The Sacrifice Game (2023) Movie Script

( Suspenseful music plays )
Group: Fa-la-la,
la-la-la, la-la-la
Troll the ancient
Yuletide carol
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
See the blazing
Yule before us
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
(Indistinct whispering)
Strike the harp
and join the chorus
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
(Whispering continues)
Follow me in merry measure
Fa-la-la, la-la-la, la-la-la
While I tell of
Yuletide treasure
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
Arthur: Merry
- Merry Christmas.
- Thank you.
(Arthur speaks indistinctly)
("Kill My Baby Tonight" plays)

I'm gonna hurt
my baby tonight
If he don't come
home on time
(Doorbell rings)
I'm gonna kill
my baby tonight
Merry Christmas.
This way, he'll
forever be mine

I'm holding your
hair (Woman screaming)
Hello. Aah!
Oh, God!
Maybe you don't see me
(Screaming continues)
I'm holding your hand
(Clatter) Marion: No!
No! Let me go!
No! No! No!
I'm gonna hurt
my baby tonight
If he don't come
home on time
I'm gonna kill my baby
tonight (Blood spurting)
This way, he'll
forever be mine

(Breathing heavily)
(Eerie music plays)


(Birds chirping)

(Chorus vocalizing)

Rose: Come on. I need to
go. I'm gonna be late.
Jimmy: No. Stay.
No. I won't you let you go.
I can't.

Have a good day.

(Doors close)

(Indistinct conversations
in distance)
Young woman: Wait. Is
someone still in here?
Young woman #2: It's
that quiet girl.
(Switch clicks,
young women laugh)
(Door closes)

The official town
record blames the fire
on an unholy coven of
the devil's witches.
But, remember, history isn't
always what actually happened.
It's what people say happened,
what they wrote
down at the time,
and how others
interpret it later.
Slide, please.
(Projector clicks)
Young woman: So there
were no witches.
Were there?
What do you think? Samantha?

Witches aren't real,
but scapegoats are.
They needed to blame somebody.
So why not make up a
story about witches?
Well, witches or no witches,
the fire wiped out the town.
The record lists
only four survivors,
and they founded a new
town just down the mountain
from where this very
school stands today.
(School bell rings)
Okay. Have a lovely
Christmas, everybody.
And remember that
your essays are due
right after break.
(Indistinct conversations)
Young woman: I need,
like, 20 new dresses.
(Conversations continue)
Young woman #2: Yeah.
Young woman: Oh, my
God. Are you serious?
Young woman #2: How can they
expect us to go to class
when there's murderous,
psychotic killer on the loose?
It's the third one this week.
That's less than
30 miles from here.
First one was in Danville.
Second was in Rivington.
And last night's
was in Somerset.
It's always the same thing.
They pick a house with
a nice couple in it,
and then they slash them up
until only ribbons of
their flesh remain.
Young woman: Ew.(Laughter)
What does the symbol mean?
Uh, probably some Satanic
shit, if you ask me.
(Young woman chuckles)
Young woman #2: Well,
hopefully they'll catch them
before we get back from break.
Luckily, we'll be long
gone from here for a while.
Well, most of us, anyway.
Hey, Clara, why don't
you ever go home?
Do your parents hate
you or something?
Maybe she's an orphan.
Since you'll be here all
alone over Christmas,
I bet you'll have a lot of
time to work on your art.
What are you working on?
- (Laughs)
- Oh, my God.
Girls. Just what is this?
It's the Christmas
Killers, headmistress.
And where did you get it?
From Miss Tanner's boyfriend.
Horrible tragedy, but there's
no point scaring yourselves
with this tabloid trash.
(School bell rings)
Well, don't just sit
there. Get to class.
Yes, Headmistress.
I'll... I'll...
I'll talk to Jimmy.
Yes. Do.

(Woman speaking indistinctly)

(Rock music playing)
It came upon a
midnight clear
(Oven door opens)
That glorious song of old
(Door opens)
"Christmas Killers
strike again."
Do you think that's
suitable reading material
for impressionable young minds?
Uh...'Cause I was
thinking perhaps
we can invite the
Cincinnati Strangler
to give a lecture
on mass murder.
Look, I mean, they're asking me.
What am I supposed
to do... lie to them?
no, but we don't need
them scaring each other.
It's freaky enough
around here as it is.
I need a break from here
and all this isolation.
I shouldn't have agreed to stay.
And maybe next semester I
can get a public school job
and be back in civilization.

(Snaps fingers)
I know what you need.

You know the girls are also
calling you my boyfriend?
Well, we don't want that, do we?

(Suspenseful music plays)

(Door opens)
Headmistress: Miss Kramer.
Your father left word.
You can't just leave me here.
Mr. Kramer: Look,
let's not make a scene.
It's not fair.
It's just one Christmas.
You said... I know.
You promised.
I know.
I just want to go home.
Put the woman back on.

Headmistress: Yes,
Mr. Kramer. We understand.
Yes, of course. Plans change.
These things can't be helped.
No, it's no problem at all.
(Mr. Kramer speaks indistinctly)
Oh, well, no, actually.
I won't be here.
But we have a teacher
and one of the other
girls who will be.

