The Scavengers (1959) Movie Script

(dramatic orchestral music)
- Well, kanpai ex-partner.
- Kanpai.
When are you leaving Hong Kong?
- Oh, no hurry.
I don't have to be in Manila
'til the end of the month.
- [Mr. Puan] What does
Marissa say about it?
- Haven't told her.
- A good girl that one.
I like her.
- Yeah, she's a good girl.
I'm gonna feel bad
about leaving her,
but I'm leaving just the same.
- I think you're making
a big mistake, Stuart.
You don't even know if
Philippinel Ranch will take you.
- We'll see.
- What are you really
looking for, Stuart?
- A fella named Stuart Allison.
He's been gone a long time.
If I don't start looking for
him pretty soon, I may...
- What's the matter?
(expression in foreign language)
- Marion?
(boat horn blowing)
(whistles blowing)
(intense orchestral music)
- Making us another
little visit, I see.
The usual thing, eh?
- [Stuart] I didn't start it.
- Of course not.
It does happen to you with
almost haikuic regularity,
doesn't it?
- Hearing on Friday, 10:00 a.m.,
municipal court, room 16.
- A few parting words
if you don't mind.
We have treated you
rather decently thus far
under the circumstances,
but we really don't
like smugglers
even if they happen
to be Americans.
I'm afraid we are
bound to great more
and morals as time goes by.
Most unfortunate.
- Well don't sweat over it,
I just went out
of business today.
- Really?
How did that happen?
- I was offered a job in Manila.
Sold my interest in a boat.
- So Mr. Puan now takes over
sole management of the firm?
- I'm going into the
fishing business, Inspector.
- No doubt about it.
Well, good luck to both of you.
So nice to have had
this little chat.
(daunting orchestral music)
- Bourbon.
(bouncy orchestral jazz music)
(coin clanking)
(suspenseful music)
(dramatic orchestral bursts)
- Hey what's going here?
- [O'Hara] No, no, no.
They did not get anything.
- American?
- Officer, they went that way.
I think you can
still catch them.
- Who?
- The robbers.
Two of them.
And they were
hidden in the dark.
And as I past them,
they jumped me.
Fortunately, this
gentlemen came along.
They did not get my wallet.
- What did they look like?
- They were bigger than me.
It was so dark,
and it happened so suddenly.
- [Voiceover] Hey, come on here.
- You wait here.
- You wanted to talk?
I'm listening.
- Do you like chestnuts?
- No, and I wouldn't
like to Tango
with you again,
but I will have to.
- My name is Casimir O'Hara.
It's not really a strange name.
It just happens to be
Chinese, Filipino, Irish.
- Why were you
following me all day?
- You're looking for a
woman named Marion Kramer.
Is that correct?
- You know where she is?
- What do you know
about Ms. Kramer,
and what do you have
to do about her?
- Just this, she just doesn't
happen to be Ms. Kramer,
she's Mrs. Stuart Allison.
- Try again Mr. Allison.
I have been acquainted
at Ms. Kramer
for almost five years now.
- And she walked out
on me six years ago.
I was a flyer in the Korean War.
I left her in Tokyo.
When I got back she was gone.
Just disappeared.
She could've been
dead for all I knew.
Can't you understand?
She just vanished,
walked out on me.
I was only married
to her two months
when I got called
back in service,
and I knew her a couple
of weeks before that.
Her going off like that
came out of left field.
All I could do was look for her.
Spent every dime I had.
Even begged,
borrowed, and stole.
Only thing was important
was gettin' her back.
And now I don't know what for.
- Would you kill her?
- [Stuart] What?
- It's a reasonable question.
A man can store up a great
deal of hate in six years.
Is that the way
you feel about her?
- No.
- All right, Mr. Allison.
I will tell you
where to find her
on one condition.
- What's that?
- That you meet me at the
lobby of your hotel tomorrow,
and tell me all about
your meeting with her.
- What's your angle?
- I cannot answer that
for the time being.
You will have to
take me on trust.
- OK.
- You will find her at
this address tonight.
It is sort of an
exclusive place,
but they will let you
in if you show this note
to the man at the door.
About our meeting tomorrow.
Do not approach me or
show any recognition of me
until I've come to you.
- Is Marion in any
kind of trouble?
- We might talk
about that tomorrow.
One thing more, Mr. Allison,
I would suggest
that from now on,
you proceed with
extreme caution,
as if your life were
in grave danger.
