The Road to Galena (2022) Movie Script

( crickets chirping )
( dramatic theme playing )
( bang )
( alarm beeping )
( gasps )
( dramatic theme playing )
Thank you, Barbara.
So let's turn to our West Coast
expansion plans.
The acquisition of...
You've got a call.
Okay, can you take a message?
Apparently, it's urgent.
You've got in front of you
a breakdown of the practices,
practice areas and annual i--
( people continue chattering
indistinctly )
Thank you.
Cole Baird.
Talk to us about their
environmental practice.
( dramatic theme playing )
You're crazy.
Have you talked to your dad
about your plans?
No. I'm probably gonna do it
What do you think
he'll say?
I dunno.
Same as he always says.
What about you?
Expectin' to hear
this week.
I can't believe
they're lettin' you coach
the girls' basketball team.
Assistant coach.
And why not?
Well, you were a lousy
point guard, for starters.
And you nearly lost us
the championship.
Okay, the way I see it,
I was the one
who got us there
in the first place.
And what exactly
did you contribute
to Kent County High?
Well, my good looks and charm,
of course.
Yeah right.
( chuckles )
Hey, my dad said he was goin'
to the bank this afternoon.
So maybe I'll just walk with you
and I'll catch a ride
back later with him.
Yeah. Uh, my dad's workin' late,
so it should be fine.
I'll, uh--
I'll see you boys tomorrow.
All right.
I'll call you.
( mockingly ):
I'll call you. I'll call you.
I'll call you.
I'll call--
( bell dings )
Order up.
Seor Cabbage! What's up,
college boy? How are you?
No mucho. And I'm not
a college boy just yet!
Come on.
Where's your little brother at?
That little shit is home sick.
All right, tell him
I say get better.
Oh, yeah.
Why do they call you that?
"Cole" in Spanish
means "cabbage."
( laughs )
Something funny?
Yeah, that's funny. That's--
I'm-- I'm keepin' that.
If you know what's good for you,
you'll forget
you ever heard that.
No, I don't think so.
The usual?
Oh, Florrie, I think
I'm in love with you.
Ah, you say that
to all the pretty girls.
( chuckles )
You big shots ever gonna
order any food in here?
Just sodas.
Big spenders.
( chuckles )
Thank you.
Love you.
Just give me another minute
for the asparagus.
Can you stand--?
Hey! Don't you dare!
Come on!
( laughs )
Hats off at the table, son.
( clock chiming )
Hey, I, uh--
I went with Jack and Elle
down to the fairgrounds
to watch them set up.
( dramatic theme playing )
Uh, Mr. Miller was saying
with the dry weather
in the Midwest this spring,
he's gonna get top dollar
for his crop.
Is that so?
Yeah, the next four years
are gonna be an important time
in your life, Cole.
College Park'll
expand your horizons.
Jack and I were talking about
how weird it's gonna be
to live in different towns.
I think I've seen him
every day of my life.
It's all right.
I'll be back in no time.
Hey, so I've been thinking more
about that Ag major...
Cole, I don't wanna
discuss this again.
If you want to take
a few courses, that's fine--
But I think you need
to find a major
that will give you
more options.
There's nothing wrong
with a farmer's life.
I mean, my family always had
food on the table,
even if your grandpa
had to pick it himself.
You've got promise, son.
I've seen it.
Take your time.
Well, you've got four years
to figure it out.
Well, I guess I'm gonna need
a new kitchen assistant
in the next couple of months.
( chuckles ) Yeah.
Or maybe it's time
for you and dad
to finally splurge
on a new dishwasher.
Yeah, "splurge"
is not exactly a word
I would associate
with your father.
( chuckles )
I guess it's gonna be
kinda tough
for you and Elle this fall.
Oh, my God, Mom.
It's all I'm thinking about.
I just wish I could
take her with me.
Maybe she could move
into my dorm.
Oh. Nice try.
( laughing ):
Seriously, I just--
I wanna get through college,
get back here...
to Elle, to Galena,
all of it...
You all right, Mom?
You look kinda tired.
Yeah, I feel a little tired.
You know,
I don't have much energy.
I probably just need to go
to bed a lot earlier.
Let's build a house right here.
I think Stapleton might have
somethin' to say about that.
Oh, that old bird.
He doesn't need
this piece of dirt.
Okay, done.
Even better, when I get back,
I'll just buy the old shit out
and kick him off the farm
Elle, I know what I'm gonna do
tomorrow, and the next day...
I'm gonna go to college.
And I'm gonna see
what they know,
then I'm gonna come back
and shake this place up.
I'm gonna show them
how it's really done!
I'll run Stapleton's place and
earn ten times what he makes.
( chuckles softly )
I love everything about you.
You...are amazing.
( dramatic theme playing )
My mom wants to know
if you wanna work for us again
this summer.
Yeah, I'd love to.
I need to check
with my dad, though.
He wants me to work with him
at the bank
until I leave for school.
My dad's movin' slow.
Thinks this'll be
his last season.
He's just plain worn out, man.
We're already behind.
Yeah, you know what?
I'll help,
even if I have to work
at the bank.
Seriously, yeah.
Tell your mom I'll help out.
I'd rather be outside anyway.
Thanks, man.
All right,
I gotta pick up Elle at 8--
We'll meet you
at the fairgrounds at 9.
Yeah, sounds good.
Hey! What'd your dad say
about Ag?
Take a wild guess!
Later, man.
( carnival music playing )
( chattering indistinctly )
Well, well. The young lady
steps to the free-throw line.
All right.
Thank you, sir.
Let's see what you got.
And don't forget:
Assistant coach.
( scoffs )
Good enough to kick your sorry
ass, "Cabbage Boy."
Don't get mad.
( bell ringing )
We have a winner!
Here you go, young lady.
Thank you.
Oh, look at that.
So cute.
( dramatic theme playing )
( chattering indistinctly )
Hey. You're leaving early.
Yeah, I'm headed to Jack's.
Um, I'm gonna be late tomorrow
too. The big tractor's down,
so we've gotta prep the lower
field with the two Masseys.
I know they need help,
with Tom winding down.
But you've got
responsibilities here, Cole.
Okay. Got it, Dad.
Dinner at 6!
( dramatic theme playing )
Good to go?
Yeah, uh, give me a sec.
Yeah, yeah.
Did you have that meeting
with your advisor yet?
Yeah, I had it this morning.
How'd it go?
He said
I'm short four credits.
I should've never
switched majors.
I'm gonna have to take
two classes
this summer
after graduation.
You goin' to the game tonight?
Yeah, you?
Yeah, I'm just gonna be late.
I got class at 6:10.
