The Secret Gift of Christmas (2023) Movie Script

(bright holiday music)
(music continues)
It's gotta be the elf.
I love it. Let's try the blue.
It's gotta be the green.
(perfume spritzing)
Actually, I think it might be a
little bit too much bergamot.
Can we try something
with more jasmine?
It's perfect.
What is this heavenly softness?
It's like wearing a cloud.
Now, if I had one for...
(music swells)
(Bonnie chuckles)
Say "Christmas!"
(bright holiday music continues)
(light holiday music)
(singers vocalizing)
(music continues)
(vocalizing continues)
(elevator dings)
CORRINE: Well, there she is,
Miss Gift Shopper Extraordinaire.
Wait, what's with all the bags?
I thought you saw
all your clients?
Yes, but look how cute!
- For a dog you don't own?
- You should have seen
how adorable Mr. Houston's
dog looked in it.
I just figured, you know,
what if I someday do get one?
Okay. I sent you a notification
regarding your new client.
Oh, new client.
- Uh, he, she or they?
- He.
It's Patrick Armstrong, and he
wants to see you tomorrow.
Wow, this close to Christmas?
(deep breath) He must be behind
on his shopping. (chuckles)
Did he say how many people
he needs personal gift
shopping done for?
His assistant sent a list
and said you can expect more
when you meet in person,
but I'm assuming by this address
that this is some rich
guy in a suit
with lotsa cash to spend,
so he should be a good client.
Oo, great.
Oh, and also the order
arrived from Mrs. Jenkins
and those items are
in your office.
That's gonna be a lot of stuff.
Okay. See ya!
(light holiday music)
(tools banging)
(machinery whirring)
(car door closes)
(light holiday music continues)
(construction sounds continue)
(music continues)
(construction sounds continue)
(gasps) Excuse me.
- (chuckles) Hi.
- Can I help you?
Yes, but I think I'm at
the wrong address.
Let me guess, Bonnie Parker?
I am.
Right place, wrong attire,
but that would be my bad
'cause I probably should
have told you
you were coming to a
construction site.
That's okay. That's what dry
cleaners are for, right?
So, I'm meeting with...?
Patrick Armstrong. My boss,
who is also my uncle.
I just graduated, needed a job,
and my Uncle Patrick needed
the help, desperately.
I saw you trending on
socials and I thought,
"Now there's someone my
uncle needs in his life."
To shop, I mean.
(Bonnie chuckles)
Christmas gifts for
his loyal clients
and gifts for his daughter.
So, I convinced him to hire you.
Well, it looks like you
know what you're doing.
Except that I don't,
but don't tell him that.
Your secret is safe.
Anyhow, he is just
up the stairs.
Tough exterior, but he's
sweet on the inside.
Good to know.
PATRICK: (offkey) Deck the
halls with boughs of holly!
Fa la la la la la la la!
Tis the season to be jolly!
- Fa la la la la la la la!
- Hello?
Don we now our gay apparel!
Fa la la la la la la la!
Hello, Patrick Armstrong?
Troll the ancient Yuletide
- Fa la la la... hey!
- Hello! (laugh)
The heck?
I'm so sorry (laughs).
You can't startle people on
a construction site, ma'am.
- Someone could get hurt.
- My apologies.
I just, I was calling your name
and you couldn't hear me,
so. (chuckles)
Oh, yeah.
(music stops)
So, what can I do
for you, Mrs...?
Miss Bonnie Parker, your
personal gift shopper.
- My what?
- Personal gift shopper.
Oh, yeah, right. I'm actually
not the one who booked you.
My assistant Bernard, he did.
But he did not tell me that
we were doing this right now.
- I thought it was...
- After Christmas?
I see your point.
You know, it seems to me like
now is the perfect time
for a busy individual
such as yourself
to have all of your holiday gift
shopping done, am I right?
I suppose so.
(phone vibrating)
(Bonnie chuckles)
Oh, uh.
Excuse me a minute.
Armstrong Contracting. Yeah,
sure, no problem,
we can integrate those
new features for ya.
Yeah, just let me put together
a revised budget
and some new drawings
and I'll send
that over to you by Monday.
Okay, take care.
Sounds exciting.
- What does?
- "Integrating new features."
Renovating heritage homes takes
a lot of preparation
and planning
and when you add new features
last minute, well,
keeps me a lot busier
than I'd like to be,
but there's no other
way, really.
Oh. Um.
Patrick Armstrong, by
the way. (chuckles)
Sorry about the rough
That's okay, it could have
been worse (chuckles).
So, did Bernard tell
you the deal?
Yeah, yes. He said that you
need gifts shopped for,
for your clients, and
your daughter too,
and that you would give me
other marching orders
when we met in person, which
is now, so order away.
(Patrick chuckles)
Uh. Here, let me get you a seat.
Little dust protector.
- There you go.
- Oh, this is lovely.
Okay. So, regarding Christmas
gifts for my clients.
Some of them have really
helped keep my company afloat,
so I wanna make sure
that whatever
I get them is something nice.
And I have a few business
possibilities on the horizon,
so also for them, I want
something nice.
Nice and nicer, got it.
(whispered) And for
my employees,
I was thinking maybe
some new boots.
- Boots?
- Yeah.
- Something practical.
- Yeah, we can do that.
I'll need some
new things to wear
the holiday party I'm hosting.
Usually it's just me
and the employees,
so we keep it casual, you know?
But this is the first year
we have clients coming,
so I thought maybe I could
snazz it up a bit.
Snazzy new Christmas
suit for a soiree?
Uh, uncheck. Not a suit.
- Then?
- Just somethin' nice to wear.
A snazzy sport coat, check.
Uncheck. Sports coat
is just a fancy name
for a suit jacket. Wouldn't
you agree?
(stammering) This is not,
I don't-
I don't really do dressing up.
But dressing up can be so fun!
I mean, when done correctly,
your wardrobe can really just
showcase your personality.
I mean, I love to get fancy.
I see. And, and I saw.
You see and saw?
I mean, clearly the way
you look right now
and your social media account.
My nephew, who's also my
assistant Bernard, he showed me.
Very, how do you put it?
You're not a fan
of social media?
I just don't really know what
it says about a person
who decides to put their entire
personal life out there
for the whole world
to see, you know?
Yeah, sure.
So, I think that we can
do some great things
with fabric and color,
and I think we can do
perfectly well with...
You know, let's just
see what I find.
- Yeah?
- Go to Caldwell's downtown.
The owner Marco, he
knows my style.
I know Marco very well.
- Okay.
- Um. What are you doin'?
I'm just taking your
No need. Just use what
Marco has on file.
Just arms here. I just
like to get my own.
Honestly, I know you're just
trying to do your job,
but I really need to get
back to doing mine,
so to save time, just
use what Marco has.
