The Room (2019) Movie Script

No, no, it is not time perfect,
Can I be re - contact you later?
Yes, it's really secluded place!
Mom, you will always be questioned the same question,
I told you already where it is,
It 's north of the city of "New York" ,
No !
No, no, it is not in ruins,
it only requires some reforms.
Give her a big kiss on my behalf!
Listen, we still have a great effort to unload our bags,
I'll call you later, I promise this, we agree?
Goodbye, Mom.
Well, when your mother Queen will come to visit us?
Well, you can rest assured.
Hey .. Jombak.
(Name to demonstrate)
God, the Almighty.
everything is going to be OK .
I promise you .
our house .
Yeah .
Our house is nice.
[House for sale] has
been selling
"" !
Well, I'm coming.
Well Well !
"" !
Damn, are you crazy?
Li Knin Stzbban heart attack!
what are you doing ?
- I said that I will this!
- such as "Maksimal" or something like that ?
Hey, hey, what do you mean?
Music, drawing and nothing else you care about.
What ?
I did not complain about you.
Are you serious?
Why I fell in love with an artist?
Well, you can not tell that your mother did not warn you.
This is faster than the stairs.
Sorry !
"" !
what happens ?
Curse !
I'll call the electricity company.
We did it !
Draftsman will become great!
And I'd be the perfect housewife!
And Sothol cow fat.
I will love you and you're fat.
sure ofcourse .
You know? You should prolong your beard!
Geniuses always have long beards.
What ?
- Oh my God, you're a coward!
What ? I'm not a coward.
I wish to live in the wild.
Oh really ?
Yeah .
Such as Belgium, it does not have any wildlife.
It has a thousand different kinds of beer,
and this wild enough!
My God !
What Tstdrziny him?
I'm stuck here now in the city.
Almighty here, O rural girl.
- I will show you the rural girl!
- Streny rural girl?
Come Larini rural girl.
All you need is to take the first step.
Yes, I know it !
To do.
My love !
- Do we have plants at home?
Yes I think so .
- Oh hello , "Andre."
- Hello, "Katrina," I'm going to "Katrchis"
You're the best of the translator, and I need you immediately!
- "filters" can travel with you anywhere.
- I know that, but I nEeD you.
You pay a small salary.
Two weeks ?
I can not do that in two weeks.
I need more time.
I'm not sure ...
"" !
The delegate of the electricity company here.
Jesus" !
Here is a.
Holy "Mary," O Mother of God!
I know!
What ?
This thing is older than my grandmother!
- Do damage in the circuit?
- This is possible!
Can you do anything about it?
I have not seen anything like this!
I think that you are not from these parts.
No, we just ... we moved from the "New York."
and before that ?
- ... "Europe"
you know what ? I was really surprised when I knew
that someone had bought this house finally!
After all, this was a long time ago!
What was a long time ago?
Former owners, have been killed in this house!
you know what ?
Curse !
Pain tells you one?
Listen, if you are what your place I approached him,
And immediately deported from here when I can!
Well, good luck!
A murder house, "Spring-Will"
Home blood - October 12, 1975 to
find the killer of "Spring-Will" - October 15, 1975 the
trial of the killer 's deadly "John Doe" - February 2
Home blood
(brutal murder of two in Carroll County)
Two people found dead in their home yesterday morning
next to "Durham," and said in a police report ...
The identification of the two men as "Paul" and "Madeleine
Scheffer" and who were found by Mr. "Robert Corby!"
Finding the killer of "Spring-Will"
killer bloody "John Doe" trial - February 2
killer serving a life sentence in a mental health facility
Finding the killer of "Spring-Will"
(still the identity of the suspect unknown)
Oh my god ... I need another bottle!
"" !
Where did all these things?
My love !
"Van Gogh's" original --1,889
Yes sure !
"Apple" - for "Paul Cezanne!"
"" !
Are you under the influence of a drug or something like that?
Probably !
My love ...
- What is the most thing you need it in the world?
- I do not need anything ...
- to have the job!
- No No No, ask something!
Come on, for there must be something, anything!
Please, Take Action so for me!
I want a thousand dollars!
Why did not I think of that?
Well, well, well!
Is this fake?
Li does not look like it is fake!
Where do you find this?
Here !
- and how they came here?
- like anything else, just ...!
I came here!
Well, to see to what extent I can accept it!
What if I asked for more?
Take Action it!
ten thousands ?
- One hundred thousand Feltdjalanha!
Sure !
What about a million?
OK !
I want a million dollars!
Hey, hey, hey!
