The Russian Bride (2019) Movie Script

My name is Rosa,
and I'm 25 years old.
I would like
to find generous man
to be my future husband.
I do believe...
...American man
who will be kind, sharing,
and loves to travel.
Since I was a child...
I am Elena,
environmental engineer...
I enjoy moonlight walks...
I will be a good wife...
...and I'm looking forward to meet
a husband... and intelligent man
to create a family.
My name is Nina,
and I'm from Livny.
I'm a good cook.
Some say that food is the
key to man's heart, so,
I hope so.
I like lilies.
I like to grow them.
Having roots is important
for me, so...
Come here and say hi.
This is Dasha, my daughter.
She is my sunshine.
So, I hope you're out there
watching us now, and...
like what you see. what you see.
Oh, my God.
I'm sorry, customs took
so long, so many questions.
Quite all right.
You're here.
That's all that matters.
You're even more beautiful
in person.
Thank you.
Lilies, you remembered, oh!
Yes, yes.
, Dasha.
Thank you to welcome us
to America.
I can't believe
you're really here.
Me too.
It could take weeks, maybe months,
to believe this is really happening.
Do you always travel by driver?
Hagen isn't only a driver,
he takes care of everything
around the estate.
My father adopted him
from an orphanage in Hungary.
Don't expect
too much conversation,
he was born without a tongue.
That's you new home, Dasha.
Home? That's castle.
When I was a boy,
this place was full of life.
My father used to throw lavish
ballroom parties and masquerades.
There was always
something going on.
It's so beautiful.
The house is fully stocked
during the winters,
so you'll never need to
leave the grounds.
We are far from prying eyes.
The closest neighbor
is 20 miles away.
Do you ever get lonely?
Not anymore.
She's asking if Hagen lives with us.
No, no, Hagen lives in the barn.
Just down the road.
By his own choice.
I think he likes to be alone.
this is Maria.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
Oh, this must be Dasha.
So very lovely.
Like a little angel
sent from heaven.
Maria never had
children of her own,
so she's been looking forward
to this.
Say hello to Maria.
I'm sorry,
it's been a long flight.
She is so tired.
Perfectly understandable.
So why don't we go upstairs,
freshen up,
and have a little rest
before dinner?
It's a good idea.
Is this everything?
You said
not to bring much, so...
I did.
Because I had Maria go out and
get you each a brand new wardrobe.
That's so kind of you.
This way.
How did you know our sizes?
Oh, I took look
at your physical exams.
I wanted to surprise you.
Wow. So many doors.
What is behind this one?
Oh, that's Maria's
side of the house.
It's off limits.
She likes her privacy.
But, this door... of great significance.
This is where
the princess sleeps.
Karl, it's amazing.
Dashinka, what do you say?
Thank you.
I'll tell you what.
Why don't you settle in,
get comfortable.
I'm gonna show your mom
the master bedroom.
And we...
have an elevator.
It's the only other access
to the second floor.
I prefer to take the stairs.
She's old and has
a mind of her own.
Funny how life is.
One day you're struggling
to feed your child...
...and the next you have
servants at your feet.
I-I really wish you
had come visit us in Russia.
Oh, Nina...
You know I don't fly.
The idea of putting my life
into somebody else's hands...
...terrifies me.
Are you having doubts?
Oh, no, no... It's just...
my mother and sister, they
worry about me and Dasha.
Which reminds me...
It's yours for whenever you
feel the need to call home.
Thank you, Karl.
It means so much.
Are you okay?
Did the dog hurt you?
He'd never hurt her.
He's well trained.
He only attacks on command.
I saw a woman in the closet.
A woman in the closet?
It's just a mannequin.
It's my ex-wife's wedding dress.
She liked to keep it.
I-I just put it away.
What is this room?
My son's.
Your son?
You never mentioned a son.
I didn't mention it, because I
wasn't ready to talk about it.
He was born
with mitochondrial disease.
By the time we realized
something was wrong,
many of the organs in his body
were already destroyed.
I cannot imagine how you
and your wife suffered.
Took a toll on both of us.
Eventually, we grew apart and...
...she left...
Never even said goodbye.
I'm sorry.
