The Sasquatch Gang (2006) Movie Script

Getting down
to the concession stand.
Speaking of
the concession stand,
who likes beer?
We've got a special
on blue ribbon down there.
Now, get down there and get it.
All right, now, y'all ready
for the main event?
Listen to them rides revving.
Y'all ready for some
powerhouse crash-up?
Now, on my mark.
Nobody start till I say go.
Whoa, it looks like we've got
an early guy.
Looks like an early birdie.
Hey, Mrs. Gore.
Can Gavin play?
Gavin, Hobie
and Maynard are here.
You're right on time,
I commend you.
Be careful out there, Gavie.
I put a little perilax
in your Drink.
Mom, I told you,
I'm fine.
I know, dear,
But this will loosen you up
just in case.
Be careful out there, guys.
What's perilax?
It helps you
to get squirty dumplings.
Shut up, Hobie. How do you know?
Do you use it?
I don't know.
Come on, guys.
Let's fight already.
Fine; if you're so ready,
I accept your challenge.
Choose your weapons,
I choose excalibur.
Since Maynard has chosen
my weapon of choice,
I am forced to use
a secondary weapon.
The mace and dagger.
Where are you going,
the bathroom?
Just setting the mood,
Setting the mood.
What the crap is this?
Warriors, prepare
to cross swords.
Warriors ready?
That's it.
Gavin, you stupid dingleberry,
what you listening to,
wuss tunes?
Turn it off!
Oh, God.
My eye. You--
that's an illegal hit.
You're disqualified.
I win.
That's what you get
for listening
to that fairy music.
Shut up, Zerk.
Yeah, Zerk jerk.
Hey, pipe it, sissy.
And shut that crap off
before I shut you off.
Make us.
Make you?
All right,
why don't we fight for it?
Me against you, Gavin.
No way; I just got hit
in the face.
Oh, you got hit in the face.
Fine, be a little wussbag.
I'll take Andre the nerd
over here then.
Okay, but I have to get
the longsword.
All right, I don't really
give a crap.
Give me
that other long thingy, then.
It's called a spear,
crap face.
I don't care what it's called,
you stupid nerd.
Just give it here.
Come on, Hobie,
stay on the offensive.
You'll be fine, okay?
Come on.
Sparring partners,
prepare to cross swords.
Look at him.
Look at the big nerd
dance around.
Whatever, man.
Let's just fight.
Look at him.
What you doing?
Come on, Hobie.
Come on, Hobie.
Little nerd's
cheering him on.
Look at the big man.
Get out of here.
Hey, look at him.
He's like a big old beetle
what's on its back.
Hey, illegal hit.
You're disqualified.
He wins.
Get out of here.
Yeah, Zerk,
poke that piggy.
Hey, you big bully,
quit it!
Face shots are illegal.
How would you like getting hit
in the face?
You better mind
your manners, boy.
Save your strength
for the hike
to Deer Cliff Falls
tomorrow, Hobie.
You know how your knees
start aching under your girth.
What's at Deer Cliff Falls?
None of your business.
Yeah, none-ya.
Yeah, right, retards.
Probably looking
for arrowheads or something.
So what if we are?
Shut up, Maynard.
Yeah, well,
there ain't none,
'cause if there was,
I would've found them
When I went looking for them
three months ago.
Maybe you were too ugly
to see them.
Yeah, you're so ugly,
all the arrowheads
ran away and hid.
Whatev, you little dorks.
Can't make this out of foam
and duct tape.
Yeah, Zerk.
Let's just get out of here.
Stupid nerds.
Oh, hello.
I am Dr. Artimus Snodgrass,
and welcome to the world
of the Sasquatch.
Today I will attempt to answer
some of the penetrating
questions we all have
about the animal--
or human being,
depending on whom
you listen to--
common referred to
as bigfoot.
Questions like,
what is a Sasquatch?
Gavin, you have visitors.
Not too long.
Lunch is almost ready.
And the question--
Okay, boys.
Mrs. Gore.
Hello, gentlemen.
What brings you to my part
of the region today?
We just want
to get a video, dude.
Wait, don't I always see
you two guys
hanging out
with Shane Bagwell?
Yeah, well, we used to.
But he was so annoying,
we stopped.
Okay, which one
were you thinking?
What about that one
with Michael Jackson?
Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
Captain Eo.
No can do, brethren.
The last time
someone borrowed that one,
they lost my 3-D glasses.
Okay, what about
the bigfoot video?
Excellent choice.
I was watching
that one myself.
That will be $3,
and it's due back
next Tuesday.
Ah, I've been hit.
So why do they call it
Deer Cliff Falls?
Well, Indians used to chase deer
with bows and arrows,
and deer would get
so frightened
that they'd run right off
the big cliff up here
to their death.
And then the Indians
would climb down the mountain
and get the deer
and cook it.
That's why people find
so many arrowheads up here.
It stinks.
Hey, guys,
do you see this?
The Sasquatch.
Haven't you ever heard
of bigfoot?
Like, the big hairy guy?
He's been here.
It looks like he stopped to take
a big dump right there.
At least he doesn't take
squirty dumplings.
Shut up, Hobie.
Come on,
we've got to tell the cops.
Screw the cops.
Let's tell
the Clackanomah County Herald.
We'll get our pictures
in the paper.
Screw it.
Let's tell both of them.
All right.
Nice shot, Shane.
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
what's the rush, ladies?
We found Sasquatch tracks.
Shut up, Maynard.
Yeah, right.
Like that video of yours
we watched last night?
You guys
let Shane watch it?
That's it.
You're banned from renting.
We don't give a crap, yo.
What's she doing
with you guys?
She's just
a friend of mine.
I bet she's walking out
ahead of you guys,
wasn't she, Maynard?
Yeah, so what?
So I just figured out
who laid the Sasquatch tracks.
That's all.
Shut up, Shane.
Make me.
We really did find
those Sasquatch tracks.
You just wait
and see, jerkwad.
Why don't you put your money
where you mouth is, punk?
Fine, I'm not afraid.
Okay, well, if there are
real "Sasquatch" tracks
up there,
then I'll give you this.
If they're not, I get
your entire video collection.
No way.
Told you so.
His girlfriend laid the tracks.
Fine, it's a deal.
In the meantime, I'll hang on
to the other video we got.
Don't trip over
your girlfriend's fat feet
on the way home.
They weren't too fat for you
with the nickelcade
the other day.
You better put
that metal-mouth dog
on a chain, Gavin.
Shut up, Shane.
She's not a dog.
You're a dog.
Ooh, you're scaring me.
Get up, Gavin.
Get up and fight me.
Come on, Tinker Bell.
Come on, Gavin.
It's not worth it.
Yeah, we've got to get
to town.
Come on.
Lucky, you know that?
