The Ron Clark Story (2006) Movie Script

Ron Clark.
Ready for your first day?
Yes, ma'am.
I'll be with you in a minute.
And I'll introduce you to your class.
What happened to you?
Teacher says I can't learn,
so I should go out with the trash.
Okay, settle down.
Let's get out our silent reading.
I'm Mr.Clark.
What's your name?
Hadley Craig.
Nice to meet you.
Uh, you know, I'm so sorry.
I'm so forgetful.
What's my name again?
It's Mr.Clark.
Oh. See? You just learned something.
Let's get you out of there.
- Mr.Clark?
- Yeah.
Is you gonna be our new teacher?
Alan, no whispering.
Get the chairs! My hair!
Get the jell-o mold!
Bill, grab the other table.
We'll arrive at Swan quarter by 5:00,
like we always do.
Pick up the shrimp bait
at the general store
like we always do,
and hop the ferry over to Ocracoke island
for some fine flounder fishing.
Like we always do.
Well, folks, it's not quite
the end of the year summer celebration
we expected,
but let's take a moment
to thank our own Mr.Clark,
whose fifth grade class tested
number one in Beaufort county
for the fourth year in a row!
We have a surprise
that we have put together for you.
Unfortunately, it's outside.
Oh, man!
We all know Mr.Clark began here
as a temporary teacher.
Well, we've all chipped in on something
to help him feel more permanent.
Hurry up! we all get wet
I love it here,
but I've got to move on, mom,
before they use that parking space
for my grave.
New York public schools
are desperate for good teachers.
The newspaper says
they're beggin' for them.
Dad, every year, I tell my students
to go for what they want in life.
Dream big. Take risks.
It's time I started living up
to my own words.
I'm gonna miss you guys,
but I gotta go.
We understand, sweetie.
People get killed in New York.
This is radio Roanoke,
where the sun is shining
and the temperature is 78 degrees.
and the night sounds start to whisper
News and sports in 5, Baltimore,
but now let's get ready to rock 'n' roll
with the Smokin' Red...
That was the Mellow Midnight
voice of Johnny Hartman.
This is WNYC in New York city.
Next up, something cool on a hot night.
Come on, pal! Get outta the way!
Okay. Sir...
come on! I'm tryin' to park here!
Rent's due at 10:00.
Cash only.
Checkout's at 11:30.
Okay. This is great.
And, uh, what's your name?
Thank you, Yolanda.
Ha! New York.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Yolanda, good morning.
Do you have a list of the public schools
in Harlem?
Sure I do, baby.
Okay. Thank you.
Why you want school listings for?
I'm a teacher.
And you wanna teach?
Up in Harlem?
Well, then, honey,
you gonna need something else.
Personal injury lawyers.
'Cause once your white behind
goes on up in there,
they'll be carrying you back out
the same way you went in.
What kind of foolishness is this?
Goin' on up there to Harlem, tryin'
to teach. You know...
Okay. Thank you.
Right here
It's this way, son.
Thank you so much for coming in.
Y-you're welcome.
If you could just look at my resume?
I apologize.
We just don't have a position available.
Yeah, but all my kids
passed above grade level.
I'm sure they did.
And good luck to you.
Ma'am, you forgot your purse.
Thank you. Dinner was great.
You're welcome.
So, my merry men and ladies,
let us steal from the rich
and help a poor, brave waiter go
henceforth into the kitchen
and command your dinners.
Nice hat. It distracts the customers
from that accent.
Hey, watch out.
I got a bow and arrow.
What show are you in?
Everybody works here is an actor.
I'm a teacher.
You are gonna change before
your first class, right?
Very funny.
How about you?
Me? Oh, I'm taking a break from acting.
The Cleopatra gig is very challenging.
Hey, who's that?
That's the queen of Egypt.
In love with Mark Antony.
No, I...
I mean, uh, who is that?
And she's even more beautiful
out of costume.
I'm Jason.
Otherwise known as...
Mark Antony.
It happens all the time, bro.
Don't sweat it.
Table 5 sent it back!
Get back in that classroom!
Hey! Hey!
Come on, you little...
hey, come on, man!
Hey! Hey! Hey! Enough!
Tayshawn Mitchell, my office. Now!
I'm not playin' with ya, son.
I ain't no son.
Mr. Solis, what the hell was that?
That boy is your student.
Not anymore.
Hey, you walk away, you stay away.
You can have the little bastards.
I could start right now.
You're lucky you got detention
and not an assault charge.
Hello. I'm Ron Clark.
I wanted to let you know
I taught sixth grade for 4 years
in North Carolina.
You need a teacher. I need a job,
so let's help each other out.
Mr.Clark, I'm sure you're very sincere,
but I'm afraid you might be
a little too...
too what?
Too white? Too tall? Too ugly?
I specialize in raising standardized test scores.
This is the honors class.
These students scored in the top 10 percentile
on the state exams every year.
We divide each grade into 4 classes
according to their achievement scores.
What about this class?
This class tested at the bottom
of the entire New York city school district.
They do seem a little bit squirrelly.
Oh, they're a bit more than squirrelly.