'Kay. When are those
measurements from?
My wedding suit.
Okay. Well, you know, based
on first impressions
of your personality and style,
(exhales) have you
ever considered
a really sharp tweed jacket?
(phone vibrating)
(phone continues vibrating)
I gotta get this.
Just ask Marco for suggestions.
Holiday party, Marco
suggestions. Got it.
Hey, Jackson. Yeah, I wanted to
talk to you about the marble.
Mhm. But... actually,
hold on one second.
One more thing. I need to
get a Christmas gift
for my daughter's music
teacher as well.
Yes, do you think that
she would like
more of a personalized
gift basket
or maybe something more
music related?
I was thinking maybe a plant.
The fake ones at Browns are
great. They last forever.
Yeah, that's a good thought.
But do you think maybe
I could just talk
with your wife about that one?
Uh. No. No go on that.
Bernard will send you the music
teacher's name and address.
- Yeah, okay.
- Thanks again, Bonnie.
Yeah, sorry about that, Jackson.
(light holiday music)
He seems successful.
He despises social media
and he's definitely a
little bit closed off.
And I think that him and his
wife don't communicate
or something because
he didn't want
her involved in the gift giving.
SAM: Do you really
need to take him on?
I mean, you are slammed
as it is.
I know, but I don't know,
there's just something
about him.
And I find that it's
always my clients
who are the most resistant at
first that need me the most.
It's kinda like a challenge.
Besides what am I gonna be
doing if I'm not working?
Oh, maybe going through the
things that you continue
to purchase that you
don't really need.
But what?
You don't even use or wear
any of them, Bonnie.
It's a problem.
My only problem is that
I love shopping.
Oh look, there it is.
This one.
Oh, that's the year that
she gave us our angels.
Mhm. I miss her so much.
You know, I never realized
how much strength this would
give me later in life.
Felt like she did, though,
What was it she used
to say again?
"May you hear my whispers.
"She'll tell you when I'm gone.
"May you feel my spirit close
"when you wake before the dawn."
(Bonnie's throat clears)
You know, it's so funny because
now with Dad moved away,
I kinda feel like he's gone
too, even though he's not.
Speaking of Dad, have you
called him back yet?
I have not. How is he?
Happy. He and Kate booked a
villa for Christmas Day,
and then on the 26th,
they are heading off on
a five day sailing trip.
Oh, and the wedding is
booked for April.
Well, I'm gonna give
him a call next week.
I will just as soon as I get a
head start on this new client.
Oo, speaking of head start,
did you ever meet up
for lunch with that
high school soccer coach that
you were chatting with?
No. To your next question,
because I have decided
with certainty
that I despise online dating and
I have canceled my account.
That seems a little bit extreme.
No, it's not because I
think it's terrible.
And I know that you met
Robert and that's great,
but I just, I don't trust a guy
that I've only messaged with.
What if he's a psychopath?
- What if he's Prince Charming?
- I don't need Prince Charming
because I am a self-proclaimed
bachelorette and proud of it.
Besides, Prince Charming
doesn't exist.
Call me Debbie Downer.
Debbie Downer.
- Mm.
- Mm.
I'm very happy for you and
Robert. You're so cute.
And you know, your long distance
relationship is romantic,
but you live on different
I mean, how would you feel
if you were together 24/7?
Tired. (laughs)
Speaking of which, I had better
get some shut eye now.
I have an early morning in front
of the judge tomorrow.
Okay, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Sister Christmas selfie.
Oh, no, not now. I've already
washed my face.
I'll just use a filter.
(shutter clicks)
(Deck the Halls plays)
'Tis the season to be jolly
Fa la la la la la la la
Don we now our gay apparel
Okay, let's find you, music
teacher Fiona Appleby.
(Deck the Halls continues)
Fa la la la la la la la
You are... owner of
Appleby Music.
Teaches music eight
years to adults,
volunteers at local animal
Hmm, teaches figure skating
at the local high school.
Pretty, happy, successful
Fiona Appleby.
I know just the gift.
(keyboard keys clacking)
Okay, "Prepare yourself
for an extraordinary
"and star-studded evening
that seamlessly blends
"the grace of Olympic
figure skaters
"with captivating live singing
and music performances."
Add to cart.
(keyboard click)
(gentle music)
Shop, smile, scroll, scroll.
(music continues)
PHOEBE: Can we get our
Christmas tree this weekend?
How 'bout I have Bernard set up
a delivery for a fake one?
Dad, I want a real tree.
Sweetheart, remember I told
you it's gonna be hard
for me to get away from
work this weekend?
But if we stick with our plan
of replacing our fake tree,
we can get the biggest
tree they have.
Who says I'm not the best dad?
FIONA: Phoebe! Patrick! The tickets!
You really shouldn't have,
it's like a Beyonce show on ice.
I mean, I think it's the best
gift anyone's ever got me.
I got you that?
You joker, you.
It was very generous is
what I'm trying to say.
I can't wait to go.
Well, that's great,
Miss Appleby.
Oh, Fiona, please.
Well, um, you're welcome, Fiona.
All right, I'll see you inside,
Phoebe. Thanks again, Pat.
Okay, uh, math tutor after
singing lessons two doors down.
Sally there said she'll watch
you as you walk over.
I know.
And then Bernard will pick
you up and take you home
and I will see you after
dinner when I'm done work.
And then we can get
our Christmas tree?
(Patrick sighs)
Not tonight, sweetheart. But
I promise we will get one.
- Love ya.
- Love you more.
BONNIE: They're nicer than
a T-shirt, but not by much.
MARCO: Well, normally when he
comes in for something fancy,
it's something like... mmm, this.
You know, for someone who
doesn't like to shop,
how do you know him so well?
His wife.
Through her I got to
know his style.
I see.
Um, what about something...
like this?
Sports jacket? Mr. Armstrong?
Not on your life.
Well, I'll go for it.
Wonderful. Let me
wrap it for you.
(playful music)
Get you and the guys
to go down there,
clear that one...
BONNIE: Knock knock!
So we can get it ready
for tomorrow.
Got boots for the workers.
Oh, nice. They're
gonna like that.
Hey, Bonnie, what brings
you here? (chuckles)
Uh, well, I just dropped
off some gifts
for your clients this morning,
then I thought I would
get a jumpstart
on your holiday party outfit.
- Can't wait.
- Mhm!
What do you think?
It's a suit.
It's a sport jacket!
Marco recommended this?
Not exactly, but come on,
just take a chance.
It's not that dressy and
it'll even go with this shirt
that you have on right now,
especially since this one
has no holes today.
- (Patrick chuckles)
- (chuckles) Okay.
(Patrick grunts)
It's a little bit snug.
You went off the sizes
Marco has on file?
Yes, against my better judgment.