This is scary, O "Matt!"
Yes, it is also but I think we should enjoy it!
Intabny bad feeling!
Jombak, Come on !
(Name to demonstrate)
Just let's ...
Have fun!
Come on!
To get some fun!
- I want the most exquisite champagne in the world!
- tons of champagne!
this is beautiful !
I want more money!
And more money!
I want money!
I want to be a princess!
I have retired to the level of my work as an interpreter!
This is my girl!
Is this caviar?
"Beluga" Oh dear!
Finest caviar!
your so hot !
How does this work ?
What do you want me to say?
It 's like ... I do not know!
Who cares how to do?
Just ... Astkhaddmah!
Yes, but computers may be hit by Crash!
God ... everywhere
Oh Jesus
This raises insane
hello to you, think twice ... This is my only advice
"" !
Hi !
Hi !
Where is your contract, which Tlaptah?
I do not know !
In any case, I've had imaginary!
You can get others whenever you want!
And others ...!
And ...
Jealous !
And ...
Jealous !
Do not open your eyes.
- are not allowed to consider embezzling!
- This is very mysterious!
Open your eyes!
Let's try again.
Darling, remember what doctors said ...
There is nothing wrong there you have it!
No there is nothing wrong with the!
There is no reason why children are not Let's Have!
the doctors ...
They have no idea what they are talking about!
We have already tried twice ...
Both children died!
Here ... !
Remember the?
this happens ...
For millions of couples!
This happens to us ...
Mine ...
I can not do it again ...
"" !
"" !
I'm going on a picnic.
"" !
"" !
A child of this?
It's a boy.
What Dhak?
What ?
- You want this!
not like that !
- There is no other way.
- but, there were.
Not for us!
- We could try again.
- and fail again?
You do not know it.
- I've taken a short cut.
- a short cut?
Are you ... ?
Are you ... ?
did you lose your mind ?
You used the room to make a baby!
Yes, yes I did it.
Well, now you must can do what you should do!
What does this mean ?
You know what it means.
We will not hold it.
Can not to be a serious.
"Kate," You are not ...
"" !
"" !
This is a mistake !
Come on !
Guli words.
I do not know what to say !
say anything !
Guli ...
You want to ...!
You want to go!
OK ...
I'm gonna do!
I'm gonna do!
- Come on , do something!
- What do you want me to do, it is the middle of the night!
Well, go to the room!
I want a bottle of milk by children!
OK !
Thank you !
Do not wait!
How you could be ...?
I do not know, just ... I succeeded!
You are a beautiful boy.
OK ...
What ?
What was that?
good ...
Trial "John Doe" bloody
suspect unknown faces murder!
Police "section and
Stminestr" 675 - "John Doe"
The room made me do it
Killer sentenced to life imprisonment in a mental hospital
Yeah !
Hi ...
Any patient who wants to see?
"John Doe"?
You want to see "John Doe"?
"John Doe" only?
- How one you have?
just one .
So, what is the problem?
If you want to see someone under the guard of mental illness Department,
they must be codified in the list of authorized their visit.
"John Doe" has no list!
Do you mean that he did not receive one visit?
During the 45 - year - old?
Are you press?
Sure !
You are not a journalist.
My name "Matt DeWitt."
I live in a house "Spring-Will."
I was waiting for this a long time ago!
I was waiting for you !
Do you know anything about it?
Did you enjoy it?
Come on !
nice clothes !
Great Food!
And maybe some jewelry, and some money!
And maybe some sexual pleasure!
What do you want from me ?
- Why are killed , "Al - Scheffer?"
This was the only way!
I need answers.
What you need is the advice!
Forget the room, and get out of the house,
and do it now, before it is too late.
But you will not do it!
- I can see it, I know your kind.
- the two types?
Yes, a creature with the needs,
needs and needs and needs, so ...
you die !
- and you are different?
Yeah .
In a way you can not imagine!
Hey ...
Come here, I'll tell you something.
Only the most dangerous thing to the person
who is not able to get what he wants,
It is the person who gets everything he wants!
- Forty dollars please.
OK .
Yes, you're a small man.
Whist ... There is nothing wrong, nothing wrong!
OK ...
Let us see, let us see what happens!
Stop, stop!
Is this will hurt the child?
I try to find out how it works!
right Now ? Suddenly we want to know?
I want that .
where are you going ?
- to breathe air.
No .
This is not safe!
What are you talking?
"" !
trust me .
I have my reasons .
Any reasons?
"" !
Any reasons?
look at you !
"" !
"" !
"" !
"" !
