The Road to Singapore (1931) Movie Script

A fine piece of property.
With a little work and attention ..
Too bad to see it go for a song, sir.
It's too bad for Hugh Dawltry, I'd say.
The Gymkhana Club.
Not at all my, dear Reginald.
Not at all. It's this way you see.
But Simpson old fellow,
I told you I did not see.
But my dear Reginald, you must see.
- But how can I see when I don't see?
That is just the point.
If you did, you could.
But I told you I didn't, old fellow.
Anyone about?
- Hello, Wey-Smith.
We are going to be officially rid
of that bounder Dawltry at last.
The poor devil will be
only a memory soon.
And a jolly bad one.
He should have been expelled
from the club long ago.
Rules, my dear Everard. Rules.
This country is a stickler for rules.
- And honour, old fellow.
Without it none of us could live
in this beastly climate, what?
Stuffy in here, eh?
Hey there.
That's better.
- What's the difference?
It doesn't cool off this
climate to keep it moving.
A Scotch and soda might.
How about it?
- Yes.
A Scotch and soda.
- Twice.
Seen the evening paper?
Same as yesterdays, isn't it?
- All except the shipping news.
What's new about that?
Nobody but cooks,
tourists and missionaries ..
Would be foolish enough to stick
their heads into this furnace.
Well, I'd hardly call Hugh
Dawltry a missionary.
- That's the gentleman.
There is his name on the
next boat's passenger list.
Coming back to Khota?
He wouldn't have the crust.
I can't believe that is true.
He had crust enough to say
this place is an old ladies' home.
And to say it right to our faces.
Why didn't he keep out of it then?
He did, most of the time.
He seemed to like the homes of
the younger ladies much better.
A man who won't respect the moral
code down here doesn't belong.
There is no law against stealing other
men's wives if they want to be stolen.
But you don't have to
associate with the thief.
He made that plain enough
before he cleared out.
Well, it deserves a drink.
This unexpected homecoming.
I wonder what he's coming back for.
That plantation of his probably.
A stubborn fellow, Dawltry.
He needs good discipline.
You are quite right, Wey-Smith.
No woman is safe here if we
tolerate rotters like Dawltry.
- Cheers to you.
Yes, sir?
Ah, steward.
The young lady who sits at this table.
She ..
Seems to be dining rather
late this evening, huh?
I'm sorry, sir.
But Miss Crosby had dinner
served in her state room.
Well, in that event I will ..
I will just have some coffee.
- Yes, sir.
And .. on deck.
Yes, sir.
Will you have breakfast here
sir, or at your own table?
I'll answer that one in the morning.
Yes, sir.
You know, for a very
proper English lighter.
You should be ashamed of yourself.
A person would think that one
flame would be enough for you.
Without annoying every lady you see.
Even make them dine in
stuffy cabins to avoid you.
I'm going to make you apologise.
If I ever meet the charming lady.
In the meantime I think I'll drown
you in a tall brandy and soda.
For being so rude.
Leave the bottle.
Why didn't you take me out?
So we'd lose the rubber my dear.
False chivalry.
It is too confounded hot for bridge.
Absurd, you know.
- And too hot to argue about it.
Is it your first trip out here?
No. But it is my last.
The tropics is no place for a white man.
Unless he has no place else to go.
Well, bridge helps.
Playing solitaire is a lonely game.
Out here.
You know Cyril, you ought to stick to
rummy or hearts or something like that.
Well, I'm sorry my dear.
I didn't deal the cards you know.
Alright, I don't want to play the game.
There you are.
Thank you, sir. I hope you've
had a pleasant voyage.
Thank you.
We've docked, sir.
I fear Reggie, this is as
plain as a London fog.
I know my dear Simpson. I know.
But I can't see through it.
And if it wasn't so plain you
could. I know you could.
But that is just why
I can't, old fellow.
A beastly climate, sir.
Khota is the hottest port we make.
Perhaps I shan't mind it.
Goodbye, sir. Thank you again.
Goodbye, good luck.
You will find it gets rather damp.
Won't you join me?
If you're not careful you will fall out
of that funny thing and break your neck.
And you will be drowned. So why not take
this umbrella and save both our lives?
I can't take an umbrella from someone
whom I never expect to see again.
Most people do just that.
It is an international custom.
So. Our introduction.
I wonder how Adam met Eve.
It was probably raining.
- Not much harder than this surely?
Now see here.
Anyone can see that
you are a stranger here.
And since you have a
corner on transportation ..
