The Santa Summit (2023) Movie Script

Last day.


Good job!
- Good morning!
- Good morning.
Oh, I love it.
You do?
Yes. It's very you.
Oh good, because I got one
for you and Stella.
Now you have three.
Hey, do you think she's gonna
be on time today?
Uh, no, she beat me
in today.
No way.
[clears throat]
Oh, the green lights.
[clears throat]
Good morning.
So you just sleep here now?
No, I uh, I was early, obviously.
You hate waking up early.
I hate traffic even more.
Oh, well hey,
I'll see you at lunch?
Mmhm, yes. For sure.
- Ok.
- Yeah. See you.
See ya later.
- [bell ringing]
- Whew.
Alright, for those of you
who did not finish
your Christmas shopping yet,
you guys are in luck,
because today we are making
Christmas ornaments.
[classroom ooing]
I know! How cute?
Ava, hey.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Hi, Ben.
- Ah, whatcha go there?
- Huh?
Oh, it's a new container,
mostly for the cats.
Like, for the food left over
at the bottom of the can.
I meant what'd you bring
for lunch.
Presumably not cat food.
[laughs] Ah, no.
Chicken Caesar salad.
Ah, switching it up
from the usual, I see.
Yeah. Tuna salad.
Come on, we've been friends
for almost five years now.
You don't think I notice
how often you pack
a tuna salad sandwich
for lunch?
It's ok, my usual is a-
Turkey and pepper jack
on sourdough,
salt and vinegar chips
and a root beer
from the vending machine...
by the canteen.
I think, yeah, I don't know.
No, that's pretty much it.
Oh, that's weird.
So, you heading out
of town tomorrow?
No. No, my mom and aunt are
coming into town for Christmas.
Ok, that's great.
Then you can make it
to the Summit this year.
Yeah, the Santa Summit.
You know, the big celebration
that happens every
year downtown.
- Oh, yes!
- Yeah.
Yes, the one with all the...
- [both] Santas.
- Yeah, that's the one.
Ok, yeah. You and the history
guys go every year, right?
[chuckles] We do. We do
and it's always a good time.
You can't make it 'cause
you usually have to leave town.
Yes. Oh, definitely that is...
that's why.
So you're coming?
- Yes! Or, yes. I will.
- Yes.
I wouldn't miss it.
Great. So I'm gonna go grab
that root beer,
but I will see you,
I'll see you later.
- See ya.
- Yeah.
- Yup.
- Enjoy the salad!
[orchestra playing]

[curious music]
Ho, ho, ho.
What is that?
What are you doing
tomorrow night?
I don't know.
Glass of wine, warm bath
and 9-13 hours of sleep...
I don't know.
Ok, well do you wanna
do something?
I don't know, something...
Not the thing
with all the Santas.
Absolutely the thing
with all the Santas.
The Santa Summit.
I, uh... can't.
Stella! Come on!
Let's go out.
Let's have some fun.
Is that a Santa costume?
Yeah, I was just telling Stella
that we should all go
to the Santa Summit.
She's not gonna be interested.
Yeah, I'm interested.
What? Why, it could be fun.
Three of us, out there, you
know, enjoying the festivities.
This wouldn't have anything
to do with Ben going
to the Santa Summit,
would it?
Is Ben going?
'Cause, I didn't know that.
Here's a great idea.
Why don't the three of us...
ok, get ready,
...get together and have
an excellent, crazy brunch.
Nico's seeing someone.
Oh, no.
It's been three months.
But you dated for two years.
He's getting out there,
you know?
Why am I not?
Ok and you, Stella, come on.
Ever since they made you move
from music to English
you haven't been the same.
You guys, I just, I really wanna
find that... that thing.
You know, that thing
that makes me feel alive.
Get's me excited for the day.
Don't you want that?
Don't you miss that feeling?
Come on, please, let's go.
Let's get back out there.
Let's find that thing...
Sorry. Sorry, Julia,
that was...
- Blow off some steam.
- Yes.
I'm on the wrong side of 30.
I'm not trying
to blow off steam,
I'm trying to preserve all
the steam that I have left.
Ok, no. No.
I am not gonna be on
that dance floor alone, ok?
I need my wing ladies.
I'm not a wing lady anymore.
I am a home lady.
I am in.
- Come on, Stella.
- Please?
It'll be fun.
It'll be an adventure.
The way you say "adventure"
sends a chill down my spine.
Please stop that.
Please... please...
Ok, I will go if you
stop dancing.

Liam, Liam!
[chuckles] Can you believe
I got the last parking spot?
It's a Christmas miracle!
Yes! Yeah, it is.
- Are you excited?
- I'm excited.
So excited?
If you let go of me.
- Ok.
- Alright.
Oh man, the Santa Summit!
I'd always seen these crazy
pictures on social media
but I never thought I'd actually
get to partake in it.
Well, you moved here
at the perfect time.
It's a great opportunity
to see downtown.
Hang out with my big bro.
Do a little networking.
Do a little...
wait, networking?
Yeah, all these businesses
downtown here,
they're always looking
for renovations.
I know all these guys, it's just
gonna be a quick hello.
Uh huh.
Are you trying to make this
a business trip
'cause you wanna write the whole
thing off on your taxes?
No. No, I want to introduce
them to my newest employee.
My little brother.
But seriously,
keep those receipts
'cause we are absolutely
writing this off.
That's what I thought.
I just want to make sure
that you're prioritizing
fun over business today.
This is the first time
since I moved to town
that we've been able
to hang out,
just me and you.
Don't worry about it.
My wife's watching the kids
and it's just you and me
all day, all night.
This is my vacation, baby.
I'm excited. I'm excited
for all this.
You know, I think
of my old town,
my old job and this is just a
thousand times better for me.
A thousand seems like
a slight exaggerations.
Seven hundred times better.
Look, I just want to say
thank you, again.
You know, when I said I was
looking for something new
and you suggested I come out
here and work with you,
it meant a lot to me.
Alright, alright, yeah.
Yeah, you're welcome.
And I know you don't like it
when I get sentimental.
If you know I don't like it
then why you gotta do it?
- I gotta do it.
- You don't gotta do it.
I love you, Mac.
And I'm uh... fond of you.
I'll take it.
Ok. Thats... Alright.
Ok, let's just go drink
some cider, okay?
Drink some cider!
Drink some cider!
- [chanting] Santa Summit!
- Santa Summit!
Santa Summit!
[upbeat music]

I didn't know it would be
so crowded.
Does everyone start here?
I don't know, let's see
if it says something.
Oh, ok. The Santa Summit started
at Old Richards in 2005
with a simple special,
come in dressed as Santa
and receive half off on drinks.
- [snores]
Oh, is the history lesson over?
Oh, ha, ha, ha.
Hey, you see that funeral home
across the street?
I redid their showroom.
Dude, you should have
seen it before.
It was depressing.
Oh, you lightened up
the place, did ya?
I did, yeah.
Yeah, I hear people are just
dying to get in there.
Oh, that's good.
That's good.
You can joke all you want,
but don't be surprised
if business owners
bring it up today.
'Cause, you know,
it's pretty impressive.
Yeah, well nothing says
fun Christmas party
like talking funeral homes
and doing business.
Ok, but what you call
doing business,
I call sharing some laughs
and shaking some hands
and drinking eggnog
and drinking cider
and drinking eggnog...
You said eggnog twice.
I really like eggnog.
Good source of protein.
Look, you're gonna have fun,
I promise.
Oh, I am definitely
having fun, ok?
I'm gonna deck the halls,
jingle the bells,
rock out around
the Christmas tree.
I just need to make sure
you're having fun too.
I don't want you spending
all day
trying to win over
potential clients.
It's not gonna take me
all day if you help out.
Just show 'em that Liam smile.
You mean this one?
Yeah. Yeah, that's the one.
Ok. Alright.
So just a little networking,
that's all I ask.
Little networking,
lotta fun.
Ok, what time does
this thing start?
That's in like five minutes.
You said we weren't
gonna be late.
Well, put your beard on.
How long do I have
to wear this thing for?
Just put it on. Alright?
It's part of the fun.
It's like a masquerade ball.
What do you know
about masquerade balls?
What don't I know about
masquerade balls?
Santa Summit!
Santa Summit! Santa Summit!
Come on, let's get into it!
- Santa Summit!
- Santa Summit!
Ok wait, I think they're going.
Come on!
No, no, no...
You're coming.