"" !
"" !
(( the crime ))
(( the crime ))
You know what happens, right?
I'm not sure !
If, you know nothing!
It's this man ...
He was aware of the room!
who is he ?
- Mr. "John Doe"!
- That 's not Funny!
- Well, forget it.
Die" .
I beg you .
"Kate," is that the room make things, we agree?
This is what is manufactured, it's like ...
A huge three-dimensional printer!
It makes things, on one condition ...
It should not take these things out of the house!
- And if I did ...
- What? ... aging?
And turn to ashes!
But ... the baby is not something!
Yes it is .
It is something made of flesh and bones ...!
And soul!
Hi .
Everything is just fine .
Everything is just fine .
Come on, come on, focused.
"Tom" and "Kate" ...
"Tom" and "Kate" went camping.
good .
- What is camping?
- that when living in a tent,
- When you are on vacation.
- Can I go for camping?
You can not, for the same reason that
makes you can not open the door to one!
- You're sick , my darling.
- I do not feel sick, and not even in my dreams!
This is because you are inside this house, it protects you.
And if you came out of it, the bacteria will gain from you!
Are there no germs inside this house?
Only good bacteria.
- I want to go for camping.
- We'll see this later.
And now ...
My sister "Katie," I forgot ...
... (private bath) hat Pei.
Cat ) ?
- There is no such thing as (cat bath)!
- but there is .
Take a cat and my cheeks in Bath,
become (cat bath).
Well, "Shin" I'm not in a good mood.
(B), becomes (shower) ...
Cat ) !
It is (a hat).
(Hat bath), say it!
- (cat bath).
Is enough !
(Screenshot), (shot), (shot).
- Stop it.
- (cat), (shot), (shot).
Stop it now.
Cat ) .
Cat ) .
Go and Altqthm.
Now, my "Shin."
"" .
The breakfast is ready.
..All .
Come on, eat your eggs.
"Shin", counting and Expire from eating your breakfast.
right Now .
- Good morning , Madam.
good morning .
Thank you .
I wish you a happy day .
"Matt," there expel you.
"" .
what happened to you ?
what happened to you ?
what happened ?
Well Well .
Come .
Everything is just fine .
"" !
I will not do that .
Not like?
You can leave,
At any time you wish.
About Helmy
About Helmy
stop Please .
You will hurt your teeth.
I love you .
do you love me ?
Sure, I love you.
Can I sleep with you?
I want to be with you forever,
do you want to be with me forever too?
Sure, I want it.
Sure .
come here .
come here .
what are you doing here ?
what happened ?
How long you will continue to do this?
These ridiculous rules imposed.
I told you he can not enter here,
these two chambers.
Why are you doing this ?
It 's just a child!
- No, it 's not, it 's imaginary.
- Damn, I will not go into this debate again.
"" !
- "Kate!"
What ?
- Is this my evil?
What time is it now ?
- Is my evil?
No !
"" !
did you do that ?
It is amazing !
"" !
what is wrong with you ?
Stop !
Do not enter there, do you understand?
And I would leave him.
I'm sorry .
I wished that I can enter into the game to play there ...
So as not to impair Mona germs.
There is nothing wrong .
You can not prevent us from entering the room.
To see if.
"Matt," I was just playing, it did not hurt anyone!
What does this mean ?
" The Shin" smart?
It is smarter than us?
This means that he can wish, I do not know why ...
Dragon ... !
There will be dragon flies in our house!
And we will host the dragon!
- You're afraid of it?
- Sure, I also!
- and you also you have to be as well.
- and just a kid but!
So you can not control the feelings.
Can be angry because you Tmanaah from watching TV,
You can hurt you wish, or Ovety, or both.
I will not give him this option.
- and you you should ...
- Shut up !
Hi ?
Hello boy !
Yeah !
who are you ?
Do not you know that you are not allowed to respond to the phone?
How did you get this number?
who was that ?
- He said that his name ...
"John Doe"!
- you do not relate here, do you understand?
- If, I made my kid , "Matt!"
Lovely baby !
Did you ask that?
Who requested O "died"?
my wife .
- What is your relationship with the room?
- My mother showed me her, what is your question next?
Is there a way to stop the aging process?
Do you mean when something out
outside the home that does not turn to ashes?
Yeah .
Yes , there is no way you , "Matt,"
and I do not think you want to know!
I should know.
You know , my room , "Matt," nothing is made
in the room can be kept outside the house.
You know that, right?
Error !
Answer this ...
what you require in order to become a free man?
- I'm not in a good mood for the mysteries?
