The Rowdy Girls (2000) Movie Script

[guitar playing]
comfortable now, people,
and a story I will tell
about a group of women
who were rowdier than hell.
Out there in the rugged west
where men are dumb as dirt,
trying just to stay alive
and keep from getting hurt.
Rowdy girls.
Sit tight and watch the
story of the rowdy girls.
While preparations were
making for his departure,
the Roman ladies take a step,
which was a perfect novelty
in the Republic.
About 20 years before when
Hannibal was ravaging Italy
and when the treasury was
very low, a tribune of people
named Opius had got a law
passed that no woman should
wear above half an ounce
of gold in ornaments,
or wear purple, or
ride in a chariot,
either at Rome or
within a mile of it,
unless she went to assist
at public sacrifice.
The ladies had
conformed themselves
to this law in a time
of general distress,
but they thought it
intolerable to the
under the restraint of
it now when the Republic
abounded with riches.
And they made a great
stir to get it repealed.
The consulship of
the austere Cato
seemed a very improper time
for moving this affair,
but their passion for
finery would brook no delay.
They prevailed with Valerius and
Fendanias, two of the tribunes,
to present their request
to the comeechia.
And contrary to custom,
ran thither themselves.
Neither the orders
of their husbands,
nor the rules of decency,
nor public authority
could keep them at home.
But there is no mischief of
which that sex is not capable
if you allow them to hold
amongst themselves assemblies,
private parties, and gossipings.
[guitar playing]
(SINGING) This yarn
spins back to 1886,
where we meet a desperate
woman tired of turning tricks.
She'd do most anything to make
a break from that bordello
and head out west to find
herself a decent fellow.
Velvet was raised
inside a house where
the beds creaked till dawn.
But her mama gave
her hope and pride
that kept her spirit strong.
Rowdy girls.
The rough and tumble
story of the rowdy girls.
[knock on door]
VELVET: Go away.
I'm sending another one up.
VELVET: No, you're not.
Now you know you
can't keep doing this.
You know you're Monsieur
Walkins' favorite.
Well, tell Mr. Walkins
that I'm under the curse.
Now move on.
I can't just go
down there and--
I said move on!
[guitar playing]
(SINGING) Now the meanest
girl around could put you 6
feet underground
or any other man
or woman who provokes her will.
When Billy Poke led the gang,
they all were doomed to hang.
But Mick was meaner still,
and she always shot to kill.
Rowdy girl.
Rowdy girls.
Oh, Mick, you know
what that does to me.
Yeah, Billy, I do.
Oh yeah.
I am the Brahma bull.
Oh, come on, Mick.
You know I hate
when you do that.
Come on, Billy.
You know you need the practice
to be a famous outlaw and all.
Take it.
Why don't you come
on over here, Billy.
See what a real
woman tastes like.
Come on.
Oh yeah.
Oh yeah.
[glass shattering]
You're one hell
of a woman, Mick.
You could say that again.
Don't forget.
I'm Billy Poke.
You certainly did.
[guitar playing]
(SINGING) Sarah was arranged
to wed a Texan Calahan.
But her heart was crying out
for the San Francisco Bay.
So she begged her beau, Rory,
to take her there by hand
and left a tear-stained
note for dear old dad.
Father, I am sorry to leave
without saying goodbye.
I cannot marry Mr. Calahan
as you have arranged.
My intention is to
go to San Francisco.
I know you don't approve of
Rory, but he is a good man.
I know he will take care of me.
Your dearest daughter, Sarah.
Tell me about San
Francisco again.
Do the ladies really
stay out all night there?
Don't worry, Sarah.
You know I'll send for you.
Well, if you love me,
you'll take me with you now.
If you don't, I'll have
to marry some old goat
I don't even know.
No, I can't.
I got business to attend to.
Now you know that.
I didn't want to
go with you anyway.
I'll get to San
Francisco by myself.
[knock on door]
Come on.
It went just like you
said it was gonna go.
Hand me the keys.
I didn't lose them.
Did anybody see you?
Hell no.
