The Score (2021) Movie Script

In my heart is a valley
The meek
Should be exalted
I will walk through
This valley
My steps seem to falter
In my heart is a valley
The meek
Should be exalted
I will walk
Through this valley
My steps seem to falter
Men from the west came
Money on their mind
For the blood of Sir John
They would murder his kind
Men from the west came
Money on their mind
For the blood of Sir John
They would murder his kind
There's a new crop
To Fellin'
John Barleycorn
Is ours now
There's a tale
In the telling
John Barleycorn
Must die now
There's a new crop
To Fellin'
John Barleycorn
Is ours now
There's a tale
In the telling
John Barleycorn
Must die now
The season to destroy you
Comes year after year
It's the same blind machine
Taking ear after ear
The season to destroy you
Comes year after year
It's the same blind machine
Taking ear after ear
Where was it?
Oh, Christ.
It's not like it's still hidden.
You're as bad as your brother.
- It's needs to know.
- Twat.
You're a mess.
Never said it was formal.
Just don't soil
the leather, yeah?
So how d'you knew
we can trust these guys?
Because they're professionals.
professional criminals, man.
Yeah, exactly,
they've got, you know,
reputations to consider.
Score is, um...
one of them words...
multi, uh, many meanings.
You know?
Like, "What's the score?"
Could be a football score.
Could be a film score.
The big score.
"What's going down?
What's happening?"
Drugs, music, sex.
"Did you
score last night?"
Oh, scored with a blinder pal.
"I got
a score to settle."
What score?
No, it's a meaning.
My love came to find me
I was laying in the dark
She said
There's a land where
The sun is always shining
And the desert
Flowers bloom
There's a town where
They won't know your name
And they can
Sing your tune
If we do this regular,
that's gonna add up nice.
Say we double
our money each time,
that's expinential.
Do you know expinential?
It's like, one, two, four...
eight, sixteen.
It's a curve like this.
16, 32, 64...
Now, suppose one is a thousand.
That tops a mil.
In like, nine steps.
And we got 20k in that bag.
So, that's 20 mil.
Go on then.
Ten mil.
Dare to dream, Mikey.
English not so good
as the maths, yeah?
I got in an A
in English once, man.
My mum nearly
had a heart attack.
Said, "Why can't
you do that every time?"
Got more grief then than I did
when I came home
with loads of Fs.
- Mind you, I was only...
- Earphones.
Good pair
of noise canceling earphones.
It's 10 mil, Mikey.
You can get
a lot more than that for...
Yeah, but it'll do you
no good, man.
Can't drive with earphones in.
- Illegal, innit?
- Yeah, you're right.
The illegality would trouble me.
All that I have
Is a river
The river
Is always my home
Lord take me away
For I just cannot stay
Or I'll sink
In my skin and my bones
You don't get more
out of it that way, by the way.
You do shit your way
and I'll do shit mine, okay?
Everybody's happy.
What the fuck are you doing?
Doing shit my way.
Now everyone's happy.
Fucking hell.
Do not leave
that car, all right?
Eyes wide for any dodgy shit.
Please help me
Build a small boat
One that'll
Ride on the flow
Where the river runs deep
And the larger fish creep
Oh I'm glad
Of what keeps me afloat
I am here
I am here
To announce the journey
And make it blessed
We are here
We are here
To return to our mother
- A bag.
- Uh, bags are 5p.
Where's your toilet?
Uh, toilets
are not really for customers.
So, it's just around the corner.
No calls, or I'll come back
and rip off your arm like this.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
What the fuck are you doing?
Get in. Get in, get in.
Do I know you?
I don't know you.
So, what happened?
The one at the pump...
he was filling up, and then...
he came round, and then...
- the other one got out.
- And then they went for you?
Well, no.
Not... not exactly.
I mean, I didn't
wait for that, you know?
'Cause I mean, he got out.
It's a... it's a petrol station.
People get out.
I got out.
You got out. What...
Then what happened?
Bloody hell, Troy.
Did you just demolish two blokes
for moving
in the wrong fucking direction?
Oh, hello.
Yeah. Oh.
You've had a call.
They found your brain.
They want you
to go and pick it up.
Don't do that, man.
I'm not stupid.
Oh, no, "I'm not stupid."
I got an A
in English once."
- That was for Shakespeare.
- Fucking frame it.
Shakespeare's tough.
