The Rope Curse (2018) Movie Script

I often see you here playing guitar
I always passed by here
I did not know you can
play guitar in the school
It's okay... I am used to it
Then, do you still remember how to sing?
You remembered
Really, I have already forgotten
I made a cover for this CD
What are you doing?
Guitar class is about to start
Ugh, Li Yan
What is your dream?
I want to marry the
love of my life in 10 years
Ugh, Li Yan, wait for me
Let's go to look for the teacher
Hurry up to look for the teacher
I don't want to
"Legend has it that after people
committed suicide by hanging themselves,"
"a curse was created on the rope
which would grow powerful overtime."
"Along the coastal area of Fujian China,"
"in order to break the curse,"
"a ritual would be performed
to burn the rope."
"Nowadays, in order to
divert public's fear,"
"it's commonly called 'The Rope Ritual'."
Jia-Wei, the News came out this morning.
Let's go film about her
This is the girl
The bride who committed
suicide by hanging on
the day of her wedding
My uncle said a Rope Ritual is needed...
to send her spirit away
My uncle also said
no one has ever dared to do
a live-broadcasting on this
So, I have prepared a secret weapon,
A big-boobs anchor!
I told you 2.5 million viewers
will not be a problem
I am not joking with you
My wedding expense depends on this
Ugh, I know what you mean
My heavy-duty motorcycle's
down payment also depends on this
ugh and
Are you sure your uncle is ok?
I don't want any trouble
Okay, don't worry
Master, it's about time
to prepare for the Ritual
Ah, where is the battery for the lighting?
It is not in there
Didn't I remind you already
you will need to prepare all this at home
Ah, I forgot
What do we do?
Go back?
There is no time for it...
The timing is important
Well, it will be a little dark then
See if it can make a bit more eerie
Wow, it's the broom again
The Ritual is about to start...
All people please avoid
Damn, all the spells
Are we ready?
Let's start...
Oh no, the ritual has started already
Hurry up
Where is your uncle?
over there
Zhong-Kui, that one
Ugh, what is this?
It's the tree trunk which
the bride committed suicide
They have cut it down
and put it in the linen bag
Oh, really
Also, the rope is in the bag too
All tie up together
They are about to leave
Give me some light...
in the front...
So, this is called the Rope Ritual
Yeah, what else
What else do you think it is
Let's go
They are performing the Rope Ritual
You should not look
the ghost will see you and come for you
Hurry up, close the window
What happen?
I don't know
Can't move anymore
What's going on?
The bag is broken
Hurry up...
and seal the bag
The Master is here...
Did I just capture some
supernatural phenomena?
Ugh, let's go
They are leaving
Express delivery is here
Light and battery
What do I do without you
You are my life-saver
Come on
Hold this for me...
- Huh...
- Okay
Yes, live-streaming
Hold this
Let me set up the light
It's so cold
Give it to me...
Going to work now
Be careful
Okay... I will pick you up later
Okay, bye-bye
How come you are here?
You are here
for your husband
Are you afraid he will have
too much fun with me
I am here to deliver
the light and the battery
Jia-Wei, as I told you
A good wife will set you for life
Are you done yet?
Ugh, let me tell you, that
the big-boobs anchor is here.
We're almost done... Why is she here now?
What big boobs?
Well, she is just a
live-streaming anchor
- It is very simple...
- Let me tell you
I will not paid her a dime for tardiness
I know but you still have to settle her down
You go figure it out yourself
Okay, I will...
but I need... I need
Car... Keys...
It's in my pocket
Here you go
See you later
Wait for me a bit longer
What are you looking at?
You are here
Are you helping or not?
She slapped you in the face
Come here
Why did you slap me?
Why don't you answer me?
What the hell do you mean?
I am finished shooting
Are you okay?
I heard someone calling me
Okay, I am done
Let's go
Be careful
Why don't you answer?
Hui-Yi, is it you?
This rope... why does it look so familiar?
A-Gwai, you are scaring me
I was scared by you
What were you doing over there
and what is the blinking
thing above your head?
I... I am over here
You guys are already finished?
Why are you here so late
and how do you find us here?
