The Sacred Riana: Beginning (2019) Movie Script

One, one,
Riana is her name.
Two, two,
she's so strange and lame.
Three, three,
stay away, me and you.
When she comes,
quickly tell her shoo!
Her mother loves
to beautify corpse.
Her father loves
to make coffins.
I bet their daughter
is friends with ghosts.
Don't forget to bring tasty
food again tomorrow, alright?
Poor child,...
...your life will
be full of suffering.
Disasters will...
...envelop your life, child.
Look at this.
Look through this mirror.
One by one, those closest
to you will be doomed.
Let me go! Let me go!
Cursed child!
You just wait and see.
Your life
will never be happy!
Oh, Riana?
Your niece Riana is now... primary school,
she's independent.
So, Irma is now able
to help with the work here.
With regards
to the business,.....
Well, there's
one or two each day.
In a month,
there's always something.
It's not a lot
but it's enough.
This is how it is now.
If it wasn't me,...
...who else would want to
continue our father's business?
-So, Johan, your offer about...
...moving to your house,
perhaps now is not the time.
But Johan,
thank you for your offer...
...of inviting
all of us to move there.
I'll send your regards... Riana and
Irma too, alright?
Riana, come in.
How was school?
My friends are nice.
As usual, we shared
the food we packed and...
...went home together
while singing.
Once you've done
beautifying this old lady,...
...then it'll be
my turn, alright?
Riana, do you
remember what I told you?
Mum! Mum!
-Don't disturb me when...
...I'm working. Remember?
Mum! Mum! Mum!
-Riana, enough!
Let me work.
Go to your room this instant.
Yes, mum. Sorry.
by the way,...
...please put out the candles
that are in the coffin room.
No one has
come yet, isn't it?
Dad and mum certainly...
...were always around me... this house but...
...their hearts
and minds were not.
While they
kept appearing,...
...with their ugly appearance.
Do they want
to be friends?
I do not like them.
They are scary.
There's a fire!
Riana! Irma!
Fire! Riana!
-There's a fire!
Riana! Where's Riana?
-Irma! Riana!
Riana! Riana!
my little brother!
Hey, Johan.
Welcome, Irma and Riana.
Like you said the other day.....
-Yes, Johan.
Finally the right time
has come for you guys... come to my house.
Your face?
-The fire.....
The fire made.....
-Oh, made me look...
...far more handsome than
my younger brother's face.
Isn't that right, Irma?
Come, come on, have a seat.
Please have a seat. Please.
What's with all this luggage?
Where are you going, Johan?
The usual stuff, Januar.
A sudden business trip.
I have to go to Europe.
There are many
antique collectors there.
Hey, Riana.
Are you scared or not...
...of all these
antique items that I have?
I have many more in
the storeroom back there.
Wow! Awesome!
She's really brave, Januar.
You guys can stay
in this house...
...for as long
as you guys want.
Even if it's forever.
-Thank you, Johan.
Thank you.
-By the way,...
...your rooms are upstairs.
Januar and Irma, you get
the room on the East side...
...and Riana's room is
right across it, alright?
My storeroom is back there.
There are
antique items in it...
...from around the world.
Some of it
have spirits in them.
I was just kidding, Riana.
You guys
are so serious.
So, for those 10 years,...
...I've been in
this junk business.
Even though I don't
believe in mystical things...
...but a few years ago,...
...a psychic came and
gave me a piece of cloth...
...with a symbol on it
and some crystal stones.
He said the symbol is
a seal of protection...
...from supernatural beings.
So, I placed it next to
the door to the back storeroom.
It'd be better that you guys
leave the symbol alone, alright?
Riana! Close it!
Don't play with
that particular box.
The myth is that this box
contains all the evil forces...
...that can cause bad luck.
I'm serious
this time, Riana.
Sorry, Uncle.
-Yes, yes, yes.
It's alright, Sweetie.
It's alright. Sit down here.
Well, obviously
closed boxes and rooms...
..always makes
people curious, isn't it?
I have to go to
the airport now.
You guys have
a good rest, alright?
We'll have a long chat again
after I get back from Europe.
Alright, Irma, Riana?
-Thank you, Johan.
Have a safe trip.
Januar,...'re my only family.
I'm so happy we can
live together here...
...we can get together
again like we used to.
Okay, Johan.
Thank you.
-Have a safe trip, Johan.
Shortly after
Uncle Johan's departure,...
...our family
received bad news .
