The Secret (2006) Movie Script

A year ago my life had collapsed around me.
I'd worked myself into exhaustion.
My father died suddenly
and my relationships were in turmoil.
Little did I know at the time,
out of my greatest despair
was to come the greatest gift.
I'd been given a glimpse of a great Secret.
I began tracing the secret back through
I couldn't believe all the people who knew
They were the greatest people in history.
(Whispers) Why doesn't any one know this?
All I wanted to do was share
The Secret with the World.
I began searching for people
alive today who know The Secret.
One by one
they began to emerge.
You know this secret
gives you everything you want:
Happiness, health and wealth.
You can have, do, be
anything you want.
We can have whatever it is
that we choose.
I don't care how big it is.
What kind of a house do you want to live in?
Do you want to be a millionaire?
What kind of a business do you want to
Do you want more success?
What do you really want?
I've seen many miracles take place
in people' s lives.
Financial miracles, miracles of physical
mental healing, healing in relationships.
All of this happened because of
knowing how to apply the secret.
This is the great secret of life.
You've probably been sitting there
wondering, what is this secret?
I'll tell you how I've come
to understand it.
We all work
with one infinite power.
We all guide ourselves
by exactly the same laws.
The natural laws of the universe
are so precise
that we don't even have any
difficulty building space ships,
we can send people to the moon
and we can time the landing
with the precision of a
fraction of a second.
I don't care if you're in India,
if you're in Australia, New Zealand,
Stockholm or London
or Toronto or Montreal
or New York.
We're all working with one power.
One law.
It's attraction.
The Secret is the Law of Attraction.
Everything that' s coming into your life
you are attracting into your life.
And it's attracted to you
by virtue of the images
you're holding in your mind.
It's what you're thinking.
You see whatever is going on
in your mind
you are attracting to you.
Now wise people have always known that,
you can go right back
to the ancient Babylonians,
they've always known this,
it's a small
select group of people.
Why do you think that
one percent of the population
earns around 96% of all
the money that' s being earned?
Do you think that' s an accident?
It's no accident.
It's designed that way.
They understand something.
They understand the Secret.
And you are being introduced
to The Secret.
The simplest way for me to
look at the law of attraction,
is if I think of myself as a magnet
and I know that a magnet
will attract to it.
Very basically put,
the law of attraction says
that like attracts like.
But we're really talking
at a level of thought.
Our job as humans
is to hold onto the thoughts
of what we want,
make it absolute clear
in our minds what we want,
from that we start to invoke
one of the greatest
laws in the universe
and that' s the law of attraction.
You become what you think about most
but you also attract
what you think about most.
If you see it in here,
you're going to hold it in here.
And that principle can be summed up
in three simple words,
What most people don't understand is
a thought has a frequency.
Every thought has a frequency,
we can measure a thought.
And so if you're thinking that thought
over and over and over again,
if you're imagining in your mind,
having that brand new car,
having the money that you need,
building that company, finding your soul
If you're imagining
what that looks like,
you're emitting that frequency
on a consistent basis.
Thoughts are sending out
that magnetic signal
that is drawing the parallel
back to you.
See yourself living in abundance
and you will attract it.
It always works,
it works every time,
with every person.
Here's the problem,
most people are thinking about
what they don't want
and they're wondering why it shows up
over and over and over again.
The law of attraction doesn't care
whether you perceive something
to be good or bad
or whether you don't want it,
or whether you do want it
It's responding to your thoughts.
So if you're sitting there
looking at a mountain of debt,
feeling terrible about it,
that's the signal you're
putting out into the universe,
'wow', I feel really bad
because of all this debt I've got,
you're just affirming it to yourself
you feel it on every level of your being,
that's what you're going to get more of.
So when you're looking at that
thing you want
and you're saying yes to it,
you're activating a thought
and law of attraction is
responding to that thought
and bringing you things
that match that.
But when you are looking at
something that you do not want,
and you shout,'No' at it,
you are actually not pushing it away.
Instead you are activating the very thought
of what you do not want
and now law of attraction
is lining those things up for you also.
This is a universe
that is based upon attraction,
everything is about attraction.
The law of attraction is always working,
whether you believe it
or understand it or not.
It's always working.
You might be thinking about the past
or the present or the future,
but whether you're remembering
or observing or imagining,
still in that process you are activating thought
and law of attraction, which is
the most powerful law of the universe,
is responding to your thought.
Creation is always happening.
Every time an individual has a thought or a
prolonged chronic way of thinking
they're in the creation process.
Something is going to manifest out of those
Law of attraction says we'll give you
whatever it is you say and focus on.
And so if you're complaining about how bad
it is,
what you're creating is more of how bad it is.
I had a student named Robert.
Robert was a gay man, and he was
taking an online course I have,
part of which entails email access to me.
And he outlined all of the
grim realities of his life.
In his job, all the people
ganged up on him,
and it was constantly stressful because
of how nasty they were with him.
When he walked down the street,
he said every block he was accosted by
homophobic people, who wanted
to abuse him in some way.
He was wanting to become a stand-up
and when he went out and did
a stand-up comedy job,
everybody heckled him about being gay.
And his whole life
was one of a lot of unhappiness and misery,
and it all focused around this idea
of being attacked because he was gay.
I began to teach him that
he was focusing on what he did not want.
I directed him back to his email that he sent
me and said,
"Read it again. Look at all the things you do
not want
that you're telling me about.
And I can tell you're very passionate about
When you focus on something with a lot of
it makes it happen even faster."
And then he really started taking this
thing about
focusing on what you want to heart.
And he began really trying it.
What happened within the next 6... 8
weeks was absolutely a miracle.
He said that all the people in his
office that had been harassing him
either transferred to another department,
quit working at the company,
or started totally leaving him alone.
And he began to love his job.
He noticed that when he was
walking down the street,
that nobody came up to him and
harassed him anymore.
They just weren't there.
When he went and did his
stand-up comedy routines he
started getting standing ovations
and no body was heckling him.
His whole life changed,
because he changed from
focusing on what he did not want,
what he was afraid of, what he wanted to
to focusing on what he did want.
So we may be very positive in
our outlook and orientation
and we tend to attract positive people
and positive events and circumstances.
When we're very negative in our
orientation, or very angry,
in which case we tend to attract
negative angry people
and negative angry circumstances.
And so you end up attracting to you
the predominant thoughts that you're
holding in your awareness,
whether those thoughts are conscious
or whether they're unconscious.
That's the rub.
If you look very carefully
when it comes to the secret and
the power of our mind and
the power of our intention in our daily lives,
its all around us.
All we gotta do is
open our eyes and look.
You see Law of Attraction evidenced in your
when you see that the one who
speaks most of illness has it,
when you see that the one who
speaks most of prosperity has it.
Law of Attraction is evident
everywhere around you
if you are understanding what it is.
It has to do with you being a magnet,
attracting thought, attracting people,
attracting events, attracting lifestyle.
Indeed everything that you
bring into your experience
you bring because of this
powerful Law of Attraction.
I mean, I'm not talking to
you from the point of view
of just wishful thinking,
or imaginary craziness.
I'm talking to you from
a deeper, basic understanding.
Quantum physics really begins
to point to this discovery.
It says that you can't have a universe
without mind entering into it.
That the mind is actually shaping
the very thing that is being perceived.
Now if you don't understand it doesn't
mean that you should reject it.
You don't understand electricity properly.
First of all no one even knows what electricity
and yet you enjoy the benefits of it.
Do you know how it works?
I don't know how it works.
But I do know this,
that you can cook a man' s
dinner with electricity
and you can also cook the man.
People oftentimes when they begin
to understand the great secret,
become frightened of all these
negative thoughts that they have.