Will you grab me a ticket?
Will do.
You know I'm hoping to get
that internship
at the new Agricon research farm
in Easton this fall...
so then I am back for good.
I know.
Hey, it'll go by in a flash.
You'll see.
Um... Look, I gotta go.
But um, I'll give you
a call next week.
I love you.
Everything okay?
Yeah, um...
Hey, I need to use your car
this weekend.
I need to go see Elle.
Yeah, of course.
Of course.
( dramatic theme playing )
Thanks for picking me up.
No problem.
All right.
Um, also, as I was leaving,
they scheduled
an athletic department meeting
tonight for 7.
Wanna just go to Florrie's
and kill a few hours?
Are you sure?
I'm happy to help.
It's no problem.
Yeah, yeah. That'd be great.
Cool. Okay.
( starts engine )
I'm proud of you, you know.
So's your father.
Thanks, Mom.
From the time you were born,
he talked about turning
this farm over to you--
Just like his father
did for him.
Well, I hope I can pull it off.
You're already doing it.
Oh, uh, Elle called.
She said to pick her up at 7.
Got it.
You two gettin' serious?
Come on, Mom.
She's Cole's girlfriend.
Cole's been gone a long time.
( sniffs, sighs )
( dramatic theme playing )
( knocking )
( doorbell rings )
Oh, my God,
what are you doing here?
Well, I'm taking my girlfriend
out on a Saturday. What else?
Jack! What's up, man?
What brings you by?
Hey man, I didn't know
you were back in town.
Yeah, it's just
a quick visit.
Where are you headed
all dressed up?
Oh, um...
We were just checkin' out
a movie
with some folks
this afternoon.
I'm sorry, man,
she's all mine!
I'm sorry, Jack.
You guys have a great time.
It's good to see you, Cole.
See ya, Jack.
Got you these.
Decided to surprise you.
Hey, sorry to spoil
your plans with Jack.
( scoffs )
Don't be silly.
We were just
going to the movies.
You sure?
Cole, don't do that.
Hey man.
You headin' back?
I'm on my way back now.
What brings you by?
What movie were you
going to see last night?
You said you were meetin' people
at the movies. What movie?
I dunno. Whatever's playin'
at the Bellevue.
Who else were you meeting?
Just some folks.
I'm coming back, Jack.
What's your point?
Just don't forget it.
( dramatic theme playing )
How was the bank today?
Oh, Cole--
Cole's comin' home
for Christmas break Tuesday.
( chuckles )
Teresa, you have to tell him.
I don't want him to worry.
I'm not gonna do that
to him.
Either way, he'll know
when you start chemo.
Maybe I won't do it.
( silverware clatters )
Well, that's a death sentence,
isn't it?
Is that what you want?
( silverware clatters )
No, I don't.
Well, I figured it'll give me
a head start
before Stapleton
finally sells his place--
That's the one
I really want.
Thought you were
going to law school?
College boy.
Yeah, okay.
You can laugh all you want,
but I'm gonna be in the market.
And as for money,
I think you forget
I have an in
with a local banker.
Not if it's the same
local banker I know.
Do you two ever stop?
Look, is there somethin'
goin' on I should know about?
Stop it! Stop it!
Guys, stop it!
( cars honking )
Seriously?! Jack?
No, you, of all people?
You know what, Elle,
I really thought
we were gonna be somethin'.
Everything okay?
Yeah, it's fine.
( sighs )
Hey Cole...
There's something, uh,
I need--
I need to tell you.
Okay. What is it?
Um, heh...
I-I haven't been,
uh, feelin' so great lately.
What do you mean?
I've been to see a doctor...
and, uh...
And I have some cancer.
Mom. What?
I-- Please don't worry. Okay?
Okay. What-What kind of cancer?
It's a lung cancer,
but it's slow.
And we've known
a little while now.
Mom, I--
I'm seeing a really good doctor.
He's got a plan.
Everything's going to be fine.
What are the next steps?
Are you gonna go
to the hospital?
Are they gonna operate?
I'm gonna get chemo.
We've been saving up.
Saving up? Wait, how long have
you known about this?
About a year.
You've waited a year! What?
Our insurance wasn't enough.
And we didn't
have enough money then.
But now we do now...
No, Mom, you had money.
You paid my tuition.
See, this is why
I didn't tell you.
Okay? I just--
I don't want you to worry.
You gotta focus
on your classes.
Okay, so you're telling me
Dad spent all our money
on the University of Maryland
while you've been
getting sicker?
What the hell was he thinking!
No, listen to me.
( sniffles )
I'm gonna be okay.
And so are you.
Okay? Come on.
( dramatic theme playing )
Good game.
Good job, guys.
Quite the game, coach.
Um, let's, uh-- Let's go out.
Where should we go?
Uh, you name it.
( romantic theme playing )
You wanna go to the movies?
Come on.
So you got the word today?
Yes, I'm so pumped!
Sounds grim to me--
Pushing a plow at Agricon
in suburban Easton isn't exactly
what I'd call heaven.
First of all, nobody's "pushed
a plow" in about 75 years.
Second, you don't appreciate
the simple things in life.
If mud-covered overalls
at 5 a.m.
is one of the simpler things--
You're right,
I don't appreciate them.
But if you're happy,
I'm happy.
Thank you.
Oh, I gotta go.
I'm meeting Melissa
at the lounge.
Wait, hold on. Hold on.
Who's Melissa?
I thought you were dating
that girl from Cleveland.
What was her name?
No, that didn't work out.
I don't think
she fully appreciated
how lucky she was to have me.
There it is. All right.
Get outta here.
( rings )
Cole, it's your father.
Hey, um, I've got great news!
You heard already?
The letter just arrived today.
Wait, what letter?
The scholarship package
from Georgetown.
The acceptance letter
from Georgetown Law
arrived this morning.
Full ride.
Wow. Um...
Your mother wants
to talk to you.
He already heard.
Hey Cole!
Oh, my God. I've been dying
to call you all day.
How did you know?
Did they call you, or...?
No, I...
Uh, I actually didn't know.
I thought that he was
talking about something else.
Honey, are you okay?
You sound kinda funny.
Yeah. I'm fine. Uh...
I'm just excited, that's all.
Yeah, we're so happy for you,
All right,
I'll talk to you later, Mom.
Love you.
Yeah, I love you too.
( melancholy theme playing )
( dramatic theme playing )
( gasps )
Oh, my God!
I am so sorry.
It's okay. It's okay.
Shoot, I just got water
No, seriously--
It's on your shoes.
No, please, please.
Really, it's fine.
Are you sure?
Yeah, it's just water.