Uncle Johan passed away... a plane crash .
In his will and testament,...
...Uncle Johan left
all his wealth to dad...
...including this house...
...and everything in it.
Riana, dad and I
are going now, alright?
You stay at home.
I've prepared some food for you...
...which is on
the dining table.
It's a doll.
Did you call me?
Hello, Riana.
My name is Annie.
I'm Riana.
Riana, Annie,...
...Riana, Annie, Riana,.....
I'll name you Riani.
From now on,
you belong to me,...'ll forever be my friend.
Come on, Riani.
Eat your soup while it's hot.
You don't like
the soup mum cooked?
Hey, Riana.
Where did you
get that drab doll?
Riani is not drab.
She's pretty.
She's my best friend.
No. I wasn't
the one who did it.
Since when did
you learn to lie?
Riani, you just want
to stay in the room, is it?
Are you doing that?
I can't do what you do.
You want me
to give it a try?
Since then,...
...when Riani is near me,...
...I have the ability... move objects around me.
Yes? Who are
you looking for?
Is this Riana's house?
I'm Klara,
Riana's school counsellor.
Riana also has
trouble sleeping.
She often wakes up
in the middle of the night.
It happens so often.
...your school counsellor is here.
Come on, open the door.
What is the doll's name, madam?
She calls it Riani.
Hello, Riana.
How are you?
You must know
why I'm here, right?
You've missed school
for two weeks and...
...your friends
think you're sick.
Are you sick, Riana?
Or perhaps you've problems
with the other students?
Very well,
you choose to be quiet.
But that doesn't mean
we can't communicate, right?
Not all communication
must be verbal.
Did you know that...
...ants communicate
with touch and pheromone?
Even sign language is
a form of communication.
With this,... can write down
whatever you're thinking.
You need some space?
Go away!
You want me to go, Riana?
I came here
to help you and... you really
want me to go?
Not you?
Then who wants me to go?
Your doll?
Her name is Riani, right?
...why do you
want me to go?
I came here
to help Riana.
We will try another way.
I'll ask a question and
you don't have to answer.
Let the natural response in
your body give the answer. Ready?
...have you ever
felt scared in your life?
A trauma from the past
or perhaps the behaviour...
...of those around you
don't please you?
Trouble sleeping?
Alright then.
We've communicated
well today and...
...I'll give you a present.
This thing.
Behind this thing,...
...there is someone
who is loyal, trustworthy...
...and who'll accept you
as you are. It's you yourself.
When you are
doubtful and anxious,.....
Cursed child! Wait and see!
-Trust the person reflected...
...back at you.
-You'll never be happy in life!
Alright then, Riana.
I seek my leave, alright?
From a medical perspective,...
...Riana probably has
Tourette's Syndrome...
...which is
involuntary muscle movements...
...of the face,
hand and neck.
Whereas from
a psychological perspective,...
...Riana needs
further treatment.
Perhaps because of
the fire that we experienced.
And lastly, Riana has
a tendency towards...
Yes, a sensory excess
to feel things that...
...normal people don't feel.
So, what should we do?
I once volunteered
at a rehab clinic...
...for teenagers who had
similar symptoms as Riana.
We received
all kinds of grievances... terms of medical,
psychological and even spiritual.
It's not far from here,
only two hours away and...
...this clinic is
sponsored by a foundation.
So, the costs
are affordable.
So, preferably when should
Riana start her treatment, miss?
The sooner the better, madam.
This is my telephone number
and behind the card,... the address of
the clinic I mentioned.
Thank you.
...mum and I had a talk
with Mrs. Klara earlier today...
...and based on
her recommendation,...
...we've made a decision.
I'm signing you up
at a rehab clinic... join their program
for six months.
And because you're not allowed
to bring personal belongings,... must leave
your doll behind.
Perhaps I can donate it for
children patients at a hospital.
Hey, Riana!
You've to be
out of Riana's life.
Oh, God! Irma? Irma!
Riana, come here quick! Irma?
Irma, what happened
to you? Irma? Riana!
Riana! Come here
quick, Riana! Irma?
Klara speaking.
Miss, it's me,
Januar, Riana's father.
Oh, Mr. Januar.
What can I do for you?
Riana's mother and I
were in an accident.
An accident?
Are you and your wife alright?
Yes, I'm doing fine.
Riana's mother is also...
receiving treatment...
...from the
medical personnel here.
But it's Riana.
What about Riana, Mr. Januar?
