The Sacred (2012) Movie Script

In the name of the
Father, and of the Son,
and of the Holy Ghost,
I command you out.
In the name of Jesus,
I order you, unclean spirit,
out of this young child.
You are no longer welcome here.
I... in the name of God,
the almighty creator...
I cast you out!
You have four messages.
It's Sarah, wondering when
I can see that first draft.
I left you several messages.
Look, I told everyone here that
you are the next Stephen King.
I'm counting on you
not to let me down, okay?
In good faith, all right?
So, so call me.
Hey, babe. It's me. I
hope the writing's going well.
I'll see you tonight
for dinner around 7:00, okay?
No good.
All right, I love you.
Jessie, this isn't
a joke anymore. Call me.
So, how'd the writing go?
I brushed my teeth
five times today.
So, you're still blocked.
I don't know.
It's more than that.
My editor,
she left another message.
She thinks I'm a fraud.
What the hell does she know?
Baby, could you pour us
a glass of wine?
Did you really like
my last book?
Jessie, you know that I did.
I told you that
the night we met.
What if you were
just trying to get laid?
Yeah, I was. But I really
did like it, honestly.
It was genuinely scary.
What are you doing?
What if I told you I could get
rid of your blockage for good?
Just hear me out.
You and me, alone, one week,
your Aunt Jean's cabin.
A vacation?
Damn right, a vacation.
We both could use one.
Brian, I can't leave. I've spent
all the advance money.
It's just not a good time.
What is one more week
going to hurt?
Look, we'll go.
We'll have a romantic getaway.
You'll clear your head,
come back, bang it out.
Oh, baby, this is really sweet
of you to think about this.
But, I don't know, I mean,
my aunt died in that cabin.
Two years ago.
Jessie, she left you that cabin.
It's yours.
I don't know. I barely knew her.
And to be honest, I...
I don't like it there.
get over it.
Brian, just let me finish this.
And then we can go on vacation.
We'll go on a real vacation.
I don't expect you
to understand.
I'm just in this funk.
And until I finish this book,
my head won't be clear.
Thank you.
- I'm going to burn those flowers.
- Please don't.
- Yeah.
- No. I love them.
You don't want...
They didn't work.
No, I do want them.
Hi, George.
Who's this?
This is Jessie, Aunt Jean's
niece. She left the cabin to me.
Are you still there?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm here.
Well, how are you, young lady?
I'm good.
You were the caretaker
at the cabin, right?
Uhh, sure, yeah, still am.
Good. I was wondering,
is it still available?
Well, old Aunt Jean
left it to you, didn't she?
Of course it's available.
Great, good to hear.
Are you thinking of
coming up here soon?
Yeah, yeah, I am.
We could have gone up there
a million times
And the moment I bring it up,
you finally decide to go,
I just feel like
it's going to inspire me.
Well, who's going to inspire me?
I could use
some inspiration too, you know?
You want to
hear something strange?
So, I spent a lot
of time there as a kid.
And yet,
I don't remember anything.
Something about the thoughts of
that cabin really creeps me out.
I'm kind of nervous to go back.
You just have a big imagination.
And I hope going up there
will reignite it,
you know, alone in
a creepy cabin in the woods.
You know what, that's good.
Yeah, that's it.
Maybe it was the cabin.
You weren't just inspired
by the cabin. You were...
You were influenced
by the cabin.
And that's why you became
a horror writer.
Shut up.
This is good, like,
interview material, you know?
Like, when they ask you why
you became a horror writer,
now you've got
this whole back-story
of what happened to you, yeah.
The media loves that shit.
That would make me a fraud.
And now you're
going back out there
to see if
anything strange happens
so you can write the sequel.
It's not a sequel.
Just seems to me,
the two of us spending
a week up there together,
humping our brains out
would be just as therapeutic.
I love you.
I know.
Want the rest?
I'm not hungry.
Writer's block
kills your appetite
for both sex and food, huh?
Look, when George gets here,
please be nice.