- Santa Summit.
- I don't think I can do this.
Santa Summit! Santa Summit!
Santa Summit! Santa Summit!
Santa Summit!
Oh, oh! Yes, yes.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
I don't have my wallet.
I can't find my...
I don't have my wallet.
I don't... I think I dropped
it, you guys.
I gotta go look for it.
- Wait, but...
- No, I'm sorry.
No, no, it's ok. It's ok.
Stay. I'll be back!
I don't wanna stay!
Ok, wait here.
I'm gonna go get drinks.
You're gonna go look
for Ben.
- No.
- Yes.
- Wrong.
- Right, right!
I... I know that...
I know that face, Ava!
See man, I told you we should
have gotten here earlier.
- Are you kidding me?
- Alright, look, there's Rick.
Ok, come on, let's go.
You go ahead.
I'll catch up, ok?
Did anyone lose a purse?
A wallet?
Lose something?
Oh my gosh. Oh my...
Thank you!
Nah, don't mention it.
Thank you, thank you,
thank you. Ah!
It's a cool wallet.
Oh, thank you.
Actually, I designed it.
What is it?
Your house where
you grew up, or?
Oh, no, I wish.
No, it's a dream house, really.
I moved a lot growing up
so I never really had a place
that felt like home.
So, I figured I would
make something
to help me see the dream.
The power of manifestation,
you know?
So, what's on it?
Ok, so it's a Spanish style.
Uh huh.
And a little tire swing
in front.
I love a good tire swing.
- Right? They're so much fun.
- Mmhmm.
And a little bird bath.
Can't have dirty birds
in the yard.
No, you cannot.
It would not be seemly.
And then there's actually
a pool out back,
but you just can't see it.
You didn't stitch
the back of the house
on the back of the wallet?
You know, now
that you say that
I am very embarrassed
that I didn't do that.
Well, you are in luck 'cause
I build houses.
So, whenever you're ready to
make that dream house happen,
let me know.
Well, wait... promise?
Santa's honor.
Is that a Christmas tree?
- This?
- Yeah.
Ah, no, but I should doodle
maybe like a little star on top.
Just for today.
That would be very festive, actually.
Yeah. It's a pine tree.
Oh. Why a pine tree?
I'm a builder so I work
with wood a lot.
Pine is a soft wood but
it's more durable than most.
- Let me explain.
- Ok.
Uh, the last couple years
I've been working in my hometown
for a company
that buys old houses
and fixes them up.
Oh, are you the fixer?
I'm a fixer!
You're a fixer. Ok.
But, you know, I just
found myself
working too hard, you know?
Fixing too much.
And I got burnt out,
so, I wanted to switch
things up, you know?
Make room for something new.
So how'd you do that?
I made time for things in life
that I love.
Like talking to family,
or traveling.
Or revealing your soul
to complete strangers.
Yeah. Yeah, that too.
And so, you know, eventually
I found myself here.
You know, new town, new job.
New perspective.
It's been quite a ride.
Honestly, I cannot imagine
how tough it must be
to just pick everything up
and start all over again.
It just, it sounds so scary.
It was scary.
Opening yourself up
is always scary.
But it's the only way to let
something good in, you know?
So, uh, that's why I got this
three weeks ago.
To remind me that, you know,
vulnerability doesn't mean
sacrificing durability.
Ok. Let me get this straight.
You are a guy who rescues
women's wallets...
And allows himself
to be vulnerable.
Oh, it's easy, you know?
Bearing your soul to a stranger.
You may never see them again.
That'd be a real shame.
In this case, I think
it would be.
[upbeat music]

Oh, thank you, kind sir.
That looks delish...
Best spot in here,
am I right?
I love sitting to the side
so I can see everyone at once.
All together, the full
expression of Christmas spirit
in one place at one time.
You call this Christmas spirit?
What do you call it?
Herd mentality.
Just as I thought.
We've got a Christmas hater
on our hands.
I don't... I don't
hate Christmas.
Well, I challenge you to say
something nice about Christmas
then... right now.
Out of all the holidays,
Christmas easily has the best
marketing team.
That's good.
That's very good.
I can't be mad about that.
I challenge you to say
something negative
about Christmas.
Um, well it doesn't last
all year.
It is taking all my strength
to keep my eyes
from rolling into
the back of my head.
You've done an impressive job
of shaving off all that green
fur, Mr. Grinch.
You know what really drove
the Grinch to steal Christmas?
Loud parties.
A loud party also 'causes
his heart to grow
three sizes on Christmas
morning, eh? [chuckles]
[both slurping]
You know, the Grinch should
really see a cardiologist
because a swollen heart
sounds unhealthy.
No, thank you.
Ok, ok, um...
Just curious here.
Just roll with me here.
I'm rolling.
On the count of three, say your
favorite food, but don't think.
Just answer.
- Ok.
- Ok?
Ready? One, two, three.
[in unison] Tacos.
- No!
- What?
That was lucky.
That was lucky.
Ok, uh, movie.
Favorite movie.
- Ok.
- Ready?
One, two, three.
[in unison] Casablanca.
- What?
- Did you say Casablanca?
That's your favorite...
- That's my all time...
- ... all time favorite.
Ok, last one.
- Ok.
- Ok.
Favorite drink?
Whatever you buy me.
I was hoping you'd say that.
[chanting] Santa Summit!
Santa Summit!
Santa Summit!
Hey, watch it, buddy.
Oh my god,
are you alright?
Oh, yeah. You ok?
I'm fine.
You ok?
So sorry, it's my fault.
- Come on. Let's get you a drink.
- Yeah.
Have you had too much eggnog?
I'm a married man.
Oh. What?
No. No, no, no, no, no.
It's so good to meet you.
Uh, meet you?
Yeah. Um, I'd love
a mulled wine.
Hey, I thought you were
buying me a drink?
You know, I think there's
been a mix-up.
Jordin? Jordin!
Oh! Hi.
Where have you been?
Oh, my gosh, I just met
the most amazing guy.
Oh, those exist?
Yeah, apparently.
Well, what happened?
Ok. So, he found my wallet
and then we got to talking.
But I just don't know
what his face looks like
because we had our beards on.
You didn't see his face?
What's his name?
Oh. You know what?
I don't know.
Great start.
No, um, okay, but we walked
in together.
And he was gonna
buy me a drink
but then we got separated
because it's so crowded in here.
You're telling me.
Oh, but you know what?
He has a tattoo.
Yeah, of a pine tree.
Under his sleeve.
Right here.
So that's helpful.
That's gonna be like finding
a needle in a Santa stack.
Just keep on walking.
Alright, thanks.
- Hey!
- Hey.
Saved you a seat.
I had to beat up a Santa
for it, so...
- I met a girl.
- What?
I know.
Ok, tell me about her.
Who is she, what does
she look like?
I don't know.
We had our beards on.
Wait, why aren't you
wearing yours?
Dude, I'm drinking eggnog.
You know how hard it is to get
eggnog out of a beard?
Why didn't take
your beard off
when you were talking
to her?
Because you said it was
like a masquerade ball.
I thought it was required.
Ok, fine.
So, you got her name, right?
- No.
- Number?
- No.
- Good start.
But where's Ava?
I don't know, she went to...
Oh! Hey! Speaking of...
- Hey.
- Hi!
- Ava.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Hi.
You find Ben?
- I was not looking for Ben.
- Right.
I was just trying to get
a drank.
The lines are so long,
it is literally impossible.
Oh it's so weird.
Couldn't find him.
Well, Jordin found a guy.
Yeah, no, but I lost him.
'Cause I don't know, it just,
it all happened so fast, so...
You are gonna find him again.
Ok, but how?
Because tonight is a very,
very special night.
There's romance in the air.
Yeah, nothing says romance
like a bunch of randos
crammed in a pub.
Look, if you two are meant
to share something special,
he will find you.
Ok. Ok, you know what?
You're right.
You're right.
See, I knew that tonight
would be an adventure.
I told you.
Alright. [clears throat]
Finish that cocoa.
Let's blow this Santa stack.
Wait, no, no, no.
What if my Santa's still here?
What if he's moved on?
Oh. Ok, that's a good point.
What's the next stop?
Harbor Sushi.
You know maybe they'll be
eggnog with a wasabi rim.
You know, I gotta use
the little Santa's room.
You go.
- Ooh, sorry.
- Sorry.
... sing Happy Christmas