Or maybe we just packed
on some muscle there.
Hammering nails is hard work.
(stammering) You know, you said
that the measurements
were from your wedding,
so how long ago was that?
'Cause maybe they're
just off a bit?
You're right.
I probably should get some
new measurements taken,
but I'm just surprised
Marco didn't recommend
a cool new hoodie or somethin'.
I mean, he knows I
don't like change.
Can't really stop change
now though, can we?
BONNIE: Okay, I took a big swing.
The jacket's not your thing,
even if it does compliment
your skin tone.
You did say that you wanted
to snazz things up, right?
And we might have a better
idea if you liked it
if you had let me take
your measurements
and then right now it would
actually fit you.
Christmas gift, it's all yours.
Speaking of better ideas,
I learned you got a music
on ice concert thing
for Phoebe's music teacher?
Yes. I learned so much
about her from
her socials and her website.
Did she like it?
A plastic plant would've
been fine.
BERNARD: Great Christmas
gift, Uncle Pat!
Those are the boots you
got my employees?
Yes, I just put them under
the tree with a note from you.
I did not think they were
gonna open them this soon.
- They're shiny!
- They're stylish.
- I said work boots.
- They're work safe.
They're to code. There's no nail
going through that boot.
It is a practical gift.
They can wear them on the job
and then off the clock
when they're going out.
Look, they love them!
You know, when someone
hires you,
you tend to take directions
from the client.
Well, my clients hire me
for my personal touch.
It's why you hired me.
Okay, well for me, if
you could keep it
a little less fancy
pants personal
and maybe a little more serious
shopper, I'd appreciate it.
Sure. Yeah, fine.
But you know, I really
do think the maroon
is very flattering on you.
Bye, Bernard.
For the record, I think it's
a very flattering color
on you too, Uncle Pat.
(light holiday music)
(Patrick scoffs)
(light holiday music)
(Bonnie sighs)
CORRINE: Oh, Gabby's Giftware.
What did you get there?
BONNIE: An egg poacher.
It was on sale.
Well, who can say no to
an egg poacher on sale?
It is a must have.
Did you find anything?
Hopefully something
that will help me
to not become a failure as
Patrick's personal gift shopper.
He said that to you?
Not in those words,
but he was insulting.
Okay, let's see. He got a leg
up working as a foreman,
then broke off and started
his own business.
He started a heritage
restoration business
from the ground up.
He had a setback about
three years ago,
almost went bankrupt. But he
was able to stay afloat
and turned the business around
quite successfully.
Do we know what went wrong
three years ago?
Nope. It seems like he doesn't
have much family.
You know, he's got his brother's
son working for him,
as you know, his daughter,
and I read a little bit
about his wife, Natalie,
who passed away some time ago.
- His wife passed away?
- You didn't know that?
No, I did not.
He mentioned her,
but not say that.
Well, this paints a completely
different picture.
How so?
He's a single dad. He's
overworked trying to provide,
he doesn't have a lot
of family support.
Maybe he's not the stick in the
mud grump that I thought.
Maybe lonely and overwhelmed
is more accurate.
Thank you, Corrine. This
has been very helpful.
Oh, my pleasure. Oh,
and one more thing.
He also has a 100% rating
at the local karaoke bar.
(chuckles) Well, that might be
the most surprising of all.
He was singing a rendition
of "Deck the Halls" when
I first met him,
and it was not for the
faint of heart.
PHOEBE: And then we made cookies,
and then we strung popcorn
and then we made a
gingerbread house.
So yeah, it's been pretty much
all Christmas all night.
Sounds like it.
Bernard is the best
cousin I have.
He's the only cousin
you have. (chuckles)
The tree Dad, we need
a real tree.
Not a fake one. One that I
can string my popcorn on,
we decorate together and
then we plant it outside
to keep it alive all year.
Wait, hold on. So, first
we cut it down,
but then we try to
keep it alive?
We will keep it alive
'cause we're gonna
get one with a root ball.
Root ball?
Which would be wrapped
in burlap,
then we put it in earth,
soil and water
while we have it inside
for Christmas.
And then we plant it in the
backyard. I saw it on YouTube.
(sighs) It's like you're the
Christmas tree Scrooge.
(chuckles) Because you
wanna get a real tree
and I think we should
have a fake one?
It's not just that. I mean,
Christmas used to be
different when I was little.
You're still little.
You know what I mean.
All right.
Real Christmas tree it is.
You know, in most families
it's the parents telling
the kids to put away
their devices,
but here it's always
me telling you.
You might be addicted, Dad,
ironic for someone who says
that he hates social media.
Ironic? Where'd you learn that
And it's work stuff.
(phone vibrating)
It's Miss Appleby, I
don't need to get it.
No, get it. She said to me to
talk to you after I left class.
This conversation:
to be continued.
Oh, and don't forget to find out
where we can get
a root ball one.
Miss Appleby, hi.
FIONA: Hi, Patrick. Is, um,
now a good time to talk?
Yeah, yeah, I can
talk right now.
Yeah, I just wanted to call
and say what a pleasure
Phoebe is to teach.
She's so talented.
She's so sweet.
I mean, I just love
working with her.
Well, she certainly
loves to sing.
She's really been enjoying
her time with you.
And I am enjoying my time
with her too, so much.
Which, after receiving your
thoughtful gift today
has got me thinking.
You two and I, we just have
so much in common.
I mean, we both live in the same
city, we both love music.
We both have kind of the
same fashion sense,
(chuckles) don't you think?
Hello? Are you still there?
Uh, yeah, yeah, I'm just
trying on a new jacket.
Uh, go on.
Oh. Um. Okay, well, let me
just get to the point.
What I was thinking is,
what if we go down to the
Christmas market?
We can take a jaunt one of these
evenings after Phoebe's class?
It's the least I can do to
thank you for the gift.
Uh, yeah, yeah, sure, we
can do that one time.
Listen, I don't mean
to cut you short,
but I got a really
big day tomorrow.
But thank you for
calling, Fiona,
and I look forward to seeing
you at Phoebe's next
singing lesson.
Oh, okay, great.
Well then, I'll look
forward to that too.
I'll see you then, Pat.
(light music)
Yes, 10 a.m. delivery.
428 Abbott Avenue,
and the card should read
"Armstrong Contracting".
Yes, that is perfect. Thank you.
Merry Christmas.
Bon-Bon. What do we think?
Oh, lookin' like a lawyer
ready for court
if I've ever seen one.
I mean, are you sure
it's not too much?
My prof always said to look
good, but not too good.
Look put together, but
not too put together.
And then look bland, but
like bland, like a pop.
You look like a beautiful,
understated girl next door.
- Thank you.
- (phone chimes)
- Um.
- (keyboard keys clacking)
Say, any chance that you're
free for dinner tonight?