(Door opens)
(Bells jingling)

(Vehicle door closes)
(Vehicle door opens, closes)

Priest: Wait! No, no.
No. What? What? No!
Stop! Oh! No!
Let's see what we got here.

You were right.
There it is.
Told you. Just
like the others.
It's all in the book.

No. No, you don't
want to do this!
Oh, but we do.
No, please! No.


Almost there.


Thank you, Father.
You've been a great help.
Don't let it out!
Shut him up.
Clara: (Gasps)
(Breathing heavily)
(Indistinct conversations
in distance)
Young woman: We're
gonna go shopping.

Jimmy: All right. Treat for
the road... gingerbread.
- Oh, I'll take one.
- Me too.

Oh. Mm-hmm.
I'll get that for you.
(Vehicle door closes)
All right, girls. Last
ride to the station...
(Vehicle door
closes)...leaves now.

I'll be back soon.
Can't wait.
(Vehicle door opens, closes)
(Engine starts)

You're staying?
(Vehicle departing)
Hey, hey.
I know this isn't ideal,
but we're gonna have fun.
I promise.
Well, someone's not feeling
the Christmas spirit.
Is that the last of them?
That's everybody who's leaving.
I'll be back in a
couple of hours.
Oh, I almost forgot.
I made you something
for Christmas.
Ah. Thanks, Jimmy.
If I'm not here
when you get back,
have a merry Christmas.
I have a feeling I will.
Reporter: We're just getting word
now that this could be linked
to the murders from
a nearby county...
homicides which some
have already dubbed
the Christmas Killings.
Local holiday carolers are
being questioned by police,
whom are believed to
have been the last
to have seen Arthur and
Marion O'Malley alive.
Rose: Ever bake a
pie from scratch?
Back to you, Roger.
Do you want to learn?
Not really.
Little known fact...
The secret to the
perfect pie crust
is butter,
shortening, and vodka.
Do you want to grab a
bottle from the basement?
Cook keeps them in the pantry.
Not enticed by alcohol?
What kind of teenager are you?
Why don't you see
what Clara's up to?
No, thanks.
What's that saying?
"Blackvale girls look
out for each other."
Do you want to talk
about what's going on?
Because I know that this
is a difficult time and...
My stepdad said to try this
place out for one semester.
And I did.
But he lied.
He just doesn't want
to deal with me.
Nothing's been the same since.
I just don't have any
say over anything.
I'm just stuck.
(Reporter speaking
indistinctly on TV)
you may feel trapped now.
But you're not gonna
be a teenager forever.
And soon you'll get to live
life on your own terms.
And in the immediate
future, there's pie.
Where in the basement?
It's in the nook,
right at the bottom
of the steps.
Thank you, Samantha.
Reporter: who say
they were under orders
to kill everyone in the village.

(Suspenseful music plays)

(Switch clicks,
electricity buzzes)

You're not supposed
to be down here.
And neither are you.
Miss Tanner sent me.
You've never been?
You spend a lot
of time down here?
I keep to myself.

(Switch clicks)

What are these?
The books they don't
want us to read.

Hey, I'm really sorry
about last night...
that I barged in
on you like that.
It's fine.
I didn't see anything.
There was nothing to see.
(Singsongy voice)
Look what I have.
(Normal voice) Do...
Do you want some?
I like your necklace.
Thanks. My mom gave it to me.
How'd she die?
That's why you're here, right?
I overheard the
headmistress mention it.
Sorry. I didn't realize
it was a secret.
It's not a secret.
It's just personal.
I don't really want
the other girls here
to know about my life.
I can understand that.

It was a car accident.
You were there?
Yeah, I got out okay and
I ran to go get help.
But by the time I got back...
It was too late.

Your secret's safe with me.

Well, I'm... I'm gonna
go back upstairs.
I promised Miss Tanner I'd
help her bake a pie, so...
Are you gonna stay?
No. No, I'll go, too.

Man: It's a cold one
out there tonight,
so let's dream of celebrating
Christmas someplace warm.
"Mele Kalikimaka"
is the thing to say
On a bright Hawaiian
Christmas Day
That's the island
Would you like some? Yes.
I'm not done. Give it.
Give it.
Say "please."
(Radio tuning)
Jude. (Rock music playing)
Say "pretty please."
Give it to me right now.
(Indistinct conversation)
Come on!
Somebody told me,
"Go to this place"
Give it to me. No.
Give it. Give it.
You cry, you hide

I cry, I lie
(Indistinct conversation)
Is that you?
Stay over there
You want to join me?
Is that you?
Stay over there
(Gasps)(Tires screeching)
Man: (Grunts)
Man #2: (Sighs)
Does this feel like a...
bad omen to anyone else?
Grant, help me get this
thing off the road.
(Both grunting)
Maybe a warning...
like, a sign we're on the
wrong path or something.
Just a hypothetical.
No need for anyone to
respond.(Vehicle approaching)
Jude: Do you think this
is part of the plan?
Maisie: It's all
part of the plan.
We're on the right path.