You do not stop, do you?
If the only way to shut you up
was to blow up the...
The whole fucking world,
nuclear holocaust,
give me the button.
All right, this is me blowing up
the whole fucking world.
I think you might be
slightly overreacting, man.
Nearly there.
Get ready.
What if they got guns?
If they got guns, move fast.
You're always
telling me how fast you are.
You know the speed of a bullet?
Me neither.
But I'm not that fast.
You disappoint me.
In that case,
try and die gracefully.
We're not bringing the money?
You think
we're doing this inside?
I don't know.
Why'd you pick this place, man?
I didn't.
They did.
It's like a morgue.
There's even a corpse.
Do you know why you're here?
- Yeah.
- No, you don't.
You ever sleep with a girl
just 'cause
you felt sorry for her?
That's you, that is.
The pity fuck.
Piss off, man.
I'm here in Derek's place.
Yeah, he's the one
that pity fucked you,
your own brother.
Incestuous pity fuck.
That's low as it gets.
Me, I wouldn't snog you
for a million quid.
That's your loss, man.
On both counts.
Wait here
and don't talk to anyone.
Do you want something
or are you just looking?
- It doesn't look eatable.
- Edible.
The word is edible.
Oh yeah, I know the word.
You just choose not to use it.
Must be a poet.
What are you after, Shakespeare?
Black coffee.
Three shots.
Mmm. Tough guy.
- Anything else?
- Yeah.
- What's this look?
- This look?
- Pointillist.
- What?
- Abstract expressionist.
- That's not a thing, is it?
What about you?
That's actually not bad.
Is that your boss?
He's not my boss.
I don't have a boss.
But you're gonna do
what he said though, right?
All I have is a river
I told you to stay here.
You didn't say stay at
the table. It's not like I left.
The river is always my home
And don't talk to anyone.
We're low profile, you get it?
It's not table service.
What, so we sit here
and don't order anything?
How low profile is that?
Find out anything?
They've been held up.
It's not table service,
I'll have one and all.
Still not table service.
You brought his.
Yeah, well, he's a poet.
Are you deaf?
Are you discriminating?
- You're in there.
- Piss off.
She's cute, if she wasn't
done up like a freak.
You're a match made in heaven.
Cute freak heaven.
- So, what's the plan then?
- What?
Oh right, yeah, um...
well, uh,
- they'll come in.
- Mm-hmm.
They'll check us out,
we'll check them out,
and go outside together,
and then um,
that's where
the um, the handover...
What's the fucking point?

I am born in the reeds
'Cause I'm an
Idea of magnitude
Giving birth to itself
Ad infinitum
I am Jefferson's torch
In a bright
Stellar majesty
Oh I'm burning
Oh I'm burning
Oh I'm burning
Yes I'm burning
Oh I'm burning
Yes I'm burning
For thee
We were measured
in the dark
By a timetabled tragedy
There's a real
Turn of heads in disaster
Now I'm fire in the well
That politicians
Gave to ruin
Oh I'm burning
Oh I'm burning
Yes I'm burning
Oh I'm burning
Oh I'm burning
Oh I'm burning
For thee
River run
Run, run, run
River through me
Through the mud
Mud, mud, mud
Let me feel
Let me feel
Let me feel you
River run, run, run
Run, run
River through me
Through the mud
Mud, mud, mud
Let me feel
Let me feel
Let me feel you
Now come out
From your cups
Find your love
In the doorways
Have a care to fill
The vessel of your heart
Hold me tight
Through the storms
Feel the winds of
Oh I'm burning
Oh he's burning
Oh I'm burning
Oh I'm burning
Yes she's burning
Oh I'm burning
Oh I'm burning
Yes she's burning
Yes he's burning
Oh I'm burning
For thee
Hand delivered,
despite normal procedure
and unpaid for, both of them.
- Pay the girl.
- Lady.
- Really?
- You better believe it.
Pay the lady, Troy.
- Keep the change.
- Flash.
There is no change.
Do I still keep the change?
What is this crap on top?
Chocolate, cappuccino
it's a default ingredient.
- Everyone knows that, man.
- You don't even know
what default means.
Most people ask.
All right, we're done here.
Go burn some toast.
Fucking hell.
Home time, Frank.
See you tomorrow.
Fuck me, can't be.
- What? What's up?
- It's them blokes you beat up.
- What? Where?
