The Sandman (2017) Movie Script

WOMAN: Please, no!
Someone help me!
- Anybody! Please!
- [thunderclap]
No! Get away from me!
GIRL: Daddy?
[woman screaming]
GIRL: Daddy!
I'm hungry.
I know. Me too.
Don't worry.
It's all gonna be over soon.
[siren blaring]
[police car passes]
- [thunderclap]
- [gasp]
[metal creaks]
Someone there?
Told you it's the Sandman
Here comes the Sandman
- Daddy?
- Oh, jeez! Oh!
Hey, I told you
to wait in the car.
It's here, isn't it?
Okay, let's go.
Let's go.
- [gasps]
- Watch it.
[police radio chatter]
We have to go out
the back, okay?
Let's go. We gotta go.
Go, go, go.
Go, go, go.
Okay, almost there.
Okay, they probably
have a key up front.
I'm scared.
All right, remember what
Dr. Elliot told you to do
whenever you get scared?
Just close your eyes
and count back from five.
I'll be right back, okay?
See? Everything's gonna be--
[sand falling]
[camera clicks]
Don't have a horse
in this race
Or a smile on my face
I don't need to come clean
when I meet you
I'm a live machine
All right, you can
lean back a little
and rest your head
in your hand.
Wanna bring in the stool?
Sort of drape your leg over.
And lose the bra.
Okay, hold it.
Move those to the selects.
- These two?
- Yeah.
All right.
How come you don't pose?
'Cause somebody has
to take the pictures.
Yeah, but you're hotter
than half the girls in here.
- Only half?
- Uh-huh.
And I suppose you'd want me to
take my clothes off too, right?
Is that an offer?
There is just
one little problem.
What's that?
You'd have to figure out
how to take the lens cap off.
- I'd have figured that out.
- Oh.
[phone ringing]
This is Claire.
[door closes]
DETECTIVE: When was the last
time you saw your brother?
It had been awhile.
He moved around a lot.
He ever say why?
When you have
a rough childhood,
it's hard to feel comfortable.
Any idea what
he was doing upstate?
Is this about my brother's death
or my brother?
Answer the question.
No. No idea.
And you had
no contact with him?
Every once in a while
I would get an email, okay?
That's it.
What is this about?
Did he do something wrong?
Parker, Arizona.
Crawford, Colorado.
Farmington, New Mexico.
Each of these were taken when
your brother was either living
or staying within
five miles of the scene.
Now, I'm gonna ask you again.
Do you have any idea what
your brother was doing upstate?
All right.
I think we're done here.
Do me a favor.
Stay available...
just in case we have
any more questions.
My brother's daughter,
Where is she?
DOCTOR: The child is exhibiting
extreme signs
of post-traumatic stress.
It's not surprising,
given the circumstances.
The police interviewed her
at length,
regarding the death
of her father,
but she was uncooperative.
Has she said anything
about that night?
Madison thinks someone
named "The Sandman"
is responsible
for the death of her father.
The Sandman?
Children often make up
to deal with
their real life fears.
Fear of the dark,
fear of the unknown.
I think this Sandman
is Madison's way
of dealing with
the death of her parents.
Is this for her protection?
No! Let go of me!
I don't wanna be here anymore!
- I wanna go home!
- Be still!
No! No!
- Be still!
- Let go of me!
How about I give you something
to calm you down?
[glass shatters]
[alarm blaring]
CLAIRE: Madison!
- [screams]
- Madison!
- Grab her.
- Come on!
Take her back to the room!
Like I said.
Her eyes are so soulful.
I'm Mrs. Farmer.
of Children's Services.
My brother told me
she was born en-caul.
It's where the amniotic sac
is still intact.
Apparently, it's special.
It's supposed to be
a sign of luck.
Madison is a lot things.
I wouldn't say lucky's
one of them.
Miss Blake, do you have
a moment where we could...
go somewhere and chat?
The good news, Miss Blake,
is we have a system in place
to help children like your niece
receive the care that she needs.
You mean with someone
other than with her family.
I assumed, with your background,
you wouldn't be seeking custody.
- What does that mean?
- Miss Blake--
Don't you think we should be
talking about this first?
Do you have any experience
raising a child?
- Are you married?
- No.
What about your career?
Okay, look.