That is all I can tell you now.
(daunting orchestral music)
(door slamming)
(engine purring)
(crowd chattering)
- All done.
(door shutting)
Sorry sir, private room.
- Is the manager's
office in there?
- That way.
(thudding, rustling)
- Taklo, this is a friend.
Hello Stu.
Did you come looking for me?
- Let's get out of here.
- You want to?
- We've got a lot to talk
about, don't you think?
- All right.
(slow orchestral music)
Don't turn on the lights, Stu.
I like quiet, dark places.
Something so
soothing about them.
Something so present
you could almost touch it.
Do you know that about me, Stu?
You always thought I was a
little crazy, didn't you?
How long has it been?
Five years, six years.
A long time ago in
a different world.
Sometimes when I look back,
it's like it happened
to two different people.
- It happened to us, Marion.
- Yes I know.
Give me a cigarette.
(slow, romantic
orchestral music)
Do you hate me?
Do you?
- No.
I don't know if that answers
your question though.
- You haven't changed
at all have you, Stu?
- I've changed.
- All means nothing to you now?
- I don't know.
- I thought about
you a great deal.
You don't know how many times
I've wanted to come back to you.
- But you always
managed to talk yourself
out of it, didn't you?
- Does it have to be like this?
Couldn't you just
believe me once?
Try to understand that I--
- Understand?
How do you expect
me to understand?
Marion, for three years lookin'
for you was my whole life.
I gave up everything that
meant anything to me.
I didn't know what made you go.
I didn't know why
you disappeared.
You could've been forced to
or you could even be dead.
All I could do is look for you.
I kept that up as
long as I could.
But I couldn't
keep it up forever.
And after a while, even
that didn't make any sense.
- We had a good
thing, didn't we?
- [Stuart] You want the truth?
I don't remember.
- Don't hate me, Stu.
Help me.
I'm all alone.
Please help me.
- Why did you do it, Marion?
- Don't ask me any questions.
Just be with me.
Just be with me.
(orchestral music)
- Marion?
(phone ringing)
Who is it?
Just a minute.
He says it's your travel agency.
How'd they know you were here?
- Yes?
Yes but I--
No, I didn't.
Yes, all right.
- Who was that?
I have to go, Stu.
I am here on business, you know.
And there's some
important things
I have to attend to.
- I'm coming with you.
- No.
It's just something I
have to do by myself.
- You're not going anywhere
without me, Marion.
- Get out of my way.
- Now listen to me.
I just want to help you.
I know you're in
some kind of trouble.
- I don't want
any help from you.
Now let me go.
Please Stu,
I know I've never given
you any reason to trust me,
but it's important that
I leave here alone.
Please don't ask me why.
I'm not in any
trouble, I swear it.
- I don't believe you.
Last night when I found you
you were full of--
- It won't take me long.
I'll just go do
what I have to do.
Then I'll go back to the
place where I'm staying
and pick up some things.
I'll meet you there
tonight if you like.
- Where?
- 143 Alvero on the north side.
I'll be ready at ten.
Please Stu, it's just for today.
Tonight I'll be with you.
I'll go with you
wherever you'd like.
- And you won't tell
me anything now?
- Tonight I will.
I'll never ask you for
anything else again.
Thank you, Stu.
Ten o'clock.
- And she told you
nothing at all about
her business up here?
Not even indirectly?
- Not a thing.
All I know is she's in trouble.
You know what she's mixed up in,
don't you O'Hara?
- Trouble seems to be
her business, I think.
Some persons are born that way.
- O'Hara I have got to know.
- Keep your voice down please.
I hardly know you Mr. Allison,
but I wish you no ill.
Therefore, this is my advice.
Forget your wife.
Get out of Macao as
soon as possible.
Her illness is incurable.
I say this without malice.
Her addiction is only a symptom.
- I tell you what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna meet her tonight,
and tomorrow I'm goin'
to Hong Kong with her.
- Then I can only
wish you good luck.
(church bells ringing)
(daunting orchestral music)
- Hello?
Anybody home?
(daunting orchestral music)
- I'd stay right where
you are if I were you.
Dee, come into the front hall.
- [Stuart] Say look,
there's been a mistake.
And I'm quite sure.
- Put your hands on your head
and walk in there.
Straight ahead.
- [Stuart] Say look,
my name's Allison.
I can show you my
- Keep your hands
where they are.
