The Road to Edmond (2019) Movie Script

[man] No, no, no, no!
instrumental music]
- [dull thud]
- [phone chimes]
[foreboding music]
Oh, what?
[foreboding music]
[door clatters]
[soft instrumental music]
[door thuds]
[soft instrumental music]
[truck rumbles]
[train horn blowing]
- [exhales]
- [doorbell dings]
[doorbell dings]
- [gulps]
- [grunts]
[doorbell dings]
- Nice sunglasses.
- Thanks.
- You got a light?
- No, no. I don't smoke.
I think I have one.
[lighter clicks]
You look sad as shit.
- It's complicated.
- Isn't it always?
- Where are you headed?
- Anywhere but here.
why can't people tell the truth?
I don't even know
what's true anymore.
Looks like you could use
a little more than the truth.
Oh, I think, uh,
my phone's going off here.
Oh, yeah, excuse me.
Yeah hey, how you doing?
No, no, no, no,
it's alright. Yeah, mm-hmm.
Mm-hm, yeah.
["Butterfly" by DISIAC]
I am
chasing butterflies
I'm running naked
through A field of flowers
Everything is
pink, Everything is pink
Hanging on
the air I'm breathing
Everything is
pink Everything is pink
vision Colorful lights
Are surrounding
me Surrounding me
[phone chimes]
["Butterfly" by DISIAC]
- [van accelerates]
- [bike clatters]
[Cleo] Hey, hey!
- [bike crunches]
- Hey, hey, hey, man!
Oh, my God,
you just hit my bike!
So, oh, sorry bro!
- Hey, do you know where
Fat Willy's Diner is?
- What?
- Fat Willy's Diner.
- What are you talking about?
- Fat Willy has a Diner.
- Why'd you hit my bike?
- Uh--
- This is a vintage bike!
- Do you know where Uncle
Billy's Favorite Things are?
- What?
- This was my grandfather's bike!
- It's a Mexican restaurant.
What am I going to do?
I can't get these parts.
You're going to park
in a bike area next time?
- Really?
- Too soon?
- It was a joke.
- Oh, my God!
There's no bike
shop in this town.
How am I going
to get this fixed?
exactly how far are you going?
I don't know,
a couple hundred miles.
[Larry laughs]
- What's so funny?
- I smell road trip.
- Do you want a ride?
- With you?
No, with the other
person that has a van big enough
for your busted-ass bike.
Think of how hot and sweaty
you're going to get without me.
Mm-hm, it's going to
be going down your back.
Don't make me offer
you a piece of candy.
Do you have any room in
the back? [scoffs] For you?
Yes I do!
Oh, yeah,
it's a road trip!
Be careful, White
Lightning can be a bit delicate,
- but she's full of mysteries
you've yet to-- Hey!
- What is all this stuff?
- The bear's not a mean bear.
- Do you live in here
or something?
- He's not going to bite.
- [doors thud]
- [Cleo] What is all
this stuff, man?
- Ooh! A fisherman?
Watch your pole.
- [doors thud]
- [engine starts]
welcome to White Lightning!
Engineered for both
pleasure and transportation.
[upbeat music]
My name's Larry.
- Cleo.
- Hey, Cleo.
It's okay,
it's just Cheeto dust.
Seems like
you're having a bad day.
You just
destroyed my bike.
And that's one way of
looking at it. But you know,
I don't think you ride
out in the middle of nowhere
with that bike unless
you're running from something.
So what is it?
I don't want one.
I got told to take some time off
- from my job, so, just trying to
get away for a bit.
- Ouch!
that's definitely a second hour
in the car topic, so let's
just play a fun little game.
- No, I don't want
to play a game.
- I'm gonna ask you a question,
and you tell me an answer.
And then we'll be
getting to know each other,
just Cleo and Larry
if you could give all
human being one virtue,
which would you choose?
- I don't know, pay attention
to their surroundings.
- Oh.
You know, be more
aware of where people are
in the world so
you don't run them over.
[Jerry exhales] Ooh!
What's the last
thing you cried about?
That's a bit too
personal, I think.
What's the next to
last thing you cried about?
You can do
either question.
Well, the last graduation I
went to for some of my students.
- So you're a teacher?
- No, not a teacher.
you look like a math teacher.
I'm a youth
minister, okay?
- A what?
- A youth minister.
- I work at a church.
- Like, you work for Jesus?
Something like that.
You work for Jesus?
And I've been
sitting here in this car
and you haven't even
told me about the Lord.
What happens if, uh...
your wonderfully interesting
answers distracted me
and I like
died, like that?
I'd just go to
hell or something?
You got to
help a brother out.
I'm pretty sure it's
in your job description.
Along with, really
probably voting Republican,
not liking gay people, denying
climate change, avoiding,
I don't know, science.
- Hey, hey, you don't know what
you're talking about, man.
- Definitely not a math teacher.
Boy I-- Sorry.
Uh, that was rude of me.
Not as rude as
not telling someone
about the precious
gift of eternal life.
Are you even
good at your job?
You're crying
at their graduation,
but you can't
even save a lost soul.
I knew I
shouldn't have told you that.
Actually, how about this?
I'll help you out:
Give me your pitch, Cleo.
- My what?
- You know,
professional religious types,
they always have
to have a pitch ready,
because sometimes
you encounter the heathen
and you have to be
just prepared, uh, to,
to lure our souls
into the divine embrace
of, uh, whatever
brand of Jesus you work for.
- Do you really want to hear it?
- No, I asked for no reason.
- Alright, so God is holy.
- Maybe.
And, you know, we,
we want to be with God,
but we can't,
because we do bad things, right?
We sin,
we run over people's bikes.
- We do bad things.
- Well-- Okay.
And there are consequences
to those bad things, right?
we deserve...
death. That's
the wages of sin, is death.
But, you know,
God through Jesus
bore the consequences of
those sins and defeated death.
Now we can be holy,
we can be one with God again.
- That's all I got.
- Ah, it seems a bit awkward.
No, it's, I mean,
it's about like, sharing in
the love of God.
That's what it's about, that's
what the whole thing is for.
Well, I guess.
You should do
more of the love stuff.
People love love.
You should, uh...
you should work on it.
If you're
a youth minister,
I'm not talking
about God right now,
then you've gone
on road trips before.
So what do adolescents
like to talk about on the road?
So let's imagine
I'm a young
lad, let's say 13.
Hey Cleo,
how far is too far?
You expect me
to answer that?
- If, uh--
- What are you even
talking about?
- What about second base?
- Oh, my God.
If I grab her
titties but I...
- Okay, okay, alright, man.
- ...hold it like this,
so I don't
touch the areola,
is it, is it a sin?
When will you shut
up? That's my question.
Let us consult
with the Magic 8-Ball.
- And--
- Where did you get that?
I've had it since I was a kid.
It says: Prospects, good.
Never. [tapping]
I'm going on a road
trip With my friend Cleo
Getting in White Lighting
'Cause he had a bike accident
And now we're
driving Down the road
He's feeling very
emo That's why he looks
Like somebody
snapped His penis with a spoon
Now we're going to
Become best best friends
- [Cleo laughs]
- You're laughing!
I knew I could do it,
I knew I could do it.
The last person I talked
about stabbing their penis
with a spoon,
they laughed too, Cleo.
next time it's time for song,
you know what to do, alright?
Me and White Lightning
have never had an accident
- we couldn't recover from.
- What's White Lightning?
That would be
who you're sitting in.
This beast, this beauty,
this road professional!
Who names their car?
People that love
their automobiles.
I know you
know what love is.
White Lightning is full
of love, not so much holiness.
She mostly
specializes in road trips and
she's really good at naps.
And what else
does White Lightning do?
Never breaks down.
["Traffic" by DISIAC]
Dance, dance,
dance Dance, dance, dance
To the music
There it goes again
Feel, feel, feel, feel
[horn blaring]
Make it ride
Through the night
I want to stay forever
- High quality shortcut, Cleo.
- This doesn't
look like a shortcut.
- [Larry] Well
luckily you're not driving.
- Are you sure about this?
- White Lightning, is it
a short cut?
- I don't know.
- This does not look like
the right way to go.
- He said, yeah.
[sighs] We are
going to get so lost.
- [Larry grunts]
- Did you make a wrong turn?
- [engine knocking]
- No.
I think we're
having a problem here.
- You went the wrong way,
didn't you?
- Nope.
White Lightning
appears to be napping.
- [engine knocks]
- What do you mean, napping?
- [Larry] It's off.
- What?
- Can you stop it?
- Well, I can use the brake,
and we can coast
all the way this way,
- I guess.
- Are you kidding me?
- I don't think it's a joke.
- What are we going to do?