Where may I take you?
You may drop me at
number 17 Khota Road East.
17 ..?
17 Khota Road East?
The rain has stopped.
Do you think we need the
umbrella any longer?
Oh, the sun is just as bad.
You know when this country
gets tired of parboiling you ..
It begins baking you.
Until you are done to a crisp.
What a charming future.
Of course, I take it for granted that
you are going to be here for some time.
You are taking a lot for
granted, aren't you?
This is it.
I will .. help you in.
He ..
Said for us to go right in
and make ourselves at home.
Here we are.
The servant seems to
know you, Mr Dawltry.
Oh yes, yes. I am a
frequent visitor here.
Where is everybody, do you suppose?
Well, there only three places in
this town where they could be.
The bar of the club.
The card room of the club.
Or the swimming pool of the club.
You say they were expecting you?
- I cabled them of course.
Well, delivering the cable in
Khota is quite another matter.
Sometimes we get our
Christmas greetings by Easter.
You are an optimist.
Well, trying to be.
There goes your limousine.
Oh yes, yes. I .. I sent it away.
Well, how do you expect to get home?
I walk.
My bungalow is ..
Very close.
Won't you sit down?
Isn't that a lovely skin?
Yes, it is.
I'll see if I can't dig up
something to drink.
Doesn't George look funny.
Your brother was an intern
when that was taken.
They all look funny until practising
medicine makes them look worse.
Is that why you are still
a bachelor, Dr Muir?
That and my pocketbook.
George is lucky.
I couldn't find a girl who'd wait until
I made a success and could send for her.
Doctor Muir.
Hello everybody.
I say, these native women have babies at
the most unexpected times and places.
Well, where is the bride?
Isn't she with you?
An emergency call came to
the hospital as I was leaving ..
So I sent Ali to the dock
in the car to meet her.
She should be here now.
The car is outside.
Ali, where are you?
What are you doing out here?
Nothing, sahib.
Did you go to the boat as I told you?
- Yes, sahib. I go now.
You've been at the gin again?
No, sahib. Been at boat. Not see nobody.
Don't lie to me you
sneaking, heathen rat!
George, don't.
I will not tolerate drunken servants.
Everybody has got to keep
his place in this country.
What will Phil think if there is
nobody at the boat to meet her?
The poor girl. She's probably
standing at the dock now.
Well, come on some of you!
I'll get the hats.
But my dear Jimmy, it was a leopard.
No my dear Reggie, it was an elephant.
I say it was a leopard.
It was an elephant.
- A leopard. - An elephant.
Rene, you can drive faster than this.
She is driving quite fast enough for me.
The boat must be in alright.
- Dawltry is home.
What about Dawltry?
You're so busy with the old hospital
you don't even hear any news.
News? What news?
Dawltry is coming back today.
On the same boat with Philippa?
They can't deliver a passenger
like him to women.
An outrage. Men like Dawltry
shouldn't be at large.
I prefer Turkish.
He looks like such a
well-behaved little lighter.
I can hardly believe all
the gossip about him.
Perhaps I was talking about ..
Must you prove it?
I had no chance aboard the boat.
And you consider Dr March's
house a more suitable place?
This isn't Dr March's house.
I don't understand.
I lied to you.
This is my house.
And just why did you bring me here?
To get acquainted.
You were such a stranger
aboard the boat.
I'm still a stranger.
I hope you won't be after dinner.
My houseboy is really
a very excellent cook.
And I suppose his mater is
an excellent entertainer?
That depends upon the audience.
The audience is leaving.
Without any sign of applause.
And does this also ring down the
curtain on some future engagement?
I am afraid so.
Since I came here to end one.
By marrying Dr George March.
You are going to marry .. him?
Well, I'll see you along of course.
- No thank you.
I've had enough of guides.
It is the next plantation.
Thank you.
Just a neighbourly step.
You know, my dear.
Where are you going for your honeymoon?
Really I don't know yet, Mrs Wey-Smith.
Don't you know?
Where are we going, George?
- Going?
Going where?
On your honeymoon, doctor.
We are beyond such
juvenile customs as that.
Aren't we, dear?
You see, Philippa was a nurse.
At St Mary's when I was
house surgeon there.
Oh, I see.
We've more important things than
honeymoons to think about.
Haven't we?
We've a lot to talk over, eh Phil?
And the bungalow has been all done over.
Dressed up in your honour.
New curtains and ..
You did get new curtains,
didn't you Rene?
Yes, George.
