The Roundup: Punishment (2024) Movie Script

Don Lee
Kim Moo-yul
Park Ji-hwan
Lee Dong-hwi
Help me!
Cho Sung-jae!
What do we do?
Sorry, sir.
THE ROUNDUP 4: PUNISHMENHey. You hid it there?
Grab him!
- Stay still.
- Let go.
Don't get yourself hurt.
Here it is.
Okay, okay.
Why won't it go?
What's wrong with this?
Turn it off.
- I got the key.
- Okay.
Did you cut the water?
Yeah, I did.
- And the circus box?
- Circuit box, located.
- You guys stay here.
- Yes, sir.
Let's head in.
- Elevators?
- None.
It's the roof floor.
This way.
- Should I open it?
- Yeah.
- Alright, don't move!
- Stop you bast--
- What's this?
- Huh?
- Shit, clean it up!
- What's this gate?
Hey, don't move!
Open this, you prick!
- You open it, fucker.
- Rip it off.
Huh? Rip it?
Yeah, rip it off!
- We're gonna need tools.
- Look for some.
Let me.
Wait, it's breaking.
Almost there!
- Bravo!
- Stay still, bastards!
Grab 'em! In the bathroom!
You prick!
Stay still.
You little shit. Know
how dangerous this is?
Got 'em all?
- Yes.
- Good.
- These pricks.
- Lemme see.
So many...
These are hidden everywhere.
Look at this.
They use this app to sell drugs.
Find the developer first.
Yes, sir.
New order!
- What's that?
- It just came in.
Maybe a food delivery?
This is the drug order.
First, let's clean this place up.
One's heading up.
Why's the gate broken?
There must be a reason, right?
Eyes down and shut up, okay?
How many delivery guys do they have?
It never ends.
Another one coming.
Places everyone.
Come on, jerks.
- Eat up, guys.
- Yes, sir.
- Jin-sook!
- Yes?
Some more meat, please.
Here's some pork skirt.
Thank you.
Thank you always for
coming all the way here.
No, it's because you
have the best food.
- It's so good.
- It is.
Let me know if you need anything.
- Will do.
- Thank you.
Her husband was stabbed on the job.
She raises a kid on her
own while running this place.
Come here.
Hold on.
Don't tell your mom.
It's just extra allowance.
- Thank you.
- Good.
How adorable.
- Dig in.
- Yes, sir.
What happened with the developer?
His name is Cho Sung-jae, and
we put him on the wanted list.
We got a call earlier.
He's dead.
Found dead in the Philippines.
His body was brought
back a couple days ago.
The cause?
Autopsy's tomorrow, so we'll see.
He was severely beaten.
Several ribs were broken.
The immediate cause was
a stab wound by a knife.
It went through his stomach
and pierced his heart.
Anything else we should know?
I checked his records,
It seems like his weight
dropped from 74 to 59kg.
No drugs were detected in his blood.
Perhaps he was exposed to
harsh treatment for a long time.
This wasn't an ordinary mugging.
You're policemen?
I'm Sung-jae's mom.
I see.
I heard...
he was wanted by the police.
What did he do wrong?
He got a job in the Philippines,
then it got hard to reach him...
Who killed my boy?
we're not sure yet.
Do you know the name of
the company he worked for?
HB Trading Co., I think...
We'll try our best to find out.
We're ready.
- Well...
- Alright.
Let my son breathe.
Hello, fellas.
- How've you been?
- Not bad.
Here's a gift.
The key to the first crypto coin.
Talk it up when it gets listed, okay?
I heard it's really tough, getting
a new coin onto a big exchange.
Can you do it?
Tell him how, Mr. Ko.
I'll be meeting the last reviewer soon.
I'll make sure it goes
well. Don't worry.
Well, let's leave that
to the professional,
and just think about where
to enjoy the rest of your life.
Looks like our shares are sorted out.
I'm trusting you, Mr. Jang.
You were always the IT genius,
so I can count on that, right?
Jeez, I'm too old for nicknames!
You heard what happened to Cho?
Don't get any ideas.
I added more members,
why's my share the same?
Jang isn't keeping his promise.
We got the new website's location.
- Get ready.
- Yes, sir.
Yes, I'll let him know.
The cyber team just called.
The drug app's distributor got caught.
Cho wasn't the distributor after all.
In college, he made an app,
for students to share papers.
But the source code was open.
To the public.
Well, let's go before it closes.
No, not like a store that's open.
It's called open source.
It's software with a source code
that anyone can modify or distribute.
So, you're saying it wasn't Cho.