Two things, they need to be aware of,
one; It has been proven now scientifically
that an affirmative thought
is hundreds of times more powerful
than a negative thought,
so that eliminates a degree
of worry right there.
You live in a reality where
there is this buffer of time.
And truly that serves you.
You're really not wanting to be
in an environment where
your thoughts manifest immediately.
The evidence is long in coming
and that is really a good thing.
So you want to become aware of your
you want to choose your thoughts carefully
and you want to have fun with this
because you are the masterpiece of your
own life
you are the Michaelangelo of your own life.
The David that you are sculpting is you.
And you do it with your thoughts.
The leaders in the past who had the secret,
wanted to keep the power and not share the
So they kept people ignorant of The Secret.
People went to work, they
did their job they came home.
They were on a treadmill with no power,
because The Secret was kept in the few.
We live in a universe in which there are laws.
Just as there is a law of gravity,
if you fall off a building,
it doesn't matter if you are
a good person or a bad person,
you're gonna hit the ground.
Everything that surrounds you
right now in your life,
including the things you're
complaining about, you've attracted.
Now, I know at first blush that' s gonna
be something that you hate to hear.
You're gonna immediately say, I didn't attract
the car accident.
I didn't attract this particular client.
I didn't particularly attract the debt.
I didn't attract... whatever it happens
to be that you're complaining about.
And I'm here to be a little bit
in your face and to say,
yes you did attract it.
And this is one of the
hardest concepts to get,
but once you've accepted it
it's life transforming.
This is part of the overall giant Secret, here.
And most of us attract by default.
We just think that we don't
have any control over it.
Our thoughts are on auto-pilot,
our feelings are on auto-pilot,
and so, everything is just brought to us by
Now this is your first time to
hear this, it may feel like,
oh I have to now monitor my thoughts?
This is going to be a lot of work.
It will seem like that at first.
But that's where the fun begins.
We do not encourage that you try
to monitor your thoughts.
That will sort of make you crazy.
There are so many thoughts coming to you,
from so many different directions,
about so many different subjects.
That's where your emotional guidance
system comes in.
Your emotions - your emotional guidance
system -
is what helps you to understand what you're
So your thoughts cause your feelings.
The emotions are this
incredible gift that we have.
To let us know what we're attracting.
There are only two emotions
from our perspective.
One feels good and one feels bad.
You call them all sorts of different things,
but essentially all of those negative emotions
- whether you call it guilt,
or anger or frustration
- all feel much the same.
They do not feel good.
And all of them are guidance saying
that which you are thinking about right now
is not in line with what you are really wanting.
On another level it' s called bad frequency
or bad vibes or whatever you want to call it.
The one that feels good, that feeling
of hope, or happiness or love,
that good feeling, that positive emotion, is
guidance saying
that which you are thinking right now
is in alignment with what you are wanting.
So it's really so simple.
It's right there, the answer.
What am I attracting right now?
Well, how do you feel? I feel good.
Well good, keep doing that.
Our feelings are a feedback
mechanism to us
about whether we're on track or not,
whether we are on course of
or off course.
The better you feel,
the more in alignment you are.
The worse you feel,
the more out of alignment you are.
What you are doing as you
are moving through
the variety of your day to day experience,
is you are offering thoughts
that are literally formulating your
future experience.
And you can tell by the way you feel
if the things that you are moving toward
will please you when you get there.
And you're getting exactly what
you're feeling about
not so much what it is you're thinking about.
That's why people if they
stub their toe out of bed,
they tend to spiral.
The whole day goes like that you know.
They have no clue that a simple
shifting of their emotions
can change their entire day and life.
If you start out having a good day
and you're in that particular happy feeling
as long as you don't allow
something to change your mood,
you're going to continue to attract,
by the law of attraction
more situations, people that
sustain that happy feeling.
Good days bad days, rich get
richer, poor get poorer
its all about what these people are
and continually feeling.
You can begin right now to
feel healthy.
You can begin to feel prosperous.
You can begin to feel the love
that's surrounding you,
even if it's not there.
And what will happen is
the Universe will correspond to the
nature of your song.
The universe will correspond to the
nature of that inner feeling,
and manifest, because
that's the way you feel.
So basically what you focus on
with thought and feeling,
is what you attract into your experience,
whether or not it' s something you want.
Every single time.
No exception.
It's hard to swallow.
But when we can begin to open
ourselves up to that,
the ramifications are awesome.
It means that whatever thought
has done in your life,
it can be undone through a
shift in your awareness.
It's really important that you feel good,
because this feeling good is what goes
out as a signal into the Universe,
and starts to attract more of itself to you.
So the more you can feel good,
the more you will attract the things
that help you feel good,
and are able to keep bringing
you up higher and higher.
When you're feeling down,
Did you know that you can
change it like that?
Put on a beautiful piece of music.
Start singing. That'll change your emotion.
Or think of something beautiful.
Think of a baby.
Maybe one you love.
And dwell on it. Really keep that
thought in your mind,
block everything out but that thought.
I guarantee you'll start
to feel good.
This principle applies to your
family pet for instance,
which I believe are wonderful because they
put you in a great emotional state.
When you feel love for your pet
that's a great state of love
that's going to bring goodness into your life.
And what a gift that is.
And when you begin to get the hang of this,
when you begin to guide your thoughts
based upon the way they feel
and you begin to notice the correlation
what you're feeling and thinking
and what' s coming back to you,
before you know it
you will know that you are
the creator of your own reality.
And those who are watching from a distance
will stand in amazement
at the perfect life you live.
Since I learned the Secret and
started applying it to my life,
my life has truly become magical,
I think the kind of life that
everybody dreams of
and I live on a day-to-day basis.
I live in a four and a half
million dollar mansion.
I have a wife to die for.
I get to vacation in all the
fabulous spots of the world,
I've climbed mountains, I've explored,
I've been on safaris.
And all of this happened and
continues to happen
because of knowing how to apply the Secret.
Life can be absolutely phenomenal
and it should be
and it will be when you start
using the Secret.
Well a lot of people ask me what
their job is in the creative process,
and what the job of the Universe is.
So let's look at that for a moment.
Let's use this metaphor if you think about
Aladdin and his lamp.
You've probably heard of that one.
I mean, Aladdin picks up
the lamp and he dusts it off
and out pops the genie.
The genie always says one thing,
"Your wish is my command."
If you trace the story back to
its origins, you know
we now think that there' s
three wishes,
but if you trace the story back to its origins
there's absolutely no limit whatsoever
to the wishes.
Think about that one.
Now, let's take this metaphor
and blow it out
and apply it to you and your life.
Remember Aladdin is the one who
always asks for what he wants.
Then you've got the Universe at large,
which is this grand genie,
and traditions you know have called
it so many different things.
Your holy guardian angel,
your higher self.
I mean we can put any label on it,
and you chose the one that
works best for you.
But every tradition has told us
there's something bigger than us.
And the genie always says one thing...
"Your wish is my command."
So we like to say to you that the
creative process is a three step process.
Step one is you must
ask for what you want.
You do not need to use words
to ask, in fact,
the universe is not even hearing
words from you.
The universe is responding
completely to your thought.
What do you really want?
Sit down and write it out on
a piece of paper.
Write it in the present tense.
You might begin by writing,
"I am so happy and grateful now that... '
And then explain how you want
your life to be.
In every area.
And this is really fun.
This is like having the Universe as your
and you flip through it and you go,
"Well, I'd like to have this experience
and I'd like to have that product
and I'd like to have a person like that.'
It is you just placing your order
with the Universe.
It's really that easy.
The second step is answer.
An answer to what you're asking.
And that is not your work
in your physical form.