These students have problems
with learning, discipline, social skills.
Like Tayshawn Mitchell.
2 strikes, going on 3, toward the
Juvenile detention center.
I'm your man.
I have an opening in grade 3.
If your credentials check out...
Hey, you have an opening right here.
Last year, this class
went through 6 different teachers
before Christmas.
Yes. Nobody wants them, and I do,
so what's the problem?
Test scores are very important to me.
It's how I keep my job.
I can start right now.
You can start on Monday.
State exams are in May.
You are out of control!
Yo, man!
Let's come back here tomorrow.
I think she liked me.
High-five, bro.
On a break.
200 bucks!
And nothing!
Jeez! You should have heard them in there!
Oh, cleo, we got your snake right here.
And then they just stiff me!
Want half?
Yeah, sure.
You're a teacher, Clark.
What is it?
I mean, why don't guys grow up?
Ooh, I'm afraid my level of expertise
expires at the sixth grade.
You got a job?
Inner Harlem elementary.
I'm gonna start meeting
my kids tomorrow.
Uh, you might want to hold on to this.
It may be your last meal.
Nah. They're gonna love me.
I like to meet all the parents,
before I start teaching.
To get them involved. Uh...
Damn it.
Where is he?
He a clown, Mr.Clark,
but he's a good boy.
I had him when I was only 14.
That's Okay. I was saying...
I was just saying...
You can help out
by working with Julio every night
on his homework.
Sure. Okay.
Together, we can get him excited
about learning.
American history...
Solar system, pre-algebra.
I just want Julio
to achieve his full potential.
So, Mr.Clark...
are you married?
It's very nice to meet you all today.
You know, I've never had
a student from india before.
How do you pronounce your name?
I like to read, especially...
quiet, Larki.
Men are talking, Okay?
What's that?
What's that?
They don't need...
Shameika Wallace?
I'm Mr.Clark, your new teacher.
I called earlier.
It's Saturday, fool.
Shameika, who is it?
Oh, are those your brothers?
No. They're my kids.
I'm 12 years old, and I got 3 kids.
Who are you talkin' to?
I'm Mr.Clark,
Shameika's new teacher.
What the hell happened
to Mr.Solis?
Fool quit.
He's wet.
I swear to god, you teachers
come in and out of the school.
Yeah, I know that.
That... that's why I'm here.
I was hoping you
would work with me.
I already got a job, mister.
I got 2 jobs and 4 kids
and a brother on parole.
I'm late for work.
test it, gonna make
a man out of you
yeah, I get you to scream and
demandin' respect with a left
how can I respect you?
get another hand on my rhymes,
makin' you drop
this other dawg, here's
another shot to the soul
tell me what can I do
at 13 years old?
gonna lay your hand
on my child
go on, come and get me
but by then,
I come crunk wild style
and then I try
to hold the kids back
'cause they gave me
to hear me askin' and bangin'
please, drop down
on your knees
and you knowin' that it's
gonna be a while with the demon...
but you can never get,
so can bet
that I'm comin'
to make a man out of you yet
just a shadowboxer
Punk ass!
just a shadowboxer
Hey, that's enough.
- Morning.
- Get moving.
Nice to see you, Tayshawn.
Morning, principal Turner.
Okay. Good morning.
Oh! Hello. I'm Ron Clark.
I guess I'll be...
Yo, man, you know you owe me $5.00.
Anyway, so like...
no! I know!
She said all that stuff!
Oh, she is...
yeah, dream big about what?
Big butts?
Oh, ho ho!
Dream about yo mama.
Take your seats.
Yo, teacher.
Shameika's feeling sick today.
Yeah, sick of damn teachers.
Tell him, chica!
Okay, because this is
our first day,
I have a surprise for all of you.
I'll tell you, Julio,
if you turn around.
Today, there will be
no schoolwork.
Shameika, don't do that.
Shameika, don't.
Or what?
What are you gonna
do? Suspend me?
Go ahead. Suspend me.
I wanna leave!
We all wanna leave.
Me, too.
Hey, look. The fool's leavin' already.
Sit down.
You see this?
This means that this year
is going to be different.
This year is going to be
about more than school.
This year, we are going to be a family.
But you don't look nothin' like me.
I'm going to be your family,
and you are going
to be my family,
and that means that I am not leaving,
and you are not leaving.
You have any lip gloss?
- Bathroom.
- Me too.
No, shoot it!
What the hell?
Come on. What?
Ohh! Whoa.
well, what do you think?
We think it looks stupid.
Who vandalized this room?
I did, sir.
this sort of stunt
may have gone over big in Aurora,
but it doesn't work for me.
My school. My rules.
My way.
All right. I need... ohh!
Put your gum in here.
Gum in here.
Hurry up!
All the gum in this jar,
the gum jar.
Come on.
Come on.
I'm starving.
Right in here.
Hey! No, I see you. Come on.
Right in there.
Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you.
Okay. To your left
Left. More left.
They're just testing you.
They want to see if you really care.
See if I care?
They weren't even looking at me.
Well, one of them was,
but I think he was picturing me
in a dark alley.