- Don't let them see you.
Come on.
Oh. Come on.
So sorry, Frank.
It's not table service.
Empty bloody room,
he goes and sits in my fucking...
I'm not hiding
from those sausages, man.
Then what, Boy Wonder,
we hang out, tell a few gags,
reminisce about that time
you beat the shit out of them?
- What if it's them?
- Who?
The ones we're waiting for.
It's not.
- How d'you know?
- Can't be.
Shit. Our...
Our guys
wouldn't let a kid jump them.
I'm fast, man.
It could be.
All right.
It's ringing.
They're not moving.
Oh, yeah.
It's me, uh, again.
Just checking something.
Um, no, it's fine.
Just, we had a little situation.
Just wait
for the all clear, all right?
See now they'll take us
for a pair of fools.
They haven't even met you yet.
Fuck's sake.
What do we do now?
We need
these two losers to clear off.
Oh, thank Christ.
Back. Get back, get back!
Get back!
Fuck it. Go, go, go.
What if the...
Wait. We're in the gent's.
Why didn't he use the ladies'
like anyone else would?
Some people
aren't like that, man.
Your day is about
to get a whole lot worse.
Bet you didn't think
that could happen.
- What are you doing?
- I want some food.
What's going on?
I'm hungry.
What are you doing
to my customers?
They paid, didn't they?
What kind of name is Troy?
- It's classic.
- You mean classical.
You like to tell people
what they mean, don't you?
Do you want something?
- What's the special?
- There is no special.
What you see is what you get.
- No special?
- No special.
And people waiting.
- Is that it?
- And the special.
- There is no special.
- You're pretty special.
Did you just say that?
No, he did.
You're pretty special.
- Keep the change?
- Don't push your luck.
Why not?
It's the only way
you get anything.
Does your head move
in any other direction?
She's playing you, man.
Well, maybe I like it.
What are you so stressed about?
Thank you.
Up 'til now...
we're nobodies, me and Derek.
As for you...
I'm a nobodies gopher.
Exactly. Well put.
So, I'm sick of being
the guy in the shit
that other people
step on to get ahead.
Derek gets locked up.
What's he got to show for it?
A few grand covered in dirt?
Sod that.
What's your point, man?
That. That's my point.
Forget it. Just...
I wanted that out there.
Fair enough.
Yeah, what's...
What's keeping you?
Seen enough?
You have the interesting face.
- Someone else said beautiful.
- Beauty?
Beauty is.
May I?
- What for?
- To...
To make the art.
Maybe one day you...
wake up and...
see your face in a...
in a book.
Or in a poster.
Just like that.
The fate redeemed.
You pay me?
Why for I pay you?
Maybe you pay me?
Why for I pay you?
Because I offer you immortality.
What's the price of that?
Well, I don't want that.
- Who wants to live forever?
- I'm thinking everyone.
Who's this?
- He wants to take my photo.
- What for?
- The art.
- Piss off.
This is
your friend's decision I think.
You can think what you like,
mate, but piss off.
Keeping a low profile, are you?
Oh, yeah, it's not enough
that you beat up some blokes,
and now
you want your photo taken.
Leave a fucking
calling card why don't you?
So, where are they?
- Who?
- The blokes we're waiting for.
How do I know?
You were just talking to them.
No, couldn't get through.
They rang you.
- What?
- Your phone rang, man.
You weren't calling out.
They called you.
Oh, that was nothing.
Thought you said
it was a burner phone.
So, no one else has the number.
What the fuck is this?
- I'm just saying.
- Well don't say.
Just eat your food
and be ready, shit.
Look, I gave the school
this number, right?
'Cause Angel's not been well
and Sal's out of town.
What's wrong with Angel?
- Shingles?
- Yeah.
Shingles is stones on a beach.
What are you, a geologist?
Well, if the school calls,
you can hardly go pick her up.
No shit, Sherlock.
Then I call my mom.
It's not table service.
She shouldn't be at school
if she's still contagious.
The quarantine period
is over, right?
- So, she can go, yeah?
- Why don't you just
give your mom's number
in the first place?
Piss off. Go on.
I've had it. That's it.
Just, if you hear
a car, come back.
'Til then,
go have your mugshot taken,
or go chat up the freak.
No, no, no.
In fact, leave.
How long have you been there?
It's my break.
Do you mind?
Could you...
be a bit more enthusiastic?