- Right!
- I just made it confusing.
I checked out Cho's company
in the Philippines.
But the phone number's wrong,
and it's been shut down.
Should we call his
mother to find out more?
Yeah, I'll do it.
- Back to work.
- Okay.
This is Detective Ma,
Metro Investigations.
Is this Sung-jae's mother?
Detective Ma?
She had no family, so we
held the funeral for her.
And she left this.
It's me.
- Begin shutdown.
- Yes, sir.
Do it.
What's going on?
What's happening?
Fix it!
Let's go in.
- Shit.
- You fuckers!
Get out!
You fuckers!
Come out, you bastards!
I'll blow your heads off!
Don't kill me...
When Cho worked in the Philippines,
He synced his account on a cloud.
So there was backed-up data.
It's like syncing data
when you get a new phone.
I never switch phones.
Who has time to re-enter
all those phone numbers?
That's why you sync it.
Anyway, Cho made
this in the Philippines?
But while I was downloading it,
someone hacked into the
cloud and deleted the data.
I couldn't recover the
website's address and name.
Sorry to interrupt,
but shouldn't the cyber
team take care of this?
Yeah, Seok-do isn't
really the tech-savvy type.
This is a homicide, so it's our job.
You find the computer guys,
I'll get the guys behind the job.
- Okay?
- Yes, sir.
Where's Captain? Did he go out?
He was just here,
- Tae-su.
- Jeez!
Where are you running off to?
Did you see my proposal?
I didn't!
Propose something
that'll bring results.
Why investigate digital
crime all of a sudden?
So you did see it.
People will laugh if you
investigate digital crime.
Just stick to beating up thugs.
Hey, someone died!
I'm a cop, they're bad guys.
Hey. Make a fist.
What about it?
Is this a digital fist?
Can it fight digital crime?
You know what crowd syncing is?
What is it?
See, you're so ignorant.
You get a new phone,
and a whole crowd comes
to set it up for you.
You don't know a thing.
What crowd?
Stop saying useless crap.
The initial setup is done,
and we're ready to roll.
Let's get two cyber team
guys and make a taskforce.
Seok-do, this isn't the kind
of case we can handle.
I gotta catch these guys.
We cleaned up here.
I'll give you admin approval.
How many members have you got?
Get 100,000 more, and
I'll up your share by 10%.
Keep your word this time.
Fuck, what's with his manners?
Hey, we have new team members.
Let's say hello.
I'm Han Ji-su from the cyber
division. Nice to meet you.
I'm Gang Nam-su, digital forensics.
Welcome, let's get started.
Come on, listen to them.
It's their first time here.
We've met already.
A few days ago.
This is the casino's main page
that was on Cho's cloud.
First, we need to find
out who runs this casino.
But since we're lacking info,
we'll have to start from scratch.
I thought the setup was done.
- The setup is finished.
- Yeah?
- But we're starting over.
- What?
Bad guys never stop at just one victim.
We need to catch them
before more people die.
Officer Han, look at this.
Isn't this it?
It looks like it.
It is.
We found it!
Got it?
Take a look here.
What's the name?
Emperor's Casino.
I'll send you the link.
- Try getting the IP address.
- Alright.
I need an invitation
and approval to sign up.
Also, you need to send in game money
before they accept you.
But we have no expense account...
Oh, I can take care of that.
- Cap.
- Yeah?
Let's go.
You won't understand a thing
here anyway, so let's go.
- Where?
- Just come.
Can I come too?
I never had a chance to go on site.
Hey, get her a stab vest
and a loaded gun.
Yes, sir.
Just kidding, come along.
- Come on.
- Thank you!
If I was just a bit late,
I might've missed this show.
My god.
This place, you know,
already made a deal with me.
What the hell are you doing here?
This joint, you know,
was always our turf.
What're you blabbering
about, you stupid mophead?
You're a dickhead.
You're the head dick.
Stop it right there.
You little pricks.
Hey, man.
We're busy. So get lost.
You shit!
You crazy?
Hey, you jerks.
Better behave yourselves.
Stand up straight.
Why are your boys so aggressive?
They're newbies.
So they didn't recognize you.
I've been calling you. What's all this?
This jerk keeps crawling
into my territory.
Has no sense of business ethics.
No, that's not it. He's the
one butting into my turf.
Wanna die, jerks?
- No, no.
- Course not.
- Settle it.
- With him?
Officer Han, arrest them.
- What?
- Arrest them.
- Sorry, man.
- I'm sorry.
Sharing is caring, right?
Now that you've settled,
pay up.