We have to turn this...
Ow! Ow!
Do these legs come off?
All right.
I think it looks good right there.
You know, school's
supposed to be exciting.
Now you sound like one
of those dumb-ass commercials
that used to come on at the cartoons
on saturday morning.
So, what?
You didn't like school?
School sucked.
I hated it.
Yeah, well,
if I was your teacher,
you would have loved it.
Ron, just relax.
Step away from the table.
Yeah, that's what's doing.
So, now that you helped me move,
I guess I have to be your
eed-your-fish, never-forget-your-birthday
kind of friend.
Uh, not to mention
my cover-my-weekend-shift
because I'm going to L.A.
with Jason's friend.
He's going to meet some producers.
You know, he's trying
to get on a daytime heartthrob thing.
So, how long you two been going out?
Almost 2 years.
I mean, we're not living together
or anything.
He's busy. I'm busy.
But it's good.
Yeah, it sounds good.
All right. Well, we got 3 hours
before our shift.
Who's hungry?
Oh, so, you're a union mover.
This is gonna cost me a pizza, huh?
Can I have your attention, please?
Before we start today,
I would like to go over 3 rules for this class.
If you follow them,
we will all have a lot of fun.
If you do not follow them,
there will be consequences.
You all remember rule number one...
we are a family.
Give me a damn break, man.
We're not in kindergarten!
That means we help each other out,
we stand up for each other,
we defend each other.
Rule number 2...we respect each other.
Hey, you will call me sir.
Not man, not dawg, not fool.
If you are asked a question,
you will say, "yes, sir,"
or, "no, sir,"
not, "yep," "nope," "uh-uh," "nuh-uh."
Uh, nuh-uh, fool.
Respect, Julio Vazquez.
You will not talk
unless I call on you.
If I am talking,
you are listening with
your eyes right here.
Rule number 3...
we will form a line
to enter and exit class
and go to lunch.
Come on!
Are you kidding me?
"What, sir?"
Oh, Shameika, thank you.
For what?
Reminding me about
rule number 4...
no smacking of lips
and rolling of the eyes.
If you break one of these rules,
your name will
go up on the board.
So stupid!
If you break another rule,
you will get a check.
Come on.
If you break a third rule...
What you reading?
Oh, I didn't read
that book till high school.
You figure that,
by seventh, man,
the odds are 10 to 1.
That's big bucks, man.
That's big bucks!
What's Julio doing?
Say, man, I don't know why
you're going for the 24th.
Taking bets...
on you.
On me?
When you're gonna quit.
My sister say he's gonna
be gone by friday.
Gambling is illegal,
especially when you're 12.
And by the way,
I'm not leaving.
Yo, come on, dawg!
How am I supposed to make
some paper around here?
Boy, something smells
really good in here.
Could I ask a favor of you ladies?
I just wanted to,
uh, know if...
Dr. King talked about justice
rollin' down like waters...
here, pass these around, guys...
and righteousness
like a mighty stream.
It's like on a hot day
when you go outside,
and "whoosh!" somebody
opens up a fire hydrant,
and there's water streaming
all over the place!
And everybody's runnin'
around and going crazy.
That's what Dr. King wanted justice
and freedom to feel like.
So, tonight, after we've gone over
Dr. King's speech,
I want you all
to start a journal
about your dreams
and aspirations.
Hey, man, it's locked!
What's up?
Rule number 3... we all line up
to go to the lunch room.
You know what?
Here's my rule...
I ain't standin' in no line.
Oh, Okay, Shameika.
But because we are
all a family,
if one of us doesn't get in line
for the lunch room,
then none of us gets lunch.
I'm starving!
We're starving!
Shameika, just do it.
I'm hungry.
Very quietly,
2 lines, right up against the wall.
That's good.
That's good. Nice and quiet.
Oh, looks like somebody's not hungry.
Stop fighting. Let's go.
No talking.
And stop.
Shameika, did you cut in line?
No, sir. I did not.
You do know that I have eyes
in the back of my head, right?
I was here! Ask her.
all right,
we're all gonna stand here
until Shameika decides
to tell the truth.
Come on, Mr.Clark!
I didn't cut in no line!
Hey, you're in Mr.Clark's class.
No food.
Yo, come on, Mr.Clark,
I'm starving, man!
- I'm about to faint, I'm fallin' down...
- Julio, get to the back of the line.
And take that hat off.
It's up to you whether we eat or not.
Shameika, this is a family,
and families treat
each other with respect.
They never, ever, lie to one another.
Did you cut in line?
Come on, Meka!
Come on. Let's go!
We are all just waiting...
on you.
Thank you.
Now, what is
rule number 5?
No cutting in line.
That's right. Now go eat.
About time!
I'm proud of you.
- Thanks a lot, Shameika.
- I'm starving now.
Uh-huh. Yes, mom,
I miss you, too.
Yeah, I know there's
a job for me back home,
but, uh, things are
going very well here.
Well, it took the kids
a little while to warm up to me.
we're getting along great.
I want you all to take
a good look around
at your new, clean room.
I'm not going to ask
who wrecked it.