I am free for dinner every
night, you know that.
Well, I have this friend
and he's looking for some
gift giving advice.
I told him about you and I
showed him your socials
and he wants to meet.
- A potential client?
- A potential client.
That's great, I love
more clients.
Great. Well, I'll invite him
over for dinner at eight then.
- Sure.
- Okay.
- Good luck!
- Thank you.
BERNARD: If you did sing,
what would be your song?
I already told you. No karaoke
at the Christmas party.
People love it when you sing.
(scoff) I was never that
good and these days
I'm trying to impress the
clients, not turn them off.
But Christmas karaoke used to
be your favorite, Uncle Pat.
You and Aunt Natalie used
to do it every year.
Christmas karaoke's a thing of
the past, Bernie. It just is.
Okay, no Christmas karaoke
at the holiday party.
Oh, and good news.
I got an email from Bonnie
Parker this morning.
More Christmas gifts went out
to clients on your list.
Well, that's great. Hey, have
you had any word from Garrett?
I feel like he's dodging me.
I did get an email from
him this morning.
"Thanks for the bait and
tackle gift basket.
"I owe you an answer on
those deal points.
"How about we talk over
lunch this Friday?"
Wait, bait and tackle
gift basket?
(phone vibrating)
- It's Bonnie.
- Hmm.
Patrick here.
So when you say "blue",
how do you mean?
Come again?
BONNIE: Well, I'm hoodie
shopping for you like you asked
and I'm just wondering what
shade of dark blue?
I don't know. Um.
Blue. Dark blue.
(sigh) Well, there's
royal navy, cobalt.
Have you ever considered
something in the red family?
Because I feel like you could
really pull off merlot
or garnet.
- Garnet or Merlot?
- It's just a thought.
(stammering) Just dark
blue, please. Navy.
I'm just not convinced that
you're a true winter.
I'm not a what now?
(whispering) Your color seasons.
Your color season.
I used to think that I used
to think that was a winter.
- Cold one out there today!
- BONNIE: And then I started
throwing a little bit of
pink in the mix and,
hello, I've been a spring
this whole time,
and I didn't know it!
I actually have to go.
Patrick Armstrong!
Harry (chuckles), it's
good to see you.
I know you've had your
I'd like to thank you for that
lovely Christmas basket.
A Spany cedar pocket humidor
for my cigars?
How did you know?
Well, I
If I could take back
all the grief
I've been givin' you about your
plans and budgets, I would.
I know you put a bid in for my
waterfront development deal.
I did, yeah.
Well, I would like to
return that good will.
Show me what you're
doin' around here
and we can talk about it.
Well, that's really
great to hear.
And yes, of course, please.
I would love to show you around.
All right.
Why don't we start
upstairs and...
(gentle music)
(gentle music plays)
- Oh, hello!
- Hi.
You must be Phoebe.
- I am.
- It's nice to meet you. I am...
PHOEBE: Bonnie, the gift giver.
I know who you are.
- The bags give it away?
- They did.
And my dad told me about you.
He did?
Yeah, I saw the jacket that
you picked out for him.
I really like it.
I am so happy to hear that.
I wish he did too.
I actually have something else
to give him. Is he...
Still on a call, but you
could come in and have
some hot chocolate and
wait for him with me.
Dad hasn't done hot
chocolate all December,
but today he said he wanted
to. I don't ask why,
I just take the hot chocolate
whenever I can.
That sounds good.
I would love to.
Race you!
It was amazing, it really was.
I've begged my dad to
get me tickets,
but he just keeps saying
they're too expensive.
Well, they are, but
I have a client
who's friends with
her makeup artist.
Wait, you have a friend
who's friends
with Taylor Swift's
makeup artist?
She is. Oh my gosh.
I should see if she could
hook me up with a couple
of tickets at a discount
for you and your dad.
I mean, Taylor has a lot more
tour dates on her list.
My dad? No way.
For you and me.
(Bonnie chuckles)
- Can I ask you a question?
- Sure.
How did you get so
many followers?
- Followers?
- On your social media account?
You have all these places
to go, all these friends,
you just seem so happy and fun.
Is that what you have to do to
get like, a lot of followers?
Aren't you a little young
for social media?
I don't know. I set up
an account,
but my dad didn't say
anything about it.
And then Bernard said
that you were the one
who picked out the gift
for Miss Appleby.
So, I found your name online
and I searched you up.
You know none of that's
real, right?
What do you mean?
All the stuff that you
see on social medias,
it's not real.
My page looks like that to
entice clients to hire me,
but it's just for my job.
I'm just a regular person.
I struggle like everyone else.
- Oh.
- Yeah!
Me and my dad, we struggle.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Did you know my mom died
three years ago?
(Bonnie's throat clears)
(shaky breath)
I know how hard that must be.
No one does, actually,
but that's okay.
Hey, can I tell you a secret?
My mom also passed away
three years ago.
- She did?
- Mhm.
And I don't know about you, but
I find I'm really missing
her during the holidays.
Yeah, me too.
Hey, how about this?
Not only am I gonna help
score you some tickets
so that you can become
officially Swift-ified,
I am equally here for you
if you ever need someone
to talk to,
especially if you're feeling
like no one in the world
understands, okay?
- Yeah?
- That's great, yeah.
PATRICK: Harry Duffus Developments.
All right, yeah.
Call you back later. All right,
have a good night.
So, I see you met my daughter.
- I have.
- We have.
We've been getting to know
each other. (gasp)
And it was great running into
you because look what I found.
Oh (chuckles) so you did
find navy after all.
It's sapphire.
It's a little bit
lighter than navy
and will help brighten
your eyes.
I agree.
Oh, you do, do ya?
What do you think?
That good, huh?
I feel kinda silly now,
having you out shopping for
me, getting a hoodie.
Oh, is that because
maybe a hoodie
is inappropriate for
a holiday party?
(Patrick chuckles)
(Bonnie chuckles)
PATRICK: So how is it you
knew that Harry Duffus
would like a pocket
cigar humidor?
A Spanish cedar to be specific.
I can't reveal all my secrets.
You really research
every person?
I do!
A gift should make someone feel
cared for and understood.
And if that takes a little
bit of extra research,
a few more steps, it's worth it
to make a gift feel special.
PATRICK: Well, thank
you for that extra step.
It's greatly appreciated.
Miss Appleby, a little
too appreciated,
but appreciated nonetheless.
Miss Appleby liked it a lot.
Well, I should get going.
It was nice seeing you and
nice meeting you, Phoebe.
Hey Bonnie, do you know
any Christmas tree lots
where I can find
a Christmas tree
that has a root ball
and I can plant
it outside after Christmas?
You two are going Christmas tree
shopping? (excited gasp)
Well, yes. I do know
a place, actually.