The Universe will do that step for you.
All of the universal forces
are responding to the thoughts that
you have set into motion.
Genie: "Your wish is my command."
And the Universe will start to rearrange itself
to make it happen for you.
Most of us have never allowed ourselves
to want what we truly want,
because we can't see how
it's going to manifest.
If you do just a little research
it is going to become evident to you
that anyone that ever
accomplished anything,
did not know how they were
going to do it.
They only knew they were
going to do it.
You don't need to know how
it's going to come about.
You don't need to know how
the universe will rearrange itself.
You don't know how,
it'll be shown to you.
You will attract the way.
So then our friends say,
'Something must be going terribly wrong,
because I know I am asking
so where' s my stuff? '
And we say, you are asking.
You are completing step one,
you can't help but do that.
And the Universe is answering
every time, no exception.
But there is another step that
you must understand,
and it is called step three,
which is the receiving step.
Which means you must bring yourself
into alignment
with what you're asking for.
When you are in alignment with what
you want, you feel wonderful.
That's what enthusiasm is,
that's what joy is,
that's what appreciation is,
that's what that feeling of passion is.
But when you are feeling despair
or fear or anger,
those are strong indicators that you
are not right now in alignment
with what you're asking for.
And so, when you begin to realise
that the way you feel is everything,
and you begin to direct your thoughts
based upon how they feel,
little by little you can find
the feeling place of it
and now you are one with it,
and now it must manifest
into your experience.
And when you turn that fantasy
into a fact,
you're in the position to build
bigger and better fantasies.
And that my friend,
is the creative process.
So, the law of attraction,
the study and practice of
the law of attraction,
is just figuring out what will help you
generate the feelings of having it now.
Go test drive that car,
go shop for that home,
get in the house.
Do whatever you have to do to generate
the feelings of having it now,
and remember them.
Whatever you can do to do that
will help you to literally attract it.
It could be you wake up and
it's just there, it' s manifest.
Or, you might get some inspired idea
of some action to take.
You certainly shouldn't be going,
"Well, I could do it this way,
but man I would hate that.'
Because you're not on the right
track if that' s the case.
Action will sometimes be required,
but if you're really doing it in line with
what the universe is trying to deliver,
it's going to feel joyous,
you're going to feel so alive,
time will just stop,
you could do it all day.
The universe likes speed,
don't delay don't second guess, don't doubt.
When the opportunity' s there,
when the impulse is there,
when the intuitive nudge from
within is there,
That's your job.
And that's all you have to do.
You will attract everything
that you require.
If it's money you need you will attract it,
if it's people you need you'll attract it.
If it's a certain book you need
you'll attract it.
You've gotta pay attention to
what you're attracted to,
because as you hold images of
what you want,
you're gonna be attracted to things and
they're gonna be attracted to you.
But it literally moves into physical reality
with and through you.
And it does that by law.
You can start with nothing,
and out of nothing and out of no way,
a way will be made.
Think of this.
A car driving through the night,
the headlights only go a hundred to
two hundred feet forward,
and you can make it all the way
from California to New York,
driving, through the dark,
because all you have to see
is the next two hundred feet.
And that's how life tends to
unfold before us.
And if we just trust that the next
two hundred feet will unfold after that
that and the next two hundred feet
will unfold after that,
your life will keep unfolding.
And it will eventually get you to the
of whatever it is you truly want,
because you want it.
Well another thing people wonder about is,
how long is this gonna take?
How long will it take to manifest
the car, the relationship,
the money, or whatever it happens to be.
Well, I don't have any rule book that says
it's gonna take you thirty minutes
or three days or thirty days.
I think its more a matter of you
being in alignment with the Universe itself.
Size is nothing to the universe.
It is no more difficult to attract
on a scientific level
something that we consider huge
to something that we consider
infinitesimally small...
The universe does everything it does
with zero effort.
The grass doesn't strain to grow,
it's effortless. It' s just this great design.
It's all about what' s going on up here.
It's about what we put in place saying
"This is big, it' s going to
take some time' and
"This is small, oh I'll give it an hour.'
You know, those are our rules
that we define.
There are no rules according to the Universe.
You provide the feelings of having it now.
It will respond.
Some people have an easier time
with little things
and so we sometimes say,
"Well, start with something small
like a cup of coffee.
Make it your intention to attract
a cup of coffee today.'
Hold an image of
talking to an old friend that you haven't
seen for a long time.
Somehow or another somebody's going to
start talking to you about that person.
That person's going to phone you
or you'll get a letter from them.
People are amazed at how I
line up car parks,
and I've done this right from when
I first understood the Secret.
I would visualise a car space
exactly where I wanted it
and 95% of the time it
would be there for me,
and I would just pull straight in.
5% of the time I'd have to
wait just a minute or two
and the person would pull out
and I'd pull in.
So I do that all that time.
A lot of people feel stuck or imprisoned
or confined by their current circumstances,
and I'm trying to point out that
whatever your circumstances right now
that is only your current reality
and current reality will begin to
change as a result of watching this
and beginning to use The Secret.
And sometimes it feels like you're stuck,
because you continue
to think the same thoughts
over and over again.
And so you tend to get the same results
over and over again.
And the reason is because,
You see if you're just looking at what is,
then you're just thinking about what is.
And when you think about what is
Law of Attraction gives you more of it.
And then if you just observe what is
then you're just thinking about what is
and Law of Attraction gives
you more of what is.
And then if you just observe what-
we've been over this haven't we.
You have to find a way that you
are approaching what is
through a different vantage point.
Most people look at their current state of
affairs and they say this is who I am.
That's not who you are
that's who you were.
You see if you look at your current
state of affairs right now
let's say for instance that you don't
have a lot of money in your bank account
or you don't have the relationship
that you want
or your health and fitness isn't up to par
That's not who you are
that's the residual outcome of your
past thoughts and actions.
So we're constantly living in this
residual if you will
of the thoughts and actions we've
taken in the past.
When you look at your current state of
affairs and define yourself by that
then you doom yourself to have nothing
more than the same in future.
Okay, what you can you do right now
to begin to turn your life around?
I'll tell you two or three things.
Start making a list of things
to be grateful for.
Start with that, because this
shifts your energy.
It starts to shift your thinking.
Where before this exercise you might be
focusing on what you don't have,
and you might be focusing on your
and you might be focusing on
whatever the problems are,
when you do this exercise you start
to go on a different direction.
You start to be grateful for all
the things that you feel good about.
Gratitude is absolutely the way
to bring more into your life.
Every man knows that when his
wife's appreciating him
for the little things he does,
what does he want to do?
He wants to do more.
It's always about appreciation.
It pulls things in, it attracts support.
I've said for many years
that whatever we think about
and thank about
we bring about.
That's that feeling that you have to have,
and so for me it' s been such
a powerful exercise,
every morning to get up and say thank you,
every morning when my feet hit
the floor, thank you.
And then I start running through
what I'm grateful for
as I'm going to brush my teeth and do
the things I do in the morning.
And I'm not just thinking about them
and doing some rote routine,
but I'm putting it out there
and I'm feeling the feelings of gratitude.
Because as soon as you start to feel
differently about what you already have,
you will start to attract
more of the good things,
more of the things you can
be grateful for.
Because you could look around and say,
"Well, look, I don't have the car
I want, I don't have the house I want,
I don't have the health I want,
I don't have the spouse I want,
Whoah, back up, back up.
Those are all the things you don't want.
Focus on what you already have
that you're grateful for.
And it might be, you have the eyes
to watch this.
It might be the clothes that you have.
Yes, you might prefer something else and
you might get something else pretty soon
if you start feeling grateful
for what you have.
