The Secret Garden (1993) Movie Script

My name is Mary Lennox.
I was born in India.
It was hot... and strange...
... and lonely in India.
I didn't like it.
Nobody but my servant...
... my ayah, looked after me.
My parents didn't want me.
My mother cared only to go to parties...
... and my father was busy
with his military duties.
I was never allowed to go to the parties.
I watched them
from my mother's bedroom window.
I was angry, but I never cried.
I didn't know how to cry.
- I left my fan. You didn't have to come.
- I wanted to.
My parents always thought
about themselves.
They never thought about me.
If only I could've known...
... that in a few moments
I would lose them forever.
The families of the Indian earthquake
orphans should please go to Dock 2.
We're here, Mary! Can you believe it?
She's so sour. I heard that she never cried
when her parents died.
"Mistress Mary, quite contrary..."
Numbers 38 and 39...
... George and Amy Brent.
Numbers 40 and 41...
...Timothy and Thomas Burke.
- Here we are!
- Here we are!
Oh, my boys, my boys.
Number 43, Mary Lennox.
"Mary, Mary, quite contrary
"How does your garden grow?
"With silver bells
"And cockleshells
"And pretty maids all in a row."
Number 43...
... Mary Lennox.
Please, just step aside.
Number 44...
... Adam Snow.
Mary Lennox?
Is that Mary Lennox?
Number 43.
Yes, Mary Lennox.
I've come to claim her.
I'm Mrs. Medlock,
housekeeper of Misslethwaite Manor...
...for the Lord Archibald Craven...
...her uncle and guardian.
What a queer, unresponsive little thing.
And, my word, a plain piece of quince.
Her mother was a beauty.
She certainly didn't hand much of it down.
She might improve as she gets older.
Children change.
She'll have to change quite a bit.
There's not much to improve her
at Misslethwaite Manor.
Come along.
It's a pity for you that
you haven't any other place to go.
Your uncle won't trouble himself
about you.
That's for sure.
He never troubles himself about anyone.
As if having a crooked back...
...wasn't cross enough for a man to bear,
but she had to up and die on him.
Your aunt is dead.
Didn't your mother tell you?
Not telling you that
her own twin sister was dead.
My mother didn't have the time
to tell me stories.
Oh, at last.
There's Misslethwaite.
You'll go straight to bed for a few hours.
You probably haven't gotten much rest.
There's your breakfast.
I'm still in my nightgown.
You can change after you eat.
There are new clothes in the wardrobe.
Who'll dress me?
You can't dress yourself?
Of course not. My ayah dressed me.
As old as you are?
What do they do with children in India?
Carry you around in a basket?
How dare you talk to me
with such disrespect!
Nobody's going to carry you
around Misslethwaite Manor.
We've far too much work already.
So you'll have to look after yourself.
There are 100 rooms here.
This one and no other is yours.
Don't expect to see your uncle
because it's certain you won't.
You are not to touch anything,
or to go wandering and poking about.
The house seemed dead...
... like a spell had been cast upon it.
It looked just like my mother's room.
This must have been my aunt's.
The dressing tables were the same.
They even had twin ivory elephants.
What are you doing? What did I tell you?
I heard someone crying.
No, someone! A person crying.
You heard nothing of the sort.
Now... stay where you are told,
or I'll come and box your ears.
Good afternoon.
I brought you something to eat.
You haven't touched your porridge.
Didn't you want it?
Are you my servant?
I'm Mrs. Medlock's servant.
She's Lord Craven's.
But I'll be doing the housemaid's work
up here and waiting on you a bit.
Waiting on me makes you my servant then.
You are strange.
Hey, I know that.
Mrs. Medlock gave me the place
out of kindness to me mother.
She said she could never have done it
if there was a grand missus here.
I'd never be let out of the kitchens...
...and certainly not upstairs.
Stop it!
What're you doing?
I thought all girls liked to be tickled.
What would you like to wear?
Black... or black?
Are you blind?
They're all black.
And I won't be laughed at, servant.
My name's Martha.
I won't tickle you. I promise.
What do they wear in India?
When I heard you were coming,
I thought you'd be a native.
You thought I was a what? You...
You daughter of a pig!
You needn't be like that.
I've nothing against natives.
My mother says all of us are family.
I've never seen a native.
I was pleased to think I was.
You don't know anything about anything!
None of you know nothing!
Don't be vexed.