Can I put, like,
a towel down...?
No. I'm fine. I'm fine. Really.
( sighs )
God-- Sorry.
( clears throat )
I'm Sarah Meyers.
I know--
I mean, I know who you are.
I've been watching you around,
Not, um, watching you...
because that's
incredibly creepy.
We-we've met before.
We were in Securities
Regulations together.
Security Reg--
Yeah. Mm-hm.
Last year.
Um, I'm Cole...Baird.
Cole Baird.
( professor clears throat )
Gentlemen and ladies,
good afternoon.
My name is
Professor Simeon Lester,
and I am here to teach you
the Uniform Commercial Code.
( dramatic theme playing )
( people chattering
indistinctly )
So Eastern Shore?
I mean, isn't that redundant,
considering the Atlantic Ocean?
Seems unlikely that Maryland
would have a Western Shore.
No, it's the Eastern Shore
of the Chesapeake Bay,
not the Atlantic Ocean.
It's the only place in the world
you can grow soybeans
and pick blue crabs
at the same time.
God, if you haven't seen
the light hit off the wings
of snow geese in the winter,
you haven't lived.
Um, and so do your parents
still live in Galena?
They do. Yeah.
My dad's been the manager of
Eastern Bank since I was a kid.
Um, it's a small outfit,
but they handle
most of the local farmers'
business accounts.
He must be the most
popular guy in town.
When times are good,
and the weather holds,
but when things get tough,
whether it's drought, flood,
anything that impacts
the harvest and cash flow,
they tend to avoid
the local banker.
My grandfather, my mom's dad,
he had a farm in Texas.
He inherited it from his dad.
He lost it in the '50s.
There was a drought
that lasted seven years,
if you can believe that.
He finally found work in Galena,
farmed his own land on the side.
Farming's been in my family
for a long time.
You can tell.
( laughs )
So I plan to go back to Galena
at some point.
It's a hard time for my parents.
My mom's been sick.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
That's okay. Thanks.
She seems to be
battling through it.
Um, so do you have friends
still out there?
Yeah, my best friend
Jack Miller is there.
He just took over
his dad's farm.
And uh, just got engaged...
to my old girlfriend.
How about that? Yeah.
Close friend, then, huh?
Yeah, he is. It's--
The three of us
grew up together.
It's kinda complicated.
But I get back there
as often as I can.
So most everyone else
has moved on.
Like you.
( both chuckle )
Hey, do you play tennis?
So this is gonna be shocking,
but I've never actually
played tennis before.
Well, you look like a pro.
Yes. Yeah, I thought
the same thing.
Yeah. This is yours.
This is mine?
Great. Thanks.
Oh, she won't be found
At the bottom of a swamp
When the sun goes down
( doorbell rings )
Hey Florrie.
Hey honey.
Just like old times.
Don't tell me,
you're not hungry.
No one pours Coca Cola
like you do, Florrie.
You're still a charmer.
( laughs )
She looks great, huh?
How you doin'?
It's good to see ya.
Yeah, what's up, Jack?
Well, I was wondering
if you'd be my best man.
You joking, right?
You're my best friend, Cole.
You're marrying my girlfriend.
I didn't set out to do this.
And neither did Elle.
We didn't wanna--
We didn't wanna hurt you.
I want to kill you right now.
You know that, right?
I understand.
You remember when we were kids,
and you stole
my favorite matchbox car,
that silver Mustang.
You remember that?
It took me a long time
to forgive you,
and even then, I swore
I would never forget it.
You had more than I did.
Yeah, but that was the one
that I wanted.
Fuck you, man.
Yeah, I'll be your best man.
Bye, honey.
( dramatic theme playing )
Hey you!
What're you doing?
I thought we had class at noon.
Lester canceled class because
of some conference he has.
You made editor of law review--
It was just announced.
Oh, my God. Are you kidding me?
Uh, you have your interview
Jones McKinsey tomorrow, right?
Yes, yeah.
I do have something for you.
Just a little luck tomorrow.
What is this?
Oh, my God. Sarah, this is--
This is way too much.
You shouldn't have
got this.
Oh, stop, it's my pleasure.
This is way too nice.
You deserve it.
Thank you. Thank you.
Now can we go celebrate?
Can you hold onto that for me?
( dramatic theme playing )
( clears throat )
Oh, Jack.
Uh, have a seat, Jack.
Thank you for seeing me,
Mr. Baird.
Of course.
Of course. Lookin' sharp.
Thank you.
A little
surprised to get your call
after the year you had
last year.
Right. Yeah,
I know it's a bit of a stretch,
but it's somethin'
Dad always wanted.
I think it'll make
a fine investment.
How is your father?
( chuckles )
Mom likes Florida though.
She's gettin' tan.
She enjoys the beach.
your father was very
conservative with his finances.
So I ran the numbers
after we spoke.
And while, yes, you do have
sufficient equity in your farm
to raise a down payment
for the Marlin's land,
you're taking on
a great deal of debt.
Are you--
Are you ready to handle this?
Yes, sir. I'm aware.
I can make it work.
You understand
you're putting your home
and your farm
on the line here?
Yes, sir.
Does Elle--?
My wife, sir.
I'm doing this for my wife.
For my kids,
if I'm lucky enough to have 'em
one day.
I-I-- You know, I--
I want them to have
a better life than what I had.
I think it's time for the men
in this family to step up.
Do more than just hope.
I'll have those loan documents
drawn up.
You fill them out
and drop them off tomorrow.
And we'll have an answer
for you next week.
Yeah? Oh... All right.
Yeah, I'll get 'em to ya.
Thank you, Mr. Baird.
I'm not gonna let you down.
Next time, wear a tie.
( chuckles )
All right.
( pensive theme playing )
Doctor of law.
Doctor of-- Ha, ha.
Oh, doc.
We're so proud of you,
Thanks, Mom.
Hi, Sarah!
Hey, congratulations.
Now there's a woman
who will take you places.
So, what do you think
of your new attorney son?
Oh, we couldn't be happier.
A Georgetown Law degree,
a beautiful fiance...
What more could a man want?
Such a shame your folks
couldn't be here.
I know. It's okay.
My father is in the midst
of a trial.
I'll see them next week,
and we're gonna celebrate then.
Oh, nice.
Are you gonna fly to California?
She's gonna take a month off
on the West Coast
and then we're gonna start
preparing for the Bar Exam.
Are you gonna
go out with her?
No. I'm gonna help Jack
prep the new acreage
from Stapleton's.
Don't waste your time
on that.
Just focus on the exam.
( chuckles )
Oh, John, it's okay.
Give the boy a break.
I just need some time off.