I think everybody goes through
times when they say,
"oh man, things aren't working
right or things are going bad,
and there are some things
going on in my family..."
and I found a rock.
And I'm just sitting here holding this rock.
You might see me carrying it around.
I found a rock, I stuck it in
my pocket, and I said,
"You know what?
Every time I touch this rock,
I'm going to think of something that
I'm grateful for."
So every morning when I get
up in the morning,
I pick it up of f the dresser,
I put it in my pocket,
and I go through the things
that I'm grateful for.
At night, what do you do?
You empty your pocket,
and there it is again.
And I've had some different
experiences with that,
I've had some amazing experiences.
I had a guy from South Africa,
he saw me drop it and he said,
"What is that?"
I explained it to him, so he
started calling it a...
"Gratitude rock."
Two weeks later I got an email from him,
from South Africa.
And he said, "My son is dying from a
rare disease, it' s a type of Hepatitis.
Would you send me three gratitude rocks?"
They were just rocks I found off the street,
you know, so I said, "Sure."
I had to make sure that the rocks
were very special,
and so I went out to the stream,
looked, picked out the right rocks,
and sent them off to him.
Four or five months later,
I get an email from him.
He said, "My son' s better,
he's doing terrific,"
and he said, "but you need
to know something...
We've sold over a thousand rocks
at ten dollars a piece
as gratitude rocks,
and we've raised all this
money for charity.
Thank you very much."
And so it's very important to be in an
attitude of gratitude,
as I like to call it.
Another thing that I would suggest
that you do right now to turn
your life around
and this is so huge that I can't
find the words to describe
just how powerful this can be for you.
I took the visualisation process
from the Apollo program,
and instituted it during the 1980s
and 90s into the Olympic program.
And it was called visual motor rehearsal.
And the interesting thing
about the mind is,
we took Olympic athletes
and then hooked them up to sophisticated
bio-feedback equipment,
and had them run their event
only in their mind.
Incredibly, the same muscles fired
in the same sequence
when they were running the race
in their mind,
as when they were running it on the track.
How could this be?
Because the mind can't distinguish
whether you're really doing it
or whether it' s just a practice.
I think if you've been there in the mind,
you'll go there in the body.
When you're visualizing,
when you've got that picture
playing out in your mind,
always and only
dwell upon the end result.
Here's an example,
look at the back of your
hands right now.
Really look at the back or your hands,
the colour of your skin, the freckles,
the blood vessels,
the rings the fingernails,
the fake fingernails.
Take in all those details,
right before you close your eyes
and then see those hands,
your fingers wrapping around the
steering wheel
of your brand new car.
This is such a holographic experience,
so real
so real in this moment
that you don't even feel like
you need the car
because it feels like you
already have it.
See it's the feeling
that really creates the attraction,
not just the picture or the thought
and I think for a lot of people they think,
"Well if I think positive thoughts
or if I visualize having what I want,
that will be enough."
But if you're doing that and
still not feeling abundant
or feeling you know, loving or joyful,
then it doesn't from my mind
really create the power of
the attraction.
This is where the Secret actually
moves into action.
You put yourself in the feeling place
of really being in that car,
not, "Oh I wish I could get that car" or,
"Some day I'll have that car",
because that' s a very definite
feeling associated with that.
It's not in the now, it's not,
you know, it's in the future.
If you stay in that feeling
it will always be in the future.
Feel the joy, feel the happiness.
No matter how silly it seems in
that dark and quiet room
and you're going, "Woo hoo!"
Do it!
A lot of people will say, you know,
"Come on, do I have to do that?"
How bad do you want change?
Now that feeling
and that inner seeing
will begin to be an open doorway
through which the power of the
Universe will begin to express.
Our job is not to figure out the how
the how will show up
out of a commitment and belief
in the what.
The hows are the domain of
the universe.
It always knows the shortest,
quickest, fastest
most harmonious way between
you and your dream.
If you turn it over to the universe
you will be surprised and dazzled
by what is delivered to you.
This is where magic and miracles happen.
Well I would say you want to
do this virtually daily,
but my disclaimer is,
this should never be a chore.
What's really bottom line important here
to the whole Secret is feeling good.
You want to feel exhilarated
by this whole process.
You want to be high, happy,
in tune, as much as possible.
The only difference between people
who really are living this way
and people who aren't living
in the magic of life,
is that the people who are
living in the magic of life
have habituated ways of being.
They have habituated this process
and magic happens with them
wherever they go,
because they remember it and
they do it all the time,
not as a one time event.
People hold that for a while
and they're really a champion
at it and they say,
"You know what I'm fired up,
I saw this program
and I'm gonna change my life",
and yet you know results aren't
showing results aren't showing
and beneath the surface it's just
about ready to break through.
And someone will look at
the surface results and go,
"This stuff doesn't work."
You know what the universe says?
"Your wish is my command."
And it goes down.
Knowing the Law of Attraction,
I wanted to really put it to use
and to see if it was, you know
what would happen.
And in 1995 I started to create
something called a vision board,
where I take something that
I want to achieve
or something that I want to attract,
like a car or a watch or
the soul mate of my dreams,
and I put a picture of what I want
up on this board called
the Vision Board.
And every day I would sit in
my office
and I would look up at this board
and I would start to visualise,
I would really get into the state
of having already acquired it.
I was getting ready to move,
we put all
the furniture, all the boxes,
into storage,
and I made three different moves
over a period of five years,
and then I ended up in California
and bought this house,
renovated it for a year,
and then had all the stuff brought from my
former home five years earlier
One morning, about seven
thirty in the morning,
my son comes into
my office,
and one of the boxes that was
sealed for five years
was right at the door step.
And my son came in and he was sitting
on the box banging away at the box,
and I said, "Sweetheart will you please stop,
I'm doing some work here."
"What's in the boxes Daddy?"
And I said, "Well honey, those
are my Vision Boards."
"What's a Vision Board?"
I said, "Well it's where I put
all my goals up,
I cut them out and I put
all my goals up
as something that I want to
achieve in my life."
And of course at five and a half years
old he didn't understand,
and so I said, "Sweet let me
just show you,
that'll be the easiest way to do it."
And so I cut the box open
and when I pulled up the
Vision Boards
there was a picture on there of a home
that I was visualising
five years earlier,
and what was shocking to me was
we were living in that house.
Not a house like it.
I bought my dream home,
renovated it,
and didn't even know it.
But I looked at that house and I started
to cry because I was just blown away
"Why you crying?"
"Honey, I finally understand how
the Law of Attraction works.
I finally understand the power
of visualisation.
I finally understand
everything that I've read,
everything that I've worked with.
My whole life,
the way I've built companies.
It worked for my home as well,
and I bought our dream home
and didn't even know it."
Decide what you want,
believe you can have it,
believe you deserve it,
and believe it' s possible for you.
And then close your eyes every day
for several minutes and visualize
having what you already want,
and feeling the feelings of
already having it.
Come out of that
and focus on what you're
grateful for already.
And really be, enjoy it, okay
And then go into your day and release it
to the Universe,
and trust that the Universe
will figure out how
to manifest.
You know, the Secret was definitely
a real transformation for me,
because I grew up in a family where
my dad was very negative,
thought that rich people were people that
had ripped everyone off
Thought that anyone that had money
must have deceived somebody.
So I grew up with a lot
of beliefs about money
that if you had it,
it made you bad,
you know, only evil people
have money
and you know, money
doesn't grow on trees.
That was a big one.
"Who do you think I am, Rockefeller?"
That was one of his favourite phrases.
So I grew up truly believing
that life was difficult,
that it was hard,
you had to struggle.
And it was only when I met
W. Clement Stone,
that I literally began to
shift my life.