New curtains and twin beds.
Hmm. Yes.
[ Door knocks ]
Who is it, Khan?
Doctor sahib Muir.
Come in, Doc.
Come in.
Hello. Can I .. lend a hand?
Well you might hold a leg.
I hope I'm not disturbing you.
Not at all, Doc.
My hospitality is a byword in Khota.
So was your unexpected homecoming.
You're a bit late for a welcoming
committee, aren't you, Doc?
I'm just acting as post-boy.
Your club box was full
of mail so I brought it up.
Oh, thanks.
We can't get away from
the London Times, can we.
My guess is, this is about as close
as you intend to get to London.
For a while, by the look of things.
What's the use of carrying
on in this place with ..
Every door closed against you?
Ah, forget it, Doc.
Alright little laddie? What do you say?
Now let that be a lesson to you.
Hereafter don't you get too
friendly with Johnny crocodile.
On your way.
Are you going to have one, Doc?
No. Too soon after luncheon.
Well, sit down and watch me then.
Wagering at my capacity is the latest
indoor sport at the Gymkhana Club.
Now I am again a member
in good standing.
You must have a very good reason to
stay on here in the face of everything.
Perhaps I have.
A very good one.
Another scandal like that ..
That last one.
Might prove serious.
The Doris Drayton divorce
case is still news.
The men here are very
down on you, Dawltry.
Are you?
- Huh?
Confound it.
An old bachelor or like me
can afford to be neutral.
And anyway.
You remind me too much of myself.
I mean.
The self I would have liked to have been
at your age if I'd had your courage.
And your technique.
You cad.
I thought you were asleep.
Confound that chair always being in
the middle of the room. I don't know ..
Every night the same thing happens.
You should wear a tail light also.
What do you mean? What is
funny about bumping my shin?
Go and look at yourself.
If there were beer bars in Khota at this
time of the night, I'd say you're tight.
My reflector. And I looked everywhere
for it before I left the hospital.
But it is a wonder I
didn't forget my head.
Why what happened?
A sacrococcygeal tumour.
You don't tell me.
It sounds like a new case of lockjaw.
Please, no. This is no joke.
Just imagine. Finding a sacrococcygeal
tumour right here in Khota.
Just imagine it.
Well I've never really
looked for one very hard.
They are very rare. You don't
bump into them everywhere.
They are as rare as
spondylosis deformans.
I haven't seen one for ..
Yes, five years.
You remember.
You were nursing at St Mary's back home.
But you must remember
your first surgical case.
I gave the anaesthetic.
But this is much worse than that was.
This is .. look, Phil.
It's affected all these vertebrae.
But I want to show you.
It's affected all these vertebrae
down to the coccyx bone.
Stop, you're hurting me.
- Not there?
What's the matter, Phil?
Don't you feel well?
Perhaps I've a patient right here at
home and I've been too busy to notice.
A doctor's family usually
does come last, doesn't it.
Let me see your tongue.
- Oh please, I'm alright.
Go to bed.
I hope so.
You should have seen
that tumour. It was a beauty.
I wouldn't have missed
finding it for ten club dances.
[ Gargling noises ]
[ Gargling noises ]
As tired as a horse.
But it was worth it.
A case like that puts fire into a man.
It seems to go out before you get home.
What you need is a change.
Something to occupy your mind.
How would you like to nurse this case?
Hmm? And work together as we used to.
We'll talk about it tomorrow.
I'm never going back
to it, George. Never.
Not for a moment.
I came out here to be a wife.
Not a nurse.
[ Snoring noises ]
[ Snoring noises ]
[ Snoring noises ]
How flushed your face is.
- It must be excitement.
- Who wouldn't be excited?
Another dinner at the Gymkhana Club
with the same old Nikko to take me.
And the same fussy old
people to dance with.
I think I'll create a
diversion and go like this.
It is a bore and you know it.
You are too young to be bored.
Married people aren't the
only ones to suffer that way.
And you're much too young to be cynical.
What are you grinning at?
I was just thinking how
frightfully funny it would be ..
If you didn't really
care for George at all.
If secretly you thought he had
turned out to be an awful sinker.
- Yes, you know. Blob.
It might be funny if we didn't have to
spend the rest of our lives together.
I imagine you're the kind who would take
a marriage contract awfully seriously.
I suppose George is
alright as husbands go.
But if I were married, I'd want
my husband with me always.
You hardly ever see him
unless you go to the hospital ..
And sit in that smelly waiting
room full of native patients.