Oh, hey, hey, hey!
We should take one of the
carriages out to the sushi spot.
It is about a mile to the next
stop after that one.
Now, wouldn't it make
more sense
if there were eight reindeer
on a bike?
Yeah. Yeah, it would.
I know Christmas... kind of.
So what's after Harbor Sushi?
Oh, ok, after Harbor Sushi
we go to Nashville's,
the country western bar,
and then we go to Katy's Hill
for some sledding.
What is this,
the Winter Olympics?
There's no sledding
in the Winter Olympics.
There is bobsledding.
Bobsledding isn't sledding.
Tell that to the guys
from Cool Runnings.
Cool Runnings?!
Ok, ok, and then we go
to the Santa sing-along
and after that we go
to the Den.
What's that?
Ok, so it's this cool
warehouse club
where apparently they are
doing a silent disco.
Oh, now that is the best kind
of disco, if you ask me.
Are you done?
Okay and then they're also
doing gingerbread house making
for those that are not
so into dancing.
I love gingerbread houses.
I love not dancing!
Ok, and then, then finally
we go to Brady Park
for the tree lighting ceremony
and the live concert.
Oh wait, no, sorry,
followed shortly thereafter
by Stella's favorite part
of the whole Santa Summit.
The Uber ride home.
Alright, ok.
Well, I'm already exhausted, but...
Yeah, no, come on!
This is the best part
about Christmas.
Everybody getting together
and having fun.
This way no one has
to be alone.
Bottoms up.
Oh, no, no, no.
The lady said in the drink.
- In the... ok.
- Yes.
- There.
- Oh, cool.
- Wow!
- And then this.
- Ah!
- So cool.
He's not here.
How can you think about
a guy when there are
little miniature in volcanos
in front of your face?
Because he's sensitive
and sweet and...
Oh, those eyes.
You guys, I am telling you.
There was a spark between us
that I have not felt in
like I don't even know how long.
Ok, let's just be honest here,
for a minute.
I mean, you just spoke to him
for what, a couple minutes?
Didn't see his face,
you don't know his name.
I mean you can't even
Google him
to see if he has
a criminal record.
Well, that's true.
I think it's exciting.
What is?
You get the three of us
together like old times
and something good happens
to you right away.
It's an omen.
It's a sign ok, that tonight
is going to be
a very magical night.
I don't mean to rain
on your parade,
I just think that maybe
it might be best
to just keep a level head
about this.
Yes, ok, there is a chance
that wherever he is tonight
he's not even thinking
about me.
The wallet had her
dream house sewn onto it.
I mean, she's artistic.
And, she knows what she wants,
you know?
And those eyes,
I'm telling you.
There was a spark between us
that I haven't felt in ages.
So, like I was saying.
The rates of other contractors
in town versus us,
there's no comparison.
So, you know, if you're looking
around your pub
and you're thinking something is
a little more old and worn out
then you'd like it to be,
think of me. [chuckles]
Ain't that right, Liam?
That's right, when you think
of old and worn out,
think of my brother.
- [thuds]
- Oh! Ow.
Here's my card.
Enjoy the rest of the Summit.
It's a great party, as always.
Hey, can I also get a receipt
for these drinks?
What was that?
You asked if I had
any thoughts.
That was one of my thoughts.
About renovations!
This guy doesn't care about
some girl you just met.
She's not...
Ok, look. I'm sorry, ok?
I haven't met a girl in a while
where things just, they clicked.
And I guess I got carried away.
I want to help you, I do.
I'm excited we're
working together
and, I mean, you gave me
the job.
You helped me.
Please, it's nothing.
No, it's not nothing.
It's something.
Doing nothing would be nothing.
This is... this is something.
You're right.
There it is.
You said she's not.
She's not what?
She's not just... some girl.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Okay. [clears throat]
What do we think this one is?
Partridge in a pear.
Ah. Yeah, okay,
I understand that.
That explains, actually.
This one...
Five golden rings.
That's pretty clever.
One ring to rule them all.
No, no, no.
You can't do
the Lord of the Rings thing
or you can't get the cookie.
Yeah. Fine,
I'll eat this one.
Ok, Jordin. Jordin.
Earth to Jordin.
Ok, I know Ava is
the mathematician here,
not me, obviously,
but I think the odds of you
randomly finding
the love of your life here,
it's just, it's incredibly thin.
Aw. You don't need
to be such a Grinch.
That's funny,
that's what I called her.
Oh, no.
Is this your friend?
Just met him randomly
an hour ago.
And he calls you a Grinch.
I like him already.
Don't you have,
you know, friends
that you can be bothering
instead of me and my friends?
Well they work in the event.
I'll meet up with them later.
Hey, nice artwork.
Anyways, if you see any empty
seat here I'll be happy to move.
Uh, hey,
anyone wanna switch?
Turns out the only empty seat
in the house is by you.
It's a Christmas miracle.
Bah humbug.
I'm Freddie.
I didn't catch your name.
It's Stella.
You look like a Stella.
What does a Stella look like?
Like someone trying
really hard
to pretend they aren't
having fun
even though the cookie crumbs
on her Santa suit
suggest otherwise.
So what do you do, Stella?
Tell me.
We're all teachers.
She's art, she's math,
I'm English.
That's great.
She's not really English.
She taught music till this year.
Oh, and she has the most
beautiful singing voice.
[Stella] No, no, no.
[Jordin] Yes, she does.
[Freddie] Really?
[Jordin] Yeah.
Well, it's the perfect night
to sing some carols.
Bring some of that Christmas
spirit to everybody.
The Christmas cheer.
Yeah, as much as I would just
love to stay and chat with you
about the Christmas spirit,
we actually, um,
we need to get going
if we want to get to Nashvilles.
So, let's um...
You want to go to Nashvilles?
Yes. I want to go
to Nashvilles.
You said you didn't.
No, I wanted to go to-
that's all I want to do.
I just want to go to Nashvilles
and get my dancing boots on.
Well, if I don't see you again,
have a merry Christmas.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, you too.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice meeting you.
Wow, ok. You got out of there
in a hurry.
Well, you know, the one thing
I cant stand is people who...
Is what?
People who have fun?
People who encourage you
to have a good time?
Ok, you know what?
Speaking of fun.
Um, excuse me?
Hi. Is there anyway you could
take us to Nashvilles?
Yeah, sure. Hop on in.
[Stella] Really?
Here we go.
[Jordin] Woo!
[Stella] Is this safe?
This doesn't look...
Wait, was that Ben?
I think that was Ben.
Stop the carriage.
Really? Was he wearing
a Santa outfit?
Yes, he...
Ok. Do you need me to stop?
Argh! No.
I don't wanna lose
you guys.
I'm not gonna be able
to find you all night.
Ok. No, you're right, no.
I've already lost
one person tonight,
I am not gonna lose another.
Probably just some other
hot Santa anyway.
'Cause I could
just turn around...
No, no, no.
We're not stopping.
Has that guy Freddie
really got you that rattled?
I'm not rattled.
No, you're not rattled
'cause we're having fun.
'Cause we're all together.
- Yes.
- Fun.
So I'm going?
Could you help out
with the peddling, please?
Are you gonna help out
with the payment?
Isn't this costing us
like four bucks.
Favorite movie?
Uh, excuse me,
can we sit here?
- Oh yeah, go for it.
- Thank you.
Man, these are
like works of art.
Dude that owns this place
partners with
the Santa Summit
with the Desserts on Main.
Oh, wow.
So, uh, you know, I got a call
from SpaceX.
They offered me
this huge contract
to build a colony on Mars.
Oh yeah?
Is it open-concept?
I'm sorry.
I just have this feeling
that she's close, you know?
Well I have these eyeballs that
tell me it's gonna be impossible
to find her in a place
like this.
You don't even know anything
about her.
I do, okay?
I do.
I know she likes tacos and
I know she likes Casablanca.
That doesn't help us at all.
And she has the wallet with the
needlepoint house sewn onto it.
Hey, I know her.
You do?
- Yeah. The needlepoint wallet?
- Yeah.
I just met her.
She's an art teacher.
She was here, you know,
before you guys got here.
Yeah, uh,
when did she leave?
Two minutes ago,
three tops.
[sighs] Thank you.
You're welcome.
Thank you!
Where, where are you going?
Thanks a lot, pal.
You're welcome.
Merry Christmas.

