be
an entrepreneur forever.
We've got our savings.
Okay, can we rewind things here
for a second?
Do you wanna live, Mia?
Do you wanna try?
Do you wanna try to live, Mia?
Yes, I do.
I wanna live for once.
I wanna travel the country.
I wanna see the animals and live
in nature, that's living.
Not workin' some job I hate for
the next 50 years,
even if I beat this thing.
There's a slim chance I'll live,
even if I go through
the treatment.
Do you honestly wanna spend
the potential last days with me
in a depressing hospital?
If you loved me at all
you would see that.
I support you.
I'll quit my job.
We'll go on the road.
Thank you.
Can I have everyone's attention,
I wanna say something that
I've been wanting to say
for a really long time.
Todd, I'm gonna start with you.
You are the coolest guy ever.
And Cindy, you're sweet,
but nobody cares about your cat!
And what it did last weekend
or yesterday or today
as you're watching it
on a live cat cam.
So please, put it away.
[Mia sighs]
I still love you, though.
And Rico,
you are so talented,
and so are you, Katie,
and you guys inspire me to be
a better writer every day.
[Mia sighs]
[Mia chuckles]
Fuck you.
And Jimmy, a double fuck you
for not paying your employees
for overtime.
I am done working my butt off
just for you to yell at me.
I write brilliant stuff,
and I deserve more,
and you should see that.
Also, I am done with your sexual
It's called "workplace
so I either report you now or
I'm gonna take
my overtime pay in cash.
Oh, and I quit,
if that wasn't obvious enough.
You have to return the pass to
the building right now.
Oh, yeah.
One second.
Almost got it.
Oh, there it is.
You know, we move on.
We move on.
And enough of the cats.
Uh, can I have everyone's
for a minute?
-[Liam] I uh--
-What do you think you're doin'?
I uh, just wanted to wish
a safe weekend.
It's gonna be hot.
Fuck sakes, Griffin.
What are you doing?
Is that the Sawdust City Brewing
treatment on your computer?
It's my job.
Sawdust is my client.
Yeah, well, maybe you should
suck less.
You gave Darren my client?
I've been working with Sawdust
City for the last four years.
You gotta be kidding me.
That client loved me, they did
not ask for me?
Can I talk to you for a sec?
It seems, unfortunately,
we're already doing that.
I need some time off.
Uh, a month.
Maybe more.
A month?
I'm tryin' to run a business
I'm havin' some issues at home.
I just need to deal
with a few things.
I'm sorry about that, but
I can't give you that leave.
Aren't I entitled to like
a Mental Health Day or something
isn't that like a thing?
Look, it's--
It's serious.
Two weeks max.
And you answer every call.
What are you doin'?
Raising money for our trip.
You can't sell all our stuff.
Why can't you just ask your dad?
He's like a billionaire!
Yeah, right, as if he would ever
support this.
Is that our couch?
Okay, you can't sell our couch.
We had it since high school, we
don't need it anymore.
Burt Reynolds?
You hate Larry David, I hate
Burt Reynolds.
How can you hate Burt Reynolds?
He's like an ancient legend!
He's like an ancient douchebag.
This is ludicrous, Mia.
No, this is what we needed.
We don't need half of this
stuff anyway.
This is good.
This posture thing that is
supposed to shock your body
every time you slouch that
my mom gave me,
I don't need a shock.
As if my standing is not
good enough.
In fact, I actually resent it.
Good riddance.
Oh, okay.
Thank you.
Estate sale, huh?
Guess you didn't waste any time
before bringin' up the uh,
divorce talk.
Hey, yeah.
No, actually.
Oh, so you just decided to sell
every item
in your house.
You good?
Uh, you're all fired up, man.
No, there's just uh, there's
a lot going on you know,
like uh, there's a lot of people
in the house.
Sure, yeah.
Is that it?
Yeah, that's it.
No, actually that's--
It's not it.
Uh, you think Burt Reynolds
is a douchebag?