Give us a push.
Fight with the boss?
He's not my boss.
Oh. Lovers tiff.
He has the air of
a women beater.
He'd hit anyone, to be fair.
He's equal opportunities.
Oh. Very modern.
Sussed him last week
when he was in.
Are you sure?
You don't forget
a face like that.
Trust me, you try.
What are you doing with him?
We came for
a drive in the country.
I don't know your name.
You never asked.
- Well?
- Fine, thanks.
You like to make a man work.
Only the ones
who are used to having it easy.
You think that's me?
Some things come easy.
Maybe not the ones you think.
What is it?
It works.
Gee, thank you.
Sharp, aren't you, Gloria?
Yeah. Don't cut yourself.
I like your smile.
That's not a line.
It's a line.
But I'll bite.
You know I'm with you
Through the misty
With you now
Across the mountain
With you
And a long time
With you, faith
You know I'm with you
And the lonely with you
In the road
With you
In the nighttime
With you
In the daytime
With you and the sunrays
Kiss you all while
Always miss you
Yes I'll always

What are you doing here, Gloria?
Waiting for
something better to come along.
- You can't wait.
- Huh.
Take it.
Whatever it is you want.
What if
it belongs to someone else?
- You use force.
- Hmm.
Is that what you do?
Where I'm from,
it's the done thing.
Moving's easy.
Shit gets stuck on your shoes.
Move farther, change shoes.
After you.
Sounds easy, right?
Just put one foot
in front of the other.

Hiya, it's me. Listen.
Um, I'm thinking...
I've been thinking...
we can do this
without hurting him.
Did you just laugh?
All right, forget it.
No, no.
Forget it.
As planned. Yeah.
As planned. Right.
The love.
Here we go.
May I make art of
great and tragic beauty?
I thought you said beauty was...
Everything is like this, no?
Except for art.
And what's it for?
- He wants to make you immortal.
- Yeah?
And also eternally youthful.
Oh, you had me at immortal.
No, no, no, no, no.
On its own.
Bad mistake.
Tiresias. Horrible.
Hold on,
you didn't tell me that.
You did not want it.
Negotiations are defunct.
You permit?
And also, for you...
I take a precious
capture of the moment.
Howl for my homeland
Wherever that was
Howl for the homage
That's been gone and lost
To the passing
And temporal
The aeons gone by
There's nothing to praise
Not in earth, sea, or sky
All was holy's been shot
And in flying too low
The rest will
Soon follow
The rest will soon go
Stay in the light Joe
Stay with yourself
Put up a fight
Don't rest on the shelf
Please. I am invisible.
Act as nature intended.
Be your destiny.
What a nut.
Do you have a good side?
I'm not all bad.
No, I mean for the camera.
Oh. I don't know.
Do you permit?
- Hmm.
- Hmm?
Both sides ming.
What? He said beautiful.
He said, "interesting".
- It's rude to eavesdrop.
- It's rude to lie.
Okay, show me what you got.
At the pedestal
Growl at the pinch
The lies of the pots
Has broken the winch
Oh, the legacy's gone
And the people who knew
Have lost their minds
Or left, there's a few
Who are choking on what
And the will to hold on
With their principles
To the cords of a bomb
Stay in the light Joe
Stay with yourself
Put up a fight Joe
Don't rest on the shelf

Me and the teardrop
Me and the mountain
Oh me and the cheque
And to meet my accountant
Oh me and the wolf
Who has eaten my heart
And me and my friends
Who laugh in the dark
Oh and you and yours two
And you and yours three
And you and yours ever
And ever be free
Stay in the light Joe
Stay with yourself
Put up a fight Joe
Don't rest on the shelf
Oh, sorry.
Thank you.
Yeah, I'm still here.
Now you live forever...
like it or not.
Oi. Cindy Crawford.
Stop arsing about.
Get back here.
- You said to wait 'til...
- You're an embarrassment.
Proposed yet?
I'd have to ask her dad first.
Very proper.
Oh, he'd be chuffed
to get you for a son-in-law.
And why wouldn't he be?
'Cause you got shit for brains
and shit for prospects.
No one's good enough for a dad.
Not even the best.
As for you...
Give it a rest, Mike.
Mind you,
he'd probably be delighted
to get shot of that freak.
Fuck off, man.
Fuck off.
- Next time you...
- Next time, nothing.