Nope. I'm sorry.
George is my brother but he
is not my type for a husband.
Rene March, what have you been reading?
You would be surprised.
There is your sweet Papa now.
- He mustn't come in here.
Rene. Where is everybody?
In here.
- But you can't come in.
It's about these place-cards
for Rene's birthday dinner.
Oh, he pokes his
fingers into everything.
George is a doctor, my dear.
Rene, do you hear me?
Get into your dress before
he pokes himself into here.
What is it, George?
Well, is this some joke?
What are you talking about?
- These place-cards.
Dawltry's name is among them.
You mean Hugh Dawltry?
Well there can't be more than
one Dawltry in Khota, I hope.
Didn't you make these out?
Why ..
Of course but ..
You can't be serious about it?
But from the fuss you are making
it must be terribly serious.
I think it is going to be thrilling.
You don't mean to say that you sent him
an invitation to your birthday dinner?
Why shouldn't we?
Now please, Phil. You haven't been here
long enough to know about Dawltry.
But I can't understand such
an oversight on Rene's part.
Surely she must have heard.
But Rene didn't send
out all the invitations.
I helped her.
You sent it?
- I'm quite sure I did.
He is our next-door neighbour.
But he is strictly taboo.
You forget that Phil is
still a stranger here.
Why, she hasn't even met the gentleman.
And she is not going to be placed
in a position where she has to.
But he is probably the most
interesting man in town.
They say Doris Drayton
followed him all over the orient.
After she left her husband.
- You're not going to meet him either.
Stop growling, you old bear.
Who wants to meet him anyway?
What is that awful smell?
Huh? Oh, antiseptic.
A new case of malaria broke out.
What is it?
Memsahib is here, Memsahib.
Here is Nikki. I must run.
I hope Dawltry gets gloriously drunk and
makes love to every woman in the place.
Including me.
Now look here, Phil.
Something has got to be done.
Why worry about something
that can't be undone.
Bur it is Rene. She is just
at that impressionable age.
And I suppose this notorious Dawltry
person is just at the dangerous age?
You don't understand Phil,
or you wouldn't try to shield her.
Shield Rene?
You don't suppose I believe for a
moment that you sent that invitation?
Of course I did.
But if the poor man knows how
hospitable you feel about him ..
He probably won't accept anyway.
Perhaps you are right.
Perhaps you had better dress
for dinner before it is too late.
Suppose he does come?
But I thought we just
decided that he wouldn't.
Yes. Alright.
Now, let me see.
Telephone, Dr March.
Yes? The hospital, I suppose.
It was the Duke's brother.
But you are wrong, old Eddie.
It was his cousin.
But my dear fellow I assure
you it was the Duke's brother.
You can take it here, Dr March.
It is the hospital.
Get me a whisky and soda.
Very mild.
Dr March speaking.
Yes. Yes. I'm listening.
I'm sure I detect whisky in that.
Oh, Miss Wey-Smith.
Just a little bit to the right.
I shall still be in the picture?
Of course.
Good heavens.
What is it?
- Dawltry.
With the usual liquid cargo aboard.
It will sink him one of these days.
Mr Dawltry, isn't it?
Good evening.
Miss March.
You're ultra-fashionable,
aren't you, Mr Dawltry.
Not too late to wish you
a happy birthday I hope.
We had .. we had about given you up.
I can hardly blame you.
Everyone in Khota has done that.
Quiet, please.
Well I am holding up a picture.
So sorry.
Look at me please.
Everybody smile.
Now very still.
That's very good.
Thank you ladies and gentlemen.
The first dance and it is a tango.
Don't you love it, Mr Dawltry?
Come on Rene old dear. My dance.
Shall we dance this?
Really, I ..
You must smash that plate.
I am afraid.
Of what?
But nobody moved, sir.
It is too bad you missed the picture.
Yes. The hospital, you know.
- Yes, you doctors.
You are such buys creatures.
Shall we dance?
I'd be delighted, Mrs Wey-Smith.
But I don't tango.
I will teach you, George.
It's quite simple.
Come, I'll show you the new step.
This is the new one.
And this is what gets exciting.
You rather dance it as a
straight tango. Then we go ..
You are bored, aren't you.
On the contrary.
Have a cigarette?
Your brand on that side.
No thanks.
There won't be time.
Enjoy Khota society then?
I thought you might for a change.
Am I living down to my repudiation?
I never believe all I hear.
So you invited me here to find out, huh?