Yeah, Gavin,
you better run along.
Gosh, that guy's
a stinking ugly butt.
You know, we really did find
those Sasquatch footprints.
So he's the one
who's gonna lose.
That Chinese Star
is as good as mine.
Come on.
Yeah, he's screwed.
Officer, we'd like
to file a report--
We were up on the trail
to Deer Cliff Falls,
and we found a number
of large tracks.
We think it's bigfoot.
Hey, Chillcut,
got a lead for you.
What do you got?
We'll wait for you
at the trailhead.
Chillcut out.
There's gonna be
reporters there.
I guess.
Are you sure it's legal
to have four of us
stuffed back here
withouts seat belts?
Oh, relax, big boy.
The way you're all wedged
back there
is probably better
than a seat belt.
Now, if you excuse me, I've got
some personal business
to attend to.
She-Ra, this is He-Man.
That's a go for She-Ra.
It's the Sasquatch again.
Drop everything
and meet me
at the Deer Cliff Falls
trailhead. Over.
Which one of you kids
found this?
I guess
maybe I figured it out.
Well, you've got yourself
quite a cache of evidence here,
don't you think?
Do you think
it's the Sasquatch?
Well, if it wasn't
the Sasquatch,
We sure got some big dude
walking around here,
dumping the biggest feces
I've ever seen in my life,
And I've seen a lot.
Ain't that the truth?
These tracks are fresh too.
You can tell that
from the poop?
No, it rained last night.
That means...
this would have been dumped
early this morning.
So it's, like,
a morning dump?
I better get some caution tape
out of the cruiser,
rope this area off.
You guys stay here and make sure
nobody messes with it.
Blondeen, better get Artie
on the phone.
He's gonna want to see this.
Okay, Melvin.
You get a shot of this kid
standing in front of that find,
and I'll ask
the questions, okay?
What did you say
your name was?
Gavin Gore.
And have you ever seen anything
like this before, Gavin?
I think Hobie laid one
like that a while back.
Tell them about the corn.
As you can see right behind
my right shoulder,
there is a very large
selection of feces
from what we think
could be
the Sasquatch.
We're bringing
in Artimus Snodgrass
to determine whether this
is indeed a real find.
He is the world's
foremost authority
on Sasquatch
and Sasquatch scat.
And when will he be arriving?
Well, he should be
arriving here
within the next three days.
What led you to find
this Sasquatch feces?
Well, we were--
I came to get my video back.
No way, lamewad.
You lost.
We told you
we found Sasquatch footprints.
Look, it's on the news
right there.
Well, the truth
of the matter is--
Yeah, right.
Officer Chillcut's my uncle,
and he wouldn't know
the difference
between a deer track
and a snack pack.
He said he called that guy
from your stupid video.
Artimus Snodgrass?
He said he'll be here
in a couple of days
to see if the tracks
are real or not.
This is so stupid.
We didn't even bet on whether
the tracks were real.
We just bet on whether
we found some tracks.
I don't give a rat's boot
what the bet was, all right?
If he says it ain't real,
we get your videos.
Come on, just give me
my video back.
I don't even want
your stupid Chinese Star.
All right, let me go get it.
I'm out back
grilling brats, Shirts.
Are you Ezekiel Wilder?
Zerk Wilder, yeah.
Who wants to know?
I'm Mr. Ernie Dalrymple.
I represent Bilford, Cohen,
and Gregg Collection Agency.
Sir, do you have
in your possession
a credit card issued
by the New Bank of Flanders?
Yeah, I know I got one,
but I don't ever use it,
'cause it's
for emergencies only.
It was used July 17, 1999,
At a Burgerville, for $5.17.
Could I have one semi-huge
Walla Walla onion ring...s
and four fresh
raspberry milk shakes?
Oh, yeah.
The reason I'm here today,
Mr. Wilder,
is that
for the last six years,
the bank has attempted
to reach you by letter...
Yes, they got
the new sabbath tabs.
Rock on.
And by telephone...
He doesn't live here anymore.
Stupid telemarketers.
And finally they have sent me
to give you this bill,
that you owe $1,438.93,
which has resulted
in a lien on your property,
your Pontiac Firebird,
in that you rent this home.
All right,
this is all nerd talk.
That I don't get it.
You have until Monday next
to come up with the money,
otherwise the title
of your automobile
will be transferred
to the bank.
Here's the paperwork
indicating such.
Thank you so much
for your time.
Have a lovely day.
Hey, Mr. Dalrymple.
It's burning.
Look at his face.
Stupid bald nerd.
Uh-oh. Hey, I'll pay it.
Oh, wait, I can't.
It's burned.
That stupid--
Sucks, man.
Where am I gonna get
1,400 bucks from?
How can I owe that much
for a $5 meal at Burgerville?
It doesn't make sense.
It's them finance charges,
I reckon.
They build up.
No crap, genius.
Where you from, Harvard?
Hey, you know what?
Why don't you stop telling me
things I already know
and come up with a way
for us to make this money?
'Cause ain't no one taking
the Firebird away from me.
Now, is this
or isn't this America?
I thought we lived
in a place
where the government
can't screw you over.
I don't think the government
is the one screwing you.
Fire in the hole.
Whatever, man.
This whole country
is founded
on not taking crap
from anyone, you know?
It's all about freedom, man,
like this,
you know, freedom
to hang out with a buddy,
drink some beers,
squeeze off a couple rounds.
Man, if I could get
within 50 yards of Bin Laden.
Check this out.
Remember when we was at Repticon
and that guy
was selling them chameleons?
Oh, great.
Again with the lizards.
And you was like,
"how much?"
and he was like, "$300."
And you was like,
"yeah, right."
Yeah, dude, I was there.
I remember.
What's your point?
Well, what if we got
a boy and a girl
and got them suckers
to mate?
Then we can sell
them baby chameleons,
but we sell them
for $299.
Then people will be like,
"why am I gonna give
that old guy $300
"when I can get them
same chameleons
for a dollar cheaper
from those other guys?"
How long would that take?
If the chameleons
are in heat,
three or four months.
Three or four months.
I need the money
in ten days, idiot.
Took you three or four months
to say that.
Well, then how about
a lemonade stand?
Lemonade stand.
How are we gonna make lemonade?
Will you idiots
shut up, please?
I'm trying to watch this.
Why don't you shut up?
Yeah, Frankie,
why don't you shut up?
And what is this,
more of that lizard crap?
Oh, it's one of them lizards
that can run on water.
Big whoop,
I can do that.
Whatever, dude.
Yeah, whatever, man.
I can.
It ain't that hard, dude.
All you need
is some flippers
and get going fast enough.
I could totally do it.
Yeah, right, it's not
even physically possible.
Oh, yeah, what are you,
the lizard wizard?
At least I graduated
high school.
