The Sacrament (2013) Movie Script

Hi. I'm Sam Turner and we're here at VICE
Headquarters in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
with one of our favorite
fashion photographers,
Patrick Carter. Just a few nights
ago, we were all hanging out together
when he let slip a comment about his
sister that had us practically speechless
for the better part of an hour.
After hearing the full story,
we immediately thought,
we have got to do a piece on it.
Should I read it?
Read it.
Okay, it says, "Dear Patrick, sorry you
have not heard from me in so long.
I have been working hard with
everyone to build a community
where we can finally live
free as God intended.
We're not there yet,
but we're so close.
It's the most beautiful place I have ever
been and I would love if you came to visit.
We have so much love here
but I miss your face."
Then it says "Love, Caroline,"
and there's a phone number.
We've been to some
of the most chaotic,
fucked up, war-torn
places in the world,
but never somewhere for something
as personal and bizarre as this.
So here we are, about
to leave New York City,
to set out to find your sister
in a remote part of the world,
to see what this community she is
living in is really all about.
Maybe we can call this one the "VICE
guide to the Carter family reunion".
One night to be confused
one night to speed up truth
We had a promise made
Four hands and then away
Both under influence
We had divine scent
To know what to say
Mind is a razor blade
To call for hands of above
To lean on
Wouldn't be good enough for me, no
To call for hands of above
To lean on
Wouldn't be good enough for me, no
I'll be back tomorrow at 8:00 a.m.
I'll wait for one hour and then I
will leave. With or without you.
- Don't worry, we'll be here.
- I'm not worried. 8:00 a.m.
- Who is Patrick?
- Yeah. That's me.
We were not told you'd
be bringing others.
There are three total.
Is there a problem?
We're all together.
We have to get clearance to bring them to
the Parish. Please, stop filming me, sir.
They came with me.
I can't just leave them here.
My sister invited us. My sister's
name is Caroline Carter.
Hold on.
- I don't understand if there's problem.
- Hold on.
It should be all arranged.
Okay. Bring them in.
Copy that. It's okay.
- Come with me.
- Let's go.
It's okay.
- Get in the back.
- The truck?
Get in the back.
So far so good.
Well, here we are,
we made it, kind of.
We don't have a local fixer on this one,
and the first thing that happens is
Patrick almost getting into an
argument with one of our guides.
You know those are the
guys you want on your side
when you are out in
places like this.
Maybe New York has made me soft,
but these are the moments,
every time we make one of
these things, where I realize
- it might have been the worst idea ever.
- No, we've definitely had worse ideas.
No, we've definitely
had worse ideas.
I don't know why you're laughing.
Get a shot of his shoes.
Where did you think you were
going, wearing shoes like those?
I thought you traveled
for work all the time?
Yeah, to LA, and fucking Paris.
Closest I come to this shit is shooting
some model in a field in Jersey.
Dude, you're in fashion,
you should own some boots.
Turn the camera off!
Turn it off! Turn it off!
So things have not improved.
We didn't get shot, but
we have to be careful
not to let them catch us filming.
Patrick is over there explaining
who we are, what we're doing.
I'm not sure if that will
make things better or worse.
We're hoping that he can find his
sister and straighten all this out.
And if Patrick starts to get shot
at, I'm going the fuck that way.
As quickly as possible.
They want our passports, but I'm not
giving up my passport to anybody.
Also, there is some
talk of a donation.
Not sure how sizeable
that donation has to be.
So far this is nothing at all like the
hippie commune we were expecting.
- Patrick?
- Okay. See, there she is.
Hey, it's okay guys. It's okay.
Caroline, did you tell them?
All right, come on guys.
- Oh, I'm so glad you're here.
- I'm so glad to see you.
- What's with all this?
- Oh, I'll explain it inside.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- I'm Caroline. Nice to meet you. You too.
- I'm Sam, this is Jake.
Hi. We didn't know you
were coming. I'm so sorry.
It's just... We're really
happy to have you.
There's someone cleaning out
a cabin right now for you both.
- Is it all right if I keep filming?
- Yeah. Yeah, of course, of course.
You can film whatever you like.
I would just hope that you would
leave this last experience out.
It in no way reflects what
you are about to see.
The guns are just a precautionary
measure because of where we are.
Down here everything needs
some level of security.
- Sure, we understand.
- You want to go inside?
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Yeah? Okay, cool. Thanks, guys.
My God, I can't believe I'm
looking at you right now.
- Your hair is so short.
- Yeah, I cut it.
- You look good. You look healthy.
- Thank you.
Oh, just wait until you see it all. Here
we are.Welcome to Eden Parish.
Oh, just wait until you see it all.
Here we are. Welcome
to Eden Parish.
What do you think?
It's great, right?
Children, we have some special
visitors to the parish today.
Let's show them our hospitality
and represent ourselves in the
ways the Lord has taught us.
- God bless you all.
- Oh, yeah.
I don't think that we slept more
than three hours in a night
for six months when
we were building it.
But Father had a vision, and
he was of course right.
And we built Heaven here on Earth.
- Who is Father?
- Oh, right. Yeah.
Probably sounds weird
to you guys, huh?
Well, he's the guy that
started all of this.
He's the reason that I'm still alive.
He's the reason that all of us are here.
He's a genius, I swear.
I know it sounds strange, but we all call
him that because it's just easier for us.
- Is that him on the loud speaker?