When I was working with Stone
he said, "I want you to set a
goal that' s so big
that if you achieved it,
it would blow your mind.
And you would know it' s only
because of what I've taught you
that you would have
achieved this goal."
Well, at the time
I was making about eight
thousand dollars a year
and for some reason I wanted something
that was really measurable,
so I said,
"I want to make a hundred
thousand dollars in a year."
I had no idea how I could do that.
I saw no strategy, no possibility
but I just said,
"I'm going to declare that,
I'm going to believe it,
I'm going to act as if it' s true,
and release it."
And so I did that.
And one of the things he
taught me was every day
to close your eyes and
visualize the goals
as if it's already achieved.
And I had actually made a
hundred thousand dollar bill
that I'd put on the ceiling.
So the first thing I'd see
when I woke up...
I'd look up and there it was
and it would remind me
that this was my intention.
And then I would close my
eyes and visualize
having this hundred thousand dollar
a year lifestyle.
And interestingly enough,
nothing major happened for
about thirty days.
You know, I didn't have any
great breakthrough ideas,
no-one was offering
me more money.
And all of a sudden
I was in the shower,
it was about four weeks into it,
and I had a hundred
thousand dollar idea.
It just came right into my head.
I had a book I had written,
and I said if I can sell four hundred
thousand copies of my book
at a quarter each,
that'd be a hundred thousand dollars.
Now, the book was there,
but Id never had this thought
And one of the secrets, I think, is
Now I didn't know how to do that,
I didn't know how I was going to sell
four hundred thousand copies,
we'd never done that.
And then I saw the National
Enquirer at the supermarket.
I had seen that millions of times,
and it was just background.
And all of a sudden it jumped
out at me as foreground.
And I thought, "Wow, if readers
knew about my book, certainly
four hundred thousand people
would go out and buy it.'
And about six weeks later I gave
a talk at Hunter College in New York
to six hundred teachers, and
this lady comes up at the end
and she says, - "That was a great talk,
I want to interview you.
Let me give you my card."
And I said, "Who do you write for?"
"I'm a freelancer,
but I sell most of my stuff
to the National Enquirer."
You know, and I had this
little theme from
the Twilight Zone went
off in my head.
"Dern-ner ner ner..."
Like, whoah, this stuffs really working.
So that article came out
and our book sales
started to take off
But the point I want
to make is that
I was attracting into my life
all these different events
including this person.
And to make a long story short,
I did not make a hundred
thousand dollars that year.
We made ninety-two thousand
three hundred and twenty-seven dollars.
But you think we were like
depressed and going,
"This doesn't work"?
No, we were going,
"Whoa, this is amazing!"
And so my wife said to me
"Wow, if it works for a hundred thousand,
do you think it'd work
for a million?"
And I said, "I don't know,
I think so. Let' s try it."
And my publisher actually wrote me a check,
it was a royalty check,
for our first Chicken Soup
for the Soul book.
He actually put a smiley
face in the signature
cause it was the first million dollar
check he'd ever written.
And so I know from my own experience,
because I wanted to test it,
does this Secret really work?
And we put it to the test.
It absolutely worked.
And now I live my life from that,
every single day.
Well, I can just imagine what a lot of people
that are watching this are thinking.
And that is, how can I attract
more money into my life?
How can I get more of the green stuff?
How can I get more of
wealth and prosperity?
How can I, when I love my job,
deal with the credit card
debt that I have
and the realization that maybe theres
a ceiling on the money that can come in,
"cause it's coming to me through my job?
How can I bring in more?
Intend it!
This goes back to one of the things we've
been talking about throughout the whole
Your job is to declare
what you would like to have from
the catalogue of the universe.
Well, if cash is one of them,
say how much you would like to have.
I would like to have
twenty-five thousand dollars,
unexpected income,
within the next thirty days,
or whatever it happens to be.
It should be believable for you.
Most people have a goal
of getting out of debt
Thatll keep you in debt forever.
Whatever you're thinking about
you will attract.
You say, but it's get out of debt.
I don't care if it' s
get out or get in,
if you're thinking debt
you're attracting debt.
Set up an automatic
debt repayment program
and then start to focus on prosperity.
So many times people say to me,
"Well I'd like to double my
income in the next year".
But then you look at their actions
and they're not doing the things
that are going to make
that happen and,
you know, they'll turn right
around and they'll go,
"Well I can't afford that".
Ok, guess what,
"Your wish is my command".
As you are fussing about
not having enough money,
as you are talking to your friend
about not having enough money,
as you are feeling unhappy
about not having enough money,
you are actually activating
within yourself,
or continuing the activation
of a thought,
that is very different from
the desire that you have launched.
What it just comes down to is,
you just can't want more money
and focus upon not enough.
When I first understood
The Secret
I was getting bills,
every day I would get a bunch
of bills in the mail.
And I thought how do I turn this around?
The Law of Attraction states,
that what you focus on
you will get.
So I got a bank statement,
I whited-out the total,
and I put a new total in there.
I put exactly how much I
wanted to see in the bank.
What if I just visualized checks
coming in the mail?
So I just visualized,
a bunch of checks coming in the mail.
Within just one month,
things started to change.
And it's amazing.
Today I just get checks in the mail.
I get a few bills, but I get
more checks than bills.
I grew up on you have to
work hard for money,
you have to work hard for money.
And so I replaced that with,
money comes easily and frequently.
Now in the beginning it feels
like a lie, right.
There was a part of your
brain that will say,
"Oh you liar, it's hard."
So, you have to know this
little tennis match
that will go on for a while.
When it comes to creating wealth,
wealth is a mindset.
It's all about how you think.
I'd say 80% of my coaching that
I do one on one with folks,
is about their psychology
and the way they think
I know when people are listening they say
"Oh, well you can do it, I can't."
Every person has the capability
to change the way
their inner relationship
and conversation with money.
I find so many people who
maybe make a tremendous amount
of money,
but their relationships stink.
That's a technical term,
by the way.
And that's not wealth,
it really isn't.
You know, you can go after the
money and you might get rich,
but it doesn't guarantee
you'll be wealthy.
I'm not suggesting that money
isn't a part of wealth,
it absolutely is,
but it's only a part.
And then I meet a lot of
people who are,
quote unquote, "spiritual',
but they're sick and broke
all the time.
That's not wealth either.
Life is meant to be abundant.
In all areas.
Many people in Western culture
are striving for success,
they want to have the home,
they want their business to work,
they want all of these things.
But what I found in my research
is that having those things
certainly doesn't guarantee
what we really want,
which is happiness.
And that's when all those
outer things come.
They don't come from going after
them first to get happiness.
It's backwards.
You go for the sense of inner joy,
of inner peace,
of inner vision, first,
and then all the other things
from the outside appear.
The Secret means for me
actually that
we are creators of our universe.
And that every wish of what
we want to create
will manifest in our lives.
Therefore it's very important
what you wish,
what your thoughts are,
what your feelings are,
because it will manifest.
Now, one day I went into somebody' s home
and he was an art director,
a very famous film producer.
And in every corner
he had this beautiful image of a woman,
a naked woman, dressed with a fabric,
kind of doing this, kind of saying
"I don't look at you, I don't see you",
you know
And I said,
"I think you have trouble in your romance."
"Are you clairvoyant or something?"
"No, but look. Seven places,
you have exactly that woman."
"But I love that kind of painting.
I painted it myself."
"That's even worse," I said,
"because you put all your creation
and creativity in it."
Now he's this gorgeous looking man,
he has all these actresses around him,
because that' s the work he does,
and he doesn't get romance.
I said, "What do you want?"
"Well, I want to date
three women a week."