Why don't you pipe it, Frankie,
be a little positive?
It ain't that hard, man.
You don't have to graduate
high school to know
that the only reason
that lizard's doing that
is 'cause he's got long,
like, webby feet.
That still don't mean
you can do it.
All right,
Why don't you put your money
where your mouth is,
Mohawk Boy?
You serious?
I'm dead serious.
All right then. 50 bucks.
All right, sucker.
Hey, Shirts, this thing
go any faster, dude?
That's it.
That's all she's got.
Just go, idiot.
All right, yeah, I will.
See you on the shore, compadre.
Don't cash that
for a couple days,
or you'll be sorry.
Later, geek-zekiel.
Shut up, Frankie.
That sucks.
Stupid boat
wasn't even going fast enough.
Maybe you should
just get a job.
Job? I ain't getting
no job, dude.
This is America, man.
Plenty of money out there,
waiting for someone like me
to just walk up
and get my hands on it.
What are you talking about?
I got a better way
for us to make this cash.
Come on.
Oh, man.
Just like taking candy
from a nerd.
Dinged up my forehead,
Let's just get out of here.
Get out of here?
What you talking about, dude?
We got to get some brewskis
and celebrate, man.
Come on,
Things are looking good
for us, dude.
Plus, I got us a sweet movie
to watch and everything.
Come on.
Oh, man, does my head hurt.
How's that cut feeling?
Mm, not too bad.
I'm just hung over, is all.
Hey, how much money we make?
About 77 bucks.
Dude, we got
to step it up, man.
We need to be averaging at least
$50 more a day to make it.
Maybe we shouldn't have spent
20 bucks on beer last night.
Shirts, hindsight is 50/50.
You ever heard of that?
Maybe we should start
buying stuff at thrift stores
and selling it on eBay.
What the crap is this?
That music, man.
Anyway, my mom and her friends
do that all the time.
They buy old crap
and paint it white
and then call it shabby chic.
And then people
on the internet buy it.
You wouldn't believe
what people pay good money for
on the internet.
Can't hear myself think.
Can't even pay attention to you
'cause of this stupid
nerd noise.
That's it, man.
Yeah, I can't even hear
myself think.
Gavin, you stupid dingleberry,
What you listening to,
wuss tunes?
Turn it off!
No, spunky,
this is my corn dog.
come on.
Little nerd cheering him on.
Oh, no,
look at the big man.
Get out of here.
My eyes.
Hey, look at him.
He's like a big old beetle
what's on its back.
Hey, illegal hit.
You're disqualified. He wins.
Get out of here, nerd.
Yeah, Zerk,
poke that piggy.
Hey, you big bully,
quit it!
Face shots are illegal.
How would you like getting hit
in the face?
You better mind
your manners, boy.
Save your strength
for the hike
To Deer Cliff Falls
tomorrow, Hobie.
You know how your knees
start aching under your girth.
What's at Deer Cliff Falls?
None of your business.
Yeah, none-ya.
Whatev, you little dorks.
Can't make this
out of foam and duct tape.
Yeah, Zerk,
let's just get out of here.
Man, that kid loves
that nerdy stuff.
You see that stupid shirt he was wearing?
He's the type of kid
you was talking about
Buying that crap
on the internet, you know?
You think people buy,
like, bigfoot-type crap
on the internet,
like plaster footprints
and junk like that?
Come on, we got to get
some supplies.
I got me an idea.
All right,
check it out, man.
This operation has to be
totally legit, you know?
Look, we've got to get into
newspaper articles or something,
just so people know we ain't
just a couple of idiots
selling fake plaster casts
shaped like a big foot.
Uh, we are selling
fake plaster casts
shaped like fake big fee--
No crap, dingus.
That's why
I got to make people believe
that it's totally legit,
you know?
Yo, peep this, Shirts.
I'm gonna add
a little something extra
to get people talking.
A big ol'
Sasquatch dumpling.
You hear a bunch
about folks
finding footprints
and crap, yeah?
But you never hear
about somebody
finding a Sasquatch footprint
and a Sasquatch turd.
So I figure, with the right
mixture of this cocoa powder,
Some flour,
a little corn for texture,
and the secret ingredient...
An egg?
You know what these things
smell like when they go bad?
Yeah, kind of like
when you rip a reesty one
after eating a lot of fruit.
You're two for two, Shirts.
All right, now,
get started cutting out
those footprints
for the boots, man.
Scissors should be
in the sink.
Let's go.
Scissors are
in the sink, Shirts.
Where you going?
Well, I promised my mom
I'd be home for dinner.
No, no, no, no,
we got to take care of this now,
before the sun goes down.
It's got be light out.
But it's nugget night.
No, I don't care if--
you're having nuggets?
You're ought to let me
come over.
Fine, man, whatever.
I don't care.
I'll get my own nuggets.
All right, new plan:
you go eat your nuggets,
I'll get my hands
on my own nuggets--
Don't you worry about how--
I'll meet you in the bird,
we'll go up to the cliffs
tonight, sleep in the car,
wake up at the butt crack
of dawn, and do this thing.
All right, let's go.
All right.
I'll see you later.
Oh, give me a break.
What do you think?
Can I try this on?
You sure those are gonna fit
with your thunder thighs?
Mom, come on.
All right.
Hurry up, though.
Yo, check it out, son.
That's Roxie.
She's freaking hot.
Yeah, but don't judge a book
by its cover.
She's got major F.P.
F.P. What?
Yeah, major fat potential,
like as in,
she's gonna be pretty fat
when she gets older.
Man, how do you know?
I saw her
with her mom earlier.
Total heifer.
Yeah, right.
Did you like them?
Here you go.
Oh, I love this movie.
It's really great.
Me too.
I've seen it,
like, a billion times,
But I always come back
to the classics, you know?
Yeah, I always like the way
he tames pegasus.
Me too.
Did you know if you pause it on
one of the shots in that scene,
you can see that
it's really just a white horse?
Uh-huh, but I still love it.
I love
all those fantasy movies.
You like fantasy movies?
Like what?
I don't know,
like Labyrinth.
What about Dragonslayer?
The Dark Crystal.
The Neverending Story.
I think only boys
like that one.
Hey, maybe we should watch
Clash together sometime.
You can show me the shot
with the horse.
Um, I guess we can do that.
'Kay, see you later.
Don't you want to get
my phone number?
It's not the number
to Video Vern's?
Oh, yeah.
My name's Sophie.
Yeah, I can see.
It's on your name tag.
Mine's Gavin.
I know.
It was on your card.
All right,
see you later.
Is--is this Sophia?
Do you mean Sophie?
Uh, wrong number.
Hi, is Sophie there?
This is she.
Oh, hey, it's Gavin,
Remember, from the video store
the other day?
Didn't you just call me?
No. Why?