(Vehicle door closes)
Officer: Merry
Christmas, folks.
Merry Christmas.
Oof. Looks like Santa's
gonna have to make do
with one less reindeer
this year, huh?
Anybody hurt?
No. No, w-we're fine, Officer.
Mm. Thank you.
- Just a little shaken up.
- Mm-hmm.
Mm. How fast were you going?
Oh, we were going
the speed limit.
The deer just came
out of nowhere.

Where are you headed?
Home for the holidays.
Where I'm from. Not
too far from here.

What the...

Aah! Oh!
Ahh! Uh!
I got shot!
Oh! Uh!
Oh, my God! I'm gonna die!
I'm dying!
Merry Christmas.(Gun cocks)

Hey, Clara, did you
hear what I said?
Dinner's almost
ready. Are you okay?
I'm fine.
Okay, grab these and
help me set the table,
'cause Jimmy should
be here any minute.
So did you know that Jimmy
and Miss Tanner are a couple?
Yes, I did.
Well, I guess Clara
knows everything.
I'm sorry you have to be here.
I know it's not your
ideal Christmas.
I'm just trying to
make the best of it.
If I come off as cold
sometimes, I just...
I don't really like
to let people in.
I'm not very good with
human interaction.
It's okay.
Neither am I, so...
Rose: Girls, get
changed for dinner!
Okay, Miss Tanner.

You can plan on me
How old is Jimmy?
He's 27.
He's pretty handsome.
- He sure is.
- So you like him?
Of course I like him.
Yeah, but do you love him?
Oh, shush.
I don't know. Maybe.
What do you think, Clara?
Sounds like love to me.
(Pounding on door)
Sounds like Prince
Charming's back.
Sounds like Prince
Charming forgot his keys.
Hello, ma'am. Hmm?
So sorry to bother you, it
being Christmas Eve and all,
but do you mind if we come in?
My friend here,
he's hurt real bad.
Oh, I'm... I'm so sorry. I'm
not supposed to let anyone in.
I'm sorry.

- Please.
- Um, why don't you...
I'll... I'll call
for help for you,
and you can wait out here.
Hey. That's not a good idea.
Check the kitchen.
If I remember, there's a
first aid kit behind the door.
Just a bandage and some alcohol
would help so much. What?
- How did you know that?
- Class of '64.
My picture's on the
wall over there.
Come on. Help us out here.
Blackvale girls are
supposed to look out
for each other, right?
- That's right.
- Yeah.

(Woman singing indistinctly)
(Scissors snip)
(Lighter clicks)
Maisie: Still the same.
(Breathes sharply)
I guess some things
never change, huh?
What are your names?

I'm Samantha. This is Clara.
And that's Miss Tanner.
Miss Tanner have a first name?
How pretty.

Hey, you look familiar.
You have an older
sister or something?
Rose: What happened?
I got shot.
Why were you shot?
I don't know.
'Cause you'd have to ask
the person who shot me.
Well, there's... there's
no entry hole and...
it just scraped the skin.
That's what I said.
He wanted to go to a hospital.
I said, "You don't
need a hospital.
You just need a nice lady
with a first aid kit."
There was so much blood.
It smells good in
here. Christmas dinner?
I am so sorry. We can't
invite you to stay.
We don't need an invitation.
Nothing fancy like that for us.

Doug: This place is so much
nicer than the one in Somerset.
The other one had
small-town charm,
but this one is
far more elegant.
(Oven door opens)
Jude: Wow. That turkey
looks mighty fine.

And mashed potatoes.
I could certainly go
for some of those.
You girls like mashed potatoes?
That's enough. Your
friend is bandaged up.
Good as new.
Please leave.

But it's Christmas.

Girls, why don't
you go upstairs?
Don't... go... anywhere.

Girls. Run.
Doug: Oh, no.
She's got scissors.

Where are you going?
Oh, don't leave.
(Door closes)
Someone gonna get them?
(Suspenseful music plays)
Come on.

Where are you going?
(Footsteps approaching)

(Door closes) Where
are you going?
We need to get out of here.
(Doug humming "Deck the Halls")
(Footsteps approaching)
We need to hide.

(Knock on door)

All right.
Girls, let's cooperate, huh?
You're only delaying
the inevitable.
Come out.

(Humming "Deck the Halls")

(Humming continues)

(Humming "Deck the Halls")


Clara! Run!


Give me the knife. Give
me the fucking knife.
I'm gonna snap her neck.
Come on.

Good girl.

Let's go.
Man: We're gonna have a
white Christmas this year.
The National Weather
Service has issued
a winter storm warning for the
greater Bradford County area.
Starting tonight and continuing
for the rest of the weekend,
icy conditions and
more snow on the way.

Rose: Jimmy. Jimmy!
(Pounding on window)

Jimmy: Rose!
Rose: Jimmy!

(Door rattling)

There you are.