"Okay, paint yourself with three women,
and hang it in every corner."
Six months later I see him in Europe,
and I said,
"How is your love life?"
"Great! They just call me,
they want to date me."
"Because that' s your wish."
"Now I have like three dates a week.
They're fighting over me."
"Good on you."
"But I really want to stabilize
a little bit.
I want marriage, I want romance."
"Well, paint it, okay."
So he painted a beautiful
romantic relationship,
and a year later he got married,
and he's very happy.
Because he put another wish out.
But he wished it in himself
for years,
but it did not happen
because his wish could not
manifest because the outer
level of himself, his house,
was just contradicting himself
all the time.
So if you know this knowledge,
you should start playing with it.
Inside relationships, it' s important
to first understand who' s
coming into the relationship.
And I don't mean about your partner,
I mean about you.
How can you ever expect anyone else
to enjoy your company,
if you don't enjoy your own company?
And so, again,
the law of attraction
or the Secret,
is about bringing that
into your life,
and you've got to get
really, really clear.
Here's the question I would
to ask you to consider;
do you treat yourself
the way you want other people
to treat you?
You become the solution for you.
Don't like,
"Now you owe me and you need
to give me more'.
Instead, give more to yourself.
Take time off to give to yourself,
in a sense to fill yourself up
to fullness,
to where now you can
overflow in giving.
I got into many relationships
expecting my partner
to show me my beauty.
I needed to see him showing
me my beauty,
because I didn't feel beautiful.
Because when I was growing
up my she-roes
were Charlie' s angels,
or the Bionic Woman,
Wonder Woman.
And though they were
wonderful women,
none of them looked like me.
It wasn't until I stopped,
and I fell in love with Lisa
- full lips, round hips, mocha skin, afro-
that the rest of the world
began to fall in love with Lisa.
There's something so
magnificent about you.
I have been studying me
for 44 years, mwa!
I wanna kiss myself!
Because you're gonna get
to love yourself.
I'm not talking about conceit.
I'm talking about a healthy
respect for yourself.
And as you love yourself,
you'll love others.
Sometimes people will say,
"Those people at work are
so negative," or
"The man that I live with
is so angry,"
or "My children are so
worrisome to me,"
and we say,
you must orient yourself
to the best part of those
people who surround you.
We encourage that you
get a notebook
and you make a list of
the positive aspects
of the people that you spend
a lot of time with.
There could be someone that you
have a terrible experience with,
a terrible relationship with,
and in the privacy of
your own mind,
and with quite a bit of
work we will admit,
as you focus upon the things
that you like most,
those people will become that,
mostly, to you.
And even though you can not
create in their reality,
If they are in a mood
or an attitude
that doesn't match
the mood or attitude that
you have about them,
they'll zig while you zag.
Law of attraction will not put
you in the same space together.
Your frequencies don't match up.
If you knew your potential
to feel good,
you would ask no one to be
different so that you can feel good.
You would free yourself
of all of that
cumbersome impossibility
of needing to control the world,
or control your mate,
or control your child.
For no-one else can
think for you.
No one else can do it.
It is only you.
Every bit of it you.
It's important to recognize
that our body
is really the product
of our thoughts.
We're beginning to understand
in medical science
the degree to which the nature
of thoughts and emotions
actually determines the physical
substance and structure
and function of our bodies.
We've known in the healing arts,
of a placebo affect.
A placebo is something that supposedly
has no impact and no
effect on the body,
like a sugar pill or something.
You tell the patient
that this is just as effective,
and what happens is the placebo
has the same effect
if not greater effect,
than sometimes the medication
that is supposed to be
designed for that effect.
So they found out that the
human mind is the biggest factor
in the healing arts.
More so than sometimes
the medication.
If somebody is in a situation
where they're sick,
and they have an alternative
to try to explore
what is in their mind creating it,
versus using medicine,
if it's an acute situation
that could really bring
death to them,
then obviously the medicine
is a wise thing to do,
while they explore what
the mind is about.
So you don't want to
negate medicine.
Every form of healing
has a place.
There is only a stream of well being
that flows, you know.
It is a stream of
pure positive energy.
And the Universe,
all that we know,
is abundant with only that.
This is a world that is
based upon wellbeing
and wellbeing dramatically abounds.
And when you are allowing
that stream to flow,
in its fullness,
you feel very, very good.
And when you are pinching it
off a bit,
you feel not so good.
There is only a stream of
goodness or wellbeing
which you are allowing or not.
And your magnificent emotions
are telling you
what the mix is.
How you're doing in your allowing
or your resisting of
this connection.
You know people who have
had terminal disease.
Stop and think of the
word "dis-ease'.
Hyphenate the word.
That's a body that' s
not at ease.
We've got a thousand different
diagnosis and disease out there.
They're just the weak link.
They're all the result of one thing.
And you put enough stress
on the chain
and you put enough stress
on the system
and one of the links breaks.
Our physiology creates disease
to give us feedback,
to let us know
we have an imbalanced perspective
and we're not loving,
and we're not grateful.
So the body signs and symptoms
Are not something terrible.
The question is frequently asked
is when a person has
manifested a disease
in the body temple,
or some kind of discomfort
in their life,
through the power of right thinking
can it be turned around?
And the answer is absolutely yes.
On November 23rd I was diagnosed
with breast cancer.
I truly believed in my heart,
with my strong faith,
that I was already healed.
During the day, all day long,
I would just say,
"Thank you for my healing."
On and on and on I went.
"Thank you for my healing."
I believed in my heart I was healed.
I saw myself as if cancer
was never in my body.
One of the things I did to heal myself
was to watch very funny movies.
That's all we would do is
just laugh, laugh, laugh.
We couldn't afford to put any
stress in my life,
because we knew stress was
one of the worst things
you can do while you're
trying to heal yourself.
From the time I was diagnosed,
which was November 23rd,
to the time I was healed, totally
was approximately three months.
And that's without
radiation or chemotherapy.
We come with a basic program.
It's called self-healing.
You get a wound,
it grows back together.
You get a bacterial infection,
the immune system comes and takes care
of those bacteria and heals it up.
The immune system is made
to heal itself.
Disease cannot live
in a body that' s in a healthy
emotional state.
Your body is casting off millions
of cells every second,
and it's creating millions
of new cells.
In fact literally, parts of our
body are replaced every day.
Other parts take a few months,
other parts a couple of years.
But within a few years
we have a brand new physical body.
If you have a dis-ease,
and you're focusing on it
and you're talking to
people about it,
you're going to create more dis-eased cells.
See yourself living in a
perfectly healthy body.
Let the doctor look
after the dis-ease.
Can you feel the difference between having
painful arthritis in your hips
and feeling fearful about it,
or having painful arthritis
in your hips
and feeling hopeful about it?
The difference between fearful and hopeful,
is the difference between recovery or not.
Happier thoughts lead to essentially
a happier biochemistry.
A happier, healthier body.
Negative thoughts, stress,
have been shown to
seriously degrade the body and
the functioning of the brain,
because it' s our thoughts and emotions
that are continuously reassembling,
reorganising, recreating, our body.
Remove physiological stress
from the body,
and the body does what it
was designed to do.
It heals itself.
I've seen kidneys regenerated,
I've seen cancer dissolved,
I've seen eyesight improve
and come back.
I always say that incurable means
curable from within.
You can change your life
and you can heal yourself.
Well, my story begins on
March the 10th 1981.
It really changed my whole life.
It was a day I'll never forget.
I crashed an airplane.
I ended up in the hospital
completely paralysed.
My spinal chord was crushed,
I broke the first and second
cervical vertebrae,
my swallowing reflex was destroyed,
I couldn't eat or drink,
my diaphragm was destroyed,
I couldn't breathe.