Oh. No reason, I guess.
Well, hey,
you know how you wanted
to watch Clash of the Titans
with me?
Yeah, well,
I already saw it.
I was wondering if you wanted
to go to the park
with me instead.
Uh, sure.
Okay, great.
Well, be sure
to bring some activewear.
Hey, Gavin,
I rented The Crow.
Do you want to watch it
with me?
There's this scene
where this hussy
gets her eyes carved out.
Well, actually,
I was just about to call you.
Can I borrow Excalibur?
Sure. For what?
Well, um, I kind of
got a date
with a girl today.
A date?
Yeah, it's with the girl
from Video Vern's.
How'd that happen?
I don't know exactly.
I went and I rented
Clash of the Titans,
And she was all,
"that's my favorite movie."
And I was like, "sweet."
And she said, "we should
watch it together sometime."
And then I said,
"hey, want to go on a date?"
So you'd rather go
sword fighting with some girl
than watch The Crow
with me?
Is that all right?
Yeah, that's okay. Whatever.
It's your life.
Great, well, I better go.
Oh, hey,
can I watch this here?
You know how Grandma Lloyd
Won't let me watch rated-Rs
in the house.
Fine with me.
See you later.
You could start
in any of those three stances,
but this is my favorite one.
Because if someone comes at you,
you can parry their attack.
Yeah, it means "block"
in medieval terminology.
Like, try and poke me
in the chest with your sword.
Yeah, do it.
You can't hurt me.
You see that?
That was a parry-thrust combo.
I couldn't help myself.
Force of habit.
Now you try.
This time, I'll thrust at you
and you parry it.
You ready?
Oh, my gosh, I'm sorry.
Are you okay?
Oh, my adam's apple.
Yeah, I'm fine.
Not bad for a beginner.
Let's go for real this time.
Okay, I guess.
Don't forget to bow.
Warriors, prepare
to cross swords.
I win.
You probably realize it
by now,
but the Teutonic knights
didn't really call time-out
when they fell over in battle
in the middle ages.
I'll remember that
for next time.
Hey, you weren't bad
for your first time, though.
I still totally roasted you.
You know what you need?
You need to get a battle ax.
I think you'll wield it well,
because your midsection's built
like a tree trunk.
You know, like many
of the great and power dwarves
in the Middle Ages.
I'm sorry; I'm an idiot.
I always relate things
to stupid legends and stuff.
You're not really a dwarf.
That's okay.
I really
should have blocked better.
Yeah, well, that's true too.
All right,
this time I'll play
at the level
of a neophyte apprentice
of the round table.
Warriors, prepare
to cross swords.
Kiss my Amazon butt, Guile.
Hey, do you want to play me
at air hockey?
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
but give me a little while.
I usually win
whenever I'm Blanka.
It'll only take me,
like, 15 more minutes.
Okay, well, do you care
if go play ski ball,
because this
is kind of boring.
Not at all.
Here's some nickels
in case you have none.
Go have fun.
Don't touch me, perv.
You liked it, Pippi.
Hey, you see that girl
over there?
Playing ski ball by herself.
I bet I can go up to her
and kiss her,
and she wouldn't even stop me.
Bet she'd even like it.
Yeah, right, Shane.
Well, I bet I could.
I totally know the type.
She's here by herself,
secretly wishing
some guy like me would come,
you know,
sweep her off her feet.
Yeah? Prove it.
What, you bet me?
Well, how much?
Four bucks, yo.
Oh, come on,
you've got more than that.
that's all I brought, man.
Four bucks is a lot of games
at the nickelcade, bro.
Fine, I'll do it
for four bucks, cheapwad.
Hey, girl, you ever wonder
what it's like
to kiss a guy like me?
Yo, check it out, kid.
Your dad must have been
a baker,
'cause you got nice buns.
Excuse me?
Come on.
Stop it.
Give me some of that.
Come on, I'll give you a dollar.
I just made me four bucks.
Oh, dude,
are you okay?
Get off me.
I came looking for you
when I couldn't find you
at the nickelcade.
Can I sit down?
Sorry, I'm just--
I should have stopped playing
that stupid game, you know?
I was--I was just
really kicking butt.
Fine, I--I guess
I'll see you later.
You can sit down, you know.
When I went like this,
I meant you could sit down
if you want to.
Why are people
so mean sometimes?
I don't know. Why?
What happened?
I don't really want
to talk about it.
You don't have
to tell me nothing.
Are you sure it wasn't because
I was really stomping people
in Street Fighter II?
Look, if someone
was mean to you,
they're just stupid, okay?
I mean, people have done
some pretty mean things
to me growing up,
and I've had to ignore it.
Like what?
Let's see.
One time, I went to school,
and when I got to class,
it smelled really bad,
like someone stepped
on dog crap or something.
I mean, the girl
sitting next to me
seemed like
she could smell it too.
I guess she thought
I crapped my pants,
because she walked over
to the seat
behind her hoochie friend
and started pointing at me
and blabbing.
It turned out someone
stuck a dirty diaper
in my backpack
when I wasn't looking.
The teacher made me
throw it away in the bathroom,
so I had to walk
halfway through the school
to get rid of it.
I guess he didn't want the smell
coming from his trash can.
Yep, people called me Dirty D
for a while after that.
I'm sorry.
You sure you don't want
to talk about what happened?
Well, I better go.
My mom thinks
I'm at the pet store,
looking at kittens.
Okay, I'll see you later.
Hey, Gavin.
You sure about this, Sophie?
I mean, people stopped
doing this in the '80s.
I mean, why don't you
drink slim-fast shake
and just keep your mouth shut?
Drastic times
call for Drastic measures,
Uncle Mike.
Okay, but you call me
right away
if you change your mind.
Hey, Gavin.
What happened to your mouth?
I decided to get proactive
about my figure
and I got my jaw wired shut
to lose some weight.
But I think you look great
the way you are.
Thanks, but it's just kind of
something I wanted do for me.
Well, whatever makes you happy.
Anyway I just came by
to tell you
that we're taking a hike
to Deer Cliff Falls
on Wednesday at 10:00,
if that's cool with you.
I mean, I don't know
how you feel about hiking.
Yeah, yeah, sounds like fun.
Well, great.
We'll get proactive
on the hill together then, huh?
Okay, I'll see you then.
See you.
Mm-hmm, thank you.
Will this be all for you tonight?
I just love this movie.
It's a total classic.
Ah, it certainly is.
Can I get your phone number?
Or if you have
a membership card,
we can do it that way.
Oh, yeah.
Thank you.
But this movie
is a total classic.
That will be a dollar.
Yeah, but don't you
totally love this movie?
Yeah, it's good.
Maybe we could watch it
together sometime.
Uh, that's okay.
I've already seen it.
But thanks anyway.
