The Scythian (2018) Movie Script

On the periphery of ancient countries,
over hilly steppes and bay,
on the shores of the sea 2, the
Tmutarakan principality stretched.
And that was the time of the
decline of the power of Skit.
When their old world disappeared,
ancient gods and passed heroes.
When the time of new battles
and ventures began,
courageous hearts and powerful spirit,
about which legends were handed over.
Last year, I hosted a
special wine here.
We did not have a special one,
and we celebrated, we are.
What's your name?
- The slayer, the thief...
Call me what you want, just pay.
And where is Kudim? - Who?
-House home.
They slaughtered him? -What?
- He was slaughtering wine.
He cheated people, and he's
still the wife of a merchant...
Was not your wife?
To bake it?
Hey, boss...
Stop it!
Bring the bag.
You describe this to us?
- This is the other one.
These were taken over
when Genik 'went'.
Then I should have gone.
-Then, Platina was with me.
You think that life with her is honey?
If I knew I would not even enter.
If you had spent the week with
her, he would have escaped.
You're expecting us on the border of
your estate, Prince. This is our honor.
The Grand Duke does not return Chernigov.
We'll stay good neighbors.
We're not boiling.
We accept.
And what did not
come to our guests?
Then you will be guests.
-What will they be like?
There you will see.
He has to look for bird milk...
They're here.
- It was necessary to catch him alive.
That beat me up.
- Sorry, Prince. -You wasted my life.
It's my duty, Prince.
Angry, your wife is doing it. Very
screaming. He's sure to be a boy.
Jump on a horse.
It must not be! Do not go there, you can.
Be patient! You must not
Master, be patient. Soon the
mistress will give birth to you.
Every new life God makes.
- You understand a lot.
When my 6th birthday, I was afraid that she
did not take it myself, she was tortured.
It's gonna be all right.
And? Is he a son? - And if she's a
daughter, you will not love her?
Of course I will not. How should
she be born before her son?
Come on.
- You got your son, hell. Son.
The prince is coming! Prince!
So, son? -Sin, prince.
- Will you take me for a godfather?
Or is someone more decent?
- I would not dare ask you...
Show it. -Tatiana!
Look, it looks like you.
To be like that
for a year or so.
Vladej, for now it is yours, and when the
son grows up, you will give it to him.
Great honor, Prince.
- Honorable honor, Ljutobore.
Well, show it. -And this
is a good sword, Prince.
And it's not a boldness
to fight the pillar.
You want my courage
to check, Stepljin?
You are scared? I would not bury
my country with your blood.
Not. Fight the law of the steppe.
Do not challenge him. We
need ppls as friends.
You jump like my dog!
-Open the gate!
Good fight.
You entertained me, and
made yourself an enemy.
Stepljanin just got
what he asked for.
That's right... I have to go.
- You will not celebrate, Prince?
I really can not. I have no one
to leave the prince's business.
- Open the gate!
Come on.
Feed this one.
And let me warm my sauna.
To wash the saliva of that pagan.
What is that? Take a look at.
Quiet, heroine.
You'll get everything.
You got it, huh?
Just what I gave birth to. Slowly.
It was not ordered to kill him.
It's still breathing. Bastard.
What about this?
Close it!
Angry, buddy, we'll find them.
I swear to you.
We will not calm down.
I heard about your misfortunes.
What are you going to do?
Are they looking for a redeem or something?
What are you silent?
Your life
For the lives of a woman and a son.
They were highly esteemed by you.
What did you choose?
To serve you, Prince.
I appreciate it. Let her
be with you right now.
For my favorite, Ljutobora.
-He is! He poisoned me...
The poison.
There is poison!
My husband will find you anyway.
We were ordered not to touch you.
But you may be alone...
Where is Kunica?
He was shot by Velvet Ljutobor.
And that knock could have
provoked you tomorrow.
Call the head of the box
at the Ares Choice.
Ares has already chosen me.
They will still not choose.
I'm the leader.
That Ares decides. Not you.
Why, princess?
I did not pour poison?
I trust you.
It's important that my enemies believe
that they poison me the closest.
I know this poison.
After him the man is tortured for
seven days, and the eighth one dies.
So you have seven days to
find a woman and a son.
And I'm going to find out who
is so thirsty for my death.
I thank you, Prince.
- Do not rush to thank me.
You will now escape, and for your
head I will announce the prize.
And not small.
I can not be different.
Otherwise they will not
believe you, you can.
Do not touch my cat.
It will work more.
I'm sorry, Kata. I did not
manage to leave you in my life.
Prove, come here!
My Lord?
That warrior, where is he?
It's there. He's from some gang.
They kill for gold.
Bring me my sword and clothes.
Do you want to live? - I will.
God forgives me. I'm guilty...
