The Runway (2010) Movie Script

The film is based on real events.
[County Cork, Ireland. 1983]
Boring something like ...
Then go away.
Will not go. All of a sudden something will happen?
Frog, it's Dromolin.
Nothing ever happens here.
Paco, yes you are crazy already.
The train is coming! Hide your head!
Head down, talk!
And do not move!
Paco, he is near. Do not move, said the same!
Come on, buddy, quick.
So it was cool! Crunchy! Yes!
Hey, what are you doing here? Well away!
Go here!
RUNWAY This is the radio "Rock VRKI", 103 FM.
[Dromolin, the capital of the Irish
double glaze]
- Take 9 volts. They are behind.
- Yes, I know, I know.
Here they are.
And what to do?
Oh, exactly ...
What the heck!
Oh you little bastard ...
- What are you doing here?
- Nothing, honestly!
Nothing, yes?
Tell me why you are here, thief!
So that your spirit was not here!
Come, come.
He probably sleeps.
Wake up
For God's sake, guys! I have the same air!
Eddie, look at the satellite phone.
- It is necessary to fix it.
- And where is he? - We'll take it.
- No no no...
- Ok, Eddie. Run!
- Eddie, thanks!
Hey, it's private property!
I thought he had voice dialing.
Yeah. With math, I have so-so.
The signal went.
And now what?
We will wait for an answer.
It would be great if he earned.
Imagine that signal
took some magician.
And instead of the magic finger
he has a ray rifle.
How to start all the wet ...
And what if the truth will be
crazy with a ray gun, which shoots everything that moves?
- I do not know. Dyoru give.
- I, too.
Fuck off, goat!
Fuck off, got it?
- And what will you do? Daddy
will you call?
- Or mommy?
- Shout your mouth!
- On you!
And now I'm hitting!
- I'll kill you!
- What have you got there?
I'll bang you now!
- Let's go from here!
- Vali!
- I will kill in FIG!
- The guy is crazy.
- Shit!
- I'll kill you!
- Fix your head!
- Get out! Bring down while alive!
Hold on
- How are you?
- Fine.
Nothing, look at their faces, when your father will return from spain.
He is in this city from whom
please crap beat out.
Are you okay?
Yeah. My head is like a stone.
Tourists, Francis. This is the problem.
Tommy, I'll clean everything up.
There are only rags and paver.
Yes, but ... it's not just that.
Listen, you're a traveler?
Well yes.
Why don't you go
in a trip?
I was hoping, Francis, that before
this paper will not work.
Tommy, I can't read.
Maisie, get out of the trailer. Guys, let's go!
Francis, this is a court order!
Allow me, Mr. Carmody ...
According to paragraph 27
protection code ...
Can not hear anything! I can not hear!
meaning that private person ...
occupied the land ...
Bye dad!
- Okay, Paco, we'll talk tomorrow.
- Yeah. See you, Frogger!
Goodbye, Mrs. Connors!
- Goodbye, Paco.
Interplanetary Battle.
"Ji Force" - an incredible five
boys with supernormal abilities.
They are assisted and observed from Neptune. Team "Seven Zak Seven".
They are always on duty and ready to repel.
unexpected alien attack
from cosmic distances.
Sorry honey. Marion succeeded
settle in the hospital
so I now plow for two.
On the way home the car stalled again.
Well at least a policeman
Frank threw me up.
- Mama...
- Yes?
I'm a bastard?
Darren Walsh says it all the time.
Do not pay attention. In that
the city is better to be thick-skinned.
And Darren Walsh is just a dummy.
I want my dad back home. I know. I also want to.
Mom, well enough ...
Turn on my post ...
He speaks English.
In the restaurant. Listen and repeat.
And now we will try to book a room in
Hotel for you and your friend.
Go see Mr. Barrett. Can,
he will be able to free you.
Yes, miss.
Sorry! Again the car broke down.
Grace, you still never
did not come early.
Carol, just don't start.
Good? You're thick skinned, got it?
Climate in a particular country or region
determined by average weather over a long period of time.
Where is the frogman?
Where is he?
I do not know.
Thanks to the knowledge of the climate
region we can determine
what weather follows here
expect in each of the seasons.
Hey Paco!
I heard the cops chased them away.