That'll be a dollar.
Forget it.
All right, girlie,
empty the register now.
Oh, my gosh,
please don't hurt me.
Are you d-d-d-deaf, girl?
The cash now.
Okay, okay.
I ain't messing around.
This is a gun in here.
It ain't my hand,
in case you were wondering.
Hey, what's wrong
with your mouth?
I got my jaw wired shut
to lose weight.
You don't really look
like you need to.
Thanks, I guess.
Hey, pipe it.
I ain't here to make friends.
I know what you're doing.
I know the way the female,
The way they seduce you,
trying to be friends
with you.
And all of a sudden,
you're sitting there
with a valentines
that they don't want.
Give me the cash.
Okay, here.
That's it?
Is this some kind of joke?
Please, don't hurt me,
'cause it's not a lot.
Would you shut up?
I was counting
and now I lost count.
So 97 bucks.
That's all you got?
Videos only cost a dollar,
and we don't get
much business
since Megaflicks
cames into town.
I didn't ask about
your store's financial problems,
all right?
Now, is there a safe somewhere
or something?
Yeah, a safe, you know,
like, where they keep money
and pearls and things.
What safe?
All right, I can't do this.
I'm taking this,
though, sucker.
Shut up.
Oh, my gosh.
Hello, we've been robbed.
It's at Video Vern's.
Please hurry.
No, no.
My jaw's just wired shut.
No, to lose weight.
Oh, dang it.
What time is it?
It's 9:47.
It's 9:47, man.
Come on, wake up.
Let's go.
We got to go.
Alarm didn't go off,
you stupid Casio.
Come on, wake up.
Just want some more nuggets
and sleep.
No more nuggets and sleep.
Come on.
Get out. Let's go.
Stupid, cokehead.
Ow, Zerk,
you didn't have to do that.
Yes, I did,
and you know I did.
And I don't like hurting you,
but sometimes I've just got to.
A baby's got to be spanked
when he wants his bottle
and he can't have it.
Let's go.
All right.
Oh, oh.
Oh, shoot.
Don't need that one.
Come on, let's go.
You know, I was thinking,
me and you,
we both work at video stores
and stuff--
Mine's not actually
a video store,
But we both control
the eb and flow
Of videos in the region,
making sure the right videos
get to the right people.
Hmm, I guess
I never thought about it.
Well, I do.
So why do they call it
Deer Cliff Falls?
Well, Indians used to chase deer
with bows and arrows,
and the deer would get
so frightened,
they'd run right off
the big cliff up here
to their death.
And then the Indians
would climb down the mountain
and get the deer
and cook it.
That's why so many people find
so many arrowheads up here.
The Sasquatch.
Haven't you ever heard
of bigfoot?
It looks like he stopped
to take a big dump right there.
At least he doesn't take
squirty dumplings.
Shut up, Hobie.
Come on, we've got
to tell the cops.
Screw the cops.
Let's tell
the Clackanomah County Herald.
We'll get our pictures
in the paper.
Screw it.
Let's tell both of them.
All right.
Stupid nerds just fell
right into our trap, man.
They're gonna go tell the cops
and the newspaper.
That's awesome.
All right,
let's get out of here,
make those plaster casts.
You still go the camera, huh?
Hello, there, and welcome
to the Clackanomah County
Sasquatch site.
I'm here with my colleague,
Dr. Jokem,
collecting footprints
of the mysterious beast
who you nerds love so much.
And we're recording ourselves
while we work
so that you,
the buying public,
knows that when y'all
get a plaster cast from us,
you can sleep well at night
knowing that it's totally legit.
Maynard, what gives?
It's time to go.
My life sucks right now,
because I'm on restriction.
That's why.
What happened?
Dude, it was awesome.
My mom was totally freaking out.
Maynard, say good-bye
to your friends
and get back to work.
Sorry, guys.
I'll tell you later.
My mom says I can't talk
to any of my friends right now,
so you're gonna have to leave.
Have fun at the laser barn.
Good luck with your parents.
This sucks.
I might as well just go home.
This is gonna suck.
I'm gonna be, like,
a third wheel.
No, you're not.
Sophie likes you.
No, she doesn't.
Yeah, right.
She thinks you're great.
No way;
She thinks I'm a fat lamewad,
and she doesn't want
to have anything to do with me.
It's you she likes.
What are you talking about?
She never said anything
about your weight.
Hobie, she likes you.
She thinks you're great,
awesome, man.
Let's go.
All right, let's go.
Let's go.
Can I ask you
a personal question?
Okay, I guess.
How many girls
have you kissed?
I'm sorry.
You don't have to tell me.
It's none of my business.
No, well, you see,
it's just that I've never--
I never really kissed
a girl before.
It's okay.
I'm V.L. too.
It means I have virgin lips.
I've never kissed anyone.
Well, I've never been kissed
by a boy, you know,
like romantically.
It's not that
I don't want to or anything.
It's just I want it to be
the right time when it happens.
So that's what
they call it, V.L.?
Well, in that case,
you can say
that Hobie's V.L. too.
Can we go now, please?
Come on, Hobie.
Come on, guys.
Hurry up.
Remember, three times
and you're out.
Just stand behind me,
and I'll protect you.
So who are we playing against?
I don't know; whoever's
putting on the other uniforms.
Suit up. Lock and load.
It's Shane.
So what?
We can take them,
right, gav?
Yeah, totally.
Might as well
start shooting ourselves.
Check this out.
We're playing Gavin
and his fatty friends.
Shut up, Shane.
Hey, could we play someone
more challenging?
These guys suck
big time.
No, we don't.
Can you dorks take the nerd herd
back into the battle arena?
Get out of my face.
I'm hit.
Stay hidden back here.
Me and Hobie
will take care of them.
I'm hit again.
Just stay down.
Dang it. I'm out.
Don't worry; Hobie and I
will get them for you.
She sucks.
Finally, we got rid
of that deadweight, you know?
Wing attack B?
Okay, I'll be the rover.
Fine. Ready?
Hey, you.
Go, you idiots.
Get out.
Oh, lameness.
I'm out.
You're out, yo.
You're out too, homey.
Come on out, Gavin,
you wussmeister.
Come on. Come on, big boy.
You can do it.
You could come out
behind that stupid rock.
What would Perseus do?
Come on out, wiener boy.
What the crap?
game over.
Yes, I win.
This game sucks anyways.
Still a dork.
Hey, are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
He's just ticked
that I totally rushed him.
That's all.
Yeah, we kicked
their butts.
Come on, guys,
let's go slide down big pink.
All right.