And it was a hell of a
lot easier than storming
in there in broad daylight.
-Let me see the money.
It's all there.
We're rich.
You done good, Cole.
Oh, I'm telling you, honey.
It was so easy.
I slipped the keys in, and
the safe opened right up
just like you said it would.
No guards, no nothing.
Velvet, I love you.
Take off your clothes.
You almost as smart as me.
Now you know how excited
bank robbing gets me.
I want to teach
you something new.
All right now.
You catch your breath.
Tell me everything
that happened, OK?
I went inside.
There was nobody there.
Shut the door.
Place was all dark.
Keep talking, honey.
I crawled on my
belly to the back.
I put the two keys in the safe.
That's a little tight.
VELVET: Sorry.
Safe opened right up.
There was the money,
just sitting there,
waiting for me to take it.
Are you sure you
closed the safe?
Yeah, yeah.
I locked it.
And nobody saw
you on the street?
Are you sure?
I done told you.
Tell me you're my girl.
Tell me.
I ain't your girl, Cole.
I ain't nobody's girl.
I told you that.
[muffled shouting]
You know why I ain't
your girl, Cole?
'Cause you're stupid.
Maybe someday, I'll
be somebody's girl.
I don't know who.
Sure ain't gonna be you.
Had so many men, I
can't remember them all.
But I gotta tell you,
out of all of them,
damn, you're the worst.
[muffled shouting]
Now settle down, Cole.
I'm taking all my
money, do you hear me?
I love you, Velvet.
Damn, Cole.
Now see, this is what
I'm talking about.
That's so stupid.
How many times do I have
to tell you to think ahead?
But I love you, Velvet.
And you hurt me real bad.
I don't have time for this.
Now Sweetwater is a friendly
and fairly quiet old town.
Though some of the
husbands around here
wish that Joe Pepper would
tame that friendliness down.
The Pepper Brothers,
Joe and Sam,
well, they're Sweetwater law.
But Sam's doing all the
work while Joe fools around
back there behind the stalls.
That's just boredom
talking though.
Someday, he'll learn
to fight against hate.
Hopefully, for Sam's sake,
it doesn't happen too late.
MRS. WHEELER: Oh yeah.
Mrs. Wheeler.
No, no, no.
No, Sam, this isn't
what it looks like.
Look, I-- I was just helping
Mrs. Wheeler find her--
SAM: Don't explain to
me, little brother.
Tell Mr. Wheeler when he gets
here in about five minutes.
Five minutes?
Oh my god.
I swear, Joe, you're
gonna get one of us
killed if you don't learn
how to keep them britches up.
You've seen enough.
Damn it, Billy.
You almost poked my eye out.
Mick, am I right?
It's the perfect
spot to take it.
Mick, we're wasting our time
with this Sweetwater stage.
It's too far out for payroll.
You know they're
switching stages.
Yeah, but not this one.
We do what I say.
You poking fun at me?
I wouldn't do that.
You're Billy Poke.
The boys will be
here in the morning.
Maybe I should do some
scouting or fix that wheel.
Never be another
woman like you.
I know.
Ugh, I'm bored.
Well, Romeo, in
my opinion, that's
a good thing for you to be.
You got no call to
to start in on me.
You see that it stays that way.
See, I ain't covering
for you no more.
Next time for you,
it's wedding bells.
Rangers haven't
caught Billy Poke yet?
Reward's gone up to
$1,000, dead or alive.
Damn, what did he do this time?
He robbed a stage in Abilene.
Killed everyone, even the women.
We aren't too far from Abilene.
Hey, isn't Jack
Calahan's new bride
coming in on the next stage?
You reckon I ride out
there in the morning
and give them an escort?
Sweetwater stage has no
payroll, and I don't want you
anywhere near Jake's new bride.
I hear she's a real
lady this time.
The Sweetwater stage is
right over there, Sister.
Where are you headed?
San Francisco.
Don't lie to the good sister.
Amanda, I suggest
you mind your place.
The team needs a rest.
I'll step on down, help you out.