Did you enjoy Maria's cooking?
Russian food is very different.
One of these days, I have to
cook you a nice Russian meal.
I forgot to mention,
that we
have frequent power outages.
That noise you hear
is a backup generator.
It's very old.
Sometimes the house shakes.
I think house is too big.
It scares me.
Well, you always liked
a good adventure.
And it's haunted.
Dashinka, it was
just a mannequin.
You saw it yourself.
But I heard her breathing.
That was my mother.
It's morning in Russia.
Oh, that's right.
Sometimes I forget
the world isn't flat.
Do you like the house?
Yes, of course.
Who wouldn't?
After our many
late-night rendezvous...
I thought I painted
the perfect picture of you.
But you're nothing
like I imagined.
I'm sorry, it's been a long
day, I'm must look so bad.
Quite the contrary.
The only word that comes
to mind is "Aphrodite."
You may now kiss the bride.
Ah, thank you, Maria.
I'd like you to meet
some friends.
First off,
this is John Buchanan.
He's an old family friend.
Hello. Thank you for coming.
The pleasure is all mine.
Yes, thank you, John.
It's amazing what money can buy.
This is my cousin Claire.
She is the Iron Lady
of the family.
Congratulations, dear.
And her son, Keller.
He's a fine young man.
He's in med school. He is going
to be a brilliant surgeon one day.
Better be.
I'm paying for his education.
Just remember, darling.
The key to a successful marriage
is knowing how to keep
to other happy.
Just not too happy.
Just wait 'til I make him
real Russian dinner.
He will eat from my hand
like Reign.
I'd like to make toast
to my friend, Karl Frederick,
and his new bride,
and her lovely daughter, Dasha.
It's been over a year
since Karl was faced
with terrible tragedy
and I must admit I was worried.
But I assured him
it was not the end,
that there were others
out there...
other fishes in the sea,
with children...
like Tyler.
we were there for you then,
we are here for you now...
and now Dasha
and Nina are here, too.
To new beginnings.
To new beginnings.
When communism fell
it was like Wild West.
Uneducated hoodlums
with the biggest balls
took control of everything,
factories, oil, gas.
They became powerful overnight.
I'm sorry.
I don't remember meeting you.
I'm sorry.
This is Cranston.
He's a longtime family friend.
For years, he helped me run
the clinic here in the house.
I read somewhere
about your clinic.
Didn't health inspectors
shut it down
after a young girl died?
A young girl died...
But first, okay.
Let's get the record straight.
She was of legal age.
Here on an extended stay
after a breast augmentation.
She kept demanding
something for the pain,
so I gave her diamorphine.
Little did I know,
she brought cocaine
to the party.
Morphine is a depressant.
Cocaine is a stimulant.
One slows down the heart,
the other speeds it up.
Yeah, it's called speed-ballin'.
Sounds like you've been
doing some digging, Yuri.
When I hear my niece
is leaving everything behind
for a man she hardly knows,
I must put my nose in the dirt.
It's quite all right.
None of it's a secret.
It's just not relevant.
Well, it's getting late.
I should be going.
Are you okay to drive?
He'll be fine.
Vodka's like water
to the Russian blood.
Isn't that right, Yuri?
That's right.
And now that we live so close...
I'll be sure to visit...
Please do.
I'm sorry.
I should have knocked.
No, don't be silly.
Mi casa es su casa.
Would you like some?
I had no idea.
I'm 63 years old.
I've survived
the rollercoaster of life.
I've had heartache and tragedy
like no one else.
I think I've earned my vices.
I swear to Dasha
everything would be different.
I thought you were different.
What are you talking about?
Just don't ever do it
around Dasha.
What are you doing?!
What are you doing?!
No! No!
Just like new.
Hola, Maria!
Hagen, Hagen, I need your help!
Maria, are you okay?
I lowered the lamp to dust it,
but now it won't go back up.
Maybe I can help.
My father was a mechanic
on a ship,
and I watch him work winches
like this.
Pull on the chain.
My father was very handy.
He used to say if he was
stranded on the island,
all he need is a hammer
to survive.
The braking mechanism was stuck.
Maybe it needs oil.
Maria, can I ask you something?