- Now look, I can explain.
I was looking for my wife.
Your door was open.
- What might your
wife's name be?
- [Stuart] Marion A--
Marion Kramer.
- You'll have to do much
better than that ole boy.
I've never heard of either name.
- Look, I don't
care what you think.
I'm telling you it's a mistake.
Now if you don't believe
me, call the police.
- I'm afraid it won't be as
simple as that, Mr. Kramer
or whatever your name may be.
You see, the police in
this part of the world
are inclined to treat
Americans with kid gloves.
I rather fancy they think
the tourist rate will suffer
if they do otherwise.
I think he and I can take
care of this ourselves
very nicely, thank you.
Sit down.
- What is this a frame?
I suppose Marion's got
something to do with it?
(daunting, dramatic
orchestral music)
(dramatic orchestral music)
(boat horn blowing)
(baby grumbling)
- Good morning, Mr. Allison.
(man speaking in
foreign language)
Just something for your
headache, that is all.
You are fortunate.
You might have had a concussion.
Chew it.
- You found me?
- This is the home
of a cousin of mine
who works in the
Custom's Bureau.
- Did you know it was a trap?
- No, but you could call
it an educated guess.
Your wife returned to Hong
Kong on the ferry this morning.
Don't be foolish, my friend.
You are in no condition
to go anywhere.
I am sure Mrs. Allison
will remain in Hong Kong
for a little while yet.
In fact, I'm gambling on it.
I think I'd better tell
you my little story.
Have you ever heard of
a Chinese Nationalist
General named Wu Tra Lin?
- Wasn't he in command
of the Hunan Army
in the last days of
government on the mainland?
- You have a good memory.
(whining baby)
As you can imagine,
the atmosphere
prevailing at the time
was one of utter
confusion and panic.
All hopes of victory
were abandoned.
The only remaining hope was
to get out of the province,
out of the country all together.
Hong Kong.
The government of course
was moving to Formosa.
General Wu was given the task
of supervising the evacuation
of government and personnel
and property in his area.
And this matter, acquitted
himself brilliantly,
which is more than can be said
of his military activities.
Fortunately, several
months later in Formosa,
when the government auditors
had had sufficient time
to take stock of things,
it was discovered
that somewhere along the line,
General Wu or some
members of his staff
had mislaid some
highly negotiable
foreign government bonds
and treasury certificates
worth about three
million U.S. dollars.
Of course an
investigation was made,
several members of General
Wu's staff were imprisoned,
some were shot.
But the bonds were never found.
The General was permitted to
resign from his commission.
- What's all this got
to do with Marion?
- After he resigned,
he went and lived in Japan.
He met Mrs. Allison there
about two years ago.
They have been very
close friends ever since.
- That hardly proves
she had anything to do
with stealing the bonds
or getting 'em out
of the mainland.
- No one claims that.
As a matter of fact, it has
been satisfactorily established
that the bonds never
left the mainland.
- So?
- I have reason to
believe that the bonds
were smuggled to Macao from
the mainland very recently.
I have reason to believe
that Mrs. Allison
came here to pick the things up.
The General has disappeared
from his residence in Kobe.
And Mrs. Allison, a
woman known to be without
any visible means of support
has to Hong Kong and Macao
with no apparent
purpose than to purchase
some very expensive
articles of oriental art.
An old hobby of
hers, Mr. Allison?
- I never noticed particularly.
You seem to be pretty well
posted on this business.
- Not as well as I
would like it to be.
There are some very
puzzling questions.
Why did General Wu
wait for eight years
to get the bonds
out of the mainland?
It is now a much riskier affair
than it was eight years ago
when the People's
Government Secret Police
was not so well organized.
Another puzzle.
What caused Mrs.
Allison to throw in
her lot with General Wu?
- That's pretty obvious.
- The bonds?
I don't think so.
- What do you care O'Hara?
All you want to do is get
your hands on the bonds.
- You don't know
that for a fact.
I have told you all this
in the hope that I
might persuade you
to join forces with me.
- I'm not interested.
- But you are still determined
to get your wife out of this?
- Yes.
- Then you really
don't have any choice
in the matter, do you?
(upbeat, bouncy
orchestral music)
- Oh Mr. Allison, I forgot.
Mr. O'Hara is waiting
for you upstairs.
(bouncy exotic music)
(slow jazz music)
- How's the head?
- Fine.
Headache's all gone.
Have you found her?