All I could do was blink my eyes.
The doctors, of course, said all my
life I'd be a vegetable.
All I'd do is blink my eyes
the rest of my life.
That's the picture they saw of me,
but it didn't matter what they thought.
The main thing was what I thought,
I pictured myself being a normal person
again, walking out of that hospital.
The only thing I had to work with
in the hospital was my mind,
and once you have your mind,
you can put things back
together again.
I was hooked to a respirator
and they said
I'd never breathe on my own again
because my diaphragm was destroyed.
But this little voice kept
saying to me,
"Breathe deep, breathe deep."
And finally I was
weaned from it.
They were at a loss for
an explanation.
See I could not afford to allow
anything to come into my mind
that would distract me
from my goal and
from my vision.
Well I'd set the goal to walk out
of the hospital on Christmas.
That was my goal.
Eight months later I walked out
of the hospital on my own two feet.
They said it couldn't be done.
That's a day I will never forget.
For people that are sitting out there
right now watching this program,
that are hurting
if I wanted to sum up my life
and sum up for people what
they can do in life,
I would sum it up this way
in six words;
"Man becomes what he thinks about.'
We notice there are so
many people who are
living life in a very
conditional way.
They look out and they see things
that are wonderful,
and they say, "Yes, we want more of
those, we would vote for that,
we would support that with our
time and energy and money".
But then they look out and they
see things that they do not want.
Terrible things, that they
do not want to live.
And that they do not want
to see others live,
and they say, "We've got to do something
about getting rid of those things".
But they don't realise
that as they push against
the unwanted,
they add power to it.
In this world there is
a war against poverty,
and a war against cancer,
and a war against teenage pregnancy,
and a war against terrorism,
and a war against violence
and a war against terrorism.
Did we mention that there' s
a war against terrorism?
And all of this pushing against
is only adding to,
because you can't say, "no" and make
it go away, when you shout, "no!"
Law of Attraction is lining that up.
The reason that what
you resist persists,
is because if you're resisting something,
you're saying, "no I don't
want this thing,
because it makes me feel
this way,
the way I'm feeling right now",
so you're just putting out this
really strong emotion of,
"Wow I really don't like this feeling," and it's
it just comes racing towards you.
You know the anti-war movement
creates more war.
The anti-drug movement has actually
created more drugs.
Because we're focussing on
what we don't want; drugs.
People will say, "Well shouldn't I focus upon
that? That is true,"
and we say,
that is like saying, because someone
gave their attention
to something they did not want,
long enough that now it
is manifested,
I should do it too.
And we say, we don't really
understand that reasoning.
Mother Theresa was brilliant;
she said,
"I will never attend an anti-war rally.
If you have a peace rally, invite me."
You know, she knew.
She understood the secret.
I mean look what she manifested
in the world.
So if you're anti-war,
be pro-peace.
If you're anti-hunger,
be pro-people having more
than enough to eat.
If you are anti-a particular politician,
be pro-his opponent.
Often elections are tipped in
the favour of the person
that the people are really against
because he's getting all the
energy and all the focus.
You want to focus on
what you want, not what
you don't want.
It's ok to notice what
you don't want,
because that gives you contrast to say,
"well this is what I do want".
But the fact is,
the more you talk about
what you don't want,
or talk about how bad it is,
read about all of that all the time
and then say how terrible it is,
well you're creating more of that.
You know, so many times
people say to me,
"Well James, I have to be informed".
Maybe you have to be informed.
But you don't have
to be inundated.
Learn to become still,
and to take your attention away
from what you don't want,
and all the emotional charge
around it,
and place the attention on
what you wish to experience.
I always say when the voice and the vision
on the inside,
become more profound,
and more clear and loud,
than the opinions on the outside,
you've mastered your life.
You're not here to try to get the world
to be just like you want it to be.
You are here to create the world
around you that you choose,
while you allow the world
as others choose it to be
to exist also.
One of the questions I get
asked all the time
and its probably on somebody's mind
right now if its not on yours,
and that's the idea that if well,
"If everyone uses The Secret,
and they all treat the universe
like a catalogue,
aren't we going to run
out of stuff?
Won't everyone just make a run for it and
bust the bank?"
What's so beautiful about the
teaching of the great secret
is that there' s more than enough
to go around for everyone.
There is a lie
that acts like a virus within
the mind of humanity.
And that lie is,
there's not enough good to go around.
There's lack and there' s limitation
and there' s just not enough.
That lie,
has people living in fear,
greed, stinginess,
and those thoughts of fear,
greed, stinginess and lack,
become their experience.
So the world has taken
a nightmare pill.
Now the truth is,
there's more than enough
good to go around.
There's more than enough
creative ideas,
there's more than enough power,
there's more than enough love,
there's more than enough joy.
All of this begins to come
through a mind
that is aware of its
own infinite nature.
Every great teacher who has
ever walked the planet
has told us that life
was meant to be abundant.
And so, just when we think
that resources are dwindling,
we find new resources to
achieve the same things.
So even though we say we have lack,
it's because we don't open up our vision
and see all of what is around us.
You know when everyone starts
to live from their heart,
and go for what they want.
They don't go for the same things.
That's the beauty of this...
We don't want BMWs.
We don't all want the same person.
We don't all want
the same experiences.
We don't all want
the same clothing.
We don't all want the...
fill in the blank.
There's enough for everyone.
If you believe it,
if you can see it,
if you act from it.
It'll show up for you.
That's the truth.
So let the variety of
your reality thrill you,
as you get to choose from among it,
those things that you're wanting.
And when you see something that
you want in your experience,
think about it.
Find the feeling place of it.
Get inside of it.
Talk about it and write it down.
Write a script about it.
Make it your reality
by becoming a match to it.
And when you see those things that
you are not wanting in your experience,
do not talk about them.
Don not write about them.
Don't join groups that
worry about them.
Don't push against them.
Do your best to ignore them.
Remove your attention from the
things that you do not want,
while you give your undivided attention
to the things that you do want.
Most of the leaders in the past
missed the great part of the Secret,
which is empowering and
sharing with others.
This is the best time to have
ever been alive in history.
It's the first time we've
ever had the power
to gain knowledge at our fingertips.
When we look around us,
even at our own bodies,
what we see is the tip
of the iceberg.
Think of this for a moment.
Take your hand and look at it.
Now your hand looks solid,
but it's really not.
If you put it under a
proper microscope,
you'd see a mass of energy vibrating.
Everything is made up of
the exact same thing,
whether it' s your hand,
whether it' s the ocean,
or whether it' s a star.
Everything is energy,
and let me help you understand
that just a little bit.
There's the Universe,
of course,
and our galaxy
and our planet
and then individuals,
and then inside of this body
are organ systems
and then there' s cells
and then there' s molecules
and then there' s atoms,
and then there is energy.
So there are a lot of levels
to talk about something on.
I don't care what city
you're living in,
you've got enough power
in your body, potential power,
to illuminate the whole city
for nearly a week.
Most people define themselves
by this finite body,
but you're not a finite body.
I mean, even under a microscope
you're an energy field.
What we know about energy is this.
You go to a quantum physicist and you say
"What creates the world?"
And he or she will say,
Well describe energy.
Okay, it can never be
created or destroyed,
it always was, always has been,
everything that ever existed always exists,
it's moving into form,
through form and out of form.
Okay great.
You go to a theologian and
you ask the question,
"What created the Universe?"
And he or she will say, "God".
Okay, describe God.
Always was and always has been,
never can be created or destroyed,
all that ever was, always will be,
always moving into form,
through form and out of form.
You see, it' s the same description,
just different terminology.