You, pay 3. You, pay 5.
Why should I pay 5?
- Wanna know?
- Yeah!
Pay 2 more and I'll tell you.
- Still wanna know?
- Of course not.
Hand it over.
Make an account and
use this for game money.
Yes, sir.
Any of your guys been in
the online casino scene?
- No.
- Nope.
Then find one.
Let's go.
He keeps getting bigger.
Must be from grubbing money.
Why are there more clothes?
Jang needed more cash,
So we had to get more stuff to launder.
Don't send him the money.
That'll put me in a difficult spot.
I'm loyal to you, Mr. Baek.
Take care of the developer
for our new building,
then I'll pay you $1 million.
Don't worry.
Just keep watch for a few days.
Wow, great appetite.
You starve or something?
We got the goods.
Hey you didn't have to call.
You haven't raised my share yet.
You don't want your money?
Send me the money first.
You've got a hefty cut already,
no need to haggle for more.
Don't be such a wuss and send it now.
You talk too much.
This is...
my last--
Yes! I hung up first, you bastard!
How dare an employee
haggle with the boss!
Let's head to Korea.
Stay healthy, soon you'll
be rolling in dough.
Yes, sir.
- Mr. Kwon.
- Yes, sir.
Have you ever run a casino?
- A casino?
- Yeah.
One of my boys isn't cooperating,
so we need a shakeup.
I'll do whatever you ask.
See you.
What a pain in the ass.
Sorry for talking about
work while we're eating.
Any progress yet?
We've used up all the money
to sign up for more accounts.
Other than that, not
much we can find out.
You keep saying that.
My superiors are demanding results.
They use overseas IP address,
so it's hard to trace.
If we had a peek into
their internal workings,
that'd help us get started.
Did those thugs call yet?
Oh, right.
Hurry, hurry!
Hello, sir.
Wanna die?
Why didn't you call?
I was just going to.
I know one guy. He ran a casino,
then took it online and
went completely bust.
Who is it?
Baby, thanks for the gift.
Sorry about yesterday.
You know I'm crazy about you? So hot.
Gimme a break.
Good afternoon, sir.
Did you rig the new machines?
Yes, they're all ready.
Show me.
Hold my Gucci.
A new record, again!
I made sure it won't go past 8000--
Hey, lower it to 7000.
Hurt their pride, then people--
That's my car.
Who the fuck touches my car?
Who are you?
Move your car, jerk.
It's parked illegally.
Fuck this shit.
How'd you know I was here?
Look at this bastard,
now ripping people off
with rigged machines.
This oldie's preaching at me again.
Who says I rigged this thing?
This is a democratic nation.
- You didn't rig it?
- No.
Turn it on.
- Don't!
- Move aside.
- Move.
- Stop.
- Please don't.
- Step aside.
What the...
You weren't lying.
Sorry I didn't believe you.
Come, we gotta go somewhere.
You're dragging me into trouble again.
I won't go!
You know how much I make per hour?
Almost got killed last time.
What do I get for helping you?
Start walking if you
wanna keep that car.
That's it? After all we've been though?
Come on.
That motherfucker.
Not coming?
I'm coming.
My Gucci.
Better give us straight answers.
I ran an online casino once
hoping it'd rake in big bucks.
How'd you build the software?
What am I, Steve Jobs?
I bought it, obviously.
To save money, some places kidnap
programmers and force them to work.
But not me.
I set up an office overseas,
hired legit staff, and ran
it clean, by the book.
Everything you just
said is illegal, dipshit.
Know this site?
Sure, I do.
That's what got me
into that damn business.
You know how much they make?
$200,000 a day. What's that in a year?
$73 million.
Take a look.
These restaurants all look different,
but one place runs them.
They run the whole show.
It's a monopoly.
In online casinos, live
feeds bring in the real cash.
Wouldn't you rather play live?
We wouldn't play at all, idiot.
Where'd you run the server?
Is she serious?
In the Philippines.
For how long?
Thanks for asking.
I wouldn't be so
upset if it lasted longer.
After 3 days, some bastards came,
and trashed the whole place.
I almost got killed too.
Where are those bastards?
How the hell do I know?
I'm not a detective.
But I know where their agent is.
You guys don't know anything?
How do you catch bad guys?
Tell us.
For stuff like this,
you gotta bring in
an expert like myself.
Spill it, now.
Let's see.
Let's move!
Yes, sir.
Hey, you're coming too.
- What for?
- Now.
- Be safe, everyone.
- Yes, sir.
Here comes more trouble.
- Go ahead.
- One more for Banker.