Staged a raid at night.
- Heck...
- We can not know exactly what the weather will be
in each month ...
Paddling pool...
Grace, open the door!
Well what do you want?
Will I come for a second?
Martin, get out or I'll call the police!
Grace, wait. Grace! What's the matter?
I love you, Grace.
Get out of my sight, Martin.
How are you, Paco?
10-4 Houston. We have a problem.
Colombia, accepted. We send
Paco Thomas.
He is the best.
[Paco thomas. School, Dromolin,
Cork County]
From the Frog!
Dear Paco, how are you?
I'm in Dublin. Here is a fig all ..
I have already been in two fights.
Mom says shes going to get mad soon
and dad says everything will settle down.
Hope our satellite
the phone will work.
Your best amigo. Paddling pool. Works!
Who is there? Who are you?
Answer me! And where am I at all?
Where I am?
Spanish. Speak Spanish!
Spanish ... You're Spanish!
My dad is Spaniard.
My name is Paco.
So do you speak spanish?
Who knows that I am here?
Except you?
I need a phone.
- Yes, the phone.
- Let's go to. We have a phone here.
And where? Where will you get it?
I live nearby.
He does not work.
Wires are cut.
Thank you, Frank. Until!
This is mom.
Lets go faster! So I think it works.
there is only half time.
This is bad.
Do not sit with me before bedtime.
- I'm not a child anymore ..
- For me, you're a child.
- I'll be back early tomorrow. I promise.
Yes, the police.
We're late!
I feel not so.
God, well, you came across here.
Is everything ok with you?
Tell me I'm sick.
Paco ... Get up!
I hate walking.
And we ... still go.
What are you doing with the portfolio?
These conditions manifest in the form of snow and rain,
we call them precipitation.
But where are they?
When we talk about the weather, we mean
short term state changes
atmosphere at the surface of the earth.
Is there anyone at home?
Oh no...
I'm at home!
What a mess ...
I took the car!
Are you in shower?
I hope this time you do not
forgot the towel, mr.
Seora, I beg you! Calm down, senora!
Seora, please ... I
you will not do anything.
Seora, I beg you!
I will not touch you! Calm down! Paco, explain to mother,
that she is behaving foolishly.
And now news VRKI, in which
you just will not believe ...
Come on, come here.
Allow me to pass! Excuse me...
I'm Laura Kelly from RTE News.
What can you say
about what happened?
We are accustomed to the fact that to us
many come, -
Dromolin is a tourist center,
besides we are known
its double glaze.
Ladies and gentlemen, please
all take their seats.
Harry, let the photographer go.
Good boy. What do we do with him, Tommy?
What's on this plane?
Yes, and whose is he?
Ladies and gentlemen, before you -
the pilot of this aircraft.
Honestly, we do not know his name.
His name is Ernesto.
And we do not know exactly where he came from,
but we think from Colombia or
at least from Mexico.
We sent a request to Dublin,
to send us a man
who knows Colombian.
Do you understand him?
A little bit. His name is Ernesto.
My dad is Spanish.
Hey guys...
Let's get serious.
What he says? I ... from Paez. There is such a hole in Colombia.
He arrived from Paez.
This is in Colombia.
My father stole cattle,
and mother was a drunkard.
He is an orphan.
I grew up surrounded by knives and pistols,
got only kicks and slaps
I don't need anything from you.
Some ... Some ...
Some time ago, his son died.
There was a flood. A terrible flood.
Everybody got sick.
The only thing I need is
- this is a phone. For five minutes.
And then ... I'll disappear.
They needed medical assistance. So he flew on his plane,
and then ... lost the course.
He was their only hope.
So we have to help him.
We would gladly, Paco,
but ... we just don't have the infrastructure.
Will not work.
Factories stop working,
Mr. Carmody. People are not.
Maybe ... it's time for the city
do what he wants
not what he is told.
Who are you to indicate
Carmody, what to do?
- It is your opinion.
- I've been sick of everything for a long time!
Me too. Listen, I can only imagine ...
And I say that we will help him!
They are wonderful.
This mess. Maybe we
to bring their hall?
Ugliness? Manus, I tell you what it is.
Gold vein PR.
Ernesto from Colombian Paez,
city public
Dromolina, County Cork,
decided to take you home!
