The Sea (2013) Movie Script

Well doctor?
Is it the death sentence
or do I get life?
I'm sorry.
Yeah, I know you are.
If I could...
Yeah, what would you do?
The smell of hospitals.
It should be me.
Mr. Morton.
This is ridiculous, the past is
the past, you can't go back to it.
I'll phone.
- I'm...
- Yes.
You remember me?
Of course, come in.
Thank you.
Please come this way.
I can't sign the bloody thing...
I thought in case you
were hungry after the journey.
I think I'd rather see the room.
I'm really tired.
Of course.
It must be strange
for you coming back.
I suppose everything
seems changed, different I mean.
- This would have been...
- Yes.
It was their
room, the children's.
- But the furniture...
- The same.
You see, very little
has changed, Mr. Morton.
You could call me Max you know.
The bathroom is over there,
You see, I have made
some changes.
Right, thank you.
The gulls have gone.
- What?
- The sea gulls.
What do you mean gone?
Not here anymore.
They leave when
the young learn to fly.
Do they?
The things you know.
Where do they go to?
Maybe they emigrate.
People emigrate, birds migrate.
The things you know.
Zoe where are you?
London's the name.
Morton, Max.
Come on the train did you?
No, I had a lift.
- A grand day.
- Yes, indeed.
Late in the season, of course.
You'll not be staying long?
Hard to say.
Chloe, where are you?
Chloe, where are you?
Thank you.
Daddy tell him to stop.
You two, honestly.
More drink mummy?
Are you sure it's not
corked darling?
Everything tastes a little sour at
the seaside, even you my darling.
Did you find the village
much as you remembered?
I went to the beach,
that doesn't change.
Been here before then, have you?
A long time ago.
Mr. Morton used to
come when he was a boy.
What up here, yes?
Stayed here, your family, did they?
Oh, no, no.
The house was privately
owned then.
We used to rent a chalet down
at the other end, past the church.
They're still there
you know, those chalets.
Yes, I went to
have a look at the field.
We used call them huts.
The chalets, huts is
what we used to call them.
They're very popular you know.
People bought them and added on.
Didn't even have plumbing
in my day.
My father had to empty the chemical
toilet once a week to a hole he...
...dug under the looping bushes.
It's open.
Thought you you
might like a glass of wine.
It's corked.
Don't worry, I'm
not going to drown myself.
Were you happy, you and your wife?
That's what she used to ask me.
We rubbed along you
know, the way people do.
Why have you come back?
Here you mean?
Not sure.
Escape I suppose.
Fleeing one's sadness
by revisiting...
...the scene of an old
one doesn't work.
Morton, what sort of name is that?
Will you stop.
Where are you staying?
Down there past the church.
In a house like ours?
Where then?
A hut, a chalet.
I've always wanted to
stay in a chalet, is it fun?
I suppose.
Don't mind him, he can't talk.
I can't find the damn thing.
Chin, chin, children.
Who's your new friend?
His name is Mordur or something.
Murder, crikey.
Keep on the right side of you, eh.
Why don't you invite him in?
Darling use your napkin.
Leave me alone you little brat.
Stop it, stop!
There, you see, a dirty little rat.
I say old chap
steady on with the fangs, eh.
You're all...
You're all bastards.
I only hope you didn't hear that
foul epithet my daughter just...
...employed young
Maximilian, it's shocking.
Sit down Alex.
Sit down.
Rose, for God's sake,
can't you do something?
You're supposed to be
minding them.
In the art business are you?
Much in that?
I think he only writes about it.
He only writes.
I'm what you might call a
...fancy word for time
Supposed to be
writing a book on Bonnard.
Pierre Bonnard.
French painter.
I'm sure I've seen his pictures.
Sure you have.
Knew a chap in the
forces used to paint.
We gave him a terrible time.
Teasing and so on.
We called him Toulouse.
Toulouse Lautrec, you know?
He didn't seem to mind.
Off in his own world.
Hard as nails though
when he wasn't painting.
Military man are you?
Which army?
British, paratroops.
Where'd you serve?
Here and there.
Kenya, Falklands?
No, no.
Our own dear Belfast?
Gin I think.
You can't be.
Can't I?
Hello Max.
I suppose you're looking
for those terrible twins are you?
They're about here somewhere.
Would you like something?
Some lemonade or an apple perhaps?
Thank you.
Do you live up in town?