-Well, Riana is at home...
...and she is alone.
So, that's what happened.
I've another video
as proof. Here.
See for yourself.
Here it is, miss.
Cursed dolls .
Hello, Nurse Asri.
It's me, Klara.
I need your help.
Wow! So, this is
Riana's house?
It's really big, isn't it?
Anggi, you're really
not scared if we stayed here?
Besides, we don't
have anyone else anymore.
We've no father or mother.
Anggi, we came here
to help Riana so that...
...Riana can communicate again,
just like you guys and...
...helping others is
the same as helping ourselves.
So, Riana is like how
we were a year ago, is it?
Quiet, moody, aggressive.
And a scaredy cat.
-Hush! That's just you, Anggi.
Every individual is unique and
Riana has a different problem.
But I'm sure, Riana could
be cured just like you guys.
-Perhaps Riana went out.
You guys wait here, alright?
So, you'll go back
to Bandung next week...
...after our therapy is done?
I'll come along.
It seems like
Riana isn't at.....
Oh, Riana?
We came here to
keep you company, Riana.
Go away!
-Wait, wait. Wait.
Your father
asked me to come here.
Your father called
from the hospital.
He wanted me
to check on you.
What are you
thinking about, Lusi?
No, I'm not
thinking of anything.
Lusi is thinking that
when she gets married,...
...she wants a house
as big as this, Anggi.
Isn't that right, Lusi?
-Really, Lusi?
No, no.
No, I wasn't.
Riana, thank you
for letting us in.
This is Anggi,...
...Hendro and Lusi.
We came here to.....
Perhaps Riana
needs time to accept us.
So, what should
we do now, miss?
I will look for a spot
for our activities and... guys can just rest
for the time being, alright?
What are we going
to do in a place like this?
It doesn't even have a TV.
It would be better to go... the cinema or
otherwise, to Fantasy World.
you want to have...
...a date with
Hendro, don't you?
Hendro, your bracelet.
My parents gave me
this bracelet when I was little.
This bracelet will light up
brightly if I have a chance.
So, if I lose hope,
this bracelet will light up.
I see. That means
I stand a chance then.
Oh, the bracelet has
gone dim again, hasn't it?
Humans are individual creatures
as well as social creatures.
Although humans are
the most intelligent beings... on Earth
but we can't live alone.
We need other humans.
-So, ghosts can depend...
...on other ghosts too?
-With humans as well?
Are you deaf?
Or you don't have any manners?
When Miss Klara asks,
you should answer.
Just because
this is your house,...
...doesn't mean you
can treat us like this!
Lusi, leave Riana alone.
-What is it, Hendro?
Why are you defending her?
You can see how she behaves...
...towards us,
towards Miss Klara.
Luis, that's the reason why
Miss Klara brought us here,... help Riana
communicate well.
We used to have difficulty
interacting too, isn't it?
Because our minds
were filled with voices,...
...visions and feelings.....
-Yes, yes, yes.
Whatever it is,
I don't want to know, alright?
You don't have anymore
excuses not to answer.
If once again
you don't answer,...
...if again you don't.....
-Sorry, kids.
What's the matter?
Everything is okay, right? Lusi?
Teacher, I'm going
to the toilet first,...
-Yes, alright.
Luis, wait for me.
I need to use the toilet.
Don't take too long.
Oh, my God!
No! Get away!
Hello, sweet girl.
I thought just now.....
Such is the life
of the Indigo children.
They must be good at managing
their feelings and thoughts... order to be
accepted by society.
Without proper guidance
and a proper outlet,...
...children like you
are prone to depression,...
...a prolonged sense of despair
that will have a bad affect...
...on the body and soul
especially in the current era.
A technology and communication era
that is becoming more advanced.
True. Can you imagine
that on social media,...
...people call me
crazy, hallucinating,... need of an exorcism.
Who wants to be an Indigo child?
It's totally lame.
Lusi, awesome. You're pretending
that you're being possessed... you're being
possessed for real.
Hello, sweet girl.
What's your name?
Come on,
come with me.
Don't be afraid, sweet girl.
We'll dance and
sing together,...
...all day long.
Come on.
Ouch! Lusi, that hurts!
-Let her go.
That hurts!
Let go of that doll.
Let go!
I feel dizzy.
Hello, Mr. Januar.
We've been here since noon...
...and we're doing
some activities... train
Riana's social skills.
I hope Riana isn't giving you
any trouble there, Miss Klara.