I don't know anything about anything... you said.
I'm sorry, miss.
I'm too common and I talk too much.
I beg your pardon, miss.
I don't know when exactly
your uncle will call for you.
My uncle?
Mrs. Medlock said
he wouldn't want to see me.
But he does.
Your uncle's decided not to see you today.
When will I see him?
No. He'll be gone tomorrow.
After the mistress died ten years ago...
... Lord Craven wouldn't see people.
There's nobody to ease his sorrow.
He spends most of his time
away from home now.
Poor man.
They say he's cursed.
Better put your sweater on.
It's cold outside.
But I've got no one to play with.
No one to play with?
Let me out of here.
Dickon, my brother...
...goes up on the moor
by himself for hours.
That's how he made friends
with all his animals.
Dickon... younger brother.
Pull it down!
You have no idea
how curious he is about you.
What do you think you're doing?
There you are!
I wondered where you'd gone.
What do you mean?
You knew perfectly well where I was.
Your scarf, miss.
Thou is ready to go out now.
I can't see.
To get to the gardens... must go through there...
...then around the outside of the house.
Run along now. Have fun.
What's beyond there?
Another garden?
Where's the door?
You there!
- Where's the door to that other garden?
- What?
The one with all the ivy.
I didn't see a door.
There isn't one.
There has to be a door somewhere.
No one's been inside that place
for ten years.
Because when she died, the master
gave orders to shut it up forever.
Who died?
My aunt died.
It was her garden, wasn't it?
Look at me.
Answer me, you!
It's revolting how these people
behave toward me.
Of course...
...orders couldn't keep him out.
He's the only one goes in there nowadays.
If you know the way... me.
Who's there?
He hates it.
Why does Lord Craven hate her garden?
- We're not supposed to talk about it.
- Why not?
I've got a present for you.
Mother sent it over to you.
What's it for?
You mean, all they've got is
elephants and tigers in India?
They've not got skipping ropes?
Come here.
Now, you try.
Thank you, Martha. Thank your mother.
You are strange.
If you'd been any other child...'d have given me a kiss.
- Do you want me to kiss you?
What's that?
Go on now, Miss Mary.
Go, go.
I've never skipped before.
Well, he's impressed.
Cheeky little beggar. Look at him.
What about him?
I can't think why, but...
...he's decided to make friends with thee.
He has?
I've never had any friends.
That I believe.
Show me.
Please show me the way in.
Thank you, robin.
I need more... Martha!
I need more plasters! More towels!
Did you see what I found, pretty robin?
You're getting on well enough
with that this morning.
Tastes nice today.
Hear that?
It's the wind.
Sometimes it sounds like
someone's lost out in the moor...
...and crying.
Poor little Betty Butterworth...
...the scullery maid.
She's had a toothache all morning.
I need your help. Come on.
Get this child outside at once!
Come on, Martha, please!
He doesn't know thee. You frightened him.
I frightened him?
He won't hurt you.
- He'll bite me.
- He won't.
But he's filthy and dirty.
No, he's soft. You'll like it.
There. I did it.
Like that, Miss Mary.
I know you, too.
You're Martha's brother, Dickon.
The robin says he's been waiting for you.
The animals tell me all their secrets.
He wouldn't tell you my secret.
About what, Miss Mary?
A garden.
I've stolen a garden.
Maybe it's dead, anyhow.
- I don't know.
- I'd know.
Promise you won't tell?
Not a soul.
It's a secret garden.
Secrets are safe with me.
- And you'll know if it's alive?
- 'Course.
Wait here.
This garden's not dead.
It's as alive as you or me.
See? This part's wick.
See the green?
What's wick?
Full of life.
There'll be so many roses
in there this summer...'ll be sick of them.
There's a picture of my mother
and my aunt sitting here.
They say that's how she died.
From falling off it.
For the first time since coming from India...
... I dreamed about my mother.
She was here...
... in the garden...
... and the garden was a jungle.
Come to me.
Are you a ghost?
Are you?
Who are you?
What are you doing here?
I live here.
Who are you?
I'm master of this house,
while my father's away.
Your father?
He's my uncle.
Nobody told me he had a son.
Come here.
What's your name?
I'm Mary Lennox.
What's your name?
I'm Colin Craven.
Our mother's were sisters. Twins.
Nobody told me she had a twin.
- Why were you crying?
- I can't sleep.