Burt Reynolds?
Nah, man, he's the coolest.
Yeah, that's what I'm talkin'
He's the best, bro.
No, no, no, no,
that's not for sale!
That's not for sale!
Uh Liam, I know you're busy,
but y'all doin' price match,
cause I swear I saw this
cheaper somewhere else.
Where'd you get this?
The RV store.
Are you tellin' me we made
enough money from that
estate sale to buy an RV?
No, I sold the car.
You what?
This thing is much better.
We can't travel North America
in that little car.
No, have you lost it?
That was my car.
Um, what am I gonna do
with this after--
Your bags are in the RV,
packed for you since
this morning.
I'm just gonna need a minute to
say "goodbye" to our house.
What are you doing?
Uh, always wanted a Romeo
and Juliet balcony
off the master.
The view sucks.
So not worth the reno.
What are you doing here?
What are you talking about?
I'm devastated with this news.
Now, look, I don't want you
to worry.
I have the best oncologist in
the country
that I play golf with,
Dr. Casey.
He's going to help you.
He's here?
Back home.
Dad, uh, it's hours away,
I'm not going back.
The hell you're not?
This is your life we're talking
You're coming!
Mia, honey.
I'm okay.
I just, I have to get something
out front.
Liam, can you help me, please?
I'll help you.
Donna, why don't you start
packing Mia's things?
Um, I think Mia's a little
so maybe just give her a minute.
Well, thank you for speaking
for my daughter.
Oh Roger, please, we're all just
a little tense
under the circumstances.
[takes a deep breath]
Uh, would anybody like
a cup of tea?
When the hell did you get
the RV, by the way?
Mia, can we uh, can we go back
in the house?
We need to forget about
all this.
We need to get real here.
Can you um, close the door
and just sit with me
for a sec?
Hey, what the heck you doin'?
Hey, hey, hey,
hey, what?
Hey, what are you doin'?
Didn't we buy them two chairs?
They're leaving.
Get your keys.
Pull over.
Pull over now!
Are you crazy?
I'm already gonna die,
but if you don't wanna die
I suggest you stop doin' that.
Mia, we gotta turn around.
We can't run away like this.
It's too late.
You said you were on board.
Yeah, not like this.
And you know what?
I don't know if I am anymore,
I just need one day.
I need one day to clear my head
and then we'll go back.
Jesus, Mia.
One day, then we go back and
talk to your parents.
I'm serious.
You gonna tell me where we're
going anyway?
Can you help me?
What are you doing?
Going for a ride.
You can't just steal
someone's canoe.
Ugh, I'm not stealing,
I'm borrowing.
Come on.
Don't be a wuss.
Okay, hold on, woah.
Okay, hold on.
This is so stupid.
What is?
That we've never done
this before.
It's so simple.
It's not like we haven't
talked about it.
Yeah, I know but it means
until you do it.
I mean, how many nights did we
waste sitting on the couch
watching mindless drivel?
All we had to do was jump
in the car and drive.
We wasted so much time.
I wish I quit my job
two years ago.
Never gonna get that time back.
It was so liberating telling
Jimmy to go fuck himself.
You told him to fuck himself?
How did your quitting
experience go?
You never told me about it.
I didn't tell Gerry
to go fuck himself.
I told him to shove his new
management portfolio up his ass.
I mean, how does it feel?
We're not tied down by anyone,
we don't have to listen to
We're free.
Now, you can focus on your
start-up again.
I don't even know why you gave
it up to begin with.
You were doing so good.
I wasn't doing that good.
Yes, you were!
No, thank you.
I didn't think you would
actually quit.
Means a lot to me.
Oh no!
My donkey charm is gone.
It's okay.
No, it's not!
I bought you so much of
you care about some cheap donkey
Yeah, but I love donkeys.
Whatever, it's not like you can
take it with you anyway.
I uh, I think someone wants
their canoe back.
Who's calling you this early?