Hey, Liam, hey!
Where are you going?
Where am I going?
Where am I going?
Where are we going, Mac?!
We're gonna go find her!
She's only three-minutes ahead.
I'm going to catch her.
How? How are we gonna
find her?
You don't even know
what she looks like.
I know, I know.
Our entire life, you've always
gone out of your way
to help people, right?
Yeah, and me and mom and today
this girl with the wallet.
You help random strangers
on the street.
And I'm trying to reach
that level, I really am.
It's one of the reasons why
I wanted you to come out
and work with me.
I knew that if the shoe
was on the other foot,
that you'd do the same thing.
So I do want to help.
I really, really do.
I just... I don't want you
to get invested
if the odds of finding this girl
are a thousand to one.
A thousand seems like a bit
of an exaggeration.
Ok, 700.
So you're saying there's
a chance.
Look, if you want to help me out
then lets go to the next spot.
We can meet with these owners
whenever we want.
Today is the only chance
I get to find her.
Fine. Fine, you win.
Let's go to Nashvilles.
[girls chanting]
Faster! Faster!
Faster! Faster!
I am going as fast as I can.
My god.
Hey, Ava, I thought you were
gonna dive out of that carriage.
Please do not dive out
of the carriage.
We're not.
Hey, you have Ben's number.
so why don't you just text him?
- I did.
- Yeah.
He hasn't texted
me back.
Why isn't he texting me back?
Maybe his phone's on silent.
Yeah, or maybe he's out having
a boy's day.
Yeah, maybe he's just not
that into me.
You know, a non-response
is a form of a response.
- Who is talking to you?
- Really?
Anyway, it's driving me crazy.
You know, the not knowing.
I mean, is it all in my head
or maybe he's just shy, or...
Is it... ugh.
Maybe I should.
Maybe you should what?
Maybe I should tell him
that I'm in love with him.
I have been for years now.
What if he doesn't feel
the same?
[sighs] Yeah.
I've been scared of that
since I met him.
I mean, I thought, he's not
gonna be interested.
I thought we'll just be friends.
That'll be that.
But, that wasn't that.
Actually made it worse, really.
He's so nice and he always
makes me feel like
the only person in the room
and I just... I can't keep
interpreting looks
and texts and silences and
wondering what he's thinking.
I have to get it all out there.
You know, once and for all,
just good or bad.
Hey, good for you.
How will I know if it's like
the perfect moment?
The world will go
into slow motion.
It'll feel like everything else
melts away
except for the two of you.
And you'll look into his eyes...
and you'll feel like crying
'cause you've never seen
anything so beautiful.
And you'll never want
that moment to end.
That's it, that's the moment.
Wow, that was really beautiful.
That was pretty good, actually.
Anyway, we're here.
This is Nashvilles.
So, get out!
Next fare.
This, this is it?
Out, out, out.
$4 in the cup, please.
Thank you for riding
Dasher's Ride.
Wait, $4 in the cup!
Alright, next fare.
Oh, uh, yep. Come on in, buddy.
There you go.
[country Christmas music]

Oh, that was something else.
Alright, ladies, pew!
First round's on me.
You're definitely gonna
come back
with drinks this time, right?
Definitely. Maybe.
What does that even mean?
Hey, what is it about
the holidays
that just puts romance
in the air. You know?
Ava has Ben, I have
my mystery Santa...
I have a back ache.
Ok. You are having fun
and you know it.
I've made peace
with the whole day.
I was gonna come, dress up,
support you,
be annoyed the whole time,
go home, take a bath and sleep
until noon tomorrow.
I had a plan.
You didn't have to come,
you know?
Please... we haven't been out
like this since,
well, maybe since before
you and Nico were together.
No. Has it really been
that long?
It's fine. You were in love.
I don't know that I was.
I mean, I thought that I was.
I was happy.
At least I thought I was happy.
You're happy tonight, right?
Yes, I am just so happy to
finally be out with you two.
Ok, you know what?
Cheers to what might
happen tonight.
To the "might"
before Christmas.
Oh, hey, I love that.
Please don't make me
cheers a pun.
Who's ready for
a lasso contest?!
Stay back. Stay back.
Stay back.
Ok, ready?
[crowd cheering]
[crowd chanting]
Tree, tree, tree, tree...
Ok, you know what,
I don't wanna wait for Ava
to get back from the bathroom.
I think I wanna dance now.
Um, will you come with me?
Uh, you know what,
I'm gonna sit this one out
and the rest of them
in all likelihood.
But you go.
I'll go grab a drink.
Go. Go have fun.
Go have fun.

Hey! There you are.
- Oh, hi.
- This is amazing.
Okay. Do you know the moves?
Absolutely not.

That's something.
Hey, can I get a cider, please?
- You bet.
- Thanks.
Hey, make sure you get
a receipt for these.
No, no, it's on the house.
I insist.
Hey, that's awesome, Billy, thanks.
No problem. Cheers.
Uh, you know, Billy, we've
only improved our efficiency
since last time you hired us.
You know I have connections
in the...
Yeah, yeah...
Ok, ok. Hey, Billy? Billy?
Mac's gonna wanna talk shop.
I think the best way for us
to do high-quality work
for Nashvilles is to get
in the Nashvilles spirit.
What do you say before we hit
you with the hard numbers,
we hit the dance floor?
Can't cut a deal without
cutting a rug first, am I right?
Yeah, there's nothing
in the world I love more
than a line dance.
What do you say, Mac?
I say lets shake what
our mommas gave us, huh?
[all laughing]
I'm gonna get my dancing hat.
See, I told you the Liam smile
would work.
I told you prioritizing
fun would work.
And, uh, just do me a favor
and you know, be careful
out there.
What are you talking about?
I'm a great dancer.
You get the jumps,
the spins, the kicks...
The kicks are the problem.
So let's just dial back
on the kicks.
Alright, alright.
But, I tell you this...
nobody out here is gonna have
more Nashvilles spirit than me.
- Ok.
- Yeah.
- Come on, you turkey!
- Alright, let's go.
You go.
I'm gonna finish my drink.
I'm with my brother.
Not much of a country western
guy myself.
Oh yeah? Which one is he?
Uh, he's, uh...
You know, he's, uh...
he's that one.
Well, you gotta give him
A for effort.
F for dancing,
but A for effort.
F for dancing.
Oh, this is not good.
You know what, that's it.
I'm going out there.
Oh, to stop him?
Nope, to join him.
Oh, I thought you weren't
a western kind of guy?
Oh, I'm not, but, uh...
dancing seems a lot more fun
than watching, doesn't it?
Not if you're the worst dancer
in the world, which I am.
Remember, effort is more
important than the end result.
Not if you're a surgeon.
Well, evenin' m'am.
Alright. [clears throat]
Definitely gonna regret this.
[country music playing]

I think I'm getting it.