Eyes right here.
I was hoping we could
have fun this year,
and I think that we still can,
but only after you learn
to follow all of my rules.
And you will follow all of my rules.
First of all, he a freak.
"Take your seats, call me sir."
Too many damn rules, man.
Telling us how to
do this and do that,
making us walk around
in a damn line.
He ain't my daddy.
He could be your daddy.
You don't know.
You should talk, girl.
Excuse me.
Shut up.
All I'm saying is,
this is our school, all right?
We do what we wanna.
Yeah, 'cause he's just
gonna leave anyways.
That's what you said
last week, girl.
He's still here.
You wait. He going.
I hope not.
I like Mr.Clark.
That's 'cause you
from a foreign country,
and you don't know
how we do here.
How... do we do?
Do like us, baby.
You want to be like us,
you gotta do like we do.
Come on.
yo, yo, let's go, let's go
yo, yo, let's go, let's go
hey, hey, Ron Clark, let's go
hey, hey, Ron Clark, let's go
yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo
yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo
strawberry shortcake
cream on top
tell me the name
of your sweetheart
is it a?
that's really good.Shameika,
you're really good at this!
Hey! Hey!
Come on!
Go to your seat!
Come here.
Yeah, go to your room, Julio!
Hey, who's talking to you?
Was I talking to you?
You gonna hit me?
But you did break rule number 2.
"You gonna hit me, sir?"
Hey, get off me, dawg!
You think that's funny?
Shameika, you're in charge.
Look, don't do this! Hey!
Look, I know you have 2 strikes.
You walk out now,
they'll expel you for sure.
Just get back in there.
Because I would miss
your glowing personality.
Mr. Turner doesn't have to know
anything about this.
give yourself another chance.
Hey. You still cool with helping me
move to my new address on saturday?
Yes, definitely.
I mean, Jason would help,
but you've got the fly blue car, so...
this is supposed to be well done.
It is well done.
What are you talking about?
It's rare.
Fine, I'll burn it.
Just take out the rest of the order.
I know how to do my job.
On what?
Officially becoming a New Yorker.
You ready?
Oh, yeah, babe,
I'll be right there.
Well, you better go.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Don't forget the parsley.
Thank you.
Raquel Arenas.
Raquel, do you have your journal?
Alita Sanchez?
Shameika Wallace?
Shameika, did you bring
your Dr. King journal?
Got no dreams to keep.
Julio Vazquez?
Sorry, I couldn't get to it, boss.
Why are you all doing this?
Got better things to do, yo.
Oops, my bad.
Forgot to say, "yo, sir."
Guess I get a check.
You want to get a detention?
Yo, I really, really like your nail polish.
Thank you. My mama bought it.
Look at me when I talk to you.
My double bad.
Another check.
Look at me when I talk to you!
Go to hell!
You win.
You did it, girl!
Bounce, bounce,
bounce, bounce,
Hey! What happened?
Why aren't you in school, kid?
I don't want to talk about it.
Just... show me New York.
I've been here for 3 months.
I haven't seen a damn thing.
All right, let's go see
some damn things.
You know, when I was a kid,
I used to call it the
entire state building.
That's cute.
OK, you know what? We walked
the entire island in a monsoon.
I bought you 3 pretzels
and 2 hot dogs.
Now you're gonna
do something for me.
Tell me what happened.
I shook a desk with
a 12-year-old kid in it.
I wanted to throw it...
and her... right out the window.
Well, they've seen that
kind of anger before.
Well, not from me.
L... I totally lost it.
What, you felt helpless?
They feel that way every day.
These kids can do anything
I'm asking them to do, more.
They just... won't.
today I gave up.
Don't give up, Ron.
Oh, yeah?
How long has it been
since you've auditioned?
I don't know.
2 years and 7 months.
What? Broadway's not
gonna miss me if I'm gone.
Those kids, they'll miss you.
Maybe you can be that one guy
that turns it around for them.
Mr.Clark was crazy man on friday,
you know?
I think he's gone for good.
I say we should just all go home.
- Think so?
- Yeah.
Well, thanks for your advice, son,
but if Mr.Clark isn't in his class,
I'm sure we can find someone
to cover for him.
Why we gotta do that?
Good morning, Julio.
Mr. Turner.
Fool came back.
Fool did, indeed.
What's he doing?
He's crazy!
Everybody take a look around.
Within these 4 walls,
you can be strangers,
or you can be a family.
Within these 4 walls
can be the end of your story,
or you can make it a beginning.
A beginning that is better
than anything you ever
imagined possible.
Since I got here,
you have not listened to me once.
So, here's the deal...
today we are going to learn
If you are quiet and you listen,
every 15 seconds,
I will drink a chocolate milk.
If you can do it,
you may get to see me puke.
So, do we have a deal?
OK, good.
- Julio?
- Yes?
This is not for you to eat.
I want you to watch the clock,
and every 15 seconds,
bang the jar with the ruler,
like that.
All right.
When I hear the gong,
I will slam down one of these.
The time starts...
Every sentence
has a subject
and a verb.
What the hell's a boomerang?