I doubt if you're half as
bad as they see you are.
Oh yes?
In my bungalow you had
me at a disadvantage.
You were unprotected then.
And now that I am married?
I thought I wouldn't
entirely disappoint you.
Since I am here on parade.
You think that?
Is there any other reason that would
make you invite me here as your guest?
No. You were right in the first place.
Phil .. where are you?
Here I am, George.
Are you in the habit of dancing
with ladies that you've never met?
Only when the lady is my hostess.
Oh, Sorry, Dawltry.
This is my wife. Mrs March.
It's a pleasure.
Now that we really know each other ..
Come along, Phil.
- Goodnight, Mr Dawltry.
I hope you won't think me rude.
Tearing myself away like this without
even one dance with your sister.
I hope you'll excuse me, George.
I would never excuse you if
you did dance with my sister.
Well, in that event I can go home
with a perfectly clear conscience.
Oh, Mr Dawltry.
So that is where you've been hiding.
We all wondered what had become of you.
I would hardly call it
hiding, Mrs Wey-Smith.
I should.
With such divine music.
Do you tango, Mr Dawltry?
- I know you do.
After having just seen
you with our hostess.
Come with me and I will show you ..
I could dance like this for ever.
With you.
My husband is so jealous.
Oh yes, I can understand that.
George, I have ..
- What is it?
I have my new shoes on.
Did I step all over them?
Well, there may be one
tiny spot you've missed.
Well, let's chuck it.
No, George.
No. I insist on finishing it.
Doctor March says I'm like a feather.
I am so light on my feet.
Who's feet?
[ Loud drumming ]
Will that be all, Sahib?
Yes. Goodnight, Khan.
Did you open another bottle
of brandy and leave some ice?
Yes, I have. And your bed
also is very cool now.
No use trying to sleep
with those drums going.
What is that?
A funeral or a wedding?
- No, Sahib.
It is a love feast to
the Goddess Kronos.
All our young men
take brides at this time.
It lasts one, two ..
Three, four days.
Long enough for most marriages.
Yes, Sahib.
I've got to get up.
I've got a lot to do today.
You're up so early.
What on earth do you want?
Have you seen Phil?
- She went out riding.
She said she couldn't sleep all night.
Needed some fresh air.
Why didn't she tell me?
- She told me to tell you.
I can't understand Phil
these last few weeks.
She acts as though
she's contracting a fever.
Mrs Wey-Smith says it's ..
The heat.
Well, that's cooled me off a bit.
- Cooled you off?
I said a bit.
The only thing that will cool
me off is a drink at the bar.
I'll have a Stinger with you too.
- Alright.
Some new game?
Just killing off a few pests.
I beg your pardon.
Have a drink.
I've better things to do than
hang around a club drinking.
Until then, doctor .. your health.
I preserve mine with plenty of brandy.
Brandy and ..
Early morning rides.
Nothing like horseback
riding to pep you up, George.
It gives you a new lease on life.
You should follow my example.
Is that you, Phil?
Hello George.
Where have you been?
Just riding.
What are you doing here?
Waiting for Phil. We are going
to have luncheon together.
The club is no place
for a young girl alone.
My, how cross you are.
Where do you want me
to wait, in the pool?
Not in here at any rate.
Under the circumstances.
Thought I forgot something.
The telephone, Miss March.
Hurry it up will you.
I'll be waiting at the car.
But I have my horse.
- Alright. Hurry up and get right home.
Alright, Hello?
Hello, Nikko.
No, I haven't forgotten. Goodbye.
Where did you ride this morning?
I didn't see you.
Lonely men take lonely paths.
Do you always ride alone?
Sometimes the horse goes with me.
I love riding.
But ..
Why does everyone start
out at the crack of dawn?
You know what they say
about the early-bird.
I suppose the lazy ones
only catch the heat.
And a scolding from their big
brothers for going out in it.
George isn't my keeper.
I belong to no-one but myself.
The safest possible companionship
for very young ladies.
But it isn't much fun.
Belonging to oneself.
Don't you try to vamp me young woman.
I could, easily.
If this keeps on I shall either have to
turn you over my knee or run for home.
In the first place, I'd scream.
In the second, I'd run after you.
I've been dying to see
your bungalow anyway.
You wouldn't like it.
Orgies. Terrible goings on.
I wouldn't be a bit frightened.
Even of being alone with you.
In my bungalow?
- Uhuh.
Wouldn't it be thrilling?
I think there is something wonderful
about a secret shared by two people.