Life is gonna get
hectic this fall.
And I was thinking
of driving with him to Jack's
and then I'll fly out
on Monday morning.
No, we can drive him.
There's no need for you to take
him so far out of your way.
Oh, it's okay.
I wanna see
what all the fuss is about.
All I ever hear
is about this farm.
We can't drive past a
neighborhood vegetable garden
without him giving me
a 30-minute dissertation
on irrigation.
COLE: That sounds about right.
SARAH: Yeah.
Are you gonna join up with
father's firm when you get back?
Eventually, but not at first,
it's too political.
I want to earn
my position there.
Well, lunch.
Yeah, yeah.
We can do with a little lunch.
That guy talked forever.
( laughs )
All right.
Hold on. Stop. Stop. Wait.
Looks like you blew a circuit.
Thing's a hundred years old
at least.
You're gonna wanna
get a heavy-up
before somebody gets zapped.
Yeah. It's on the list.
( dramatic theme playing )
( faucet running )
Oh, you're back early.
I forgot to call the firm.
Is that what I think it is?
It's my favorite.
I know.
( sighs )
Um, so are things going well
for you guys?
Why do you ask?
I mean...
I can't believe y'all
bought Stapleton's place.
Ugh. He, um...
He did it without telling me.
I'm don't know what he was
thinking, actually.
It's been a hard
couple of years.
Things were already tight
after a few bad seasons.
I'm worried.
His behavior's becoming
a little...erratic.
What do you mean?
The business side
of running this place.
It's hard for him.
And he won't ask
for advice or help.
He won't listen to me.
He said with others selling out,
it was time for us
to double down.
( scoffs )
Yeah, well, that was a mistake.
Of course it was mistake!
But what was I supposed to do?
The whole thing
scares the crap out of me.
I'm coaching five days a week,
but there's no way
I can support us alone
if this whole thing
goes to shit.
Hey, I'm gonna help when I can.
Hopefully, I can talk some sense
into him while I'm here.
It's gonna be okay.
While you're here.
The story of your life.
What is that supposed to mean?
Look, I-I never planned
for things to end up
the way that they did.
Don't talk to me
about plans.
You made your choices,
which seemed to work out
pretty well.
No, no. Hold on.
Let's get something straight.
You're the one who ended it.
I was busting my ass,
pulling a double major,
and you snuggled up
with my best friend.
So don't act like
it's my fault.
You were never here!
The campus was less
than two hours away.
Highway goes both directions.
You always had excuses.
You could have made
more of an effort yourself.
Jesus Christ!
Look, I--
I've just got a lot
on my plate right now.
I'm sorry.
I know you're here to help,
and I appreciate it.
( scoffs )
You, um...
You never told me anything
about the wedding plans.
Sarah's in charge of all that,
All right, I need
to make this call.
Can I use the phone?
Of course.
Do you want me to leave?
No, it should be quick.
By the way,
Jack's going into town
to pick up a part
for the engine, so...
He's not gonna be back
for lunch.
He'll see you
after practice.
( dramatic theme playing )
Hi, this is Cole Baird
calling for Margaret Kenney.
Thank you.
Yes, thank you.
Jones McKinsey,
can you hold, please?
Jones McKinsey,
can you hold, please?
Jones McKinsey,
may I help you?
Yes. I have your number.
No problem.
I'll have him call you back.
Thank you.
Hi, may I help you?
Hi, I'm Cole Baird,
the new associate.
I've got an appointment with...
Ms. Kenney.
Yes, she's expecting you.
Have a seat.
She'll be with you momentarily.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Jones McKinsey, may I help you?
Jones McKinsey.
Hi, I'm Sheila Cordell,
Margaret's assistant.
She's ready to see you.
Thank you.
I have Cole Baird for you.
Can I get you
something to drink?
Coffee, or...?
Water would be great, thanks.
So nice to see you again.
Thank you so much for coming in
on short notice.
I know you were hoping to get a
little break before joining us.
We have taken on a case.
I'm gonna need as many hands on
deck as I can possibly muster.
But I'm not even scheduled
to take the Bar until November.
Until you passed the Bar,
you will be
in a supporting role.
And we will make best efforts
to give you the time you need
to prepare to take the exam.
( knocking )
Oh, Brian.
Good. I want
to introduce you to Cole Baird.
He's the associate
I was speaking with you about.
Brian, could you show Cole
to his office?
Oh, wait. Right now?
Sorry, weren't you
planning on staying?
Well-- No.
Actually, I--
I-I'm sorry, I can't stay.
I'm committed through July.
We had discussed this.
Your drive impressed
a great many people around here
during your initial
interview process, Cole.
I don't mind telling you
that you stood out
among your class
of associates.
I hope we didn't misread
your level of commitment.
I know that this is
somewhat unexpected,
but that is the nature
of this business.
And I'm sorry if your vacation
plans have been interfered.
Look, it's not
that I'm not committed,
it's just I-I had
promised a friend...
Let me be clear.
We need you here now, Cole.
All right. Okay.
Brian, take care
of this young man.
We appreciate your
flexibility on this.
I won't forget it.
JACK ( over phone ):
You said you'd be here
through July.
I know, Jack,
but what was I supposed to do?
I'm kind of in a bind here.
Look, I'm-- I'm sorry, man.
I really am.
But there was nothing
that I could do.
I mean, maybe I can make it out
on weekends.
Forget it. I'll figure it out.
I gotta go.
Jack, come on.
( clicks, line hums )
( dramatic theme playing )
Hey, friend
It's me again
And I can still
Remember when
We changed
From something more
To something less
Than we were before
Is this the end?
Or does it just depend?
( singer vocalizing )
Is it too late now?
To work it out somehow
And find the road
That leads us home
Are you lost
My friend?
Are we near the end
Of the road?
Are you happy at last?
Are you sorry for the past?
I need to know
To know
( singer vocalizing )
Is it too late now?
To work it out somehow
And find the road
That leads us home
Is it too late now?
To work it out somehow
And find the road
That leads us home
And find the road
That leads us home
( phone ringing )
Hey. What's up?
Um, you better come home.
What's wrong?
( melancholy theme playing )
When did these start going up?
Oh, Meyers Tate is actually
pitching them.
They're expanding throughout
the East Coast.
Do you want me to come in?
No, give me a minute.
Why didn't you call me sooner?
I left you a message
last night.
( door closes )
( dramatic theme playing )
Hey girls.
Look who it is! Oh!
How are you, huh?
GIRL: Good.
COLE: Yeah? Good?
You stayin' outta trouble?
Huh? Know you'd better be.
( Jack chuckles )
How are those knees,
old man?
( chuckles )
Come here.