[Larry] Yeah.
[Cleo] We are stuck in
the middle of nowhere now.
[Larry] Well,
it's not nowhere.
It's in
the middle of a shortcut.
[Cleo sighs] I knew we shouldn't
have come down this road.
[Larry] Well, I guess
you should've said something.
One more
time than you did.
- [grunts] There we go.
- [creaks]
Hey ah--
- Come here.
- [Cleo sighs]
Man, I don't know
anything about cars.
That's why I ride a bike.
I'm-- I don't really
know that much either.
Could you just, I just need you
to put your hands right there.
Why is that?
Ow, gee, that's hot!
- Why, why did you just
ask me to do that?
- [Larry murmurs]
It would have worked
either way. Do it like this.
No, I'm not doing that.
Come on, just do it,
we're trying to get out of here.
- How is that going to help?
- You're going to pray
for my car.
White Lightning's sick, I
don't know anything about cars.
You just said you don't know
much, Mr. Bikes-A-Lot. So...
sighs] Do your thing.
[Cleo sighs]
[sighs] God,
please heal this engine.
White Lightning.
Help us get out of
here safely and quickly.
And help White
Lightning get back on the road.
- Amen.
- Amen!
Hopefully it works better
than your bike after this.
I'm sure Jesus
doesn't want you
stuck out on
a road all alone with me.
[engine cranking]
- Nothing.
- [Larry] You're going
to have to talk to God
- about the efficacy
of your prayers, Cleo.
- Come on, Larry!
What are we going to do?
[Larry] Don't worry.
We are in
the middle of nowhere.
No, no, no,
Cleo, don't worry.
You are looking
at a human Britannica.
There's a reason I
don't have a smart phone.
I'm the app for that.
That doesn't
help to fix the car.
No, but it helps me remember how
to get to the shop we passed.
Up and around.
I'm going to go to the shop, I'm
going to get us some help and...
your prayers
will be answered.
- Just go!
- You really got to learn
to smile some.
Oh, yeah! So, don't let anyone
mess with White Lightning.
- Get out of here!
- I'll take that as a yes.
And you're a little
dirty, don't get on my couch.
[soft bluesy music]
[tool clattering]
- Jabez? You're Jabez?
- Oh, you're a genius, huh?
Look what you made me do.
- My name's Larry.
- Yeah, that's great, Larry.
How are you?
I think you're
the perfect person.
- The man I'm looking for.
- You're a thinker.
That'll be helpful.
I guess. Um, so,
I have a little problem.
- Yeah, go ahead.
- Okay.
So I have this
new friend named Cleo.
- I hit his bike, he was on--
- So many details.
Well, so we were in
my van, White Lightning,
we're going down the road,
and then it did one of those
clunk, clunk, clunk.
- And so--
- Boy, that's really easy
to figure that out.
[Larry] It is? So
you're saying you can help me?
[Jabez] Friday afternoon,
4:30, I can't help anybody.
But-- Uh--
We're kind of in
a bit of a predicament.
- We don't really know
anyone here.
- Can you hand that to me?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- No, no, no.
I can't drink
that, right over there.
- Oh!
- Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
- I understand.
- Now you're being helpful.
- It's five o'clock somewhere.
It's at 4:30.
So are you just going
to leave me stranded here?
Uh, you're going to have to file
that under "not my problem."
I mean, is there even
a place to sleep in this town?
Look around,
does it look like it? No.
So Jabez, come on,
when can me and you agree
that you could
bring your mechanic skills
down to White Lightning?
Monday morning
around 8:30, how's that?
- Like there's no time
before that?
- No.
[sighs] Let me get
a pinky promise, Jabez.
I'll take that. See you then.
The anticipation is killing me.
[soft bluesy music]
Hey, Cleo.
can we get out of here?
Oh, yeah, we can get
out of here on Monday.
On Monday? Why on Monday?
Well, I met,
I met a new friend.
His name's
Jabez, the mechanic.
And see,
I get there and it's like 4:30
and he gets off at five and he
doesn't really work on
the weekends.
Healthy boundaries.
What are we going
to do until Monday?
Do we have to see it as stuck
or an opportunity
to be seized?
Wait, wait, wait, wait!
Was there a hotel back there?
- Or any place to stay?
- Good question. Same one I had.
Not really.
So there's not
technically a mechanic
- or a place to stay.
- What are we going to do, man?
We are stuck out here.
This is not
what I expected, okay?
I just got on my bike,
and I wanted to go for a ride
and get out of here, and then
you come and you hit my bike
and now I'm stuck with
you in the middle of nowhere.
I don't want
to be pushy, but
I feel like there's
half this story I don't know.
I mean,
this isn't ideal but--
They just told me I
had to go for two weeks.
And what was
I supposed to do?
I was just
trying to clear my head
and then you go and you
hit me with your stupid van!
Who told you to go where?
The church that
I work for. They--
They told me to
take two weeks off.
I was just trying to
get out and clear my head
and whatever,
figure some stuff out.
And then you come
and you hit my bike.
- I hear you.
- If it wasn't for you
we would not be in
this situation right now.
that's one way to look at it.
But, Cleo, and I know
we just became friends,
- but it's good to know--
- We are not friends.
Yet. It is good to
know all this animosity
wasn't just
about that old-ass bike.
I don't know, man. [sighs]
Good thing I
brought my camping gear.
I guess I could find a place
to pitch my tent around here.
I like you, let's camp.
- No, no, no. I don't want
to camp with you.
- Here's the thing,
you get that
side, I get this side.
- No, no, no, no.
- With those guns
and these looks
we can move on down.
The river's
just around the edge.
We at least need to
get the van out of the road.
but don't you think camping near
water's a little bit cooler?
And somebody is a little steam
pot and needs to cool down.
Let's move
this thing, geez.
Alright, Cleo, on three
give it the big old heave ho!
One, two, three.
[both groaning]
[Larry] Oh, my God!
[both groaning]
[both groaning]
So why are you on
Jesus break for two weeks?
[Cleo] I'm trying to
concentrate here, man.
[Larry] Why did
they get rid of you?
- Just push the car.
- Come on, Cleo!
Give me just a hint.
You know Christians don't
get all pissy for no reason.
- Oh, God.
- It's usually about money, sex,
- not being a Republican...
- Okay, stop, stop, stop!
Just stop for a second. Let's
just take a break for a second.
[Larry] Oh!
- What are you doing, man?
- Ah, take a guess.
But while you're
doing it, just say cheese.
[camera clicks and whirs]
Will you put that away
and just keep pushing, please?
- [sighs] I want to get there
before dark.
- You have to save
- the memories.
- Just come on, let's go.
- Get this over with.
- Alright.
Let's do it like a game.
Twenty questions.
I'm going to try to figure out
why they put you
in Jesus timeout.
- Just push the van, come on.
- Does it have anything
to do with money?
- [Cleo] No.
- [Larry] Ah, banging?
- What?
- Is it about sex?
- Maybe, kind of.
- I'm going to take that
as a yes. Is it a woman?
- [Cleo] Well, not exactly.
- [Larry] A girl?
[Cleo groans]
- A boy?
- No, not a boy.
- A man!
- Not a man.
- [Cleo groans]
- [Larry] Um...
- [Larry] Did you have
your clothes on?
- Yes, I had my clothes on.
- What are you talking about?
- Everyone has their own
style, it's okay.
- [Cleo groans]
- Do you regret it?
[Cleo] I don't
know, I don't think so.
Woo, second base or more?
That is not, you're,
you don't know what you're
talking about, man.
Were you acting or watching?
- Acting?
- Oh, my God.
Just push, please.
Do you, do you think
Jesus would be happy with you?
- I hope so.
- What?
So if Jesus is
happy with you, Cleo,
then why are
they so mad at you?
Listen, man.
There was
this girl, she's 15,
in my youth group.
And she came out to me.
the church didn't like it.
I told her that God
loved her just as she was.
You were her minister
and told her what?
Man, you heard me.
Pretty sure that's
what they pay you to do.
Let's just-- I don't
want to talk about it anymore.
Let's just
keep pushing, please.
You got in trouble for
telling someone God loved them?
- Yes!
- And they sent you to timeout?
To what? Come back and be
like, "God loves everybody!"
Unless you're gay.
You don't get it, man.
It's more complicated than that.
Let's-- I-- We need
to get this off the road.
- Well I mean, all means all.
- [Cleo sighs]
Unless you like
chicks and are a chick.
- Ready?
- I think so.
[both groaning]
[Cleo] Okay, to the left.
Straighten out, straighten out,
- straighten out.
- Shit.
Something just flew
out from underneath here.
a grasshopper. Or a snake!
[both groaning]
You can feel
it, can't you?