I understand that I'm not
a perfect housewife, okay?
But my brother would have
never wanted his daughter
raised by strangers.
Even if those strangers
were better equipped
to see that his daughter
received a proper upbringing?
Am I gonna need a lawyer?
Can you afford one?
Miss Blake, because you are
the girl's only living relative,
no one can prevent you
from taking custody temporarily.
Permanent guardianship, however,
is another matter.
- [screaming]
- [beeping accelerates]
Help! Somebody!
What's happening? Madison?
- She's having a nightmare!
- Madison?
Get away from me!
Four milligrams of ketamine.
Madison, hey, can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
[beeping decelerates]
There you are.
It's all right.
It's just a dream.
Is he gone?
The Sandman.
He's gone.
You're safe.
Hey, do you know who I am?
Aunt Claire?
You can just call me
Claire, okay?
Hopefully you're gonna come
live with me really soon.
How does that sound?
Don't make promises.
She's just a little girl.
She needs some hope.
She needs to stay here
for further examination.
He's scary.
He just wants
what's best for you.
Can you stay with me
till I fall back asleep?
I'll do even better and stay
with you while you're asleep.
How's that sound?
Shortly after she arrived,
Madison started exhibiting
symptoms of night terrors.
After one of the orderlies
was hurt,
we started a policy
of restraining her at bedtime.
Typical patient might suffer
one to two episodes a week.
Madison suffers
three to four a night.
We recommend that Madison
remain in our care
for further observation.
[hinge creaking]
Miss Duffy?
You know you're not supposed to
be out of your room after 11.
[girl whimpering]
Miss Duffy?
I know you're in here
Megan, what are you doing
down there?
He... He...
He was... there.
- [sand rustling]
- [Megan whimpers]
Oh, don't worry about him.
That's just Stanley.
Hi, Stanley!
Let's go.
It's just
right through there.
Hey! There she is!
Wyatt, this is Madison.
Madison, this is my...
This is Wyatt.
Hi, Madison.
So what do you think?
I painted the walls,
I got some toys.
CLAIRE: Oh. Bow and arrow
for a little girl?
- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
Where'd you get
all this stuff?
I had like a $5 budget.
Come on.
CLAIRE: Yeah, you're right.
I'm gonna...
Oh, this is a good song, right?
When can I go home?
[turns off radio]
Well, um...
This is your home.
It's your new home.
Here with me.
Um, what about Wyatt?
Wyatt? Sometimes.
I know this is a big change.
It's really different.
I know I can't
replace your dad,
but I promise you,
no matter what, I'm...
I'm gonna try my best.
You wanna get settled,
and I'll make us some dinner?
See you in a minute, okay?
[distant growl]
[screaming continues]
- Help! Help me!
- Hey, Madison, hey.
You're okay.
It's just a bad dream.
That's it.
Is he gone?
The Sandman.
He followed me.
Honey, it's just
you and me here.
I promise.
What happened?
He grabbed me.
Can I sleep in your bed
Of course, come on.
ANCHORWOMAN: The investigation
suffered another setback today
when this man,
Colton Blake,
previously named
a person of interest,
was found dead himself
last weekend,
apparently of a heart attack.
Police found his body
at the general store.
Investigation is
looking further into it.
Blake is survived by sister
Claire and daughter Madison.
Madison is currently
in the custody of her aunt,
who lives in Los Angeles.
Now, the unusually hot weather
looks like it's gonna continue
through the end of the week,
and DWP is...
CLAIRE: Whatever it is,
she thinks it followed her here.
All of the nightmares about
her parents and the boogeyman...
I don't know. It feels like
it's just Madison's way
of working through her grief.
Yeah, and last night, get--
Get this, she woke up last night
with bruises on her arm.
I swear they weren't
there before.
No, you should see the way
she kicks and flails
in her sleep.
It's a wonder she doesn't
put me in the hospital.
No, I know.
I understand.
All right,
I'll talk to you later.
Madison, it isn't funny.
You're gonna give me
a heart attack!
MADISON: There was an old woman
who lived in a shoe.
She had so many children,
she didn't know what to do.
She gave them some broth
without any bread.
There was an old woman
who lived in a shoe.
She had so many children,
she didn't know what to do.
What'd I tell you
about getting out, boy?
What'd I tell you about that?
Sit down.