Do not even think.
Let him stay with us.
You what Man can not just
bring into the house like a stray dog.
I think ... I had better leave.
Thanks for the hospitality. Yes, everything is fine. Sit down
And you calm down finally.
I can do nothing. To me
next to him is not at ease.
Your hand ...
Listen, I can't. He needs a doctor.
No, no ... It's all right.
You are welcome...
I knew it ... I'm sorry.
You deserved it.
Do not go.
I just lost my mind.
[City residents will repair
wrecked plane]
Okay, man ... tell me straight:
so they want to fix my plane?
Yes. Aircraft...
Are they all crazy?
What he says? Asks ... how we will do it.
These are the best aluminum plants in Ireland.
If and where you can repair
the plane, only here.
Wait ... Wait a second ...
If you are not sure, you can not go.
In general, do not agree -
there will be no other work.
I'll kill everyone!
I just...
We know about the radio station, Eddie.
- Yes?
Everybody knows.
And what will we do?
So that's great.
Need your help.
Under the guidance of ... Well, okay.
There's electronics and something else. He did not die an hour, do you think?
Mr. Sutherland, can you hear me?
You again?
Not! I did not do anything!
He is an engineer.
- Save!
- Come on, come back!
What do you guys say?
We will cope.
Will not work.
They need me to translate.
You should not miss lessons.
But he is my friend!
Paco, I don't want you to have
such a friend. We do not know who he is.
Not in this case. You are not at all
want me to have friends.
I hope you're happy, time
got what she wanted.
No thanks.
Cuban. And your father ... Where is he?
He is in Spain.
When i was your age
my father was in prison.
He did not get out of it at all.
But he was fine.
When he was sitting ... he was in perfect order.
It's so cold here all the time ...
And this is your summer?
If he needs ...
His clothes look slightly ...
I can sew in some places or wash.
For now let him put this on.
Take it.
For God's sake, come out, talk to me!
Martin, back off! I told you: I'm married. Again for the same?
Where is he?
Where is this mysterious husband?
And who the hell are you?
Where are the others?
What nonsense! They are unemployed!
Mr. Cordoba, good afternoon! How are you?
What do you say, huh?
We have everything under control.
This is aluminum.
Yes order.
This is the "Marauder" B26. Most
cool version.
I think - "Mark" 1A.
Turboprop engine "Pratt & Whitney."
In great condition.
Cool thing.
I flew on this, only heavier.
Flight from New York. The CIA used them in
stock in the Bay of Pigs.
They remained only in South America.
Not now, Ned.
You can fix it
Mr. Sutherland?
Let's start with the fact that he does not have a chassis.
But we can do it?
Listen, you can fix the fuselage,
install instruments, equipment,
run cables if you know how.
But you will not do the chassis from scratch.
And without it, this plane is just a piece of iron.
This is not a cart for you, Mr. Carmody,
accurate engineering is needed here calculation, with the highest level.
Where does this come from?
It almost killed Kodjak.
Who is Kodjak?
This is Kodjak, the local champion.
It usually appears when
we feed feed.
But a few days we did not.
This plane knocked him out of himself.
Do you know what it is?
Pressure control device.
If the chassis is preserved,
then it is somewhere on the other side of the fence.
Come on, buddy, give me your jacket.
What are your goals? I beg you, not worth it!
No, Mr. Cordoba, this is dangerous! Hey, somebody, stop him!
He's crazy.
Open the gate!
So let him in!
Open up!
We are closing!
Where are you going?
To school.
And what should we do with Ernesto?
I do not know, think of something.
What did I tell you guys!
Without work will not stay!
Paco, do you know how I learned to fly?
I have frozen my eggs for two years
on a pollinator plane.
My plane
was really great machine.
These guys ... just crazy.
By the way, take a look.
Here it is. You're famous now. Paco, do you think I can read English?
I need a phone.
[Bogota River, Colombia]
[Colombian landed in Ireland]
Yes it's me, brother! To me
need to talk to him.
How are you, Simas?
Need goryuchka.
No problem.
How old are you, Tommy?
6364 liters.
For a mower?
For the aircraft that we make.
So it's aviation fuel.
I told them.
Okay. Give 6364 liters of aviation.