She's staying at the Astor Hotel
under her maiden name.
She lives alone.
She's had no contact
worth investigating
ever since her arrival.
The curios she bought from Macao
are now in the Manzi's
Storage Company
in Gilman Street.
- Do you think the
bonds might be there?
- Yours is as good
a guess as any.
- And this Chinese General
you said disappeared,
do you think he might be dead?
- If he is dead,
someone has killed him.
And that someone
has dealt himself
into our little game.
In any case, I refuse to believe
that she's playing a lone hand.
- Well now, what do you propose
we do about it?
Just sit and wait.
- We can't afford to do that.
We have to stir
things up a little.
And see what happens.
I want you to telephone her.
Insist on seeing her.
Make an appointment with her.
Away from her hotel.
- What's the idea?
- A shot in the dark.
She might panic.
And try to get to her people.
Or if not.
I could go over her room
while she's out
meeting with you.
Call her up.
It's only a five minute
walk to her hotel.
- Just one thing O'Hara.
I won't set her up
to be patsy for you
or anybody else.
Now you understand that?
- There's no need for
petty speeches, Allison.
We are going to work as a team
as long as it both suits us.
You know what I am.
I am a skip,
a lonely scavenger if you wish
like your wife and her friends.
You are an idealist.
The world that I
know, believe me,
that word is just as dirty.
My country has survived
for 4,000 years
until it was strangled
by idealists.
- Is he there?
- Yes.
Thank you very much
for the use of your--
- Hello?
I'd like to speak to Ms.
Marion Kramer, please.
Hello Marion, this is Stu.
I didn't think you knew
what happened to me.
- I just heard about
it from a friend.
No Stu, No.
It wouldn't do either
one of us any good.
I can't meet you.
It's out of the question.
(finger snapping)
All right, three o'clock.
I'll be there.
- So, you found her.
Now I know why
you sold the boat.
- No, I didn't
know about it then.
- What are you
going to do, Stuart?
- I don't know.
I really don't know.
She's sick, she's
in big trouble.
- And you're still in
love with her after all?
At least you're not apologizing.
I think I'd kill you
if you apologized.
(birds chirping)
(engine roaring)
- What do you want with me, Stu?
- That's a funny question
to ask, isn't it?
- Oh for heaven's sakes.
Let's not start that faithful
husband routine again.
It's the wrong
time of day for it.
- All right, let's
talk about Macao.
You knew I was gonna
get worked over there
the other night, didn't you?
- What difference does it make?
I only came here
for one reason, Stu.
For your own good,
leave me alone.
I can't mean that much to you.
You know what I am.
Is it worth getting killed for?
- I don't plan on
getting killed.
I know what you are.
I want you back.
I don't know if we can
still work things out,
but we can try.
- I don't want to
come back to you.
Don't you think I
would've a long time ago
if I'd wanted to?
That night in Macao...
I didn't know what I was saying.
- That night in Macao,
you were yourself.
You just stopped
being frightened for
a while, that's all.
Now listen to me, Marion,
I know what you're mixed up in.
You're playing with dynamite.
In the shape you're in, it's
liable to blow up in your face.
Now I could help you
out of it if you let me.
- So that's it.
I might have known.
- I don't want the bonds.
I just want to get
you out of this mess.
Now look, I got a job in Manila.
We can be there tonight.
There's a plane leaving.
- Stay away from me, Stu.
I won't tell you again.
(car engine buzzing)
(bouncy jazz music)
- You dance very
well, Ms. Marissa.
- Thank you.
Thank you very much.
- [Stuart] Are you
sure he couldn't have
come in while I was out?
- I couldn't be
sure, Mr. Allison.
All I know is, he
hasn't come to the bar
at any time tonight.
- Then I'm gonna
go look for him.
If he shows up, tell
him to wait, will you?
(car engine buzzing)
(daunting orchestral music)
(dramatic, bouncy
orchestral music)
What are you doing here?
- O'Hara gave me his address
too and they told me--
- Look come on, let's get going.
- What's wrong, Stuart?
(dramatic, suspenseful
orchestral music)
(gunshots firing)
(thudding, banging)
(dramatic orchestral music)
- Hello?
Oh hello Mr. Allison.
I've been trying and
trying to reach you.
Your friend has
been in an accident.
He is in a municipal hospital.
He's asking for you.
- You're a little late.
He is still in there
if you want to see him.