I was planning on ordering
a fake one, but-
A real tree's a must!
(Patrick chuckles)
Hey Bonnie, why don't you come
and pick out our tree with us?
Show us where this place is?
I could do that tomorrow.
- Um...
- Tomorrow is perfect.
I guess we have a date.
A date?
- You know what I mean.
- That reminds me actually,
I have one I need to get to.
Oh, you have a date tonight?
It's just meeting up with
someone for dinner that...
My sister's gonna be
there, so, yeah.
Okay, well, whatever it
is, have fun, Bonnie.
(chuckles) You deserve it.
And thank you.
The gift giving you've
been doing is,
well, it's helping in more
ways than you know.
I'm really happy to hear that.
Well, I will see you tomorrow.
- Have a good night.
- Bye!
You hungry?
Or you all filled up on candy
canes and whipped cream?
I need a lot more candy canes.
Mmm, something smells good.
Oh, good. (laughs)
Where are you going?
I got called into a last
minute meeting at the firm.
- At this hour?
- Unfortunately, yes.
Uh, Ryan is here.
He's in the dining room,
having a glass of wine.
Dinner is plated. It is
in the oven.
- Ryan...?
- Potential client, remember?
Look, he's successful,
handsome, and is interested.
You refuse to online date,
so this is me setting you up.
- You're setting me up?
- Mhm.
Bye, Ryan! Have fun, Bon.
Give him a chance.
Sam, you...
(Bonnie sighs)
Hi, Ryan.
I'm Bonnie.
Hi. It's nice to meet you.
I've been really looking
forward to this.
- Well, that's nice to hear.
- Yeah.
Thank you. So, Samantha
tells me that you-
Yes, I got a divorce (chuckles)
a few months ago,
so that's been a whole
rough time for me.
Half my assets are split, but
it's for the good of the kids.
So, that's, that's good.
And as long as their mom is
taken care of, of course.
That's a beautiful necklace.
It matches your dress.
Oh, thank you. (awkward laugh)
Yeah, so it's been a real, ugh,
pickle of stress for me.
Hence the hair falling
out from all of that.
So, they say the grass is
greener on the other side,
but I'm here to tell you,
it is not. (laughs)
Oh, right. I'm sorry
to hear that.
I'm just gonna grab food.
Um. (throat clears)
Yeah, I mean, the lawyer
fees to start, right?
I had nothing against your
sister. She's great, but uh,
wowsers, what a money grab!
Practicing family law really
does apparently seem
to be the law to do if
you want to get rich.
You know, I hear that custody
is really hard.
It's no fun for anyone.
Well, no, I mean, the kids
seem to be great with
the whole thing.
They seem to be very happy
having bedrooms in two homes.
You know, your hair is very
curly and very pretty.
(chuckles) Thank you.
It was really nice for Samantha
to make dinner for us.
It's too bad she couldn't join
and set the table for
two so nicely.
But why don't you just tell me
about your personal
shopping needs.
Oh, shopping. Oh my God.
Don't even get me started.
I mean, Barb, she was... Oh,
Barb is my ex-wife's name,
I don't know if I mentioned
that. Barb was a shopper.
You better believe it.
Let me tell you.
I'm sure you're gonna.
(loud holiday music)
(light holiday music)
Thank you.
Oh, this completes my Christmas
shopping for Ms. Jenkins.
She's gonna be so happy.
She has 15 grandchildren. Let me
tell you, it has been a job.
SAM: And I'm sure you
got each and every one
of them something special.
I hope so.
Are you sure you're okay to
wait for this one other thing?
Oh, yeah. I'm not due in
court until after lunch.
But listen, I really do
wanna apologize for Ryan.
I thought that maybe you
would enjoy his company.
I would've preferred the
company of a brick wall more.
Oh, which I learned so much
about when he went
into great detail
about his ex-wife
over spending on their home
renovation five years ago.
He said he was ready to
start dating again,
but maybe the pairing
wasn't right.
Yes. You stick with lawyering.
Matchmaking is not your forte.
(Sam chuckles)
That's beautiful.
It's not quite right. I need
something that's closer to this.
And why would you be looking
for something closer to this?
- Just am.
- Okay.
- Shall we?
- We shall.
So, I was thinking about
making cheese fondue
from scratch tonight. What
do you think about that?
Mm, yum and yes. But can we
do it not tonight? I'm
gonna be home late.
You are gonna be home late?
And where would you be?
Just going Christmas
tree shopping
with my client, Patrick,
and his daughter.
Oh my goodness. Bonnie Ruth
Parker, you have a crush.
- I do not.
- Yes, you do. Wow!
Okay, it is not what I know
you think you're thinking.
That's, it's not what it is.
That was an incredibly long,
grammatically incorrect
sentence. (chuckles)
- I'm going for his daughter.
- His daughter.
Yeah. Her mom passed away
three years ago.
- So he's not married?
- No, he's not married.
- So he's single?
- Yes, he's sing...
Look, I connected with
his daughter.
- And is he cute?
- Yes.
It's hard to explain, but-
So, single, handsome
contractor with a daughter
you bonded with.
Oh, I am loving the
sound of this.
Okay, we're gonna get
you some lunch
before you start trying to
match make again and miss court.
SAM: Mmm, so tell me everything.
PHOEBE: Okay, so I'm gonna
look through that row
and you guys can look
down that row.
I wanna find the best tree.
Sounds good, honey.
Thanks for bringin' us here.
You have no idea how much
it means to Phoebe.
Yeah, I'm happy to help.
You know, not everyone
knows the secret spots
for the save the
roots tree farm.
(chuckles) Right.
Being here with you both really
brings back memories.
Really? Tell me one.
Going Christmas tree shopping
with my parents
was one of my favorite memories.
We always did it on
Christmas Eve.
My dad would put me and my
sister up on his shoulders
so we could check out the
tops of the trees.
But my favorite part was when
we picked out our tree,
on our way home, we would always
stop at Rudy's Seafood Shack.
- I've never been.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Oh, it's my favorite.
It's this little spot
just down the coast,
kinda near Calhoun's Cove.
I can just picture it.
It's decorated perfectly
for Christmas.
They have this giant Christmas
tree all the time.
Huge angel on top, and angels
were my mom's favorite.
Oh, and the weather
was just perfect.
You know that, when it's
really crisp and cold,
but it's, you know, not cold
enough that things are frozen?
(wistful sigh) Then we would
go inside and have chowder.
It was our little appetizer
before Christmas Eve dinner.
That's what my dad always said.
It's just my favorite
part of Christmas.
Do you still go to Rudy's
at Christmas?
Oh, no. I wish.
Things are a little bit less
traditional these days.
What about you? Do you
have any traditions?
Not Christmas tree shopping,
that's for sure.