And so, if you think you're this
meat suit running around,
think again.
You're a spiritual being,
you're an energy field, operating
in a larger energy field.
We're all connected.
We just don't see it.
There isn't an out there
and an in here.
Everything in the universe is connected;
it is just one energy field.
You are extensions of
Source energy.
You are here in these magnificent bodies,
but your bodies have
distracted you for the most part
from who you really are.
You are Source energy...
You are eternal beings,
you are God force.
You are that which
you call God.
Scripturally we could say that we are
the image and the likeness of God.
We could say we are another way
that the Universe is
becoming conscious of itself.
We could say that we are
the infinite field of
unfolding possibility.
All of that would be true.
Every great tradition
has told you,
that you were created in the image
and the likeness of the creative source.
That means that you have
God potential and power
to create your world,
and you are, you are.
And maybe you've created
things to this point
that are wonderful
and worthy of you,
and maybe you haven't.
The question I'd ask
you to consider is,
do the results you have in your life,
are they what you really want,
and are they worthy of you?
If they're not worthy or you,
then when would now,
be the right time to change those,
because you have the
power to do that.
You know, a lot of people feel
like they're victims in life,
and they'll often point
to past events,
perhaps growing up with
an abusive parent or
in a dysfunctional family.
And I would add as a
parenthesis here,
that most psychologists believe that
about 85% of families are dysfunctional,
so it's like, all of a sudden
you're not so unique.
My parents were alcoholics.
My dad abused me, my mother
divorced him when I was six.
From the age of thirteen to eighteen
I was involved in street gangs.
I had a, severe motorcycle accident.
I was homeless at one point
in Dallas.
I lived in poverty for
fifteen years in Houston.
When I was a child I had
learning difficulties
and I was considered
learning disabled
and I was told I would never
read write or communicate,
never amount to anything,
not go very far in life.
I mean, that' s almost everybody' s
story in some form or not.
So that's just called,
"so what".
The real "what" is,
what are you going to do now?
What do you choose now?
Because you can either
keep focusing on that,
or you can focus on
what you want.
And when people start focusing
on what they want,
what they don't want falls away.
And that part expands,
and the other part disappears.
We are wanting you to
come to the place
where you are beginning to offer
your thought deliberately,
where you're guiding your
thoughts on purpose,
where you are the creator
of your own experience
because you are the manager
of your own thoughts.
The beautiful thing about
the law of attraction is
that you can begin
where you are,
and you can begin to think,
real thinking,
and you can begin to generate
within yourself
a feeling tone of harmony and happiness.
The law will begin to
respond to that.
So now you start to
have different beliefs,
like there is more than enough
in the Universe.
Or you have the belief that
everything goes right for me.
Or you have the belief that,
I'm not getting older,
I'm getting younger.
We can create it the
way we want it,
by using the law of attraction.
And you can break yourself free
from your hereditary patterns,
cultural codes,
social beliefs,
and prove once and for all
that the power within you
is greater than the power
that's in the world.
Some of you may be thinking,
"Well that's very nice,
but I can't do that," or
"She wont let me do that!" or
"He'll never let me do that," or
"I haven't got enough money
to do that!" or
"I'm not strong enough to do that," or
"I'm not rich enough to do that,"
or "I'm not, I'm not, I'm not,
I'm not, I'm not, I'm not!".
Every single "I'm not", is a creation.
Are there any limits to this?
Absolutely not.
We are unlimited beings.
We have no ceiling.
The capabilities and the talents
and the gifts and the power
that is within every single individual
that is on this planet,
is unlimited.
There is no blackboard
in the sky
on which God has
written your purpose;
your mission in life.
There's no blackboard in
the sky that says,
"Neale Donald Walsch...
a handsome guy...
who lived in the first part of the
twenty-first century who,
And then there' s a blank,
you know.
And all I have to do to really
understand what I'm doing here,
why I'm here,
is to find that blackboard
and find out what God really
has in mind for me.
But the blackboard doesn't exist.
So your purpose is
what you say it is,
your mission is the
mission you give yourself.
Your life will be
what you create it as,
and no-one will stand
in judgment of it, now or ever.
It took a lot of years
for me to get this,
because I grew up very much
with this idea that, you know,
there was something I was
supposed to do,
and if I wasn't doing it
I was like,
God wouldn't be happy
with me, you know.
And when I really got
that my primary aim
was to feel and experience joy,
then I began to do only those
things which brought me joy.
We have a saying, you know,
"If it 'aint fun, don't do it", you know.
Joy, love, freedom,
happiness, laughter.
That's what it is.
And if you just experience joy
sitting there and meditating for an hour,
by golly, do that.
If you experience joy eating
a salami sandwich,
then do that.
When I pet my cat
I'm in a state of joy,
when I walk in nature
I'm in a state of joy.
So I want to constantly
put myself in that state.
And when I do that,
then all I have to do is have
the intention of what I want,
and what I want manifests.
So inner happiness actually is
the fuel of success.
Anything that makes you feel good
is always going to be drawing in more.
You are listening to this
program right now.
It's you that drew
this into your life,
and it's your choice whether you
want to take it and utilise it.
If it feels good,
if it doesn't feel good,
then you know, let it go.
Find something that feels good,
that resonates with your heart.
Joseph Campbell said,
"Follow your bliss."
We think those are the best words we have
ever heard spoken from a human tongue...
and if one could
follow one' s bliss,
you would follow the trail
to abundance and well-being
on all subjects.
Enjoy life with us.
Because life is phenomenal.
It's a magnificent trip.
You will live in a different reality,
a different life.
And people will look at you and say,
"What do you do different from me?"
Well the only thing
that is different
is that you work
with the Secret.
And then you can do and
have and be things that
people once said that' s
impossible for you
for you to do and
have and be.
We're really now moving
into a new era.
It's the era where the last frontier
is not space,
as Star Trek would say,
but it's going to be mind.
I see a future of
unbounded potential.
Unbounded possibilities.
Remember we're using at most 5%
of the potential of the human mind.
100% human potential, is the
result of proper education,
so imagine a world where
people were using
their full mental and
emotional potential.
We could go anywhere.
We could do anything.
Achieve anything.
See yourself with the
good that you desire.
Every religious book
tells us that.
Every great book on Philosophy.
Every great leader.
All the avatars who
have ever lived.
Go back and study
the wise ones.
Many of them have been presented
to you in this program.
You know what?
They all understood one thing.
They understood the Secret.
Now you understand it.
And the more you use it,
the more you'll understand it.
You may be feeling that it would be
easier to be hearing these words
if they had come to you the first day
of your experience upon this earth.
And if we were talking to you
on your first day of
physical life experience,
we would say to you,
Welcome to planet Earth.
There is nothing that you cannot be
or do or have.
You are magnificent creator,
and you are here by your powerful
and deliberate wanting to be here.
Go forth,
giving thought to what
you are wanting,
attracting life experience
to help you decide what you want,
and once you have decided,
giving thought only unto that.
Most of your time will be
spent collecting data,
data that will help you decide
what it is you want.
But your real work
is to decide what you want
and then to focus upon it.
For it is through focusing
upon what you want
you will attract it.
That is the process of creating.
I believe that you're great.
That there's something magnificent about
Regardless of what has
happened to you in your life.
Regardless of how young or how old,
you think you might be.
The moment you began to think properly,
there's something that is within you,
there's power within you
that's greater than the world.
It will begin to emerge.
It will take over your life.
It will feed you,
it will clothe you.
It will guide you, protect you.
Direct you.
Sustain your very existence,
if you let it.
Now that is what I know for sure.
Be easy about this.
Have fun with it.
There is nothing you are supposed to do,
only that which you want to do.