(dramatic orchestral music)
Hit and run.
He wasn't killed instantly.
Did you know him well?
- Met him a few days ago.
- That's odd.
He seemed to wanted to
talk to you very badly.
- Had a business proposition.
We were gonna meet tonight.
- [Man in Turban] What kind
of a business proposition?
- Were gonna talk
about it tonight.
- I see.
And there is nothing
you can tell me
that might be of some help?
- No.
- You couldn't have known then
that he was an agent of the
Chinese Nationalist Government?
You don't really believe
it was an accident,
do you Allison?
- Look, if you want a statement
on where I've been
since I got her--
- They've already
looked into that.
- What about funeral
- The Chinese community's
going to take care of it.
He had a family in Singapore.
A wife and three sons.
I thought you were
leaving Hong Kong.
- I am.
- Soon?
Very wise of you, I think.
He was a highly trained
person's line of work.
An expert you might say.
And yet...
(dramatic orchestral music)
- It could've been an accident.
You don't really know that she
had anything to do with it.
- I'm sorry I got
you in with this.
- It wasn't your fault, Stuart.
- It never is.
It's the kind of guy I am.
O'Hara had me pegged
from the start.
Get back in quick.
- [Marissa] Why,
what's the mat--
- Turn around, we're going back.
(dramatic orchestral music)
- What's wrong?
- We can't go back to the club.
Not after what happened tonight.
They're probably waiting for us.
- But what am I
going to tell them?
I promised I'd be back.
- Baby, can't you understand
they'd try to kill us?
They're not through trying.
- What are we going
to do, Stuart?
Hong Kong isn't big
enough to hide us forever.
- You're right.
Maybe we can do
more than just hide.
(car engine running)
- Hello Mr. Allison.
Help you?
- I have a friend of
mine staying here,
Ms. Marion Kramer.
- Oh yes, she's in 518.
I'll give her a call and--
- Don't bother Jimmy.
I'm sure Ms. Kramer won't mind.
- OK.
- [Marion] Who is it?
- It's me, Stu.
- [Marion] Stu. Wait.
(melancholy orchestral music)
- What did he do?
- He beat me with a belt.
He said next time he'd kill me.
- Why'd he do it?
- He said he would if
he caught me again.
Oh Stu, help me.
He took it away.
Get me some.
It'll be the last
time, I promise.
- What is it, cocaine?
- Don't you understand,
I'm all twisted up inside.
And frightened.
- How long have you been on it?
- Oh Stu, you were so right.
Take me back, I need you.
I'll be whatever
you want me to be.
- I'm getting you out of here.
- Will you help me?
- Yeah I'll help you,
but you better change.
You think you can manage?
- Yes I'll go right now.
Oh thank you, Stu.
You'll never be
sorry, I promise.
Gotta go before he comes back.
(daunting orchestral music)
- It's past supper
time, are you hungry?
- You think something
might have gone wrong?
- I'm trying not to think.
I suggest you do the same.
(car engine buzzing)
Were you followed?
- Unless you would follow
without headlights.
- Oh Stu is it--
Have they got it?
- Let's go downstairs.
- [Voiceover] I'll
be in the front room.
- Where is he going?
I thought he had it down here.
Did he--
- He hasn't got any Marion.
- You promised me, Stu.
You said you'd help me.
- I'll help you.
But not get another fix.
Not now or ever again.
- What did you
bring me here for?
- To get you away
from your friends
and ask you a few questions.
- [Marion] Let me go.
You dirty hypocrite.
You think you can
get away with it?
They're gonna run
you down and kill you
and I'm going to
watch 'em do it.
You're gonna get the same thing
that sneaky little
friend of yours got.
- So you figured O'Hara?
You're a murder too on
top of everything else,
you're a murderer.
- [Marion] Oh Stu,
I didn't mean that.
- Get up.
- [Marion] I didn't know
they were gonna kill him.
- Get up.
- Oh Stu! I didn't know until--
(incoherent murmuring)
- The guy who was
with you tonight.
- He said it had to be done.
He said O'Hara found out
where the bonds were.
- Inside one of your
crates at the warehouse.
- You know?
- Sure, that's why he
wanted to have me killed.
- Stu believe me, I didn't know.
They just said they were gonna
throw a scare into you.
- Where's General Wu, Marion?
- I'll tell you anything
you want to know.
Only please help me.
I've gotta have it, I beg you.
- Where is General Wu?