- Push!
- Shut up!
[Larry] Oh, yeah!
- [groans] Almost there.
- Yeah, we are.
[Cleo] Little bit more!
[Larry laughing]
[Cleo] What's so funny?
[Larry] Oh,
well, what do you mean?
[groans] That's the hill.
Feel like that hill
was, uh, a sign from God.
Perfect place to
camp for the night.
You, me, White Lightning,
and memories.
[door thuds]
Oh, come on, Cleo!
We're going to have fun.
Me and White
Lightning are camping masters.
[doors thud]
We don't take in
guests very often.
Only special
ones like you.
- Hey, be careful with that.
- And your grandfather's bike.
I know,
I'm going to be delicate.
Going to put it
right here in our designated
bike parking spot.
I don't need
your help, Larry.
Well, alright.
I was wondering, Cleo...
are you mad they axed you?
What are you talking
about? They didn't ax me.
I can't be mad with them.
You know, I told them that
I would believe
certain things and...
you know, I agreed
with the Statement of Faith,
this is what we believe
and you promise to uphold this
and all that stuff,
and promised, and it's not their
So you told
them you would believe
that the girl who
said she was a lesbian
shouldn't be a lesbian?
But you think you
did the right thing
by telling
her God loved her?
- I don't know, Larry.
- I don't know, either.
This is a bit confusing.
so what do you believe then?
Should you have
done something different?
I don't know.
What else is on that list?
Does it like,
got the good stuff too?
You know,
like about the virgin?
Larry, she's like, 15.
- No, no, no, the BVM.
- What?
- Blessed Virgin Mary!
- Oh, my God.
What, do you not
even have Catholic friends?
Are they not real
Christians or something?
Even I know BVM is
Blessed Virgin Mary.
She's like the second most
popular person in your religion.
- Whatever, Larry.
- Are you allowed
to watch Ellen DeGeneres?
- I don't really watch much TV.
- Will and Grace?
Modern Family?
- You're a Seventh Heaven
kind of guy?
- Shut up, Larry.
- I think I lost a tent pole.
- Jessica Biel's fine!
- I mean, when she grew up.
- Oh, man.
- [Larry laughs]
- [Cleo sighs]
- [Cleo whispering] So what am I
going to do?
- What about, uh...
you got any
apocalyptic horses?
- What are you talking about?
- On the stuff that you believed,
when you signed it.
- You don't know what
you're talking about.
- Is there--
Um... Look,
if you need some help,
- I can help you out.
- Just shut up, Larry!
Alright, I don't know.
Alright, I don't know.
No, no,
I meant help with the tent.
I left the tent pole somewhere;
I don't know where it is.
Oh, don't worry.
We're on a road
trip, we're friends.
Me and White
Lightning got this covered.
One, two,
three, cuddle party.
Big spoon.
Yeah. I'm growing on
you. Give me that smile.
You can hold
it till morning.
[crickets chirping]
Hey, Cleo?
- What?
- Cleo?
Do you like Chumbawamba?
I just want to go to bed, man.
Do you know that song?
getting knocked down.
I was thinking
more of it about you,
not your bike
necessarily but,
it could be
like, your theme song.
Whenever I have bad
days, I pick theme songs.
We should pick
your theme song.
- I don't really want to play
this game right now, Larry.
- Well.
I just kind of
feel a little bit bad.
Not just for the bike
bit, that was an accident.
But probably should
stop making it a habit
of listening with headphones
while I'm driving, but--
White Lightning says she has
my back. You know what I mean?
Is this your
attempt at an apology?
I was working up to it.
Whatever, man.
Can we just go to sleep?
I kind of gave you a little
bit of a too hard of a time.
we can hug it out.
Get off of me,
man! Just go to sleep.
Well, just-- It's night time,
we're camping with new friends.
We're just
supposed to like, you know,
get tired, tell intimate stories
you weren't planning on sharing.
And then we wake up in
the morning a little closer
together than we were before.
That kind of thing.
I am tired of talking to you.
And I really just
want you to go to sleep.
Um, one question.
Who are they?
This is my youth group.
- You know, from back home.
- Mm-hm.
Yeah, so this is,
this is us at a lock in.
- [Larry] Mm-hm.
- And, uh, this is at a big
community event we had.
They're all like
family to me, you know?
You know
what I mean, Larry?
[Larry snores]
[Larry farts]
[distant low rumble]
[distant low rumble]
[distant low rumble]
[distant low rumble]
[distant low rumble]
[eerie music]
[distant low rumble]
[crickets chirping]
[foreboding music]
The truth
will set you free!
[exhales] God,
what am I even doing here?
Give me some kind
of sign, make it clear.
[Larry] Good morning
Good morning, Good morning
It's time to
rise and shine
Good morning,
good morning Good morning
Ye are fine
Get up,
get up, Get out of bed
It's time to get
up You sleepy head
The day is
dawning Just for you
And all your
dreams Are coming true
Do da lee
do do da lee do
Do da lee do
[water splashes]
[Larry screams]
[peaceful guitar music]
Hey, friend!
[wings flutter]
[peaceful guitar music]
- What are you doing?
- Oh, what's up, Cleo?
- What are you doing?
- Uh--
Uh, I believe you call
it digging in to the Word.
- What?
- You're getting sticks.
I'm getting some Jesus.
Is that my-- did you
take that out of my bag?
I think
the Bible's for everyone.
the professional here but,
you know,
the one with like, the shepherd
and the lost
sheep and he's like,
here's a dude,
he has 100 sheep.
One of 'em gets lost, and who
wouldn't go get the lost sheep
and leave the 99 behind?
- You heard that one?
- Yeah.
that's a horrible idea
if you're actually
like, a shepard, right?
You don't leave 99
to a giant wolf buffet
to go find
the other one unless...
you're that kind
of shepherd, you know?
- Yeah, but you know--
- It says, "He went
and searched
until it was found."
Yeah, yeah, but, you
know, it's our responsibility
to come back to God. You know,
that's what the parable's about.
It's about us
repenting and returning to God.
Exactly how
does a sheep repent?
Is it like "baaa", and in sheep
that's like, "My bad, God."
- It's not literal, it's a story.
- Oh.
I was hoping you
were going to baa at me.
It seems that if
you tell the story
to a bunch of
sinners, they might think
the shepherd just
keeps looking until found.
No, no, no,
you're telling it to the sinners
because you're
trying to express to them
that they need to
repent and ask for forgiveness.
Turn from their
sinful ways, you know,
and then be welcomed back.
I, I guess.
I mean,
he throws lots of parties.
He just has
a party, and what's funny
is it doesn't say
it's a vegan party.
So he might've even ate one of
the other sheep for the party.
What about the coin one?
There's like,
ten pieces of silver.
And this chick loses one.
And she,
just like the shepherd says,
I'm not going to bed
till they're all found.
And she's like,
sweep here, sweep there,
sweep-ity sweep, sweep,
sweep, and then she finds it.
And what's she do? Party.
What's with
you and the parties?
The coin was
lost. That's the point.
Well, I thought
the point was God throws parties
when every time
something lost gets found.
No, no, no, no,
the coin was lost,
and now,
after God seeking it,
we can choose
to come back to God.
And then maybe I guess,
there's a party if you want. I
don't know.
Really feel like
you're missing the party part.
Well, everything's not a party,
Larry. This is serious stuff,
This is life
and death stuff.
So, so who's the shepherd?
So who's
the chick with the broom?
- Well, that's also God.
- Oh.
That could get you fired.
if everybody is like, lost,
and they
have to get found,
then why does the third story
begin with two very found sons?
Like, so found, I guess
they were conceived that way.
We're all sinners, Larry.
We all need to be found,
we all need to be saved.
Yeah, but,
I agree we're all sinners.
That seems to be
the easiest little bit of the
game you're spitting to believe.
But why,
why is sin the thing
that's like
most true about you?
Like, isn't the most true
thing about the prodigal son
who his dad is and not
the situation he gets in?
He's always the son.
I don't know, I guess I
hadn't thought of it like that.
'Cause like,
he's sitting there feeding pigs.
And he thinks,
"Maybe I can be a servant."
But the dad's like,
finally you're coming home.
We should have a pa--
Don't say it,
Cleo might get upset, party.
You know what I mean?
That could be like,
high-quality new material.
I don't think I
need any new material.
I don't know.
- Ask me to give you a pitch.
- What pitch?
Oh, my goodness,
I thought we were friends.
- You don't even remember
like, just a little bit ago?
- So you got a pitch now?
- Yeah.
- Is that what you're telling me,
you've come up with a pitch?
- Yeah, no. I'm just trying to--
- Alright let's hear it.
Let's hear it.
- I'm going to rock it like J.C.