It is love.
You might be right.
Maybe she won't want it.
What I have.
The girls around us...
the girls we know...
the people we know...
she's not like them.
She's different.
Oh. No, no, no.
She only looks different.
They're all the same.
Cash, money.
Just you wait, she'll want it.
You were here last week, man.
What of it?
I thought they picked the place.
They did.
So, I came to scope it out...
because I'm not a halfwit.
Preparation, bright eyes.
What's with bridezilla?
Nothing a few grand
won't cure, eh?
Customers aren't allowed
back here.
I'm not big on rules.
It's the poet in me.
Are you all right?
You one of those men
who can't deal with tears?
I can't get enough of them.
I box a bit, right?
if I get punched...
and it's a good one...
and he knows he's caught me...
I laugh.
Because if I don't,
he's going to hit me again,
and harder.
So, I give this big grin,
like I didn't feel nothing.
And he sees that...
and he knows I'm not going down.
Like, "Screw you, pal."
Is that it?
I'm laughing."
Boxing's barbaric.
These are like,
valuable life lessons
I'm offering you,
and that's your take?
That's it.
Who is this bozo anyway?
No one.
Well, you just
remember that then.
- Mmm, okay.
- He's no one.
- I will.
- Exactly.
No, I will remember that,
thank you so much.
Bye. Take care now.

Time rolls
The back wheels
Of my mind
You helped me
Put the brakes on
Because you're kind
I wonder where you learned
To be so good
And I wonder if I'm doing
The best I could
I could be
Someone else
I should be
Someone else
Oh I should be
Someone else
But you wouldn't know me
If I was
You'd say I was a stranger
Just because
You'd say
I wasn't weak
Enough for you
You'd want me
Just to feel
As you do too
I could be
Someone else
I should be
Someone else
Oh, I could be
Someone else
But you shouldn't
Tell me
What to do
I'll only
Take the brakes off
If you do
And roll around like
Marbles on the floor
Please pick me up
And roll me
Out the door
I could be
Someone else
I should be
Someone else
Oh, I could be
Someone else
Oh, I should be
Someone else
I could be
Someone else
I should be
Someone else
Oh I could be
Someone else
Oh I should be
Someone else
But I guess
I'm happy
As I am
I find it hard
To be a man
Oh it's easier
Just to play
The same old game
Of trying to forget
My bloody name
Oh I could be someone else
Oh I should be
Someone else
Oh I could be
Someone else
Oh I should be
Someone else
I got to go.
I like your smile.
A lot.
Safe to say that's not them.
Oh, Christ.
That's all we need
is more bloody drama.
Oh, I didn't see that coming.
Why is it always someone else's
pain that makes you happy?
Oh, come on, man.
That's comedy.
Rule number one.
Thought we had something.
Aw, she's
stringing you along, man.
- Didn't I tell you?
- You know less than shit.
Whatever, lady killer.
She's old enough to be her mom.
She's somebody's mom.
- How do you know?
- Kid's seat in the back.
She's got a wedding ring, too.
Wonder if the hubby
has got a clue.
Gloria's smart enough
to know better.
I don't know
anyone that smart, man.
It could be their kid, mind.
Anything goes these days.
Sit the fuck back down.
We got other fish to fry.
Maybe now you can get
your head out of the clouds.

- Don't judge me.
- What?
You don't know me,
so don't judge.
I'm not.
It's not what it looks like.
Okay, it's what it looks like,
but you...
you have to understand that...
I'm stuck.
Stuck being?
- Don't be a fucking idiot.
- I don't know.
- And don't pigeonhole me.
- I'm not.
You guys
are all the fucking same.
I'm not the same.
He's the same.
I... well, not as me.
It's the rest.
I don't care, in a good way.
I... it doesn't matter,
is what I'm trying to say.
Only, what about me?
Can you sit here?
So, how'd you
make this about you then?
What, in a Venn diagram?
- A what?
- A Venn diagram.
Intersecting circles
with common properties.
I thought that's what you said.
Okay. Venn diagram.
All right, this better be good.
this is me and...
my circle of shit.
And this is you...
- and your circle...
- My circle of shit
is way bigger than that.
So is mine, to be fair.
- I'm going to clear that up.
- Yeah.
Where the two circles of shit...
intersect that's...
two circles of shit overlapping.
This bit, right here,
it's a little bit about me.