- Taggert thinks he's dead.
He said we'd keep the
bonds for ourselves.
I never wanted to have
anything to do with him.
But they made me work with him.
- How did they make you?
- The same way you're
making me talk right now.
Oh Stu.
Stu, please.
We were sent here separately.
Taggert was supposed
to watch me,
but never be seen with me
unless it couldn't be helped.
After I'd picked up the bonds,
we were supposed to
wait for a contact.
Oh Stu.
Please, don't
punish me like this.
You want me to die?
- You won't die.
You better get some rest.
- Stu, wait!
I'll tell you everything.
There's more.
I'll tell you anything
you want to know.
Do you want the bonds?
They're yours.
All of them.
Don't leave me here.
Let me out!
Help me.
That's a laugh, ha.
Fine, straighten me out.
Wipe out all the last six years.
I've known a lot of men
since I left you, Stu.
Did you know that?
The General and Taggert too.
Did you know that?!
Let me out, let me out!
(slow orchestral music)
- I've been very happy
with you, Stuart.
I'm sorry I can't help you now.
(door shutting)
(slow orchestral music)
- Marion, there's something
I want to tell you.
I never really had a
chance to know each other.
I knew that when I married you.
When you left me I gave
myself a lot of reasons
to go on looking for you.
I suppose I would've
kept on believing in them
if I hadn't found
you, but I found you.
And know why I had to.
You said it yourself, we
had a good thing once.
But you always wanted more
than I could give you.
And now you got your big chance.
But you're not well.
These people you're mixed
up with are killers.
Playing over your head.
So I'm gonna help you Marion.
I'm gonna help you beat
'em at their own game.
You're gonna have
everything you ever wanted.
- All for me?
- For both of us.
From now on we'll be together.
I've thrown away six years of
my life and I want 'em back.
- What do I want, Stu?
Do you know?
Once I thought I did.
But you could look so long.
So hard.
But you forget.
Do you love me?
- I love you.
- Hold me?
Stu, I'm so tired.
I'd give anything in the
world if I could just
stop running for a little while.
You'll stay with me, won't you?
Promise me, you'll stay with me?
- [Stuart] I won't leave you.
- I love you, Stu.
I love you.
- Hello, Mr. Allison.
- [Stuart] Ms. Kramer call you?
- Yes sir, I've sent the maid
up to pack up her things.
We've been keeping this for her.
I hope Ms. Kramer
wasn't unhappy here.
- Oh it's not that, Jimmy.
It's just that some friends
came in from out of town.
She had to leave
all of a sudden.
- [Jimmy] I see.
What about the luggage?
Would you like to wait for them
or shall we send them
over where she's staying?
- I might as well wait, Jimmy.
I'll pick 'em up later, Jimmy.
- Any time, Mr. Allison.
- If you have a moment,
I'd like to have a
little chat with you.
I think the bar would be
rather more private, all right?
By the way, my name is Taggert.
Mike Taggert.
Beer for me.
- What's the deal?
- That's strange.
I was just about to
ask you the same thing.
- Don't you know?
- Allison, you're
surely not stupid enough
to think that you can
get away with this?
- I don't know.
I've been doin'
pretty good so far.
- We are a very efficient and
well connected organization.
These bonds you see,
they're sort of a
fee for eight years
of very hard and
confidential work.
- Very legitimate.
Like setting up dope outlets
for the Chinese Reds.
- That sort of wild
thinking can get you
into a lot of trouble.
I sincerely advise you
to stop as fast you can.
- That's a very nice thing
to have, a sincerity.
- I'm a businessman, Allison,
and as a businessman,
am prepared to make you
a very generous offer.
I do not want to see this deal
get into a bigger
mess than it's in now.
And so therefore, I will
offer you $10,000 cash
for that claim check that
you have in your pocket.
And furthermore, I'll throw
Mrs. Allison into the bargain.
- And a safe passage for the
both of us out of Hong Kong?
- [Taggert] Naturally.
- I don't know what
you do for General Wu,
but it's plain to see you
don't do his thinking.
Only a fool would
expect me to go for
a tired bill of goods like that.
- I have the cash here.
- Well then hire
another native gunman.
That'd make more sense.
And don't stop being sincere.
You can't afford to let
Marion and I run around.
We know too much.
Even more than O'Hara.
- Don't underestimate
me, Allison.
I don't make too many mistakes.