You know, I saw a girl
on the news last night.
Looked just like you.
Your daddy killed them,
didn't he?
That's why you were running.
Yeah, go ahead, run away.
What's going on?
Here she comes again,
that woman.
Hey, what the hell
was that about?
The police were looking
for her father, you know.
He's dead. Don't you think
she's suffered enough?
What the hell you doing
with a kid anyway, huh?
All that loud music,
people coming in and out
all hours of the night
I work out of my house.
Well, not for long,
which, incidentally,
is what I told that woman
who came by your house today.
What the hell?
- [electricity crackles]
- Goddamn it!
Come on.
What the--
[ignition failing]
Start, come on, start!
Come on!
[engine starts]
- [engine revving]
- [pats dashboard]
Damn straight. Okay.
[screaming continues]
Good. Let's check your arms.
Raise your left arm for me.
Does that hurt?
Let's take a look.
Madison, can you tell me
what happened here?
Can your aunt?
I'm, uh...
I'm renting an old house, so...
You know kids.
Try to be more careful, okay?
I'd like to see her again
in a week,
see how they're healing.
Ms. Blake, let's make sure
there aren't
any more accidents, okay?
[police radio chatter]
Go inside, okay?
I'll be in
in a minute.
Whoa, whoa.
Stay off the property, please.
I live across the street.
Can't you just tell me
what's going on?
Carbon monoxide poisoning.
Looks like the garage door
may have malfunctioned.
All this for an accident?
Hey, I've seen you before.
Who are you?
What are you doing here?
Ma'am, is there
gonna be a problem?
No! There's no problem.
I'm going.
So did something happen
to Stanley?
Um, there was an accident.
Are they sure?
Sure about what?
That it was an accident.
do you know something about
what happened to Stanley?
- Madison!
- Go away!
Madison, do you know
what happened to Stanley?
I said go away!
All right, Colton, let's see
what you've been up to.
Oh, Jesus.
WYATT: So you think your brother
is responsible for all of this.
The police were asking
a lot of questions,
and then Stanley...
Okay, look, even if your brother
was responsible for any of this,
he's dead.
- I know.
- I thought you saw the body.
I know.
Okay, so what did Madison
have to say?
She won't talk to me.
I don't know what to do.
I do.
You in here?
Honey, wait, no.
Madison, we need you
to tell us something,
and I want you to try to be
really honest with me, okay?
Did your daddy ever...
Did he ever hurt anyone?
Honey, please,
you can trust us.
He said he was trying
to protect me
from the bad people.
That's what he said
he was doing?
Trying to protect you?
Daddy never hurt anyone.
Who did, Madison?
Who killed all those people?
Please don't be mad.
Sweetheart, I'm not mad.
I just need you to tell me.
I promise you can trust me.
when I get really scared,
he comes out and hurts people.
What do you mean,
he comes out?
I can't control it.
It just happens.
Like with Stanley
and Daddy.
Honey, your dad
had a heart attack.
And Stanley was an accident.
I spoke to the police myself.
He wanted to get rid of me.
Look, are you saying...
that you think
that you made this guy
come out and kill people?
I didn't mean to!
I didn't want
to hurt any of them!
I just got scared.
The Sandman is a character
in a book.
You can't bring it to life.
I can!
Ever since I was little,
Daddy said I could
make things happen,
but he said it's okay
'cause it's gonna be over soon.
What did he mean by
"over soon?"
All right, cool.
I've heard enough of this.
Madison, we're trying
to have a serious conversation,
and you're not playing.
I don't think that you should
have this book anymore, okay?
Come on.
I'm not lying!
Why don't you just sit here,
and you think about it!
- Wyatt?
- When you're ready to talk,
we'll come in,
and we'll listen.
I told you!
Yeah, yeah, I heard.
The Sandman, okay?
Why don't you pay a semblance
of respect to your aunt,
after everything's
she's done for you!
But you don't wanna do that
because you're acting like
a spoiled child
who wants to make up things
out of books and kills people.
Stop yelling at me!
[doorbell ringing]
- Look, this isn't a good time.
- I hope I'm not interrupting.
Mrs. Farmer, please,
it's been a long day.
And you are?
I'm Wyatt,
her sometimes boyfriend.
Can I ask what this is about?
