The Road to Mandalay (2016) Movie Script

1,000 Thai baht, no Burmese kyat
Why are you so late?
Too many Burmese checkpoints
We've all been waiting
for you .You're Lianging?
Come on
Who wants the back seats?
Okay, 9,000 baht, pay upfront
Get in
The boot is 8,000 baht
You need a pill if you go in
the boot or you'll get carsick
You're in the front, no need
It's fine
You can have my seat, I'll go here
Whatever... get in!
Check it
Any other papers?
Check the boot
Any other special papers?
No need to check
It's just grain
He can go
Drive slowly, good luck!
Thank you
You're Guo?
You're so tall!
Bro, you can go
Why were you in the boot?
You paid 10,000 baht!
Never mind, doesn't matter
Four of you, right?
Wu, Jia'en, Wei...
And Fu'an
You're all from Myitkyina?
I'm from Lashio
Same difference
You four get in
Bro, the usual place
Thank you
No problem
Someone will pick you up?
Yes, my friend
Got a job waiting?
My friend will help me get one
My cousin needs people, you wanna try?
No, my friend will help me
Guo, come on!
That's my cousin's number, you can call me
Take this, it's shrimp paste
Maomei! Instant noodles again?
I love instant noodles
That's Maomei
This is Lianging
From Burma?
Have less instant noodles!
Sit over there
It's hot, take off your jacket
Hungry? Have some instant noodles
Thank you
You must be wiped out from the trip
Where in Burma are you from?
From Lashio
Which district?
Fifth District
Do you have running water in Lashio?
In the city centre, not in our house
You wanna find a job?
Got a boyfriend?
Hey, don't listen to her!
What she does is too hard!
Not at all
It's easy and you earn a lot!
No way! She just got here!
It's Hua! Let me in!
It's Hua, open the door for her
You're here
Have some noodles, Hua
What happened to your key?
I lost it on the bus
I didn't want to go back,
too much risk of trouble
Right, time to lie low
I haven't been to work for days
Take your time, feel at
home, have more noodles
Finished? You eat so fast!
Lianging, you want more?
No, I'm full
No hurry
Enjoy your meal
Hua, I brought you these from Burma
I pickled them myself
And these, your favourite pickles
My mum made this especially for you
Dried pickles
And a sarong, don't know if you'll like it
You can buy all these here
And wearing a sarong would be a giveaway
Does your company need more people?
Can you introduce me?
You have no papers, who'll hire you?
No one will!
Hua's in a bad mood
She has no papers, so she got fired
Don't mind her
There's plenty of work
I'll help you
Go get changed, take a rest
After a night on the
road, you must be tired
I'll go get changed
I wore this when I worked here...
...It was too big for me
But it looks fine on you
Long time no see!
Hello, sir
You look sexier!
Thank you
Don't just stand there, sit down!
Come on
You sit there
Sir, I've brought my
friend to be interviewed
It's been so long!
She's also...
...from Burma
From the same place
Any sales experience?
He asks if you have any sales experience
I sold clothes in Burma before
She sold clothes in Burma before
Have some water
Is she good?
Yes, she is. Sells a lot!
Can she speak English?
Yes, she graduated from senior high
You went to the same school?
Yes, we were classmates
How old are you?
How old are you?
She's 23
Does she have a work permit?
She's applying now
She needs a work permit
Right away?
We didn't need one before
When you and Maomei worked here... didn't need it
You could apply for one later
No matter what, you need a work permit
You gotta have one if you want to work
Any way around it?
You really need a work permit
We're applying now
Can you take her on for a month?
No, no
You need a permit
She's come all this way
And she'd really like to work here
Sir, can't you help her, please?
Cai, I really can't
See me again when you have a permit
Don't worry
You've just got here. Don't worry
Such a small company...
So damn strict!
They demand a work permit
When we worked there, they didn't insist
Now they're getting bigger,
the boss goes by the book
Never mind, I'll bring
you to other places soon
Can't I do what you do?