It certainly gives the rest of the
community something to talk about.
Must you treat me like a child?
I hope not.
Because I don't want
to have to spank you.
Whoo, what a fierce ogre.
Well, I really am.
But I don't spend my leisure
eating up baby sisters.
You little mug.
Oh you, you're the most annoying person.
Suppose your brother walked in here?
And heard you call the notorious
Hugh Dawltry by his first name?
But he won't. He's going away.
George is?
- Yes.
He sails this evening to take a special
patient to the hospital in Colombo.
I'll have to send him some
flowers to wish him Bon Voyage.
A nice basket of fruit.
What kind does George like best?
I wish you would forget George.
I intend to.
- So do I.
And also stay out as late
as I wish while he's gone.
You'll find that a rather boring
privilege with no place to go.
Oh yeah?
No, you are wrong.
- I'm right.
It was in the spring of 1864.
Nice to hear that piano again.
- Hello George.
You look much better.
I was afraid you were
coming down with a fever.
But not with those sparkling eyes.
You look quite your old self today.
- Do I, George?
It is nice to hear you say that.
You know, I'm worried about Rene.
Well, you always have to
worry about something.
Are you lunching with her?
Why, no. I haven't seen Rene
since early this morning.
Then she lied to me.
About what?
- About everything.
Do you know what she's
been doing this morning?
She's been riding with Dawltry.
But that is impossible. I ..
- Why is it impossible?
Well ..
Well, I mean it is absurd.
Rene is just a child.
She is eighteen.
That's a woman in the tropics.
But George.
The heat is bad enough on married women.
But on young girls it is dynamite.
It makes them man-crazy.
- Really, George.
I know what I'm talking about.
It's a pathological fact.
Has it another long name or do
you just call it a heatwave?
Now please, Phil.
This is no laughing matter.
And it means danger with
men like Dawltry around.
Really George, you are precious.
I'm not wrong though.
You tell Rene to pack her bags because
I'm taking her to Colombo with me.
And by the way. I forgot to tell you.
Our weekend trip to
the mountains is off.
Business before pleasure, my dear.
Then you are going to Colombo instead?
I see.
And you are taking Rene with you?
Yes. So I can keep my eye on her.
[ Door knocks ]
For me?
- Yes, Memsahib.
Is that Rene?
No, Just the mail.
For me, isn't it.
No, George.
What is it?
I wish you would come here and
help me pack. I can't find a thing.
Alright George, but ..
Do you think taking Rene
with you is exactly wise?
You know, I will be here alone.
Better alone than with
her on your hands.
She is too much of a responsibility.
I'm not going to ask
you to play detective.
Where are my socks and my
clean shirts? I can't find a one.
Are you coming, Phil?
- Yes, George. I'm coming.
See? I did find a place to go after all.
Rather childish I should say.
I'm old enough to know
that when a man like you ..
Says "no" to a woman,
he really means "yes".
And besides, I like your style.
So I see.
And I like your bungalow.
But I couldn't find an orgy any place.
Now that's nice.
Now that you have seen everything.
Oh, but I haven't.
Not everything.
What's in here?
That is where I sleep.
- Ooh.
How thrilling.
I've never found sleep so thrilling.
Except in Khota.
I don't believe you're half as
bored as you always pretend.
Just careful.
I am.
Very careful.
No, shall I call you a rickshaw
or will you walk home?
But I'm not ready to go home yet.
Now I know how you
fascinate all the women.
You make them think you don't want
them When you really do all the time.
Or ..
Are you afraid of me?
Oh, Mr Dawltry.
Oh, where are we going?
What are you going to do?
You mustn't take me there!
Where else, my sweet?
Let me go! I will scream. Let me go!
Let me go, let me go!
I'll scream, let me go. Let me go!
Well, for a woman with
experience in such matters.
I am disappointed.
I think I am too.
Good afternoon, Mr Dawltry.
I had a nice time.
So, my suspicions were right.
This is where you've been.
But I haven't. Really, I ..
I just dropped by from the club.
You've not been at the club for an hour.
I've been looking for you every place.
I hope we haven't made
an old maid of her.
But ..
What are you doing here
in Dawltry's bungalow?
That is, I ..
I came to borrow a phonograph record.
You go home and pack because you
are coming with me to Colombo.
Now, hurry.
Yes, George.
Been waiting long?
My sister was just here.
- You don't tell me.
Well, now I am sorry I wasn't home.
Lucky for you, you weren't.