It's about us.
Hello? Hello?
Where are you?
No, no, no.
I said, no, wait there.
I said... I said,
"left at the junction."
Oh fuck. Hold on.
I told her...
I'd expose her.
I'm blackmailing a married woman
into keeping seeing me.
Who does that?
That's why she drove over.
To stop me from telling
her husband or the school.
She was my old French teacher.
Ooh, la, la.
It's just how I deal with shit.
It doesn't mean I'm not serious.
I'm really sorry.
Go on.
Well, that's it.
Story over.

What would it take for us
to go away together?
For real?
I mean, we could pretend,
but I don't know
how that would work.
I live in the real world.
I don't want to swap out
one circle of shit
for another circle of shit.
How much have you got?
- Nothing.
- No shit.
You're sweet.
But not so smart.
What if I could get ten grand?
You'll be smarter,
but probably less sweet.
And if it's not clean?
Violence, anything that
abuses people fuck right off.
I don't want to be
hooked up with someone
who might get
locked away for years.
I want someone with a future.
- Not a married woman with kids.
- Is that an issue?
Clean slates.
Clean slates all round.
Clean slates, dirty money.
Do you like boats?
- Do what?
- Boats.
What kind of boats?
Like the one out there.
Little sailing boat.
Something you can
take people out on.
You know, for hire.
Do you know
how to a sail a boat?
I know how to drive a car.
Can't be that hard.
And on a boat, you don't
even need to stay on the road.
You got the whole sea.
Little fishing villages...
places like Spain or Italy.
Or Greece.
I saw pictures of Greece once
in a magazine at the dentist.
- Have you never been?
- Uh-uh.
You know they speak Greek there?
Take me seriously.
It's how I cope with shit.
Fair play,
I see what you did there.
Yeah, you know, your name
comes from over that way, too.
See? Destiny.
Although it didn't
end well for that Troy.
- It got sacked, didn't it?
- Yeah.
I've been sacked before, though.
It's not that bad.
I'm not sure
if some of the things you say
are really smart
or really stupid.
Oh, well,
but that's my superpower.
- Okay.
- You know, keep them guessing.
Smart stupidity.
If you don't fancy Greece,
open to suggestions.
I like boats.
I saw one in a magazine once.
I'll handle him.
How's the mnage trois?
That's French
for "you've been had".
Yeah, it's not like that.
You could have fooled me.
- That's not hard.
- Don't get smart.
- What if we only buy half?
- You what?
What if I don't put my share in?
- Your share?
- Derek's share, my share.
Oh my Christ.
You're dumber than I thought.
And that's a low bar.
You think you're all that, Mike.
But it's down to Derek
that you're anything.
- Fuck off.
- You know it.
He was the man
before he went down, and you,
you were his shadow.
You know,
that's what he called you.
His shadow.
"Anyone seen
my shadow knocking about?
Where's my dopey shadow got to?"
All right,
yeah, if he's so smart,
how come he ends up inside?
I'll tell you how.
Because he decided to go solo.
It was fucking shit, his plan.
And I told him.
I told him I wanted
nothing to do with it.
But it didn't stop him
using our joint funds.
So, fuck him.
Because look
where that got him, yeah?
And the only good thing he did
was stash the cash
before they got him.
So, fuck him again
for not telling me where.
I still say
half that money's mine.
And what you do with your half...
Okay, okay.
Okay. All right.
Let's not go...
go around in circles, all right?
All right then.
- Is that them?
- No.
How d'you know?
Because they told me
what to look out for.
How else are we
going to know it's them?
Hi Orla.
How's school?
So, I can just take it?
Well, you can't just piss off
and leave me hanging.
Wait until they get here.
If they say
"All right," then, okay.
If they look like
they're going to kill me, then,
you know... fair enough?
Fair enough.
Remember when Derek let me
sit in on that poker night?
You cried like a baby,
because you lost
your pocket money.
Then you lost yours.
No tears, though.
No, you're all man.
Happy days.
Hey, Troy.
Remember when he called
you on that last hand?
- Cleared you out?
- Yeah.
Two sevens.
Who the fuck calls on that crap?
He read you, man.
You were tearing up beer mats
all night when you bluffed.
Yeah. Well,
we're not playing poker now.
Lucky for you.
I need a piss.