Three. Banker wins.
How's it going in there?
I'm fucked.
We only have $5,000
left. Let's focus, okay?
Are you kidding me?
Patience is key. Don't you detectives--
Pull yourself together, please.
You okay?
Watch what you say.
Back it up.
Real men play big. Going all in.
What are you doing?
Win big or bust.
- Stop--
- Shut it.
Call it.
Player zero.
Banker nine. Banker wins.
I'm fucked.
Let's go.
My Gucci.
Gimme a whiskey.
These tiny bets are killing the vibe.
So lame.
Know any bigger place, baby?
Ever rode in a Porsche?
You're bored here, right? No thrill.
Compared to Vegas,
this place is a total yawn.
Should I show you another place?
I know a great one.
You sure?
He took the bait. Get ready.
Check this out.
You can play live on your phone.
I'll help you sign up.
Baccarat, Hold 'em,
Badugi. We've got it all.
- Is this a joke?
- Sorry?
I want the real deal,
not this small-time stuff.
Fuck this.
Hey, ease up there.
Let me handle it, I've got this...
Sir, please wait.
Let's hear him out, okay?
- Shall we, baby?
- Yes.
- Sure.
- Let him talk.
Why the rush, sir?
In that case, we've got a VIP program
on our website called Emperor's Casino.
the minimum bet is quite high.
Shit, he thinks we can't afford it.
How much?
One million.
One million? What do
you say, Detective?
You idiot!
Get him.
Stop them.
Don't move!
Step back.
Get away from me!
Put it down!
You bastard! Grab his arm!
Get off me!
Drop the knife--
Want a piece of me?
How's your hand?
It's fine.
Wake him up.
He's not dead?
- Let me see.
- I'm alright.
You're bleeding, you crazy fool.
You're not gonna talk?
I told you, I'm just a salesman.
Enough with your bulishit.
What the fuck?
Hey, don't look at him.
He's a serial killer from China.
I said, don't look! I'm not either.
See my hand?
He'll chop off anything he sees.
Seems like he lost a lot
of money at your casino.
He's out for blood, hunting
for any one of you.
So, you'd better just--
Leave this fucker to me.
I can protect you as
long as you cooperate.
There's this guy, Choi Yu-seong.
He lets me handle sales.
And he takes 70 percent,
leaving us basically nothing.
70 percent? What an asshole.
He's exploiting you.
He's a classic gaslighter.
Where is he now?
That's him, right?
- Try to be discreet.
- Okay.
Jeez, my back!
He's out of the car.
Should we tail him?
Hold on.
Go in.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Where's Mr. Choi Yu-seong?
We know he's here, so tell us.
Who's asking?
We're the police.
- Wait here.
- Why?
Found him, over there!
Hey, stop right there!
You little shit.
Hold 'em back!
Police! Out of the way.
He's getting away!
Freeze, I said!
Son of a bitch!
Choi Yu-seong!
- Hey!
- Let's go!
Why's this car here?
There must be a reason, right?
- Damn, he's quick.
- Well done, sir.
Let's go.
Yes, sir.
You scared me.
Are all mercenaries like you?
Is being sneaky some
professional habit?
My share.
Raise it now.
Why so impatient?
It's too big a pie for me
to eat alone anyway, right?
We're planning to list
President Jang's cyber coin.
We're almost ready, and
secured the investors too.
If we create buzz using
President Jang's fame,
and bring in investors
at the right moment,
the coin's value will
skyrocket in no time.
Then people will pour
in like ants to sugar.
You see, its huge ups and downs
make it so easy to drain their wallets.
President Jang.
Answer my question.
listen, will you?
If we nail this, the casino
won't even matter.
You won't have to stash cash anymore,
or ask Choi for help
laundering the casino money.
That's right.
Maybe he didn't quite get it.
Mr. Ko...
How much time has
that reviewer cost us?
We're still working on him.
Other reviewers are all sorted,
he won't hold out long.
So move your ass and handle it now.
Chang-gi, this is great.
While you're here, can
you deal with the reviewer?
Once we get his approval, it's game on.
Help me on this
and you'll get the casino
shares and the admin key!
Keep your word this time.
Anything yet?
Yuseong Apparel is basically
a front for money laundering,
exporting knockoff clothes
and funneling casino money into Korea.
He's a frequent gambler
with a fraud record,
but the place didn't have a
proper setup, let alone server.
He's not our guy.
Where's all the cash you
took from this account?
Or where in the Philippines
do they run the website?
Tell us that.
I... don't know.
Sure you do. Come on, spill it.