You doin' all right?
Yeah, I just can't believe
I wasn't here, man.
I know you're hurtin'.
There was nothing you could do.
Hey, good to see ya.
How are ya?
You look great.
Let's get in there.
Elle's got crabs
in the steamer.
It takes some gettin' used to,
but you're gettin'
the hang of it.
Yeah, it's, uh, a lot of work.
Most nights I work late,
so dinner's usually
quick and easy.
I feel ya.
That's me on practice nights.
Actually, it's a lot less work
'cause there's no dishes
to wash.
Guess who is first place
for the fifth year in a row?
That's awesome.
Good for you, Elle.
Yeah, she's killin' it.
Yeah. Ahem.
I guess your high school
basketball record
never held you back?
Oh, ouch.
( chuckles )
I'm sorry, Jack.
What was your high school sport?
( chuckles )
I was a professional
tractor driver.
Oh, give me a break.
I fenced pe in high school.
I captained the Varsity team.
I'm sorry. What is that?
Uh, it's a type
of sword fighting.
And Sarah was very good at it.
En garde!
Yeah, it was really big
in San Francisco.
All right, so tell us,
you're a partner now, right?
Big shot.
COLE: Yeah.
Got a secretary.
Got a fish tank?
No, stop.
Got a little shark in there?
A goldfish?
Come on.
How's your dad
feel about Union?
Folks are worried about
a national player takin' over.
Are they gonna work with us,
or not?
What are you talking about?
Y-your dad hasn't mentioned it?
No. It's a shocker. What?
Union National Bank's
buying Eastern.
Seems like something
you might mention
to your son, right?
He's gonna need your help
these next couple of months.
With your mom's stuff.
The house.
You saw him today.
Yeah, I know.
We haven't really talked
in a long time.
Yeah, that's what I thought.
Another beer?
Yes, please.
For you. Sarah?
More water. Okay.
You want one?
Uh, no.
I'm gonna go for a run
before hitting the sack.
( clears throat )
So I got a call from Phil Marcum
this morning.
Who's he?
Partner in San Francisco.
Uh, he's lead
on the Agricon account.
Oh, yeah?
It looks like I've been assigned
to help him with the pitch.
Why you?
You're a trial lawyer.
( clears throat )
I called him.
You know,
Agricon is a huge account,
and the firm is pitching
for their M&A advisory business.
And as I said,
you're a trial lawyer.
I um... I-I told them
that I could help them
with my knowledge
of the farming industry.
Your knowledge
of the farming industry?
Cole, look, I'm just trying
to work my angles here.
That's how you win
at this game.
Look, Agricon is killing
the family farm.
You've heard the stories.
Everybody I know
is being affected by them.
Everybody you know
is not being affected by them.
And some people are happy
for the opportunity to sell.
No, I'm not comfortable
with this.
( scoffs )
All yours.
Good job.
Good news, Margaret.
What's up?
We just got a call from Ottawa.
Done deal.
And our own Mr. Baird
is credited with saving the day.
Well, this is a big win.
There's just no stopping
our young partner these days.
You have it?
I do.
Show me. Thank you.
After you. Yep.
It is a big deal.
I have to say I definitely
got the attention
of the management committee.
That's great, buddy.
Yeah, I've got a big event
at the Canadian Embassy tonight.
So it'll be interesting
to see their reaction.
I definitely thing they were
less excited with the outcome.
Hey, uh, listen. Things have
been a little tight lately.
And um...
I could use
some unskilled labor.
Think I could bribe you
with a few beers this weekend?
Jack. I wish I could, man,
but we've got a thing
at the Club on Saturday,
and Sarah will kill me
if I miss it.
No big deal. Don't sweat it.
I gotta run. Um...
I'll catch you later. All right?
Thanks. I'll talk to you later.
( classical music playing )
( people chattering
indistinctly )
No, it, like--
Oh, excuse me. Thank you.
Thank you.
I'll tell you what,
these events
are starting to blur
one to the next.
( Sarah chuckles )
COLE: I'll just be happy
if they serve real coffee
instead of decaf in a thimble.
Oh, stop.
Representing the firm
at these events
will go a long way
in advancing our agenda.
You know what I mean.
Holly and Sean!
Can I swap you?
Thank you.
It has been-- Good.
We had-- Did you
just get back into town?
We were just talking
about staying.
Oh, wow.
So it's a wonderful trip.
( conversation fading )
It was a great event tonight.
It was a long one, anyway.
( Sarah chuckles )
So I got some news today.
We won. Our pitch.
We blew them away.
We got the account.
Yeah, Meyers Tate will now be
representing Agricon
in all land deals
east of the Mississippi.
Wow. Sarah, congratulations.
I'm so happy for you.
Look, you worked hard.
And I'm happy you won.
But you know how I feel
about that account.
You know, look,
it's just business.
And maybe it's a good thing.
They're doing
a lot of innovation
that'll help the farmers
and give them a chance.
Yeah. Until the next purchase
and the next, I mean...
You and I both know what this
looks like going forward.
A way of life is disappearing.
( scoffs )
Don't be so dramatic.
It would really
mean a lot to me
if you would recuse yourself
from this account.
I'm not in a position
to make waves right now.
This is my partner moment,
and I can't just pass it up.
It's just, these are
my people, Sarah.
They are not your people.
So please,
just don't make this
a bigger deal
than it needs to be.
( dramatic theme playing )
( phone ringing )
What's up?
Eastern is being bought.
Yeah, Dad, I've heard.
I don't ha--
I'm supposed to sign something.
I think I--
I have a few legal questions.
What are you referring to?
They've sent me
some employment documents.
What kind of documents?
"At will" employment...
I'm supposed to sign...
Wait, wait.
Dad, don't sign anything.
When do you need
to return these?
I'm not sure
what some of these terms mean.
There's a lot more
than we ever did at Eastern.
Auditors were in today.
Reviewing the loan portfolio.
Dad. Listen to me. Don't sign
anything until I take a look.
Can it wait a few weeks?
Yes, I think so.
Okay. Good.
Can you scan them...?
Actually, you know what,
forget it.
Can you fax them to me?
Oh, it's-- It's a lot.
Okay. Just hold onto them
until I can get out there, okay?
And don't sign anything.
Dad, did you hear me?
I can do this.
I'm not an idiot.
I just have
a few questions.
I know you can.
Just let me take a look.
People do hire lawyers
for this, you know.
Good, I'll call you
when I can come.
O-one more thing. I was...
I wondered
if you and Sarah would...
Would what?
I was wondering if you'd like
to come home for Thanksgiving.
I don't know
if we've made plans.