No, sir. We're fine.
-Miss Klara,...
...there's another
thing I need to tell you.
Please stay away from the area
around the back storeroom...
...because there's a lot of
dangerous antique items there...
...and regarding
the Riani Doll.....
Hello? Sir?
What about the Riani Doll?
-Hello, Mr. Januar?
Hello? Miss Klara?
-Mr. Januar?
Hello, Miss?
Riana, what happened
in that room just now?
I want you to
tell me about Riani.
I've heard many crazy things
about the Riani Doll and...
...I don't want anymore
people to get hurt, Riana.
Go away.
Do not disturb me.
Whose names are these?
There are
many evil creatures...
...roaming around this house...
...but not Riani.
Riana, we're doing
all this for your own good.
Riana, focus
on this pendulum...
...and I want you to relax.
When I snap my fingers,... will comply
with all of my requests...
...and nod your head
when you understand.
Alright,...'s just
the two of us now.
I'm Klara,
Riana's teacher.
You're Riani, right?
...if you really are
residing in this doll,...
...please give me a sign.
...move your hand,...
...laugh, talk
or anything at all.
...I just want you to know...
...that Riana needs
to interact with her friends...
...and Riana
has new friends now.
Lusi, Hendro and Anggi.
You don't like
Riana having new friends?
Hi, sweet girl.
We will dance
and play together...
...all day long.
Who are you...
...and what do you want?
Give me back Riani!
Whether you
like it or not,... have to let
Riana have other friends.
Riana is
a human child...
...who needs to
socialize with other friends.
Not with a doll that.....
You did this, didn't you?
They were right.
You're a haunted doll.
You're alive, Riani.
Stop it!
Don't touch this doll.
She can harm you, Riana.
She can harm me.
Riani is not evil.
Riani is good.
She just wants to play.
Didn't you see
what she just did?
She wanted
to hurt me, Riana!
You can't be
anywhere near this doll.
This doll has been
possessed by an evil spirit.
Come with me.
-Where to, Riana?
Riana? Riana!
Lusi, Hendro! Riana?
Sit down.
Sit down, sit down.
Teacher, I'm scared of
what Riana is going to do.
Be calm, Anggi.
We'll find out soon, alright?
Sit down.
-No! I don't want to play... like this.
-Sit down.
Teacher, what is
she going to do?
Riana will show us that...
...the spirit who is
disturbing us, is not Riani.
Malevolent spirit,... your identity.
Riana, what are you doing?
He won't talk,...
...have to use
letters from blood.
Riana, enough. Enough!
What photo is that, Anggi?
-I took this photo from...
...the corridor at
the back of the house.
B, A, V, A, G, O, G, H.
- We'll take a break.
Riana, you're not alone.
We have all experienced
the same thing as you.
Okay, among you is
there anyone who wants... share their
experience with Riana?
I've been able to see
ghosts since I was little.
No one believed what I said.
My friends said I'd gone mad.
Even my own family said
that I was a daydreamer.
But everything changed
since I met Miss Klara.
Now I'm able to see
my ability as an advantage...
...rather than a deficiency.
But even till now,
if I meet ghosts,...
...I still feel scared.
In the beginning, I didn't
know that I had this ability.
In fact,
I myself denied it.
I began to be afraid
to deal with other people,...
...afraid to
meet other people...
...because I was able
to feel what other people felt...
...and I was able to hear
what was on other people's mind.
Yes, but why
does it seem as if...'re not sensitive
to what I'm feeling?
Riana, can you
give me your hand?
Laila? Laila! Help!
Anggi? Riana?
I have the ability to.....
Riana, may I borrow
your doll for a moment?
May I?
I told you I was busy!
Look! Look at what you've done!
You messed up my work!
...please forgive me.
I didn't mean to disturb you.
I was just.....
-Just what?
Hello, sweet girl.
Poor girl,...
...what happened to you?
I'm looking for my father.
Look at you,...
...such a pretty face,...
...such beautiful skin.
How could your father abandon
a girl as beautiful as you?
You look so miserable.
Don't be sad, little one.
I will take you
to a magical place.
Okay, I think
our session today is over.
We'll continue it
tomorrow, alright?
Good night, Anggi.
-Good night, Lusi.
Just now, did you see
Hendro's expression...
...when he was
touching Miss Klara's hand?
Yes, I saw.
What about it?
Hendro must have seen and
felt Miss Klara's sadness...
...because she failed to stop
Laila from killing herself.