He's a little odd.
But he's a good guy.
Wait. Who is he again?
He works at the cemetery.
But he's also the caretaker
And, as far as I know,
he was friends with my aunt.
But why did she
leave you the cabin?
You didn't really know her.
You ever find out?
No. No. She didn't have
anyone else, I guess.
And how'd she die again?
It was an accident, I think.
I don't really know the details.
She fell down off a ladder.
You see the danger of
being out there all alone?
You could slip in the shower,
hit your head.
And no one would ever know.
I'll be careful.
And I'll leave a phone
by the shower.
What? What is it?
What the hell
are they looking at?
Do I have something on my face?
It's a small town.
They all know my aunt died.
And maybe they recognize me.
You were nine.
Well, they're just wondering
small towns.
Look, I just don't understand
why I'm dropping you off here
instead of up at the cabin.
Because George said
it's difficult to find
and it's easier to meet us here.
That must be George.
Hi, George.
Well, look at you,
all grown up now, ain't you?
I wish I remembered you.
Don't worry about it.
It all come back to you.
I'd like for you
to meet my boyfriend, Brian.
Uhh, sorry. Hi.
Nice to meet you, George.
Jessie's been
telling me about you.
Not much to tell.
I'm as simple as a peanut butter
and jelly sandwich.
Well, that's pretty simple.
You ain't going up there
with her, are you?
No, no, not this time.
She's working and insisting
on being alone,
stubborn that way.
Well, just as well.
Shall we?
Sweetheart, can I, umm... Can I
talk to you for just a second?
George, will you give us a minute?
We're just going to say goodbye.
- I'll wait for you in the truck.
- Okay.
- What's wrong?
- This isn't a good idea.
He's lived up here his whole
life. Everyone knows him.
Well, don't act like you've been
spending all your summers up here.
Like we're
straight-up trespassing.
Everything's going to be fine.
It's sweet that you're worried
about me. I'm a big girl.
I'm doing this for us, you know?
This could be huge.
I feel like I'm in The Shining.
Come on. Kiss me. I got to go.
I just...
I'll see you soon.
I love you, baby.
Cute butt!
I got to say, I was a bit surprised when
I heard you want to come back here.
I know. It's been a long time.
Is that where Jean is?
Yes, ma'am, it is.
You ought to pay her
a visit while you're here.
I bet she'd like that.
You know, it was really nice
of you to look after her.
She had a nurse that
took care of her.
I just looked after
the utilities,
fixed the leaky pipes,
things like that.
Were you close with her?
Took care of her
the best I could.
But I guess,
when it's your time,
it's your time.
So, you're a writer, huh?
That, I am.
Any good?
I'm not sure yet.
You write that scary stuff,
don't you?
That's what your aunt said.
Yeah, scary stuff.
Yeah, I don't like
that scary stuff.
I guess a week alone
up in the cabin here, that'll...
That'll spark the mood.
That's what I'm hoping.
Remember this?
I wish I did.
I'll stop by now and then,
make sure you're fine.
Heater's working and all that.
And got plenty of firewood.
You guys give me a shout
any time you want some.
Thank you.
Here's your key.
You can come in.
I've done my good deed for the
day. And now I'll be on my way.
Besides, I got a lot of work.
So do you.
Are you okay?
Just fine.
Well, thanks for the ride.
I appreciate it.
My pleasure.
You're going to do okay.
Thank you.
Oh, God!
I thought a caretaker was
supposed to actually take care.
Oh, lovely. Oh, God.
That's pleasant.
Let's see what's behind
door number two.
What a mess.
Well, you wanted to be alone.
Well, that's great.
It was as if, somehow,
the sight,
the sight of the young girl...
It was as if, somehow,
the sight of the young girl
had reminded her of herself.
It was as if
the sight...
even if she didn't know it yet.
You didn't have to
throw Isabelle away.
- Excuse me?
- You threw her in the trashcan.
- How did you get here?
- I walked.