This afternoon, I received
a rather alarming call
from your pediatrician.
He said your niece had
a number of bruises on her arm.
What's she talking about?
Look, I explained to him
that she was playing
in the house.
- She fell.
- He also told me
he was unable
to rule out physical abuse.
Okay, hold on.
Claire would never hurt a child.
Maybe it wasn't Claire.
even the suspicion of abuse
is enough
to suspend temporary custody
until an investigation
can be completed.
I have a letter from the state
authorizing me
to remove Madison
from your home.
- Wait, what?
- Ms. Blake,
don't make this any harder
than it needs to be.
Okay, just hold--
maybe we ought to consider this
a good thing.
No! You're not taking her.
Ms. Blake,
allow me to remind you
that if you don't
participate willingly,
I will be forced
to take punitive action.
Fine, go ahead.
Have it your way, Ms. Blake,
because I will be back
with the proper authorities.
CLAIRE: Great!
And we'll be here!
Claire, seriously.
Madison, honey,
Wyatt and I are gonna outside
and have a little
adult conversation, okay?
It's me.
No. Unfortunately the aunt's
being stubborn.
We're probably gonna
have to call the police.
You know what?
I'm gonna have
to call you back.
- Are you out of your mind?
- What?
You know she could come back
with the police and arrest you.
Do you what would happen
if they got their hands on her?
Claire, this isn't some kid
who just wets the bed
or plays with matches, okay?
You are way, way out
of your league here.
My brother spent a long time
trying to protect her.
Ever think maybe he was trying
to protect peopfrom her?
There's a big difference there,
don't you think?
Our whole childhood,
we were just shuffled around.
My mom was a drunk.
My dad was gone
before I was even born.
All we had was each other.
I owe it to him
to protect her.
[light switch clicking]
Are you in here, sweetie?
Don't you think it's better
that she's with someone
that knows how to handle her?
Who? The bad people?
Wyatt, that's what
she calls them.
How many people has she hurt?
Because what I think
we should be doing
is talking about
the definition of "bad" here.
Madison, I wanna help.
MADISON: Go away.
It's not safe for you here.
I'm gonna to take you
someplace better,
where you'll be happy.
I'm happy here!
You can't stay here, Madison.
I know you don't understand
right now,
but one day you will.
There's no need to worry.
I'm not the one
I'm worried about.
[distant scream]
Hey, what's going on?
[screaming continues]
I'm sorry.
NURSE: You're doing fine.
Remember your breathing.
You're doing great.
NURSE: Something's wrong.
COLTON: What's happening?
What is going on? No!
What is happening?
Breathe, breathe.
Female, 28, intrapartum.
She's crowning!
[no audible dialogue]
Wyatt doesn't like me.
That's not true.
Madison, I think we should talk
about what happened last night.
You said it was all
gonna be over soon.
What did you mean by that?
Is that what you were doing
when your daddy died?
Did your dad find a way
to stop this?
WYATT: We gotta call the police.
And say what?
There's nothing left.
There's no body,
there's no evidence.
What do you suggest?
I'm not just gonna sit around
while she wishes everyone
into a cornfield.
I told you
how important she is to me.
And you saw what she did
to that woman.
What she almost did to you.
I'm... I'm worried about you.
She wouldn't hurt me.
Like she wouldn't
hurt your brother?
The detectives were asking
what he doing upstate.
What if my brother found a way
to help her stop this?
WYATT: More like he was wishing
not to get thrown in jail.
Would you watch her
for a couple hours?
- Are you serious?
- Please, I just--
I don't want her to go outside.
That's the smartest thing
I've heard you say all day.
Are you gonna help me or not?
Couple hours.
That's it.
CLAIRE: Thanks for letting me
take a look.
You know, she hasn't
stopped crying about it.
I gotta say, Ms. Blake,
we've been over this car
half a dozen times,
and no one's come up
with a stuffed animal.
I know. I just figured
if I looked, maybe I'd find it.
She hasn't said anything,
has she?
She's an eight-year-old
little girl who lost her father,
spends most of her time
crying in her room.
COP: I'll need you to sign
this access form.
[line ringing]
Hi, you've reached Dr. Amanda.
- Please leave a message.
- [beep]
Hi, my name is Claire Blake.
I believe you spoke
to my brother Colton
about my niece Madison.
Call me, please.