What Maomei and I do wouldn't suit you
Don't worry about it
I'll bring you to other places later
It's a tough job
Kitchen work pays higher
12,000 baht
You'd wash dishes, it's quite chaotic
Which d'you prefer,
waitressing or kitchen work?
Kitchen work
It's a good job
Don't look down on my
restaurant, it may be small,
but it's central, the
business does very well
Do your best.
If you're never late... get a 500 baht bonus each month
If you do well, you get an annual bonus too
We provide food and accommodation
You can live on the fourth floor
The rent is 1,000 baht per month
Want to take a look?
You can stay with us for 500 baht
I'll stay with them
You be careful!
Xiang, where's your cousin?
She went to apply for a permit
Damn! Not again!
When will she be back?
She's still waiting
Damn! Tell her...
...No dinner! She can eat the permit!
Lianging, you okay?
Work hard! Be a good girl!
The boss must have gambling losses again
What are you doing here?
My big sister knows Hua
So I heard you were living here
You want some water?
Sis made dried mushrooms today
I brought you some
And some noodles too
You're being too kind
Not at all
Feeling better today, Hua?
I bought a mobile phone
What's your number?
I don't have one yet
Not yet?
I'll write down my number
Here you go
The one I gave you before is my cousin's
Call me if you need anything
Hong, your wages
Ling, here you are
Count the money
Count it now!
No changes once you've left the room!
You'll be up for a bonus next time
Lianging, your wages
Xiang, yours
Fang, here you are
Pan, here
Baniang, when you wire money
home, where does it go?
The Thai shoe shop run by Zhao
The one next to the market?
That's right
What's the exchange rate?
Yesterday, 3.1 baht to 100 kyat
Please wire 4,500 baht for me
How much is that in kyat?
3,100 baht is about 100,000 kyat
So 4,500 is around 150,000 kyat
They charge fees too
That's okay
My mum's D and...
...Mrs Zhang's phone number
When will she get it?
Three days
Tell her to pick it up on three days
If she's late, they'll forget about it
Ling, where did you get this paper?
Here, in a small mountain village
How much did it cost?
They said 5,000,
but I paid more than 10,000 in the end
Let me see what a mere 10,000 gets you
Not much use, this thing
So many 'permits' around these days
Watch out!
Ling, you still have the contact's number?
You can't get one now
Wait until next time they issue them
Mrs Zhang?
Hello. It's Wang Lianging
You can't hear me?
This is Wang Lianging
The Wang Family from 5th District
I'm calling from Bangkok
Is my mum waiting there?
I'm fine
How are you?
How are the little ones?
Ask them to study hard
Yes, I know
Listen, Ma
I've had about 150,000 kyat wired to you
You can get it from the Zhaos'
shop three days from now
The Zhaos' shoe shop
You can get the money there
Just give them your ID number
Yes, I get it
Ma, listen...
I've found a job
Don't worry
I'll save every penny
That's all for now
It costs a lot to call
Can Lianging spend tonight here?
No need...
I'll ask Baniang to pick me up
It's late...
Baniang doesn't have real papers either
The cops patrol the streets at night
It's better you sleep here
It's no trouble
You can share the bed
with me and my daughter
Guo can sleep on the floor
Don't worry, spend the night here
Hua has lost her mind
She accused Lianging of stealing money
Then threw her out
She has no real papers
She got a low-pay job...
But now she's lost it
Things are tough for her
Maybe she's cracked!
Don't worry, don't dwell on it
It's late, come to bed
when you're done here
Lianging, why so late?
You'll lose your monthly bonus!
you're late!
There's a mountain of dishes waiting!
I'm on it
You don't have to live here
You can stay with my sister
She won't charge rent
Her place is too far away
It takes at least half an hour by bus
Let's go
To the factory
What are you doing with my bags?
To the factory
Why there?
It's better to work in the factory
You wash dishes here
12,000 baht per month...
From 8 am to 10 pm
14 hours, that's 28 baht per hour
In the factory, you get 300 baht a day
From 8 am to 4 pm...
37 baht per hour...
50 baht for every extra hour...
You work at least five hours
extra so that's 250 baht.