Plump my pillows for me, Cousin Mary.
- What?
- My pillows.
My covers got twisted.
I don't know what to do about it.
- I'll get Martha, or Mrs. Medlock.
- No!
Why not?
Medlock wouldn't allow you in here.
She'd be afraid you'd upset me...
...and make me more ill.
- Do I? I'll go.
- Stop!
Stay here!
How old are you?
We're the same age.
What's your mother like?
She's dead.
Mine's dead, too.
Do you see that cord?
Pull it.
That's my mother.
My father never wants to see me
...I don't look anything like her.
But you, you look like her.
Why do you keep a curtain over her?
She smiles too much.
Smiles too much?
How can anybody smile too much?
Sometimes I hate her.
- She died when I was born.
- I thought she died in her garden.
What garden?
Oh, just a garden.
There are so many of them here.
- Are there?
- Of course.
Don't you go outside?
What's wrong with you?
I'm going to die.
From what?
I've spent my whole life in this bed.
You don't know how to walk?
You are real?
My dreams are so real sometimes.
Shall I pinch you to prove it?
How did you know to pull the weeds?
It looked like it was strangling.
I don't even know what it is.
A lily. It's an Empress-of-India lily.
Empress of India?
These bulbs are lilies, too.
We'll plant them all around your lily.
She'll have her own ladies in waiting.
It's just like the rhyme:
"Mistress Mary, quite contrary
"How does your garden grow?
"With silver bells and cockleshells
"And pretty maids all in a row."
On the boat coming here,
they used to sing that song at me.
I wasn't as contrary as they were.
I met my cousin last night.
You've seen Colin?
Did you know about him?
Everybody knows about him.
But hardly anybody's seen him.
He said his mother died when he was born.
She fell off the swing.
He was born too soon.
He's not at all like you.
His cheeks are whiter than ice and marble.
Whiter than these little hairs.
Those are the roots.
Set it in there.
Let it grow this way, Miss Mary.
How tiresome to be shut indoors.
It's too stuffy!
I'll faint if I don't get
some light and fresh air.
At least we can open the windows.
No, get away from there!
Don't touch them.
They're nailed shut.
My lungs can't take the spores.
The wind carries them. When you
breathe the air, you swallow them.
They get stuck in your lungs.
Before I got out into the wind,
even my hair was scrawny.
Your hair?
- Hair is dead.
- Lf hair is dead...
...then how come it keeps growing
even after you die?
Well, maybe not your hair!
By then you might be bald.
Don't be stupid.
I'll be dead before I'm old enough
to be bald.
I'll get a lump on my back like my father.
Then I'll die.
I hate how you talk about dying.
Everyone thinks I'll die.
If everyone thought that about me,
I wouldn't do it.
Put this on.
Everyone has to wear one.
Medlock's orders.
- But she's not here to see me.
- Put it on.
It makes my face itch.
I can't stand it!
I didn't give you any germs last night!
Put on the mask.
Stop talking to me as if you were a rajah
with jewels stuck all over you.
I'll talk to you any way I please.
Where are you going?
Back outside to be with Dickon.
He tames animals like the animal charmers
in India.
He knows everything about gardens.
Does he know about my mother's garden?
- What?
- You said my mother had a garden.
How would he know about it?
It's locked. No one's allowed in there.
- I'll make them unlock it.
- No, don't do that.
Why not?
If you make them open the door like that,
if everyone knows... wouldn't be a secret anymore.
Don't you see how much better it is
if it's a secret?
You have to.
Maybe you can't even keep a secret.
Master Colin, we've brought the machine
for your legs.
I don't want it.
Now, don't be like that.
You know how important it is
for your circulation.
I've got some nice, fresh flannels, too.
Your father returns today.
He won't want to see me.
Perhaps he will.
The machine. Wake up, girl!
Oh, I forgot my herbs.
- I'll get them for you.
- No, thank you.
Last time, you brought too many roots
and almost no leaves.
What are you doing down there,
Miss Mary?
Where's your mask?
If Mrs. Medlock finds out...
The world's coming to an end.
She won't let you come back.
But you're master until your father
gets home, you could make her...
Go! Just go!
She'll think I disobeyed her.
She'll fire me for sure.
Please! Go!
His Lordship's arrived! He's here!
Come along, Miss Mary.
Come along.
Miss Mary, Your Lordship.
Calm down.
Come here.
You needn't be afraid.