Hush! Anggi, we shouldn't
be talking about that.
I bet Miss Klara is
still sad till now, isn't she?
Enough of that.
That's grown-up stuff.
Little kids
should stay out of it.
So, are you a grown-up, Lusi?
-There you go.
You just won't listen.
Enough, now go to sleep.
Riana is an interesting
case example.
She doesn't want to
communicate with other people.
She just wants to talk with her
doll. A doll known to be cursed .
Dragon Statue.
Private collection. Ming Dynasty.
A mirror that
can see the invisible.
The Annie Doll.
Isn't this Riani?
A doll that belonged
to a girl named Annie...
...who was abandoned by...
...her own father
and fell victim... a serial killer
who killed girls...
...named Bava Gogh.
Annie's spirit who longs...
...for love and affection,
inhabits this doll now .
Bava Gogh was
the one who killed Annie?
This cursed photograph
is a post-mortem photo of...
...a children serial killer
named Bava Gogh.
After Bava Gogh was
caught red-handed killing,...
...Bava Gogh was
sentenced to death.
But before being
sentenced to death,...
...Bava Gogh had
a final request that...
...his body be immortalized
through a photograph.
Initially this photograph...
...only showed Bava Gogh
by himself .
Who is it?
I want...
...your head!
Calm down.
There's nothing, Lusi.
Perhaps you were dreaming.
A ghost...
...without a head.
-Alright, now go back... sleep, alright?
Hello, sweet girl.
Who are you?
They call me...
That's a funny name.
Come on,...
...they are
waiting for you.
Who are they?
The other children.
There are other children
besides me in this house?
They are waiting
for you, Anggi.
They are in
the back storeroom.
Why aren't you asleep yet?
Just now there was.....
go to sleep, Anggi.
Yes, Hendro.
I almost got
that sweet child.
You have thwarted my plans.
I have been waiting
for this opportunity...
...for a long time.
-Who are you?
You are the killer
Anggi told us about.
Why did you do it?
I just wanted
to protect them...
...from this cruel world.
There cannot be...
...anyone who can hurt them.
I will send them... the eternal playground.
There's a rabbit!
It's so cute!
Miss Klara!
Miss Klara! Teacher!
Miss, there's another
thing I need to tell you.
Please stay away from the area
around the back storeroom...
...because there's a lot of
dangerous antique items there.
...what are you doing here?
What did I tell you?
Come stand up. Come on.
A rabbit came in here
just now, Teacher.
There was also the man who
had asked me to play last night.
He then went
into this photo.
Went into this photo?
Bava Gogh,
the children killer.
But it seems like
I've seen him. Who is he?
This is a post-mortem photo...
...of the children killer...
...and what you see here is
a corpse which was photographed... if he was still alive.
What lunatic wants
a photograph like this?
In the olden,
post-mortem photography...
...was very trendy
in America and Europe.
It is said that the figures
of children in the photograph...
...are always increasing.
-The objects in this room,...
...I'm very sure that
each of it has a spirit in it.
Miss Klara,...
...look at this mirror.
This mirror
is black in colour.
The Obsidian Mirror.
It is said,...
...that this mirror is
able to show invisible beings.
Able to see ghosts?
Hendro, take this mirror and
then ask the children to go out.
What happen?
What's the matter?
What have you been doing
in the storeroom all this while?
-We've been waiting.
But you're
alright, isn't it?
You're alright, isn't it?
Yes, I'm alright.
Here's the mirror.
So, if we have that mirror,...
...we'll have the same ability
like Lusi? Able to see ghosts?
Not really because sometimes
there are some ghosts I can't see.
This mirror is
able to show any beings.
Even those that
don't want you to see them.
Riana,... not move.
That mirror.
Why did
you guys take it out?
You guys went there.
You guys went
into the storeroom.
You guys disturbed
something evil...
...and dangerous.
Children, come on let's go.
But why, Teacher?
-Come on let's go.
Too late.
He will never let us go.
-Teacher, help Riana.
Riana? Riana?
-Whoever you are,...
...please let Riana go.
Riana has done nothing wrong.
She has separated me
from Annie.
Let Riana go! Let her go!
She has done nothing wrong!
Anggi! Anggi!
-Let Riana go!
-Riana has done nothing wrong!
Let Riana go!
She has done nothing wrong!
It is time to play!
Hendro? Hendro!
Hendro? Hendro?
Riana, take this.
Go, Riana! Go!