If you work 13 hours a day. It's 550 baht
600 baht for 14 hours
You'll earn at least 18,000 baht a month
Plus a place to stay! Why not try it?
Thank you for your kindness
But I still want to stay here
Hello, placing an order?
I'm looking for Lianging, is she in?
She's not here, what do you want?
Where has she gone?
It's her day off
She went to Thai class with Jin
Police! Open the door!
There's no way out
Police! Don't move!
Pan, don't jump!
Come out!
Come out!
All of you!
Your hand...
Give me your hand
Get up!
Come with us
Good day, sir
I'm sorry
I've made a mistake
I won't do it again
This is...
...a token of our gratitude
No smoking in the office
This is government-owned
Watch what you do!
I'll be very careful
Thank you, sir
Let me treat you to dinner tonight
You people don't have the right papers
So don't come back
Nothing I can do
Come see me when you get papers
Guo paid 8,000 baht... bail you out
Pack up your things and go
You all right?
Come on, let's pick up your stuff
Remind me, where are you from?
Which district?
That's where I'm from too!
Okay, I'll tell you how we run things here
There are some rules
You're here now
So stop thinking about Bangkok
Work hard
No mobiles,
only the foreman has one
If you need to call,
there's a phone in the shop
All workers here have to wear a badge
Yours is number 369
Here you're not Lianging, you're 369
Got it?
Guo, fix it on her
Take today off and start from tomorrow
I can start working today
I'll take care of her
That's fine
New girlfriend?
Ignore him!
That's Fu'an
And she's Zhi
They're both from Burma
Where are you from?
Which district?
I'm from Seventh, we're like neighbours!
That's Ersao, she's the forewoman
You're Lianqging?
Now you're here, work hard!
Zhi will show you later
Zhi, show her how to use the machine
It's not hard to operate
I'll show you
Some speed to keep you awake!
On me!
Too much overtime!
Just a moment
Hello, is it Wuniang?
My name is Lianging,
my friend Ersao gave me your number
Yes, I'm calling from Bangkok
It's about a "registration paper
When are they next available?
I don't have a phone
You can call Ersao
I'll give you her number
That's right
I'll wait to hear from you
Thank you
What did she say?
I have to wait
You don't need papers here,
so why bother?
If I have papers
I can get a better job in the city
You'll earn less there
Like when you washed dishes
I just want to work in the city
If you want to stay
here, you're on your own!
Lianging, come on!
Lianging, come on!
Why are you here?
I saw that you'd gone, that's why
You're soaked,
you should get changed
I'll go back when I've put on this thanakha
Why waste money?
Such expensive stuff!
Never mind, it's fake
One day I'll buy you a real one
You're here. It's the right place!
We're there!
Bring them some noodles
Thanks, but it's okay
Eat first
When can we get the papers?
Have some noodles first
No rush, spend the night here
You can get the papers tomorrow
The officials are coming tomorrow
Rest up tonight
You've brought money for the papers?
Then hand it over
Of course now.
This is why the officials come all this way
Shouldn't we pay when we get the papers?
You have to pay in advance
No, payment in advance
Just pay!
Those busy officials come...
all this way to help you
You have to pay in advance
How about the 'road toll' I paid?
We paid the fare!
Not included in the fare
Can we settle up when we get back?
Anyway, you have to take us back!
You must pay it tomorrow
You're up early
Couldn't sleep
What's wrong?
You're not feeling well?
We're wasting money on those papers
We don't need them
Yes, we do
With papers, we'll get better jobs
Then, when we've saved up
We can apply for Thai passports
And with a Thai passport...
...we can go to other places
Other places?
Such as?
You'd still have to work in Taiwan!
What difference does it make?
I've been thinking
When I've saved one million baht,
I'll open a shop in Burma...
"import clothes from China
Have you thought of getting married?
No, I haven't
It's not the right time yet
Hello, everyone
Today you register your details... apply for ID papers
If anyone's already filled in the form,
please check the details and sign it
who have filled in the form at school...
...double-check the details before you sign
I'll say it again: Don't tell lies!
It's a crime to lie!