I do not have a license for such fuel.
- Need a license?
- Yes.
And where do we get 6364 liters aviation fuel without a license?
I just need more time.
No, it will not affect the price.
It remains the same.
Yes listen!
Yes damn it all!
I told you, Simas, fix the phone.
Why did you put up the tablecloth?
- Shut up.
Paco ... Tell mom that
the meat turned out great.
He says that in the morning it would be good chips.
He did not say that.
This is a Frog.
We sometimes help his father.
He puts asphalt.
Asphalt? A friend of mine.
Yes. But he left.
And this is mom.
Before my birth she was a dancer.
My madre.
There is no need to show it.
There are only pictures. He wants
learn more about us.
And I do not want him to learn more.
Why ... did you stop dancing?
What he says?
why there are no pictures of dad here.
Tell him that this does not concern him.
Tell me when you're ready.
More ... a little left.
Already almost picked up. Come on!
- Come on! - Add, add more!
As you can see, the inhabitants of this city
united to do the impossible.
That's right, Laura. In Dromolin live
active and not indifferent people.
This will be good news in order
who decides to invest
to our beautiful city.
Stop shooting!
No, well its on figs. I quit.
We have to do something, guys.
And what can we, Tommy? Though
do not fool yourself.
Hey ... Come on you guys.
You can fix it.
Paco, the engine junk. And we are metallurgists, not mechanics.
It's not about the engine.
And in my opinion, it is in it.
The point is in the propellers.
But you fixed them.
What we have done is pure gag.
We'll have to start over.
- again?
- That's what I'm talking about.
- And he will fly?
- Maybe.
We need welders and more acetylene.
- These guys understand welding ..
- No, not so much.
You have to send for the girls.
What is it?
Toy yo-yo?
Yeah. Yo-yo.
You know, your mom confuses me. Usually women like me, but she
not like everyone else. I do not understand her.
Guy, do you listen to me? Or how?
Why be like everyone else?
Leave mom alone.
But comprendo. Okay?
(I do not understand, and that's it! - Spanish)
- Paco!
- Mr. Cordoba!
Come on. Drink a mug.
What is a "mug"?
He will come soon.
You can not walk so much.
You know, I've never been to America.
Money is not everything.
I have the right to express my opinion.
And, as I understand it ... Yes, it is shaped suicide!
We all just burn in their beds.
There will be a second Hiroshima.
Do you have a bull?
Have you seen the movie "Dallas"?
Good. Very good.
We never asked you about anything.
Well, yes, I know. Do not understand.
Welcome to my world.
Why pretend to hate me?
He's still a baby, you know?
And it is very important ... what are you doing here.
For him is very important.
You sat down here, all of this from yourself.
You smoke ... and forgot that he is a little boy.
The thing is, you're watching
on me somehow in a special way.
You came here, hit his head
your crazy dreams
but missed one detail:
next to him never
was an adult male.
I do not know what I'm saying all this ...
Don't hate me.
Grace ... Grace ...
Listen up
This site is not suitable!
Here the earth is not solid enough.
The plane ... on such a surface ...
will not pass.
What did he say? The ground is too soft.
But this plane can take off from pasture.
You said it yourself.
Only not from this.
Too wet.
After the rain, it will simply sink here.
All we need is ...
Yes. Yes it is. We need asphalt.
Yes, he's talking about asphalt.
And where to get so much
asphalt fuck
Of course we will pay.
And you will return to the same place.
Maybe just a little off the road.
You will have electricity, water and so on. Everything you need.
Ping pong.
Not understood...
Kids love to swim and everything.
i'm a ping pong fan.
Well, we'll arrange the table.
And rackets.
And no one will drive us anymore.
Of course!
Well, nice.
Damn Wall Street ...
Paddling pool!
- What's the matter?
- Nothing.
In terms of -
you look different.
- Yes?
- Yes.
Oh my God...
Paco, my crazy friend!
- I'll show you everything.
- Come, we'll see.
Go ahead guys!
And you, amigo, must be the frogman? Paco, why the Frogger?
What he says?
I have no idea.
Hold her for a second, be kind.
I am now.
I'm wildly sorry, mister, but I have to go.
I think I'm sick.
I'll go check on him.
Thank. For the Frogger.