- Uh-huh.
Can we speak with
him at some point?
Let me see what I can do. I know you guys
are Patrick's friends and everything,
but we've got to be really
careful about media exposure.
None of this would be possible
without some level of secrecy.
Secrecy, from whom? People like us?
Or you mean like the
local government?
A little of both.
There are some people out there
that want to stop what we're doing.
They think it's wrong, but
I personally have no idea
why anyone would think
that this was wrong.
I've never been so happy
in my entire life,
and we grew up wealthy
on the upper west side.
But that's not living, at least
not to me. This is living.
We all built this
together as a community.
We would do anything
to keep it safe.
So some of our residents
agreed to move out of here
so that you guys could
stay here with us tonight,
but Patrick is going to stay
with me in the main house.
And I know it doesn't
seem like much,
but you guys should be pretty
comfortable for the night.
When we first got here, some
of our residents said that
they had the best
sleep of their lives.
It's so peaceful and just
wait until you see the stars.
- They're so beautiful.
- It's great, thank you.
Should we come find you
once we get settled?
We would actually like to talk to you
at some point if you're cool with that.
Yeah. Sure, sure. Just... but take
your time because I would really
- love to spend some time with my brother.
- Take him, we can't give him away.
But really, if you guys need
anything at all, anything,
the main house is just across the
field, just behind that pavilion.
- Do you see it?
- Yeah.
Feel free to just wander around and
get acquainted with the place.
Our residents are
really nice people.
- Sounds good.
- Mm-hmm.
- You ready?
- Yeah.
Well, welcome.
- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
Okay, I guess I'm going
to go with her for a bit.
- All right. See you in a few.
- Later. See you, man.
You want the top or bottom?
She's selling this place
pretty hard. Right?
- Best night's sleep of your life...
- Yeah.
How freaked out were
you back on the truck?
Why did they have machine guns?
I'm gonna switch cards so
if anything gets weird,
we at least have the
footage we shot so far.
Good call.
Peace I give you, children.
Do not let your hearts be
troubled. Do not be afraid.
It's another day for
us in paradise.
when brothers and
sisters live in unity.
God bless you all.
I do not know who
to approach first.
They'll come to me.
Hey, how you doing?
Not that one, I guess.
Oh, got her. Got her.
- Hi.
- Hi.
How are you?
- I'm fine. How about yourself?
- I'm very well.
My name is Lorraine Davis, but everyone
around here just calls me Miss D.
So how did you get
involved with this place?
Through the church. Now Father had
came into the area where we lived
and I had seen signs
plastered all around town.
Signs inviting people to come out
and to help better themselves
and to get a better
relationship with God.
So I went down there to the church
and before that sermon
was over, I was sold.
That man has a way of speaking,
a way of making you just feel better,
and I'd never felt that way before.
And it wasn't long
after that he chose me
to be one of the lucky ones
to come down here and be
a part of all of this.
Oh, were you reluctant
to leave your home?
Oh, no. After my
husband had passed,
there just wasn't
anything here for me.
My faith is what was
most important.
This is right where I belong.
We're with VICE.
We want to talk with someone around
our age about what it's like living here.
I know VICE.
- Cool. Are you from Australia?
- Melbourne, yeah.
How did you end up here? I mean, what were
you doing before you came to this place?
- I was an artist living in Brooklyn.
- What kind of art do you do?
All kinds. Painting,
poetry, performance.
Do you ever miss the technology
you were accustomed to?
Even just communicating easier
or knowing what's going on with the
outside world? You must, a little bit?
I don't need the
internet to communicate.
People lived without it
for thousands of years.
It's just another
unhealthy addiction.
Here we talk to each other in
person, not through satellites.
What about your family in Australia?
Do they know where you are?
This is my family now. Father has
given me more than I ever dreamed of.
I'm so grateful for that.
Okay. Fair enough.
Oh, hi.
- Hi. Can we come in?
- Sure.
What is this place?
This is our medical center and
temporarily our day-care.
I help with any conditions our residents
may have, especially our seniors.
And Miss Phoebe in there helps
takes care of some of the children
while their parents
are in the fields.
Are there a lot of
children and seniors here?
Oh, yes. We have over 35 boys
and girls under the age of 10,
and at least 60 or so seniors.
That's how our parish really got
its start, helping those seniors.
Has anyone actually been born here?
Oh, we've birthed
seven babies to date.
Seven? All here?
That's right. Right here.
Why are you so surprised?
People are born around the world every
day in conditions worse than this.
It's not the hospital that has
the baby, it's the mother.
He's just nervous because
his wife's pregnant.
- Really? When is she due?
- Next month.
- Is this your first?
- Yeah.
The first are the most exciting.
Thank you.
Where do all these supplies come
from? Do you get them locally?
Well, we brought a lot with us,
but thank heavens we haven't needed
to use much of the medication.
But we are prepared for
all types of emergencies.
Who pays for it all?
We did.
Well, in so many words, anyway.
When many of us first came to the
parish, we sold everything we had.
When several hundred people come
together, you would be surprised
that how much you can
get accomplished.
Everyone just gave up what
they had to come here?
That's right. We sold our homes and
we donated the profits to the church.
And we would do it again.
Father is a businessman
on top of all things.
Sometimes that gets overlooked.
- So where are you guys from?
- Oh, we're from the hood, man.
I'm saying we had nothing
where we was from.
You know, five of us lived in two rooms.