So let me check with Sarah.
Actually...why don't you
come to our place.
I've got a meeting with
the management evening before,
and I gotta be at the office
early on Friday.
Your mother always used to--
Always used to have Thanksgiving
at home. Here.
Yeah. I know, Dad.
But you haven't seen
our new house.
It would be the best opportunity
for you to see it.
All right. Okay.
All right. We'll plan on it.
( line clicks )
( footsteps approaching )
Let's get some sleep.
I'll figure it out.
Elle, I said I don't want you
to have to worry about it.
Okay? I'll take care of it.
Just let me take care of it.
I get my paycheck next week.
That'll help a little.
( chair scrapes )
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I just--
You know,
my grandfather and my father,
they kept this place afloat
for 60 years.
And now I've just got you and
the girls trapped out here.
And I just feel like you just--
I just feel like you could've
had so much more.
Hey. Hey, hey, hey.
We'll figure it out.
( dramatic theme playing )
Just get some sleep,
okay, baby?
What're you doin' here
so late?
( sighs )
Same as you.
Hey, what do you know
about Agricon?
That's like saying:
"What do you know
about General Dynamics?"
I mean, they're huge, they're
everywhere, and they're hungry.
You think a small town has any
shot, if they come knocking?
Not unless they hire
Cole Baird.
But uh, I doubt
they can afford you.
Go home, Cole.
( dramatic theme playing )
Well, this is it.
It's bigger than we need,
but Sarah wants it, so...
The realtor left the door
unlocked for us.
Looks like you have a little
water damage under the dormers.
You've gotta
have that looked at.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Everything looks delicious.
Well, I had big shoes
to fill.
That house is something else.
Yeah, it was exactly
what we were looking for.
A little expansion
of the in-law suite,
and it will be
near perfect.
( Sarah laughs )
Well, there's always room
for you, Dad.
Hopefully, this will be
the first of many holidays.
Um, Cole told me about Union.
I'm sure they're happy to have
someone with your expertise
guiding the merger.
Complicated, yes.
Forces my hand on issues
that would otherwise
work themselves out.
Agricon came sniffing around
last week.
These guys are a piece of work.
I mean, do you believe
they had the gall
to ask which properties
might be under stress?
Unethical bastards.
I told them to get the hell
out of my office.
Do-- Do you want some
cranberry sauce? It's Teresa's.
As if I would share
that information.
They said they work closely
with Union's real estate group
out of Houston.
They that said Union had helped
to "move things on"
in certain cases,
whatever the hell that means.
( scoffs )
Maybe they get away
with that nonsense in Texas,
but we do things differently
on the Eastern Shore.
And they asked about
the Stapleton place...
I guess it's
the Miller place now.
How they would even know these
parcels by name is beyond me.
The properties aren't even
listed for sale.
how was the meeting yesterday?
Um, here's to the youngest
managing partner
in the history
of Jones McKinsey!
Just because Margaret Kenney
is retiring
doesn't mean
I'm in line for the job.
Why not?
It's a big firm, Dad.
There are a lot of people
interested in that position.
Haven't you told them
you want it?
First of all,
it doesn't work that way.
And second of all,
maybe I don't.
You'd be perfect for it,
Sarah, drop it.
A little enthusiasm
wouldn't hurt.
When I first came
to Eastern...
Dad, please.
He's right.
You should be on the offensive--
How did Agricon know
to ask about Jack's place?
( auctioneer speaking
indistinctly )
I know a couple of ladies are
here for their husbands.
One guy wants
to load hay with it.
Let's start it off here.
( speaking rapidly )
Twenty-five, can I get 30,000?
Thirty-five thousand.
Thirty-five, let me get 750,
How about 40,000?
The bids in.
The lady here, $40,000.
Let me get 42,500.
Forty-two thousand.
Let me get 42,500.
You got it?
Oh, yeah.
Don't want you
to get your hands dirty.
Shut up.
Dad said
you're starting a new job?
Phew! Yeah, he's too much.
You know, firms are all about
hours. It's just more hours.
Watch your hands.
More money too, I hope.
No, the money's a trap.
Oh, yeah? Well,
let me tell you somethin':
No money is a tighter trap.
I've got a change in mind
Oh, yeah?
Goat cheese. Goat's milk.
And there's a growing local
market for goat meat.
I'm hopin' it'll help cover
the shortfall.
And the additional acreage
let me plant multiple crops
a season.
Won't be stuck with a single
wipe out, like this year.
Okay, so you're--
You're what? You're just gonna
go out and buy a herd of goats?
Bought 'em.
They delivered them last week.
Jack, what the hell do you know
about farming goats?
What's there to know.
You feed 'em, milk 'em
and send 'em to slaughter.
Jack, you need to get focused.
How are you affording this?
My grandpa always said
never underestimate
the power of a big idea.
I don't know that I'd call
goats a big idea.
What the hell is your problem?
I appreciate you coming out
to help.
I really-- I do.
But none of this is
any of your business, now is it?
You're right.
I'm just trying to be a friend.
You have no idea
what it's like to be broke.
I'm busting my ass
just to make it here.
No, what you are doing,
Jack, is flailing.
You're gonna end up
crawling to Agricon--
Say what you really mean.
Elle deserves better.
That's not what I said.
That's what you fucking meant.
All I'm saying is
you're digging yourself a hole
that you might not be able
to get out of.
Big job. You got a fancy house.
Fancy car.
You think that gives you the
right to tell me what to do?
Oh, come on.
What? Are you jealous?
Is that what this is?
What would I have
to be jealous of, Cole?
I have Elle and the farm,
the two things
you've always wanted.
Fuck you.
Look at yourself.
Yeah, what is that
supposed to mean?
Who are you?
Good morning, chickens.
Good morning!
Good morning.
Good morning, Daddy.
Baby, will you remind me,
I'm expecting a bid
from Thompkins Fencing
to replace that gap
in the fence.
Yeah. Sure.
And that reminds me.
You got a letter
from Eastern bank yesterday.
I don't know
if it was important.
But I left it on the hall table.
( dramatic theme playing )
You girls ready for some bacon?
Well, wait till you
taste the eggs
your mama whipped up
this morning.
I'd say you two are about
the luckiest girls in the world.
Y'all be good.
See ya later, Daddy.
Have a good day, Daddy.
Bye, babe.
Bye, baby.
( door closes )
( bang )
( alarm beeping )
( gasps )
( shower running )
Who are you?
Nothing. Just something...
I can't hear you
when you mumble.
Forget it.
I need a towel.
Come on.
I got it.
Let's go to our expansion.
( knocking )
West Coast and plans.
The acquisition...