I just gotta take a break
for a sec.
Ok, here, here.
I gotta catch my breath.
Let's go get a drink.
- We'll talk business, alright?
- Yeah.
Hey. We can do this
every weekend.


[Stella] Oh, there's more
to the night? No!
... who's that walkin'
on my roof
[crowd cheering]
What can I get you?
Better make it a double.
You know, Mac,
there is no place this side
of the Mississippi
that has nicer woman's
bathrooms than here.
Well, we appreciate it.
I'll wear that as a badge
of honor.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Ok. Here you go,
thank you.
Thank you!
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
- Alright.
- Bye.
Now, let's talk business.
I was thinking of doing
some, uh,
remodeling of my bar
in Shelbyville.
Now, I was wondering...
Something more interesting
over there?
No, no.
I promised Billy there's
nothing more important
than your business...
except my brother,
so I will call you on Monday
and, uh, Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
- [clapping]
Liam! Hey!
Oh, hey!
Mac, what's up? I thought you
were talking to Billy.
Yeah, I was.
He offered us this
giant contact.
That's amazing.
Why aren't you excited?
'Cause I bailed on it.
I found your girl.
You what?
You found her?
Hold on...
You bailed on the owner
of Nashvilles
to help me find
my mystery girl?
Yeah. Don't remind me.
Thank you.
How did you know
it was her?
Well, I saw her wallet.
Needlepoint, just like you said.
And where did,
where did she go?
Well, she paid up her tab
and then she took off, I guess.
Well, lets...
Like you say, you know,
help you close the deal?
Let's go find her.
- Come on.
- Yeah.
Let's go!
Here you go.
Merry Christmas!
Oh, yes. Food.
Yes, great idea.
Okay, what do we got
on this menu here.
Santa's slice.
What's a Christmas pizza?
It's a pizza shaped
as a snowman.
Yeah, duh.
Come on.
How was I supposed
to know that.
So what should we do?
Just start yelling
"needlepoint wallet"
and see who turns
their head?
No. If someone screamed
"needlepoint wallet"
everyone would turn
their head.
It's a weird thing
for someone to yell.
Yeah, alright.
Oh man, this is exciting.
You know, I got married
right out of college...
I live in a town full
of married people.
And I haven't been a winger
in years.
You mean wingman.
This is not hockey, right?
- So, wingman.
- [both chuckle]
You make the call.
You think she's still here
or at the next spot?
Next spot.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Plus I'm better at sledding
than dancing.
- That's great.
- Alright.
I think I see some seats
over there.
Three seats.
How perfect.
Here we go.
You still want half a pizza?
Oh, yes, absolutely.
Then that leaves two eights
for each of us, or one quarter.
Now, by my count there are
31 total pepperonis
so we'll divide evenly
and we'll each
get 10.33 repeating.
We can just split one
of them three ways...
Only you can make pizza
into a math equation.
Oh, pizza is literally
one big pie chart.
I mean, it is the most
mathematical food
there is, so...
Well, maybe lay off
the mathematics
when you confess
your love to Ben.
Why? I like math.
I need to be with someone
who likes that I like math.
Well, does Ben like
that you like math?
Yeah. I think so.
Because he asks about
my class and my cats.
Guess I've always wondered if
he'd like want to go to coffee
or maybe take me to a movie,
but he hasn't asked, yet,
so, I guess, I just didn't know
if he wanted to
or maybe if he would want
to come LARPing with me or...
I'm sorry, did you say
Yeah, LARPing.
Live action role playing.
- Oh.
- I don't know.
I go every weekend.
I didn't know that
you were doing that.
Yeah, well I tried to get us
all together
like late this summer
a couple of times
but you were, you know, you
were going through your breakup
and you found out you weren't
teaching music anymore
and I just, I didn't want to,
I didn't want to keep
bothering you guys to hang out
if you didn't feel up to it.
Hey, hey, look.
I need you to know
that it is not that
I didn't want to hang out
with you.
Yeah. Ava, come on.
It's just been a...
it's been a tough couple months,
that's all.
Uh, I don't know if
the two of you have noticed,
but I have been a little
teensy little bit grumpy lately.
No. You?
I really loved teaching music.
And then budgets get cut
and electives get slashed
and now I spend every day
trying to get teenagers
to care about
The Great Gatsby.
And I... I don't care about
The Great Gatsby.
I don't really like it either.
I'm just...
I'm afraid that if I hope
for something good that it-
I'm just gonna get
let down again.
So, uh, sometimes it's just
safer to be a grump.
I'm sorry.
You know, my mystery Santa
that I met,
he told me that vulnerability
doesn't necessitate
a lack of durability.
Uh, a person said that to you
in a five-minute conversation?
A man?
Ooof! Sounds like a keeper.
It's literally what
I've been saying.
Oh, my tummy hurts.
I think this is too much
Christmas for me.
Sure its not the cookies
and the pizza?
Also the eggnog
and the line dancing.
Oh, I'm not sure,
but there is a way to find out.
Just give me a little bit
more pizza!
Hey! That's my 2/8ths!
- No!
- No, no!
- Fine, you can have an 1/8th.
- Thank you.
You guys, we should have never
stopped going out like this.
I mean, really
think about everything
that we probably missed just
over the last couple months.
We could have probably
already found that... thing.
You know, the thing
that turns things around?
But I found that thing.
They're called sweatpants.
Or gym shorts.
Basically anything Adam Sandler
is wearing in a paparazzi photo.
Uh, ok, I don't know.
I just, I keep thinking about it
and playing the conversation
in my head over and over again
and, I don't know, I'm pretty
sure that that guy
that I met tonight,
my mystery Santa,
I think that he might be
my thing.
He's like your sweatpants.
Yeah. He is my sweatpants.
He's my sweatpants.
And you know what,
even if he's not.
Even if I never find him,
or we never find Ben,
or you know, Stella's
Christmas spirit...
The most illusive target
of them all, really?
I mean, isn't it really
just the possibility
that matters the most?
You know that something so,
I don't know, something so
fantastic can happen tonight
that can just change the course
of our lives forever.
I mean, come on,
you guys.
It's actually really crazy
to think about it.
Yeah, the word "crazy"
does come to mind.
We made it out tonight, right?
That was a first step.
And now the universe
is going to reward us.
All three of us, I can feel it.
I can feel it.
I feel it too.
Alright, come on.
Bring it in for a group hug.
Not a chance. Mmhmm.
Ok, fine.
Then we're coming to you.
No, no, my 1/8th!
My 1/8th!
Oh, hey, can I just,
do you mind if I...
Uh, sorry, I shouldn't
have done that.
Alright, hey, so
I've asked around.
No needlepoint wallets.
Just keep googling art teachers
in the area and you'll find her.
Oh, come on, man.
We don't even know what grade
she teaches.
Do you know how many schools
are in a city like this?
You got an elementary school,
a high school, middle school...
That's assuming
she's even local.
She could be from
a different county.
And, we still don't know
what she looks like.
It's like a romantic
Where's Waldo.
Now Waldo had a different
outfit than everyone else.
This is way harder
than Where's Waldo.
Ok, so you've looked at,
what, a dozen or two?
You'll recognize her
when you see her.
How do you know?
Alright, you have a connection
with her, right?
You, uh, fell for her even
without seeing her face?
Yeah, you fell for a girl
with a big bushy beard.
Hey! Everyone has a type, ok?
You do have a type,
it's true.
Woah, woah,
I don't know.
I hope so.
Gosh, there's something
about her eyes.
Alright. I'll race you up top.
You're on.
Dude, it's her!
Oh, that is just cruel.
Ok, so where's the ski lift?
You cannot have a Christmas
celebration without sledding.
You cannot have it
without frostbite either.
[Ben] Ava?
- Oh!
- [Ben] Hello.
What do I say?
- Hi!
- Hey.
Get out of here.
[Ben] Hi.
It's uh, good to see you.
Hi, Ben.
- [Ben] Hi.
- [Jordin] Hi.
[Stella] Hi.
- [Ava] So...
- Hi.
They had to go.
You, uh, you keeping warm?
Your cheeks are
a little flushed.
Oh, my cheeks always get
red in the cold.
Right. Right.
You know, um, I tried
texting you.
Oh, yeah, I'm so sorry.
I dropped my phone
in this slush puddle
outside the line
of Old Richards.
- You did?
- I did.
I, oh, I gotta go.
Oh, you coming back down?
I could, uh, save you
a spot in line.
No. I think we're actually
moving on.
But hey, we'll be at the silent
disco for a while.
It's our favorite spot
on the whole Summit.
We'll be there for a few hours,
so if you want to find me,
come find me.
I'll buy you a nog.
Yeah. Great.
I love nog.
I'll see ya there.
It's really great seeing you.
You too- oh, that...
- Yeah.
- Ok.
Slippery there.
Maybe a little marshmallow
will cheer you up. Huh?
Oh, hey.
How'd it go?
He will see me
at the silent disco.
Said he'd buy me a nog.
- Oh.
- Okay, see?
You're irresistible,
you enchantress, you.
Thank you.
Is that a smile I see?
You. Are you following me?
Don't flatter yourself.
I'm a man about town.
Stella, it's a mapped event.
You know, everybody goes
the same direction.
Sorry, we didn't ever get
a proper introduction.
I'm Jordin and this is Ava.
You are art and she is math.
Oh, yeah.
Very good memory.
What do you do?
I spread Christmas cheer.
He's unemployed.
[chuckles] Not quite.
Look, I'm not trying
to offend you,
I just really want to spend
today with my friends.
The three of us.
Three musketeers.
There's no fourth musketeer.
There absolutely
is a fourth musketeer.
The whole book
is about the guy
who becomes the
fourth musketeer.
I thought you were
an English teacher.
It's not in my curriculum. Duh.
How am I supposed...
Doesn't matter.
Look, um, we're just not taking
musketeer applications
today, so.
I don't know.
I wouldn't mind hanging out
with Freddie for a bit, so.
I think he seems
pretty awesome.
Yeah, me too.
Ok. Yes.
You're awesome.
You've got a cool leather jacket
and great glasses
and straight teeth and...
You like my teeth?
I'm just not looking for
new friends or whatever.
Tell you what, I'll make
a deal with you.
A race to the bottom.
If you win, I'll leave you alone
for the rest of the night.
But, if I win, you sing a song
at the piano bar.
Ok, so if I win you'll leave
me alone just like that?
You're on.