All right, step on down.
We'll be spending
the night here.
Don't wander off too far.
Watch out for rattles.
There's more than one
kind of snake around here.
I got it.
Right this way, Sister.
I feel like I know you
already, Mr. Beaudine.
Call me Henry.
You see, what I really want
is to go to San Francisco.
Well now, Henry seems to
be a decent enough feller,
trying to make a break.
But there's something hidden
behind those pinstripes,
and that's a greedy old snake.
Velvet, she's got a lot to lose
with her money bag in sight.
And Henry tells Sarah, snatch
that bag this very night.
Where are you?
I've got the bag.
I knew that whore was
hiding something, huh?
She's a nun.
Oh yeah, that's like saying I'm
really gonna take you with me.
Where's the horse?
You said--
You are not going.
Neither are you, cowboy.
Let her go.
Get off her.
Now turn around.
Back up.
That's my money.
Give it here.
Come on.
It's my money.
Oh, whoa, hey.
Oh, I can't believe
you're so stupid.
He's dead.
Oh my god.
I-- I killed him.
Are you just gonna stand
there or are you gonna help me?
Sister, I can't.
Then you'll go to
jail for trying
to steal the church's money.
Get over here.
Come on, push.
SARAH: I am pushing.
Push harder.
Come on, missy.
Get your hands dirty.
Why'd you take my money?
Well, I needed it to
go to San Francisco.
What'd you need him for?
I couldn't go alone.
You didn't get very far
with the bag, did you?
Couldn't go without it.
And besides, I thought it
was the church's money.
I am the church.
Where's my mama's watch?
I don't know.
Did you let him take my watch?
Nuns aren't supposed
to hit people.
This one does.
Changed my mind.
You're riding out with me this
afternoon to meet the stage.
All right.
I'll be back in about an hour.
Get up and get something to eat.
JOE: Yeah, yeah.
Did you hear what happened?
Did you know the Lord
doesn't appreciate those
who partake in idle gossip?
This is hardly
idle gossip, Sister.
Mr. Beaudine ran off last night
and took one of our horses
with him.
I knew that man had no
character from the moment
I laid eyes on him.
You should pay more attention
to my guidance, Sarah.
Mrs. Wheeler.
Come out, come out,
wherever you are.
Mr. Wheeler will
be here any minute.
I am Mr. Wheeler.
Come on, little Susie.
Daddy wants some sugar.
Well, my, Mr. Wheeler, you
sure do look young today.
You are so strong.
So sweet.
I don't believe you're
Mr. Wheeler at all.
You don't?
You are an imposter, and
I'm gonna punish you.
Oh, I'm a bad boy.
Yeah, you're a bad boy.
I just love our
afternoons together.
Oh my god.
Oh my god.
I gotta go.
Mrs. Wheeler.
Oh my god.
Sam's gonna kill me.
Damn his brother.
Sam, sorry I'm-- Sam?
Hey, Chester.
Morning, Chester.
Morning, Sheriff.
That's a nice looking egg.
Morning, ladies.
Which one of you
is Sarah Foster?
I am.
Nice to meet you, miss.
I'm here to escort you to town.
Did Mr. Calahan send you?
Yes, ma'am.
Here we go.
Easy picking, guys.
Just a bunch of women.
Give me that.
It's our lucky day.
Let's go get them.
We ain't taking no women.
JD, Liam.
I think we need some new whores.
Hey, Billy.
Don't let this carrona
kill everybody this time.
There's a rider up ahead.
Help me.
She's been hurt.
Stay where you are, and I
promise you won't get hurt.
Oh my god, they
shot the driver.
Oh my god.
Be quiet.
Damn it, Mick.
I told you not to do that again.
I promised him.
You promised him?
Somebody's gotta have
some balls around here.
Just do whatever they sayand keep your mouth shut.
I told you this route
wouldn't pay off.
It's not even a stage.
It's a damn wagon.
You need me to do
what you can't.
Come on out of there.
Put your hands where
I can see them.
JD, get out there and check and
see if there's a strong box.