# I don't like snails
or toads or frogs #
# or strange things
living under logs, #
# but, mmm, I love onions. #
# I don't like dancin'
with crazy Ted. #
# he's always jumpin'
on my head, #
# but, mmm, I love onions. #
# onions, onions,
la, la, la. #
# onions, onions,
ha, ha, ha. #
# root doot doot-doot,
doot doot-doot. #
# onions, onions,
la, la, la. #
# onions, onions,
ha, ha, ha. #
# root doot doot-doot,
doot doot-doot. #
Yeah, well, next time
I'll bring enough money
so we can play two games.
Well, did you guys know
that in, like, ten years
they're gonna make laser tag
into an Olympic sport?
Yeah, sweet, huh?
Oh, no,
my mom's gonna kill me.
Sophie, don't.
What is it?
I think we're screwed.
I think they're gone.
You okay?
No, my man boob stings.
I think it's swelling up,
and I got shot twice
in the boodniks.
Let me see.
This is all your fault anyway.
I wish I wouldn't
have even come tonight.
You should have let me stay home
and watch TV like I wanted.
Now I got all shot up
because of you.
Well, I didn't know
this was gonna happen.
Screw you
and your fat girlfriend too.
What's the total?
325 bucks.
Yes! How many bids
we got so far?
Dude, this is awesome, man.
Hey, Lance,
you coming to dinner?
Oh, Mr. Jokem, could I see
that newspaper for a sec?
Yeah, why not?
I only pay the bills
around here.
Thank you.
This is crazy.
Dude, can you
turn around, please?
"Famed Bigfoot Researcher
To Come To Clackanomah County.
"The Clackanomah
Sasquatch sighting
"has drawn some attention
from the scientific community,
as Dr. Artimus Snodgrass"--
And there's a picture of him.
"famed Sasquatch researcher,
will be arriving tomorrow
"to verify
if the footprints and scat
"found near Deer Cliff Falls
are indeed
from the leg-endary bigfoot."
This sucks, dude.
What are we gonna do
about this guy?
I don't know, dude.
I'll think
of something, though.
Okay, I'm gonna go eat now.
You can either stay here
if you want,
or I can come by later.
My mom says you can't eat
any of our food anymore.
What are you guys having?
Hot dogs and cheetos.
All right,
I'll see you later.
Here you go, Squirts.
Hey, Grandma Lloyd,
is Hobie there?
Okay, well, then just tell him
that I called.
Okay, bye.
Hey, is Sophie here?
She's not home right now.
Well, actually,
could you, um,
give her this for me?
It's a list of all the movies
in my video collection.
Tell her she can borrow
any one she wants
free of charge.
And one more thing.
Tell her that they're wrong.
She looks great
just the way she is.
Who's wrong?
She'll know
what I'm talking about.
Okay, I'll tell her.
Sophie, honey.
He left a message for you.
That's when I realized
it was a dude.
What the crap is going on?
That kid just totally
wiped out on his bike.
That kid's, like,
an extreme nerd.
It's a wussy-looking bike.
What's going on with his leg?
Hey, how'd you get that welt
on your leg, dude?
Some jerks shot me
with paintballs.
That's awesome.
You beat them up?
No, they ran away.
All right, well, why didn't you
go to their house,
wait for them to come out,
and beat the crap out of them?
I don't know.
I know.
It's 'cause you're a total wuss.
Why should I listen
to you guys?
I mean, that guy
doesn't even have a shirt on.
Yeah, well, I'm rubber
and you're glue.
Whatever says...bounces.
Yeah, yeah, I got this, dude.
Don't even try.
You know what
your problem is, Gavin?
You're all talk, man.
Let me tell you something.
Every once in a while,
You got stand up
for yourself.
This isn't Canada,
my friend, all right?
This is America.
In this country, some kids shoot
you with paintballs,
you got a constitutional right
to knock them out.
And if you don't exercise
that basic freedom,
you're gonna grow up
to be a total Q hole.
What's a Q hole?
Why don't you look
in the mirror?
You hear that?
Up top.
Dude, what are you
doing, man?
Why you got to be holding
a corn dog
When I go for a high five?
I'm making a point
to the kid.
Now I'm the one that looks
like a total Q hole.
It was really hot,
and I was letting it air out.
You guys are just stupid.
You know there's--
crap off.
Ah, thank you.
Thank you. Thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I was hot on the heels
of the Chupacabra
in Chihuahua, Mexico.
But when I was contacted
about you Sasquatch sighting,
I came straightaway.
I have investigated
many Sasquatch sightings
and exposed
my share of hoaxes.
Dude, bring it in.
Bring it in.
Do you realize
if he says it's a hoax,
our sales are boned.
Well, maybe we should
just destroy the evidence.
It's been
in the newspaper already.
you're a dang genius.
Come on, let's go spread
the bird's wings
and fly out of here.
# I need to go outer space
for a while. #
# let's take a chosen few. #
# we'll have
a real good view, #
# 1 million miles up-- #
# escape from earth. #
# escape from earth. #
# escape from earth. #
What the...
Dear Diary,
What do you do
when your best friend
betrays you?
I know; There's no easy answer,
is there?
I guess
it all started one day
When he first took her
on a date.
She was
a terrible swordswoman,
not even worthy
of wielding excalibur.
But I must admit,
there were things
I admired about her myself.
It was as though
she had an inner power
to kick butt in a way
I'd never seen in any girl
since Wonder Woman.
Get of me!
His noodies
must have hurt for days.
But I guess that admiration
wasn't mutual.
Maybe we could watch it
together sometime.
I don't think so.
I don't like
spending my time
with disgusting fat bodies.
Why do you think
I got my jaw wired shut?
So I wouldn't
have to be one anymore
and be doomed to live a life
with people like you.
That will be a dollar.
But the main change
was in my best friend:
Our friendship became secondary
to his selfish egoism.
So which one of you kids
found this?
It was me.
Oh, Gavin,
you're my hero.
Go for the gold, Gavin.
Fat people suck.
Claiming he found
the Sasquatch tracks
when I was the one
who fell on them.
And I distinctly remember
that I recognized it
as the Sasquatch first.
The Sasquatch.
He was on "sss"
when I was
already on "asquatch."
The Sasquatch.
He didn't even mention me
when the journalist
asked me about the tracks.
He just kept saying,
"we, we, we, we."
So just tell me what happened
in your own words.
Well, I've always been
pretty clumsy walking around.
We thought that a trip
to Deer Cliff Falls
would be a great way
to spend a summer day.
And on the way,
we ran right into these tracks,
isn't that right, Hobie?
And that wasn't
the only time he interrupted me.
we'd like to file--
We were on the trail
to Deer Cliff Falls today
and we found
a number of large tracks.
We think it's bigfoot.
I'm get so tired
of people always interup--
Yes, Grandma?
MASH is on.
You want to watch?
No thanks, Grandma.
Doesn't that old bag realize
that no one my age
likes MASH?
Anyway, where was I?