All that I have
Is a river
The river is always
My home
Lord take me away
For I just cannot stay
Or I'll sink in my
Skin and my bones
The water sustains me
Without even trying
The water can't drown me,
I'm done
With my dying
Still having second thoughts?
Well, he's my best mate's
little brother.
It's like, what you want?
I mean, he like one of my own.
It's not his fault.
There's no other way.
Derek has to think he got killed
when the deal went bad...
or he'll come for us
when he gets out.
Close the fucking door.
You don't even have to do it.
what are you bleating about?
In the deepest,
In the dark
In the color of
The fox's bark
You'll see my hand
In full lit glory
Painted picture of
An untold story
In the thickets,
In the fens
In the marching of
A thousand men
The faintest whisper
A lovers yearning
The land will tell you
The story's burning
I saw life she had
Death in her lands
I saw the wringing
Of my mother's hands
Gloria, oh!
Just wait until it's closing,
and everyone's gone,
and that girl is busy.
- I know.
- Yeah?
And make sure that she sees
that you're still inside.
And then just...
send him out.
Hey, look, he's uh...
Ju... Just mind out, yeah?
He's fast, yeah?
He likes to say it, but...
it's true.
Is he faster than a bullet?
Be the earth, I'll be the sky
You be the mystery
And don't tell me why
Cut through disaster
Through the pines
I invocate you
Oh I
See the signs
History lies charted
And I'm coursing through
I'm every sunrise,
I'm the morning dew
Bend to help me
Strangers stretch
And guide me
Some that carry omens
Have wandered
Right beside me
I saw life
She had death
In her lands
I saw the wringing
Of my mother's hands
Gloria oh-eh-ow-oh!
You going to wash your hands?
I think they're clean.
I don't know.
It's been a while.
Forget the money.
I'll leave with you.
Just don't take any chances.
What about the real world?
Ha, sod the real world.
I lived there, didn't rate it.
Leave the money.
It is mine.
And my brother's.
But he's got no use for it.
And he sort of owes me,
for getting me
wrapped up in all this.
And for a life thrown away.
It's not thrown away.
Not yet.
Can I kiss you?
I swear saw this.
Go and break the good news.
Before I change my mind.
No, mate.
No, this is...
This place is closing soon.
No. Sod it.
Forget it.
Trying to change the deal on us.
Told them to piss off.
Should that's it then.
Closing up, gentlemen.
Five minutes.
So, that's it then.
Go and get your half.
You don't want
to come out and check?
No, I'm going to...
I'm going to drink my coffee.
That will be cold by now.
People pay
a lot of money for cold coffee.
Go on.
Don't you want it?
He shouldn't have hidden it.
Half of that was mine.
He had no business
keeping it from me.
That's between you and him, man.
Let's not
go around in circles, eh?
Hey, I'm sorry
that this is, um...
ending like this between us.
Don't be.
Best of both worlds.
Who's there?
Come out.
Are you not going to help him?
Mike! Ambush!
What are you doing?
it's dangerous.
Call the police.
Lock the doors.
What are you doing?
Sal. Bloody hell.
- You scared the life out of me.
- Why?
20,000 reasons.
- All the same.
- What the fuck, Sal?
Uh, Sal.
Look, uh, you can take it.
All right?
I don't want it.
What about Derek?
Tell him, uh...
tell Derek...
Tell him I took it, all right?
I'm gone anyway.
Mikey, he's onto us.
Don't hurt her.
Fuck, Sal!
Sal, stop! Stop!
Where is he?
Stop, it's me!
Are you fucking crazy?
Yes, I'm crazy!
Look what he's done to me!
Where is he?
Stop. It's fucking empty.
Reload. Fuck.
I'm sorry.
You've got to go.
You got to go. Just go.
I'll hold him up. Go.
Go, get out of here.
What you doing, man?
Where is she?
She's long gone.
You don't
have to do this, Mikey.
Too late for that now.
I'm going.
You'll never see me again.
I'm sorry, Troy.
You believe me, don't you?
What are you doing?
I'm laughing.
Well, stop it.
Troy. Stop it.
I said stop it.
No, no, no, no!
Don't, don't, don't!
What? Don't be daft.
That's not me.
Come on.
- Ah-oh
- Mike!
Oh, God.
Not again.
Sal. You all right?
Not me, them.
Get them.
Turns out
I am faster than a bullet.
You all right?
No, leave it.
Leave it, leave it.
You still coming with me?
