The Rover (2014) Movie Script

We're not turning
around. He's gone!
What do you mean, "He's gone"?
He was still moving.
I fucking saw him still moving.
We killed people!
What do you mean? Turn
the fucking car around!
He's gone! What are
we supposed to do?
Damn it, this shit's not worth
it for me to leave him there!
We killed people, man.
God damn it! Please, I'm begging
you. He's my fucking brother.
I said this would happen.
Fuck you, Archie!
Fuck you!
You can't go anywhere
without your brother.
And I very almost got
my head blown off,
because he's a fucking baby
who can't look after himself.
- Fuck you!
- Sit still!
God damn it!
So then, now, look
what happens to him.
Can't be feeling
responsible for that.
If he was a man who
could look after himself,
he'd be accepting it right now.
Fuck you. Say that again.
You heard me. You know it.
Fuck you, Archie! Say that again!
If he was a man, he
wouldn't be crying about it,
he'd be accepting it.
Say that one more goddamn time.
I said it twice.
One more goddamn time, Archie.
If I said it again, I'd say
it the exact same way,
and that'd be three
times I said it!
Let's go. Come on,
come on, come on.
Come on!
Who's this?
- That's our truck, man.
- What?
What the fuck's he doing?
Jesus, fuck!
- Is he giving up?
- He ain't giving up.
What's he doing?
What's he doing?
He's gonna keep following us, man.
Okay, okay, okay.
Fuck you. Fuck you.
He's moving.
What's going on with you, brother?
I said what's going on, brother?
I want my car back.
Yeah, I can see that.
You ain't gettin' it back.
I want my car back.
If you don't give it to me now,
I'm gonna get back in that truck and
I'm gonna stay on you till you do.
What makes you think I
won't kill you right here?
Nothing makes me think that.
Come on, just for a little...
Area one, all clear. Over.
Do you need anything?
I'm looking for my car.
It's got three people in it.
It hasn't stopped here.
They needed petrol.
I haven't got any petrol.
Did you see it?
I haven't seen a car with three people
in it. Do you want to buy something?
I've got tins of stuff and some
auto accessories and other things.
I'm looking for a car
with three people in it.
Have you seen it?
Anyone else seen it?
I don't know.
Who would know?
Maybe Grandma.
Where's Grandma?
Down there.
I'm looking for my car.
It's got three men in it.
Did it come through here?
What's your name?
Have you seen it?
What's your name?
Have you seen it?
Do you want something?
Do you want to sleep with a boy?
I've got a boy here
you can sleep with.
He's smooth like the
inside of your arm.
Stop fucking whispering.
I need to buy a gun.
Stop fucking whispering.
I'll fucking kill ya.
- You understand?
- I need a gun.
Fuck this shit!
Fucking son of a bitch.
Shut up!
God, no.
Have you got guns?
What does it look like
I'm doing up here?
I heard you. I heard what you need.
Fucking psycho.
They're 30 each. That
one's 300. That one's 300.
And that one's 300.
I only take US dollars.
I don't have 300.
They're $300 US.
Can you do this one for less?
I told you how much they cost.
I don't have $300 US.
They're 300. You don't have
300, you can fuck off.
I'm looking for my car.
Have you seen it?
Tell me your name.
I want to know your name.
- Answer my question.
- Answer mine.
Answer my question.
I'm not gonna say it again.
I'll call you "my baby."
My baby.
There was a car
and it had three men in it and
it did what most cars do.
It came in one direction
and left in the other.
That's all I can tell you about it.
The only detail I can tell you is the
detail that pertains to this place.
I can tell you what they drank.
I can tell you what
they smelled like.
I can tell you what they
said, if they said anything
and if I heard what it
was that they said.
What did they say?
They didn't say anything.
They didn't stop here.
You must really love
that car, darling.
What a thing to get worked
up about in this day and age.
What is it about the car
that you love so much?
Can you tell me?
What's your name, sweetheart?
Oh, don't be silly.
Now you're just being rude.