Shut up, Alita!
I guess you guys
don't want to see me
drink all the chocolate milk!
The verb expresses action
in the sentence.
In this sentence...
Chug, chug, chug,
chug, chug, chug,
Aw, come on!
Come on, come on!
Chug, chug, chug,
chug, chug, chug!
Now, can anybody tell me
the verb in this sentence?
Yes, yes!
You gonna puke now, Mr.Clark?
- Yeah, come on.
- You're good.
Keep going.
Hey, can you guys
teach me how to do that?
Oh, you don't think
I can learn how to do that?
OK, all right,
I'll make you a deal.
If I learn how to Double-Dutch,
then you guys gotta learn
something from me.
Everything you need to know
for the seventh grade.
Is he for real?
All right.
So, you gonna jump?
OK, OK, OK, can you just
go a little slower?
You gotta do like we do.
all right, all right.
Ready, set...
Come on, man.
You're ain't dancin'.
You're jumpin'.
Aw, come on, now.
Almost had it that time.
Hey, Mr.Turner, this is fun!
You really think it appropriate
to do this with the students?
Well, I'm certainly not
gonna Double-Dutch with you.
These kids are at the bottom of the barrel.
Don't talk about them like that.
Now all I'm asking is
for your students to pass.
Oh, every one of my students will pass.
I'm not going to pass...
They've become
somebody else's problem.
The problem isn't the kids.
It's not even what they can achieve.
The problem is
what you expect them to achieve.
You are setting the bar here.
Why? Set it up here.
They can make it.
This community judges us by scores.
Government funding
judges us by scores.
People who give me scores,
they get my respect.
Okay, good, in May,
they'll all test at grade level.
I don't see how that's possible.
Oh, I'm sorry,
did I say grade level?
I meant above grade level.
Every single one of those kids
in that class
just wants your respect.
Hell, I want your respect.
You want my respect?
Stop acting like a 12-year-old.
I always wanted
to go rock climbing.
But there I was,
on the edge of this cliff,
ropes on me,
and my friends are yelling,
"jump, jump, jump!"
And I looked down...
and it is a long way down.
So, I'm on the cliff
and I'm yelling,
"I can't, I can't, I can't."
And my friends are yelling,
"yes, you can. You can do it!
Jump! Jump! Jump!"
And I did.
I thought I was going to die,
but when I jumped out,
it felt like I was flying.
I did something
that I never thought I could do.
And it was pretty cool.
Now you guys
may not know this,
but in this classroom
we're rock climbing every day.
We are climbing
up and up and up.
And we are there,
and now it's time to jump.
I know you're scared.
But I want you to do it.
I want you to jump.
I want you guys
to feel what it's like...
to fly.
So, I want each of you
to come up here,
and light one of these candles.
OK, come on up, guys.
And when you light a candle...
it symbolizes that
we are joined together.
And if you trust me...
you can learn more than
you ever dreamed of,
and that's a promise.
The revolutionary war...
The civil war.
The civil rights movement.
I want you all
to get the great big picture
of american history.
That's why, this year,
we're going to learn
all 42 presidents of
the United States,
in order.
no no no, once you know
the presidents,
it'll be easy to remember
what and when.
Come on.
None of you passed the test...
and there's going to be punishment.
I want you to pass these all around.
now let's get down to some
presidential learnin'
start with George Washington
straight from Mount Vernon
the first president
and commander-in-chief
fought the revolutionary war
so we could be free
John Adams was second,
Thomas Jefferson third
when we fought for independence
their voices were heard
when in the course of human events
we took a stand and
we've been doin' it since
it's a tribute
to the leaders of the USA
it's a presidents rap,
all right, all right
it's a tribute
to the leaders of the USA
it's a presidents rap
it's the presidents rap,
all right, all right
it's a tribute
to the leaders of the USA
it's the presidents rap,
all right, all right, ok, ok
all right, back to your seats.
Back, back, back...
to the leaders of the USA
it's the presidents rap
all right, all right, OK, OK
"r" to the "o" to the izzle.
"R" to the "o" to the nizzle.
"R" to rizzle...
"r" to the "o" to the...
Thank you, Mr.Clark.
Here you go.
This is my first "A"
Hey, good job!
Thank you, Mr.Clark.
Yo, man, I told you...
You got an "A", too!
Now, give it up
for your sizzle selves.
It's OK to be proud of yourself
for doing well on a test.
Come on, let's go.
Oh, my god...
my luck is number 13
Can you hold up for a minute?
I wanted to ask a favor of you.
Could you empty your pockets,
I believe this constitutes
an illegal search, sir.
Right on the desk.
That morning at your house,
your mother's purse...
nah, see, you got it all wrong.
Me and her have this deal,
you know,
I take care of her,
and she takes care of me.
You see?
No, I don't.
Bet you about to tell me
that crime doesn't pay.
Sometimes it costs.
And in this case...
3 one-hour study sessions.
With me.
I mean, for real, you should be
workin' for us, little brother.
See, make yourself
some easy money, right?
I already got enough trouble.
The man don't care about no kids.
He's too busy to take you
down there, I'm tellin' you.