Of course.
Last night, I walked in
on Karl doing...
Yes, um...
It started
when Tyler became ill.
The drugs helped him
to cope with the pain.
Thank you for sharing that.
The situation?
The situation is
getting worse by the day.
Not to mention all the snow
we're having.
It's not gonna be easy
getting up here.
Not my problem!
Already paid him a lot of money.
Just get him up here.
You better be
as good as you say.
Is everything okay?
Yeah. My cousin, Claire,
she has a friend who's
an expert in old homes.
I'm trying to get him up here
to fix the power situation.
In worst case,
we can use candles.
Can be very romantic.
Dashinka, are you catching
a cold?
It's a fever.
That's a shame.
I was really hoping the three of us
could go horseback riding tomorrow.
What a wonderful idea.
You two should still go.
I can watch Dasha.
Newlyweds should spend time
alone, no?
Sure. That sounds
like a great idea.
Stop it.
Not now.
Please, not now.
I said stop it!
Damn it!
It's not your decision!
She's done it.
The perfect crime.
Has she killed him?
Not yet.
But she will.
Drink this tea.
Every drop.
It's coming back to me, Karl.
It's like riding a bike.
...even my life.
But you're not going
to live to enjoy it.
It's so beautiful, Karl.
All right, Nina.
How 'bout you show me what you got?
C'mon, Nina!
Slow down!
Whoa, whoa.
Dasha, no!
Dasha! Oh! Come, come!
Oh! Oh, Dasha.
Dasha, come on, baby.
Come on, Dasha!
Come on! Ugh!
You can't do this.
We're so close!
Not after everything!
Oh, thank God!
Oh, God!
My daughter!
No, no, no!
Maybe we should
take her to the hospital.
The snow makes
the roads impassable.
The best thing to do right now
is to get her out of these
wet clothes
and into a warm bed.
We have plenty
of medical supplies left over
from Mr. Frederick's clinic
if we need it.
What happened to you?
It's nothing.
Silly me.
I fell from the horse.
But you, Dashinka,
why were you so far away
from the house?
To look for you.
But you knew I was going
for the ride with Karl.
You knew I was coming back.
I saw a ghost.
A ghost?
A lady ghost.
Dashinka, there is
no such things as ghosts.
She said he is going
to do bad things to us.
Karl! She said
if we don't leave
he'll kill us both!
Dasha, stop it!
That's enough.
I'm sorry, sweetheart.
Why, Karl?
'Cause I do.
I just do.
Karl, I'm grateful
you saved Dasha's life.
What was she doing out there
anyway, huh?
I don't know.
She says she got scared.
She says she saw a ghost.
A ghost?
What else did she say?
That's it.
Why didn't you slow down, Karl?
I could have been killed.
You said that you could ride.
How was I supposed to know
that saddle would come loose?
I secured it myself.
It's a perfectly fine saddle.
What the hell do you
want me to say?
Mr. Frederick, terribly sorry
to bother you so late at night.
We had a terrible accident
on Windham Road,
and, unfortunately,
the driver was killed,
and we think he may have been coming
from one of the homes up here.
So, I wanted to stop and check
to see if you know
the name Yuri Vokhov.
Yeah... Yeah, we...
we-we-we do know him.
My wife and I
recently got married.
Yuri was her uncle, and he
was here recently, at a...
little ceremony we had, and...
As I recall,
he had too much to drink.
Tried to get him to stay
the night, but he...
he insisted on driving home.
We're terribly sorry
for your loss.
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to
come in uninvited.
I saw you working in the cold
and thought you might
want something warm to eat.
So, I understand
you're from Hungary.
I never been to Hungary,
but I hear it's very beautiful.
I guess we are both
far from home.
Karl says you like living here.
We have so many bedrooms,
why would you like
to sleep here...
in the cold... alone...?
I want to believe that Karl
is a good man...
but, between you and me,
something is not right.
Did you write the warning for
me, on the kitchen window?
Was that you?
It was you, wasn't it?
Are we in some kind of danger?
Hagen, please!
Is everything okay?
Everything is fine.
I want to talk to Grandma.
We talked with her yesterday.
You talked to her yesterday
about Uncle Yuri.