Come on.
Come on.
Yeah, beau.
Looks like we got
a little something
extra for our trouble.
You keep your hands off
her, you filthy beast.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Behave yourself, you
won't get hurt, all right?
There must be $20,000 in here.
Hello, Sister.
What'd you do?
Rob a bank?
Shut up.
I wasn't gonna kill her, Billy.
We were just fooling around.
You know how much
you mean to me.
I told you.
Never be another woman like you.
I know.
Mick is getting more
than she ever bargained for.
Billy Poke has his eye
on sweet and sassy Sarah.
All the rowdy girls-- one, two,
three-- now they're together.
Sarah rides a horse
up front, but the nun
is being dragged on a tether.
Make them stop.
Don't worry.
They ain't gonna hurt her.
Virgin like her is worth
too much, even if she
is a little long in the tooth.
She ain't gonna be worth
much if they keep doing that.
Please, let her ride.
Cut that out and put
her up on a horse.
Where are we headed to?
You like tequila?
Put this on, you little tramp.
Tell me you want only me.
Tell me.
You want only me.
Smart ass.
Should've killed him.
He says he's gonna
keep me for himself.
What is your rich rancher
gonna say about that?
He also says a virgin like
you is worth a lot of money
in the whorehouses
down here, even
if you are long in the tooth.
Oh, he did, did he?
Did he say what happens to
smart ass virgins like you
when he's finished with them?
I know why you became a nun.
I could tell him.
Well, go ahead then.
Tell him what you
think you know.
I need your help.
Can't do it.
I helped you.
Well, the Lord helps those
who help themselves, darling.
I don't care if
you help me or not.
I'm going to get
to San Francisco.
Mount up.
Wanna make camp before tonight.
Almost home, Mick.
Give me that
beautiful moon, Billy.
You better quit staring at him.
I hate him.
Look, it doesn't
have to be him.
You better choose.
Or he's gonna choose you.
How can you say that?
What do you think they're gonna
do after they finish drinking?
Go to sleep?
What about you?
You don't know
anything about men.
Let me go.
Let me go.
Help me.
Leave me alone!
Take that, stupid whore.
He's not man enough for me.
None of you are.
Hold her on the ground.
SARAH: Get your hands off of me.
Leave me alone.
Get away.
Why does she have to be a nun?
Hold her legs.
Look at me.
I can handle you.
Do it, Billy.
Don't listen to her.
I can see you.
Do it, Billy.
You're not like her.
I'll deal with her, man.
You can have her.
You're not like them.
Get her, JD.
You're not like them.
You're not like them.
You're not like them!
Well, help me up.
Come on, let's go.
We can't just leave her there.
Look, I'll come back for here.
You know what, young man?
I'm sure someday, you're gonna
make a very good sheriff,
but today, I'm not leaving
here without my-- my sister.
Look, we can talk about
my youth and vitality
at a later date.
But right now-- I don't
have time for this.
You're so pretty.
You won't let them
touch me again?
I like you, Billy.
I like you too.
I wanna go to San Francisco.
SARAH: That was nice.
Get back here.
It isn't always
like this, is it?
Billy, you're so strong.
What's that?
Billy, what's--
what's happening?
You know what?
That was a dirty
trick you pulled.
You sure are
different for a nun.
I mean, not that I've had
any dealings with a sister
of the cloth, mind you.
Well, I haven't had any
dealings with a sheriff
who doesn't shave yet.
Hey, smooth as a baby's bottom.
Oh, and might I add that it's
this fresh young face right
here that saved a woman
of your advanced years
last night, Sister?
What are you doing
out here alone anyway?
'Cause the sheriff that
was killed was my brother.
Well, what if Billy
and his men follow us?
It's just you and me, Sister.
I guess it could be worse.
So where's the nearest town?
I need to get some fresh
clothes and a fresh horse.
Then I'm gonna get
my-- my sister,
and get out of this
god forsaken land.
Which one of them
killed my brother?
The one with the keys.
You gonna leave or what?