Dinner's almost ready.
("I'll Be Home for
Christmas" plays)
I'll be home for Christmas
(Tape ripping)
(Rose whimpering)
Doug: Oh. (Laughs)
Jude: It's okay. I got you.
Oh. Oh.
(Snaps fingers)
Please have snow
Jude: You said there was
no more room at the table.
But you forgot to mention
this handsome fella.
We went ahead and made
sure he felt welcome.
(Whispering) One
was on the phone.

We have a lot
planned this evening.
But first, best to
get our strength up
with a meal lovingly
prepared by our friend here.
- Maisie: Yum.
- Thanks, Rose.
Before we eat, we say...
Just like my daddy taught me.
Join hands. Mm.
- Oh, uh...
- Oh. Whoops.
Yeah. Yeah.
Jude: Good bread. Good meat.
Good God. Let's eat.
Together: Amen.
Merry Christmas.
Dig in.
Pass me the carrots, please.
Oh. Mmm.(Liquid pouring)
How do you like
going to school here?
- Wine? Okay.
- Mm. Thank you.
The headmaster still
a sour old bitch?
Doug: That's pretty good.
What dorms are you in?
I was in the south dorm.
Jude: Ahh!
(Cup thuds)

(Muffled) Great biscuit.
And good gravy.
No lumps.

- You like it, Grant?
- Oh, yeah.
I don't know why you thought
that you wouldn't have enough
food for everyone, Rose.
There's plenty here.

You should really try some.
Yeah, you should try it.



Eat it.

Untie me, and I will.
Oh, there's no
need. You can reach.
(Muffled) No. Don't do it.
Come on, Rose.
They're delicious.


Maisie: I think
she needs help.


(Rose coughing)

Wasn't that good?
You did such a lovely job.

Get out of here, you murderers!
I know who you are.
You killed those people,
and the police...
the police are coming for you,
and they're gonna get you.
(Mockingly) Oh, no. The
police are coming to get us.
Oh, no.
Tell me something, Rosie.
Doug, can you clean her up?
I can't look at her.
Why do I got to?
Maisie: Just do it, Doug.

Take valuable time.
Spick-and-fucking span.
Jude: Thanks.
Now, tell me something.
Do you love your boyfriend?

Do you love him?
(Jimmy whimpers)
Wow! Great.
Because I think he feels
the same way about you.
Maisie, if you'll please.

Make a move, and I
slit your throat.
(Rose crying)
(Tape ripping)

Maisie: Aww.
My dearest Rose...
I've waited an awfully
long time to do this
because I wanted
it to be special.
And what could be more special
than a night like this?
The greatest gift you can
give me is a single word.

We can do this
next part together.

Jimmy: You...
Fuck you!

I think she said yes.

Ah! Damn it, Jude!
You got blood all over the food.
Hey, you've had enough.
You don't want to get chubby
like Grant over there.
Besides, we have so many more
festivities before midnight.
We've got to stay on schedule.

wear this.

It's lovely.
He must have saved up for it.

(Sobs, coughs)
What's this?
She's been, uh, ahem...
very cooperative.
are you the kinds of people
that like to open your
presents on Christmas Eve
or Christmas Morning?
Eve. I just can't wait.
Oh, I want this one.
That belongs to Samantha.
Can't you see her
name on the card?
Oh. Of course.
Sorry, Samantha.
"Dear Samantha...
I'm so happy to be spending
the holiday with you.
My apologies. This gift
was a little last minute.
I'd bought this for myself,
but I know you love
the color blue,
and I think it would look
so much better on you.
Jude, aren't we on
a schedule here?
There's always time
for presents, Doug.
This is beautiful.
Do you think it's gonna fit me?
Now, now, Maisie.
Give it to Samantha.
It belongs to her.
She should wear it.
Don't try anything funny now
that your hands are free.
Jude: Go ahead, sweetie.
Put the dress on.
We need to make sure it
fits right, don't we, Rosie?
I can't with everyone watching.
We're all friends here.
I can't.(Sighs) Clara...
go stand in front
of your friend.
Let her have some privacy,
if that's what she needs.
Come on!
Let's go. Let's go.

(Breathing heavily)


How beautiful.
Okay, who's up next?

"Merry Christmas."
"Dear Jimmy..."

Guess we don't
need this anymore.
Here, Grant. You can have it.

(Doug chuckles)
It's a necktie. (Laughs)
- Maisie: How perfect.
- This one is for you.
Doug: Oh, thank you.
You shouldn't have.
"Dear Clara, I know you're
eager to see the world someday.
I'm sure you'll have many
wonderful adventures.
Rose." Hmm.
Oh, a travel book.


You're not missing much.

Thank you, Rose.
Maisie: Mm, it's
almost midnight!
Time for our presents.
The party has just begun.
It's gonna be the best
Christmas of your lives...
and likely the last,
so let's make it really count.
Maisie, give me a hand.
Hold on.
Fire. Music.


What do we got here?

See? It's like I told you.
They fit together like a puzzle.