Alright, so, doing
some math here...
What's the best angle here?
How do I, uh, maintain velocity,
or whatever?
I don't know.
What do you mean
you don't know?
You don't have a fastest
route down?
No, I do.
I just... I don't know
if I want to tell you
'cause I really want
to see you sing.
- Oh, yeah, me too.
- Yeah.
So no advice?
The power of Christmas
must determine your fate.
So who are we to interfere
with that?
That's good.
That's a really good speech.
On your marks.
Don't let me down,
power of Christmas.
Get set.


I was in front of you!
How'd you win?
I've been sledding here
my whole life.
It's steepest on the side.
Advanced intel.
I can't believe I got hustled
in a sled race.
Good job, Stella!
What do you mean?
I lost.
Oh, yeah, no, we know.
But we thought that you were
gonna fall off the sled
way before you got
to the bottom.
That's fair.
So, what song you gonna sing?
[Jordin] Oh, I wonder what
they're talking about.
Talking about how annoying
my friends are.
Hey, you ok?
Yeah, just nervous.
What if I just... maybe
I'm making a mistake?
No. No, you're not.
Hey look, when Nico
and I broke up,
I had all sorts of reasons
for not wanting to go out.
You know, I didn't want
to be rejected
or I didn't want people
to look at me
and think that I looked sad,
or even worse,
I didn't want to run into Nico
and get that look of pity.
I hate the look of pity.
- Oh, I know.
- Ulgh!
But you know what?
At the end of the day,
I was just letting fear dictate
all of my actions.
And now, looking back,
I regret doing that.
Just like I think you will if
you don't talk to Ben tonight.
So, you gonna tell me why
you don't teach music anymore?
You actually want to know?
After all my Grinchy
remarks today?
Yeah, I do.
It might do you good
to talk about it and
I'm not a bad listener.
I wish you were a bad sledder.
I mean, it's really not
that interesting.
Budget cuts.
We had two music teachers,
county said we only needed one,
so instead of firing me
they asked me if I wanted
to teach English.
What was I gonna say?
You could have said no.
I've been there for 13 years.
My best friends are there,
my whole everything is there.
And not to mention that open
teaching positions in the arts
are increasingly harder
to come by.
It must have been tough.
Forget the past tense,
it must be tough.
Must have been is actually
present perfect tense.
Not past tense.
English is my second language,
so sorry.
Hey, you know what,
just think about,
think about what is
his name from the Lord
of the Rings, that guy?
Yes. Frodo. Okay, Frodo.
Think about Frodo.
And if he hadn't have done
what you know, he did, then,
just 'cause he was afraid...
Then, the ring could have
been destroyed.
He wanted the ring destroyed.
That's his whole thing.
You make a really
good point though.
All we have to decide
is what to do with the time
that is given to us.
Ok, did you just come up
with that
or was that something
from Lord of the Rings.
Lord of the Rings.
You know you could have
just lied
and said that you came up
with it.
I considered it.
I used to have a cubicle
job once.
A few years back.
Data processing if you
can believe that.
No, I cannot.
I mean, you seem way too cool
for data processing.
That's what I thought,
so I quit.
No regrets.
Not even once.
I mean, you're still young.
Relatively speaking.
Thank you?
It's a compliment, yeah.
You're welcome.
It's going to be
a beautiful night.
It is.
Dream on.
You know? It makes me
feel better knowing
that even if I don't find
my Santa tonight,
I still have all my movie nights
with you
to look forward to.
You could still find him.
There is still time.
Find who?
This guy Jordin met tonight.
We've been looking
all night but...
- Oh, yes.
- Wait, he didn't find you?
The guy from the Harbor Sushi.
He was looking for the girl
with the needlepoint wallet.
I had seen your wallet
so I figured it was you.
Did you tell him about me?
Well, I didn't know your name.
I said that you were
an art teacher
and he just got up and left
and ran after you.
I didn't see him again,
so I figured he caught up
and gave you his number.
Oh, my gosh.
Okay, well, this is good.
This is so good.
Ok, well, I would think that
he likes me, right?
If he's running after me. So...
Of course.
Oh. This is good.
This is good.
We're gonna find him.
Yes, we will.
Yes, we will!
Good heavens I hope so.
All for one?
And one for all!
- Woo!
- Yay!
Come on!
[singing badly]
Joy to the world,
the lord is come.
Let Earth receive her King.
Let every heart...
Yeah, we're gonna need it.
-And heaven and nature sing,
and heaven and nature sing...
and heaven...
Four apple ciders, please.
Get it with the cinnamon
whip cream on it,
it'll change your life.
Ah, alright, yeah.
Let's do that.
Your hand, it's shaking.
You're not nervous
about singing, are you?
'Cause it's not about the final
result. It's actually-
I'm gonna tell someone
I love them tonight.
that's awesome.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Actually, um, maybe don't
congratulate me
because I don't really know
if he feels the same way, so...
What? No. Everything is going
to be fine. Yeah.
- You think so?
- I know so.
I mean, everyone's out,
they're having fun
celebrating Christmas.
It feels like, I don't know,
it feels like the perfect night
to connect with
someone special.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
You know it's really funny
you'd say
connect with someone special.
My friend...
[whip cream spraying]
Oh, wow.
I told you.
Change your life.
You were right.
And uh, the ciders are on me.
What? Oh, you don't have
to do that.
Please, please...
It's a tax write off.
Yeah, for my brother.
Ok. Well, then thank you.
Good doing business.
- Yes, a pleasure.
- Yeah.
And I know things are gonna
work out for you.
[singing badly]
... prepare him room
What if they don't?
You have to believe it will.
It's Christmas after all.
Yeah. Thank you.
You're welcome.
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
- Oh, thank you.
- ...and nature sing
What are you looking for?
Oh, uh seeing if any
of the names
from the art teachers
are on here.
They're not.
I always knew it was
a long shot.
It just, maybe she's gone home,
you know?
I'm fine. You're fine.
We're fine.
I'm fine.
Besides, today wasn't
about that.
It was about this.
It was about us.
It's about brothers and I had
a really great time.
You want to find the owner
and get some face time in?
Just put your beard on
for a sec.
Oh, yeah, sure.
You think, uh, I'll have
a little more luck
looking like Santa?
- Ow!!!
- Snap out of it!
There's no backsliding,
not on my watch.
Now, the night is young, alright?
I don't want you getting
all business-minded on me.
Yeah, yeah, we don't have
a foundation to build on.
Fine. We can still find...
Wait, wait, stop.
What did you just say?
I said that we might not have
a foundation to build on.
Pass me that map.
I have an idea.
[singing badly]
... nature sing.
- I have an idea, I have an idea!
- Alright.
[out of tune vocalizing]
yeahhhh, ayyyy, ay
- Ciders!
- Ooh!
Sorry. Where's Stella?
Oh, she is signing up
to sing... involuntarily.
- Right.
- Yeah.
Hey, you were talking
to a fellow up at the bar.
Yeah, yeah. Nice guy.
Yeah. He recommended
the cinnamon whip cream.
Mm. Mmm!
That is good.
That's really good.
You got a little something.
Just a... boop, right there.
- Right here?
- Yep.
Oh. Yeah, I was saving
that for later.
- You were?
- Mmhmm.
Well that's nice.
Uh, up next we have Emmy
to the stage, please.
If I wanted Jingle Bells but
with a little, you know, swing,
a little jazzy flair,
can you do that?
Tell you what, put a $20
on that clipboard,
I'll play it any way
you want it.
That's my guy.
$20 to play Jingle Bells?
[piano playing "Hark The Herald
Angels Sing"]
[singing nervously] The
first Noel, the angles did...
I need to tell you, I haven't
done this in a very long time
and I don't know
if you've noticed,
I'm not the biggest lover
of, uh, Christmas.
Yeah, so I don't
know about this.
I don't think it's
a really good idea.
Listen. Look around you.
This, this is Christmas cheer.
[singing nervously]
Noel, Noel...