They betrayed me. They promised me the
gold, and put the knife in my back.
Stop! Help me find a wife
and a son, I'll let you go.
I will, I can. I
swear God I will...
You do not believe in my god.
I will accept your oath.
You'll give it to me at the cap.
Before the image of Perun.
Lead me.
Where's your boss?
I did not see him.
Not here, sir...
Since he left the prince,
I did not see him.
Where are you taking me, can I?
An ancient place?
Secret place?
Here's Peruna your. He
swears before his character.
I swear by the sword, the hand of
lightning, I give an oath to you.
I will help Ljutobor save the
wife and son from the camp.
Lively and healthy.
-Live and healthy.
He can not swear here because
he does not believe in Perun.
Who are you? Show yourself!
He believes in other gods.
Ancient as well as his people.
A great nation that has disappeared!
They are the last remaining...
Am I right?
I agree that on earth the
most I respect Ares.
But I respect your God.
- I asked you who you are?
Scares me. Release me, you can.
They swear by the sword over the
scabbed blood of the victim.
How do you know?
I do not know, I feel it!
It's blind.
That's you... That's you...
Are you looking for death, scarecrow?
- You found her!
He found death.
Untie me.
Swear over the cow
covered with his blood.
I swear.
It's good, you can trust me. You
will not regret it for that.
Kunica. -What?
My name is Kunica.
What did you not strangle me, Kunice?
Not to throw Ares in front of
the image of another god Perun.
That's why I will fulfill my oath.
Tell me how to
live with a woman?
Is not it awkward? -Name,
people in charge, is enough.
You want to be baptized?
Not. The religion that bans
the investment is not for me.
And how can one God be?
Responsible for mountain
and forest and storm...
Are you afraid of your
storm for your wife?
You will not go to Heaven,
remember my words. You will not.
Anger? -And who are you?
I do not remember anything.
Trojan. Trader.
We saw each other once.
And I've heard so much about you.
What did you hear?
- On your strength, courage... - Is it?
Just about it?
The prince asks you. He promised
a great reward for your head.
But I will not surrender you.
Your father took a seat at
the prince's court for me.
And I remember very well, although
it's not very profitable.
For such a prize, my
father would sell his son.
Horses are not rich? - I'm not.
But it will be for you.
Stay with us. Relax.
I'll give you horses tomorrow.
And they need a break.
You will not be on tired horses
far away. -Yes.
Horses are really tired.
He just does not tell anyone
that I did not leave you.
He'll think that Trojan blew up.
Nobody wants to do
business with me.
Dear guests, what
God has given us...
Stay tuned.
Somebody! Beast!
Why did you kill them?
They received us good.
Here, she's alive... still.
Do not kill me. Velmo...
He wanted to send a rider. To
get a reward for your head.
God, I beg you, do not kill me.
What god? Dazbogom,
Perunom, Horsom... What?
I cry out to God, and I beg you...
The fuck got me.
The worm found me.
The devil got him?
Good people have welcomed us?
You know people poorly, Ljutobore.
And they do not.
The Trojan is remembered, even
if it's not profitable. Right?
He will give you to the one
who paid your abduction.
If it is?
- You will see yourself when they give you.
And only you will give it, without a child.
The child has twice. Or
to sacrifice him Ares...
Or to go to study for Wolves.
They are dressed in our little ones.
Feed them with strength.
Out of ten, only one
will become Vuk.
To kill people for money?
The beast kills, it already takes its own.
Otherwise my people will not survive.
I'm asking God to get my
son out of that computer.
Pray. But your God does
not have authority here.
How does the earth hold you, beast?
-Yeah, I'm a beast.
And the whole life of
me or hurry or I run.
And now we are in a hurry.
Come on.
Let's go downstairs.
Impossible, come on.
Should we get away?
So we do not take the fight?
They would receive death, not fight.
There are many of them.
And it stinks from them here.
The stink did not stink,
it's all one thing.
I'm not gonna get sick anymore.
Kunice !?
Kunice !?
You left me, you bastard.
Well, you know, now I'll remember you.
Take a good look!
Until you crunch. I'll cut you
to pieces and feed the beasts.
I'll just leave my head. Find your
wife and rape her on your eyes.
And you shall make your flesh
with your merchandise.
I'll clean my boots and live with dogs.
They drink wine from your skull.
At the Duke's Court.
He said a lot.
Shut up and fight.
Good fight, hell!
Hang up, get some water. I'm going to
go on, we'll need it for a long time.
Angry, do not drink...
Let's write the leads.
You know who these are? -Veso people.
They respect Veljes.
They'll send us over to Berende.
Do you know what they will do to us?
- Clearly. Through a mob with spears.
Well, right at Berende.
- We'll both go?