If you get the chance,
get to the guard booth.
It's dead head
here, but there's...
there's a separate line
at the guard booth. Okay?
We're gonna get out of here.
(Rock music plays)

Let me tell you a story.
My daddy was a preacher.
You wouldn't know it
to look at me now,
but I grew up in the church.
Every Sunday, there I was down
on my knees, hands together,
watching my daddy
as he preached.
"Praise the Lord!"
Every eye in the house on him,
waiting on his every word to
deliver hope and salvation.
Now, the simple
people of Greenwood
came to my daddy's church,
and they prayed hard.
"Please, don't let them
close the factory, God."
"Don't let them
draft my only son."
"Don't let this
cancer kill me."
But most of them,
their prayers went unanswered.
Factories closed.
Young men went to
war, and old men died.
I know what you're thinking...
Maybe there is no God.
But you know what?
I don't think that's
true. I think he's real.
The only problem is,
he doesn't give a fuck.
He's not listening.
It's not prayers that
get God's attention.
Oh, no.
It's sacrifice.
The universe runs on sacrifice.
The powerful sacrifice
the weak and innocent
every day to gods or devils
and get rewarded for it.
And now it's our turn.
Tell them, Maisie.
They're part of it now.
They deserve to know.
There's something
special about this place,
tracing back to the old
days before it was a school.
When I was a Blackvale girl,
not much older than
the two of you,
I found a book of magic.
Real magic. Blood magic.
And when they saw what I was
up to, they kicked me out,
but not before I
could grab this.

(Reading in Latin)
"The Demon Rite."
We followed this to the letter.
Every murder,
every drop of blood
brought us one step closer.
Brought us here...
back to Blackvale.
- Mm, mm, mm.
- Maisie: Where, tonight,
we can finish the
ritual, bring him forth.
A demon who will grant
us unimaginable power.
All we needed was
Maisie's knowledge,
Grant's muscle, and my vision.
Oh, and Doug's car.
He's got a really nice car.
Oh, wow. Real
nice. Thanks, Jude.
Oh, and, of course,
your sacrifice.
Sanguinem innocentius...
the blood of the innocent.
We only need one of you
to complete the ritual.
But don't get your hopes up.
We're still gonna kill you all.
You're insane.
What? What was that?
You're insane!
You're murdering people
because of... of some fairy
tale you found in some book?
Just please, please.
Please just let...
Let them go.
They're just girls.
They don't... They don't
need to be involved in this.
I don't think you know
how this works, Rosie.
That's exactly why they
need to be involved.
Doug: Yeah. The blood
of the innocent.
That's the kind of
thing that demons love.
They practically dine on
little girls like you.
But then again,
what could be more innocent
than a sweet little


We got a feisty one!


(Knife unsheathes)

No! Ciroc...
king of hell...
Feast on this lamb of God!
(Electricity crackling)

Aah! (Crying)

(Breathes sharply)

(Breathes deeply)
(Record player clicks)
So... what now?
Is the demon here?
Hello, demon?
Come out, come out,
wherever you are.
Something just happened.
The lights, the fire.
You guys saw that, right?
We did everything we
were supposed to do...
the... the blood
of the innocent,
the sigil, the...
the skin puzzle.
Just give it a
minute. Hold on.

did we just go on a murder
spree for no reason?
No. The demon is
supposed to show.
Are you just making
this shit up?
Hello?! Did you guys
just see what I saw?
Something happened.
And the sigil inscribed
on all those people...
- Did I make that up, too?
- Wait, wait!
There has to be something
we're missing here.
What did we get wrong?
I don't know.
- Well, think!
- I'm trying to.

Okay, I'll...
I'm gonna find the book.
Okay, let's go.
(Snaps fingers) Watch them.
Wait up.

(Wind gusting)

(Chair thuds)

We have to get out of here.
They're gonna kill
us if we don't.
Fuck! I'm out.
Grant, help me find
something to drink.

What are you gonna ask it for?
The demon.
I assume you're summoning it
because you want
something from it.
None of your business.
What would you
ask for, Samantha,
if you could have anything?
'Cause that's how
it works, right?
You just wish something, and
then the demon grants it?
Like a genie?

You think it's real, though.
What?! (Sighs)
We've seen the news stories.
You've killed a lot of people.
Grant: It's real.
Maisie has proved it
time and time again.
Doug: Is it, though, Grant?
I mean, how do we know?
You know? How do
we really know?
I mean, we're trying to raise
a demon, for Christ's sake.
Just because a bunch
of religious weirdos
get matching tattoos
doesn't make it real.
And, Jesus, I got
shot because of it.
I've seen people get shot.
That's barely a scratch.

(No audio)

here we are.
A pretty girl bats
her eyes at me,
says I'll get anything
I want out of it.
And I believed her.
Because you want her.
Of course I want Maisie.
Everybody wants Maisie.
Even this guy wants Maisie.
Don't let the whole
shell-shocked vet thing
throw you.
This guy has killed for Maisie.
But Jude's in charge?
(Scoffs) No, no, no.
He talks the most.
But no, none of us are
here because of Jude.
Maisie's the one
with the nightmares.
Sorry. The visions. Mm.
Maisie's the one who
knew about the book.
About this place.
It's all Maisie.
Jude's just good at
the actual killing.
No offense, Grant.
Grant's a stone-cold
killer, too, but...
Jude's a touch more
theatrical about it.