Yes, my father comes down
on the train in the evenings.
Do you have brothers and sisters?
An only child.
What's that like?
I don't know.
No, of course, I don't suppose you
would, know what it's like I mean.
For goodness sake, come along.
Young Mr Murder you're very welcome
to our humble home, I'm sure.
I h-am reliably h-informed that
you're friends with two little...
- ...horrors what lives here.
- Shut up Carlo.
Wait, we need a lift, wait.
Oh dear, what a gang.
You poor boy, I suppose you just
have to get used to us I'm afraid.
Hello darling.
Would you like
anything, tea or a drink?
No thank you.
Will you be all right?
I mean it's very quiet here.
We did have some people last week.
A very nice family,
but they left on Sunday.
I mean, I hope you won't be...
Yes, thank you.
It was a good idea.
The beard.
It really didn't suit you.
Get you anything else, sir?
No, no, thank you.
Mr. Murder.
Have you met my young friend here?
Dangerous fellow!
A wafer please.
There you are.
I'll stand you this one sir.
How much is that my dear?
Nice round figure.
- Keep the change.
- Thanks.
Thank you.
Buy me a G and T next time
our paths will chance to cross.
Need a hand old chap?
A little under the weather.
They've come back.
The gulls.
This can't go on Max.
What can't go on?
You know.
This, the drinking.
I can't.
That's what can't go on, me.
I don't know what to do
and that's the God's truth.
You've left me
stranded in this bloody place.
Stranded! Is that a pun?
I suppose I could drown myself.
But you won't.
Too much of a coward, you mean.
I suppose you're right.
Glorious weather.
Glorious fng weather.
It's a funny word isn't it,
I'm patient I suppose.
I certainly don't
feel patient...
...far from it.
It's taking so long.
Do you remember that evening
when I asked you to marry me?
Such a dry autumn,
so warm, just like that.
I'd started to take
photographs, remember?
The Liberties, all those places.
We were going to a party
that evening...
...and when we turned into
the street we...
...heard the noise and the music
and we stopped...
...and I turned to you...
I held on to a button...
I held on to a button...
...on your jacket
and I said it.
Will you marry me?
I knew you'd never get around
to it, so I just went ahead.
How young we were!
Tell me, honestly,
have you been happy?
Of course.
No tell me, really.
I am telling you, happy
beyond words, my darling.
You wouldn't lie to me?
Of course I would.
Walk this way
everyone, walk this way.
Come along chickens.
Come along boys and girls.
I reckon we set up the homestead
here ma, what do you say?
Can you do it?
Good try.
The great God Pan is dead.
Long live the god.
Chloe you're disgusting.
Rose darling it's you.
I came as fast as I could.
I say Rosey, that's a
fetching ensemble... look like a flamenco
Can't catch me.
Why don't you ever speak?
Why don't you ever say anything?
Max, Max, Max.
Can you see them?
I'm sorry.
Everybody is jealous of
everybody, have you noticed that?
Come on.
Thank you.
This is fine.
Goodbye darling.
Au revoir, au revoir.
Where have you been?
You were a long time nowhere.
I suppose you were off
with your fancy friends.
I want you to go over to Mylers...
...and get a loaf of bread
for your father's tea.
What's wrong with you?
Nowhere, nothing.
Have you anything positive
to contribute to the proceedings?
Give me the money,
I'll get the bread.
I suppose you're ashamed of us.
You're an ungrateful little snipe.
Hand me my purse there.
Can I get a walnut whip?
So you're suddenly
able to talk are you?
Well can I?
Go on with you.
Telephone for you.
For me?
Yes, a young woman.
Thank you.
Dad, are you all right?
You know, that's all anybody
ever asks me these days.
- Well, we worry about you.
- Well, don't.
Have you been drinking?
I was but I'm not now.
I stop when I sleep,
which is not a good idea.
Ever notice you go to bed euphoric
and you wake up feeling like death.
So, obviously sleep is the culprit.
I'm thinking of installing a...
...drip feed in my
room here so that it can...
...keep me topped up through
the night.
Anyway, was there
something in...
...particular you wanted,
I was resting.
I wondered how you were.
I was fine.
Not so fine now
that you woke with me up.
That's the gong for tea.
Don't want to miss
the cucumber sandwiches.
- Well, will you at least...
- Bye.
That was my parole officer.
She sounded very nice.