I did what I was told, that's all.
You wanna take the fall for them?
They're just using you.
Can't say it.
They'll kill me.
Hey, ever heard of the "Room of Truth"?
If you don't talk now,
he'll kill you first.
I don't want to die really.
Then, just tell us who
you're working for.
I want my lawyer.
It's a winning lottery
ticket worth $2 million.
We bought it, paying an extra 30%,
so that you can keep your hands clean.
Please go ahead, take this,
and just give our coin the green light.
I'll pretend I didn't hear that.
Don't make me report this.
Fuck, you really don't get it.
This is
your last chance.
You can't--
I'm not done yet.
We're dumping Ko's body at your site.
Man, you shouldn't have killed him.
Why not?
I mean, it's not that big a deal,
I'm just worried for you.
Choi Yu-seong was arrested.
He won't talk, right?
I got him the best lawyers,
but if he rats to the cops, we're--
That motherfucker...
Arriving at three. Get 'em ready.
Mr. Choi.
Your lawyer's coming
at three. Come out.
- What's this?
- Food delivery.
Who's paying?
We didn't order anything.
It says Investigation Unit.
I don't think...
Where's Investigation?
What's going on?
Everybody out, now!
Who ordered it then?
Mr. Baek, I said nothing--
What the...
For fuck's sake...
Chang-gi's become a real handful.
He doesn't know his place.
Mr. Kwon,
given what he did
in the police station,
he'll end up killing me next.
Let's cut him loose.
Ko was handling
Chang-gi's casino funds.
Let's make it look like
he was killed for stealing.
When the cops close in, we'll
corner him and kill him first.
So cold.
What's this smell?
Name, Ko Jae-hyuk.
After being fired for insider trading,
he's been managing the
finances of the wealthy.
The body was found
inside a shipping container
owned by Yuseong Apparel.
Just as we figured, this is
tied to the casino as well.
Also, the stab wounds on this body
resemble those of Cho Sung-jae,
who was killed in the Philippines.
We could be dealing
with the same murderer.
Looks like he was advising
multiple firms before he died.
According to his friends,
he boasted that he'd pull
off something big soon.
Do we have the firms' list?
Yes, we'll need to visit
and check each one.
A man was found dead in a
container at Incheon Customs.
Police suspect foul
play and are examining
nearby CCTV footage for possible leads.
More from the reporter on this.
At 8:30 this morning, a body
was found in a container
owned by Yuseong Apparel,
a clothing export company.
The man was identified as
a private banker managing...
Man, it's got a sweet ass.
Not this fucker again...
What does he want now?
Hey, I can't talk for long.
I saw the news.
Oh, that?
I guess my guys weren't careful.
I'll look into it.
You still there?
Look, I'm busy prepping
for the listing ceremony.
Let's talk tomorrow.
I'll meet you wherever.
No, I'll visit you.
Fuck, what a creep!
- Mr. Kwon.
- Yes.
Beef up our security.
Can I get a gun too?
To blow his head off.
A gun?
I'll see what I can do.
One of the firms that trusted Ko
with their assets is QM Holdings
and they're having a
listing ceremony tonight.
Please cross your arms and shake hands.
Everyone, meet our investors.
QM Holdings is owned
by Jang Dong-cheol.
He's been called the "Igenius" since he was a kid.
He made a fortune developing
various software programs.
Now he's jumping into the crypto scene.
We won't know until we shake him down.
What floor?
The 20th.
Going up.
Stay here.
Yes, sir.
Come up to the 19th.
Should I go that way?
Excuse me.
May I see your ID?
Are you a cop?
Seok-do! Hey!
What... Hey!
What are you doing?
Let her go okay?
Don't do it.
Press down hard.
No, wait.
- She'll bleed a lot.
- No, no.
No, fuck!
You son of a...
Hang in there, okay?
You really won't talk?
Trust me, I'm your person to talk to.
You're here.
Not much of a talker, huh?
I can fix this.
Thank you.
Hey, any news from the hospital?
Man-jae's fine, and
on his way back now.
The lady is recovering too.
Man, I'm pissed.
Who are these scumbags?
Baek Chang-gi and Cho
Ji-hoon, former ST mercenaries
who were expelled for causing
huge civilian casualties.
Their discharge lines up with
the launch of the casino.
So they killed Cho Sung-jae,
when he refused to cooperate,
along with Choi Yu-seong,
their money launderer,
fearing he'd talk.
It's clear they went to
see Jang that night.
That means
Jang's the mastermind
behind the casino.
But we don't have any evidence yet.