[door closes]
Where are we?
Well, it's a surprise.
Is Claire coming?
I thought that this should be
something we could do together.
Get to know each other
a little better, hmm?
Why don't you go ahead?
I'll be out there.
You can do this.
[phone ringing]
Are you coming?
Pretty cool, huh?
Hey, how about that doll
right over there?
Right over by the...
the truck.
You see it?
Just to the right.
I don't see anything
but old junky cars.
What are you doing?
- Were you gonna hurt me?
- Calm down.
This is why you didn't
bring Claire, isn't it?
Do you want her to get hurt?
I don't.
Madison, okay.
Okay, I need you to calm down.
Madison, okay, look,
I made a mistake, okay?
I think you should run now.
What? Wha--
[Wyatt screaming]
- Sir.
- Bring her in, Heller.
Yes, sir.
Yo-ho, all aboard
'cause here we go
Time to hoist the anchor
and sail off
Come and take a journey
to places unknown
So pack your bags
and plot your course
Extra whipped cream,
just like you asked.
Thank God.
I was so worried about you.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Where's Wyatt?
What did you do to Wyatt?
I'm ready to go home now.
Can we stop somewhere
on the way home?
Yeah, okay.
[phone ringing]
I need to take this.
I'll meet you there, okay?
[ringing continues]
- Hi.
- Claire?
Yes. Um...
Is she with you now?
- Can you help her?
- Yes.
Are you familiar with the theory
of hypnotic image therapy?
Well, it started as a way
to treat soldiers
who were suffering
from acute PTSD.
Doctors used hypnosis
to rewrite their nightmares,
so they no longer
felt threatening.
You want to hypnotize my niece?
Your brother believed she was
using the power of the caul
to manifest
a nightmarish figure.
The Sandman.
However, if we could remove
this so-called Sandman
from her mind...
She wouldn't be able
to bring it to life.
You haven't seen
what she's capable of.
I don't know if messing with
her mind is such a good idea.
Your brother believed
it was a risk worth taking.
All I want is to give Madison
a chance at a normal life.
[Madison sobbing]
I'm so sorry
for everything I've done.
I know people say I'm special,
but I don't want
to be special anymore.
I don't want anyone else
to get hurt,
especially not Claire.
Do you think they know
I'm sorry?
Honey, yes.
Of course they do.
Your father may have found
someone that can help you.
I don't know anything about her,
but if there's a chance--
Yes, yes.
- Look out!
- [silenced gunshots]
Get the girl! Move!
MADISON: You shouldn't have
hurt Claire.
AGENT: We got movement.
Multiple bogeys.
Repeat, multiple bogeys.
AGENT: Negative on visual, sir.
What just happened?
I'm having trouble
with my scope.
Where's your signal?
Damn thing!
Night vision's out.
I got nothing.
[distant growling]
[screaming continues]
[silenced gunshot]
Target secured.
CLAIRE: Where is she?
- What have you done to her?
- Don't worry.
I have absolutely no intention
of hurting your niece.
My department has studied
a lot of caul children
over the years.
But none of them
as powerful
or as dangerous
as Madison.
Now, can you imagine having
the abilities that she has,
without the patience or
the discipline to control them?
Please, please,
just let me see her.
She mentioned something
to the doctor called "Sandman."
She ever mention that to you?
You wanna know
about the Sandman?
That's a children's book.
Her father read it to her
when she was a little girl.
She says it gave her
bad dreams.
I truly believe
that in her fear,
she literally brought
her nightmare to life.
Look, she's just
a little girl.
All she wants
is for it to stop.
But I don't want it to stop.
I wanna nurture it,
I wanna develop it,
and I wanna train it.
You've seen
what she's capable of.
Come here.
I wanna show you something.
[door buzzer]
What is this?
We're completely
shielded from her.
Makes it safer.
I'd like to start
with a levitation test.
We can begin.
[door opens]
Our most successful subject
to date
was able to levitate this ball
more than three inches.
Let's see how
young Madison can do.
Madison, I'd like you
to try levitating the ball.
VALENTINE: Madison, please.
The sooner that you
cooperate with us,
the sooner I can
let you see Claire.
You'd like that,
wouldn't you?
Then, please.
Focus on the ball.
I want to go home.
VALENTINE: Soon, Madison.