I will admit that bringing
a junkie like your wife
into this organization
was rather stupid.
But then, you should know
better than most people
that she can be a barrel of fun
when she wants to be.
I don't think we
have anything more
we need to talk about.
- I've met a lot of
guys in your business.
But never have I met
anybody who's enjoyed
it as much as you.
You've had your kicks with
me, Marion, and O'Hara.
I think it's time you paid
us a small down payment.
(dramatic music)
Don't make any noise or I'll--
May get the police down on us
and we'll have a lot
of questions to answer.
(dramatic orchestral music)
(slow orchestral music)
- Stu, I've been thinking.
Are the bonds really
very important to you?
- Why do you ask that?
- Well it's just, they
don't know where we are now,
but they'll stop looking for us.
If we stay here much longer--
- We're not gonna
be here much longer.
We're getting out tonight.
- Why can't we leave
right now this morning?
- Without the bonds, you mean?
- It doesn't really
matter, does it?
The important thing is the
two of us get away from here.
Get someplace where
they'll never find us.
- Marion, I don't
understand you.
It's only at your account that
I got myself into this thing.
- I know, I know.
But what seemed so
terribly important to me
just a short time ago
doesn't mean anything anymore.
All I want is you.
I know that now.
I need you, Stu.
I'll never leave you again.
- You never give up, do you?
- Don't you believe me?
- How can I?
Have you ever
given me one reason
to believe you?
We need the bonds.
We need the money
to get as far away
from Wu and his bunch as we can.
They'll never stop
looking for us.
- It's not worth it.
- I didn't make the
choice, you did.
- [Marion] Nothing's
changed then?
- Just one small difference.
We'll be together.
And Marion'll make
two phone calls.
One to her hotel to
tell them to deliver
her luggage to the Chief Steward
of the President Tyler.
The other to the storage company
to tell 'em to do the same
thing with the crates.
And the President Tyler
doesn't start loading
cargo until early
morning so I don't think
the crates will be
there before that.
Then I go downtown and I
get two first class tickets
on Philippine Airlines.
Before I do that, I make
sure I'm being followed
by one of Taggert's crowd.
- The idea of course
is to make them think
that you're going
to be on the plane?
But I don't follow.
- Let me finish.
We're not going
out on the Tyler.
And we're not going out
on Philippine Airlines.
We're leaving
tonight on your boat
and board the Boston at Macao.
We meet your boat at
China Bay at 1:00 a.m.
That'll be your chore
for this evening.
- What about embarios?
- Well that's the tough part.
We have to break into
the storage house.
They've only got
one night watchman.
I've already checked that.
And the back lock in the place
shouldn't be too tough to break.
It'll be a risk all right.
- Not too much for Puan.
Storage houses at the bank.
Sounds full proof to me.
- Well let's hope so.
We'll meet tonight at
10:30 at Wing Wu Street.
I don't want you girls to
leave the house while I'm out.
- Sorry, I guess I'm
still a little weak.
- Maybe you'd better
get some rest.
- I think I will.
You take care of yourself.
(daunting, dramatic
orchestral music)
(man speaking in
foreign language)
- OK let's get started.
I want you two girls
to sit up front.
Now if you see
anything suspicious,
even a patrol car,
I want you to give
three short blasts on the horn.
I'm gonna be in there
about a half hour
so don't panic.
- Stu, I want you--
- What is it Marion?
- Nothing.
Please be careful.
- Try not to worry.
We'll be out in a short while.
(dramatic orchestral music)
(engine running, whistling)
(daunting, suspenseful
orchestral music)
Wait here.
(dramatic burst)
(bouncy, suspenseful music)
- Stuart?
(suspenseful music)
- We'll have to walk
back to the car.
(dramatic orchestral music)
We've got to get
you to a doctor.
You're not going--
- No.
House, get to house.
- But there's a 20 minute
drive to your house.
You're losing a lot of blood.
- The house.
Like Roscoe and my brother.
(dramatic music)
- Hello, American cigarettes.
Buy eight pounds, $2.10.
(man speaking foreign language)
- No, no.
- No, cheaper and
special quality.
Very good Scotch whisky.
Have good Scotch whisky.
Cheaper than store,
same quality.
(suspenseful orchestral music)
(doors slamming)
- Please go on into
the house, Mr. Allison.
The key, please.
Put down that telephone.
- [Stuart] This man
is seriously wounded.
He needs help right away.