You never let me talk.
Okay. Maybe she's still awake.
This phone has been disconnected
due to non-payment.
Please contact Bell One Cellular
to pay the past-due amount...
What's the matter?
I'll be back.
You stay here.
Don't go anywhere.
Is Maria okay?
Uh, I mean, no.
No, she's-
she's not feeling well.
She's-she's been up
all night vomiting.
Oh, I hope she feels better.
Nina, is there something
you wanted to ask me?
My phone is not working.
Dasha and I wanted
to call my mother.
Didn't you call her yesterday?
Yes, I did.
And the day before.
Maybe it's the connection, Nina.
The message says its...
I guess I'll have to
call the phone company.
Well, how 'bout the house phone?
They're obsolete,
at least in America.
For such a big house
and so far from everything,
what if there is an emergency?
Here. There's only one.
International calls
are expensive,
so make it quick.
It's okay.
I'll call my mom later.
I'm sorry.
I know you've been
chomping at the bit
to make yourself useful
around here, and...
since Maria's
under the weather...
how 'bout you make that Russian
meal we've been talkin' about?
Just you and me?
Maybe a little candlelight?
Why not?
Maria is not feeling well,
so Karl asked me to make him
Russian dinner tonight.
For just the two of us.
You're a big girl.
You can entertain yourself, right?
Maybe you can eat dinner
in the playroom
and watch a movie.
What's the matter?
What's wrong?
He-he came into my room
last night.
What did he do?
He sat next to me...
...and he touched me.
Touch you?
Like how you pet a dog.
Well, I'm sure he
was just checking
that you were feeling better.
All you ever do is work.
Don't you do anything for fun?
Do you want to pull me?
My mama's having dinner
with Karl,
so I have to stay busy.
I don't want to eat
with him anyway.
You're good at this.
The boy...
who lived here...
Were you friends with him?
I knew it.
I girl would go crazy
around here with no friends.
What did you used to do for fun?
He like movies.
I like movies.
I like vampire movies,
monster movies,
space movies,
all kinds of movies.
What's your favorite?
Well, you've really outdone
yourself, haven't you, Nina?
It's roasted apples,
potatoes and duck,
one of Dasha's favorites.
Oh, well,
if it's Dasha's favorite,
it must be good.
Mmh, mmh, mmh.
That is something.
Damned power outages are
happening way too frequently.
Last night, the generator
woke me up.
You were not in bed.
I was down in the cellar
refueling the generator.
Dasha says that you
were in here room.
Are you accusing me
of something?
I just want to know
why you were in here room.
She also says that... touched her.
I was checking to see
if she had a fever.
In case you forgot,
she almost drowned.
What else is bothering you,
I know you haven't been happy,
so let's just get it out.
You have
those, and I'll have these.
I can make a boat.
See how mine floats?
No, you're hurting me!
You never wanted a wife.
Did you?
But, I have to admit,
you made a believer out of me.
I mean, you're an amazing cook,
devoted wife,
a wonderful mother,
and you give a mean blowjob.
The truth is, Nina,
you've made this very difficult
for me.
I don't understand what you're
talking about.
Of course, you don't.
Why would you?
I was watching a show,
the other night,
about the Donner Party.
You ever heard
of the Donner Party?
1846, 87 American settlers
got trapped
in the Sierra Mountains,
in a blizzard, snowstorm.
Temperatures dropped
below freezing,
food supplies ran dry.
Of the 87, 48 actually survived.
Do you know why?
They ate the dead.
Their loved ones.
So, it got me to thinking
about you and me and Dasha...
If it was just the three of us
trapped alone
in this big house, without food,
getting hungrier and hungrier...
What does this has to
do with anything...
...for Dasha's sake.
It was a big mistake for us
to come here.
Would you kill me?
And eat me?
Would you kill me and eat me
for Dasha's sake?
Would you take a knife,
carve me up...
and eat me?
You really are crazy,
aren't you?
It's really
a pretty simple question.
I just wanna know
if we see eyes to eye.
No, Karl.
We don't.
It's been really swell.
I don't know about you,
but I'm ready for dessert.
There is no dessert.
No worries.