It's my alarm?
Why do you have an alarm?
Let's not waste any time.
Okay, well, I'm not exactly
tryin' to rush back
to my parents, so
Um, we got a pit stop to make.
It's a surprise.
What are we doing?
Come on, you'll see.
Oh my God!
Hey, buddy.
[Mia sniffs]
[chuckles and sniffles]
Are you crying?
This is so awesome.
Liam, do you know where the uh,
never mind.
Someone's calling you.
It's okay.
Oh, it's my parents.
Why is your work calling off
the hook?
I thought you quit.
Probably just wanna talk about
my severance.
I don't know any business that
is this desperate
to give away their money.
What is your problem?
Whatever, Nixon.
What are you hiding?
-Give me your phone.
-[Liam] Nothing.
-What are you hiding?
-[Liam] Nothing!
Stop it.
-Give it to me!
-Give it back to me!
Mia, not while I'm driving,
-[Mia] Phone, Liam!
-[Liam] Stop it, stop it.
Mia, forget it,
I'm pullin' over.
I am.
Forget this.
What are you hiding
on your phone?
Mia, we need to talk, we need to
come up with an excuse
for running off like that.
Your parents are gonna be pissed
with me.
Why do you care?
I'm tryin' to do
damage control here.
We ran off, we ignored their
text, their calls,
and it's not gonna go over well,
and I don't want you
to be stressing when we go back.
Then, let's not go back.
Mia, last night, today,
it was fun.
It was carefree, and it was
and I want more of that.
Then, let's do more of that!
I think you're overlooking
Okay, if you're trying to change
my mind--
Mia, we're goin' home!
You promised.
I'm trying to protect you here.
Then, protect me!
Sending me back is like
a jail sentence!
A death sentence!
Do you remember our honeymoon?
Yeah, it rained 9 out
of 10 days.
Okay, do you remember the first
year we dated in grade 10?
I had to drive in and it rained.
At the fireworks, it rained.
On our walk through the park,
it rained.
Some bad weather didn't stop you
from wanting to know
everything about me!
It didn't stop us from finding
new ways to love each other!
On our honeymoon?
We ordered room service,
and watched TV,
and had okay sex.
The first year of dating felt
more like a honeymoon
than our actual honeymoon did!
I feel cheated, I feel like
I never really had
a real honeymoon with you.
I just need a few minutes.
Liam, can we just please talk?
So I owe you a honeymoon.
Thank you.
Yeah, there are snakes
all over here.
What else?
Apple cider.
-[Liam] Yeah, not bad, really.
You're actually good.
I wasn't ready.
I said "ready".
-And you said, "Yep."
-Let me see.
[indistinct conversation]
[indistinct speech]
Where are we?
Let's see here.
Do you know
what I'm doing right now?
What are you doing?
Well, why don't you take
a look?
You are opening a can of beans.
For you.
Mmm, mmm, mmm.
[indistinct speech]
What's wrong?
What do you want?
Baby, this way.
Oh, baby, I love you so much.
Do you think it looks like me?
No brains.
Hey, did we miss our turn?
I don't know.
Well, you have one job.
Look for water down road.
Okay, can you calm down?
I am calm!
Can you check the map?
Oh, my phone is so slow!
Well, why are you using
your phone?
Don't turn on the data,
it's so expensive!
Just check the map.
It's gonna take two seconds!
Put down your phone
and check the map!
I can't read the map!
Who reads paper maps anyway?
It's like translating
Are you kidding me?
That's ridiculous!
Give me the map,
give me the map.
I can't find it.
Well, it's in there,
look harder!
Oh, sorry, judge but it can't
find it,
because of all the bean cans
you've been hoarding.
-[Liam] Oh.
-Who eats beans anyway?
Okay, okay, listen,
they're a healthy alternative
for us being on the road.
I am missing the gym
for this road trip.
What is that supposed to mean?
Oh, just give me the map!
Stop being such a dick!