- Alright, come on bring it.
Everybody is important.
If you're a lost
sheep or a lost coin,
or even an angsty
little teenager who's like,
screw you, dad,
I'm going to take your money.
Like no,
God's throwing a party
and it don't start
until all are there.
so do you want to party, Larry?
In fact,
let's party in White Lightning.
'Cause I think we're
going to have a great road trip.
Me, you, and guess who?
I think you need
to work on your pitch.
[peaceful guitar music]
[water rushing]
[girls] One, two, three.
Five, buddy!
[dramatic music]
Here she is.
Check it, Jabez,
this is White Lightning.
Whoa, looks like you
need to enlarge your territory,
stretch out
your tent and strike--
Hey, who the hell is this?
This is Jabez, our savior.
The mechanic,
my new friend.
You obviously
know how lucky it is
to have me
as a new friend.
Now this, this guy Cleo,
he's the one with the sweet
bike I told you about. Check it.
[Jabez] Wow, beep, beep.
Please be
careful with that.
That is really
something special.
Oh yeah!
Here we go, camping time.
New friends, good drinks.
- I thank you.
- Let's rock it.
So are you going to fix
the van while you're here?
Oh yeah, absolutely.
'Cause Saturday nights I wander
around and I look for work.
- [Larry laughs]
- Then what are you doing here?
Can't you
just make a friend?
It's like,
we're camping and stuff.
- And what are you wearing?
- My beer-go.
You want one?
No thanks.
Remember, sharing is caring.
You like fish?
It looks weird with
their eyes all sticking out,
bugging at you.
It seems a little offensive
just to chomp on something
just sitting there
staring at you and such.
- You want to eat, don't you?
- No, I mean,
I'm not going to say
I'm not going to eat it.
Well, friends,
it is a custom of mine
to play a little game,
a get-to-know-you game.
- A question game of sorts.
- Not this again.
What do you
mean, this again?
Think of all the things
we learned about each other.
Our burgeoning
friendship was formed
over just answering
a few simple questions.
And that was
your dull personality.
We have a very
interesting new friend here.
- Mr. Personality, you might say.
- [chuckling] Yeah.
- That's what I'm talking about.
- Oh, God.
I asked him if he
wanted to party, he said,
"It's the weekend,
I'm not working."
I asked you if you
wanted to go for a road trip
and you're like [grumbles]
When you
were young, Jabez,
what did you want
to be when you grew up?
Well I wanted to be
a fireman, of course.
Isn't that what
everybody wants to be?
I mean, look at me.
I'd fit the part, wouldn't I?
- Hell yeah, you would.
- I'd go save some lives.
- Save some little babies.
- [Larry laughs]
Make their
mommies real happy.
what about you, Cleo?
Did you want to
save souls or something?
No, I mean, I guess I
wanted to be an architect.
What's with
your personality?
Why are we so
open and outgoing
and what are
you, a Republican?
What, what do you mean?
- [Jabez laughs]
- What kind of a question?
I haven't even met
you and you sit down
and start asking me
these weird questions.
What do you
want me to do for ya?
I want you to fix the van!
Tell him why you
were being all like,
"Oh, I'm upset,
I've got to go on a bike ride."
- Tell him!
- Sounds like you're on a bit
of a victim
trip right now.
Oh, poor me,
my bike, my van. [whines]
He got axed,
but he's not wanting
to talk about it that way.
he's a miserable son of a bitch?
No, no, no, this is just
a speed bump on life's journey.
- I see.
- And so he thought he would
torture two
fish in the fire.
You know,
I'm trying to help you eat.
Quit your whining.
the great provider's here.
I don't see you
doing anything either.
We're all so thankful.
What do you most enjoy
or miss about being single?
Spreading my talent
throughout the world.
Oh, man, what are you doing?
You're killing me with this
- You okay?
- You're killing me.
Is it the fish, or what?
You're like,
wussing out about smoke?
Well, you know,
I'm sensitive over here.
[laughs] Jabez is
not feeling too good.
- Hold on, hold on!
I'll get some water.
- Oh, you're killing me.
- Is it the fish?
- Flush your eyes out.
Flush his eyes out?
Look, if this is
serious, I've watched TV.
I know how
the holy workers do this.
Just let me prepare.
- Stand up, Jabez!
- [Jabez grunts]
Okay. Yeah,
that was helpful.
[laughs] You see that?
I healed him,
I healed him!
[Larry snoring]
[ominous dull banging]
[ominous dull banging]
[ominous dull banging]
[ominous dull banging]
I can't see.
[ominous dull banging]
[doors creak]
Be healed!
[Larry snores]
[eerie music]
[door clatters]
[water rushing]
What are you doing?
- Spritzing.
- Oh, man.
- And slipping.
- What?
Spritzing and slipping.
You spray them each day,
it keeps the stench away.
- Alright.
- Then why do you smell
so bad? Huh?
It's Sunday,
let's get ready.
- I found us a church.
- What?
I found us a church.
a worshiping institution
with a sanctuary and
the people and the hymns
and the singing and
the songs and the preaching.
I thought you'd want
to go to church, Cleo.
Come on, get dressed,
holy man. Let's ride!
[cars rumble]
[Cleo exhales]
Man, it's hot out here.
Hey, do everything
without complaining.
Are we almost there?
it's you know, up there,
yonder, around and stuff.
- You have no idea where
we're going, do you?
- I know exactly
where we're going and we'll
be there at the appointed time.
- [Cleo sighs]
- You don't trust me?
I have to trust you
at least a little bit.
I know. I mean,
what kind of sane,
like good, talented,
integrity-filled youth minister
would spend the night
with some dude with a beard
in a van if he
didn't trust him?
That would be a horrible
example for all those teenagers.
Just saying. I saw that brown
suitcase in there last night.
What's up with that? I mean,
you got all your clothes hanging
up in the van.
- I've never seen you use it,
what's in there?
- Uh--
It's just
a bunch of stuff.
Uh, my mom sent it to me.
It's like,
trinkets and things from my dad.
Are you going
to give 'em back or?
it's complicated. Like--
- He died two weeks ago
and then--
- Two weeks ago?
I mean, I haven't
talked to him for a long time.
And then mom
sends me this letter.
And she's
like, your dad died.
I really hope you
could do this for me.
And like,
take these things,
go back to
where the memories are,
and maybe you
two can work it out.
Even though he's
not there to go with you.
Which is kind of
like, I don't know.
But I didn't
want to tell my mom no.
- So--
- Yeah, I get that.
I'm off to Edmond.
- That sucks.
- Two weeks?
I got nothing, man,
I don't know what to say. Sorry.
I'm glad
you're with me, Cleo.
[faint organ music]
- Well, well, well, Cleo!
What do you think?
- Not bad.
- A church.
- Where'd you find it?
Well, Jabez and I were
talking, and he had that like,
one hot cousin.
She sings in the choir.
And then, uh...
a potluck after church.
- Oh, my God!
- I love fried chicken.
Oh, hey, did you see
that? Are you jealous?
[Larry] Why would
I be jealous of that?
[Cleo] It's
not rusted out.
I'm assuming it runs.
Speaking of running,
- I'm going to have to hit
the porcelain prayer time.
- [Cleo] What?
[Larry groans] Excuse
me, excuse me, got to go!
[child crying]
[toilet flushes]
- Whew!
- Oh geez, Larry.
- That stinks.
- I rocked it.
Hey, when did we eat corn?
We didn't eat corn,
we had fish last night.
- Wait, wait, you looked?
- Yeah.
- Golden nugget surprise, man.
- Oof!
- [groans]
- Are you feeling okay?
Yeah. You don't know
this, but you drink it,
you drop it,
and then you rock it. New day.
[toilet flushes]
- [laughs]
- [water splashing]
- So when was the last time
you were in a church?
- Yeah, it's been a few.
- [laughs]
- So when was the last time?
Um... October 21st, 2009.
Wow, that's really specific.
- What happened then?
- Next question, Cleo.
[organ music]
- Hey Larry. What was
your favorite song?
- The last one.
- Sorry about that.
- That's okay.
[groans] I'm just pissed off.
All that crap about my dad,
bringing him up
before I have to go to a church.
And then I had to
go to a church.
- Have you thought about where
you're plannin' on steppin'?
- What do you mean?
- What do you mean steppin'?
I'm steppin'--
- The preacher!
You going to take
a step out on faith
- for the glory of God?
- I don't know.
I thought he was talking to you.
- Why?
- All that stuff
with your dad, man.
What, did my mom call you?
Yeah, we were talking
back there.
Did she want me to
step out on faith?
[Cleo] Yeah.
She would.
She's not nearly annoying
as my dad.