I want to go home now!
What's going on?
Sedate her! Now!
I believe that with
the proper regimen,
we can train her
to control her impulses.
So you want me to go
before the committee
and explain what?
That we're going to tame an
eight-year-old mass murderer?
She's not malicious.
Neither is the sweet
family pit bull,
until it mauls
your three-month-old child.
I believe in her potential.
Sorry, Dr. Valentine.
I'm initiating
cleanup protocol.
Give me a chance with her.
She's too valuable.
- [buzzer]
- [door opens]
HELLER: I'm sorry,
Dr. Valentine.
We've been asked
to clear the room.
- We have to leave now.
- No.
No, no, please!
- No!
- We have to leave now.
- It's out of my hands!
- Please!
It's out of my hands.
[no audio]
[gas hissing]
[no audio]
Lock it down!
[alarm blaring]
No, no, please!
I have to help her!
Go to the end of the hall,
down to sublevel five.
Follow the steam pipes.
That'll get you out of here.
Take my car.
You drive away from here
and never look back,
[gunfire continues]
[bones crunch]
[alarm blaring]
[alarm continues]
Let's go.
[alarm blaring]
AGENT: She went down this way!
[walkie-talkie chatter]
Stay here.
AGENT: Here!
[Madison clears throat]
AGENT: Easy, now, easy.
AGENT: Don't do it, kid.
Madison, no.
Oh! Wha...
Let's go.
[alarm blaring]
Which car is it?
[car alarm chirps]
[engine starts]
I want you
to watch the pendulum.
Empty your mind.
There is nothing
but the pendulum
and the sound of my voice.
You see nothing else.
You feel nothing else,
just the pendulum.
Back and forth.
Your eyelids are feeling heavy.
You feel yourself
drowning in the darkness.
Let go, Madison.
Let your body sink deeper...
and deeper.
I'll count down from five.
When I reach one,
you will be asleep.
Watch the pendulum.
Hear my voice.
Your body is sinking.
Where are you?
I'm in the office.
AMANDA: Go to the door
and tell me what you see.
I'm in the morgue.
This is important.
I need you to find
the Sandman.
I don't want to.
AMANDA: I'll be right here
with you, I promise.
I can't.
I need you to find him,
so I can pull him out.
Do you understand me?
AMANDA: It's important.
CLAIRE: Do what she says,
Anyone in here?
He's here.
Okay, listen,
this is important.
AMANDA: I need you to grab him.
And no matter what happens,
do not let him go.
I can't!
Yes, you can, Madison,
grab him!
I got him!
Heed these words.
When this nightmare ends,
you will be free
of this child forever.
You will be bound
to this child no more!
I can't hold on!
I can't hold on anymore!
AMANDA: When I snap my fingers,
you'll awake.
- Wake, Madison!
- [snap]
You okay?
I'm fine.
Do you think it worked?
You think he's gone?
CLAIRE: You okay?
[continues coughing]
Is something wrong?
[Amanda gagging]
She brought him to life!
Five, four, three, two, one.
Leave her alone!
[air compressor bursts]
[Madison grunts]
Come on!
Wake up!
Come on. I have an idea.
You stay.
[hard rock]
Out of the shadows
The dark side
Image is forming
before your eyes
The demon's coming
He hears your cries
Your deepest fears
Don't go down
You better hide
Don't make a sound
Till the morning
comes round
You better stay awake
'cause he's on his way
Beware the Sandman
Beware the Sandman
Beware the Sandman
CLAIRE: Well, it's official.
You're stuck with me.
Are we gonna stay here?
Uh, I don't know.
I was thinking
maybe somewhere new.
Can we move to Hawaii?
I was thinking
more like Arizona.
Which reminds me, little lady,
we need to talk about
you going back to school.
Should we celebrate tonight?
Get some takeout?
Can we get ramen noodles?
Or we could splurge and get
some real Japanese food.
Here comes the Sandman
Here comes the Sandman
Take me to Dreamland
Please, Mr. Sandman
I want to dream
about you and me
Just close my eyes
and I can see
The one that I adore
Come walking
through my door
You're the only one
I'm wishing for
Here comes the Sandman
I want to dream
about you and me
Just close my eyes
and I can see
The one that I adore
Come walking
through my door
You're the only one
I'm wishing for