No, ma'am.
Sister or not, you're
one fine looking woman.
You wouldn't be
safe in here alone.
Don't worry, Sister.
I'm a gentleman
through and through.
You could rest
your mind at ease.
I won't look.
This is the only inhabited town
between here and Sweetwater.
We sit tight, Billy's bound
to show up with your sister.
VELVET: Yeah, then what?
I come up with a plan.
I can see you, Mr. Pepper.
[speaking spanish]
She's all yours.
Sister, wake up.
We didn't have to wait too long.
Billy and his men just rode in.
Get that funny little
man from the bath
house over here pronto.
My lady here wants a bath.
Anything she wants,
I aim to give.
Your sister's with him.
It's kind of strange though.
She was riding
right next to Billy,
and Billy's woman was
riding behind him, tied up.
I'll be damned.
I want some whiskey.
It's too quiet in here.
Que pasa?
BILLY: Something wrong
with your fingers?
[playing guitar]
I love this place.
What the hell is she doing?
Playing with fire as usual.
I'm gonna go check it out.
You stay here.
I'll be right back.
Peachfuzz, be careful.
[speaking spanish]
[speaking spanish]
You've been a
naughty girl, Sarah.
How did you get here?
We looked for you everywhere.
Yeah, I'll bet you did.
I know your mama's colored.
Where's my watch?
Billy has it.
He's helping me get
to San Francisco.
You know, I know you're
just a silly little girl,
but you're playing
dangerous games.
Now I wish I had
the time to teach
you the virtues of fending
for yourself, but I don't.
Well, I'm keeping the money.
No, you're not.
You mind if I sit in?
Ain't you a little young?
I just turned 50 today.
I think I see some
whiskers here.
Get the hell outta here, JD.
Look, I told you not to
tear this place up anymore.
Liam, get him outta here.
What'd you say your
name was again?
Joe Pepper.
What's your bet,
Mr. Joe Pepper?
Velvet's gonna take a chance.
She's ready to take flight.
While back inside, Joe and
Billy gamble into the night.
Soon, sweet Sarah will awake,
her money lost and gone.
I can't believe it.
stage is set for the final act.
The curtains rise at dawn.
Kings full.
[glass breaking]
[speaking spanish]
I like you, Joe Pepper.
Hey, Jose.
JOSE: Si, senor.
Get one of your ladies
for my friend Joe here.
JOSE: Maria.
I think I'm gonna
quit while I'm ahead.
How the hell did
we get out here?
My head hurts.
I'm good.
I think that nun
whipped our asses.
You wanna tell me where
she is, Joe Pepper?
I thought she was here.
Well, she ain't.
Empty your pockets.
Fixing to rob me, Joe?
Your pockets.
Empty them.
That the name of the
sheriff over in Sweetwater?
Bet you're hunting for
some keys, huh, Joe?
Were you the one?
Not like them, Joe Pepper.
I still gotta take you in.
Where's the girl and the money?
The senorita took one of
the horses from the barn.
She rode out over
an hour ago alone.
We'll find her easy.
Let's go.
Yeah, there it is.
Come on.
I'm thirsty too.
Hello, princess.
Howdy, Sister.
Shouldn't have
run off like that.
Leaving your sister behind.
And now I find you freshening up
out here in the broad daylight.
She ain't my sister.
Well, you see, I figured
that one out on my own.
You're a pretty smart boy.
You never answered my question.
You came all the
way out here to get
the answer to a question?
Yes, ma'am.
As soon as I get it,
I'm gonna make sure
that you and your money get back
to Sweetwater and the church.
It was the woman.
Isn't it always the woman?
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Let's go.
You all right, ma'am?
My name's-- my name's Viola.
Just call me Viola.
What the hell do you
think you're doing?
They been running horses
up the canyon all day.
Well, what aconvenient spot for it.
Now, now, Viola.
Don't get your habit
all in a twist.
How did you know my name?
You told me right
before you passed out.
Is that why you became a nun?
You little bastard.
I knew my daddy,
right and simple.