Oh is it? Are you sure
it's not the cider?
Maybe a little cider.
Yeah, probably cider, sure.
But Christmas brings out
the best in everyone.
This might surprise you,
but I do get cynical
from time to time.
Yes, I do, but then
it's Christmas.
And strangers are kind to each
other and everyone is happy.
If anything, it's a nice
reminder that if I try,
during the year, to have
that same cheer
I have at Christmas,
it would make the whole world
a lot more fun.
Don't you think?
You really believe that,
don't you?
I really do.
Alright, I will give it
my best shot.
Oh, ok, ok.
Not for you, but for the uh,
you know, Christmas cheer.
I mean, no one seems
to be very good here.
I gotta show them how
it's done, I guess.
If you don't, who will?
Okay, so what are you
singing tonight?
Oh, no, I only sing
if somebody pays me.
Oh. That makes a lot
of sense.
Sorry, I have a sore stomach.
Yep, yep. Yeah.
Thank you, Emmy.
Let's bring up Stella.
- Let's leave!
- No.
[Freddie] Let's go.
Come on.
I don't know about this.
Look, look. If you get nervous,
just close your eyes...
Close my eyes, ok.
- Breathe.
- [deep breath]
And think of how
lucky you are
that you met somebody
as cool as me tonight.
That's, that's your...
That's it. You got this.
Now get out of my way, okay.
Let's not keep
the audience waiting.
Come on up.
I'm here, I'm here.
Are your hands sweating?
Yeah. Very clammy,
very clammy.
[mic feedback]
[Jingle Bells playing on piano]
[nervously] Dashing
through the snow
In a one-horse open sleigh
O'er the fields we go
Laughing all the way
[nervous laughter]
Bells on bobtails ring
Making spirits bright
What fun it is to ride
and sing
A sleighing song
tonight, oh!
[singing confidently] Oh!
Jingle bells, jingle bells
That's good.
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is
to ride
In a one-horse
open sleigh, hey!
Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh what fun it is to ride
In a one-horse open sleigh
[jazzy vocalizing]
[jazzy vocalizing]
Oh! Jingle bells,
jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one-horse open sleigh,
Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one-horse open sleigh
[cheering and applause]
Yeah, Stella!
[cheering and applause]
That was amazing!
Thank you.
I didn't know you had
that in you.
I didn't know either.
I mean, I did once,
but I guess I forgot about it
until tonight.
So thank you.
You're welcome.
Ah! You were amazing!
Thank you.
That was so good.
Hey, um, I thought you said
that he was annoying?
Oh, he is.
So annoying.
Next up on the list
we have Nico and Porsha.
That's your Nico...
[piano playing]
How's everybody doing tonight?
Let's, let's go.
Come on.
-On the first day of
my true love
gave to me
a partridge in a pear tree
One the second day
of Christmas...
Hey, where's Freddie?
Oh, he wanted to get to
the park early for the concert,
and meet his friends.
He said he would save us
the best seats in the house.
You know what, hey, you guys,
I'm gonna, um,
I'm just gonna get some
hot cocoa, so you, you go in.
I'll just be right behind you, ok?
We'll see you in there.
Ok, you actually meant
a silent disco.
[disco music playing]
[horns blaring]
Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo!
DJ Ginger Jeff and
the Fresh Pine are here
to serve some hot, out of
the oven baked beats.
So I best get on my oven mitt
because this next beat
is about to.... drop.
[horns blaring]
Can you lay off the horn?!
Hey, I know you.
I took you and your friends
to Nashvilles.
Oh, yeah, yeah, hi.
Did your other friend,
did she confess her love yet?
You know, it might be happening
right now as we speak.
- I love it.
- Yeah.
And, you know, our other
friend, Stella, she uh...
she sang for the first time
tonight in like years.
That sounds amazing.
Yeah, you know, and speaking
of amazing,
I actually got to see my ex
serenade his new
girlfriend there,
so yeah that was,
uh... really fun.
I'm sorry.
I kind of thought that tonight
would be like a going out party.
Just me and my girlfriends, right?
Having fun and having
a bunch of adventures.
And, you met them, right?
So, I mean, you can imagine
that this is not their scene,
like at all.
But you know what?
They're doing it.
They are really putting
themselves out there
and the universe is just
now rewarding them
with all of these amazing,
magical moments
and I actually thought
that I has one of those
magical moments earlier.
I met a guy.
A guy.
But then we got separated
before we even got
each other's names.
And it just feels like
the universe had rolled out
this red carpet to happiness
and then just, whoosh, you know?
Yanked it right from under me,
so yeah, just,
between my ex
and my best friends,
it kind of feels like everyone
else is out there
finding their thing and
nothing feels lonelier
than when everyone else
around you is having fun
and you are alone
on the dance floor.
Ok, listen, I can be
a little too quick
to butt into people's business,
so by all means, you just...
But lady, hey, hey, hey!
You gotta snap out of it, ok?
What? What do you mean?
I mean, you got your friends
here supporting you.
You got... you got hot cocoa,
you got excitement.
What on Earth is there
to be sad about?
I don't know,
I thought that tonight
was gonna go one way...
And gonna be amazing,
and now it just doesn't feel
like that's gonna happen.
Ok, but why would you be so
upset about losing some guy?
I mean, it's not that hard
to find a mutual attraction
with another person.
But finding friends,
like, real friends,
like the ones that you got,
I mean, that's...
that's like finding-
Needle in a Santa stack.
Well, sure.
Ok, look, it's not
just some guy, okay?
It wasn't a mutual attraction,
it was a real,
genuine connection.
You know, the path to finding
a great partner, that...
[sighs] That doesn't come
from the universe.
It doesn't come
from your friends.
It comes from within.
You don't become happy
because you found love.
You find love because
you're already happy.
So he is not my sweatpants.
No. No, I have to be
my own sweatpants.
What is happening right now?
Listen, seems like you're really
having a moment here,
so I'm totally with it, ok?
Oh my... thank you!
Hey, where are you going?
I, um... I'm gonna go inside.
I'm gonna go dance.
- Oh!
- [laughter]
Ok. Alright there.
That's great.
Thank you. You are a very
wise reindeer.
And actually extremely
soft, wow.
Oh, yeah, well be glad you're
only touching the outside
because with all that
biking earlier,
it's like a swamp in here.
- Ok. Yeah.
- Good idea.
Ok. Um, well thank you.
You're welcome.
Go, get in there!
Ok, ok!
I can feel the pulse
as I walk in the door.
take me through the crowd
through the middle
of the floor.
the red and the green lights
- Ava, Ava, Ava, Ava...
- What, what?
Turn around!
- What?
- Turn, turn around!
Nothing more
nothing less
I got one request
DJ play a Christmas song
I wanna be dancing
all night long
It's cold outside
but it's warm in here.
And that's the only thing...
- Hi!
- Hi.
I love the music.
Yeah, I mean the pants do fit.
Yeah, they're nice...
- Yeah.
- Hold on.
[music stops]
- Yeah, right.
- Oops.
Hey, uh, this is fun, right?
How's your night going?
I think about you a good
percentage of the time.
Like if you made a pie chart
of my thoughts
it would be work, chores,
my cats, obviously.
All the little things and, um,
the biggest slice of the pie
would be you.
You are my biggest slice.
You're smart and you're kind
and you always make time
to say hello
and make me feel special,
even if you're in the middle
of a conversation
and, and, and you're smiling
so that's good because I'm...
I'm building to something.
Something that I wanted
to say because...
it's Christmas and
that something is...
I love you.
I love you and I don't know how
to say it as eloquently
as you deserver, but,
as Arwen once said to Aragorn...
I would rather share
one lifetime with you
than face all of the ages
of this world alone.
You know Lord of the Rings?
Oh, I know Lord of the Rings.
Oh... that's...
If there's one thing that
I love more in this world
than the words of J.R.R. Tolkien
himself, it is you, Ava.
[romantic music]