I live down the road a ways.
What are you doing out here?
I go for walks. I like being
outside. My name is Leah.
I used to visit Aunt Jean,
and she'd make these amazing
cupcakes that I could live on.
Oh, I'm sorry for throwing the doll away.
I didn't realize it belonged to anyone.
No worries.
Good thing I saw.
I'm Jessie.
Please come on in.
I know Aunt Jean's
not here anymore, obviously,
but I'm sure this place
meant a lot to you.
She might be.
You never know.
You sound
kind of spiritual.
Not really.
Are you working
on something?
Yeah. Well, sort of.
I've been taking too many
breaks. Not enough discipline.
You're a writer, right?
It's been a while,
but I'm finally back at it.
That is so cool.
I wish I could write.
That'd be the best job.
Have you ever heard that saying:
everyone has one good book in them?
It's true.
Although I'm pushing my luck
trying for a second one.
You mean you already
have a book out?
Yeah. Shocking, I know.
No, it's just
really cool.
I'm talking to, like,
a famous author.
Hey, do you want to walk
with me to the store?
Were you close
to Aunt Jean?
To be honest, I don't remember
much about her.
I haven't been here
since I was a little girl.
How come?
It's going to sound silly,
but I was kind of scared
to come back.
Scared of what?
I don't know, really.
Like I said,
it's silly.
It's not silly.
Aunt Jean said
you had a good imagination.
So she thought
I was crazy.
No, she loved you.
She talked about you
all the time.
She wrote you
a tonne of letters.
She really wanted you
to visit.
How did you know that?
She told me.
Sounds like you two
are pretty close.
For sure.
Now I get why you write
scary stories.
Oh. She told you
that too, huh?
It makes sense.
I mean, it's kind of scary
out here where you live.
Especially at night.
You're a pretty
smart girl.
You want to see
your aunt?
You know where
she's buried?
Of course. Come on.
You going to write
about this place?
I might. The best way to get
past something you're afraid of
is to write about it,
I guess.
There it is.
Sometimes, when I walk
by here at night...
I'll pretend all the dead people
are out of their coffins,
just walking around.
I think you're the one
with the imagination.
Nothing here can hurt me,
They're just decaying bodies.
Their souls have moved on.
Some in heaven,
some not.
Some definitely not.
Are you okay,
Are you sure?
Let's get out
of here.
Are you sure
you're okay?
Something really scared you
at that cemetery.
What was it?
Aunt Jean, she's just
right on the money.
I have an overactive
imagination, that's all.
I guess.
It's just on overdrive,
now that I'm here
working on my book.
Ever since I've been here,
people are looking at me funny.
That's Aunt Jean's nurse.
Her name's Evelyn.
You know her?
I know everyone.
Can you hurry, please?
Why don't you go
pick yourself out something.
I'm going to go
talk to her for a minute.
Anything I want?
Whatever you want.
Excuse me. Hello.
Are you Nurse Evelyn?
Please, I'm quite
in a hurry.
No, I'm sorry
to bother you.
I just want to talk to you for a minute.
You were with my aunt when she died.
You ready to pay?
Leah, are you getting
Please talk to me.
The police already
questioned me, all right?
The police? Why would the police
get involved?
- I thought it was an accident.
- It was a terrible accident.
Now, please leave me
This wasn't my fault.
I'm not accusing you
of anything. I...
I took good care of her
for a long time.
Then you understand
I want to be left alone.
What are you not
telling me?
I'm leaving now.
Listen to me
Did she say something to you
before she died?
I see a lot of things
in my profession.
I see crippling,
painful injuries.
I see disease eating away at
life right before my very eyes.
But this was different.
What do you mean?
Evil had a hand in this.
Wait, please!
No, please talk to me.
Jessie, are you okay?
Here you go.
Thank you.
You're so sweet.
Crazy day, huh?
Did you know that Aunt Jean
left the cabin to me?
I figured.
It's not the reason
I cam here, though.