Go! Go quickly!
Let Lusi go!
Let's go! Come on, let's go!
-My camera!
My camera!
Riana! Go!
-Riana, come on!
Are you guys alright?
Is anyone injured?
Bava Gogh is
after the Riani Doll...
...because he doesn't want
to part with Annie's spirit...
...which is in that doll.
What's the matter?
...we are out of gas.
Oh, come on!
We'll wait here.
Let's go there, Riana.
-Why, Riana?
But that's our only hope.
Come on.
Come on.
Something is wrong...
...with this place.
Mister, can you help us?
Sorry. We're closed.
All our employees have gone home.
But our car broke down
and we need.....
Madam, just come back tomorrow.
-But we need petrol.
I can't help you.
Anggi, come on.
you can't help me.
Everyone thinks I'm crazy.
Please stop, Laila.
You can't help me.
You can't help me.
Everyone thinks I'm crazy.
Teacher, you can't help me.
...please listen to me.
You're not crazy...
...and I believe that
you can see the future.
Please stop, alright?
And this is
my future, Teacher.
I can't escape it!
You are a bad daughter.
-A bad daughter.
You are a bad daughter.
-You are a bad daughter.
You are a bad daughter.
You set your house on fire.
You are the cause of
Uncle Johan's death, Riana.
You have caused
chaos in this family.
You made your mother
fall down the stairs.
You caused her to
be hospitalised, Riana.
You caused them to
have an accident, Riana.
A bad daughter!
-You are a bad daughter,...
...a bad daughter.
-You are a bad daughter!
A bad daughter!
You are a bad daughter.
-Bad daughter.
Perhaps they have
to turn into dolls,... you could love them.
Isn't that so, Riana?
You only love dolls, right?
Dolls, right?
Dolls, right?
Dolls, dolls, dolls.
Dolls, dolls,
dolls, dolls, dolls.
Dolls, dolls,
dolls, dolls, dolls.
-Riana, I'm here, my child.
I'm here.
-Riana, when were you born?
Riana! Riana!
You're very good.
Yes, good. Very good.
Hi, Riana! Riana!
Hi, Riana.
Riana! Help me, Riana!
-Riana, help! Help!
Riana, help! Riana!
Riana, help me!
Riana! Riana!
-Help! Help me, Riana!
-Riana! Help! Riana!
Help me, Riana!
Help me, Riana!
Hand over Riani!
Hand over Riani!
Hand her over.
-Hand over Riani.
Hand over Riani.
-Hand her over. Hand over Riani.
Hand her over, hand her over.
-Hand over Riani.
Hand over Riani, hand over Riani.
-Hand her over.
Hand her over.
-Hand over Riani, hand over Riani.
Hand over Riani, hand over Riani.
-Hand her over.
Hand over Riani, hand over Riani!
-Hand over Riani!
Hand over Riani,
hand over Riani,.....
Open your eyes,
wake up.
Why are you sleeping here?
Where is Riana?
Where is Riana?
Come on, let's go
find her. Come on.
Hand over Riani, hand over Riani.
-Hand her over.
Hand her over, hand her over,.....
-Riani, don't give up!
Hand her over, hand her over.
Don't listen to them, Riana.
-Hand over Riani, hand over Riani.
Hand over Riani, hand over Riani.
-Don't ever blame yourself...
...for everything
that happened in your life.
Hand over Riani, hand over Riani.
-Those in the mirrors,...
...they all love you.
-Hand over Riani, hand over Riani.
They will never harm you.
-Hand over Riani, hand over Riani.
We'll always support you, Riana.
-Hand her over.
Love yourself!
-Hand over Riani, hand over Riani.
This is not my fault
nor is it Riani's fault.
Hand her over, hand her over.
-This is not my fault...
...nor is it Riani's fault.
-Hand over Riani, hand over Riani.
Go! Go away all of you!
-Hand over Riani, hand over Riani.
And don't take Riani from me!
-Hand over Riani, hand over Riani.
Hand over Riani, hand over Riani,
-Hand over Riani, hand over Riani.
Destroy all the mirrors, Riana!
Bava Gogh!
You will not hurt
anymore children!
Do not hurt my children!
Do not hurt my children!
Do not hurt them!
Do not hurt them!
Do not hurt them!
Riana, Riana,
let's get out of here.
Come on. Anggi,
you go on ahead. Riana.
let's get out of here!
Riana, come on! Let's go.
Riana, come on!
-Come on!