You are familiar around here
Yeah, very much
Just have not come back here for a long time
Since I am already here
you should still pay me
Let's find you a place to stay first
Five-star hotel?
this way
So, you have not been back here
since your parents moved?
I seldom came back
Oh yeah, I forgot to ask you
Do your parents know about us?
Oh, I have not tell them yet
You have not told them
There is a basement
The basement has not
been used for a long while
You can put your things here
Let me clean the room first
Can you help me to lift those fabrics up?
We are here
This is the one and only in Taiwan
the seaside Villa in ChangHua
Do you think I am an idiot?
Check it out first
The living room has a sofa,
TV and refrigerator
and the environment
is very clean
I have never seen such a tidy house before
the bed is really comfortable
try it out yourself
This bed is hard
You should be hungry by now
I have prepared this ChangHua's famous treat
Here... the sticky rice
Ugh... one only...
If you don't need anything
else, I am leaving
For location shooting, I need $3,000 more
I have to stay at this kind of hotel
I need $3,000 more
of course
if you can pay $30,000 more,
then you can stay with me tonight
Good night and sleep tight!
Have a good night...
I am leaving too... bye-bye
Huh... What?
Come here...
Come here and take a look
at our live-broadcasting
over 320,000 viewers
Didn't you only have about
100,000 viewers before?
Look at the comments below
What is this white spot?
What is this?
Let me tell you
This will spread out like crazy
We will have $300,000 very soon
What $300,000?
If our viewing rate passed
2.5 million people,
then we will get paid for $300,000
Look at the picture below
What's wrong?
How come I am starting to get dizzy?
Are you okay?
Let's take a break in the room
Let me cover you up and
take a rest
What? You are scaring me?
...over 320,000 viewers
Are BBs thinking of Yi-Yi?
Of course, Yi-Yi misses you very much
Hi Steven, Yi-Yi also loves you
Hi Pon, have not seen you for a while
Yi-Yi is living at a strange place today
Do you want to see?
Let me show you around
follow Yi-Yi
What a strange place
Let's go to the bathroom
It is very unique
but I cannot show you
It has Yi-Yi's sexy lingerie
Anyone want to come here to Yi-Yi?
Anyone want to come over?
No one is here... you are scaring me
Really, there is no one
Let me show you
Told you so
Come here right now
Why are so many people here?
Stop looking
- This is a crime scene...
- Please stand back
Stop damage our site
What is going on?
I know someone in there
Sorry, this is a crime scene
Stop damage our site
What's wrong?
Why is there so many people watching?
Who just slap you on your head?
My uncle
Your uncle
The one dressed like Zhong-Kui
That... and she
Why is she in there?
You told me we don't have any money
Since we have no money, so I
took her to my uncle's oyster shack
She was okay when I left yesterday
I don't know why today she...
All the sudden, today...
Oh no
Did you do something to her?
Are you kidding me? That is not funny
She is dead... What to do?
Dead... What do I do?
Calm down
What did the police say?
Police said needs to wait for
an autopsy to confirm
But my uncle just told
me she was actually...
She was possessed
and I have a stomachache... what to do?
Yeah, let me tell you good news
once you heard it then
your pain will go away
Guess how many people
has watched our video...
I don't know
Over 820,000 viewers!
This week can definitely
pass over 1.5 million viewers
and I have a thought
Don't say it
Maybe 15 million viewing rate is possible
Let me tell you
Let's film this crime scene tonight
and turn it into a show
you crazy
Are you crazy?
You are not the one who killed her
What are you thinking?
Stand back a bit more
Okay, stop... here
Take off your glasses
Wait a second
The hair is too messy
What to do?
Okay... that is good
My name is...
No, I can't. I am too shy
or else
Stop shooting
No, once more
One more time
I am Li Yan
I think I have seen you in tutoring classes
I want to ask you...
Our school in the next month...
No, I can't
has graduation dance gala
So, let me show you how
- Press which one...
- press this
My name is Lin Shu-Yi
You will be my dance partner, okay?
When I tell you to come then you will do so
Let me ask you
What do we do if we fail on filming this
Ugh, stop saying that
Okay, then let's pretend we have succeeded
We have succeeded this time
Viewing rate is high and we make some money
You make your wedding expenses
And then what?
You get married and have
children, and then what?