What are you doing with this car?
It's my brother's car.
Who's your brother?
Where is he?
Where's Henry at?
Who's your brother? Where is he?
You tell me where he is,
or I'm gonna kill you.
Where is he?
There's no doctor here.
I'm about the most useful
person in this town.
If that gives you any idea how far
from having a doctor this town is.
Is there a doctor somewhere else?
Buy something.
I told you what I've got. I've got
tins of things and drinks and stuff.
I have to deal with
this shit all day.
I'm not joking.
You can say "please" all you
like, but I'm not joking.
Now, pick yourself
something off the shelf.
Pay Benny.
There's a doctor in them
hills there. Head east,
and follow the road that looks like it
leads to those hills, you'll get there.
It's got a big yellow fridge out the
front, says "Peeples" written on it.
Pull the gun out of your pants.
I've got a kid in the
car who needs help.
Pull the gun out of your pants
and put it on the ground.
He needs help.
Is this man your friend?
How much do you want
for doing this?
I don't want your money.
I've gotten pretty good
living without money.
I have to keep these guys locked
up in here now for the most part,
'cause people take them for food.
These guys came to me.
People just drop them off
and ask me to look after them
while they went away somewhere
or because they had to go
somewhere or do something,
and none of them ever came back.
I guess they've gone
looking for money.
Do you want me to take
a look at your cuts?
How ya going?
I'm well.
Um, do you wanna take a chair
while I have a look at you?
It hurts.
Do you want to take your hand away?
That doesn't look too bad.
That looks good. You just
need to keep this clean.
Tell me where your brother is.
I'll take you to him.
Tell me where your brother is.
He's gone south a long way from here.
I'll take you to him, I promise.
I'm just gonna get you a T-shirt.
Get up. We're leaving.
Maybe we should ask
what the lady says.
Get up.
- What was that sound?
- It's a car coming.
What car?
I don't know.
That's two cars.
- How long till they're here?
- A minute, maybe.
Who is it?
Get your rifle.
- Do you know them?
- Go and get your rifle.
Tell me what's going on.
Who are these people?
Get up. We're leaving.
Get up.
Where are we?
I'm hungry.
Go and get some food?
You're gonna start talking to me.
Don't fucking "what" me.
Where are we going?
I can't tell you nothing more
than I already told you.
I don't give a shit what you
think you've already told me.
Start fucking talking to me!
Do you even know where we are?
- What?
- Where are we?
Where are we?
I don't know.
You don't fucking know?
So, how are you gonna
get to where you're going
if you don't know where
the fuck you are?
Do you even understand
what I just said, half-wit?
We're going to Carloon.
We're going to Carloon.
I just asked that lady how
to get to Carloon from here.
I was gonna do that anyway
and you would've heard me
and you would've asked her what I
said, figured out what I said anyway.
I was gonna tell you anyway.
You wanna know so bad.
But you don't know exactly where
in Carloon we're going exactly,
so, I'm still in control here.
You don't know exactly where
in Carloon we're going,
so you got to take me with you.
I'm taking you with me
because if I get to Carloon
and your brother's not there,
I'm gonna slit your throat.
What you want with my
brother so bad, hmm?
Who are you?
I'm Rey. Is that what you mean?
Why are you here?
Me and my brother came out for
the mines. Like everybody else.
Why's your brother in Carloon?
That's where he was gonna go.
Why are you here and your
brother's in Carloon?
They had to get going
in a big hurry.
Why did he have to get
going in a big hurry?
I don't know.
I can't talk about it.
Why did your brother have to
get to Carloon in a big hurry?
I can't talk about it.
Well, whatever it was he did,
you got left here to die
while he was doing it.
- It didn't happen like that.
- Really?
How did it happen, then?
I can't talk about it no more,
just stop asking about everything.
'Cause I believe in God and I
know Henry believes in God,
and there's no harm Henry
would want to see me come to.
I believe in that.
Yet look at the harm you've
come to and where's Henry?
He's waiting for me.