- What do you require?
I do not know !
God had to die, for sure.
Did you read "Nietzsche"?
Man can be free,
but the creator must die first.
its just ...
Natural order of things, do you understand?
Children do not leave their parents.
Not understand !
No, I think you understand my "Matt".
thought ...
"Matt" ... if your wife died ...
And the child, which she created in the room became part of this world and ...
He became free to live, and ...
And loves, and ...
And grow old like everyone else ...
It is free in order to ...
Placed in a mental institution for the rest of his life!
You are also imaginary!
- this killed!
Sure .
I wanted to live ...
So they realized that they must die.
At first ...
Mother killed the father, then forced me to ...
that was ...
It was difficult enough.
But there is a question to you, "Matt"?
What do you do?
Do you kill a child to save your wife?
Or kill your wife to save the child?
"" !
"Kate," I am very worried!
Call Pei, we agree?
I should go home.
Hello, this "Kate", please leave a message.
Curse !
where is my mom ?
I do not know !
When will you be back ?
I do not know !
You do not know anything!
This is true.
What is the meaning imaginary?
You said to my mother that I imaginary!
Is this bad?
No, no, it's nothing, forget that I said that,
Come eat your food.
You're not my father.
This is the word used to something real!
where is he ?
Where is my father's real?
What did you do with it?
Where is my father's real?
Tell me where is it?
Tell me where my father's real?
Hear, O boy ...
You do not have a father.
And you do not have a mother, too.
"" ...
Not your mother.
Yes it is .
No .
it's not .
And you are not a real child.
Do you want to know the meaning of the word imaginary?
It is something that is not real.
same to you ...
Do you want to know why you are not allowed to go out?
Forget the germs.
If you leave this place ...
And will aging even become aging is
not nothing but a small handful of ash.
this is the reason .
you are lying !
you do not believe me ...
Stop !
Stop !
No !
Come on ...
See what happens ...
Come on ...
Do you remember anything before the last three months?
Do you have any memory of the outside of this house?
Have you ever been celebrating a birthday?
You're not a real person.
You idea!
Hear, O "Shin," I'm sorry, we agree?
I am really sorry !
Can you read me?
where have you been ?
Outside .
I called you !
I know .
- Listen, regarding what the summons on the phone ...
- I do not want to talk about.
- "Shin" asleep.
good .
"" !
"" !
"" !
"" !
"" .
My God !
Look, Mom!
I'm a big now!
"" !
It is not stuffed.
I also know where to retain the shot!
"" !
- Give me the gun.
I hate you !
No, no ...!
Look at you, "Shane!"
you lied to me .
- in order to protect you.
I said that we would be together ...
do you want that ? Yeah ?
Yeah ?
Yeah .
everything is going to be OK .
come here ...
everything is going to be OK .
OK ...
Stop !
Stop !
calm down .
calm down .
calm down .
what happened ?
Honey you.
Where "Shane"?
"Matt," Where is it?
He died.
What ?
How do ?
When we wrestle the gun ...
He received a bullet.
Where is the body?
He took out.
There is nothing wrong .
There is nothing wrong .
"" !
"" !
"" !
"" !
"" !
"" !
what shall we do ?
about what ?
On this place!
I do not think that I'm going to
live here more than this.
Why not ?
There is food on your lip!
Where we can go, we ...
We have no money ...
And no jobs ...
At least there is a room here provide us with everything.
We went through Bogueta hard, but we ...
We will overcome it.
Eat food.
what do you want to do ?
What are you doing ?
- Is this what you love him?
Stop !
Do not worry, I've Roatkma and ye are doing it.
Hey, Mom.
No !
Hush !
"" !
Darling, come on us, we must go!
Die" ?
- Yes , it is I, let us!
It was like you completely!
"" !
No, no, no, "Kate" is not Tsedkih, it's the room, Almighty me.
No, no, no, no Tsedkih, "Kate" this I am.
No, "Kate" Come with me, come on.
I beg you !
"" !
its me !
Yes, "Jombak," Let's go!
"" !
Curse !
It must be the room!
It is manipulating us!
To get out of here!
Illiterate !
My Father !
My Father ... !
Illiterate ?
Well, my mother ...!
Illiterate !
Hi !
Come up ... !
Illiterate !
Illiterate !
Illiterate !
Illiterate !
Illiterate !
Illiterate !
I beg you !
I beg you !
Illiterate !
Illiterate !
(Next town over)
Darling, unfasten I've brought you coffee.
"" !
"" !
Analysis of pregnancy (positive)!
"" !