How do you pay the bills?
There is not that many ghost stories to film
If you really want to make money and save
then you need to find a real job
Can you stop nagging?
What are you doing?
The police are gone
Get off
Hurry up
Go get the key
This will definitely be a hit
Damn, there is still some hair left
This must be the anchor's hair
Finally, we got it
Will this picture be related to
the actual crime scene
We will bring you more evidence
and more leads
Quiet down
What you are yelling at?
What are you talking about
Shh! Quiet
I hear something
then take a look
Quiet down
Run, A-Gwai
Stop running
- They are here,
- hurry
Hurry up
Watch out
They are catching up
You two, stop running
Hurry up... What the hell?
Hurry up
Get off the car
Stop the car
They are gone
What are they trying to do?
Shooting at the location where
the girl committed suicide
One with pant half-way around the ankle
What do you think they are doing?
What do you mean?
Should we continue to chase after them?
I want to marry the love
of my life in 10 years
I am Li Yan
It's been 10 years
I really have calluses
Calluses are good
See my hands with all the calluses
You need to let it continue
to bleed so it won't hurt
I don't want to bleed
You have to
Keep playing
Huh, really
So strange
Did you forget?
I've just filmed about 5-6 segments
You can transfer these segments first for me
Can I wash my bottom first?
File transfer will be fast
since I have to put up
with you all these time
File transfer first
Can you be humane?
Hurry up, this is more important
Where did you guys go at this hour?
We were working
with great discovery
We found this picture
This is Yi-Yi, the big-boobs anchor we hired
She committed suicide by hanging yesterday
but you can never guess
who is the one beneath her
Shu-Yi, you are here
Do you want to help?
She slaps you
The morning news is out now
We will film her later
This is the girl
The bride who committed suicide
by hanging on the day of her wedding
My uncle said a Rope Ritual is needed...
to send her spirit away
Chen Hsiao-Li
I made this
What is it?
Last time we recorded together
I made a cover for
that CD
What is this?
The flower from our secret location
one petal at a time
What are you doing?
Let me go
Go away
Oops, sorry
broke your glasses
You are actually helping her
the glasses does not suit her
Quiet ugly
Ugh, why are you calling?
We are only joking with her
Go... Let's go
in case the teacher is coming
Let me help you
I jog down the lyrics in there
and you can finish the rest
What are you doing?
He said you are a good person
You are so pretty
and I am so ugly
Why do you want to be my friend?
Why do you say that all the time
I'm sorry
I want to be alone
Give it to me
Let go... give it back
Stop reading
Li Yan, you are a good girl
but I have someone in mind already
I hope you can find your
happiness in the future
Damn... I want to cry
Here you go
Okay, time for class
So, all these 3 people were your
high school friends
They were often bullying
your friend, Li Yan?
But Li Yan was dead already
Death by bullying
Then... I know what is going on
Finally I know what happened
This is the revenge by the evil spirit
What else is there
There is another person in the picture
This is Shen Qian-He
Where is she now?
It's not important where she is
What is important is that
we 3 need to be alive
Let's get out of this scary place
Jia-Wei, let me tell you
I don't care if this story will
become popular or not
and the viewing rate is not important also
I cannot make this money... I really cannot
but we are already in this deep water
What do you want to do?
make money
They are my classmates
and all you can think about is making money
Shu-Yi, listen to me first
Don't you want to know them
I don't want to know
Li Yan
Li Yan, don't be like this.
Why are you ignoring me?
Li Yan
Then, tell me, why did
they have that letter?
I don't know
Only you and I know about that letter
but I really don't know, it is not me
Don't come here
Stop talking to me
Li Yan
I did want to make money
The purpose of making this money is for us
for our future
We are getting married
but I have no saving
and finally I have this chance
of course I want to seize the moment
She slaps you
here you go
like to look, ah
What are you looking at?
Spray harder
- Go over there... hurry up
- Still looking
Why did you hit me?
Shu-Yi, you are here
Want to come and help?
- Come
- Why did you hit me?
Spray more
See if you still dare to look
What are you looking at?
still staring
more ah
- more ah...
- what the...
- Spray more...
- Why did you hit me
Who the hell are you?
Do you know how to spray... harder
She slaps you
What's wrong?