Stop being such a bitch!
You're being a dick right now.
You are being a huge bitch right
now and the only reason
I'm being a huge dick is because
of your huge bitchiness.
Oh yeah, said every guy ever.
Why can we just go one day
without fighting?
You tell me.
No, you tell me.
Alright, it's because you're
being a bitch.
What you doin'?
Just writing somethin'
in my notebook.
Sorry for being such a dick
I didn't mean to call you
a "bitch".
You're not a bitch at all.
I'm a bitch.
Why don't you um, throw
a sweater on?
Come outside, I got somethin'
to show you.
What is this?
I thought you could meditate
here tonight.
Well, do you wanna meditate
with me?
Uh, no, you go ahead.
Come on.
Come on.
So how does one meditate?
You never meditated before?
How do I not know this?
Maybe you don't know me.
Okay, well, close your eyes
and think of well, think of
Ugh, my mind's racing.
Okay, relax.
Beginner's version.
[takes a deep breath]
Put your hand on your heart.
Think of something that you're
grateful for.
It could be big or small,
something that has affected
your life in some way,
and just be in that moment.
Think of their face
or that thing that you're
grateful for
and thank them for it.
[taking a deep breath]
How was that?
You wanna go for a hike?
Looks like the wisdom tree.
It's beautiful.
Is there anything else you'd
like to do--
Before I die?
That's not what I meant.
I know.
Well, if this was the wisdom
what wisdom do you think it
would share?
Last time I visited a wisdom
tree on a Tree of Life Trail,
it told me to get the hell out
of California
and take a summer course
in Canada.
I remember that summer.
Never looked back.
Or I went back.
It's crazy.
Wise tree.
What would it say now?
I don't know.
It would tell me to do something
to change the world.
Which would be?
I know.
I know that look.
Hey, what?
Just go with it.
Just go with it.
Yeah, you do know this isn't
the petting zoo
kind of farm, right?
Go out of here!
He just kicked a chicken,
What can I do for you?
Hi, um, I'm Leah.
I'm a student trying to get into
the farming business
and this is my teacher.
Um, I was just wondering if
maybe you could show us around.
Oh, sorry, we don't let unknown
folks out on these premises.
Um, okay, wait, um, Sue.
I am Sue's cousin's daughter.
Sue Landy you mean?
Yeah, yes, uh, Sue Landy.
Uh, she said you wouldn't mind.
I guess I can give you
a quick tour.
Thank you.
Who's Sue Landy?
This is where we house
the chickens,
anywhere up of over 200
at a time.
It's kind of a holding area
before we process them.
Uh, processed?
This is where we keep
all the feed.
We like to call it
the "Last Supper",
if you know what I mean?
I'll take you to my favorite
room right here.
Are we done playing
cause I'm getting sick hangin'
out in this
chicken concentration camp?
There's two things they don't
teach in school,
love and freedom.
Mia, what the heck
are you doin'?
-[Mia] Come on.
-You're crazy!
Let's go.
What are you idiots doin'?
Let me out of here right now,
dang it!
Go, go, go, go, go, go, run for
Run for it.
Run for it.
Oh, they're shooting at us.
He shot me!
Liam, the chicken.
Get the chicken.
I'm not gettin' the chicken!
Get the chicken!
Stop right there!
That's for pointin' the gun
at my wife.
And that's for hittin'
the chicken!
Yeah, animal Hitler.
[taking deep breaths]
I'm so sorry.
Please, don't be mad at me.
[taking deep breaths]
I thought they were gonna kill
you, Mia.
I thought they were gonna kill
you right in front of me.
Can we let him go now?
[taking deep breaths]
Come on, chicken.
Be free.
Come on, be free.
-[Mia] Go.
[indistinct lyrics in
Are you gonna be okay?
It's just a flesh wound.
Do you know what you want?
Is it bad if I want a chicken
burger right now?
I was just kidding.
You know what you'd like?