And that's how you want to live?
Me, Robert, our mother and two sisters,
we all came down here together.
And I mean, honestly, it's just changed
us. We're from a violent community.
I don't know, man. If we
didn't come down here,
- God knows what would have happened to us.
- Oh, yeah, yeah, if you had told us
we'll be out there with the white
dudes and all these people...
Yeah, yeah. We'd just
say you was crazy.
It's like, we look at you all and
it's like you are the crazy ones.
Yeah. I mean... This is how
we're supposed to be living.
You know, everybody
here is in it together.
That's right.
You know, there's no one man for
himself, it's like God watches over us.
- We watch over each other.
- That's right, man.
Do you see yourself ever going
back to the United States?
Never. There's no point.
I ain't never going back, man.
I'd die before I go back.
It's real.
Hey, can I play some
ball with you guys?
Yeah, man.
Come on.
- Can he ball? He can really ball.
- No.
So we talked to a bunch
of the people here
and what we know so far
is that everyone thinks
this is the best place
they've ever been.
They have their own farming,
their own medical center,
their own daycare,
their own everything.
As far as utopias go, it has
something for everybody.
If it's spirituality
you want, they got it.
If it's progressive
politics, they got it.
If it's a technology
free hippy lifestyle
you're looking for,
they got that, too.
I can't help but think desperation is
a lot of what brought people here,
but if they're happy now,
who am I to say anything?
We're about to head to the main house to
meet back up with Patrick and Caroline
to see if we can do an interview with
this Father everyone keeps talking about.
I'm trying to keep it together, so
I can ask intelligent questions,
but jet lag's kicked in and
I am starting to melt.
Jake, what do you think
of all this so far?
Give me your
professional assessment.
Um, I don't know.
I mean, I'm naturally
cynical, but...
The fact that a bunch of
drug addicts and alcoholics
actually pulled this thing together
is a little bit impressive.
Fact that they sold all their
worldly possessions to do it.
I don't know, just throws up the
red flag for me a little bit.
I feel like, I mean, if this
is like a place to come
and get clean or do a little bit of
thinking for a month, it's perfect.
I think it is an actual
sustainable lifestyle for,
you know, 60 something
elderly people.
I mean, that medical
center is great,
but that's not really going to cut
it, in my professional opinion.
- What are you gonna ask this guy?
- I don't know yet.
Are you going in
with tough questions
or you're just gonna wait
and see what the vibe is?
I'm coming at him.
Well, I'm gonna see if he'll wear a
wire, gonna try and mic you guys up.
Sam, we got a little one.
What's your name?
Savannah. There you are. Well, I've
been looking all over for you.
- Hi, Savannah.
- Don't mind her. She is a mute.
- You friends of Caroline's?
- Yeah. We're with VICE.
We want to maybe do a
story about this place.
- What kind of a story?
- We don't really know yet.
You're not gonna make
fun of us, are you?
No, not at all. We were just
saying how impressive all this is.
I see.
Hey, would you mind doing
a quick interview?
We talked with a few people
about how they ended up here
and it'd be great if we could get
- a mother's perspective on that.
- No, thank you.
We're not allowed to talk about the
Parish, especially to outsiders.
Come on, sweetheart.
- Did she just call us outsiders?
- Yeah.
- It's kind of a different vibe, huh?
- Yeah.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How are you doing?
I'll see you guys later.
- You guys enjoying yourselves so far?
- Definitely.
Yeah? So good news.
I spoke with Father and he agreed
to allow you an interview.
- Great.
- Yeah.
He is not really feeling
very well right now.
- He just took some of his medication.
- Oh, is he sick?
No. It's nothing serious.
It's just sometimes the
medication upsets his stomach.
So he agreed to sit for an interview
tonight at the gathering.
We're planning an event for your
visit. It should be really fun...
It's gonna be music and dancing,
you'll love it, especially you.
So we would love it if you would
look over this document I prepared.
It'll give you a little bit
more information about us
and it should help
with your questions.
He is only gonna sit for half an
hour and then the party will begin.
What time does the party start?
It begins at sun down. If you just want
to meet me in front of the pavilion,
and then I'll take
care of the rest.
- Perfect. Thank you.
- Okay. Of course.
We have nothing to hide.
So if you'll excuse me, I have some
more planning to do before tonight,
so I'll just see you
guys in a little bit.
- Sounds good.
- Okay.
- Yeah. Thanks, Caroline.
- Mm-hmm.
How is it going, man?
Man, I got some amazing
pictures so far, dude.
I can make a whole
book out of this.
Look at these faces, man. Jesus.
You know, I can make something really cool
out of this and it'd be great for me,
What have you guys been up to?
Well, we talked to a bunch of the locals.
Oh, no, that's what my ticket
on fashion looks like.
- What have you guys been up to?
- Well, we talked to a bunch of the locals.
- And?
- It's pretty wild.
Strange group of people.
Nah, it's incredible.
Had a few bizarre
interactions, but you know...
Where I'm staying, a full extra bedroom,
office, can't even wrap my head around it.
The construction aspect is pretty
impressive I have to admit.
Do you think your... Do you think
your sister wants to stay?
It seems like it. I thought I was gonna
have to come here and rescue her
but she seems good and she's
definitely done worse.
I don't know how I'm gonna describe
this to my parents, but...
Um, we're rolling, so
let's do that letter.
All right.
"Distinguished guests..."