Come here.
My God!
Your eyes!
They're so much...
I had no idea.
Wait a moment.
They never sent me your picture.
Mother had no time
to get my picture taken.
Medlock wants me to send you
to some sort of boarding school.
Please. Let me stay.
I don't do any harm.
What harm could you do?
There's nothing for a child here.
I don't need much.
All I need is...
Could I...?
Could I have a bit of earth?
Bit of earth?
To plant seeds in.
To make things grow.
Take your bit of earth.
Don't be foolish and expect anything
to come of it.
May I take it from anywhere
so long as it's not wanted?
Well... Go! Go!
You can go.
Good-bye. Good-bye.
I'll be away until the winter.
He said I can!
I can have my bit of earth!
Who said?
My uncle. I asked him and he said "yes."
I can plant seeds anywhere I like.
Blue flowers, pink flowers...
...purple flowers, yellow flowers...
...cornflowers, foxgloves,
any kind we want.
It's raining.
The rain will help our flowers grow.
In India when it rained,
my ayah would tell me stories.
In one of the stories there was a god
who reminds me of you.
When he was growing up...
...he had to be kept a secret,
so no one would see him.
- Why?
- Because his uncle wanted to kill him.
His uncle dreamed the young god
would take over heaven.
- Where did he hide?
- He lived with some cows.
Was he different from other people?
Only on the inside.
When you looked down his throat
you could see the universe.
The universe couldn't fit
down anybody's throat.
Down his it could.
He'd have to be bigger than the whole
universe to fit it down his throat.
You said he looked like everybody else
on the outside.
That's right. It's inside
that he was different.
- It doesn't make sense.
- It doesn't have to make sense.
It's the idea of it.
It's so stupid.
- No, it's not. It's magic.
- You can't be that stupid.
I am not stupid!
You don't understand. You don't want to!
You can't leave!
You wouldn't dare!
Wouldn't I?
- I'll have them drag you back in.
- Will you, Mr. Rajah?
That's just fine.
Then I won't even look at you.
I'll stare at the floor.
I'll clench my teeth together
and never tell you one thing.
Not even about seeing your father.
Yes, you will.
Tell me.
He didn't come to see me.
I'll die 'cause he doesn't like me.
He likes me.
But he's my father!
Maybe if you weren't so rude.
I'm not rude!
Yes, you are! You're so sour!
You won't even open your windows
and let the sunshine in.
How can I? It's raining out.
- Even if it weren't raining.
- Lf it weren't raining, maybe I would.
- You never have.
- Does that mean I never would?
I'm not sour.
Will he ever see Colin?
- He's afraid to fall in love with him.
- He's afraid to love his son?
Sometimes when he's here,
he stays alone for a week.
But Colin wants to see him.
Sometimes, he stays longer.
Longer than a week?
Ten years ago...
...when his wife died,
he locked himself in for over a month.
Colin was such a weak baby,
everyone thought he'd die.
His father couldn't bear losing him, too.
He'd suffered so much already.
My poor little boy.
That was the night the rain stopped,
the night spring came to Misslethwaite.
My poor uncle fled from it...
... as if he were escaping the spring.
Medlock's gone!
It's working. It's working any minute now.
Hold, Dickon!
Hold! It's working!
Come down! We need a hand.
It's beautiful, Colin. Do you feel it?
Do you?
I'm coming!
What about the spores?
Can you see them?
Come help me, please.
Put him on the bed.
Calm yourself, Master Colin.
Please, just calm down!
Calm down. See if Mrs. Medlock's back.
Calm down!
Calm down, please!
Miss Mary, please, don't go in there now.
He's having a dreadful fit.
Lord knows what he'll do.
I don't care. He's so spoiled,
he must be stopped.
Somebody's got to make him stop.
Stop it, you! Stop! I hate you!
Everybody hates you!
You're so selfish! You're the most selfish
boy there ever was!
I'm not as selfish as you are.
Because I'm always ill.
Nobody ill can scream like that.
I'm going to die!
What do you know about dying?
- My mother died!
- Both my parents died!
I'll get a lump on my back.
I'll get a lump like my father's!
It's Master Colin! It's Master Colin!
Come quickly, John. Come quickly.
There's nothing but your bones
sticking out.
It's because you're so skinny.
What in God's name?
Get away from him, beastly girl!
You'll kill him!
- I won't hurt him!
- She's my cousin!