He's not waiting for you.
Yes, he is.
No, he's not.
I'll tell you what God's given you.
He's put a bullet in you.
And he's abandoned you out here
to me, who feels nothing for you.
I couldn't give a fuck
if you die tomorrow.
God gave you a brother
who's not waiting for you.
He gave you a brother who's not
even thinking about you right now.
Just because you and him came
out of the same woman's hole.
The only thing that means
anything right now
is that I'm here and he's not.
Your brother left you to die.
That's what people do.
You don't learn to fight, your
death's gonna come real soon.
This is 5-1. Passage
is called 2-11.
We should be clear
or clearing shortly.
4-3-7 Echo.
4-3-7 Echo. This is K-K.
Do you copy?
Stop shooting!
I just wanted to fight.
I just wanted to fight him.
Let's go.
Come on.
That lady said it would take about eight
hours to get there, in the old days.
But it might take longer now 'cause a lot
of them old roads ain't there no more.
And all the roads are bad now anyways
so you can't drive fast on 'em.
She said about eight or nine hours.
She wasn't sure if it
was eight or nine.
She seemed a bit confused about it.
And why would he still be there?
He had to wait two
weeks for someone.
There's a man there he's got to
meet, it's gonna take two weeks.
You know this? Or this
is what he told you?
Your brother can't be trusted.
Is this something that you know or
is this something that he told you?
Both those things.
You work in the mines?
What do you do then?
I was a farmer. And now I'm here.
Then how come you learned
how to shoot so good?
You was in the army?
When I was a little kid
I grew up on a farm.
We had these neighbors, real old
man and lady, Verna and Clarry,
they's brother and sister.
And they lived on this
land that's all overgrown,
like you couldn't even tell what
they farmed, so overgrown.
And Clarry had these eight tractors,
and none of them worked properly,
so every morning he'd roll each one down
the hill till he got one of them started
and then use that one to
tow all the others back up.
He did that every day.
And when they died, their family,
who we'd never met before,
came around, cleared
out their house
and they found all this...
They found all this
weird stuff in there.
Like 50 therm...
Thermionic radio valves.
Like them real old valves
they used in old radios.
And pyramid of pumpkins.
And about 5,000 of these
little sticks about this long.
And each wrapped up in newspaper and
tied up at the ends with baling twine.
Why are you telling me this?
I just remembered it.
It interested me.
Not everything has to
be about something.
I'm tryin' to stop thinking about
that little girl who died, but I can't.
You shouldn't.
But I can't.
You shouldn't stop
thinking about her.
You should never stop thinking
about a life you've taken.
It's the price you
pay for taking it.
That's it, sweetheart.
Let's start with the eyelids.
I want you to roll over onto your
front, put your hands behind your back.
And do it slow.
And do it now.
When are you gonna
say something, cunt?
It's over.
It's over for you.
I know that.
That's good that you know that.
Do you know it, too?
Oh, I know it, champ.
I told you it.
Do you know it's over for you, too?
Whatever you think's over for
me was over a long time ago.
I'm asking about you.
Are you threatening me?
A threat means there's still
something left to happen.
What are you gonna do with me?
You're going to Sydney.
Why don't you just shoot me?
Why don't you do it?
That's what everyone else is doing.
Because me sending you to Sydney
tells Sydney there's a reason to
keep paying us what they pay us.
If we just shot every
idiot we wanted to shoot,
then pretty soon they'd start to wonder
what the fuck we're doing out here.
See, personally
I don't care about you.
I don't care if you get to Sydney and they
let you off or you bribe your way out
or whatever the fuck they
do down there these days.
I don't give a fuck.
I'm doing this for me.
You're doing what for you?
You're doing what for you?
I murdered my wife.
I followed her to a man's house,
I watched him put his fingers
inside her and I killed 'em both.
No one ever came after me.
Ten years ago.
I never had to explain myself.
I never had to lie to anyone.
I never had to run and hide.
I just buried 'em in a
hole and I went home.
No one ever came after me.