Well, does it say
distinguished guests?
Says it.
"Welcome to Eden Parish.
Father wants only to create a community
where peace and love are cherished,
where the needs of one another are met on
equal levels as we're all God's children
and it is how He Himself
intended us to live.
We do not seek to isolate
ourselves from the outside world,
but we do seek a distance from
imperialism, violence, poverty, racism
and all other unacceptable
attacks on basic human rights.
These conditions have all become
commonplace in modern societies.
Father created Eden Parish not as a place
to get away, but as a place to start over.
It is a new beginning. Sincerely, the
loving congregation of Eden Parish."
Define imperialism.
Define imperialism.
- You're getting a signal?
- No.
What are you doing on your phone?
Dude, she is still gonna be pregnant
tomorrow when you get home.
They might have a satellite
phone in the office.
They don't have a satellite
phone in the office.
You know, you don't need to
encourage this kind of behavior.
Okay but I saw a room
with a lot of equipment.
He is fine. You're fine.
Would all Parish members
please report to the
pavilion no later than 7:45.
We're having a very
special meeting tonight,
for Father and our visitors. Everyone
is required to attend. God bless.
So we're gonna have you
guys set up over here
and then Father will come out
when you guys are ready.
Wait, hold up. We're doing
this in front of everybody?
Yeah. That's right.
Great. So just let me know
when you're all set, okay?
- Hey, Patrick?
- Yeah.
- Hey, man, does your camera shoot video?
- Yeah.
Think you could help me get
some video during this?
Definitely. Where do you
want me to shoot from?
I mean, anywhere where you
can get a good shot of Sam
asking some questions and
then you can flip around
and get some shots of
people, that'd be awesome.
All right, maybe I'll
just set up over here.
Yeah. Thanks, man.
Well, light looks pretty good.
Father's here!
Nice to meet you.
Yeah. All right, all right.
Let me get rigged up here.
All right. All right.
Well, I trust your stay so
far has been hospitable.
What we lack in modern comfort,
we make up for in humanity.
Isn't that right?
It's been pretty amazing.
Everyone we talked to
seems to feel that
this is everything they ever wanted
and they all credit you for that.
Oh, I don't deserve the credit.
We all did this together.
We built this place
from the ground up.
This is our community and you being our
visitors, it is just as much yours.
That's what we believe in.
I want to talk more about that,
but I would love to get some
basics out of the way first.
Are you feeling better? Caroline mentioned
you were little under the whether earlier,
- so I hope this is not too much.
- Oh, yeah. I'm fine.
Okay, so first off.
Can I ask your real name?
Everybody here has been calling you
Father and I wonder how that started.
Well, it's a nickname.
I don't remember exactly when it
started, but it was many years ago.
Some people see anyone who extends
a helping hand as a father figure.
And yes, that's where it came from.
My given name is
Charles Anderson Reed.
That's a great name.
Where are you from and how
did all of this get started?
Can you take us through it?
Oh, I am from all over, friend.
I've been in every big city and every
small town. And you know what I found?
Poverty, violence,
greed and racism.
The foundations of a cancerous society
and I felt it to make a difference.
You see all these
people here tonight?
They all came here because
they had nothing.
They were born outcast.
Never given a chance.
I know, 'cause so was I.
Society turned its back on these
people years ago, but I never will.
I grew up poor. I know that pain.
I know what it's like to
lose hope, to feel trapped.
Well, there's none of that here.
You come down here and I'll
give you a place to live.
I'll give you a job, I'll give you
some good, I'll give you a bed.
- Whatever you need.
- That's right!
And we could live our
lives, friend. Truly live.
There is definitely a
sense of togetherness,
but I do wonder if this isolation
is the only way to achieve that.
Well, I had hoped not, but I believe
for the time being that's so.
You see, we built this
congregation over many years.
We travel around and preach a
good word, wherever we went.
And every stop we made we'd pick up
one or two of God's lost children.
You know what we found
more often than not?
It's a struggle to
bring people together.
America is coming
apart at the seams
because of the way it's being
run, and the values it instills.
Your government is failing, friend.
Now before you call me a communist or
socialist or whatever word you use
for somebody who tries to help this fellow
men, let me remind you of one thing,
all the great leaders who
have tried to achieve
what we have here were
struck down and killed.
That's right. Malcolm X.
Martin Luther King. Oh, my God.
Well, I'm willing to die
for what I believe in,
but why die fighting when
you can remove yourself
from the fight altogether
and create something new.
A place without violence.
Romans Chapter 12 verse 2.
"Do not conform any longer to
the pattern of this world,
but be transformed by the
renewing of your mind."
And that way you can test
and prove God's will.
God's good and pleasing
and perfect will.
That's what we do here, see?
We are continuing our
cause peacefully.
Surely you can appreciate that.
Speaking to that point,
when we came in,
we noticed there were
a few men with guns.
If this is a pacifist community,
and it seems as if
it is, why the guns?
Is there some paranoia
about the outside world?
Today a woman even
called us outsiders.
Oh. You see, this is why
I don't like the media.
We have been speaking five minutes
and you're already looking for
some negative angle to explore.
Oh, no, I don't blame you,
Sam. It's not your fault.
You don't even know
you're doing it.
It's just the way you've
been conditioned.
Come in here from a
sick, violent society,
it's only natural that
you'd be less interested
in the beauty of our community than in
the guns we use to protect the borders.