Give me a hand.
Hold his arms up.
Martha, stop that girl!
He doesn't have a lump!
- You let that wretched girl in here?
- No, ma'am.
You disobeyed me!
You are done for.
You can hie yourself home.
But I didn't tell her.
What's going on?
I'll send you away
if you dare think of making her go!
Now, get out of here!
I want to be alone with my cousin.
Beg your pardon?
I'm ordering you to leave this room!
Ordering me?
I shall.
If only to prevent you from harming
yourself with this hysterical shrieking.
But, I promise you...
Maybe I'm not ill.
I don't see how.
You're just weak.
Do you think I could go outside?
Spores and all?
I don't know anything about spores.
If I went out...
...maybe we could find the door
to my mother's garden.
If we found the door...
...we could go inside.
What is it?
I didn't dare tell you.
I didn't because I was so afraid
I couldn't trust you.
I've been in the secret garden.
I found the key weeks ago.
Go on. Tell me.
When you open the door,
you can't see anything.
Then you go down some stone steps.
By the time you reach the bottom,
you're surrounded by flowers.
Every day, new flowers open.
It's like magic.
Baby animals are being born.
I'm going out in my chair.
If the fresh air agrees with me...
...I may go out every day.
Not every day, surely, Master Colin.
When I go, nobody is to be anywhere near.
None of the staff, not a single gardener.
Is that clear?
What do they say in India...
...when you want people to go?
You say:
"I have spoken. All depart."
I have spoken.
All depart.
But remember...
...this is very important.
Step back.
You are to stay here, Medlock.
- Oh, but Master Colin...
- Stay here!
Just take these stupid things off!
What good are they now?
Get inside.
- Are these your animals?
- Yes.
It's safe.
Go fast, Dickon! Faster! Faster!
Faster, Dickon! Faster!
Here we go.
Go along, Honker.
I wish I could help.
Don't worry. We'll have you walking
before you know it.
Me? Walk?
Do you think I could?
You have legs like everybody else.
But I never thought l...
Close your eyes, Colin.
Am I there?
I imagined this.
The pond was clogged when we first came.
Do you see that flower?
That's a cornflower. There's a robin's nest.
That's where I found the Empress of India.
I planted all those bulbs and seeds.
I'm going to come here tomorrow.
And the day after.
And the day after that.
You must pull the weeds up... give the flowers room.
Get off.
It's only a worm.
It's not "ew."
See? He likes them, too.
Who's that man?
What are you doing in here?
How did you get in?
You awful, little busybody!
I couldn't bear you the first time
I set eyes on you.
It was the robin who showed me the door.
Do you know who I am?
Who you are?
You're the little cripple.
- Lf he's got a lump...
- I'm not a cripple!'s the size of a pin.
- Your back's not crooked?
- No!
And you haven't crooked legs?
Who said I had crooked legs?
No one ever said that.
You can do it.
You can do it.
You can do it.
Look at me.
Just look, you.
We didn't want you, but now you're here.
Don't say a word about it to anyone.
Send for you to help us sometimes.
I've come here before,
when no one saw me.
Your mother...
...was so fond of this garden.
She would ask me to look after her roses.
She'd never ask anybody else.
When she went away,
orders were no one were to come here.
But I come anyway.
She gave her orders first.
You know how to keep a secret.
Come inside. Be quick.
Oh, laddie.
Yes, sir. Right away, sir.
I'll meet him at the door.
- Are you making this magic?
- No.
You are.
It's like the story,
the whole universe is in here.
I'm certain it is.
- I could marry you.
- What?
But we're cousins!
I don't care.
I want us always to be together.
We are together.
Come back.
See you tomorrow.
I'll be back tomorrow.
What's he doing?
What does he want?
He lost his mother.
He's hungry.
He's only a few days old.
He just learned how to walk.
You can hold him, if you like.
Be careful, Master Colin.
Where did he come from?
Three days ago...
...I was out on the moor.
I heard bleating under the bushes.
So, I started to look, and I looked...
...and I looked, and at last,
I seen a bit of gray by a rock.
So, I climbed up
and there was the little one.
Off you go.
Go on. Go on.
Give me your hand.
You can do it.
You can do it.
You can do it.
You can do it.
You did it! You can walk!
I did it! I did it!
I did it!
I did it!
Are you a ghost?
It's me!
Medlock might hear you.