I know. You came
to finish your book.
That's only part of it.
I came here to see
if this place...
This cabin is the reason
that I write at all.
What do you mean?
Like, inspiration?
It's not just inspiration.
It's influence.
It's like it wants me
to write.
Almost like
I'm being used.
It can't be the happiest place
to be creative in.
Not for someone
like Aunt Jean.
She was old.
Not well.
Probably really weak.
They said she was
fixing a light.
It's okay.
I'm sure she didn't
feel much.
I know that probably doesn't
make you feel any better.
It's okay.
It's late.
I should get going.
Don't want to be in the woods
after dark, you know?
Thank you so much for letting me
spend the day with you.
Too much excitement,
I had a good time.
Hey, come by anytime.
I'm here for a few more days.
Well, I'll see you then.
Okay, bye.
You forgot your doll.
Isabelle, huh?
You know, my middle name
is actually Bella.
Guess we have something
in common.
Can you hear me?
If you can hear me,
blink your eye.
Go on.
One blink.
You see,
I'm trying to write a book
about this place.
So I would appreciate
any input I could get.
Think you can
help me out?
I didn't think so.
In the name of the
Father, and of the Son.
And of the Holy Ghost.
In the name of Jesus.
I order you,
unclean spirit.
You are no longer
welcome here.
I command you out.
God, the almighty creator,
I cast you out!
Hey, it's me.
Did I wake you up?
No, no, no. It's fine.
I'm up.
You all right?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.
I just wanted
to check in.
Good, good.
How's the book coming?
It's good.
Everything's great.
Are you sure? You...
You got that tone
in your voice.
No, no, no.
I'm fine, really.
do you think maybe
you could come up here?
Wait, are you kidding?
It's just some things
have been happening around here.
What do you mean?
What kind of things?
I don't know.
I kind of feel like
I'm losing my mind.
Some company
would be nice.
I don't believe this. I thought
you wanted to be alone.
I know.
I made a mistake.
I'm sorry.
You know, I got to show
a house tomorrow afternoon.
I guess I can come up
after that.
Okay, fine.
Is that okay?
Yeah. Yeah, yeah,
that'll be great.
I love you.
I love you too.
Hi. I was hoping
you could help me find
an address for a business.
It's called Delicacies.
3400 Dyson Road.
Thank you so much.
Oh, hey, George.
I thought you were
someone else.
I guess so.
This girl, Leah.
She was here
You been talking to Leah?
We're sort of
becoming friends.
Well, she doesn't
waste any time
getting to know newcomers,
does she?
But then again,
you're no newcomer.
You know Leah?
Oh, I know everyone
around here.
I'm the caretaker.
Brought you some
Thank you.
There's some starter
next to the fireplace.
That'll help you
get it going.
And you're going to want
to keep that fire going.
Because if a storm blows in
around here,
sometimes a good fire
can be a lifesaver.
I'll remember that.
Make sure you open the flue
and keep all those ashes
swept out, all right?
I'm way ahead of you.
All right. I'll be on my way.
Oh, wait, George.
Can I ask you
about this?
Where'd you get that?
Leah left it here.
You've become pretty good
friends with Leah?
I've met her.
She's an interesting girl.
Maybe you ought
to be careful.
I don't understand.
You came up here to work,
didn't you?
You can't spend
all your time
talking to everybody
you meet.
You got a lot of work
to do.
But she's just a kid.
And that's just a doll.
Just make sure
you keep that fireplace going.
I'll see you soon.
Thanks for the ride.
They say it keeps
bad spirits away.
The lamp.
It's filled with
consecrated holy oil.
How nice.
The churches use it
to administer sacraments.
I just think
they smell nice, myself.
Would you like
to buy it?
I can give you
You got a deal.
Good. Thank you.
Are you the original
owner here?
Going on 37 years now.
Times have changed
since then, of course,
but the town
is just the same.
There you go.
Thank you.
I want to see if you remember
a certain item that you sold.