[Cleo chuckles]
But how 'about this, Cleo?
I take a step out in faith, for
the glory of God, of course.
And you do, too.
I don't know, I think
spending some time
with you in your van
is a pretty big step.
No, no, no, on something else.
[exhaling] Maybe,
I don't know, what's something
you've never done before?
There's a lot of things
I haven't done before.
Uh... Are you still a virgin?
- No, not with me.
- Next, next topic.
Have you done a keg stand?
No, I haven't done a keg stand.
Hey, when you stub your
toe, what do you say?
I don't know.
Shit, shit is the correct
answer here.
If you give me
a high-quality shit,
I'll give a shit about
my dead dad,
and I'll let you finish our
little journey to Edmond.
Oh, no. Yeah, that's really--
- I would think, just saying,
with all your Jesus repression.
- What do you want me to do?
- I just did it.
- I need a high-quality shit.
That's like a step out on,
yeah, give it to me.
Come on.
Do it, I believe in you.
Take a step out in faith.
You know what I mean?
Oh yeah!
- Is that good enough for you?
- That's what I'm talking
about, yes.
Alright now, let's go
for the big one, the doozy.
The F-Bomb, right here,
- right now.
- Nah, no, forget it.
- Taking steps.
- Forget it.
Come on, don't be a quitter.
I'm not doing that, Larry.
- What is your problem?
- It's just words.
I don't know what
your dad did to you,
that's making you want to play
these stupid mind games with me,
but I'm not going to
play along. Enough!
You feel better?
I bet it does.
You feel great, don't you, Cleo?
- [fire crackling]
- [crickets chirping]
[bottle clanks]
How you doing, Cleo?
I'm alright.
Today was a doozy,
but... tomorrow,
White Lightning's fixed,
and we're out of here.
To somewhere.
You know how I said yesterday
that I thought that the
church did the right thing...
- Yeah.
- giving me two weeks
to think about
my commitment to
the Faith Statement
and blah blah blah.
I don't know, I--
maybe they're wrong.
maybe I did do the right thing.
I don't know.
That's a big question.
it's got to be more
than just believing
the right things.
You know?
I don't even know what--
I don't even know what
I believe anymore.
I mean,
I feel like I'm doing
the right thing.
I just don't know.
It's got to be more than
just getting saved, right?
why is it always about us
having to ask for forgiveness?
I don't know.
You know,
there's some real shitty
things that happen.
And saying that it's
all God's plan,
it just doesn't work anymore.
I mean, think about
that girl, right?
Think about how hard it would be
to say that to someone, to
your family, to your community.
And then to have
them reject you,
turn you away, and say
that you're not important,
you're not loved.
They all didn't, Cleo.
You were there.
I'm not there now.
How do you know what the
right thing to do is?
I figure if I'm going
to be friends
with a minister,
it's at least one
that is hung up on good
questions like this.
I've met enough of 'em to know
that they could just repeat
the shit they were told,
over and over and over again,
and then not even pay attention
to the fact that their
unexamined questions
actually lead to people
hurting themselves,
hating themselves,
denying themselves,
and wondering whether or
not they really matter.
Look, dude,
one of the reasons I'm
just so pissed off today
is 'cause my dad did that to me.
And I... [sighs]
He was an asshole and
always added God on
to the end of the sentence
as if it made sense.
And you know what?
They are just like,
screw you, Cleo!
But there's one girl who
didn't get thrown under the bus
because you loved her,
I think that's great.
And honestly, I don't know
what God has to do with it,
but God should start
supporting people
who care about like,
just these people becoming
adults that have questions.
I don't think it should
be that big of a deal.
And I'm sorry if this is
like, flimsy or something,
but honestly, dude,
I rarely respect a human.
And I like you.
And if--
If I was gonna go to
a church every week,
not once every seven
or eight years,
and my daughter had
a youth minister,
I'd be glad it was you.
Questions, doubts,
emo vibe and all.
Pretty surprised to hear
you talk about God so much,
especially after earlier today.
I have no problems with God.
I guess I'm not sure
she's a Christian.
I'm not sure I am.
Well, if you're not,
that tanker's going down fast.
My dad was an asshole
about this.
Like, if you had a question
about God,
then he had a question about
whether or not you belonged
in the family and should
even be there.
"Larry, this is
a Christian home,
and in a Christian home,
questions and doubts
are not accepted!"
See, if you were
my youth minister,
it might've gone
down differently.
I can't answer the questions
that they're asking.
What am I supposed to
do when they come to me
with these real questions
about life?
And I don't have any answers.
I don't know.
Well, what if life isn't about
having the right answers
all the time?
What if it's just about
asking better questions?
I think we got to separate
who God is
from what happens in our life.
Life is sometimes arbitrary.
Stupid, horrible things
just happen.
And that doesn't mean
that it's just a picture
of who God is.
Life is arbitrary, God isn't.
And so we have to
have questions.
We just have to ask questions.
If God is going to be good and
loving and real and involved.
So let me ask you something.
Are you going to do this?
Are you going to take
all this stuff,
the experiences you
had with your dad,
memories, places you've been,
are you going to
go on this trip?
Are you going to do this?
I don't know how this
is going to go.
But if you and White
Lightning want to roll,
- we can do it.
- I'll go with you.
I mean, I wouldn't have
trusted you except,
now don't hear this as
too big of a compliment,
I don't need this brought
up again later.
But I've been present for a
number of people's first F-Bomb
and yours was pretty legit.
Like, you flipped the
whole thing around.
And then like, you
dropped an F-Bomb
like it was your favorite
curse word.
You're like, I'm flipping the
script and fuck, fuck, fuck!
Like that.
- It felt so good.
- I won't tell Jesus.
[both laughing]
He's always watching.
Well, I hope he wasn't
watching then.
You're on a roll.
A roll of firsts tonight.
And I don't know
if the Lord provided.
[tool clanks]
The Lord provided what?
A way for you to continue
your roll of firsts.
What do you mean
my roll of firsts?
- Like, to roll.
- What are you talking about?
Oh, my God, Christians.
[crickets chirping]
Oh, man, what is this?
Is that what this is?
Where did you get this?
You're the cutest youth minister
- I've ever met.
- Oh, my God.
So cute, and that's why--
Is that my Bible?
- Maybe.
- Did you take that
out of my bag again?
you know, there's this page
with the, man shall not lay
with another man like
he lays with a woman,
abomination thing. It's
an excellent selection.
Selection for what?
- What, what are you doing?
- For our rolling paper.
What? No, no, no, no, no!
- Put that back.
- Puff, puff pass Leviticus.
No, no, no, no, leave
that alone, man.
Come on!
- Ow!
- Did you tear that out?
Don't ask, don't tell.
["On My Werk" by DIEZMO]
I'm on dread and
I'm getting it
Come along man, no siree
I'm a light you up in this
When I turn up
You know I'm on my werk
On my werk
Yes I'm on my werk
On my werk, On my werk
Yes I'm on my werk
I am so fly I'm so fly
Yes I am so, I'm on my
I'm on my, I'm on my
[upbeat music]
- [water rushing]
- [birds chirping]
[Larry laughs]
any chance I could get your help
- you know, moving him?
- You realize I'll be
- adding this to your bill?
- I'm not surprised.
If you grab his feet.
[Jabez] Touch his
nasty-ass feet.
[Larry] Let's try it like this.
Alright, maybe not.
[Jabez] Come on,
you're a big boy.
Oh yeah, that looks comfortable.
Your end first?
I got to take a break
for a second.
Is your mangina
hurting or what?
[Larry] Fit him like that.
[Jabez] He's a heavy
son of a bitch.
Grab his legs.
[peaceful music]
This one first.
[doors thud]
[peaceful music]
[Larry sighs]
Alright, mom.
I guess that's one way
to finally lose some
weight, Pops.
I can't believe I got
talked into doing this.
A letter.
He never wrote me a letter.
I'm sorry.
I know you might not believe me,
but I'm really sorry.
And I'm disappointed in myself
because I walked away from you
[sobs] on the day
you needed a dad,
more than any other.
I have failed you.
I was too stubborn
to say I'm sorry.
Or maybe I was just too weak.
I'm happy to have been your dad.
But every day since
you've been gone...
I regretted what I said
and I did.
I don't deserve to be your dad.
I hope you can forgive me.
When I think of you, I think of
memories that make me smile.
From the days
I got close to being
the dad you deserved.
They've been by my bedside
till the end.
You're my boy.
Look, Dad, I said I'd do this.
So I'm going to do it.
[peaceful music]
Dad, since you can't
talk back right now,
it's probably a good
time to tell you
I didn't even like baseball.
When I started,
I did it 'cause you
said you'd coach.