Find out how Jang and
these scumbags are related.
Yes, sir.
Deputy wants both of you.
Tell me one concrete result.
So, the thing is...
Cho gets killed,
our station raided, a body
turns up in a container!
What were you guys doing then?
Is President Jang connected?
It's said he's at the
top, stacking cash.
We have no...
We're still looking for evidence.
What about Baek?
You sure he didn't flee the country?
it's time to pass this case
to another team, right?
You can't do that.
I'll finish this for sure.
You had your chance. Get out.
Come on, you can't
do that. I said I can--
Jeez, you've changed.
Ever since your promotion...
Let's break up our team
and transfer the case.
Things got out of hand.
Study hard.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
What are you doing here all alone?
- Why did you come?
- To drive you home.
Drink with me.
Good evening.
Hello, again.
- Hello.
- Hi, doing homework?
- Bring the glasses.
- Here.
can't we just keep digging on our own?
Stop that talk.
They're expanding with
more websites now.
Even made it easier to sign up.
- What's that?
- There's a fight.
- Stop the car.
- Yes, sir.
What's wrong with you?
Stop it!
So many damn thugs in this country...
- I said stop!
- Come here, bitch.
Oh, shit.
You alright?
We're cops.
Don't move, you prick.
What the...
Stop, you'll kill him.
How come you three couldn't stop...
Guess nobody can.
These restaurants all look different
but one place runs them.
It's like a monopoly.
He said they're a monopoly?
Yes, sir.
I wish the police had caught
Chang-gi at the ceremony.
My nerves are killing me.
He won't make a move with
the police watching so closely.
No, Mr. Kwon.
Fear was never written into his genes.
You have his location, so bring him in.
Yes, I will.
With Chang-gi gone,
who will I play with?
Today at Seo-il Police Station,
Mr. Choi of Yuseong Apparel
was murdered while
detained for questioning.
Police are investigating,
and searching for a suspect
caught on a CCTV camera...
let's go to the Philippines.
I started this to end it.
So I will.
Looking for me?
Thought you ran off.
You bastard!
You fucking...
You son of a...
Did Jang promise you the casino?
- Hey.
- Yes?
You know what rich people want?
To get even more.
But I'm going to share.
- What do you say?
- Sure.
Why can't you let this one go?
with digital crime, you
can't chase what you see.
Gotta make them move first,
and when do they move?
When a rival thrives.
They can't stand that. Why?
Obviously, to take it all themselves.
To monopolize.
Can I do it?
Do what?
I really need to catch these guys.
I'll go talk the the Deputy.
No, not the Deputy.
Don't even think about it!
Excuse me.
What the hell?
I'll handle this case.
Seok-do, get up now.
How dare you do this in
front of the Commissioner?
I made a promise to
the victim's mother.
I'll finish this case.
I said no.
Get up!
We're about to bust
three digits worth of men.
Three digits?
That's right!
I'll get it done, trust me.
But still--
Go for three digits.
Yes, sir.
Bring me the proposal.
Yes, I'll prepare it.
I won't let you down!
It may take a long time,
to round up criminals.
The law can never be ahead of crime.
Still, if you try hard,
you can catch up.
I'll take that to heart.
Thank you.
You've changed.
Detective Ma, right?
Yes. I'm really sorry, sir.
That's how a detective should be.
This is a big case now. If
things go wrong, I'm dead!
Okay. Gather 'round!
Yes, sir.
Listen up.
We're going to strike Emperor's Casino.
We gotta seize their main server,
to prove Jang's behind this.
What about Baek?
If we get to the casino site,
he'll rush to meet Jang.
That's when we'll catch him.
That's all good,
but how do we find where they work?
We'll build a rival site.
Then they'll come after
us to shut us down.
- Understood?
- Yes, sir.
Gotta catch them all at
once, or they'll slip away.
Yes, sir.
Oh, and listen up.
It may take a long time
to round up criminals.
Because the law can...
be ahead of crime.
But crime...
always tries hard.
What are you saying?
You heard it with me earlier.
We set this up ourselves?
The expert will.
What do you want?
I'll give you the money,
you just set it up.
You're killing me.
What do I gain from this?
Is that really needed between friends?
Who says we're friends?
It means even blood brothers must
be exact when it comes to money.
Take this.
I asked my superiors for it,
since I needed an expert like you.
It's a special badge for secret agents.
This is yours.
Gosh, you're playing me again.
If we have unique tasks,
we hire specialists for them.
You stupid.
How can I trust you?
you can't trust a cop?
Thought you've always
wanted to be a cop.