I wasn't saying...
What we're doing here is radical,
Sam, there's no doubt about it.
And it is complicated, that's why
I want to explain it to you.
I have sympathy for your
misunderstanding. We all do.
We all used to think just like you.
Let me just say that there are
certain government agencies
that have been watching me and
my congregation for many years,
everybody knows that.
I do not keep it secret.
But I made a promise
to these people
that I would lead them
to a better existence
and that includes protecting them.
It's our home down here,
we have to preserve it.
That's understandable.
Yeah, see? I knew he'd catch on.
Living in that beehive New York
City has jaded you completely.
That's good.
It must have cost quite a bit
of money to create all this.
Was it just through donations all
these people's life savings?
Oh, Sam.
I hate you, you
phrase it like that.
Is that what money means to you?
A life?
We don't worship capitalism
and materialism.
We came down here to
live off the land.
That's why America started,
but they don't allow it anymore.
Yeah, if you're not paying
taxes then you go to jail.
Exactly. That is exactly right.
Now, Sam, let me ask you
a question if I may.
Look around here,
look at all these people.
Do you see anybody who looks
like they ought to go to jail?
It doesn't look like it, no.
That's right.
I see you wear a ring on your finger.
You are married man, are you?
Oh, that's good.
You love your wife?
Excuse me?
A simple question.
Do you love your wife?
- Yes, of course.
- And you'd do anything for her.
And what about that child
you have on the way?
Oh, what's wrong? You seem
caught off guard by my question.
Interesting when the shoe is
on the other foot, isn't it?
And I suppose you were wondering how I
knew that about your wife, aren't you?
Oh, relax, Sam. I'm just
making a point here.
You see, I love these people here
just as much as you love your
wife and your unborn child.
These people,
my family, my children.
And when you write this up for your
readers, I want you to remember that.
And when you start to
put that spin on it,
just know that you're
dealing with their lives,
with those faces.
Look at the joy on those faces.
Remember what you're
seeing tonight, Sam.
You have a great responsibility.
I hope you're aware.
I am. But we don't spin things.
We try to be honestly subjective.
We don't have an agenda, we're just trying
to document things that are meaningful.
Oh, yeah, that's right.
Caroline told me that.
That's why I agreed to this interview.
You know, I don't believe in the media.
I see it always lies
upon lies upon lies.
Anything that'll sell more copies.
But I look at you, Sam, and I
can tell you're different.
I can see that you care.
We try.
Yes, you do.
Well, are there anymore questions
or can we quit all this and get on
to the celebration we got planned?
We got a wonderful band.
I know you're gonna love him.
- I guess we're fine.
- All right.
Yo, so that was one of the strangest
interviews I've ever done.
Shit. Man.
Yeah, if you could see, I only...
Yeah, I only got through
about a quarter
of my questions and really I'm not sure
if any of those even got answered.
Everything just sort of got swept up in this
weird energy and I couldn't think straight.
He had a way about him.
That's hard to focus.
Well, the thing about my
wife really stunned me.
And you were saying that
he must have heard it
from one of the people we
talked to, which makes sense,
but man, fuck me, it was
all just so jarring.
All that clapping.
I hope it wasn't worthless.
See, they're setting up for a party
and hopefully we can get
some better footage
to make up for me dropping
the ball like that.
Sorry, man.
There's a ton of good stuff, man, I
don't think you should worry about it.
With Patrick...
When all God's
children get together
What a time, what a
time, what a time
We're gonna sit down by
the banks of the river
What a time, what a
time, what a time
When all God's
children, get together
What a time, what a
time, what a time
We're gonna sit down by
the banks of the river
What a time, what a
time, what a time
When all God's
children, get together
What a time, what a
time, what a time
We're gonna sit down by
the banks of the river
What a time, what a
time, what a time
We're gonna have a time
What a time
We're gonna have a time
What a time
We're gonna have a time
What a time
We're gonna have a time
What a time
We're gonna have a time
What a time
We're gonna have a time
What a time
We're gonna have a time
What a time
Okay, I've completely turned
the corner on this place.
I'm a fan of this goat.
And people seemed really psyched, party
was great even without any booze.
I'm starting to be able to see why
people want to live like this.
I mean, I wouldn't, but I think
I'm starting to better understand
where they're coming from. I dig it.
Music's actually really good.
And I fucking hate church music.
Yeah, he wasn't lying about that.
Patrick's having a good
time wherever he is.
He might not want to
come back with us.
Oh, heads up.
Hey, Savannah.
You're having a good time?
What? Is this for me?
Thank you.
- What is it?
- I don't know.
What is it?
What's it say?
Oh, shit.
Fix me, Jesus, fix me
- Where is she?
- I don't know.
Oh, fix me
Oh, fix me
Oh, fix me
Fix me, Jesus, fix me
And there's the guards.
What are they doing with guns?
I don't like this.
We got to find Patrick.
He's not in here.
What is all this shit?
Let's get out of here.
Sam, hold on. Safe's open.
It's all their passports.
Dude, I don't give a shit. Let's go.
Leave it, man.
Holy shit.
- It's all their passports.
- Dude, I don't give a shit. Let's go.
I got to get some shots of you
looking through this shit.
Somebody's coming, Jake, come on.
Come on.
Can I help you guys?
Yeah, we were just looking
for your brother.
His room's just right
around the corner.
Oh, he is not here right now.
I completely forgot. He is busy.