Maria made an amazing
apple pie, just yesterday.
Do you like it a la mode?
I'm sorry, Karl.
Tomorrow, I'm taking Dasha,
and we are leaving.
Mr. Fredrick, you did
the right thing.
I should have told her
the truth.
The truth would not have
made any difference.
You are blinded by her beauty.
But I can see the wolf
in sheep's clothing.
Let me out!
Karl, I'm freezing!
Please let my mom go.
Please let my mom go.
I beg you, please.
I will do anything.
Don't hurt my mom.
What is going on here?
I beg you.
I beg you.
That's enough!
No more games!
It's time for you to join Tyler.
I hate you!
You're a monster!
I hate you!
Come this way!
Son of a bitch.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday,
dear Tyler
Happy birthday to you
A puppy!
I love you, Daddy.
I love you, Son.
Do you see what you've done?
It's nice to see you, too.
Wake up.
If you touched a hair
on her head
I'll kill you.
Even know how to use it?
My father taught me many things.
Take me to her.
Oh, what are you gonna do, Nina?
I'm a respected man,
and you're what...
Ordered by mail...
You think the police
are gonna believe you?
But maybe they will
believe Lucia.
You talked to Lucia?
I found her in the cellar.
That was an accident.
Like the saddle?
Let's just cut the crap, huh?
You want the truth?
She had it coming.
She carried the disease in
her family. She never told me.
You think
I would've married her,
let alone
let her bear my child?!
For Christ's sake, he was dying
the moment he was born!
I'm sorry,
but that has nothing to do
with my daughter.
I-I'm tired
of this song and dance, really.
Why don't you just
do us both a favor, huh?
You summon the courage, and you
pull the fucking trigger.
Do it.
Do it!
Do it!
Please, Karl,
just give her to me.
Please, Karl.
I'm sorry, Nina,
but I can't let you go.
Therein lies
one simple question.
Is there any way we can
make this marriage work?
Go to hell.
I want my daughter!
I'm very sorry...'s come down
to this, Nina.
No, please!
I'm begging you, no!
I want to see Dasha.
You'll be happy to know I managed to
save both thumbs, and an index finger.
You don't feel any pain
because I've had you
on a steady drip of diamorphine
for several weeks now.
The snow has melted.
Spring is in the air.
A new day.
Where is Dasha?
Oh, Dasha...
She's fine.
She's resting.
I respect you, Nina.
As a woman.
And a mother.
I could've easily blown
your head off, but...
...the truth is...
...something stopped me.
My father used to always say,
"Any woman
who can survive a month
with a Fredrick
is a keeper."
My mother lasted four years
before she tried to steal me away.
The memories of that night...
...seared into my brain.
The unspeakable acts
he did to her.
Afterward, he pulled me aside.
He said, "Karl...
there's nothing more sacred
to a man than his son.
But you taught me something,
A mother's love also matters.
That's why I've decided
to spare you.
I want to give you a chance.
A chance that Lucia
and my mother never had.
Do you want that chance, Nina?
Now, let's take a little stroll.
Shall we?
Dasha's fine.
She's just sleeping.
could you give us
a moment alone?
Why is she...
Because this is why she's here.
To make a difference for you...
...for me...
...for my son.
Say hello to Tyler.
He's beautiful, isn't he?
Just a boy
who wants nothing more
than to grow up,
go to school... ball...
...have that first kiss...
Tyler needs
a stem cell transplant.
He also needs lungs...
...and a heart.
I, uh...
I put him on a donors list.
I offered to pay
the board millions,
but they said
that his chance of survival
was too low.
I could've gotten the organs
in Mexico on the black market,
but you...
you never know
what you're getting.
So, my Russian colleagues
tested hundred of children
to find the perfect match.
A young, healthy donor.
He's my flesh and blood.
I had to do this.
Shh, shh, shh.
They say, "Mother is God
on the lips of children."
Tyler's going to need a mother.
I'm not going to live forever.
The marriage papers we signed
are very real.
Everything I have is yours
after I'm gone.
Look on the bright side.
Dasha will always be here...
living in Tyler.
The others will be here soon.
We should prepare for surgery.
Yes. Yes, of course.