My mom loved her
artificial tree.
Oh, that's where the artificial
tree comes from.
You know what? I never made
the connection before,
but yeah, I suppose it is.
(Bonnie chuckles)
She was a single mom, so it
was probably easier for her,
better economically.
Not sure really, but my brother
and I loved it all the same.
But butter shortbread cookies.
My mom made the best.
That was our tradition.
(Bonnie laughs)
Every year she'd let my
little brother sit up
on the counter, me standing
beside her,
whipping the batter,
licking the spoon after.
And then we'd roll out the
dough and cut the shapes
and he and I would sit in front
of the oven window and
watch them bake.
(Bonnie chuckles)
And that would be
our family gift
to teachers and family friends.
That's a really nice tradition.
Yeah. That's pretty cool.
I like that.
- Oh, gosh! (laughs)
- Hey!
I found a tree, guys.
Come and look.
(Patrick chuckles)
- (gasps) Oo!
- This the one?
- What do you think, Bonnie?
- Looks good.
All right, how about we pack
it up, head over and pay?
(Patrick groans)
150 big ones. (chuckles)
Lucky girl.
- You're the best dad ever.
- (Patrick chuckles)
Dad, look.
One of the Richardsons Christmas
Skate Date flyers.
That sounds fun, doesn't
it, Bonnie?
Oh, yes it does.
If I knew how to skate,
I would be so into that.
(Patrick chuckles)
Wait, you don't know
how to skate?
(Bonnie chuckles softly)
Well, Dad, you gotta teach her.
I could, if you wanted to learn.
No, no. Your dad is
not teaching me.
He's played hockey ever
since he was a kid.
He's a really good teacher.
I mean, not to toot my
own horn, but I am.
No, I'm not letting you
take up any of your
very precious time to teach
me to skate. That's...
Although actually, I was
meaning to ask you,
is there any way I could
steal you tomorrow?
Go to Marco's? I'm not
convinced that I am
the best personal wardrobe
shopper for you.
And I would love for you
to just come with me
to make sure I don't
waste your time
by picking out the
wrong thing again.
That sounds fun.
Hey, I got an idea.
When you're done school,
we can meet at Marco's
and then we can all go
for a skate after?
Um... Sure, sure.
- Oh!
- (Bonnie chuckles)
Okay, well, that wraps things
up for the Parker family.
The candy cane wrapped bag needs
to go priority mail
to New Jersey.
Got it.
Your dad?
Yeah, I'm just gonna
call him back.
You said that the last four
times he called. Answer it.
Hi, Dad.
- There you are.
- Yep, hi.
- How are ya, honey?
- I'm good.
I bet you're gettin' busy with
Christmas right around
the corner and all.
Yes, this is definitely
the time of year
my job is most appreciated.
Well, isn't that great?
Listen I...
I didn't hear back from you
about the email I sent.
Oh, yes, the email. I was
meaning to write you back.
Well, will you stand for me
with your sister also?
(soft sigh) Dad, I'm really
happy that you're happy,
but I just, I don't think being
in your wedding is right for me.
Well, I'd appreciate it if
you gave it some thought.
Just wouldn't feel right
not having your blessing.
(Bonnie's dad sighs)
Bonnie, I know that look. You
know that marrying Kate
won't take away the
love I had for Mom.
I've just created more
space is all.
We all have to move
on with our lives.
It's what she wanted.
Uh, I, uh, (stammering)
can you...
I'm just, I'm getting
another call
from a client on the other line.
I'm gonna have to call you
back, okay? I love you.
Yeah, love you too, Bon.
(soft melancholy music)
(bright holiday music)
MARCO: Here we go.
Let's see, let's see.
Well, what do you think?
It's nice.
- Yeah, but nothing.
PHOEBE: Guys, I found the perfect
sweater for Christmas morning.
- (gasp) Oh my goodness. Cute!
- PATRICK: Oh my goodness.
And, look, they come
in different sizes.
You need to try one on.
This is awesome.
Bonnie, you have to
try one on too.
(Bonnie chuckles)
(light holiday music)
Let's see now.
These are great.
They really are.
Wait, Bonnie, take a picture.
Oh. All righty.
Okay, silly faces everyone.
(Bonnie chuckles)
(camera clicks)
(laughs) So you're
gonna post that
on your social media
page, right?
Wait, I thought my
social media page
was too influency for you?
Now you want me to put a
picture of you on my page?
Well, if I'm to agree to
wear a sports coat,
then I'm gonna have you
equally embarrassed
with a picture like that
up on your account.
Did I just hear Patrick
Armstrong agree
to wearing a sports jacket?
I told you I thought
he liked it.
You're-Oh wait, uh...
this... one.
This one.
That's checkered.
It's navy with a
tan window pane.
- May I?
- Mhm.
- Ready?
- (Bonnie chuckles)
Oo, that looks nice, Dad.
See, you can wear this with
jeans so you're still in
your comfort zone, but you
look a little bit nicer.
Well, I'm not an expert.
You had me a tan window pane.
- (Bonnie snorts)
- PATRICK: I'll get it.
And I will also get
these and that.
(gentle music)
So, there's hockey skates
and figure skates.
I personally love to figure
skate, so you should try it.
- Okay.
- Super easy, so don't worry.
Oh, it's a reminder about your
singing lesson tonight.
Completely forgot.
You wanna skip it?
No, no, you can't skip singing.
Or you guys could just go alone,
grab a bite together after.
Sweetheart, we will do
this another night.
It's my fault. I didn't
But I remembered. I had my music
stuff right here with me.
See? I also asked Bernard
to pick me up
after singing to get some pizza.
Well, I should get going. You
guys don't wanna be late.
How's all this sound to you?
Sounds like we were just set up
by your nine year old daughter.
- Yep. Sure does.
- (Bonnie chuckles)
(light holiday music)
BONNIE: (laughs) I feel like a
child with you doing this for me.
(chuckles) Don't.
Every newbie to skating needs
someone who knows
what they're doing to tie
their skates for them.
Otherwise you could
sprain an ankle.
Oh, my high heels would
not like that.
- (Patrick chuckles)
- (Bonnie sighs) Okay.
- Careful.
- (Bonnie laughs)
Okay. Slowly.
Okay, okay.
- (Bonnie squeals)
- Okay, okay, okay, okay.
- Okay. Yeah.
- You good?
All right, so now just push
out like you're gliding.
There you go. That's it!
Whoa! (laughing)
(both laughing)
What is this place?
A friend of mine,
Mike Richardson,
he owns this little rink,
has his son's help flood it
and prepare it for skating,
and then...
(chuckles) Then he rents it
out for figure skating,
hockey practice and skate gates.
So, do you come here often?
(chuckles) With my
personal stylist?
- No.
- Personal gift shopper.