Oh, yeah, how Gavin
is a no-good jerk
and steals all the glory,
the way he kept answering
all the reporter's questions.
And I never even got invited
to be on TV.
What should I do, Diary?
Guess there's only
one thing to do:
Go out in a massive bloodbath
of sour grapes.
Et tu, brute?
Dr. Snodgrass is coming soon.
You coming?
It's okay.
I'm kind of busy.
Well, I don't want
to go alone.
Why don't you go bug
your girlfriend?
Well, she's not exactly talking
to me right now.
What about Maynard?
Maynard's still on restriction,
but he says he's gonna
try and make it, though.
What are you doing
that's so important anyway?
My grandma needs my help
with something later.
Doing what?
She's--she's making
apple dumplings.
It's my favorite.
Hobie, your grandma's diabetic.
Look, maybe I just don't feel
like going, okay?
Well, don't you care
about getting the video back?
It's not my video.
What's wrong
with you lately?
I mean, that's
your favorite video of mine.
Look, I just don't feel
like going
and watching Gavin
become the big hero
when we all know we found
those footprints together.
So screw off.
Plus, you probably
won't find anything
when you get there anyway.
Admittedly, I have never seen
a Sasquatch,
but I am 98% certain
that they do exist.
And when I see one,
I will make the other 2%.
So today when I examine
the tracks,
I will be able to tell you
without a doubt
whether you have a true find
or indeed a hoax.
Take me to the site.
Okay, clear it open.
Mr. Snodgrass.
Mr. Snodgrass.
Is it true
that the Sasquatch
is an extremely dangerous
creature to this town?
I don't know
that we have a Sasquatch.
We will investigate;
I will find out
And let you know then.
Thank you very much.
Flat tire.
Ha, hope you're ready
to lose your video collection,
butt wipe.
Shut up, Shane.
You better not
have messed up my video.
Don't you mean my video?
See you up there, dork.
later, boner.
Where's Hobie?
And Maynard too.
Oh, I'm so glad
you guys could make it.
But, um, I don't think
Hobie's gonna come, though.
Why not?
I don't know.
He's mad about something.
Come on, guys.
Let's go.
Everyone else already left.
Come on, guys.
So what'd you tell your parents
to get off restriction, Maynard?
That I was gonna start
doing drugs or kill myself
If they didn't let me go.
Oh, sweet, man.
That's cool.
I'll have to try that one.
And now I get to miss school
twice a week next year
To visit a therapist.
I can't believe someone
broke through my yellow tape.
No, no, no,
Officer Chin Strap.
It's Chillcut.
Yes, yes.
Shh, shh, shh.
I've seen
this sort of thing before.
Clearly, the Sasquatch
detected my presence
and returned
to destroy any evidence
he was here to begin with.
Even the poo is gone.
He probably ate it
to conserve his mythic powers.
Everybody, freeze!
Nobody move!
Sasquatch, if that's you,
you can come on out.
We'll promise
we won't hurt you.
Hey, don't shoot, man.
I'm unarmed.
He can talk?
If the Sasquatch can talk,
my theories were correct.
He is intelligent.
No, we--we won't shoot.
We hurt you.
You just come on out
from behind that tree.
C-come on out.
What are--
what are you doing--
What's everyone
doing here, man?
Wait a minute.
You're under arrest--
ah, my hand.
For tampering with evidence
and destroying property.
What evidence?
You know what,
Sasquatch hater.
I didn't do nothing.
I swear.
Oh, yeah, right.
Yeah, right, why don't you
try growing a mustache?
short stack.
Then who did,
He's long gone by now.
Uh, this bark smells.
Or maybe he
was never here at all.
Come on now.
Let's pack it up.
let's go home.
Quick judging me. Ah!
Get that camera--
Yeah, you seen that?
That'll make the evening news.
I didn't do it.
It's your fault,
you stupid nerd.
Get off me.
I'm going to prison.
Look at me.
Quit gawking and judging.
Hey, Ma,
we having nuggets tonight?
God, I can't believe it.
Do you think the Sasquatch
really did it?
I don't know.
Yeah, right, Fagon.
Fagon--what's that
supposed to mean?
It means you're gay,
you stupid jerk.
He's not gay.
Yeah, right.
I bet you guys
haven't kissed yet, have you?
Shut up, Shane.
Ha-ha, I didn't think so.
I bet you hadn't even tried,
'cause you really like
that homo Hobie.
Why don't you try
kissing me again?
I always enjoy kicking people
in the nuts.
Why don't you try
and bite me?
Oops, I forgot.
You can't open
your stupid mouth, fatty.
Leave her alone.
No. Now, then...
just want to find a time
to come by
and get the rest of the videos
from your coleccion.
What are you talking about?
You didn't win.
Give my video back.
No way.
It's mine now.
Give it to me.
Back off, Gavin.
Give my video back.
You want your stupid video?
Why don't you get your dog
to go fetch it?
All right, dog.
Go fetch it.
Stop it, you guys.
Stop calling her a dog.
She's not a dog.
She's a fox.
What the crap are you gonna do
with a stupid stick?
Let me have him.
Let me have him.
Ah, my nipples!
Leave him alone.
Guys, I was, like, halfway down
when I--whoa.
Get off of him.
Get off me.
Sit, dog.
Sophie! Ah!
I think it's time now
for some fun
with Dirty D here.
Red belly time.
You can have the videos.
Just leave us alone.
who wants your stupid videos
anyways, dork face?
Uh, 100-hand slaps.
It's wedgie time!
Get him.
Oh, My God.
Oh, My God.
What happened?
What are you doing here?
Maybe I didn't want you taking
all the glory for yourself.
Yeah, nice one, fatso,
but I hit that kid
in the nuts all the time.
He'll be fine.
That's true, yo.
I'll be fine.
Good, because I'm not done
whupping his boodniks yet.
Come on, yo!
I bet you think
you're pretty cool
with that stupid sword,
don't you, fagot?
No, I think
I'm gonna give you
a 1,000-sword slap
with it.
Quit whacking yourself.
Quit whacking yourself.
Yeah, quit whacking yourself.
Go on, get your leg in there.
Well, of course,
if the Sasquatch is human,
the government would
have to provide proper housing,
and school buses,
Medicare and food stamps.
Wait, come back!
Hurry. Quick.
We need help.
We were attacked.
What is it, my boy?
The Sasquatch?
Just hurry.
Get off me, you--
Who's whupping
your boodniks now, huh?
You okay, Hobie?
Yeah, I'm okay.
I'll get excalibur.
Not today, Gavin.
Oh, no.
Get off me, a-wad.
Oh, yo, you crushed him.
Yo, son,
are you all right?
Come on.
Man, forget this, son.
Let's bounce.
Oh, who's got a stick now?
Eat stick.
Oh, that hurt.