He a 5-0 or somethin'?
What's up?
Nah, nah, man,
he ain't no police.
He just, uh, some fool,
man. I'll handle him.
Don't worry, y'all. Be back.
It is so fool, and it is such a problem later.
You OK?
Yeah, I'm cool.
I wanted to bring you this.
You could bring up your math
and english with some extra help.
Tomorrow's saturday.
I could meet you at the coffee shop by the school.
I'll buy you lunch.
I'll be there at noon.
- Can I take that now?
- Oh yeah thank you.
Too bad he didn't show up.
Here I am, not even 2:00.
I'm early, sir.
Down for study session numero tres.
OK, let me get 3 card
and turn them up.
Then we get another 2 cards up.
OK, so that's 5 cards up.
Can you add those up for me?
You know, we gotta bet first.
I bet 5 fake dollars.
Well I call, and... that's 36
that's good.
Now what's the square root of that?
Uh... oh, square root.
OK, I think the square root is...
What number, multiplied
by itself, gives you 36?
Uh... 6?
That's good.
Heh heh.
So, what you got?
Pair of 7's.
Well, I guess I get all the chips.
Because I got three 10's.
Oh, pay up, dog!
- Wanna go again?
- Yeah sure guy!
Shameika Wallace?
Didn't we have an appointment
after school today?
Must a slipped my mind.
We have to talk about you
turning in your homework.
I told you...the fire alarm
keeps going off in my building.
3 times this week?
I get busy, forget.
Last night I just didn't do
a good enough job.
Would you like
to show me your homework?
I'm sure I can help you with it.
This is really...close.
We can fix this.
For reals?
Sure, we can work
on it right now.
There's a few spelling mistakes,
And just arrange some of
the paragraphs different...
He's been cranky and fussy all day.
I think maybe he's got a fever.
OK. Thank you, Mrs. Benton.
Mr.Clark, I can't work
on my paper right now.
I kindly go make dinner.
I'll do it.
You'll do what?
I'll make dinner, and you
work on your paper.
- All right?
- OK.
Start with that third paragraph.
OK, where's the food?
Dinner's served.
I'm tryin' to concentrate.
Concentrate later.
Dinner's served.
I tried like you said.
I moved the third paragraph,
and it sounds really good.
Okay. Now, that's for you.
And who gets the baby food?
He does.
OK, you're gonna like this.
This looks really good.
What's he doing here?
He made us dinner.
You don't think I can take care
of my family, Mr.Clark?
No. Yes.
Please, leave my house.
I come home to find him in
my kitchen cooking for my family.
This girl has a job to do.
Ms. Wallace, can we please
not talk about Shameika
like she's not in the room?
I'll talk any way I want.
Now, I send my daughter
to school to be educated.
I don't expect a teacher to
bring school up in my house.
It's called homework.
Excuse me?
She has too much of it
to be babysitting all the time.
Shameika has more potential
than any kid in my class.
Why can't you see that?
How dare you!
How you going to tell me
what I should
and should not see in my daughter?
I am merely suggesting
that you give her a chance.
I'm taking my child home now.
The white tornado here
better not be teaching at this school
when I bring her back tomorrow.
Ms.Wallace, I can assure you
I will deal with the situation.
Come on, Shameika.
Please don't fire, Mr.Clark!
He was just trying
to help me, mama.
He's just trying to help.
That's... that's OK.
Please don't leave
because of me, Mr.Clark.
Ms. Wallace, wait.
I'll meet you outside.
Why are you doing this?
You gave her these grand ideas,
and this world is just
going to crush her down.
I don't believe that.
So, you're just going
to drop into her life,
and now you know
all about it, right?
I just know
she's a great student,
a born leader...creative, intelligent.
- My Shameika?
- Yes.
If she tests
well enough in May,
I think we might be able
to get her into Manhattan West
for middle school.
That's for gifted kids.
Maybe Mrs.Benton can keep the boys
a little longer every day.
Good morning, Mr.Clark.
Good morning.
Morning, Mr.Clark.
Julio, did you do this?
You like it, Mr.Clark?
It's really good.
You got quite a talent for this.
Well, it's one of my manys, dawg...
Good morning.
Yo, what up, Tay?
"Do you like me, Mr.Clark?"
Hey, don't hate on me
'cause I got skills.
Skills?! You mean being
a straight up punk?
You real good at that!
Yo, come on, Tay, just chill out.
You telling me to chill, homey?!
You telling me to chill?!
Come on, man, I mean,
Mr.Clark likes that art crap, OK?
So, he thought I did it,
and I just went with it.
OK, dawg, you did it
and I'm sorry,
Superintendent Stevens
has joined us
to determine if Tayshawn Mitchell
should be expelled
from inner Harlem elementary.
I vote yes. Send him to Juvi.
This isn't a democracy,
Mr. Brampton.
Howard, would you let Mr. Turner
finish what he was saying?
You're his foster parent.
You got the say here.
We don't need his lazy ass
around the house all day.
What did you just say?
Look, if we expel him,
he's only going to
fall further behind.
our students can't simply
do what they want
with no consequences.