If things go well, I was also
gonna clear some charges.
Give it back.
I'll ask another guy.
- Hold on.
- Give it back.
Mind your driving.
Then, I'll be treated like an officer?
For sure.
Your rank is corporal!
It's fucking awesome.
Secret agent...
What's this English mean?
So, what is it?
It means Police's Dark Army.
Dark Army as in secret agent.
I see.
Then what's this bird?
An eagle?
A fuzz bird!
Fuck me, so that's why
cops are called fuzz?
Secret agent?
I like it.
- Lets do this.
- Yeah.
Let's roll, Detective!
Let's go.
- Behind you.
- Watch out.
Back it up.
Connect through a VPN
for an overseas IP address.
Yes, ma'am.
- He killed him here.
- He was? By him?
Report when everything's set.
Yes, sir.
Where's Seok-do?
Detective Ma, who will hire the staff?
You will.
A team for operation, payout,
charging, an exchange is a must.
We also need a maintenance team.
When the page freezes
when you're losing,
you grow suspicious.
We need staff on rotating
shifts to run it 24/7.
Investigations, take over operation.
Yes, ma'am.
- Cyber team is payout.
- Yes.
Everything money-related
goes to Intelligence.
Yes, ma'am.
Forensics will take maintenance.
Now, we're all set.
Good job.
When's the flight?
We can go now.
Money's ready, too.
- Okay.
- What flight?
No need to prepare, just go.
Where? I got work to do.
To the Philippines,
to set up the studio.
Gotta make it as good as theirs.
I have to supervise here.
Detective Jang.
We're counting on you.
We might miss the flight. Let's go.
Police Dark Army.
Let's fucking do this!
That's the spirit.
- Let's go.
- Let's do this!
- Let's roll.
- Yeah.
- See you guys.
- Take care.
- It's steaming hot.
- Okay.
Take it off.
Excuse us. So sorry.
- What, you shit?
- Don't start with him.
What? You ugly-looking dickhead.
Let's go inside.
- he got a nice place.
- Right?
Hey, great job.
It's empty.
Now we'll set it up.
- Well done.
- Okay.
Hey, what is he saying?
He wants 30 grand.
That's not what he said at first.
- He's not making sense.
- Is he ripping us off?
[Filipino] Get lost.
The deal is off, so leave now.
How much did you expect?
I know it's 15 grand.
I'm no pushover.
Get lost!
Why are you siding with Koreans?
We Filipinos should
help each other out.
If we treat them well this time,
we can rip them off big next time.
Okay, how much then?
Now, pay him. He won't ask for more.
Good job.
- We good now?
- Buy me some T-shirts.
- Okay, deal.
- I'll buy you one.
- We're ready outside.
- Yeah?
We're ready.
We're all set.
I asked for the local police's aid.
So be good with them.
Yes, sir.
Start now.
It's running well with no lag.
Can't wait to see that arrogant face.
Where's that motherfucker?
It serves him right,
that son of a bitch.
Mr. Kwon, I didn't know
you were this good.
But you got bruises on your face,
was that Chang-gi?
A hell of a fighter, no?
Where is he?
Over there.
The piece you asked for.
You really got this?
It's heavy.
Mr. Kwon.
Thank you for your hard work.
Nerves of steel!
You've got big balls.
I'll go kill him.
Hey, Chang-gi!
Where the hell is he?
Hey, Chang-gi--
Those bastards. He's not even tied up.
Oh, no.
One more step, I'll blow your head off.
What's the admin key code?
You wanna know that
when you're about to die?
God, you stupid moron!
It's 159357, you bastard!
Shit, that son of a bitch.
Kwon, that fucking asshole.
Shit, back off!
Back off, you prick!
You fucker!
What use is the code?
You can't unlock it
without me, dickhead!
I don't need you.
I just need this.
Son of a bitch!
Ah, my finger!
Should've kept your promise.
That prick.
I almost pity you, seeing you go.
Any last words?
Fuck you, asshole!
Excuse me.
This here...
What? Say it clearly.
Take a look.
What? Where is this?
It's Baguio, Region 2.
Fucking bastards.
Okay. Prepare for a shutdown.
Boss, there's a new
casino studio in town.
Wipe them out.
Yes, sir.
I got the key.
Drive to his villa.
They started the shutdown.
Prepare for their attack.
Yes, sir.
What's with your hair?
They're here. I see them.
There's no second chance.
Copy that.
What the hell?
Where are they?
Grab the server.
Yes, sir.
What is this?
I can't see.
Drop your weapon!
- Don't move!
- You bastards!