How do you know that?
Where did you find it?
It belongs to a girl.
It's an odd thing,
isn't it?
It is.
Do you know where
it came from?
If I'd known, I never would have
taken it into my store,
let alone sold it.
I knew there was something
strange about that doll
the day I laid eyes
on it.
It always seemed
to be watching me.
Then one day this nice woman
came into the store.
She wanted to buy it.
I was happy
to get rid of it.
It wasn't till later
that I learned about the fire.
What fire?
It was a while back.
The owner was said
to dabble in the occult.
He died in the fire,
along with his wife
and three children.
When the police arrived,
every bit of that house
was burnt to a crisp.
All except
for that doll.
It was found
beneath the rubble.
Completely unscathed.
Is this the woman
that you sold it to?
Who are you?
My name is Jessie,
and that's my aunt.
Is she the one
that you sold it to?
Never seen
that woman before.
If you'll excuse me,
I've got to close up.
Wait, ma'am.
I need to know.
I've told you.
I've told you
everything I know.
Now, please take that thing
and get out of here.
Don't come back.
Until this point,
the young writer had no reasons
to believe in such things.
Something about the lamp
made her feel safe.
At the very least,
it did smell nice.
- You scared the shit out of me.
- You left the back door unlocked.
You ever hear
of front doors?
- Do your parents know you're here?
- I don't know. Why?
Because they probably don't
want you wandering around
by yourself, hanging out
with complete strangers.
Well, you're not
a stranger.
No, I'm just a weirdo writer
living in her dead aunt's cabin.
What are you doing out
this late, anyway?
I came to get Isabelle.
Listen, Leah,
have you ever noticed
anything strange about her?
About Isabelle?
I mean, do things
ever happen with her?
Like, does she ever move around
by herself?
- Okay, now I agree with the "weirdo" bit.
- I'm serious.
- So am I.
- Leah.
No, my plastic doll does
not move around by itself.
And I think the horror writing
might be getting to your head.
Maybe you're right.
But I want you
to leave it here.
You're not serious.
Give me the doll, Leah.
Leah, please.
I said no.
It's not safe.
You can't have her!
Who is it?
Is Abigail here?
Excuse me?
Can I help you?
Is Abigail here?
I'm sorry,
there's no Abigail here.
Are you lost?
I saw the light and I thought
maybe she'd be here.
No, I'm the only one here.
So cold. I'm so cold.
Why don't you come inside.
I've been cold
for so long.
I'm Jessie.
You must be freezing.
Let me get you something dry
to put on.
I'm sorry.
I didn't realize
that you were undressed.
I was just trying
to stay warm.
Did you get separated
from your friend?
Oh, yeah.
We were up
at Hangman's Trail.
All of a sudden,
this fog came over.
And I looked down
at my compass,
and I tried to fix it.
And when I looked
back up...
she was gone.
Well, you're more than welcome
to stay the night.
I mean, if you want to wait
for the storm to pass.
May I?
Mmm! Oh!
I guess I am.
You have such
beautiful hair.
Thank you.
Do you mind?
I'm sorry.
Is there something wrong?
No, no, no.
Um, it's just...
I'm sorry. I...
No, it's okay.
Just excuse me
a minute.
I want to know
what happened.
What are you
talking about?
George, either I'm losing
my mind,
or there's something
very wrong going on out there.
And I think it has to do
with Leah.
I told you
to be careful.
Well, it all started
right around the same time
that doll showed up.
People thought these woods
out here,
they become haunted.
But I didn't
believe it.
Not until
the possession.
Yeah. A little girl.
She became possessed
out here.
You mean...
I mean possessed.
Everybody thought
she was sick, you know?
Not right in the head.
But then when that doctor,
he couldn't do nothing to help her.
Well, he called in
that Catholic guy,
and he knew all about
all sorts of things.
You mean an exorcist?
Yeah. It was the most
God-awful thing I ever seen.
Who was she?
Well, it don't matter
who it was.