No, actually.
I can give you all another
You know what?
I'm gonna get French onion soup,
veggie burger.
I'll try all five
of the sundaes
and chili cheese fries.
Wait, you know what?
I'm gonna get one of everything
off the menu.
Well, maybe not
one of everything off
the menu.
Why not?
Come on, I've never done it
before, it'll be fun.
Put it all in.
Mia, but we can't afford that.
You can't order one of
everything off the menu.
Yeah, we're fine, we still got
our savings.
Plus, it's our honeymoon.
Do you hear that?
It's our song.
-Come on, come on.
-No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
-Come, on, what are you so--
-Please, please, please!
What are you so afraid of?
No, no, no, no, no, no.
We're in public.
This is a restaurant, there are
people tryin' to eat.
They don't wanna see us dance.
Yeah, so what?
You've danced with me before.
-Come on.
-You forced me to.
Yeah, some things never change.
Come on.
Okay, okay, okay.
My leg, my leg.
Alright, there it is,
there it is.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
I am so sorry.
Pretty sure she hates us now.
I try one dance move
and I almost ruin everything.
No, stop.
You're fine.
Like better than you?
Not there yet.
Girl, it must be you again
You have gone straight
to my head
Take the pills and go to bed
But I'm still hooked on this
You are sacred in a way
I don't know God, but still
have faith
That He will manifest
some way
When I am next to you
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
I asked your father
for your hand
But it didn't matter
what he said
The thought of you
in a white dress
I don't think I can
shake it
-Come on, come on.
Come here, come on.
Come on.
-Alright, ready?
Stay till the kids
all graduate
I like when you hold me
like this.
I don't know.
You're like my knight
in shining armour.
-Okay, let's go.
[Mia taking deep breaths]
-Looks like we just missed it.
-[Mia] Yeah.
It'll pass.
What do you think this place is?
I don't know, looks like
somebody's barn.
You know, this is not another
one of those chicken
the slaughterhouses, is it?
You know,
what this reminds me of?
That time you almost burned down
that abandoned insane asylum.
You're the one who brought
the fire.
You're the one who brought
the dope.
You're a bad influence.
There's nothing wrong with
smoking a joint.
Watch yourself.
Do you ever try and think
what's beyond space?
And when you try and think,
your mind little these
short circuits, cause you can't
even fathom it?
[Mia chuckling]
Like we think we know so much
as a race,
but we don't know anything.
What if we're like a cell in
somebody's body?
Or an alien experiment.
You don't believe in aliens.
Maybe I am an alien.
Mia, my name is Liam.
I am from the planet Andromeda.
[Mia chuckling]
Give me more beans.
I need them to live.
You do not need any more beans.
Uh, nope.
I might not have a wife anymore.
[takes a deep breath]
I had a lot of fun today.
Every day, since we officially
our honeymoon.
Me, too.
[takes a deep breath]
Why did you let them go
if you knew
they were just gonna round them
up again?
What, the animals?
I don't know.
It's they were like in a queue
to die and I wanted them
to feel free again,
even if it was just for
the last time.
Everyone deserves that chance
to experience freedom.
This reminds me so much
of Lion King.
Of course, it does.
"Simba, let me tell you
that my father told me."
You're Mufasa.
That is on point.
"Look at the stars,
great kings from the past
look down at us
from the stars.
So if you ever feel alone,
just remember
those kings will always be there
to guide you.
So will I."
[Mia chuckling]
Let's go to bed, hey.
I'll get you a hot water bottle.
Come on, come on.
Liam, can you get me
a painkiller, please?
What painkillers?
The T4s.
Those are expired.
You've had 'em since you got
your wisdom teeth out.
Prescription meds don't expire,
it's a hoax.
Ugh, no, they're really, really
hard on your liver.
I don't want you takin' them.
Liam, please, I'm in pain.
Thank you.
I feel better already.
Didn't want our star date to
Hmm, it's okay.