Maybe it's not a literal demon.
Maybe it's a demon force.
I feel something. Do
you feel something?

What do you think Maisie is
doing right now with Jude?
Why do you think they
ran off together?

This whole thing
is a fucking joke.

You asked me what I
want. I want Maisie.
But I'm clearly not any
closer to getting her.
Not even with this fairy-tale,
blood-of-the-innocent bullshit.
The first time I came
down here was on a dare.
I was only supposed to be
down here for a few minutes,
but then my friends
locked me in.
I was down here all
night by myself.
But that's the night
I found the book,
so who's laughing now?
I can't take this
anymore. I need a drink.
There's got to be some
booze here somewhere.

There's vodka.
In the basement.

(Snaps fingers)
Now we're talking.
(Snaps fingers) Watch 'em.

(Breathes deeply)

Now what?

I hope it's still here.

What year were you again?

There we go.

Look at all these assholes.
Good thing you left this school.
That's it.

Clara: You should let her go.
She's not what you want.
Grant: What do you know
about what I want, kid?

You're not like the others.
You're different.
You're a soldier.
Sit down.
You're going along
with all of this
because you want something.
You need orders.
You need a mission.
I said, "Sit"!

(Whispering) Hell
is waiting for you.

Hell is waiting for you.

Hell is waiting for you.

Hell is waiting for you.

(Book thuds)

You look good in glasses.

Hell is waiting for you.

Hell is waiting for you.

Where the hell is the basement?
Oh, more hallway. Good.

I want to show you something.

What are you doing?

Okay. Stop...

You should let her go.

(Breathing heavily)

Jude and Maisie?
We better figure this out
or get the hell out of here.

I just...
I can feel him.
The demon we've summoned.
We're gonna get
everything we wanted.
All of its power.
Me and you...
as one.
(Breathes sharply)
Can you feel him, Maisie?
Jude. Jude, you're hurting me.
You did it.
We did it.
You brought him forth.
You summoned him. (Grunts)
Now all we need is
sanguinem nocendium!
Sanguinem nocendium!
Sanguinem nocendium!
Jesus, Maisie. What's
wrong with you?
I don't think you're
feeling like yourself, Jude.

Maybe I'm not.
But maybe I'm more...
because I can feel him.
Don't you want to
feel him with me?!
Don't fucking touch me!

You'll see.
Won't be long now.
(Footsteps departing)

Did he hurt you?
No, I'm fine.
I-I wasn't watching.
I was just...
Well, I-I was just
looking for you.
What did he say?

This is...
There's more.
"Blood of the guilty."
Blood of the what?
Samantha: Let's go, Clara.

No, no. I'll stay
and keep them busy.
Don't be crazy.
We can make out together.
(Crying) Come here.

I just don't understand.

If you don't go now...
you'll die.

(Electricity crackling)
(Singsongy voice)
Where are you?

(Echoing) Where are you?
Where are you?

Hell is waiting for you.

Grant: It's the blood
of our other victims.
You've seen a lot of
blood, haven't you?
We kill people, like
they say on the news.

But what about before?
Over there.
Over there, too.
When they shoot, we shoot.
Somebody dies. That's the job.
But it isn't just a job, is it?
When you're out
there, in the jungle,
far from home...
knowing that a Vietcong soldier
might already have you
lined up in his sights.
(Machine-gun fire)
They think you're just a
big, dumb killing machine.
How did you end up
with them anyway?
You had friends in your platoon.
Where are they?

It was a massacre.
We walked right into it.
I just...
I kept shooting, but
they kept coming.
I didn't know what to do, so...
I hid under a pile of bodies
until the shooting stopped.
They all died.
You didn't.
(Machine-gun fire)
I should have.
Instead, they gave me a medal.

Sole survivor.
What a joke.
You wish...
You wish you hadn't
let them all down.
You wish you could
have saved them.
Or died trying.


It's not too late
to get your wish.

But first, I have one
last mission for you.

sole survivor...

Death has marked you.

Want to make it permanent?

Jude: Where are you, Ciroc?
Show yourself.
We did the things.
We did everything you
asked. We killed the people.
We came to the place.
Everything you showed Maisie.
(Breathes deeply)
I know you're here.
I can feel you.

It's time to reveal yourself.
Don't fuck with me!

We did it wrong.
Fuck. It all happened so fast.
And I-I wanted to
grab this whole book,
- but they caught me.
- Wrong? How?

It wasn't a summoning ritual.
(Record player clicks)
It was an unbinding one.

(Rock music plays)
We thought we came here
to summon the demon.
But it's been here all along.
And it lured us here.
We set it free.

Na-na-na, na-na-na
Na-na, na-na-na-na
Na-na, na-na, na, na
Na-na, na-na, na
Ah, ah
(Man chanting indistinctly)
Ah, ah

Ah, ah (Man
chanting indistinctly)

Ah, ah

Na-na-na, na-na-na
Na-na, na-na-na-na
Let's go!
Everything you required, we did.
You owe us.