I am cold...
What's happening?
Let me get you up first
I am here...
Shu-Yi, what happen to you?
What is all the noise? What are you doing?
A-Gwai, look at her neck
What happen? What shall we do?
Call an ambulance
Hurry up
Okay, wait for me
I'll be ready, wait for me
Move away
It's her right-sided face
and the neck
This better work
You look for the police
if there is bad people
You look for my uncle if being possessed
Okay, you can open your eyes now
Shu-Yi, are you okay?
Is there any discomfort?
The scar is gone
I told you my uncle is the best
Thank you, Master, thank you
This curse is very hard to break
There is a curse followed her for sometimes
Looks like it is not yet mature
Then, why the outbreak
What curse? What mature?
This sounds like
a pimple
That is not funny
I am sorry... So Master
What should we do now?
Find the source
The source
Find out the reason first
all our karmic creditors
through all our lives
An eye for an eye... when will it ever end?
So we need to look for
the source in order to break the curse
We need to find out now
what this evil spirit desire
or else
no matter where you go
It will always follow you
You make it sound so scary, uncle
It's fine, and I am here
A-Gwai and I will find Shen Qian-He tomorrow
and find out where all these started
Hello, Is this Zhang-Cheng
Girls High School?
I am Wu from Tian-Tai TV station
I would like ask about an
incident of your alumni.
Is Shen Qian-He there?
Excuse me
Over there at No. 8th house
Is Shen Qian-He still live there?
Shen Qian-He? Shen Family?
They have moved away a long time ago
Her mom had a stroke
so they moved to a smaller apartment
Excuse me, have you seen a long...
very long rope somewhere around here
Eh... she is really here, what do we do?
What are you looking at?
Yeah, what are you looking at?
What are your looking at
She has been waiting for a long time
You told me to push
Why did you hit me?
Yeah, don't you know it is dangerous
If she is hurt, how can you ever repay her
Go apologize to her
So ugly
I am going to make you even uglier
You thought a boy will ask
you out for the dance
Okay, Shen Qian-He, stop toy her around
- So much fun...
- Let's go, let's go to the dance
Let's go quickly
This spell is for you to keep for safety
If you still feel discomfort
when you are home
Just burn the spell and drink it
Excuse me
Are you yelling at an elderly?
Am I supposed to welcome
you with red carpet?
Look what I found
I am telling you better
not be any shitty stuff.
No, it is not
Who is the girl?
Well, just another believer
Last time, she was here when
we were performing the Rope Ritual
I am sorry
Were you talking to me?
Oh no...
Do you know where she lives?
I don't know
You are hungry again...
Let me cook you something to eat
Another bite
Swallow it
Swallow it please
Swallow it
Another one
Whatever you want
Better starve to death
You are back
Where are you going?
I am all packed
Let's go back to Taipei
Listen to me, we found Shen Qian-He
Let's go over there to look for her
I just want to go back to
Taipei with you now.
I didn't want you stay here any longer,
but don't you feel a little odd?
2 out of 3 people were
already dead in this picture
It's possible Shen Qian-He is next
I am worried...
Shen Qian-He
Is it you?
Should be this one here
Where did you go?
I was downstairs eating
Never mind
Where is Shen Qian-He?
Okay or not?
Shen Qian-He
The voice is from the 2nd floor
Call an ambulance
Hurry up
Be careful...
I think she is still unstable
Come and leave your basic
information with me
then you can go
What about her?
We will have someone to stay with her
Don't worry and come down with me first
I am sorry...
I did not do it intentionally
I am sorry, it was not my fault
Please forgive me, please
I am sorry
Please let me go please
I am sorry...
I am sorry
This is the location
This was where Li Yan student
committed suicide by hanging
The dust
is probably due to construction around here
What is going on here?
Where was the rope at that time?
I remembered back then
Their family took it to the
temple and burned it
Oh yeah...
They did not do a good job
The curse is still around
and grows stronger these past 10 years
That is why terrifying
things is still happening
Then what shall we to do?
Let's deal with this now
Let's prepare for the Ritual tonight
The Rope Ritual tonight
This is way more severe than you can imagine
Nope, I... I have to report
this to the Principal
Oh yeah... about that
If the Ritual must be performed
Please keep it low-key
Please... you must keep it low-key
Thank you...