What about the consequences
for Tayshawn?
We are supposed to be
keeping these kids in school.
Let's all just take a step back.
Remember that I have eyes
in the back of my head,
so, stop fighting.
This is not a test.
This is my phone number.
I want you guys to call me
if you have any questions
about homework,
need any advice,
or you are in trouble.
That's 24/7.
Pick up your math workbooks
at the front of the class.
And we have a book report
due tomorrow.
Remember, there are
2 variables in this equation.
OK? So "x" equals...
"x" equals...
come on, Tayshawn,
you can do this.
Yo, not with you all up on me, man!
"x" equals 3/8!
Yes! Ah, that's great.
Just keep doing it like that.
This doesn't sound good.
How long you been this way?
A week. Maybe more.
Well, you have pneumonia.
I can send you home,
but you'd be confined
to bed rest for 2 weeks...
You know, I can't
I can't do that.
Or I can admit you to the hospital
right now, Mr.Clark.
OK, everybody, take your seats.
Mr.Clark, you look really white.
Yeah, even more than usual.
We have 4...
4 weeks.
Now, I know that doesn't
seem like a lot of time,
but if we work really hard,
I know we're going to do
great on these exams.
So, let's go over our
science topics from last week.
Who knows those?
Magnetism, chemical reactions,
and gravity.
OK, good. Gravity.
is important because...
OK, we get it, Mr.Clark.
Gravity makes you fall down.
Is he kidding?
Always joking.
- Mr.Clark?
- He not kidding!
I hope he's all right.
- Is it good? you aim me?
- Yeah.
Very nice of Jason
to let me borrow his camera.
Oh, he's happy to help.
How much do we tapeing?
4 hours.
4 hours!
Yeah, kids need it.
You do with quiet.
For you.
Hey, Mariss...
thank you.
Wait. Come over here.
Can't have our Mr.Clark
looking all sloppy now, can we?
You know,
a guy could get used to this.
Come on, teach already.
OK, now just because
I'm on this video tape,
doesn't mean that I can't see you.
Alita, is that gum?
All right, is everybody ready?
Yes, sir.
the force of attraction
between 2 objects.
That is gravity.
Now, according to the definition
of gravity, why did the egg fall?
- Because...
- and no, Julio,
it's not because the egg and
the floor are hot for each other.
Turn around and face me.
The egg fell
because the force of the mass
and the distance between
the egg and the floor
caused a reaction.
And, now, get out your workbooks,
because I have to clean my floor.
Morning, Mr.Clark!
Good morning, Tisha.
Got my kids' homework?
Good to have you back.
That's not true.
Yes, it is. I want my CD back
and my money, bitch.
Stupid, I gave that CD back!
No, you didn't!
Yes, I did! You always do...
it's Mr.Clark!
Yo, what up, Mr. C?
You tell me.
You guys have one week
till the state exams.
One week to show Mr. Turner...
and your parents...
and yourselves what you can do.
And you guys don't have anything
you want to tell me?
There's no way we're
gonna pass those tests.
We always mess up.
Don't jump on us, man... sir.
I mean, it's nothing personal.
Everything we do
in this room is personal,
how we talk to each other,
how we work together,
and how we've
prepared for these tests.
But we're way behind now.
We're not behind. You're ahead!
Everyone thinks we're losers,
You are not losers.
These rules?
They represent everything
you've accomplished this year.
Discovering new things,
believing in each other,
believing in yourselves.
And I'm proud of you.
Compared to all that,
this test? Pfh.
It's nothing.
we have to get certain grades
to graduate, right?
So what if we, you know, choke?
But you're not going to choke.
You guys didn't work
hard all this year
just to get ready for some tests.
Every day, in this room...
we are learning things
far more valuable
than you can get in some book.
I teach you...
and you teach me...
and, together,
we learn to love to learn.
next week...
you're gonna take that test,
you're gonna do the best
that you can do,
and you are going
walk out of that room
and know that you can
do anything you want
for the rest of your lives.
All right,
tomorrow is the big day,
but don't worry.
You know the material
backwards and forwards.
So, just get a good night's sleep
and, you know, good luck.
Badriyah, can I talk to you
for one minute?
And, Tayshawn, can you wait
for me at the door, please?
I know that it's been hard
for you to fit in.
But, you can be smart
and still be cool.
In fact, you're so smart and cool,
you can do anything you want to do.
I want to be a doctor.
Okay, good.
You better kick some butt
on that test, then, doctor.
Thank you, Mr.Clark.
Good luck!
Yo, kid, get it done.
Know what I'm sayin'?
Do this.
Hey, what up, T?
Yeah, little brother,
where you been, man?
We been looking for you.
You forgot what's up?
Hey, check it, we got some goods
we gotta move now. Come on.
It's raining, dude, come on.
Look, you can't be in and not roll.
All right, you can't be like that, son.
I was thinking maybe
we could walk to school together.
We can do a last-minute review
of the test on the way.
Yo, you want it this way
or that way, Payaso?
Which way? Come on!
That way.
Pff. Punk.
Okay, so,
when you get to the math section...