You owe me!

Where are you?!

Where are you?

Are you?

Are you...
Am I...


Where else would it be?
I'm the vessel.
Na-na-na, na-na-na
I'm the vessel.
I am the vessel.
The power is in me.

I must...
Na-na, na-na, na-na
Na-na-na, na-na-na
(Breathes deeply)
I am the vessel!
I am the vessel!
Okay, so...
the demon is here.
Like, it's invisible.
I always thought a demon needed
to take some kind of form,
take over your body.
I don't know.
Oh, I wish you'd known a
bit more before we embarked
on this little project of yours.
(Sighs) Anyway...
if... if it's wanting
to be set free,
then it's not free, right?
Like, it's... stuck here?


No way.
Come with me.

Hold this.

I knew she looked familiar.
The sister?


I think we should
go. Should we go?
What do you mean?
Where are you going?
We're not done here.
We're just getting started.
Jude, did you...
Are you okay?
Ah, never better, baby.
Hey. We figured it out.
Clara's the demon.
What? The girl, Clara.
She's the demon.
Clara's not the demon.
I'm the demon.
No, you've lost your mind.
Look. She's in every photo.
She's as old as the school.
She's clearly the demon.
Oh! I see what's
going on here.
I step away for a
minute to clear my head.
And now you two are
buddy-buddy, playing detective,
solving the case of the demon
at The Blackvale
School for Girls.
Nancy fucking Drew
over here and her dog,
Toto, too.
Hey, back the hell off.
Oh, dog. Doggy.
You think she gives
a shit about you?

Oh! Ah!
Ah, that actually fucking hurt.

Maisie: Guys!

Jude, stop.
Your time's up, Dougie boy.
It's all coming to an end.
Yeah! Aah!

(Glass shatters)

Clara: You figured it all out.
Good for you.
But you can't leave now, Maisie.
We're gathering the guests
for my going-away party.

Maisie: Let me out of here.
Hey, get the fuck away from me!

(Humming "Deck the Halls")

(Humming continues)


(Door rattling)
Aah! Aah!

(Dial tone)

Woman: Operator. Hi!
I need the police. One moment.
Hi. Man: What's the emergency?
Yeah, hi.
I'm at the Blackvale School - for Girls.
And the Killers...
the Christmas
Killers, they're here.
Slow down. Is this some
kind of prank call?
No, this isn't a joke.
- They've killed people.
- Who have they killed?
My teacher and the
security guard.
Where are they now?
They're in the main building.
And my friend is
trapped in there, too.
Uh-huh. And where are you?
I'm at the security booth
by the main entrance.
Okay. Stay calm.
What's your name?
My name is Samantha.
Samantha Kramer.
Samantha. (Speaks indisinctly)
No, they don't know I got out.
Hang on there.
But what about Clara?
They're gonna kill her.
I think they're doing
some sort of ceremony.
Stay put till we get there.
Okay. Hurry.
Please hurry.
(Dial tone)

Blackvale girls look
out for each other.


Doug: (Echoing)
Let us out of here.
Grant! Come on, buddy.
Let us out.

Please. Please.
Come on, buddy.
Let me out.

Somebody help us!
Someone help us!
- Nobody can hear you.
- What is this?!
Maisie: Let us go.
(Breathing heavily)
Come on, buddy. Let me out.
What is this?
You wanted a ceremony.
Here it is.
I am the demon.
I command you...
let us out right fucking now!
All right, listen to Jude,
because he's the demon.

You were right, Jude...
The strong gain power
when sacrificing the weak.
And you are very good
at sacrificing the weak.
I watched you kill in my name,
paint my mark in blood
for the world to see,
and finally you came here
to me to shed the blood
of the innocent within
these very walls.
Well done.
What are you?
Something much older than
you could possibly imagine.
You think these guys
would do anything for you?
Men feared me, worshiped
me, died for me...

Until they turned on me.
The fire that
wiped out the town.
They were summoning you.
And then they
changed their minds.
Didn't understand what they
were getting into, I guess.
I have been trapped in this
place, in this building,
in this body for
a very long time.
They thought they destroyed me,
but I made the best
of a bad situation.
I was weak, but it didn't take
much for me to assume this form,
to hide in plain sight,
and to cloud the minds
of students, teachers.
Who pays attention to the
quiet girl in the corner?
You certainly didn't.
Did you, Maisie?
What, you thought you found
that old book by accident?
You've restored my power.
I am so grateful.
But there's one last step.
One last sacrifice needed
to break their bonds
and set me free.
The blood of the guilty.
Guess who that is.

Us. You...
You're gonna kill us.
If I could kill you myself,
you'd have been dead
the second you walked
through the door.
You have to do it to
yourselves or to each other.
So, who is ready to make
the first sacrifice?
We can start small.
(Maisie crying)
No, no, no, no. No, no. Grant.
Grant, what are you doing?
What is your offering?
(Scoffs) Are you kidding me?
I'm not giving you anything.
If you don't give on
your own, then we'll have
to take something from
you as punishment.
Grant, don't. Don't do it.
Jude, make them stop.
- One last chance.
- Jude!
Grant, you choose.
- What are you doing?
- No! Don't...
- Grant.
- No, no. No, no!
Stop! Grant!
- Dude, stop!
- No, no. No, no.
Fuck you, Grant! Fuck you!
Stop it!
Stop, Grant, stop!
Fuck you, you fucking demon!
Great. Who's next?