And that hurt me more than
getting my heart broken.
Knowing it didn't matter.
Knowing you can do something like
that and no one comes after you.
You do a thing like I did, that
should really mean something.
But it just doesn't matter anymore.
Well, champ.
Thing you did in Abo town is the
one thing that does matter to us.
Now you can do all the lying
and confessing you'd like.
What feeling do you have when
you wake up in the morning?
When your feet touch the floor?
Or before that, when you're lying there
thinking about your feet hitting the floor.
What does that feel like for you?
Do you know what I'm talking about?
No, mate. I don't.
You don't?
No, mate. I don't know what
the fuck you're talking about.
What the fuck?
Is that it?
That was easy.
Do I shoot him again
just to be sure?
That was easy. There
were only three of 'em.
Thought it was gonna
be way more harder.
You tied up?
I snuck up on these two.
They were just hanging there.
I came through the gate here.
I dug a hole out. Slipped
underneath the fence.
Get the truck over there.
Come on, man.
You want me to drive for a while?
I know I feel comfortable with someone
when I can just sit, not talking to them.
I just like sitting
there, not talking.
I just feel comfortable
sittin' there, you know.
I had a pain in my side real bad.
It's starting to hurt.
I think maybe I gotta
do something with it.
Don't look bad?
Let's put that bandage back on.
I think it broke, man.
You got any fuel?
50 US.
50 Australian.
US dollars.
I'm out of US.
I only take American money.
What's wrong with Australian money?
Either take it or leave it.
It's paper. It's worthless.
Yeah, whatever, mate, I don't care.
It's a piece of fucking paper!
Take it or leave it.
How much you need, man?
50 US.
Have you got any .38 in there?
Let me get a box of that.
And a box of 9 millimeter
for my friend here.
Thank you kindly.
There's the house.
All them others empty.
They ain't got people
in them anymore.
Are they alone in there?
For now they are.
Until them other people come, but that ain't
gonna be for another week or somethin'.
And there's Gordon, whose
house it is, but he's old.
Real old.
Do you know this?
I know it.
We'll go there in the morning.
There'll be less trouble.
I'm gonna kill him.
I'm going to kill Henry.
Go to sleep.
There's money up there too,
we can take if we want.
Go to sleep.
What you doing?
What you doing?
Just wait there.
They're asleep.
There's two in the back
room. I'll take them.
There's two in the room
on the other side.
If you take them, we'll bring
them into this front room.
Okay? But no shooting.
All right?
Don't say a word.
Slowly lift your
head off the pillow.
What the fuck?
Kick your blanket off.
Both of you get up.
Henry, wake up.
You gotta get up.
Rey, what the fuck?
You too, Gordon.
You gotta get up. You both
gotta get up outta bed.
What are you doing? Stop
pointing that thing at me.
Don't make me keep saying it.
You got to get up out of bed.
Sit down. Sit.
Sit on your hands.
What's going on in there?
See, Henry?
You gotta get up outta bed.
Rey, who's in there?
He won't get up outta bed.
Put the gun down, Rey.
You put yours down.
Rey, put the gun down.
I ain't playing.
Why are you doing this?
Why did you leave me there?
Leave you where?
You know where. On the
road, when I was shot.
Rey, we thought you was dead.
But I wasn't. But I wasn't
dead and you left me there.
Rey, I thought you was dead.
Now put down the fuckin' gun!
You put yours down.
What's going on?
I gotta piss.
Don't you fuckin' move.
I thought you was my brother, man.
God damn it, Rey! I am your brother.
Now put down the fuckin' gun.
I thought you was my brother.
Rey, if you don't put down
the gun I'm gonna shoot you.
All right? I ain't lyin'.
You was supposed to be my
brother, Henry. You told Pa.
Rey, put down the goddamn gun!
I thought you was my brother
and you just left me there.
What's going on in there?
What did you do to my brother?
Answer me.
What did you do to my brother?
I didn't do anything.
Yes, you did.
What did you do to him?