Unlucky, I should say.
This has gone far enough, Dawltry.
I'll tell Rene, the next time I see her.
- There will be no next time.
And if I ever see you
even talking to her ..
You are going to have another patient.
If you don't stop your talk about me.
That is if you are contortionist enough
to patch your own rather boring face.
Now get out.
And stay out of my affairs
until they concern you.
If they ever do, Dawltry.
I'm coming back here with a gun.
Rene, can't you hurry?
We have plenty of time.
- But my patient is aboard.
She is there, doctor March.
I'll ask the Captain to hold the boat.
What on earth is the matter now?
The patient died.
And we're not sailing?
There is no use now.
But you couldn't help it, dear.
Every doctor must lose some patients.
- You don't understand, Rene.
This one had sacrococcygeal tumour.
I would have been photographed with it.
All the medical journals would
have mentioned my name.
Come, George.
Perhaps you'll find another disease with
a much longer name, right here at home.
I should be, shouldn't I?
Ah, but she's such
a kissable little girl.
You know I think you are rather nice.
Almost too nice for all the
things they say about you.
Do you know what I think?
No. Tell me.
Shall I?
Perhaps not.
Those drums.
They've been going incessantly
for the past two nights.
It is a native feast to Kronos.
She is their Goddess of love.
Some hideous idol, I suppose.
No. This Goddess was rather human.
A virtuous lady who sneaked
off to earth for one night.
To taste sin.
Was she forgiven?
She found love.
For only one night?
That's where she ceased to be human.
And what happened to this
very modern Goddess of love?
After her one night.
She went back to her spirit world.
A childish sort of legend, isn't it.
No woman could go back after that.
Oh please, Hugh.
- Philippa.
Do you love me?
- Yes, I am afraid I do.
And I love you.
Do you?
- Believe me.
Oh, I want to believe you.
Even though I shouldn't.
You mean ..
My dear.
Sometimes, even reputations
have false faces.
Wasn't Doris Drayton a
misunderstood wife also?
Not only misunderstood.
But misguided.
By her trust in a certain man?
By her appraisal of that
man's feelings for her.
Surely you weren't one of those
innocent correspondents?
Not from any virtuous
inclination on my part.
I simply never wanted Doris Drayton.
Not even for a moment.
But she spent the night
in your bungalow.
The third night of her honeymoon.
On the strength of her own convictions.
And I suppose your strength of will ..
Was not enough to convince the
newspapers and the court differently.
In the face of appearances.
Doris didn't want vindication.
She wanted a divorce.
I was only her tool to get it.
And after that night, what happened?
Well her father and I
went on a glorious jag.
Her father?
- Finished up in China.
There weren't two drunker
men in the orient.
A bit maudlin, wasn't it.
You call that .. maudlin?
Don't you?
I think it is the nicest ending
to a story I ever heard.
There could be a much
nicer ending to ours.
A boat sails tomorrow at dawn.
For Singapore and the Far East.
I'm going to let you write
the last chapter of ours.
If it ends without one.
I will understand.
I wonder where Phil is.
In bed probably at this hour and
this where you going young lady.
Goodnight, you crosspatch.
- Goodnight.
And don't wake Phil.
Well, where is Phil?
Probably at the club.
Where else could she be in this town?
Do you suppose I should call the club?
What's that you have there?
Will you please go to bed and
stop worrying about Phil and me.
That's a letter.
What is?
The piece of paper you try to hide.
- George ..
And it's from that rotter, Dawltry.
I see it all now.
You had a date with him. That's why
you didn't want to go to Colombo.
Don't be silly!
- Let me see it.
Let me see it.
- George, stop.
Don't take it from me.
- Give it to me. Let me have it.
It's all a mistake.
I'm sure it is, George.
Please! Please don't go.
It's not true.
Now this doesn't concern you at all.
This is entirely my business.
Please, George.
It's between me and my wife.
[ Drumming sounds ]
Do you notice how differently
those drums sound?
There is a certain music
in them isn't there.
- Yes, dear?
I want to talk to you.
Please, not now.
Much wiser not than later.
Are you afraid I will be sorry?
Yes, I am.
Like all the others.
- Don't dear.
I want to forget all that.
But you don't want to be forgotten.
As they were.
But you couldn't if you loved me.
I do now.
But there is always a chance that
it won't last with a man like me.
I've never known anything
deeper than a conquest.
This has suddenly turned
out to be something else.
But if we love each other
what else is there?
For you, nothing.
But dear ..