Come here!
Hey, drop it!
I'll kill her.
Drop the knife!
What are you doing?
- Kill her?
- Relax.
We heard you.
Step aside.
Okay, drop the knife first.
- Easy.
- Help!
Put it down!
- Calm down.
- Move aside.
You'll regret this!
Put that down and let's talk.
- Come on.
- Let's kill her.
I get it, so please stop.
Let's talk this out.
What do you want?
That's it, grab him.
Get him up!
Where is Emperor's Casino?
Hey, walk faster!
We got the casino's location.
We're on the move.
Move out.
Seok-do, be careful.
Don't worry, sir.
Boss, admin status updated.
I figured you'd be here.
I'll just take this. The rest is yours.
Or should we do this again?
I'm a busy man.
Let's go our own ways.
Go in, quick!
Move, move! We're the fuzz.
Everyone freeze!
Secure the upper left side.
Come this way.
Hands up, knees down!
Come here.
Help me.
Please work.
We need admin approval
to access information here.
Someone just changed the key
and backed up the data somewhere else.
Can you verify the IP?
Yes, I'll check.
Found it.
It's QM Holdings.
That's the backup server's address.
So it was Jang after all!
We got evidence against Jang.
But it looks like Baek is
trying to secure the server.
I got it.
Hey, floor it.
Don't spill, but hurry up.
Yes, sir.
You bastards.
Where's Jang?
Baek Chang-gi killed him.
Where's Baek now?
They went to the airport.
Look for them.
- Which flight?
- You look it up.
They have fake passports, so
the search turned up blank.
We're trying a different way now.
We'll use Baek's bio data
to find him on airport CCTVs.
We gave the airport his forensic data.
Officers there will start tracking him.
We need to stop them.
This is our last chance.
You said there are close matches?
Search 'em all if you have to.
Match rate is too low.
We're tracking only
50% matches or higher,
but there are too many.
Thank you, have a nice trip.
Good evening, sir.
Thank you.
I found him!
Astar Air KR620 bound for Manila.
Ten minutes till departure.
Got it.
Good evening.
To your right.
May I see your boarding pass?
This way, please.
Yes, this is Chief Ha speaking.
We're connecting the bridge
for an emergency arrest.
Police. May I enter?
Yes, this way.
Are you the police?
Sorry for the trouble.
How much time do I have?
You've got five.
Easy as pie.
This is the police.
Everyone, please step outside.
We ask for your cooperation.
Evacuate this way.
You two.
Stay still!
Flying comfy in first
class after killing people?
You again.
I made someone a promise.
To punish you.
Will you be okay on your own?
You prick.
It's so lonely.
Let's leave.
After finishing him off.
Can't leave.
I'm a cop.
So I don't hit people
with all my strength.
But you're an exception.
I'll do as I like. Okay?
Missing your knife?
You bastard.
Crazy fool.
You dumbass cop.
Just stay down.
You son of a--
Gonna spread jam on me?
I will.
Having fun?
Move forward.
Eyes on the floor.
You cops really risk your lives.
A big round of applause.
Hey, I saw you dodge like this,
- and bam!
- It's nothing.
It was amazing.
- Our shadow agent.
- Wow.
Are you alright?
Hey, Seok-do!
Good work.
- You okay?
- Good job.
What's this?
Go get this treated.
I'll take care of the rest.
Who's in charge here?
That'd be me.
Captain of Metro Investigations.
Our first class cabin's
been seriously damaged.
Please come inside with me.
Seok-do, did you break something?
Follow me.
- I just got here.
- You'll see.
They're coming out.
Captain, did you plan this operation?
Yes, I did.
Detective Ma, I heard
you led this case.
A word, please.
Anything you want to say?
- Hurry up.
- One by one.
As intellectual crime evolves,
the police remain dedicated
to protecting citizens.
I kept my promise.
Pull over.
Why's the traffic light so short?
What is it?
Honey, they're cops! We're so fucked.
Don't worry.
You know who I am? the plate number.
Good afternoon.
You ran a red light. License, please.
Good work, sir.
I'm one of you.
Step out.
You're under arrest for
impersonating an officer.
I am an officer.
FDA! Police Dark Army!
That's the U.S. Food
and Drug Administration.
Police starts with a P, not F. Get out!
Officer Kim!
Get out now.
- Out of the car.
- Honey!
Let go of me.
Hey, shadow agent. What's up?
You son of a bitch, you played me!
Police starts with P, not F!
In 2018, the police cracked
down on digital crime,
raiding an online gambling ring
and arresting over a hundred men,