Please just take her back
and increase her dosage.
I want her heavily sedated
during surgery.
Oh, and put Reign away.
I don't want him
bothering our guests.
Oh, please, please, Maria...
Are you kidding me?
If I had my way, you would've
been dead a long time ago.
I am the one who has
been loyal to him!
Fed him, clothed him.
One day, this will all be mine!
And I will be more
of a mother to Tyler
than you could ever be!
Sleep tight...
No, oh...
Mom... Mama!
We can't leave without my mom!
Stop the car!
Stop the...
After everything my family's
done for you...
this is how you repay us?
He's not a very nice man, Dasha.
After the wedding,
he murdered your Uncle Yuri.
That's right.
He ran your uncle's car
off the road,
and he set the poor bastard
on fire with gasoline.
Not a nice thing to do.
At least, when I kill,
it's for the greater good.
You do it 'cause you're told
like a fucking dog.
You know what happens
when dogs misbehave?
Take her!
Welcome, welcome, welcome.
Oh, don't mind him.
He's just the groundskeeper.
Just on time.
Karl, this is Doctor Gorvinski,
transplant specialist,
and the founder
of Russian Love-Line.
Pleasure to meet you.
So sorry for the delays.
It's first time I ever
have problem
with visa.
It's like there is resurgence
of Cold War tensions.
Yes, yes, terrible,
terrible, terrible.
Let's go inside.
It's beginning to rain.
Shall we?
Come, come.
Make me proud.
All right?
Go on.
Fuck! Fuck!
What the hell is going on?
It's nothing!
The emergency generator
will kick on.
These are not Tyler's
most recent X-Rays we did.
They're in my study
on my desk.
Shall we start with the girl?
9-1-1, what's your emergency?
My daughter...
I can't hear you, ma'am.
Can you speak louder?
He's going to kill my daughter.
Are you okay, ma'am?
I need you to talk to me.
Are you in danger?
Are you alone right now?
It's time for you to return
to the angels in Heaven.
What are you doing on the floor?
Maria, stay with the surgeon.
Everyone else, come with me.
Jesus Christ.
I don't understand.
She was on a heavy dosage
of diamorphine.
There's no way that she could...
Oh, Nina...
Nina, Nina...
If she wants to get
to her daughter,
she's got to have access
to the second floor.
I want you to cover
the staircase.
Maybe we should just give her her
daughter back, for Christ's sake?
Nephew, I love you,
you got potential,
but if you ever wanna be like me,
you better grow some balls
It's a battlefield
out there, kid.
That woman and her daughter
are nothing but cannon fodder!
You cover the elevator.
You see her, and you shoot to kill!
I had enough cocaine in that urn
to kill a goddamn horse.
Sooner or later,
her heart's gonna give out.
All right, Cranston,
you cover the perimeter.
The rest of you, I want you
to look everywhere fast!
I don't want my son waiting
any longer than he has to!
I didn't sign up
for this madness.
I'm going out for a cigarette.
The window!
What the...
Reign! Bad men!
Guys, what the fuck
is going on here?!
Fuck this.
I'm sorry!
What are you doing?
I've had enough.
I'm leaving.
Is there a back door?
I don't want to go down there.
You can't leave!
Tyler needs you!
Can't you hear?
Men are dying!
Somebody talk to me!
What the hell is going on?
That's it.
I'm out of here.
Please, please, I beg you.
I'm sorry.
But the truth is
that boy is already dead.
I kill you!
I kill you!
I don't know how you keep going
with all that coke you snorted.
Your heart's got to
be ready to explode.
You know,
you fooled me, Nina.
For a minute there,
I really believed
that you loved me.
The way you looked in my eyes.
And then, you had to go
and do this!
I brought you here from nothing! I gave
you a life women can only dream of!
And in return,
you try to kill my son!
What are you doing out of bed?
Dasha! Run!
You're so like your mother.
It's uncanny.
Dasha, I'm not gonna hurt you.
You see...
my son...
is really, really sick,
and he needs your help.
Don't listen to him!
I'm not gonna kill you.
I just need to borrow
a few things.
Now, give me the gun.
Give it to Daddy.
You're not my daddy.
You little ungrateful...