Busy doing what?
I've been telling Allison
and Sarah about him
And they're just so happy
that he's finally here.
So they took him.
Threesomes aren't
particularly Christian,
if I'm remembering
Sunday school correctly.
Well, we all have to sin every once in
a while as long as Father approves.
He approved getting
your brother laid?
One must not question
what's best for the Parish.
How so?
I love my brother and
I miss him so much.
And I think that he
would be so happy here
and we're just trying
to show him that.
Don't you think he'd
miss New York, his job?
He can be a photographer here.
And he has all these ideas...
This idea about this book
about the Parish, I
think it's brilliant.
And my parents can support him and we're
expanding all this and we need money.
And if Patrick stays then
we can get the money and...
Yeah, you want your parents to send
money to help build this place out.
It's a donation.
It's the same as you.
It's... We just need to get
through this next phase
and then we'll be completely fine.
Oh, are you all right?
Yeah. Yeah.
Caroline, I need your assistance.
I'm coming, Father.
If you see Patrick, tell
him to come see us.
Just relax. You're in paradise.
You fellows seem lost.
Do you need someone to walk
you back to your cottage?
No. We're fine.
You sure about that?
You wouldn't want to walk
into the wrong place.
Is there something you
don't want us to see?
It's just an expression, friend.
It's late, you want to go poking
around other people's business,
you go right on ahead.
But if you put your hand
into the dog's bone,
don't be surprised if you get bit.
What's that supposed to mean?
You boys have a nice evening.
Sam, let's just drop it.
Patrick? Sam, come on.
What the fuck is going on here?
Did he just threaten us?
I'm not sure.
Do you think he knows
we were in the office?
Anyway, is Patrick's
sister hiding his files?
I know she is not supposed to be.
They're just using Patrick?
I don't know.
I don't know what's
going on anymore.
This is too fucked up.
These people are happy living here.
Good for them, but I don't want to
get any more involved. I'm done.
Also, if she's getting high
and sleeping with the guy,
what's the point of this place?
It's supposed to be
sober living, right?
I mean, she looks an awful lot
like the fucked up sister
Patrick was describing.
Savannah? Where is she, dude?
Where did she go?
I don't know.
Please, take us with you.
You don't know what's
really going on here.
They will kill us if they
know we were talking to you.
This place is not
what it seems like.
They hurt people who
go against the Parish.
Please, you have to help us.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
What do you mean?
They keep it secret,
but it happens.
Father will not let us leave.
We're prisoners here.
You are being manipulated.
We talked with plenty other
people, they all seemed happy.
You talked with who Father
wanted you to talk with.
Many other people won't tell you
but they are afraid to speak out.
You don't understand the hold
he has over a lot of them,
they're brainwashed and don't even
know it, they'll do anything he asks.
Your friend's sister
is one of them.
She has done terrible things
to people who act tough.
Savannah saw them.
They beat my daughter, that's
why she won't speak anymore.
Please, please, help us.
I don't know what we can do. Our
helicopter comes in the morning,
but it's not big enough to
carry many more people out.
- Then just take my daughter.
- What?
Please, don't let her die.
I beg you.
Shh! Ssh! Somebody is coming.
Oh, God.
Hey, it's okay. It's okay.
What is going on here?
We found her wandering out here.
We're trying to find out where
she lives. She doesn't talk much.
- I will take her.
- Oh, it's okay. We can do it.
I know where she lives.
I will take her.
Where is your mother, Savannah?
I will go tell Father.
Let's go.
Jesus Christ.
Come on.
Let's just get back inside.
They were terrified.
We shouldn't have let him take her.
Why the fuck did we let them take her?
What were we supposed to do?
We can't take anyone with us.
We could've done something.
Sam, it's not why we're here.
It's not our problem.
It's not why we make these films,
you're losing sight of things.
We can report this when we get back,
but it's not up to us to decide
what happens to these people.
We're not the Red Cross.
Did you see those scars?
How could she let her
daughter be beaten like that?
That's all for tonight.
It's been wonderful.
Return to your cottages and be thankful
for the joy we have in our lives.
Will Wendy and the clean up crew please
meet me at the pavilion in 15 minutes?
God bless you all.
Look at them just do exactly
what he tells them.
Look, the helicopter is gonna
be back here in 8 hours.
Let's just pack our bags
and be ready to go,
seems like everybody
is going to sleep.
I don't think anything else
is gonna happen tonight.
You know, let's just
try and get some rest
and hopefully things
will calm down.
But when the sun comes up,
we're gonna get Patrick,
we're getting the hell out of here.
What is this place?
Well, it's officially 5 o'clock.
So much for the greatest
night's sleep of our lives.
Tried to go to sleep
about an hour ago.
Whatever they're doing
in the pavilion
seems to have stopped,
so it's been quiet.
Neither of us could sleep.
It's a weird night.
Looks like it's finally
getting to us.
Well, I'm actually really scared.
It's the most scared I've
been in a long time.
Ready to go home.
All right, it's morning now.
We made it through the night.
There appears to be some kind
of group of people gathered
outside of the pavilion.
It's unclear what exactly
is going on over there,
but we're gonna have to
just go find Patrick
and start to make our way
back to the air strip.
You see this?
Jesus Christ.
What the hell is going on?
Hey, what the fuck is happening?
Dude, what's going on?
This has been happening
for an hour.
These people want to leave, I started
filming 'cause I knew you'd want it.