Then we wouldn't have to worry
about her anymore.
She'd drop dead
at the sight of you walking.
How did you get here?
I found the way by myself.
You climbed the stairs?
This is how I want it to be with my father.
I want to surprise him.
Just like this.
I want him to see me
before anyone else does.
I wish we knew how to find him.
Medlock must know.
We can steal the address from her.
I'll have a fit,
and when she comes running...
I saw a desk in your father's room.
It had lots of papers on it.
Maybe it's there.
I looked and I couldn't find the address.
But I discovered another
of my uncle's secrets.
That's my mother.
I think that is my father.
That's me.
I think she's beautiful.
Over here.
Sit on the swing, Dickon.
Look at each other.
Now, look at me.
Come on, Dickon!
Stop all this.
I am well.
Write to my father
and tell him to come back.
I do not believe you are well.
Your pulse is much too quick.
And there's a definite sign
of fever in your eyes.
John, bring that ice.
Despite what you and your cousin
may think, you're still under my care.
Your father trusts me to do what is best
for you, and that's what I will do.
God, look at your legs.
They're all swollen and red.
Come on, Will.
If I'm so sick,
you should send for my father.
You are to stay in bed.
You are not to go out into the gardens.
Give me the address and I'll write to him.
You'll do no such thing.
Give it to me.
I've had enough.
Between the wretched girl
and the dangers of the fresh air...
...heaven knows what's happened to you.
You could be clotting.
She probably turned your chair over.
I won't stand for it. Not anymore.
I won't stand for any of it! Come on, John.
I'm keeping you children apart.
He is a very ill little boy.
I've worked too hard and too long
to keep him alive... have him killed by one pig-headed,
meddlesome little girl like you.
Come on.
It's safe.
Everybody's gone.
Ben's waiting at the gate.
Thank you.
We're making magic here.
When I grow up,
I'll make great discoveries.
And this is my first experiment.
"Oh, great magic
"Please come to me
"Send me my father here
"Set his spirit free
"Oh, great magic
"Please come to me
"Send me my father here
"Set his spirit free
"Oh, great magic
"Please come to me
"Send me my father here
"Set his spirit free
"Oh, great magic
"Please come to me
"Send me my father here
"Set his spirit free"
Where are you?
In the garden! I'm in the garden!
I'm in the garden!
I'm in the garden...
... with Colin!
I must go.
I must go! Immediately!
I must go tonight. Prepare my bill.
His Lordship's just arrived!
His Lordship?
Where? Where is he?
Get me out of this thing.
Will you get me out?
Get me out of it!
Oh, come on!
You're home, sir.
We weren't expecting you.
Here I am. Where's my son?
He's in his room, of course, Your Lordship.
Would you get back to the kitchen,
impudent girl!
Where's my son?
He's here, my lord.
He must be here.
What's happened?
It's that child, my lord.
She's created absolute havoc here.
I've tried to control her.
She must be sent away, my lord.
She'll kill Master Colin...
...for sure.
Take me to her room.
She has no regard for his fragile state
of health. She does what she pleases.
You lock her in?
I've had to, my lord.
That's how wild she is.
Your uncle's here.
I beg your pardon, my lord.
Perhaps they're in the garden.
The garden?
How can they be?
It's quite impossible.
I've done my best, sir.
I really have.
But with that child defying me...
Silence, Medlock!
She's just a child.
I left you in charge.
I'll resign, sir.
I'll leave today.
Around and around and around we go,
and where we stop, nobody knows.
Catch me!
Come get me!
Where are you?
I can't believe it.
You're here.
The magic worked.
The garden.
Let me show you.
Mary found the key,
she opened the door and went inside...
No one wants me!
This is where the robin has his nest.
See the babies?
They'll be flying soon.
This is where I walked first.
I was like a baby myself.
Why are you here by yourself?
It wasn't wanted.
What wasn't wanted?
The garden.
You're right.
I never wanted to see it again.
You never wanted to see Colin.
You brought us back to life, Mary.
You did something
I thought no one could do.
Don't be afraid.
I won't shut it up again.
Believe me.
Thank you.
Should we call Colin?
What's happening?
Did you see them?
Oh, look!
Master Colin.
Master Colin.
He's walking.
The spell was broken.
My uncle learned to laugh,
and I learned to cry.
The secret garden is always open now.
... and awake and alive.
If you look the right way...
... you can see
that the whole world is a garden.