Whoa! Okay. Oo, a bench!
Let's do that!
Woo, thank you.
- (Bonnie laughs)
- (Patrick chuckles)
- Hot chocolate?
- How do you, what?
- I come prepared.
- That is impressive.
- (Patrick chuckles)
- (Bonnie laughs)
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
So, I'm curious,
how did the great Bonnie Parker
become a personal shopper?
My mom was an interior designer
and I just... would spend hours
when I was a little girl
curled up on her green
vintage chaise lounge
watching her do mood
boards for clients.
And I don't know, I was
just fascinated
by the details she put into
selecting fabrics and colors
and furniture for her clients.
It was like,
if she just found the perfect
thing, it all came together.
The best part was when
she would be done,
she would do the big reveal
and then she'd take me by
and her clients would always
just be raving about her.
"Your mom is the interior
design whisperer.
"She has the perfect blend
of personality and decor."
But anyways, I think I just...
you know, created a job
that felt like hers.
I know I've given you a bit of a
hard time since first meeting,
but you are very good
at your job.
Dare I say, as good
as your mother.
You have no idea how nice
that is to hear.
It's the truth.
I mean, all my clients
love the gifts
you so thoughtfully
chose for them.
So much so that I even
landed a deal
because of your personal touch.
- Really? (laugh)
- Mhm, yeah.
A waterfront deal with
Harry Duffus Developments.
Wow, congratulations. (laughs)
Thank you.
And my daughter, I don't
think I've ever seen her
this fascinated with
someone before.
Well, that's because
I told her I'd help
get her Taylor Swift tickets.
(chuckles) She told me that.
We also kind of connected
because, um...
I shared with her that my mom
had recently passed away,
and she shared that her
mom had also passed.
She did.
Um. I'm sorry to hear that.
It was a long battle.
I needed to be by her side 24/7.
Nothing else mattered.
Of course.
That's why these gifts to the
clients are so important.
Because if it wasn't
for their support,
I wouldn't have a company
right now.
That's why I work so much.
Been playing catch up these
last few years.
FIONA: That was another
great lesson, Phoebe.
You really have come
along so well.
Thank you, Miss Appleby.
I'm hoping your dad's
on time tonight.
I was thinking we'd go to
the Christmas market.
I would just love
to treat you both
to my favorite Christmas
holiday bar.
That sounds awesome, but my
dad's not picking me up today.
- My cousin Bernard is.
- Oh, is he working late?
Nope, not working.
He's on a skate date.
- A skate date?
- With Bonnie Parker.
She's really nice, you'd like
her. I think he might
invite her to his work
Christmas party too.
- A Christmas party?
- Yeah.
You should go too, Miss Appleby.
My dad said they'll be singing
and dancing and yummy food.
You could sing "Silent Night"
with him.
He knows the harmony
to that really well.
Oh well, that does
sound enticing.
(phone chimes)
Oh, that's Bernard.
Merry Christmas.
You too.
Thank you for taking the
time to teach me this.
You're so busy.
Oh, thank you for leading us to
a root ball Christmas tree.
(Bonnie chuckles)
Hey, do you want to
come to my place after and
decorate it with Phoebe and I?
I...(laugh)...I would love to.
- Great!
- Yeah.
Okay. Why don't we finish off
with a figure skating axle
and then we'll head out?
I was joking.
Oh. (laughs)
Why don't we just
get you skating
on your own two feet again
for a little longer.
Oi, okay.
- Whoa.
- Oh!
- All right, remember, I gotcha.
- I'm so graceful.
And glide. There you
go. Very good.
(light music)
Oh, it looks perfect.
PHOEBE: Sure does. I'm so happy you
came down to decorate it with us.
Well, any excuse to spend more
time with you, Phoebe.
I'm happy to.
Okay, kiddo. It's gettin' late.
Why don't you head up, get your
P.J.s on and brush your teeth
then I'll be up to read
with you in a bit.
Okay. And if you wanna take
home some cookies, you can.
My dad always sneaks cookies
up to his room.
So if you want to, you can too.
Sweet Dreams, Bonnie.
Oh. (chuckles)
Goodnight, Phoebe.
- (Patrick chuckles)
- (Bonnie chuckles)
(Bonnie sighs happily)
I had a really good day, Bonnie.
Best day I've had
in a long time.
- Really?
- Yeah.
It's just nice to spend
time with someone who,
well, someone like you.
That didn't come out exactly
as I hoped, but...
I think you know what I mean.
- Maybe. (chuckles)
- (Patrick chuckles)
Would you have any
interest in coming
to our holiday party
this Saturday?
As you know, it's gonna
be somewhat fancy,
which I know you like.
(Bonnie chuckles)
Good food, music, dancing,
and maybe,
just maybe... an opportunity
to see me in my sports coat.
(gasps) You're gonna wear it?
Well, you'll just have
to come to find out.
Well, yes, yes. I would
love to. (laughs)
That's great. That's really,
really, really great.
I should go 'cause it's late.
(nervous chuckles)
It's really, it's cold out.
I think...
You have a sparkle right here.
You have cookie on your beard.
I do?
I don't know, maybe.
(Bonnie congtinues chuckling)
But I should go 'cause...
- I'll see you at the party?
- Yes, definitely.
- Okay.
- Goodbye!
Uh. Night.
(gentle music)
(fire crackling)
(light music)
- Help, help, help, help.
- Oh, okay.
classic and traditional
or step it up a notch
with this one?
You really like him.
(chuckles) Yes. Kind of.
- (Sam gasps)
- I think he likes me too, but
I'm not sure if he's
just being nice.
He just makes me so nervous.
He's so handsome.
The other night I told him
that he had cookie crumbs
in his beard 'cause I just,
I could not deal.
(laughs) It makes sense.
You've been closed off
emotionally, Bonnie,
since mom died. He's opening
you up. It's cute.
It's stressful. What
if I let him in and
we try a relationship and
it doesn't work out?
What if it does?
(sighs) I don't know.
All I know is that I like
spending time with him.
And I like his daughter.
He is the complete
opposite of me,
but I kind of like that.
He challenges me and calls
me on my stuff.
You sound like dad,
who's found love.
Does it really not bother
you, Dad getting married?
All we should want
from this life
is to love and to be loved.
It doesn't take away from the
love that he had for mom.
Nobody should feel guilt
for being happy, Bonnie,
and that includes you.
So, when is the party?
It's Saturday at seven.
(gasp) Will you please
come with me?
Because I'm so nervous
I think I'm gonna
trip and fall and
break my ankle.
- Yes, of course!
- Thank you.
And as for the dresses,
whichever one makes
you feel best in,
and whichever one helps
you blend in.
Blend in, me? (laughs)
No, never.
Thank you!
Love you.