It's my pleasure.
Isn't that what you are looking for?
You know ... It's nobody else to
Good did not lead.
- Listen...
- No, it's you, you listen to me.
I do not know who are you.
I only see that
since you appeared
in this city went smoothly.
But this ...
should disappear. Do you understand?
Take it away.
We are fighting for republican
values, advisor.
Why did you decide that we will help you?
We would have a little aviation fuel ...
6364 liters of aviation fuel.
But you did not answer my question.
Here is this man ...
Ernesto ...
in fairly close relations
with Che Guevara.
Now I see: he is even a little
look like him.
Well ... put it on him.
And really!
Long live the revolution, brother!
Come on, take a photo!
Slippers ... Wait! Where are you going?!
I woke you up?
Something can not sleep.
Oh, that's the thing ...
In this part ... the dirt is clogged.
We, in Paez, if you can't
repairing a car won't go far.
Now try it.
Do not know how to drive a car?
I'm only nine!
Paco, look carefully:
clutch, brake, gas.
Always squeeze the clutch first.
Come on.
Now let go of the clutch. Little by little
on the sly, on the sly ...
Fine. A little push on the gas.
No no! A little, do you hear?
- Stupid is ... - No no no! Paco ...
You can do it.
Good. Little by little gas. Little by little, yes.
Still. So.
Now grip. Slowly let go ...
Slowly. Good. Good. Good.
Well, how? Fine.
I'm doing it! It turns out!
[Goodbye, Ernesto]
- will you dance with mommy?
- And I will not think.
- Well, let's go!
- Leave me alone.
I'll dance with you, Mrs. Thomas.
Seriously? Well done, Frogger.
Your mother is great at dancing.
This is yes.
- In my opinion, he is so ...
- Mysterious?
Oh my God!
- What?
- He goes to us. I apologize...
Let's dance?
- He ... he ska ...
- I know what he said.
If you do not want - I'll go.
Everything is good.
Yes, let's dance.
By the way, we were
a hair away from scandal?
Do you think they kiss?
I do not know.
Imagine kissing. BU then got married and everything.
Then on this plane you can
it would be anywhere to fly away.
He would give us a steer. It would be cool.
You do not know how much a parachute costs?
And you are one more talker, right?
Never mind.
I chatter and to anything. Two, two ... One, two ...
Ladies and Gentlemen!
Tomorrow we say goodbye to
our colombian friend.
And with great pleasure I invite
all tomorrow morning to the opening
our international takeoff
lanes here in Dromolin.
Now we need only a little luck.
Passengers departing flight 502 to Rome
Please go to exit number B28.
Francisco de Caldas?
Detective Higgins. We hold you.
Do not look at me so.
You know who I am. No matter what you talked to everyone else ...
but you yourself know who I am.
And the plane?
This is just an unwanted piece of iron.
And no one needs this runway either.
You're my amigo.
I'm not amigo.
And not padre.
I am not your friend or father. I am nobody.
It's not your fault that he left.
Just be honest with them.
What do you know about honesty!
Paco, my boy ...
I will say a few words.
Make sure I am on the background of the aircraft.
- Where is he?
- Who? Ernesto. Look, so as not to get lost.
- Yeah.
- Well.
Check. One, two, one, two ...
Ladies and gentlemen, please silence!
I am sure that this day in Dromolin
will be remembered for many years.
And now I ... introduce you to the man of the day.
This is Ernesto Cordoba!
Please let him go.
Without it, the plane will not fly away.
I think that I will not sin against the truth,
if on behalf of you all say
that this day we owe it to him.
- This person...
- Wanted criminal!
Ladies and Gentlemen... I'm inspector francisco jose de
Caldas from the Colombian police.
And I have with me ... here it is ...
arrest warrant for fraudster who
appeared here under the name
Ernesto Cordoba. This is a famous thief.
Wait a minute ...
- Do not interfere, we ourselves will understand.
- He will not go with you!
It's all right, mom, it's all right!
Family? How cute.
See, you were worried for a reason, ma'am.
This man is dangerous.
And you need to take care of your boy.
Don't touch her.
Paco ...
Please translate all. Tell them his words ...
Come on.
You know me well.
Tell them that ...
it's true.
I will translate myself if you want.