I just wanted
some day, some time
on the schedule,
where I knew I got
your attention.
And if I did good
I could get you to smile and
know that you're proud of me.
And you'd say, "That's my boy!"
And I always imagined that's
what you were thinking,
but you didn't say anything.
You'd think, that's my boy.
I guess,
I guess I am.
It was my birthday.
And I had been asking and asking
and wondered if you'd listened.
And then
you gave it to me,
my first camera.
And when I opened it
I looked at you as if
there was something
wrong had happened.
Like, why is this in the box?
And you said,
"You're not a boy,
you're a young man.
And I'm proud of you."
The reason I wanted it is,
it was always weird
that you only had
that one picture of your dad.
You don't even have any
stories that you tell.
I never knew him.
And it's like, whatever you
remember isn't worth sharing.
Dad, I love you.
I do.
[sobs] But right now
I really miss you.
Here we go.
Let's make some memories, Pops.
[groans] Man, where are we?
Hey, Cleo!
How did I get in here?
Uh... Me and Jabez
put you in there.
You know, you had a rough night.
- So he came and fixed
the van then?
- Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.
Sometimes I forget, my gas
gauge doesn't actually work.
And if I forget that,
then I forget to put gas in it.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
You're telling me, we just ran
out of gas?
He brought the gas.
You mean to tell me that
we spent three days,
in a van, down by some river,
because you forgot to
put gas in the van?
Yeah, but three days
with a friend.
Oh, my God, Larry!
[chuckling] What are you doing?
Three days is enough, man, I
don't want to do that again.
[laughs] We don't have to.
We're going to Edmond.
["Tomorrow" by Duce Williams]
Tomorrow's never promised
But now is the time
For hopes are rising
Tomorrow's never promised
And now is the time
For change that starts today
Whoa oh, oh, oh
[Larry] Check it out, Cleo.
[Cleo] What is this?
- A big whale.
- Look at it.
- [Larry laughs]
- That's nuts.
But, who would build
something like that?
[Larry] God, you know,
the big one.
Swallowed Jonah and stuff.
Come on, Pops.
[upbeat music]
Tomorrow's never promised...
[Larry] Here we go.
Seize the time,
Make now forever
So you've never been
here before?
[Cleo] No, can't
say that I have.
[Larry] Well, everybody
needs a first time.
[Cleo] This is super weird.
You can't repay
Seen this before?
Once or twice.
The ten doozies.
Or the don't-sies, I guess.
He and mom made us read a
Bible story every night.
And he always wanted to
read the Old Testament.
Jonah and the big fish
was my favorite.
You know, this became a
regular family pit stop
on road trips and things.
And we'd play, jump in
the water and stuff.
- You played in there?
- Yeah.
[Cleo] It doesn't
look very clean.
That's not really
a question you ask yourself
- when you're a kid.
- I guess that's true.
Well, I'm sure
you know this, holy man.
- I'm familiar.
- But God's like, go to Nineveh.
Jonah says, "No, no, no, no."
Gets on a boat going
the opposite way
and then God's like,
"I told you what to do.
You're not obeying,
go to timeout."
And then they throw him
overboard, fish timeout.
I would start to get out
of hand, not listening
to my parents, my dad would go,
"Larry, you're going to end up
riding the whale."
It was a joke.
I find it really hard to believe
that your dad made Bible jokes.
You don't pick your family.
Come on, it's kind of funny.
It's pretty funny.
[upbeat music]
[Larry] Come on, Dad,
stay steady.
[Cleo] You almost spilled
your dad, man.
Well, he won't be able
to yell at me about it.
[Cleo] Alright, you ready?
- Yeah, I'm ready.
- Alright.
- Say cheese.
- Cheese.
[camera clicks and whirs]
A new day's dawning
[Cleo] This thing still
creeps me out.
Not as creepy as two
billion people thinking
Jonah literally spent three
days inside of a fish.
[sighs] Genre confusion.
A new day's dawning
Opened up the sky
[upbeat music]
A new day's dawning
And opened up the sky
A new day's dawning
[Larry] Whatcha think, Cleo?
- Man, this is nuts.
- Bishop's Castle.
[Cleo] Did somebody build that?
That is crazy.
No, it's just a natural
land formation.
- Man.
- [Larry chuckles]
So you ready to play?
- What do you mean,
ready to play? Play what?
- Uh--
We would always play hide
and go seek here as a family.
Dad's here, I'm here,
you're kind of like
the substitute for the
rest of the half.
- So--
- No, I don't want to
play hide and seek.
I mean, it does look pretty
cool. I kind of want to
go inside.
Uh, the way I see it is,
I have the keys to the car,
and if we're going to
leave, we have to honor
the old dead dad, so we're going
to play some hide and seek.
You go look around,
I will disappear.
And when you find me,
we can leave.
I'm just going to
go look around.
Don't get lost, alright?
I'm not the one that's
going to get lost.
I'm a professional
[peaceful music]
[birds chirping]
[suitcase clatters]
[peaceful music]
- Dude, Larry!
- Finally.
- Where were you?
- Finally. You are not
good at this game.
For a youth minister,
who I assume actually
has fun with their kids,
uh, you should know how
to play hide and seek.
I've been looking
for you forever.
Yeah, but it's a basic
sneak attack.
You hide where you start,
no one thinks of looking there.
I mean, you pick up that
in middle school.
Alright, so I need
you to take a picture.
Hold that, and me,
Dad and Snookems.
- What's with the bear?
- You know, sometimes
hide and seek goes bad.
We start playing,
Dad's apparently hiding,
but he just goes
into the restaurant
and there I am,
crying up high, looking for him.
And he felt so bad,
he bought me Snookems.
[Cleo] Alright, let's do this.
Are you ready?
- Cheese.
- [camera clicks and whirs]
[van rumbles]
Do you remember when
I first got in,
and you started giving
me a hard time,
- and asked for my pitch?
- Yeah.
Wasn't the nicest
part of our trip.
Do you remember what you said?
Well, I mean, you gave
the whole Holy Love thing.
And where, while God is loving,
God's also holy.
And holiness isn't down with
us filthy sinners and stuff.
So in order for God
to really love us,
God has to get the holy
wrath out on something,
and obviously it should
be His child,
who didn't do anything.
What if God's holiness
is the perfection
of God's love, you know?
Like, what if what
sets God apart
is His perfect and complete love
for everyone in every situation?
I don't know.
That's a significantly
better pitch, Cleo.
[Cleo] Maybe.
[Cleo] Pull up, more, more,
more, more, more.
More, more, no, no,
no, not so far over!
No, no, you're, Jesus
right there.
[upbeat music]
[water splashing]
[Larry] Come on!
[Cleo] Whoa!
- What is this?
- This is the one place
my dad was cool. We had a small
bet around the NBA finals.
I won, and I got to pick
one thing to do with him.
And I said, "Break the law."
We spray-painted my rally finger
- over here.
- Well, I'm really
- uncomfortable with that.
- We're not painting again.
We're taking a picture.
Come on!
I'll bet you've never
spray-painted a wall before.
No, no I have not.
Can you pass me my dad?
[Cleo] It's pretty amazing
that that's still there
after all this time.
Serendipitous, providential,
you might say.
[Cleo] Alright, say cheese.
[camera clicks and whirs]
- Yeah!
- This is pretty crazy.
My dad was obsessed with space.
Like, a lot.
We always came by here and he
would always start to like,
"One small step for
man," that kind of junk.
Then I would say like, well,
if there's life on
other planets,
does the same Jesus roll there?
Or does Jesus show up there
like the type of alien they are?
And then die and raise
from the dead again?
Or does he have to take
a whole new tactic?
'Cause maybe dying and rising
is different or something.
I don't know.
That is stupid.
Those are stupid que--
- It's not a stupid question.
- It's stupid questions.
- It's totally ridiculous.
- No, Jesus floats up
in the Bible, he has to go
somewhere or he's nowhere.
Let's say, they're like,
in 50 years got a little
zapper zaps,
and they need missionaries.
And they holler at you.
They're like, Cleo, we need
you to be our space missionary
- to the planet--
- Okay, I'm going to
- take your picture, just stop.
- No but,
but I mean, are you going
to tell 'em about Jesus,
or are you just going
to show up and--
- Are you ready to do this?
Say cheese.
- Cheese!
[camera clicks and whirs]
[upbeat music]
[van rumbles]
- Oh come on, Cleo.
- Whoa.
[Larry chuckles]
- This place is pretty cool.
- Oh yeah!
You stay right there, Pops.
- Are you ready...
- I'm ready.
- drive?
- [coins clinking]
My dad's a cheap-wad,
so we started going
to this campground over there.
And we had so much fun,
we came every year.