( softly ):
You've got a call.
Thank you. Cole Baird.
Talk to us about their
environmental practice.
( dramatic theme playing )
What's going on?
It's awful.
Um, I can drive out.
I'll help Elle
with the funeral plans.
I'll call you
when I know the details.
And how are you doing?
Honestly, I don't--
I don't know.
Try to get some sleep.
I love you.
( sniffles )
I gotta go.
( screams )
( burps )
Another one.
Goddamn it, Jack.
I'm at the end of my rope, man.
Listen, man. Maybe you
should go home, huh?
Listen. You hear me?
Don't push me! Okay?
I'm sorry.
We're closed.
Oh, honey.
Hey Florrie.
I know.
How many times
you and he sat
at these very stools.
I can still see your young,
happy faces...
I don't know. None of this
might've happened
if I'd have just never left.
I think you're bein' too hard
on yourself.
Ain't nothing you can do
about the past but let it go.
Jack had his own worries.
He had his way of doin' things
that had nothin' to do with you.
I just don't know
where I belong anymore, Florrie.
I mean...
After Elle, I met Sarah,
and she was...
I mean, she was...
different, and she was...
She was exciting, and...
She helped me focus,
and she challenged me.
when I'm here, I know...
I know exactly who I am.
A dream that doesn't go away,
now that's a callin'.
My mother used to say
that once you realize it,
you can't help
but get out of its way.
Maybe it's time
you start paddlin'
instead of floatin' down
someone else's river.
You might succeed,
you might fail,
but you'll never regret it.
Sure...failure is
a disappointment,
which hurts a lot.
But the sting goes away
pretty quickly.
Now regret?
That's somethin' that'll
stick with you a lifetime.
Now let's get some coffee
in you.
Some aspirin wouldn't hurt,
You'll thank me in the mornin'.
The girls are resting.
I put on a movie for them.
Thank you.
( paper rustles )
I found this in his drawer.
I called them, but they said
they need to, uh...
investigate the circumstances.
If the insurance doesn't pay,
we'll have to sell.
Cole, would you--
Would you ever
consider buying the farm?
I-I don't know
what I'm saying.
Give me some time?
You really don't have to.
I want to...
at least consider it
before giving you an option.
It'll take some time to sort
through Jack's things anyway.
Look, one way or the other,
I'll take some time off.
I'll help you guys
get everything settled here.
God, I'd love to, Elle.
( goats bleat )
I can't promise
I'll take the goats, though.
( chuckles )
We should go, um...
( clock chiming )
You couldn't find time
to come to the funeral?
Look, son. I know how you feel.
No, you have no idea how I feel.
Elle asked me to buy the farm.
I know she needs the money.
No, this isn't
about the money.
Well, given the circumstances...
I doubt she'll avoid
the foreclosure.
What foreclosure?
Union notified Jack
a few days ago.
They were calling the loan.
You were gonna shut him down?
( stammers )
It was out of my hands.
You should have never
let him do this.
You knew Jack couldn't afford
that property.
I couldn't--
What is it about you
that you think you can gamble
with other people's lives?
It wasn't up to me.
They wouldn't let me do it.
Then you should have called me.
I could have helped.
I can't discuss customer
accounts with anyone.
For God's sake, Dad,
it was Jack!
And Jack specifically told me
not to mention anything to you
about their personal finances.
You realize that is probably
what killed him?
You don't know that.
Elle is throwing me
a lifeline here.
I have been waiting for this
moment for 30 fucking years.
This is my last shot.
Cole, you're 39 years old.
This isn't your last shot
to do anything.
Yesterday I was 16,
tomorrow I'll be 75,
and I'll have missed it.
I mean, look at me, Dad!
Look at me!
I never signed up for this.
Signed up for what?
An education? A career?
All of it! The firm. The house.
The club. All of it.
Good God, Dad,
it's suffocating me!
This isn't what I wanted.
You think life just serves up
what you want?
Look around you. People in this
town are suffering while you...
You should be thanking me,
for chrissake.
I gave you options,
which is more than I had.
The options that I had
were doled up
in the order of what you thought
was acceptable.
You're being juvenile.
I never told you to do anything.
What you never told me
was to do what I wanted.
You think I spent my childhood
dreaming of running a two-bit
bank in bum-fuck, Maryland?
Open your eyes, son.
You play the hand you're dealt.
I took a job at Eastern
because no one would give me
the time of day
in Richmond or New York.
I never planned to stay here
longer than it took
to settle and put
a little cash aside.
Then Teresa comes along
and got pregnan--
Then we got married.
We had you.
So a baby comes along,
you get comfortable.
Time passes and all of a sudden,
you realize.
All of sudden...
This is it.
I wanted to be
a Wall Street banker.
That's what I was dreaming of.
A real banker, instead of...
You wanted to be a farmer
and instead became
a star attorney
and a wealthy member
of Washington society.
Doesn't sound to me
like a bad deal.
But now you've got
Your mother would tell you
the same thing.
Don't you dare bring mom
into this.
If you had paid
for her early treatment
rather than my tuition,
she would still be here.
That was Teresa's decision,
not mine.
That is such bullshit.
You mother
paid for your tuition
with the money
her father gave her.
You can see it.
Her signature
is on the document, Cole.
So you're gonna
pack it all in
and work the land?
Is that it?
What if it is?
You've got a romantic notion
of a life that doesn't exist.
Knock, knock.
The Boeing team
is in the conference room.
I'll be with them in a minute.
Oh, Ms. Kenney asked to see you
after the meeting.
Did not say.
You wanted to see me?
Yes, Cole, come in. Have a seat.
How are things going
with the Boeing deal?
It's fine.
We've reached an agreement on
all of the major points but one.
I hope to have it wrapped up
by the end of the month.
Cole, I'm gonna let Carlin
take over the reins on that one.
He's very versed in the deal.
He shouldn't have
any problem closing.
I've been on this deal
for over a year and a half.
I'd like to see it through
to the end.
I understand that,
but we have other plans for you.
Something that can't wait
three weeks?
( laughs )
It's gonna take longer than
three weeks, and you know that.
Be lucky to close that out
by year end.
I am stepping down
on the 31st.
And you know that too.
The Management Committee met
late into the evening last night
and they have
come to the conclusion
that you are the right person
to lead this firm.
We would like you to take on
the role of Managing Partner.
( dramatic theme playing )
Jones McKinsey
is at a turning point.
We need new blood.
Young blood, Cole...
( dialogue fades )
At this point, it is traditional
for you to respond.
Cole, we're handing you
the reins to Jones McKinsey.
( chuckles )
I'm sorry.
I'm flattered, of course.