Ready? go get 'em.
Good morning.
Do not open your test booklets
until I tell you to begin.
Keep your eyes on your own paper.
When you've chosen your answer,
fill in the corresponding
answer bubble completely
with a number 2 pencil.
If you require an additional pencil,
please raise your hand
and one will be provided.
Do your best...
and no talking.
You may begin.
Think they're as nervous as we are?
I'm not nervous.
- Antacid?
- Thanks.
It was 36.
No, it was 32 apples, right?
That test was hard, Mr.Clark.
Double mocha latte, no foam?
Hi! Come on in.
How were the tests?
Oh, uh, good, I think.
I think the kids did pretty well.
Yeah, okay, whatever.
I'm freaking out.
I got an audition.
Oh, my god, that's great!
No, that's not so good.
Jason got a job and he asked me
to go to L.A. with him.
I... I... I don't know what to do.
Tell me what to do.
I tell sixth graders what to do,
and last time I looked
you weren't in the sixth grade.
So, thank you very much...
for stopping by.
What's going on? What time is it?
Does it look like any of us got a watch?
Shut up, Julio.
"Whatever you do,
do not open the closet."
no, Julio, no!
Don't! Don't go!
no, Julio, no!
Will y'all calm down?
Hello, kids!
Julio, I knew you were
gonna open the closet!
You guys have been working so hard
for the last 3 months on this test,
and whatever the scores are,
I want you to know
I'm proud to be your teacher.
I'm so proud that I asked your parents
to let me take you somewhere special,
and they said yes.
So, go get your envelopes
and open them.
Right here, right here!
Oh, my god!
Phantom of the opera!
Guys, we're going to broadway!
We are going tonight,
so come get your playbills.
Thank you, Mr.Clark!
Thank you, Mr.Clark!
Oh, thanks, Mr.Clark.
Thank you, Mr.Clark.
Thank you!
And this phantom guy,
he's like so in love with this girl
that he's got to grab her up,
you know?
And then he takes her
to this secret crib,
and then... and then
he keeps her there,
and then they find him.
Then what happens?
Well, I'm not going to tell you.
You'll find out.
What the hell?
You ruined my wall!
I told you to paint that crap
in the street!
Not in my house!
Get off of me, man!
Get off of me!
You think you can
do whatever you want?
You piece of garbage!
Julio, Shameika, Raquel,
OK, guys, go in.
The play's gonna start.
Let's go in. Come on, get in there.
Let's go.
I can't find Tayshawn.
Go look for him, Mr.Clark.
There's plenty of parents here.
We'll look after the kids.
I'm here.
Get away, get away!
I ain't worth it.
I ain't worth it.
I ain't worth it.
No, no, no. I know you are.
I saw your work.
And it's beautiful.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Oh, it's okay. It's okay.
It's okay.
Where am I gonna go now, Mr.Clark?
I'm gonna help you.
I'm not going anywhere.
Here we go.
You'll be staying here for a while.
Thanks, Mr. Turner.
You're welcome.
You're gonna be safe here.
It may take a while, Ron,
but, uh, we'll find him a place.
I give you my word.
So, which room was yours?
I'll see you first thing in the morning.
Yes, sir.
For highest achievement in science,
Badriyah Santhanam.
Thank you, Mr.Clark.
You are welcome, doctor.
For most outstanding achievement
in mathematics,
Julio Vasquez.
Thank you, Mr.Clark.
For exceptional
artistic achievement...
Tayshawn Mitchell.
It's for you.
And last, but not least...
I'm sorry to interrupt your...
end of the year party,
but I just received a fax
from the board of education,
informing me of the results
of the state exam.
I felt it was important to...
give you the scores myself.
These are probably
not the scores you expected.
This class,
this sixth grade class,
tested higher than any other class.
You even tested higher
than the honors class.
Congratulations, Mr.Clark.
Thank you.
Very impressive.
Shameika, your award was going to be
for highest achievement in english,
but I'm afraid I'm going
to have to change that,
because looking at your exam scores,
I now see that you achieved something
that no other student
in the entire district achieved.
Shameika Wallace,
ahem, you earned perfect scores
in english and math.
Oh, my god!
Thank you, Mr.Clark!
You did it!
for always being there,
eventhough we didn't want you to be.
You're inspiring us to dream big.
- Yes, sir, Mr.C.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
For looking like a fool,
when you Double-Dutch.
We voted you...
the daddy teacher in town.
Oh! Thank you.
Thank you, Mr.Clark!
now let's get down to some
presidential learnin'
start with George Warshington
straight from Mount Vernon
the first president
and commander-in-chief
fought the revolutionary war
so we could be free
John Adams was second,
Thomas Jefferson third
when we fought for independence
their voices were heard
when in the course
of human events
we took a stand and
we've been doin' it since
it's a tribute
to the leaders of the USA
it's a presidents rap,
all right, all right, OK,OK
it's a tribute
to the leaders of the USA
it's a presidents rap,
all right, all right, OK, OK
it's a tribute
to the leaders of the USA
it's a presidents rap,
all right, all right, OK, OK