How about you, Viola?
I didn't have to help you.
Oh my god, Sister.
I am sorry.
I mean-- I mean, Viola.
Find them?
Yeah, they're about
a mile up the creek.
They have the girl with them?
Oh, she don't look
too good though.
Who are you?
Does it matter?
I don't reckon it does.
What kind of name is Viola?
Well, my mama said
it was the name
of a tall, beautiful flower.
I guess you're not a nun.
I guess you're not a boy.
I guess not.
You like me already, don't you?
You've got some nerve.
Hell, you might even love me.
You know what I'm
gonna do to you?
Know what those are?
They're gonna like a sweet
piece of meat like you.
Too bad you ain't
a virgin no more.
They might've been nicer to you.
But seeing as you're
damaged goods and all.
They might just want
to mark you first.
[speaking spanish]
I might stick around long
enough to hear you scream.
Then I'm gonna get that
son of a bitch Billy.
Why didn't you kill them?
I'm not like them, remember?
Besides, this whole area's
crawling with Comancheros.
So be quiet.
There you go.
Get your money and
head to San Francisco.
They can't have my money, Joe.
Why is it so important to you?
It's the only thing standing
between me and what I was.
No, Viola, it's not.
Not anymore.
They'll be waiting for
us across the river.
You ready?
Sound like it came
from Silverton.
It's an abandoned mining
town just over those hills.
I'm riding ahead.
No matter what
happens, you stay put.
Excuse me, Mr. It's
Just You and Me, Sister.
I got some unfinished
business to take care of.
Well, I got some unfinished
business of my own.
Have it your way.
I will.
Well, if it ain't Joe.
You're not so
tough now, are you?
You're just a kid.
That's right.
The kid that knocked
you on your ass.
I don't have any
liquor in me now.
Let's see how tough
you really are.
Where's the money?
I'll tell you what, tough guy.
If you're a faster
draw than me, then I'll
tell you where the money is.
Do you want to play
with the kid or what?
Don't think I'm
stupid, 'cause I'm not.
Now you tell me
where the money is.
It's right behind you.
Trying to trick me.
You know, I think I'll
just shoot you now.
I told you you needed me.
Who the hell is shooting at us?
Hold it right there.
Hello, Sister.
Where's my money?
Come on, Sarah.
You don't want to do this.
You know I do.
You're gonna get hurt then.
I'm going to win.
You can't.
Because you always do?
Well, not this time.
Put your gun down, ma'am.
You ain't winning
today, Sister.
Hand over the money.
What keeps not too daily
Now how about that money?
Who is he?
Joe Pepper.
I know you.
You're that deputy
from Sweetwater.
The one everybody talks about.
I remember that story.
You almost got
your brother killed
'cause your pants were down.
Hell, you ain't
nothing but a boy.
Your brother was beautiful
when I killed him.
You chicken shit!
You can't do it.
That's why you needed me, Billy.
Billy, get the money.
Well, Sarah.
Looks like it's time for you
to start fending for yourself.
You got a choice to make.
What's it gonna be?
[guitar playing]
(SINGING) And now the sun
is setting on the story
of the rowdy girls, with
lives as tough or tougher
than in the man's world.
And in this land of freedom,
still great dangers lurk.
But if you stand tall and
you're quick on the draw,
a woman can still make it work.
And you'll ride out west for
freedom like the rowdy girls.
Well, Viola, where to now?
Would you quit calling me that?
San Francisco it is.
And who says you're going?
I heard San Francisco
is so full of sinners
that a man of my extreme
youthful exuberance
and a woman of your
advanced age and expertise
can live together in sin.
And it will be viewed as
a wholesome occurrence.
Hey, Sister.
Hell, Viola and Joe
are the next pillars
of San Francisco society.
I thought you had a
stagecoach to catch.
I have something for you.
Your mama's watch.
I knew you would.
Thank you.
Where's the rest of my money?
What money?
See you in San Francisco.
I know you like me.
Not a chance.
Well, you coming or what?
the story of the rowdy girls.
[music playing]