No, we are not doing this
to be flattering.
You have earned it.
Surely-surely there must
be somebody else...
Well, we did not reach this
conclusion easily nor quickly.
I-I need time.
Of course. Of course.
You need time to discuss it.
We can do that tomorrow.
I'm going off to a meeting.
I'm late, so we will
discuss this tomorrow.
Great. Good.
( chuckles )
( upbeat jazzy music playing )
Thank you.
I'm sorry I'm late.
Oh, it's fine.
Uh, gave me a chance
to catch up on e-mails.
( clears throat )
You okay?
Elle offered me...
the opportunity to buy the farm.
And I think I'd like to do it.
Wow. What is she asking for it?
I don't know.
We didn't really talk about it.
Surely there are
other buyers that...
It seems like a lot
to take on.
I know you have an emotional
attachment to it...
but I'm sure we could find
a weekend place that's
less expensive and less work.
I'm not thinking of this--
Although, it would be nice
to have a place to stay at.
I know you don't like to stay
with your dad...
Sarah. Stop.
I'm not talking about
a weekend place.
I'm talking about
running the farm,
and continuing it as a business.
( scoffs )
And how would you even do that?
You barely have enough time
in the day as it is.
How do you expect
to oversee a working farm?
Sarah, I'm talking about--
Thank you.
Appreciate it.
Thank you.
I'm thinking of a major change.
What if I left the firm
and continued
the operation myself?
Cole, you're not serious.
I am.
( scoffs )
( sighs )
I think you really should
think about taking a break.
This thing with Jack...
I know you're still hurting.
This isn't about Jack.
This is about us.
You and me. You know
I've always wanted to do this.
Jack's death made me realize
how fleeting the opportunity is.
Cole, get real.
You are not going to quit
your job to become a farmer.
Sarah, I want to do this.
I mean, I really wanna do this.
We're not having
this conversation right now.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Look, it's just--
No, Cole, this is stupid.
We're not moving to Jack's farm.
God, I don't know
what Elle was thinking,
proposing something
like this to you.
She has no comprehension
of our quality of life.
Is there anything else
I can get for you?
No. Everything looks delicious,
thank you.
Seriously, sweetheart, I think
that you should consider
taking somewhat of a break.
I know you've been
so stressed at work...
And this thing with Jack...
Stop saying that.
This is not a "thing with Jack!"
Jack is dead! He put a gun
to his head, remember?
He did not.
Well, he may as well have.
Will you lower your voice,
I just-- I think...
that Jack's death...
may have had more of an impact
on you than you may realize.
I wanted to tell you
what happened
at the courthouse today.
I'm not done here.
I'm not sure what
mid-life crisis you're having,
but you need
to get your shit together.
I have a lot going on and it's
about time you're a part of it.
So grow the fuck up, Cole.
You can't just change the terms
of the deal mid-stream.
What, so our marriage
is a deal now?
It kinda is.
I have given you everything
that you've asked for.
Okay, great. So I owe you
a great big thank you.
Is that what
you're looking for?
Okay, I'm done.
If you wanna do this thing,
do it alone.
You know, I'd be very careful
what you wish for.
Oh, by the way...
They offered me
managing partner today.
So that should put a nice
big bow on it for you, right?
( dramatic theme playing )
Let's talk about the farm.
I shouldn't have
laid that on you.
I can't do it.
I know.
Look, it's just...
Cole, I know.
You don't have to make excuses.
When I didn't hear from you...
I told Agricon
I'd take their offer.
Come on.
Stop me from kicking your butt.
A lot of talk, huh?
Found one more.
It's no problem. There's always
room for one more.
( chuckles )
Thanks for all the help.
( tender theme playing )
Elle, Elle, Elle.
Cole, I, um...
Yeah, I think I should go.
...delays this action.
We're gonna have a problem.
It's gettin' done.
The rest of this looks great.
I think we can wrap up.
Yeah, thank you.
You're doing a great job,
There's been a lot of momentum
these last couple of months.
Thanks, Brian.
You know, I think success
just has a way
of finding some people.
Well, it's given me a break
from my personal life.
There's not much success
going on there, unfortunately.
Sarah and I separated.
Yeah, I got
a small place in town.
Oh, man.
I'm sorry to hear that.
It's been a long time coming.
I know it's no consolation,
but at least you have your
second love to fall back on.
And what's that?
The firm.
Look around you, Cole.
You made it. This is it.
"Time passes and suddenly
you realize, this is it."
Uh, it's just something
my father said.
Well, I need to make a call
before the meeting, so...
( dramatic theme playing )
This is it.
Management Committee in ten.
Are you going out?
When'll you be back?
Well, this is a nice surprise.
I, um...
I wanted to say goodbye.
The girls and I are heading
to Emmitsburg next week.
I want to get them settled
before school starts.
I hate to see you go.
When are they closing
on the farm?
Not till October.
There were a few
legal complications.
I might need a new lawyer.
Maybe you should stick around...
for the girls' sake.
Doesn't Caroline
have a few years
before she heads off
to middle school?
She does.
Plus, it's a little late
in the season
to replace the basketball coach,
if you ask me.
( chuckles )
This is some operation
you're running here.
It's a lot for one person
to handle.
Well, um...
Maybe I will
stick around a while.
We'll see.
( upbeat theme playing )
( choir vocalizing )
Oh, yeah
You out there living
You forget what you
Were searching for
All your life
Just going through
The motions
You never stop to notice
All this wasted time
You wonder why
You can't escape
The feelings
That you wanna shake
You've gotta give it up
To let it go
You could spend all your life
Every day and night
But you gotta want it
Yeah, you gotta want it
Set the world on fire
Climb higher and higher
But you gotta want it
So find it and take it
Make it
It's so easy
To lose your vision
Be alive
With what you're given
And cross that finish line
Time passes by so quickly
Enjoy it all and live free
While you make that climb
'Cause you can't go back
Against is stuck
Move ahead
And move on up
Give it all you've got
And let it go
You could spend all your life
Every day and night
But you gotta want it
Yeah, you gotta want it
You can set the world on fire
Climb higher and higher
But you gotta want it
So find it and take it
Make it
All the things you wanna do
It's right in front of you
You got everything
You need
Take that first step
And you'll see
Yeah, you got it
You're gonna make it
Just take it
You could spend all your life
Every day and night
But you gotta want it
So find it and take it
You make it
Set the world on fire
Climb higher and higher
But you gotta want it
So find it and take it
You can make it
All the things you wanna do
It's right in front of you
It's all in front of you
You're gonna make it
Oh, yeah
You gotta want it
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
( singer vocalizing )
( dramatic theme playing )