- I have no idea what to do.
- All these people want to leave?
They all know we have a helicopter
coming and they want on it.
We can't take all
these people with us.
I told them, I keep telling
them, they won't listen.
Caroline has been freaking out all
morning. I don't know what to do.
- Is everything all right?
- Yeah, it's fine.
We haven't had anyone
come here for over a year
and so you guys being here is
really stressing them out.
Okay, can I... Can
I ask you on the record
Okay, you know just really
don't concern yourselves.
It's fine. Everything...
This is nothing.
Caroline, this is not nothing.
These people want to leave.
You can't keep them here.
Listen, you guys...
They can't leave.
They have to stay here.
Their families are here.
Do you want to break
up their families?
Hey, wait a minute.
They are allowed to leave, right?
Of course, they are.
That's not what I'm saying.
You guys need to go to the
helicopter right now.
Hey, Sam! Sam!
Sam, do not get involved in this.
What are you doing? Come on.
Please, take her with you.
Calm down, Wendy. No one
is taking her anywhere!
I told you, our
helicopter is too small.
You could take just her.
Dude, no.
Go ahead and get to the field,
ask how many people it can hold,
I'll stay back here
and figure this out.
Sam, this is crazy.
- We can't take anybody with us.
- Just her.
I can't leave her like this, man.
Just get there before the pilot leaves.
Have one of the guys radio back.
That'll work, right?
Just don't let that
helicopter leave without us.
Go, hurry.
Caroline, where's the ride?
All right.
I'll radio back soon as
I know what we can do.
You're sure you know, when we come
back Trust in your brother...
It's gonna be okay. It's fine.
We're not gonna leave
without you, okay?
- You cannot do this.
- Back off!
We're not gonna leave
you, I promise.
What happened? Where is Jake?
We need to figure this out.
- Caroline, where are you going?
- I have to get Father!
He warned me about this, he was right
about you, he was right about all of you.
You came here to destroy
us from within.
I didn't want to believe it, I
fought for you to come here.
You are not my family,
I made a big mistake.
Stop fucking filming me.
Where are the others?
They're coming, they're coming.
How many more people can fit in this?
No, that was not the deal.
No one else comes.
No, it's just... It's a mom and her
daughter and my friend's sister.
- No, I told you.
- No, she's sick. We have to help her.
- Only the ones I bring in, no exceptions.
- Look, I don't understand, man...
You're scaring the little
one, you're scaring her.
Hey, Sam, look out.
Take the camera.
I want you to film this.
It's an order.
Yes, Father.
Do you see him?
Where's he?
He's gone.
I think I see him.
He's gone.
What are we doing?
Why are we chasing him?
It was Father's orders.
This is the end he talked about.
Nobody can leave here alive.
Hurry up, children, please hurry.
I need you all to hear
what I have to say.
Every family, every one of them,
come on, we don't have much time.
You must be here.
This concerns all of you.
I need you here with me now,
quickly, quickly, quickly.
Come on in.
Everybody, come in here.
Have a seat, please be seated.
Everyone be seated
please, have a seat.
I've got something to
tell you, so settle down.
You know I love you.
Yes, Father.
I gave you all I had.
But there comes a day when
the quality of your life
matters more than the time
you've got left to live.
Oh, the men came here
and destroyed everything
we worked for.
We can't let them go
back to New York.
Because they would spread lies
about us and what we have here.
Yes, Father.
Then their government
would send soldiers here
to burn our homes and take our
children and kill us all!
No, no.
That's right, we can't
let that happen, no!
I will not let that happen.
Now I didn't want
to hurt these men,
but somebody will come looking
for them, you know they will.
Yes, Father.
So where do they go?
Or where do they stay?
This is the end for us.
Our time has finally come.
Oh, mother, precious mother,
I'll come with you, Father.
Take me with you.
I know you will.
Some of you have been with
me since the beginning.
We knew this day might come.
We talked about it and
we planned for it.
Some of the children have
already been given the potion.
Oh, no.
We don't wait to be murdered.
We don't wait to be
struck down like dogs.
Take your drink and lay down
your life with your family.
If we can't live our life this way,
what earthly life is worth living?
This is the last
sacrament, children.
They all know we're
not afraid to die,
but I want us to be able
to choose our own death.
We can go kindly and
we can go quiet.
This is our final test.
Oh, I love you all.
You've been so loyal
to me all these years
and we're gonna be together again.
We are heading for eternal life.
Where are they?
They're gone.
Please, I could still
fly us out of here.
Please help me, help me to my seat.
Get your friends. Hurry.
We don't have much time. Go, go.
Don't struggle, no, don't struggle
with it, don't you struggle.
It's a bitter taste
and then it's over.
There's no pain,
there's no convulsions
and this is not suicide.
We are not sinners, no, we're
proving our faith here.
Let's offer our bodies
as a living sacrifice,
holy and pleasing to
the Lord, Romans 12:1.
We can't go back, there's
nowhere to go back to.
So our time is up.
Don't be afraid.
Don't be afraid.
It's just stepping over
to the other side.
That's all it is.
Let's show the world that
the only peace left for us
is in death.
We are going to a better place now.
Let's all go together.
It's just a little medication,
that's all it is.
We're just going to sleep.
Everybody, get a drink now
just like we rehearsed.
Father, no, no, look, I'm sorry but
this just don't make no sense.