That's my daughter, Clare.
She is nice, that's the trouble.
It was so strange, I got a start.
I don't think I've heard that
gong sounded since...
...I don't know when.
This is nice.
Can I get you anything?
Tea please.
For the two of you?
Yes, please.
So I'm off the booze.
You could look him up you know.
- Who?
- The father, Carlo Grace.
What do you mean, look him up?
That's the problem
with your generation.
Just think you can push a
button and everything's...
...everything's accounted for.
I looked you up.
Did you?
And what did you find?
- Not much.
- No.
This wasn't supposed
to happen to us, you know.
Your mother and me.
...sickness, early death, that
kind of thing only happens to...
...the good folk, the humble ones,
the salt of the earth, not to Anna.
Not to me.
In the midst of the grand progress
that was our lives together...
...a grinning ruffian stepped out
of the crowd, casual as you like...
...and handed your poor mother
the papers of impeachment...
...and that was that.
So, you're going to get married.
I don't know.
You said you were.
I only said it to
see what you'd say.
Sorry, thought, you were asleep.
Poor Max.
I do feel for you
having to be nice all the time.
You're not allowed even to
hate me a little like you used to.
Don't look so worried,
I hated you too, a little.
We were human after all.
Do you want anything else?
No, no thank you.
Are you all right, sir?
Come on Myles, gate duty.
Rosey, what is it?
What is it?
How can you say you
love me when you're married?
But being married
has nothing to do with it.
Hasn't it?
I know you're crazy about him.
About Carlo?
Carlo is something about the
town, he has nothing to do with us.
Who is Rose?
What, she's Rose, you know.
Come here Rose.
Yeah but I mean, who is she?
She minds us, Myles and me.
Who did you think she was?
I just wondered.
Do you have someone
that minds you?
Not even when you're
at home, in school time.
I'm sure she's in love with Carlo.
That's what she was
saying, she was confessing.
To Connie?
Why do you call your
parents by their names?
We always have.
What do you call yours, ma, da?
You know he has a girl already.
What are you talking about?
The one who works in the
paper shop.
I saw him with her.
He had his arm around her waist.
I think I
know this young fellow.
Look here Murgatroid, I wanted to
have this little chat with you...
...because I've got to know exactly
what your intentions are with...
...regard to my daughter,
Need to have it out, man to man.
I'm assuming...
...that you and she are play mates
and nothing more than that.
Think of the exhilaration,
the excitement and the danger.
Once a man has taken to the
road everything else...
...must seem pale and
I don't see how he
could ever give it up.
She's a dear girl,
I needn't tell you that.
Headstrong like her
mother and spoilt too.
Go on quick!
I just did a pee.
You're disgusting.
Everyone needs a playmate...
...even chaps like me,
as you saw in the...
...laneway there.
I'm very fond of her.
I admire your
discretion so, right old sport?
I really to wish you wouldn't
nag at me all the time...
...about this bloody
Bonnard book.
Well, you should finish it.
I'll do it in my own time.
Yeah, but what about my time?
How are you?
Serge! I'm...
As you see.
- You remember Serge?
- Of course.
Do you still work?
Not really.
Well she should, a wonderful eye.
Well, it's good to see you, both.
How they do pop up, your old pals.
He used to be your old pal too.
Was he, was he now?
You know, I don't
recall that being the case...
...I seem to remember
him being your pal.
Can I have some more tea?
You haven't drunk what you have.
Well, it's going cold.
Now that I think of it...
...I remember having a
conversation with Serge one...
...night at a party,
where was it?
It doesn't matter.
So many parties in those days.
We were both a bit drunk I think,
and he backed me into a corner...
...and he was talking
about your snaps then too.
He said...
...there was more colour in all of
your back and whites than in a...
...whole shelf full scullery
studies of second rate painters.
Serge said that?
More or less.
And what did he
mean second rate painters?
The likes of say,
Pierre Bonnard.
- You're making this up.
- Am I?
I know you are.
Well, it was the kind of thing
the Serges...
...of those days used to say to
me all the time.
There weren't Serges,
there was only Serge.
Not much of him either.
But enough all the same.
And she used to spend
hours in the bath every day.
She was like that.
My wife.
When she was ill first.
Would you like a glass of water?
- What?
- You should drink some water.
Good for the liver.
She used to take baths
all the time.
Maybe three or four
in a day, sometimes more.