What he says?
Says it's true.
But it is not so! I know!
Let's see ... What is it there?
Can not be!
What a success, ladies and gentlemen!
Take him away.
What are you doing? I can explain!
He has nothing to do with it!
It's my fault! I can explain!
Please mom! You are welcome!
He did nothing.
Imagine that they did not catch him. Then he would be somewhere there -
would hover the clouds and spit
would be on top of all these ...
Do you know what to do?
To make him escape.
If we have dynamite, we
would have pulled him out of there.
I understand:
sorry to miss the bad guy.
But you guys screwed up in full.
Ernesto, look where we climbed.
Two boys from the province.
Mom would be proud of us.
You are never proud of you.
Where are the emeralds?
Here is a son of a bitch ...
What is it?
My God ... This is a yo-yo!
Once I did this to you. Where are my emeralds?
These emeralds belong to the people.
- Clear. And you were going to return them.
- Yes.
Where are they?
Ernesto himself does not need him.
Francisco is looking for this.
Kryptonite ...
This is not kryptonite. We need help.
Yes, Paco.
I'm in.
While our mother was alive ...
I did not touch you.
Listen ... If you're here
you can't tell me where they are
then you say in Colombia: there I am
I will be much more convincing.
Simply put, Mr. Carmody, the software
provision is the future. We understand your disappointment.
leaving large companies.
But we appreciate what Dromolin offers,
and believe that our business has
there is a good future.
[Airline Air Carmody]
Mr Carmody?
Not Iceland. Ireland.
Yes, I'm calling from Ireland.
Inspector Francisco Jos de Caldas.
I would like to make sure
that he works for you.
- Hello!
- Hello!
- Hello!
Says Francisco de Caldas.
How can I help?
I thought you were driving a minivan. And I thought you were.
This is for the sake of freedom.
Switch to the fourth!
- And where is the fourth?
- On the other side!
Who is there behind the wheel of a minibus?
Faster! We were revealed!
Wait! Wait!
Careful there!
Be careful! You ruin Ernesto!
Go! Go!
I am doing my best!
Try more!
- Good!
- We are catching up!
My God, yes on a horse and then faster.
Can you add?
Switch to lower and push the gas!
Come to the right. Deliver it
right on the runway.
Hurry, quick! Yes podnzhmi you!
- I can bring.
- It is better to take yourself.
What what?
Shut up and give me a lift!
- Came off.
- Great!
Need reinforcements!
Come on guys! Faster! Do not dig there!
And why go there at all ...
- What?
- Just gonna car.
Faster guys faster!
Get it.
Live! Well, how are you there?
- Paco, are you safe?
- What kind of nonsense is going on here?
- Mom, wait. I have to give him one thing.
Ernesto, wait!
Ernesto ...
- Thank.
- It's my pleasure. You are the real amigo.
We are with you - amigos.
Now let's go! Faster!
- Frog, this is for you!
- Yes.
- Come on! Come quickly!
- Thank!
- Board 2-9-2-0, as heard? Says the control room.
- Yes Eddie. Reception confirm.
Turn on the engines and withdraw
plane to the starting position!
I got you. Thank.
Hurry up!
All there!
Come on!
Come on...
Stand still
You are all arrested!
It needs to be checked.
Rely on us. We'll figure it out.
Take her away from me! Everyone stand!
Get away!
Be careful! He has a gun!
Yes I see.
And I will shoot!
Well, make it ...
Let the bird fly.
Says board 2-9-2-0. I beg
permission to take off.
- I allow takeoff.
- Thank!
- Bye, Eddie!
Go, go!
Come on, come on!
Oh my God...
Goodbye, Ernesto!
Goodbye, Paco!
Come on ...
- Happened!
Well done!
Holy shit ...
[Thomas Carmody, Counselor]
Still, we did it. Made. Now we will be remembered for a long time.
How to drink to give.
That's for sure. Are you ready?
Give me a sec...
What are you doing here?
So you haven't learned anything?
Well ... Hold on.
It is too heavy to take off.
All he needs is to rise ...
and then plan.
Frog, give me that thing.
This is aerodynamics.
And what is "aerodynamics"?
I'll tell you later.
[In 2001 in Dromolin took place
World Cup Modeling Championship]