Can't go to a hospital
right now.
Just try and relax.
Hmm, I can't.
What are you doing?
Let's continue the honeymoon.
It's better?
Thank you.
Are you serious?
At your service.
I don't think you've ever made
me breakfast in bed before.
Here, I'll refill your water
No, stay.
Sit with me.
Share with me.
Oh, it's okay.
I'll eat later.
Mia, hey.
Are you okay?
Is it bad?
I'm just--
I'm just not hungry.
I feel nauseous.
Hey, look,
you haven't eaten a lot
in the last couple of days.
I'm not hungry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I know you made this for me and
I'm really grateful.
It's not about the breakfast,
I'm just worried your body's not
getting the proper nutrients
to stay healthy.
Like that matters at this point.
Shut up, it does matter.
Don't tell me to shut up.
you know,
if we were in a hospital,
they would put you on an IV if
you couldn't eat.
Are we actually doing
this again?
I can't just sit here and watch
you die, Mia!
Just stop!
Maybe if we called your parents.
It's not too late.
Maybe they can get you
on a vitamin IV
or some biological treatments.
It is too late.
It is too late for this
You promised me you would not
pick up that phone
and call my parents.
I don't need them.
I don't need the hospital.
I need you.
I need you to support me,
no matter how bad things get.
Just promise me that.
I promise.
I'm just gonna be a sec, okay?
[taking deep breaths]
We're only about 20 minutes
from Lake Tarragon.
Why don't you go inside
and take a nap?
Hey, I love you.
I love you, too.
Well, it looks like summer
is officially over.
I guess it only makes sense
that we steal it.
Hey, Mia.
You okay?
Mmhmm, yeah.
Why don't you relax,
meditate or somethin'
and I'll make dinner.
I opened the door
and it smelled like rain .
Set foot to the path,
I'm on my way .
Rest me, I'm tired .
I am worn by the sound
of your voice .
I am here .
I am here .
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh,
ooh, ooh .
Ooh, ooh, ooh,
ooh, ooh .
Who am I .
That you would even know
my name .
I'm standing on holy ground .
Turning my face
from your gaze .
I .
Mia, Mia.
Mia, Mia.
[taking deep breaths]
[taking deep breaths]
Oh God.
[taking deep breaths]
Come on.
[taking deep breaths]
Please, please.
[taking deep breaths]
[taking deep breaths]
I thought I lost you.
[taking deep breaths]
I thought I lost you.
I thought I lost you.
Come on, come on, come on.
Come on.
[taking deep breaths]
Alright, I'm gonna put you down,
Okay, come on.
[taking deep breaths]
Here we go.
Wait, wait, wait.
[taking deep breaths]
Hey, let's get this off.
[taking deep breaths]
Let's get this off.
[taking deep breaths]
What happened out there?
I fell asleep and tried
to swing back.
[taking deep breaths]
We gotta get you warm.
[taking deep breaths]
Mia, Mia, come here.
Come here.
You okay?
You okay?
Come here, look at me,
look at me.
Are you okay?
[taking deep breaths]
[taking deep breaths]
Oh my God.
How you feelin'?
I'm fine.
How long have I been out for?
A while.
I got the job.
Got my dream job
with the Nomad Times.
I just got an email, I didn't
think I had a chance.
I'm gonna be the best travel
the country has ever seen.
We're gonna finish our trip in
and I'm gonna have enough to
write for months.
What is your problem, Liam?
Why can't you ever be happy
for me?
We're broke down.
I put diesel in, I should've
been putting in regular,
uh, but it's just a bad habit.
-Oh my God.
-[Liam] I guess.
Okay, well,
when is the tow coming?
When are we gonna get to
I don't think we're gonna
get to Portland.
We've come this far,
we're gonna get there.
We don't have enough money
to fix it.
Yes, we do.
No, we don't.
It's gonna cost thousands and
we're running out.
Okay, well, how much do we have?
400 bucks.