Low-key oh...
When I am performing the Ritual,
all of you need to be here
I don't want to... I don't even know her
You don't know her but she knows you
If you don't want to come, it is okay
then I won't know how you will die
You can go back to take a rest
You stay
You need to help me to prepare the Ritual
Don't look for me...
I am sorry...
Shoulder to shoulder
Looking into you
Wishing the time can stop
Sing and sing
Watching over the stars
and forget who we are
who can
cherish for me
I will be with you every step of the way
I did not know you can play guitar
Li Yan taught me how
We wrote this song together
I have never heard you talking
about Li Yan before
I am scared
I am afraid all this will
become real if I tell you
I am sorry
I don't know
The main switch is located in the basement
I will take a look
I'll go
It must be dirty there
You can take a break
Formula must be remembered
You will not be able to
solve these questions without the formula
Bye-Bye, Professor's assistant
You are here
I am so tired
Let's go
Hey, I think I have met you in
the tutoring classes
I want to ask you...
Next month the school has...
a graduation dance gala
Oh no, this is so hard
I made this
What is this?
Last time we recorded together
I made a cover for
that CD
Can you take this to him when you
go to your tutoring class?
Everyone can take a bathroom break and
come back to your seat
Are you okay?
Yeah... I am fine
Your knees are all bruised
Wait for me
Let me grab an ice pack
It's okay
Sit and wait for me
I'll be quick
ice pack
You will feel better when you ice it
Need my help?
Oh, no thanks
Did you really give him the CD?
I put it in his drawl secretly
Did he see it?
He said you are a good girl
Li Yan, you are a good girl
but I have someone in mind already
How come they have that letter?
I don't know
You like to stare huh...
keep staring ah
What are you looking at?
Spray harder
She slaps you
What the...
You really think a boy
will ask you to the dance
It just made you ugly
Let's go... don't mind her
Sorry, there were too many
people in the bathroom
This dance party is quite successful
- I have never been to one like this...
- huh...
I said...
This is a successful dance party
I have never been to one like this...
I know a good place
very beautiful
Let me take you there
I said I know a beautiful place
Let me take you there
Let's go for a night scene
Let's go
Why are you down here?
Don't act like this
Uncle, is it over?
It has just started only
Don't you guys leave this enchantment
Why don't you just burn the rope?
Burning the rope will only
temporarily stop the evil spirit
but the curse will only grow stronger
and will be even hard to break later
Keep the rope
so we can draw her out
and we can talk to her peacefully
to resolve the resentment
Tell me all your resentment
I will ask God to give you justice
Master, what is going on now?
Master, what should we do now?
Stay inside and don't walk around
Don't go over there
Sorry, it is not my fault
Come back
It is not my fault, and don't look for me
I don't know anything...
I didn't see anything
Watch out
A-Gwai, come here to help
What about this enchantment?
Don't mind the enchantment
Hurry up and burn the rope
Go get the rope
I got it
Wake up, A-Gwai
Shu... Shu-Yi
What are you doing, Shu-Yi?
Burn the rope first
But, Shu-Yi...
I... I found the rope
Burn it quickly
Hurry up, what are you doing?
Burn it
Let her go... you let Shu-Yi go
Let her go
Hurry up
We are running out of time
Can you please not hurt Shu-Yi?
I beg you
I beg you please
Burn it
Hurry up
and throw away
I am Li Yan
What are you playing?
A song composed by myself
I have calluses
Calluses are good
What are you doing?
Let me go
Why are you calling the teacher?
Then I can help you with your lyrics
Sing again
I will memorize
Sing and sing
Looking at those stars
then you forget who you are
Who can find me here
I will give my breathe to you
I am sorry
It's all my fault
Do you like to play guitar also?
I can teach you
Wake up, Shu-Yi
Are you sure?
Yes... no problem
I can actually walk by myself
Just for a little while
How are you feeling?
It's ok?
I am fine
Are you cold?
What's going on?
Why are you smiling like this?
We will arrive in 3 more hours
You can rest a little bit
I have enough sleep already
I am not going to sleep
"Our deepest condolences to those
who strangled themselves to the other realm"