- Philippa.
I lied to you about Doris Drayton.
I really did break up a home.
I thought I wanted her.
Then found I didn't.
I'm not going to leave another
Doris Drayton behind me.
Now you are just being heroic.
And I don't want you to be.
She furnished the
heroics the other time.
Took her lover so seriously.
His departure left the door
open to many lovers.
As her only consolation.
She wasn't the kind who
could go back either.
I'm not afraid.
If a woman can't hold a
man it's her own fault.
But the risk is there.
I won't let you take it.
It's not much of a risk for happiness.
Do you think I am going to give it
up because of a noble gesture?
That door leads to the hall.
You can go out the back
way without being seen.
But I'm not leaving.
But you can't let him find you here.
That's just what I am going to do.
Philippa, think what this means to you.
[ Door knocks ]
This isn't the time or
the place for heroics.
That is just what I said a moment ago.
And I'm not going to let you make
any more noble gestures for me.
[ Door knocks ]
[ Door knocks ]
Dawltry, open this door and let me in.
Why, George ..
This is a surprise.
It is meant to be.
Where is my wife?
How should I know?
Don't lie to me.
I know Phil is here.
Well, unfortunately she didn't
accept that invitation.
None of your family will allow me
to repay your gracious hospitality.
I feel very badly about it.
Someone dined here.
The identity of my dinner guests ..
Is hardly any of your business.
When the guest is my wife
it becomes my business.
She is here some place.
You are right. As usual, George.
What are you doing here?
If I answer you truthfully it will force
me to a very embarrassing admission.
This is no time for evasions.
Neither is it the time to
ask awkward questions.
I'm in earnest, Phil.
In dead earnest.
I also was in earnest.
But Mr Dawltry.
Refused me.
Refused you? But I don't
understand what you mean.
You couldn't with the opinion
you have of Hugh Dawltry.
You are just trying to shield him.
- Must you make a scene?
Not with you.
We will have ours at home, I suppose.
As usual.
No, Phil. There is going to
be no scandal in my house.
But Dawltry is leaving Khota for good.
And so am I, George.
And I am also leaving you.
I came out here in search
of love and happiness.
I found instead a machine.
A machine of cold steel.
As cold as the instruments you use ..
To probe into the bodies of unconscious
patients on operating tables.
Nursing hasn't changed me from a woman.
But surgery in the tropics.
Have changed the man I came to marry.
So I turn to Hugh Dawltry for the love
and affection you didn't give me.
If I didn't know that you
were suffering from a ..
Pathological complaint
common to the tropics ..
I should think you were neurotic.
It's just a physical heatwave.
And that cad took advantage of it.
Not of me, George. You did that!
All you wanted was a wife.
Any woman would have done as well.
And some other woman can
take my place from now on.
I was going away with Hugh Dawltry.
But he refused to put me in
the position of Doris Drayton.
He said he loved me too much.
You swine.
Perhaps my heroics
were a mistake after all.
Men have such different and
peculiar definitions of love.
To a woman, there can
be only one meaning.
To be loved.
Goodbye, George.
But you can't leave me like this.
You will get over it.
You may even find another
sacrococcygeal tumour to comfort you.
Who knows?
But what will people say?
My name? My reputation.
I am taking the boat that
leaves at dawn for Singapore.
And nothing you can
say or do will stop me.
A moment ago I said
you were leaving Khota.
You've decided to get
rid of me at last. It that it?
For good, Dawltry. And I meant it.
I am glad you did.
Because that fits in
with my plans exactly.
But you may be going to quite a
different place than you anticipated.
I am going to kill you, Dawltry.
And when they know the truth
they'll all cheer me for it.
Before you do ..
Do you mind if I finish?
I have a horror of an
undertaker dressing me.
I've never known one yet
who can tie a bow correctly.
I am not Sam Drayton. You can't
make me the laughing stock of Khota.
And then brazen your way out of it.
The laugh is really on me, George.
For the first time in my life.
I've made a fool of myself over a woman.
Because I thought she was
making a fool of herself over me.
But even an attempt
at fidelity on my part.
Would be better than letting a
wonderful woman like Philippa.
Shrivel up and rot in this
hole like the rest of you.
So, I've decided to take
your wife away from you.
If you are going to shoot me, George.
Now is your last chance.
Because I am leaving
to take that same boat.
For Singapore.
I'm sorry old fellow.
But you will have to find
a new partner in crime.
From now on.
I'm a one-play man.
[ Loud drumming ]