Well, no, that's not how much
we have.
We have our savings and we have
a couple of thousand in there.
I just-- we need an ATM, give me
your phone.
We don't have any savings left.
What are you talking about?
I used it.
I made a bad investment when we
were starting the business and--
And I wanted to tell you
but the timing
and Mia,
I'm sorry.
Are you kidding me?
No, I'm not.
How could you do that, Liam,
What are we gonna do?
I don't know, but we're running
out of options.
No, we're not!
I'm gonna find someone
who's gonna do it
for the money that we have!
Mia, you gotta stop this, okay?
We gotta stop this whole thing.
What are you doing?
You're takin' Tylenol 3s and
sleeping pills!
Do you know how out of it
you were?
You were so out of it!
You passed out in a canoe
and a frozen lake,
and almost drowned.
Uh, I mean you've been throwin'
up blood.
When did that start?
What do you want me to say?
Try being in behind me and then
see what you would do.
I know what I would do!
I told you what I would do!
I wanna support you,
I wanna help you,
but you won't let me.
I don't need your help.
Yeah, you do.
You're sick, Mia, you're manic.
And you know what?
I'm not gonna stand around and
be a bystander anymore,
this is hurting too much.
I'm calling the tow.
Hey, anything you wanna
tell me?
And what is this shit?
Mia, wait.
No, I waited and I tried.
Is this what you wanted to tell
me at the doctor's office?
You're not here because
you love me,
you're here because you couldn't
sleep at night with a reality
of leaving me to die alone of
Admit it!
Admit it!
It's not true.
I don't even know you anymore.
You feel like you have this
secret life.
You spend our savings,
you lied about quitting work,
you lied about feelings
towards me!
You don't get it!
Yeah, I get it.
You're selfish.
-I'm selfish?
-[Mia] Yeah.
Yeah, you.
What about you, Mia?
-[Mia] Huh, me?
-Yeah, you.
We spent every last dime
on this trip.
And you die
and then what, Mia?
My life, it it goes on
with or without you,
that's the reality!
Have you given any thought to
that or is your life
the only one that matters here?
Yeah, I have thought about it.
I'm hard-pressed to believe
that, 'cause you don't seem
to think about anybody but
You wanna know what happened to
our relationship?
Why don't you watch where you
point the finger?
You know, Mia, when stuff like
this happens at work
or in life,
you don't just give up.
Says my husband who wanted
a divorce
without even giving it a chance!
How was I supposed to tell you
that we had no money
when you were gonna die?
That I have to go back to work
to make money to live!
That's the reality, Mia!
That's the truth!
And you don't see it.
And you're running from it.
And you know what I think?
I think you wish you went to
that hospital.
I think you realize that is
running out
and there might not be
a tomorrow,
there might not be some dream
job, Mia!
Don't put this on me.
This isn't about me.
This is about you lying to me!
The last 30 days meant
everything to me.
I feel like an idiot.
I'm sorry for not thinking
of you.
This isn't fair.
But I'm not gonna sit here
and take another lie.
That doesn't look like
a tow truck.
You promised.
Mia, I need you to know this is
because I love you.
You don't love me.
I hate you.
I hate you.
Hey, relax.
Hey, relax, man!
Roger, get this guy off me!
We're taking her home to resume
the treatment that
she should have started
a month ago.
You can't take her home,
that's like three hours away.
Fine, I'm goin' with you.
You're not going anywhere near
our daughter.
She needs to be with me, near
our home, near our life.
Oh yes, because being with you
is working so well for her.
She's nearly dead!
I only told you where we were
under the condition
she went to a local hospital.
I am not negotiating
with the same idiot
who brainwashed and abducted
my daughter.
Stay the hell away from her!
I didn't take her!
Look at her!
She doesn't want to see you!
That's not true.
She doesn't wanna go with you.
Go ahead ask her.
Ask her, Roger.
That is not true.
Oh God, Mia.
Oh, Roger, she's fainting.