The thing is that
that priest fixed her,
so there ain't no reason
to talk about her anymore.
No, but George,
listen please.
He may have gotten
the demon out of that child,
but I think
that it's still out there.
In the woods.
And I'm scared.
I can't intervene.
Why won't anyone
help me?
You try asking God
for help?
He doesn't listen.
Oh, sure he does.
Well, then he's not
Maybe you're not
Let's see if you burn now,
Who's there?
Who's there?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Baby, baby,
it's just us, it's just us.
It's okay, it's okay.
You fucking assholes.
You scared the shit out of me.
I'm sorry.
It was my brother's idea.
Get up.
That's bullshit.
I could have fucking
killed you.
Wish you would have.
I told them
not to do it.
How you doing, girl?
Her? I'm the one who just got
cracked in the head.
Yeah? Well, you deserved it.
Love you, Jessie.
Yeah, right.
They stopped by the apartment
late last night.
I haven't seen them
in three months.
I had to bring them.
And you're a jerk.
I'm sorry.
I told you, it wasn't my idea
to scare you.
But admit it, it's good
to see me, isn't it?
- Cool cabin.
- Yeah, seriously.
Jessie, I don't blame you
for getting spooked.
If I was out here all by myself,
I'd be pretty freaked out.
Dude, Max,
not helping man.
Yeah, Jessie. What's up?
Brian said you were
a little on edge.
Well, Brian wasn't supposed
to say anything.
Jessie, seriously, you see some
freaky shit out here?
Yeah. These past few days
have been the weirdest
fucking days of my life.
Well, in that case,
let's get wasted.
That's what I'm talking about.
You guys are killing me.
I've been smoking a lot longer
than you have, babe.
Wow, how proud you must be.
Hey. You want
another beer, Brian?
So, baby...
How's the book?
Yeah, tell us.
It's good.
It's coming along, I guess.
Here you go.
What are you doing?
Okay, back.
You'll get cut off.
Why? I'm not driving.
As if that would
stop you.
Right, Mr. DUI.
Hey, I only have one DUI,
and it was four years ago.
And it was bullshit.
Dad said you blew
a .25.
It's not that high.
It's not...
It's three times
the legal limit.
Yeah. You were probably
seeing double.
Yeah, that's why you go to drive
with one eye shut.
When the paramedics are scraping
your body off the pavement.
They're not going
to be scraping me.
They're going to be
scraping you.
A drunk driver
never dies.
You're such an asshole.
Yeah, why is that?
Why is it that the drunk driver
never gets hurt?
Because when you're drunk
And you don't tense up and then,
you know, break a bone.
Those acts of God
really salt the wounds, huh?
I don't know if you can
blame God for that.
Some asshole
drinking too much Jger
and getting
behind the wheel?
God allowed it to happen.
Maybe God had nothing
to do with it.
Maybe it was the devil.
What, you believe in God but
you don't believe in the devil?
I didn't say I believed
in either.
That's a cop-out.
It is what it is.
Do you believe
in the devil?
Well, if there's a God
there has to be a devil.
Everything has
an opposite, right?
I mean, for every
good Samaritan in the world
you have, at the other end,
some sick fucking pedophile.
So, yeah.
I guess I do.
Jesus Christ.
Oh, now you're
a believer, huh?
Scared the shit
out of me.
Okay, on that
note, let's go to bed.
Why? Because of a little wind?
No, because you're getting
too drunk.
I want to fuck.
Oh, well,
when you put it that way.
Come on.
You guys can use
the bedroom in the back.
Don't do anything
we wouldn't do, big brother.
Yeah, that's not
saying much.
Good night, you two.
Good night.
Mad at me
that I brought them?
No. It's nice to have
You had me worried
on the phone.
Are you okay?
I am now.
I'm so glad
that you're here.
Me too.
What the fuck?
I just saw something
out the window.
You're tripping.
Max, I'm serious.
I don't see shit.
I swear to God
I saw something.