I'm in the car.
Someone's trying
to shoot you, though.
Hey. I'm in the car.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
You are.
Check the money.
Okay. Okay.
The sea came in and
Washed me out
The way was
Carved in ice
The tokens of
A buried past
The shavings of
The heavy light
The wind blows
Each and every way
It's not for me,
My heart to steer
I cast up
What I have each day
The river flows
The whole long year
- Hard road
- Ah-ah
- Under the night sky
- Ah-ah
- Keep on traveling
- Ah-ah
Fare thee well
My love
- Hard road
- Ah-ah
- Under the night sky
- Ah-ah
- Keep on traveling
- Ah-ah
Fare thee well
What do you see?
I see the sun...
I see the sea.
I see a boat.
I see a lot more than...
- How much?
- Twenty.
A score?
A what?
It's another word for 20.
Among prophets and poets.
What a word.
- We did it.
- Yeah.
I have something to tell you.
- There's a catch.
- You're married.
that was me at my best.
That was my high point.
And it's all downhill from here.
All the way.
But what a ride.
- Hard road
- Ah-ah
- Under the night sky
- Ah-ah
- Keep on traveling
- Ah-ah
Fare thee well
My love
- Hard road
- Ah-ah
- Under the night sky
- Ah-ah
- Keep on traveling
- Ah-ah
Fare thee well
She knows how and
She knows when
She's born to die
And live again
She knows from ought
To build a nest
She knows the dance
That burns her best
From the ashes
Feathers shed
The purest sounds to
Leaden heads
Sung from her breast and
Bends the oak trees
Winged wind songs
Sung so holy
Hard road
Under the night sky
Keep on traveling
Fare thee well my love
Hard road
Under the night sky
Keep on traveling
Fare thee well
Hard road
Under the night sky
Keep on traveling
Fare thee well my love
Hard road
Under the night sky
Keep on traveling
Fare thee well
You know
I'm with you through
The misty
With you now
Across the mountain
With you and a long
Time with you babe
You know I'm with you
And the lonely with you
And the road
And with you
In the nighttime with you
And the daytime
With you and the
Sunrays kiss you
Oh I'll always
Miss you
Yes I'll always
I'll always
See you when
The tall trees see you
I'll always be with you
And the wind is for you
And the closing door
You know my heart
Beats for you
And the shadows
Speaking words
Of sweet surrender
To learn to let it go
You know
I'll find you when
The long rain
Blinds you
And the fair winds
Take you
And the whole world
Breaks you
And the love
The love forsakes you
And you're
Standing lonely
Let me
Sing you something
Let me
Beatbox only you
Let me bow down
Low to you
You lie down
Let it flow
Chimes of beauty
In the cherished moonlight
Only wasted
In the dark
Initiation in the death
Of sunrise
Swimming through the
Ends of the river calls
Swim through the ends
The night falls
Swimming through the ends
You hold my hand
Swimming through
These long-forgotten lands
Oh I roll with the waves
'Til the numbness
And know the sea calls
Your voice is my compass
I'm pulled out by the swell
Put your ear to the shell
You can listen
To my ocean song
I'm singing through
The roughest storm
Oh and the winds are
Whipping at the bay
Car licking at the quay
Whoa we can feel
A mustering squall
I wish that
I could fly
So I could be
Home and dry
Oh I wish that
I could fly
So I could be
Home and dry
And haul away
I can stay here
Swing through the seasons
Look for Jane
She questioned my reasons
Now look and
I'm leaving
These things are
Worth achieving
There's nets
To be shot son
Oh I'm wet with
The flawed son
Oh and the winds are
Whipping in the bay
Cub licking
At the quay
Whoa we can be
The mustering squall
I wish that
I could fly
So I could be
Home and dry
Oh I wish that
I could fly
So I could be
Home and dry
And haul away
The sun sets
Bright as a furnace
But I'm not sure quite
When my turn is
I'm searching
For a landmark
Gazing out through
The dark
I need your reminding
That the lighthouse
Is shining
Oh and the winds are
Whipping at the bay
Cub licking
At the quay
Whoa we can feel
The mustering squall
I wish that
I could fly
So I could be
Home and dry
Oh I wish that
I could fly
So I could be
Home and dry
Oh I wish that
I could fly
So I could be
Home and dry
Oh I wish that
I could fly
So I could be
Home and dry
And haul away