I'm so happy for you!
You're really loud.
Really loud.
You're... Never mind.
Would you dance with me?
It would be my honor.
Headphones on.
Music helps.
[Christmas dance music playing]
I'm gonna join you now!
[screams of joy]
She likes me!
You guys are really
weird together.
[in unison]
Okay, okay, okay!
Now, when I say ginger,
you say bread!
- Ginger!
- [crowd] Bread!
When I saw Santa,
you say Summit!
- Santa!
- [crowd] Summit!
Hey, where's Jordin?


Ho, ho, ho, ho!
DJ Ginger Jeff
and the Fresh Pine
are so happy to be headlining
the Santa Summit silent disco.
Now, before we turn up, don't
forget to go cast your votes
for the gingerbread
house contest.
I'll be right back.
I'll be back, I'll be back!
It's so hot.
[peaceful Christmas music]

Oh, my gosh.
"I've been looking
for you all night.
"Meet me at the park,
"I'll wait for you under the
tree till the tree lighting.
"Try not to lose your wallet
again on the way."
We have to go.
We have to go.
Hey, this is nice.
Are you sure I can't sit
in the front seat there?
Hey, I don't make
the rules, handsome.
Sorry, honey.
I cannot believe
this is happening.
Honestly, this is the most
romantic thing
I think I've ever heard of.
I'm also very excited
to be part of this moment,
but I will point out
these carriages
are only designed
for three passengers.
Ok, you know what?
I just, even if I can't find
this guy tonight
or even if he doesn't show up,
or even if this carriage crashes
and I have to go
to the hospital, I-
Why would you put that
out in the universe?
I just, this has been
the greatest night
that I have had in, I don't
even know how long.
And you two really are
the best friends
that anybody could ever
ask for
and I just love you both
so much.
Are you kidding?
We love you.
Oh, okay, okay, I am loving
the love
but please stop shifting
your weight, okay?
This is so nice.
On Dasher!
Yeah, faster!
Faster! Faster! Faster!
- Faster! Faster! Faster!
- [thud]
Hey! No, we're good,
we're good.
Out of the way!
Out of the way, everybody!
Alright, we're here.
We're here, we're here.
Hey, good luck.
Oh, thank you.
Merry Christmas.
Ok, come on.
So what time is
the tree lighting at?
Uh, it should start any minute
and then the concert's
after that.
You said Freddie
is saving us a spot?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
He's here somewhere so
just keep your eyes peeled.
This is so exciting!
Alright, but we wish you luck.
Ok, give me a hug.
I love you guys.
- Love you.
- Love you.
Hey, break a leg.
If he doesn't show up,
I'll break his.
Gather round Santa Summit
for the tree lighting.
[crowd] 10, 9, 8, 7,
6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...
[cheering and applause]
[somber music]
Favorite holiday?
One, two, three...
[in unison] Christmas!
I'm Jordin.
- I'm Liam.
- Hi.
I told you I'd build you
that dream house.
You did, yeah.
Although it was a little smaller
than I imagined it would be.
Yeah, I wanted
to build it to scale
but they ran out
of gingerbread, so...
Uh, um, alright, you said
that it was easy
to bare your soul
to strangers,
so, um, oh,
okay, here it goes.
I think that you are gorgeous
and kind
and generous and funny
and so sweet.
And I guess you're right,
it is pretty easy doing this
knowing that we may never
get to see each other again.
That would be a real shame.
So, what do we do now?
Don't think, just answer.
[romantic music]
I'm the winger.
Ah, wingman. Sorry.
We're her wing ladies.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I'm Ben.
That's Ben.
Of all the Santa Summits
in all the world,
you walked into mine.
[Freddie] How's everyone
doing tonight?
Oh, that's Freddie!
Yeah, it's the guy
from the sushi place.
Oh, my gosh!
We are the North Pole Rejects.
[rock music playing]
Santa Summit, let us rock!
Who's got a beard
that's long and white?
Santa's got a beard
that's long and white
- Hey, hi, Liam!
- This is Liam!
Hey, it's you!
Cinnamon cream guy!
Did you tell the guy
you loved him?
Yeah, it's uh, it's Ben.
It must be Santa.
Must be Santa.
Santa Claus
You, come up here!
Yes, come up, Stella!
Come on!
You gonna stand there
all night
or come on stage
where you belong?
-Who wears boots
and a suit of red?
Santa wears boots
and a suit of red
Who wears a long cap
on his head?
Santa wears a long cap
on his head
Is that Stella?
-Cap on head,
suit that's red
Special night,
beard that's white
Must be Santa,
must be Santa
- Wait, you know her too?
- Yeah, that's our best friend.
I met her at Nashvilles!
I told her the end result
doesn't matter.
Look, she's trying!
Everyone, give it up
for Stella!
I didn't know you could sing!
Like I said, I only sing
if somebody pays me to do it.
Oh, I get it,
I get it.

Come on!
Okay, okay.
Hey, thanks for everything, man.
I love you, man.
What was that?
I said I love you, man.
There. Happy?
And I am fond of you.
-Who's got a big
red cherry nose?
Santa's got a big
red cherry nose
Who laughs this way,
ho, ho, ho?
Santa laughs this way,
ho, ho, ho
Ho, ho, ho,
cherry nose
Cap on head,
suit that's red
Special night,
beard that's white
Must be Santa,
must be Santa
Must be Santa,
Santa Claus
[cheers and applause]
-Hark! The herald
angels sing
"Glory to the new-born King
Peace on Earth
and mercy mild
God and sinners reconciled"
Joyful all ye nations rise
Join the triumph
of the skies
With angelic host proclaim
"Christ is born
in Bethlehem"
Hark! The herald
angels sing
"Glory to the
new-born King"
the new-born King"
Hark! The herald angels...