All the details must be true
First, please
When will I get the paper?
We'll contact you
I'll contact you
Move along!
Next, please
Take painkillers
Open your mouth!
Tell them to sign
I'll explain this to you
It's a settlement contract
Fu'an, a Burmese national, born in 1993...
...had an accident in the factory
It was due to his own carelessness
As a result, his leg is broken
The factory pays 40,000
baht for his medical bill
By accepting the payment,
you agree to the settlement and,
promise not to sue for further payments
Guo, sign here
Guo, sign it
Lianging, sign it
Come on, Lianging, sign it
Sign it, Zhi... you're his partner
Here's 40,000 baht
Count it
Give us a break!
Fu'an's leg is broken
How can he earn a living back in Burma?
Boss, they want more money
No, that's the deal
Don't argue, that is the deal
Count it!
Zhiis still in shock, count it for her
Take care
Come back to Burma when you've saved enough
Don't stay here
Take this
Thank you
Don't come back
I'm off
Where are the papers?
The officials have left
You're late
Too many checkpoints
You have to pay 3,000 baht
I gave you 8,000 baht last time!
Why more now?
The officials have left
It costs more when you're late
The people who were just here paid it
Where are the papers?
This has no real legal value
It doesn't confer any rights
It doesn't replace an
ID card or a work permit
All it states is your nationality...
place of birth...
the names of your parents...
...and your religion
There's no ID number either
In law...
it can't be used as a
work permit or ID card
Do you have any other documents or papers?
Then it won't do
This document cannot be
used to apply for a job
Here you are
I'm sorry
Wuniang called many times
Didn't Guo tell you?
No! What was it about?
Don't know, she didn't tell me anything
When did she call?
About two weeks ago
What did she say?
I've no idea, ask your boyfriend!
She must have said something?
I felt she didn't want me to know
Something about your papers
What did Wuniang say to you?
What did she say to you?
You took her call!
Why didn't you tell me?
You don't need those papers!
You don't, but I do!
What do you need them for?
To wash dishes?
To sell sex?
All visitors must sign at the office
There's a 500 baht fine
for violations of the rules
Theft of tools will lead
to instant dismissal
Very strict rules for such a small company!
Who drew them up?
Was it the foreman?
We know him very well
He's from Burma too
So, do you need my help?
Don't be shy, we've
known each other so long
How much would I make?
You've got a boyfriend?
What's his name?
You know him, it's Guo
That simple boy Guo?
Have you slept with him?
So you're a virgin?
No problem,
we're both Burmese, I can help you
You'll have to dress well
Look pretty
How much could I earn?
Around 150,000
Lianging, over here!
This is Wuniang
I'm here
Yes, I'm here
They're here too
He wants 300,000 baht
I'll pay when I get the ID
Give him the money now
Or don't you want it any more?
Come on, We know this officer very well
Listen carefully
From now on, you're not Burmese
Your name is Meiyi Gaoyu
Your father's name is Achi
Your mother's name is Zhongyi
Don't worry that your Thai isn't good
You're from the mountains
It's normal that your Thai isn't so good
Everyone in the local council works for me
Don't be nervous
No refund if you mess it up
And you'll end up without the ID
Remember all the details
Don't forget anything
Get in the car
Get in the car
Sit down
She's my niece
Just came back from Bangkok
She lost her ID in Bangkok
a couple of days ago
She needs a replacement
A replacement of her ID card?
What's your name?
My name is Meiyi Gaoyu
That's your real name?
Yes. Meiyi Gaoyu. My real name
Where were you born?
Somai Village
2 Feb 2535 (Buddhist calendar)
How old are you?
I'm 23
Your father's name?
Achi Gaoyu
Mother's name?
Zhongyi Gaoyu
Remember your ID number?
Where did you lose it?
On the bus in Bangkok
Any guarantor?
I'm from Somai Village
I guarantee she's from our village
You sure?
Put your thumb prints here
Stand there for the photo
Stand still, look at the camera
A bit to the left
Lift your head up
One more
Okay, please sit down
Go wait outside
Thank you