Oh God.
That's my wife.
Man, that's my wife!
Smells like failure around
here lately.
Hey, Liam, uh, thanks for that
Sawdust account.
I got a bonus.
-What, you got a raise?
-[Darren] Yup.
Griffin, get in here.
You didn't answer my texts.
What the hell is this?
My 9-year-old, literally,
has more talent than you.
And don't even get me started on
this two-week fuck off.
-Don't talk to me like that.
I needed a mental health day or
a mental health month
and if you ask me--
Nobody's asking.
Well, I'm telling you, 'cause no
one else around here
has the balls to tell you
like it is.
This place is a mental health
I'm the best thing that ever
happened to this company.
I helped build this place.
You know, Sawdust City was gonna
sign with PG & R before?
I convinced them to sign
with us.
They're our biggest client now.
I worked my ass off for you
for five years
and how do you repay me?
You demote me and you replace me
with your nephew,
who's got zero qualifications in
the field.
Actually, his only
qualifications are knowing
what colour turtleneck to wear
in what season
and bein' a complete dick.
I don't need to watch you run
this company,
I can run one on my own
and I think that's why
you treat me like shit,
because you know it.
Get out.
You misunderstood.
Uh, I quit.
Go fuck yourself.
Are you mad at me?
I wanna take you somewhere.
Just for one day.
But my dad is here.
I'm not afraid of your dad.
You wanna go?
Come on.
I thought you'd like this.
I won't bring you back if you
don't' want me to.
I meant everything, Mia.
I'm such an idiot for not
fighting for you.
I don't even fight for myself.
You're this amazing, strong
and I forgot
who I was even married to.
You want the truth?
I was fallin' in love with you
all over again
and it was breaking my heart.
And I didn't wanna lose you
all over again.
Now, I don't wanna go
through it.
I meant everything.
Every candlelit meal,
every animal adventure,
and I'm so angry it took me this
long to get to know you again,
and find more ways to love you
every day.
Well, I could have been doing it
the whole time.
I get it.
We all wanna be free.
We all wanna be loved.
It's not that hard to get.
It's too late.
Now, the honeymoon's over.
Honeymoon never ended.
I'm not gonna give up on you,
I love you.
I love you, too, Liam.
You wanna stay here?
You want me to take you back?
The risk of love is loss
and the price of loss is grief,
but the pain of grief is only
a shadow when compared
to the pain of never risking
love at all.
Love is a journey.
It's like a road trip.
Every twist, turn, and
miraculous detour
has its purpose.
You don't know what roadblocks
are ahead and sometimes
you don't know
if you'll even make it.
And when the dark falls
and the rain pours,
you can't see the road ahead.
You just have to keep driving.
Trust that the sun
will rise again
and the rain will stop.
Maybe the universe puts these
roadblocks in front of us
for a reason, so
till we come out stronger
on the other side.
There's something my beautiful
wife taught me.
It's easy to say,
"We'll do it tomorrow"
and never do it,
it's easy to say, "I love you"
and not mean it.
Talk is cheap.
Find ways to love each other
every day.
If you had a hard day at work
and you're tired, find time,
because we'll never truly know
how much of it we have.
Never give up on each other
and never let the honeymoon end,
that's the best advice I could
give to a newlywed couple.
To the bride and groom.
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh .
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh .
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh .
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh .
We made all our
memories here .
Felt our joys and shed
our tears .
And when the Holy Ghost
appears .
Hope he sends me back
a few more years .
I'll be buried next to you .
The world will keep on
turnin', too .
But if I am next to you .
I do not care .
I do not care .
And it's a real eye-blind just
to see your face again .
I don't know how this ends .
Sometimes, it's hard and we
find ourselves around here .
Sometimes, we're lost in the
middle of nowhere .
When it's just the road up
here .
Funny .
Funny this memory faded
over time .
And it's a long way down to
the bottom
with a hell of a story .
Oh, please do tell .