- It will have to
wait, I'm afraid.
Stand over there
by the stairway.
(speaking in foreign language)
You have probably guessed that
I'm General Wu, Mr. Allison.
You have caused me
no end of trouble.
Where's Mrs. Allison?
- She's not here.
- That is not what I asked you.
- I don't know where she is.
She ran out on us
at the warehouse.
- You won't gain
anything by lying to me.
- I'm not lying.
She left some things in the car.
You can see for yourself.
- The chase never ceases.
It has been eight
years now for me.
Daring, are never enough.
One needs patience.
Infinite patience.
(men speaking in
foreign language)
It was a mere stroke
of luck my finding you.
When Mrs. Allison
disappeared from her hotel,
you were the main
suspect of course.
But you were
nowhere to be found.
It was only late this
evening that I learned
of your friendship
with a gentlemen there.
I came only to interrogate him.
Think of that.
If you had found
the bonds tonight,
I very likely would never
have caught up with you.
- Glad you got the bonds now.
- But I don't have them.
- [Stuart] What
are you telling me?
I saw your men at the warehouse.
- That was the
ambitious Mr. Taggert
living up to my
expectation of him.
A pathetic waste of effort.
- What?
- The bonds are not in
those crates, Mr. Allison.
As an avid student of
diversionary tactics,
you should have expected that.
Although I needed
their services,
I never felt able to trust
Mr. Taggert or Mrs. Allison.
Therefore when I sent them here,
I give them a complex
set of instructions
designed to make them believe
that the bonds
would be concealed
among a collection of
curios that I had instructed
Mrs. Allison to buy at
an auction in Macao.
But the plan was actually
much simpler than that.
Before Mrs. Allison left Japan,
I gave her a small
going away present.
A travelling trunk.
Unknown to her, the
trunk was equipped with
a cleverly devised
secret compartment
just large enough to
accommodate the bonds.
The bonds were placed
in the compartment
while she was away from
her hotel in Macao.
So you see Mr. Allison,
no one has the bonds yet.
They are waiting in a
trunk at the Astor Hotel.
You will help me get them.
You will call up the
room clerk at the Astor,
and tell him you
are sending someone
to fetch Mrs. Allison's
luggage right now,
if you please.
- Hello, this is Stuart Allison.
I'm calling regarding
Ms. Kramer's luggage.
There's been a change
of plans and it--
Could you repeat that please.
- Ms. Kramer has returned
here, Mr. Allison.
We have sent all her
luggage up to her room.
- Thank you.
- Never underestimate a
woman, eh Mr. Allison?
And I was so sure
she did not know.
Well, one step further.
I have never enjoyed
violence for its own sake.
But I am an old soldier,
and I have seen many wars.
Sometimes, it is the only
sensible recourse open.
(speaking in foreign language)
Goodbye Mr. Allison.
(dramatic music)
(man speaking in
foreign language)
Girl, bad.
- [Stuart] The gun!
(door slamming)
(dramatic orchestral music)
(glass shattering)
(suspenseful orchestral music)
(suspenseful orchestral music)
(suspenseful music)
(gunshots firing)
(dramatic, suspenseful music)
- [Marissa] He was your
friend and you killed him.
You killed him.
You killed him.
- You stay here,
I won't be long.
- This is as far
as I go, Stuart.
I'm not going with you.
- You can go or you can
stay, it's up to you.
- Goodbye Stuart.
(door shutting)
(suspenseful orchestral music)
(dramatic burst)
- I didn't want to
run out on you, Stu.
I just couldn't take anymore.
He found the bonds in the trunk.
I tried to tell him I
didn't know they were there
but he didn't believe me.
You don't believe
me either, do you?
- You better get dressed
before the police get here.
- Leave me alone, Stu.
Take the bonds,
you've earned them.
- What are you trying to pull?
- Would you believe
me if I told you?
- You better get dressed
and come with me.
- No.
Better hurry, Stu.
I've already made my escape.
- Why Marion?
- Just found out what it was
I've been looking
for all these years.
- But they got a doctor here.
We can send for him right away.
- Stu, listen to me.
This is important.
If all you knew love.
It never ran out on you.
Ever soul charge.
She never existed,
and if she did,
I never had anything
to do with her.
Let go of me, Stu.
Let go of me.
(intense orchestral music)
- Stuart?
I can't leave you, Stuart.
I love you.
I love you.
(intense, dramatic
orchestral music)