I mean, we all worked hard here, how
are we just gonna give up like this?
Oh, son, we're not giving up.
I've never lied to you and I tell
you now they will come down here
with their guns and
bombs and wipe us out.
America's on the brink
of another war.
We don't deserve to die like
that, we deserve peace.
You all agree with that,
that's why you came down here.
We have to go, so
let's go together.
Out time is up.
Come on in, bring them in.
That's right, that's right.
Keep your dignity, son.
We're all here with you.
That's right, that's right,
quickly, quickly.
Mothers, help your children, tell
them everything is all right.
Go ahead and drink if you
got a drink, drink it up.
I tried to create a heaven
here, you know, I tried.
But now the time has come.
Step over to the other side
with our brothers and sisters,
where the real heaven waits.
Come over here, take
more of this, take more.
We all must take our drink.
Take it.
Take it.
Take it.
Take it.
Take it.
Take it.
Take it.
Take it.
Anybody who receives this,
something terrible happened here.
I don't know why, but
they're trying to kill us.
I'm just gonna keep rolling and I
hope that I get as much as possible,
hope that this footage
makes it out of here.
Whatever happens, this
story needs to be told.
No, no.
Come on.
- Drink this.
- No.
It's okay...
It's great, it's painless...
No, no!
Patrick, Patrick!
It can go this way,
it's so much easier.
Come on, you silly,
come on, Caroline.
Where's the key?
You need to find the key. No, no.
What is that?
What is that?
What is that?
- What did you just do?
- It's okay.
- What did you just do?
- Okay.
What did you just put in me?
What did you put in me?
Caroline, no, no, no, what is that?
Don't leave me, don't leave me.
You know I love you, I love you.
We got to find Jake,
I love you, I love you.
Caroline, no, we can still
go, we can still leave,
We can still go home,
think about mom and dad.
Think about mom and dad.
No, no, what is that?
What did you put in me?
What is that, Caroline?
What did you put in me?
No, no, let's get out of here.
What is that?
We're gonna die.
I don't want to die.
I don't want to die. Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Calm down, everyone, calm down.
The potion works
No, no.
Don't let your families be
murdered by these terrorists.
This is the only remaining
way for us to go.
This is an active revolution.
We'd rather die than go
back to their way of life.
This world will see it
as just our sacrifice,
but we won't let them
take our lives, no!
We are laying down our lives.
So lie down.
Lie down, children.
Lie down and go to sleep.
Just go to sleep.
Just go to sleep.
Where is everyone?
Oh, my God.
What happened here?
My mother, my brother,
my sister, they are gone.
Don't leave me.
Shh. Shh.
Are they going to heaven?
All right.
Don't leave me.
Are we going to heaven?
Oh, my God.
I'm not gonna let them hurt you.
No, no, stop, it's
okay, it's just me.
We need to be quiet, please.
Don't be afraid.
Oh, shit, okay.
They're coming, all right, come
on, quick, we got to hide.
Come on, get down, get down.
I'm not gonna let them
hurt you, I promise.
Sshhh, get down in there.
I'm not gonna let them
murder my daughter.
Please, they'll hear you.
No, don't! What are you doing?
It's all right.
It's okay, it's all right.
It's okay, it's all
right, it's all right.
Oh, shit, shit, shit.
Where did she go?
Caroline? What are you doing?
Patrick's dead.
Everything that we worked so hard for,
it's all over now, I have to destroy.
Caroline, stop, we can still leave.
- And go where?
- Go home.
This was my home!
All these people they were
my family, they're all gone!
Don't you understand?
I have nothing left!
Where is Sam?
Father took him.
Took him where?
Caroline, don't do this!
You should have never come here.
Here we are, three of us.
All that's left.
We couldn't live this way anymore
but I couldn't let him go.
That's right, that's right.
I gave them all I could and
I gave them a way out.
We were doing something
great down here.
We were gonna change the world,
this was only the beginning.
Why couldn't you leave us alone?
What harm are we doing down here?
We didn't do any of this.
You brought violence on us.
Are you proud of that?
Do you take your responsibility
for those lives?
If not then step on over
with the rest of us.
No, just stop this.
None of those people had to die.
Everybody dies, friend,
and greater love hath
no man than this,
that he laid down his
life for his friends.
That's how we used to
teach it to the children.
That's John 15:13.
I'm gonna be a father,
I have a family.
You don't have to do this.
You destroyed my family.
One day, you'll understand,
you'll see it for what it is.
I'm tired.
I'm so tired.
I gave it all I had.
Now it's time to go.
We have to show the
world we're not afraid.
It's our time now.
No, it's not our time,
we can still live.
Blessed is the man
who stands the test
for he shall receive
the crown of life
that God promised to
those who love him.
No, what are you doing?
Jake, he's got a gun.
Hey, no. No, no, no.
Get the key, it's in his pocket.
Okay. Hold still.
Hold still.
Okay, quick, get up.
Get up, Sam.
Come on, the helicopter's waiting.
We got to go, come on.
Where is Patrick?
He is dead, everybody is dead.
Come on, we got to go, we got to get out
of here before that pilot leaves, hurry.
Sam, get down.
Where is he?
He's coming towards us.
What do you want to do?
I don't know.
Oh, shit, he's inside the pavilion.
Do you want to rush him?
We can't, he's too far away.
Get out of here. Get up, go!
Let's go, come on, hurry.
I'm burning this
place to the ground.