Well so when I got
into high school,
my dad was like, "Hey Larry,
here's a roll of quarters.
Take your brother."
And I'm like, "This is
awesome, this is awesome."
Years later I find out
he's only doing that
so he and mom could hook up
in the camper!
- God.
- [Larry laughs]
- [both chuckling]
- [game] The human has
been neutralized.
What do you want me to say?
I don't know, I've
never played this.
Just go get the joystick,
we've got to take a picture.
- Okay, this? What do you--
- Yeah.
So, you know, eventually
my tight-wad of a father
finally gets us a home system,
which is important,
because we were the worst
at having conversations.
So from like high school on
if we had to have a father-son
talk we'd play video
games and he'd be like,
[sighing] "So how's it going,
Larry?" And I'd be like, "Good."
"Alright, I'm glad
we had this talk."
And then we'd just keep playing.
But it was like, you know.
- So grab the camera.
- Okay.
You stay right there, Pops.
Hold that smile.
Alright, say cheese.
[camera clicks and whirs]
- Did you get it?
- I don't know,
- what do you think?
- [Larry groans]
Well, we'll find out.
Alright, Pops.
Let's ride.
[van rumbles]
Hey, Cleo?
I forgot to mention
something to you.
Do you have any pants?
I don't know, maybe.
[Larry] Well, I hope
the answer's yes
'cause we're going to a wedding.
- A wedding? What do you mean
a wedding?
- It's a very sacred and solemn--
I know what a wedding is.
Who's wedding? Why are we going
to a wedding?
Uh, well, I promised
I would be there.
I didn't bring any
wedding clothes.
- Well I didn't know
when you got in the car.
- Oh, God. Larry!
- What?
- I'm going to look
like an idiot.
- No, you're a minister.
- I don't know anybody here.
You know me.
And by the time we
get done today,
- I'm going to have you dancing.
- Well, I don't know about that.
- Oh, you're one of those
type of Christians?
- No, I don't dance at weddings.
Is it like, all of your kind
don't dance? Or just
you personally?
I just don't like dancing.
Alright, are you
ready to change clothes?
No, I don't know if I have any.
Oh, my God, this is going
to be so embarrassing.
There's only one
way to find out.
Are you wearing that?
Of course not, I have my
suit underneath my chair.
- Are you kidding me?
- Yeah, I keep it there
for like in emergencies
like this.
- Who do you think I am?
- I'm going to go to a wedding...
- March in to a wedding..
- people I don't know...
- ...wearing jeans and no suit.
- this?
I actually care about
other people.
If I would have known,
I would've brought something.
Proper planning prevents
poor performance.
[classical music]
[van rumbles]
[tires squeal]
- What are we doing?
- Cleo, this is a wedding.
So put some pants on.
[classical music]
- [Cleo] I didn't even know
I was going to a wedding.
- I thought
- you were a minister.
- I didn't pack pants.
[classical music]
- What are you doing?
- Putting pants on.
You can't take your pants off
in front of a church.
Well, where else am I
going to take 'em off?
[classical music]
[van doors thud]
My bad!
[classical music]
Hi, thanks!
[Larry squeals]
[classical music]
Let us rise!
["Canon in D" by Pachelbel]
Who brings this woman to
be married to this woman?
Her mother and I.
So, I don't know if
you've seen pictures
of just how adorable she
was in seventh grade,
but when she was
in confirmation,
you picked your own like,
favorite Bible verse.
And I don't know if
she remembers this.
As a youth minister,
I hope she does.
It was at the end
of Jesus' ministry
when he turns to his
Disciples and says,
"Greater love has no man,
or woman, then they
that lay their life down
for their friends."
So I don't know if you've
thought about this,
but you're kind of signing up
to know the name,
the person who's going
to hurt you more
than anyone else in
the whole world.
There's a bright side.
This is also the person that's
going to give you more joy
than you'll ever find
words to put to.
And in the midst of
that, day-to-day,
what's going to hold you
together between the extremes
and topsy-turvy parts of life,
is that you're friends.
Those of us that have
been married a while,
have learned you're
not always lovers.
But you can always be friends.
And if you learn to
lay your life down
for one another when
it's most difficult,
then you'll have that
person with you
till the end of your time.
So when you think it's
more important
to be heard than to listen,
lay your life down
for your friend.
And when you think
anything is more important
than listening to her, lay
your life down for your friend.
And on the days where
you have no words
to speak for each other,
be with each other.
And lay your life down
for your friend.
Hope and love
Be your guide
Hope and love
Be your guide
Hope and love
Be your guide
Hope and love
Be your guide
Hope and love
Be your guide
Faith and hope
And love be your guide
And love be your guide
Hope and love
Be your guide
Hello family and friends.
My wife and I welcome you
to our daughter's wedding.
Sarah, I have never
seen you so happy.
And we have Crystal
to thank for that.
Welcome to our family.
Let's raise a glass
for many years.
[guests cheer and applaud]
[soft music]
[guests laughing]
[guests cheering and applauding]
["Ha Na's Lullaby"
by Andrew Kozar]
Know how you take me
To the start
Two hearts one beat
[guests applauding]
Looks like I'm not the only one
flying solo tonight. Claire.
- Cleo.
- Nice to meet you.
- You too.
- So, who do you know?
- Uh, just Larry.
- Larry, really?
How do you know Larry?
That's a funny story.
About a week ago,
he hit my bike.
- Really?
- And now he's giving
- me a ride.
- Oh, are you okay?
No, no, no, I'm okay.
He just hit my bike,
so I'm fine.
So why did you get in a van
with a total stranger?
That's a good question.
So, I had this job at a church.
I did some things they
weren't too happy about.
And I decided I just
needed to get away.
You know, I've been really
wrestling with my faith
after that, and somehow
I ended up here.
So, you know Crystal, right?
How'd you guys meet?
Well, we actually
grew up together.
And when we were kids,
she invited me
to her youth group.
Larry was the pastor.
It was like nothing
I'd ever experienced before.
- Yeah, I can imagine that.
- He's amazing!
Like, very unconventional,
for sure.
Yeah, I mean, I just found
out he's a pastor today.
- Really?
- I had no idea.
Yeah, he's a strange guy,
but he just loved us,
no matter what we were
going through.
Yeah, I think I'm starting
to catch that side of Larry.
Okay. [chuckles]
Claire, come join us!
Hey, keep asking questions.
You're on the right track.
[upbeat music]
Saturday we're gonna
Have some fun
[crickets chirping]
[phone chimes]
Oh no, no, no!
Oh, my God.
[upbeat music]
- Larry!
- Yeah, Cleo?
Did you write this?
- Kind of.
- What do you mean, kind of?
I was kind of like,
your voice to text.
If Pastor Don were here, what
would you want to tell him?
That no good, son of a bitch!
- Never cared about me!
- Screw Don!
Why did you do that?
Shit, Larry, I was just
starting to trust you!
[chairs clatter]
[crickets chirping]
[bike clatters]
[doors thud]
[bike clattering]
[Larry] Hey, Cleo, we playing
hide and seek or something?
You don't get it, dude.
You don't get what you did.
- I'm sorry.
- Sorry isn't good enough!
You don't really have
anywhere else to go.
That's not taking you anywhere.
With enough miles and a lot of
enough awkward silence...
[door thuds]
[door squeaks and thuds]
[somber music]
I'm glad you got back in.
Not that you had like, a lot
of options or anything but...
I like driving with you.
[Cleo] So when are we going
to stop for the night?
We're not going to really stop.
Well, we got to get to Edmond
tomorrow 'cause it's
my dad's birthday,
and I told my mom I'd be there.
If you weren't here, I
don't know how I would drive
all night long.
So just think, Cleo, you're
my mom's answered prayer.
[peaceful music]
[brakes squeal]
Geez, Larry.
It's called stopping.
I'm going to pump the gas.
I'll just chill here.
[phone chimes]
"Dear Cleo,
we anticipate that your
time of soul-searching
and prayerful reflection
has been fruitful.
After much prayer,
the Board of Elders would
like to give you the opportunity
to change your approach
to the situation at hand.
While we appreciate
your positive intentions,
we cannot ignore the
expectation of God's Word
nor our Statement of Faith.
We will maintain your
status as youth pastor
contingent on your willingness
to intentionally guide
the student in question
toward repentance
and Christian counseling.
Her parents are rightly
concerned about the situation,
and they are anticipating
your call.
Please contact us once
you've been in touch
with their, in Christ,
the Board of Elders."
Oh, my God!
[door thuds]
What do you want from me?
Just trying to do
the right thing.
And you give me this,
"in Christ"?
[door thuds]
[door thuds]
[phone chimes]
Pastor Don, oh God, I
can't deal with this.