We can not. He's going to get one.
It's not nice without color.
Then... Let's say
goodbye, Ljutobore?
What are you not cheerful, Ljutobore?
We avoided death.
You should look forward.
What do I look forward to? What
did I kill them like a beast?
It's a great gift. Turn to
the color of the beast!
Strong gift. I will not clean up.
Silent sin goes to me...
It can not be redeemed.
You know, you can, you will have a lot more
there are sins with such a gift.
Not! I will not...
The beast, who has moved in to you,
will come again. He will not ask you.
He will not come. No... this
paganism never comes...
I'll make a dedication to stop it.
- We could.
They say that Whom comes Berende's spirit
into, the beast and the devotees come.
It is not dedicated to it, it can not
be overwhelmed by its power of mind.
Not. God is merciful. They will
not give more blood to strangers.
Angry, your God is crucified.
Ares is strong.
Ares accepts blood spilled in color.
- What blood?
The one your son spilled on
you, kicking you from the back?
Stand here.
This should bind your eyes.
Do you only have tied eyes?
Not. They come and untied, but
we sacrifice you to Ares.
The rabbit, you say, killed?
What do you have to say, Jara?
I'll say it!
Anger? - Do not be afraid of anything.
Do not be scared!
Arese, hear me.
I challenge the leader of Jara.
Make a choice!
- I accept Vuk's challenge. Make a choice!
The challenge is accepted.
I made a deal.
Leave my wife and son!
What agreement? -Life of a wife
and son for the life of a prince.
I got it. -Really?
There was no such deal. It's
just that your wife is abducted.
How was it?
A letter, a poison?
- What kind of letter?
We can not write.
And who then paid the hijack?
Part of the deal is to
keep the name secret.
We will decide on your
destiny afterwards.
Ares will decide.
You swore.
I swore. I'll help.
I'm going to be the leader and I will accompany you.
And what will it be with you?
The leader chooses Ares. And no one will
challenge me because I am the strongest.
And can it be without a leader?
Anagastus will forgive. They will give
some punishment, but I will remain alive.
And Ares will forgive
because I gave him an oath.
And if Jar kills you?
It will not be good.
They will sacrifice you to Ares.
Your son will educate the Wolves.
She will give the woman to the
one who paid the kidnapping.
Do not be scared. I'll kill Jara.
I know I'm stronger.
Hold on. It's not a thing
for gods, but for people.
Jar killed my father
and became a leader!
He was not right.
I'm Wolf!
This is my revenge.
This is your choice, Arese.
I'm the leader!
Ares made the choice.
Anyone else ready to challenge?
Anyone else ready to challenge?
I challenge.
He can not cause it.
He's gone.
Ares gave a sign!
Challenge is accepted!
Challenge is accepted!
Where's my family?
For you a family, for a
pocket gain, gold-plated.
I killed the leader, so the leader is me.
And the profit is mine.
The leader, you say? Okay.
Run the first bite.
Here we go.
The cop is your family.
I do not intend
to live in a box.
And killing innocent people
does not come to my mind.
Nobody expected this from you.
- And what do you want from me?
You're a warrior. And when you wake up
the beast in you, you remain a man.
And we are the killers.
We smell blood.
Do not you want to live human?
That would be our dead.
There is no one to protect us.
We are the last...
- You are still here waiting for the death.
We feel it ourselves.
Give me my wife and son, Anagaste.
We are strangers here.
You're not there anymore. Or did you
forget? There you are an enemy.
And if I'm not?
The one who paid you for my
wife and son, he is an enemy.
And the prince is alive. Alive. He just
jerked it to look like he was not.
When he finds who wants his
death, he will talk differently.
If I tell him about you, he will
take you under his protection.
Do you accept his authority?
But first let's find an opponent.
Then we'll help you.
I'm tired of lying.
Here is the prince, I
have filled your will.
Let's see.
When he wants my death...
Who teased you? -Lucer.
He promised power after your death.
Under Kiev. Sorry, Father!
Do not kill me.
How can I?
You are my son...
Prince is dead.
Then you, the Almighty, are
the new prince Tmutarakanski.
We want you to rule well
under the hand of Kiev.
You bury me early, Lucezare.
A good decision, you take it, you take it
the last Skate under protection.
They'll serve you.
-And where are your Skits?
They trusted your
words, the prince.
What did you think, prince ?!
Why, princess? There is
one in my country. My.
And power is one. My.
I've served your
whole life as a dog.
We had a deal.
You gave me a word?
They do not make the
subject with the prince.
They prince pray.
Use me.
I'm not your servant.
What about you?
We have long wanted to bring
these Wolves to the cleaner.
But we did not know where to find them.
He killed my son.
He now went to his wife.
You know where you find it.
Translation: Chalma