(Doug whimpers)

- Ah.
- What the fuck?
Doug's turn.
Maisie, I love you so much.
I love you so much,
even without the hair.
It's nice. (Sobs)
Shut up, Doug!
Doug, ever the
hopeless romantic.
A metaphoric sacrifice...
so sweet.
But I was hoping for
something a little more...
- Grant.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
I want to offer blood the
way Grant offered blood.
Wonderful. Stick
out your hand.

(Hand thuds)
No! Fuck!
Fuck! No!
Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah!
(Breathing heavily)
You cut off my fingers!
Next. Fuck you!
What about our reward?
You got the blood
of the innocent.
Aren't we supposed to
get something, too?
Don't you see, Jude?
You're getting it.
You fucking cut off
my fingers, man!
- This is it.
- Fuck you!
I want power! Influence! Fame!
Well, your wish is my command.
When the tabloids
find your bodies,
you'll be on the cover of every
newspaper in the entire world.
You'll be talked
about for generations.
- You're welcome.
- Fuck you.
I don't think Jude's listening.
Grant, can you
get his attention?
Grant, you mother...


Fine. You're right.
Ever since I found that damn
book, I've been obsessed.
Even though I knew people
would die, I had to come back.
And I had... I had to
know if it was real.
And now you know.


And I wish I didn't.
It's okay.
And... And none of you would
be here if it wasn't for me.
And I'm... And I'm sorry.

Clara: Touching.
Also interesting to note that
death doesn't seem to matter
unless you and your friends
are the ones staring
down its throat.
Well, this has been fun,
but it's almost sunrise.
And, like Jude said,
we're on a schedule.
- Grant.
- Doug: Wait, wait, wait.
No, no. Grant. No.
It's Dougie. It's your friend.
No, Grant, no!
(Shouting indistinctly)

You bastard.
You killed him.
He was one of our own.
And you killed him.
Grant. Grant. Listen to me.
You know I've always
been your greatest ally.
I took you in.
Don't you dare bring that
thing close to me again.
I am the vessel.
Obey the vessel.

No, Grant.
Grant, please.
Grant, please, please.
Hey, we... we can
get out of here.
Just us.
We can... We can go anywhere.
We can go anywhere you want.
We can just get in
the car. We can drive.
And... And now that Jude and
Doug are dead, it's just us.
And we can... We
can really be happy.
- Clara: Don't listen to her.
- We'll do whatever we want.
- You know?
- You have a mission. Finish it.
Jude was possessive,
and Doug was jealous.
She's lying to you. Lying
like she always does.
She's using you. She
doesn't care about you.
You know what you need
to do... kill her.
- Serve your purpose.
- You can do whatever you want.
- Kill her!
- Enough!

Well, that's disappointing.
Three down, one to go.

I'm here to save you.

What is going on in here?

Clara: (Chanting in Latin)

She's the demon?

(Chanting in Latin)

Clara, stop it.
(Chanting continues)

(Chorus vocalizing)

How dare you?
Clara, what is this?
What is going on?

Are you gonna kill her?
Clara: I can't kill her,
but I can fuck with her.
Drive her crazy until
she kills herself.

Clara! Stop it!
I have waited so long.
I'm so close.
And you're ruining it!
(Maisie screams)
I told you to leave.
Why didn't you listen to me?
Why did you come back?
Well, I couldn't just leave you.
They were going to kill you.
Kill me?
You stupid girl. I wish
they could kill me.
What your kind has done to
me is something far worse.
Do you know what it's like
being stuck here
year after year here?
I've met millions of
versions of you, Samantha.
You want to be liked.
You want to fit in.
It's so pathetic.
It's so... human.

But I thought we were friends.
We're not friends. We've
never been friends.
You're a meager little mortal
with your meager
little mortal concerns.
So sad. You're stuck
here for Christmas.
Poor Samantha.
Try being stuck here forever.
How do you think I feel?

No, Clara.
I care about you.
You care about me?
You care about me?!

Please, let me in.

Then let me out.
(Door rattling, Maisie grunts)



(Doors close)
You actually did it.
You freed me.
Yeah, well...
I heard Blackvale
girls are supposed
to look out for each other.
Yeah. Yeah.

(Sirens wailing in distance)

So what are you gonna do now?
Are you gonna leave?

Do you want to come with me?

(Indistinct conversations
in distance)

I'll be home for Christmas

You can count on me

Please have snow
And mistletoe
And presents under the tree

Christmas Eve will find me

Where the love-light gleams

I'll be home for Christmas

If only in my dreams

So please have snow
And mistletoe
And presents under the tree

I'll be home for Christmas

If only in my dreams

(Suspenseful music plays)