- You take this.
- Um...
Okay. I heard what the Board
is asking of you.
What's the Board asking of you?
They're asking me to
call the girl's parents
and make her repent
and go to counseling.
"I heard what the Board
is asking of you
and I don't envy your situation.
Honestly, I am proud
of what you did.
I would've done the same thing,
but I can't just risk
my job as senior pastor.
Whatever you decide,
I'll support you.
You have tremendous courage,
and I'll be praying for you."
- What a coward!
- A coward?
What a scumbag! He--
He's proud of you, he would
have done the same thing as you.
But, oh, you would hate,
you would hate
for your religious convictions
to cost you anything.
This is why I can't
stand Evangelicals.
They say stupid shit like that.
And you know who's completely
missing from his text?
The girl, the girl who
came to you wanting
to know if she is loved by God
because she's exactly
who God made her to be.
And you know where she
got those ideas?
From her church, where
he's in charge.
And he honestly agrees with you
and thinks you're courageous.
He can't think you're courageous
and did the right thing,
and then sit there while
thousands of kids
hate themselves,
cut themselves, and some
of them kill themselves.
There are so many teenagers
who ask those questions
and assume God hates them,
doesn't love them,
they have to change.
Parents, grandparents,
friends, family,
because of God assume
their kids and friends
and grandkids aren't good enough
and aren't loved as they are.
So it's just bullshit to
hear that kind of stuff
from a preacher.
No one thinks about it.
And they are so cowardly.
It's like they can't think
about the dignity of the kid.
It's his job and your job,
and Jesus.
That's the only thing
on his mind.
[engine starts]
I can't even deal
with this shit.
I'm sorry, dude.
You deserve better.
Let's just get out of here.
At least he's right about
one thing. You're courageous.
He on the other hand.
[van rumbles]
- Cleo, you awake?
- What?
- It's morning.
- I know, I'm so tired.
Well, we're not there yet.
Don't worry.
Can you get the hat out?
It's my dad's birthday,
I need his birthday hat.
Right, Pops?
What birthday hat?
[Larry] There's only one
birthday hat in our family.
Dad rocked it every birthday.
He thought it was funny.
- Are you talking about this?
- Yes.
He thought it was funny.
I found it endearing.
Look at that beauty.
He considered himself a bit of a
historian, he loved all
the frontier stories.
Lewis and Clark, Daniel
Boone, all that kind of stuff.
So he wore it on his birthday.
Couple more hours and
we'll be there.
How are you feeling?
I just can't stop
thinking about that email.
I don't know what to do.
What would I even say?
Call her parents? What--
What do you say in
that situation?
I have no idea.
What a parent wants
in any mentor,
is someone who's trying
to love their kid
as much as they love them.
And you do that.
It's alright. Trust yourself.
Man, it doesn't matter anyway.
My phone's dead.
Unless you have one I could use?
No, I don't have a cell phone.
You mean you've been
driving around
all this time without
a cell phone?
Seems a little...
- reckless.
- I'm old-school.
I got a map.
Look, we're going to
pass a pay phone.
And when I see it,
we can pull over.
And when you get on the
phone, just remember,
trust yourself.
Honestly, if you were
my kid's youth minister,
I would be thrilled.
You're a really nice guy.
And at no point have I thought
you didn't care about her.
And if I'm a parent, I
want someone who's going
to try to love my kid
as much as I do.
No parent knows the right
thing to do all the time.
So some 20-year-old trying
to tell 'em God loves 'em
might not either.
Give yourself a break.
[hat chittering and screeching]
[hat screeches]
[peaceful music]
[van rumbles]
We're close, we're almost there.
[Larry] Oh yeah.
Check it out.
[Cleo] Welcome to Edmond.
[Larry] Uh huh, what
kind of place is it?
[Cleo] It's a great
place to grow.
[Larry] Yeah.
[peaceful music]
Ah so, remind me why
we're here again?
This is the last place
I saw my dad.
- Here?
- Yeah.
It was--
It was my last day
as a minister
at a church.
It was the worst day of my life.
I woke up that day and
my wife was gone.
It was the last day
I'd ever see my dad.
I haven't seen my mom
or my family since then.
And then after the funeral,
my dad pulled me aside,
he just looked at me
and said, "Larry,
this family doesn't
believe in first marriages.
And neither does the Church.
Don't come back alone."
I really got to do
this by myself.
Are you sure?
and Dad have a little bit
to work on.
So wait, who's funeral was it?
My daughter's.
[door clatters]
[somber music]
Do you remember what you said?
"Everything happens
for a reason.
No matter how horrible
you feel right now,
Larry, God intended
this for good."
You have no idea what
it's like [sobs]
To go to bed one night with
the family you dreamed of,
and go to bed the next night
without your daughter.
[somber piano music]
[Larry sobs]
"Larry, you're sitting
where I should have
said nothing.
I should've
held my son,
and you shouldn't have been
left to shake your fists
at God alone.
Hannah was your joy.
Like you are mine."
"I don't know
what it's like
to watch your child die,
and be abandoned by the
ones you love, but God does.
Forgive me,
my son and my joy.
[somber music]
[Larry weeps]
[somber music]
[Larry weeps]
[Larry sighs]
[ring clinks]
[somber piano music]
Well Cleo,
you ready to go home?
[Cleo] I think so.
[door thuds]
[van rumbles]
- [gravel clatters]
- Holy shit, Larry!
- [Larry laughs]
- [engine revs]
["So Much More"
by Marc Robillard]
Whoever said that's
So impossible
Well that's not supposed
To go there
Doesn't know me well
'Cause I know
That today holds more
Yeah so much more
So much more
Yeah so much more
pay phone!
[Cleo] Ah, kind of loud, though.
[Larry] Hmm, that's
what hands are for.
Just cup it.
'Cause I know
That today holds more
[Larry] Ready?
[sighs] I guess.
Yeah so much more
[door thuds]
[peaceful music]
You'll be in my soul
[phone ringing]
- Hello.
- Yeah, Mr. Baker.
- Yeah, this is Cleo.
- Oh hey, Cleo.
Hi, yeah, I just wanted to call
and you know, I don't know
what the Board told you.
Yeah, I haven't heard
from the Board.
I just want to do
the right thing
and I'm going to support
her through this.
Walk this world
With you
Will walk this world
Will walk this world
With you
Will walk this world
Will walk this world
With you
Alright, alright, bye.
Will walk this world
Will walk this world
With you
[peaceful music]
I did it.
In my soul
Everything is real
When I'm with you
Hand in hand we'll make
Our dreams come true
[van rumbles]
Will walk this world
Will walk this world
With you
[cassette player clicks]
["Love Is Love" by Trey Pearson]
Got a hand on the door
Never know where
It might lead
No escape before
Now I'm thinking
What it might be
When you're at my side
I don't ever have to worry
Tell me, baby what
Did we start we start
Think about what
We might see
The city's got
A million lights out
I can see your eyes
Ignite wild
Tell me that you want
To go right now
Why are we hesitating
The city has
A million lights
And I never believed
Before now
Maybe tonight we'll find out
Don't want to leave
Can't get enough
The city's got
A million lights
And I've never believed
Before now
Maybe tonight we'll find out
Don't want to leave
Can't get enough
I know that love is love
I know that love is love
I know that love is love
And I never believed
Before now
Maybe tonight we'll find out
Don't want to leave
Can't get enough
I know that love is
I know that love is love
Oh we're fine
When You say so
Maybe I'll be enough
Tell me, baby
Where should we go
When you're right by my side
I don't want to
Say come over
Tell me, baby now that
We're home we're home
Leaving days are over
The city's got
A million lights out
I can see your eyes
Ignite wild
Tell me that you want
To go right now
Why are we hesitating
The city has
A million lights
And I never believed
Before now
Maybe tonight we'll find out
Don't want to leave
Can't get enough
The city's got
A million lights
And I never believed
Before now
Maybe tonight we'll find out
Don't want to leave
Can't get enough
I know that love is love
I know that love is love
I know that love is love
And I never believed
Before now
Maybe tonight we'll find out
Don't want to leave
Can't get enough
Wake up
I don't really
Want to wake up
I'm living a dream and I
Don't want to let it go yeah
I said wake up
I don't really
Want to wake up
I said I'm living the dream
And I don't want to
Lose control
Whoa oh yeah wake up
I don't really
Want to wake up
Oh, this it feels exactly
How you dreamt it up
I know that love is love
I know that love is love
And I've never believed
Before now
Maybe tonight we'll find out
Don't want to leave
Can't get enough
I know that love is love
And I've never believed
Before now
Maybe tonight we'll find out
Don't want to leave
Can't get enough
I know that love is love