Babe, it's just
the woods.
Makes you see all kinds
of shit.
You stay out here
long enough,
you're going to start tripping
like Jessie did.
I'm going to go
take a piss.
Max, just be quick, okay?
I will.
Damn it, Marie.
Didn't you hear me knock?
Where's Max?
Have you seen these?
Seen what?
I found them
in the frame.
Oh, my God.
Jessie, what is it?
It's her.
Who the hell's Alix?
what's happening?
Oh, my God. That was him.
Jesus. What?
Brian, it's Max.
We heard screaming.
He's not in the house.
I looked everywhere.
All right, okay,
calm down, calm down.
Calm down. It's probably just
another one of his pranks.
He stumbled off drunk
Either way, I am going
to kick his ass.
Brian, what are
you doing?
What do you mean
what am I...
I'm going to go out
and find his dumb ass.
What if it's not a prank?
Brian, what if it's not
a prank?
What do you think? Something
dragged him out of here?
Oh, Christ, Jessie,
he is probably passed out
in a bush somewhere.
He's fine.
We heard screaming.
Look, just stay here,
all right?
He's fine.
Brian, please.
He couldn't have gone far.
Brian, please.
Guys, he is fine.
I will find him.
All right?
I will be right back.
Promise? Yes.
Where are you, man?
Come on, man.
Max, where are you, man?
What did you see
on those newspapers?
Oh, my God. It's Brian.
That's him!
Jessie, don't leave me.
Stay here. Lock the doors,
and I'll be right back.
Jessie, please.
Brian, where are you?!
Brian? Brian?
Oh, Brian!
Oh, my God!
You're here,
aren't you, Leah?
Why don't you
show yourself!
What do you want
from me?
Why are you doing this?
In the name of the Father...
...and of the Son...
and the Holy Ghost.
In the name of the Father
and of the Son...
...and of the Holy Ghost,
I command you out.
Leave me alone!
In the name of Jesus.
I order you,
unclean spirit,
out of this child.
And by the name of God,
the almighty creator,
I cast you out!
I'll fucking...
...kill you.
She got possessed
out in these woods.
Who was she?
Well, it don't
matter who it was.
Hello, Jessie.
Who are you?
I'm Leah,
at least
for the time being.
Did they think they were going
to get rid of me that easily?
I don't understand.
You really don't remember
meeting me, Jessie?
You were my first.
You let me in.
And then they had to go
and call that fucking priest.
He drove me out
of you,
and you got away.
But I wasn't going
So I hung around,
feeding on the souls
of the living.
There were those two sluts
in the woods.
I must say,
I enjoyed them fairly well.
And then your uncle
brought that little bitch
Leah along.
I used her the same way
I used you.
And finally...
...I found my way back
into another body.
But I've always
wanted you back, Jessie.
For years, I tried to get you
to come.
Yeah. She wrote you
a tonne of letters.
She really wanted you
to visit.
How did you know that?
She told me.
I knew you'd come eventually
if I got rid of your aunt.
And now I've got you
back, Jessie.
I'm tired of this little
slut spot.
Now I have you.
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
George, it's Jessie.
I'm at the cabin.
It killed them.
I need you to come.
George, can you hear me?
Please help me.
I killed Leah.
can you hear me?
I've been waiting a long time
for this, Jessie.
Now I have you.
And I'm not just going
to take your body.
I'm going to swallow
your soul.
Swallow this, you fuck!
You're safe now.
Do you believe
in the devil, George?
Oh, I suppose
everything has an opposite.
Who are you?
I told you, Jess.
I'm the caretaker.
Here you go.
Hi. This is so exciting.
I'm a really big fan.
Oh, thank you.
Make it out to Susan,
Sometimes I feel like
when I'm reading your work
it's like it really happened.
It's silly, but...
Of course.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Nice to meet you.
Can you sign an autograph
for my daughter?
Yes. Do you have a book?
No. No, that's okay.
I was hoping
you could sign this.
She made me come here.