I used to worry that she might...
...slip down into the bath
water and drown.
Drink some water.
Doesn't matter.
Serge sent his love.
Did he?
How is he?
Swinish as ever.
He's not swinish,
why do you say that?
Max you can't be jealous.
- Why can't I?
- Look at me.
It's not now
you're jealous of, is it?
It's then.
You live in the past.
Mr. Morton.
Mr. Morton.
Are you awake?
He did a good job.
He hasn't lost his touch.
Yeah, his touch.
You're right.
- What?
- Nothing.
They're my dossier.
My indictment.
Your indictment of what?
You mustn't be
jealous, even the past.
Are you not asleep?
What's wrong with you?
I don't know.
What have you to be crying for?
There you are.
Take my advice, don't drink brandy.
The old thick head, yes.
Matter of fact,
I'm not the best myself.
Bit of a cold on the stomach.
Cold on the stomach.
I'm a martyr to it.
But the slop will see my right.
Got the recipe from a tea boy.
Indian fellow.
Anchovies, curry powder...
...worcester sauce,
mustard, plenty of pepper...
...a pinch of horseradish.
Great scourer for the bag.
Got to keep the bag in order.
When is your daughter coming down?
She hasn't given me a date yet.
Felicity, Lester...
...the little ones,
Felicity the second.
Called flickers or Jack.
Look I'm sorry, I didn't mean...
I didn't mean to stir up memories.
No, it's just a headache.
A great comfort a daughter.
Don't know what I would
have done without my Felicity...
...when Mrs. Blunden passed on.
Three years ago
that was, come October.
Makes me dread the autumn now.
Do you know
where she keeps the sherry?
Can't say I'm afraid.
She's a grand woman,
you know, our landlady...
...use the place as if it was...
...your own, she said to
me the day I came here.
I'd hate to see
her let down in any way.
I'd hate to see her
hospitality insulted.
The only thing I insult is
my liver, not to mention the bag.
We're leaving on Saturday.
You've turned green.
Will you write to me?
I'll write to you.
To say what?
Just to tell you things.
Can't wait.
I'll miss you.
Will you?
How much?
I don't know, a lot.
I don't want to think of you going.
Well don't then.
Say you'll write to me.
- Say you'll write to me.
- I'll write to you.
Say it like you mean it.
What's the point?
I'll be miles away at school.
I probably won't even remember you.
- Chloe!
- Chloe.
Don't make fun of me.
Stop being a baby.
I'll tell on you.
You're just a bully.
He started it.
What are you doing?
Nothing. Changing.
What's the matter?
Nothing's the matter.
Will we play tag?
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.
- Catch a nigger by the...
- This is stupid.
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe,
catch a nigger by the toe.
When he hollers let him go,
eeny, meeny, miny, moe.
See, you're not it.
Maybe she'll drown.
I hope she does.
Is there anything
you can do for her Doctor?
We can only wait
and see, Mr. Arkwright.
We think we got it
all but it's never certain.
Don't go.
Please don't go.
What the f?
What do you think you're doing?
Do you want to make
something of it?
Come on.
- Listen.
- Come on.
Grandad, if you don't want
your fing face rearranged...
...back off.
Come on, come on.
Come on!
We don't want
any trouble around here.
Out you go.
Out you go.
Let go of me.
Out you go!
Come on you want this, ha?
Come on.
Out you go.
Come on, you're barred, come on.
Go on home.
It's still coming in,
look, she'll be drowned.
What are you doing?
Come back here.
You bitch, I hate you,
I hate you, I hate you.
Stop the clocks!
Don't go.
It's difficult being left behind.
You feel abandoned.
Resentful too.
Yes, you do.
I sometimes curse her.
As if she was to blame for dying.
You must have been lonely here.
Generally content
with my own company.
It's a thing you learn, solitude.
A knack of being alone.
Do you think I'll ever learn it?
Yes, you won't have any choice.
Time is relentless, that helps.
All set then?
I didn't thank you,
they tell me you saved my life.
How do you know where to find me?
Often used to see you
walking along the strand at night.
Thought that's where you might be.
Thank you Alfred.
Don't mention it.
We'll miss you.
Well, it's not my choice,
my parole is being curtailed.
I'm being forced to go.
Max, I don't think you're
a man to be forced into anything.
I never thought you'd
get around to calling me Max.
Well, you didn't call me
Rose either.