You should have left us alone,
you jerk.
My mom's gonna kill me,
Shane, it's the cops.
Wait up, guys!
Sophie, can you hear me?
Wake up, Sophie.
Sophie, wake up.
Come on, we better go
get some help.
Wait, I'm gonna try
one more thing.
Did you just kiss me?
How was it?
It was--it was totally rad.
I wish I could remember it.
Could I get a little wine
With all this cheese?
Shut up, Hobie.
Are you sure you're okay?
Yeah, my head
hurts a little,
but I think I'm okay.
What happened?
Oh, me and Hobie gave them
a serious beat down.
Wait, Hobie,
How'd you get here?
Well, I figured when you guys
found the tracks destroyed,
you might need some help
getting your video back
from Shane.
So I grabbed some weapons,
and I came on up.
No big deal.
So you destroyed
the tracks?
Yeah. Sorry.
You're not gonna tell anyone,
are you?
Of course not.
I'm just glad you came.
Should've paid more attention
instead of leaving you out
when we found the tracks,
you know?
I didn't mean to.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I was being kind of
a butt face too.
Come on. Over here.
Well, what's
all this, then?
Oh, nothing.
It's just--
Well, it's just two friends
overcoming their differences.
W-wait a second.
Hobie, when's the last time
you showered?
What are you talking about?
I shower every day.
No, you don't.
Sometimes you don't shower
for weeks.
This is not the time
or place
to talk
about your friend's hygiene.
Yes, besides, what does that
have to do with anything?
Well, he's the one
that fell on the poo.
Really, we may have
never found the tracks
if it wasn't
for my friend Hobie here.
I mean, he tripped and hit
his head in the Sasquatch poo,
and I still think there's some
stuck in his hair.
Look, yeah.
Right here, see?
Be still, my boy.
If these are real droppings,
I'll know.
Ladies and gentlemen,
this is genuine Sasquatch feces.
you have a find.
Yes, yes!
I knew it.
You have a find!
A find!
Now, son, I thought you said
your friends were attacked?
We were attacked.
Gavin and I were able
to fend them off.
Took off down that way.
Who were they?
It was Shane Bagwell
and his atrocious friends.
Oh, that little brat's
my nephew.
I'll take care of him.
Hey, everybody,
let's go get some
of Grandma Lloyd's
apple dumplings.
Let's go. Come on.
What a beautiful day.
Can you guys believe
summer's almost over?
Hey, don't you start school
on Monday, Maynard?
Did you get all the classes
you wanted down at the CCCC?
I'm only gonna take
two computer classes, though.
What are you doing, Hobie?
I was thinking of going
to Massage Therapy School.
Yeah, then I could go
to Hollywood
and become
an on-set masseuse,
meet all the famous stars,
and eventually
become famous myself...
or just stick around town.
It's a big dream, Hobie.
Hey, guys, I thought
you wanted to sword fight.
You're just sitting there.
Wow, you look amazing.
Your mouth.
Yeah, I decided I didn't really
need to lose that much weight.
I kind of like myself
the way I am, you know?
Me too.
So now you can talk and junk?
That's not all I can do.
# so I think
that you should go. #
Ooh, kissy, kissy.
Shut up, Hobie.
Whoa, what's that?
It's my battle ax.
I made myself a shield too
so I wouldn't get hit so much.
Hey, what are you
gonna name your ax?
The Berserker.
Come on, guys.
Who wants to start first?
I do.
Get out of the way.
Prepare to meet
your doom, Maynards.
Come on.
# go, go, go, go, go. #
# you restless souls,
you're gonna find it. #
# go, go, go, go, go. #
# you restless souls,
you're gonna find it. #
Open number five.
Apparently we have no evidence
of any wrongdoing,
so you can go.
Told you I didn't do nothing,
stupid piece of crap.
You know
what your problem is, Zerk?
You can't seem
to go 20 minutes
without saying
or doing something stupid.
Now get out of here.
Check you later, Miggs.
I swear, man, I'm gonna get me
a lawyer and sue them
for wrongful imprisonment, man.
So lay it on me, man.
Tell me the good news.
Are we rich?
Well, the first one sold
for $400.
Yes, Scooby Dooby Doo.
What about the rest?
Well, no one
bid on the other ones.
What are you talking
about, dude?
Well, there's, like,
30 different people
selling so-called authentic
Clackanomah County
bigfoot casts
now that Snodgrass
declared it's a real find.
This is unbelievable, man.
People profiting
from our hard work.
I mean, this is America.
That ain't supposed to happen.
It's not freaking China
or whatever.
I don't want to cry, man.
What are we gonna do now?
That guy's coming on Monday.
We only sold one
for 400 bucks.
Well, did you know
that it only cost $300
to enter the Demolition Derby
this Saturday?
I mean,
they're gonna take the car
no matter what, right?
And if you win,
you get 5,000 bucks.
You might as well.
Plus, with all
this car's speed,
you'll probably
never even get hit.
You've got nothing to lose.
you're a dang genius, man.
# it's not the right time
to be sober. #
# now the idiots
have taken over, #
# spreading like
a social cancer. #
# is there an answer? #
# Mensa membership conceding. #
# tell me why and how are all
the stupid people breeding? #
# Watson,
it's really elementary. #
# the industrial revolution #
# has flipped the bitch
on evolution. #
# the benevolent and wise #
# are being thwarted,
ostracized. #
# what a bummer. #
# the world
keeps getting dumber. #
# insensitivity is standard, #
# and faith is being fancied
over reason. #
# Darwin's rolling over
in his coffin. #
# the fittest are surviving
much less often. #
# now everything
seems to be reversing, #
# and it's worsening. #
# someone flopped a steamer
in the gene pool. #
# now angry mob mentality's
no longer the exception; #
# it's the rule. #
# and I'm starting to feel
a lot like Charlton Heston #
# stranded
on a primate planet, #
# apes and orangutans
that ran it to the ground, #
# with generals and the armies
that obeyed them, #
# followers following fables, #
# philosophies that enabled them
to rule without regard. #
# there's no point
for democracy #
# when ignorance
is celebrated. #
# political scientists
get the same one vote #
# as some Arkansas inbred. #
# majority rule don't work
in mental institutions. #
# sometimes the smallest,
softest voice #
# carries the grand,
biggest solutions. #
# what are we left with? #
# a nation of god-fearing
pregnant nationalists #
# who feel it's their duty
to populate the homeland, #
# pass on traditions, #
# how to get ahead religions, #
# and prosperity
via simpleton culture. #
# the idiots are taking over. #
# the idiots are taking over. #
# the idiots are taking over. #
# the idiots are taking over. #
# the idiots are taking over. #
# the idiots are taking over. #
# the idiots are taking over. #
# the idiots are taking over. #
# they're taking over. #