BERNARD: Mr. and Mrs. Ori, Mr. and Mrs.
Wenzel, the Whites,
Mr. and Mrs. Will, the Raineys,
the Russells, the Reardons,
the Parsons,
and of course Harry and
his wife all confirmed.
- It's gonna be quite the party.
- It is, indeed.
Oh, and I forgot to mention,
Fiona Appleby emailed me.
Seems Phoebe might have
mentioned the party.
She thought maybe she
missed an invite.
So did you extend one?
- Hope that's all right.
- Yeah, of course.
Also add Bonnie Parker and her
sister Samantha to the list.
- You invited her?
- Mhm.
She's very pretty,
Uncle Patrick.
It's just an invite.
- Is it?
- Yes.
She's very pretty, but it's
nothing more than an invite.
- Well, if you ask me-
- I didn't.
But if you did, I'd say you
two make quite the couple.
Is that so?
You've changed since
meeting her.
You smile more, even when you
don't even realize you are.
Less stressed. There's a change
brewing, is all I'm saying.
Love advice from the guy who
doesn't even shave yet.
I'll have you know,
I could grow a heck
of a beard if I wanted to.
(chuckles) Okay.
Oh, and check this out.
"Patrick Armstrong,
best boss ever"?
"Boots with a shine."
They love the boots.
All right, come on. We gotta
get to the venue
and start setting
up for the party.
(upbeat holiday music)
(song plays) I'm so happy
that Santa's onhis way
Been waitin' all year
long long Christmas day
SAM: You look stunning.
Stop fussing.
BONNIE: No but maybe I should
have got the gold dress.
(Bonnie speaking indistinctly)
Bonnie, stop.
Come on, let's go find
a snack or something.
- (Bonnie laughs)
- (Sam chuckles)
- You made it!
- I made it.
You must be Patrick.
PATRICK: Samantha,
very nice to meet you.
- I've heard lovely things.
- As have I.
I'm gonna go grab a drink.
Bet you didn't think a jeans
and t-shirt kinda guy
could throw a party like this.
I must say I am impressed.
- You look absolutely beauti...
- Patrick?
Oh, Fiona. Hi.
- Ooo, you smell good.
- I do? Uh...
Cinnamon, I think.
I hope. (laughs)
I was helping with the baked
goods in the back and the...
Anyway, Fiona meet
Bonnie Parker.
Oh, very nice to meet you.
Uh, Fiona Appleby, the music
and skating teacher, right?
It's nice to meet you.
And you too.
If you'll excuse me, there's
a client I have to go
say hi to, but I will
be back in a bit.
- Of course.
- So yeah, enjoy yourself.
Have a drink. Have a
hor d'oeuvre. Have fun.
So, how long have you
known Patrick?
Oh, uh, not long.
He's a new friend.
- Oh, is that so?
- A new client, actually.
I'm his personal gift shopper.
Oh, that must be so helpful.
He certainly is busy. (chuckles)
(Bonnie chuckles)
How long have you known Patrick?
Well, I've been teaching
his daughter music
for a few years now.
And well, he and I,
it's been a really nice
slow progression
as one might expect
for a widower
who's on the dating scene again.
- Dating again?
- Yeah.
We have a date planned to
go to the Christmas market.
It's gonna be so fun.
Sure. (chuckles)
Anyway, thanks again for helping
with the shopping for Patrick.
An undertaking, I'm sure.
(chuckles) Yes.
Actually, have you booked your
tickets for Music on Ice?
Oh my goodness. Did you have
something to do with that?
- I did.
- Wow!
I've been so excited to go, but
I'm not sure if you know this,
but I actually volunteer down
at the women's shelter
and I met this wonderful mother.
She has a sweet little daughter.
So I gave her my tickets,
you know, so that she would
have something nice
to give her daughter on
Christmas morning.
You gave away your tickets?
The joy on her face was more
than gift enough for me.
And Patrick, if he knew how
bright those tickets
made someone's Christmas,
he would agree.
That was so thoughtful of you.
'Tis the season. Have a
lovely evening, Bonnie.
Everything okay?
Uh, yeah, yeah. Everything's,
everything's fine.
(soft music)
(calm holiday music)
BONNIE: I'm so glad your
cousin loved her gift.
I always like to hear
of a happy customer.
It was nice to see you.
SAM: You should be proud of yourself.
You know, not many people
are as good at your
job as you are.
I don't know about
that, but um...
we should probably go.
What has gotten into you?
You're acting not like your
usual confident self.
You should go and talk with him.
He just keeps looking over here.
No, he's just being a good host.
Yeah, a host who seems like
he wants to talk with you.
I think you're reading into it.
Oh, am I?
'Cause don't look now, but
look who's comin' over here.
Oh my gosh, he is.
If he asks you to
dance, remember
one foot after the other.
Don't get nervous.
-Okay, shh, stop, go, go! -Have
fun, I'm gonna go schmooze.
- Hey, there you are. (chuckles)
- Here I am. (chuckles)
Barely chatted with
you all night.
- Enjoying the party?
- I am.
All your friends are very
lovely. Your clients as well.
I've actually bumped into
a few of my own.
- That's great!
- Before I forget,
I picked up a little something
special for Phoebe from you.
Thank you. Um.
Anything I need to know about
what I've selected for her?
It's just (pause) something
to give her strength when
she needs it. It's...
That does sound special.
Thank you, Bonnie.
(Downtown Christmas Eve -
Jenn Grant plays)
Any chance you might
like to dance?
Dance? Yes. Yes, I would
like that. (chuckles)
(Downtown Christmas Eve -
Jenn Grant plays)
Someday you will find me
Oh, I should tell you,
I bought some other things
for Phoebe as well,
and they're being gift wrapped
and they'll be delivered
to your house in an
undisclosed box.
We'll just put them
under the tree.
That's amazing.
- You're amazing.
- (Bonnie laughs)
(song continues)
So, any plans for Rudy's
this Christmas Eve?
Unfortunately, no.
We'll just be me and Sam.
Quiet day.
This jacket looks
very nice on you.
Oh, thanks to the pretty
lady who insisted I try it.
(Bonnie chuckles)
And nobody knows just
Where we would go
Downtown on Christmas Eve
(music swells)
I can tell you
What I know is right
Something so strong
Under these holy lights
You're the one
Makes my heart
beat like a song
And I'm lovin' you now
forever on Christmas Eve
BERNARD: (throat clears) Excuse
me, can I get your attention?
Welcome, everyone. Welcome.
So the time of the
evening has come
to kick off our surprise
fun entertainment.
Patrick Armstrong's favorite,
Christmas karaoke.
- Oh no, he didn't.
- Oh yes, I did.
I thought karaoke
was your thing?
Used to be my thing.
Haven't done that in like
three years now.
You have got to get
up there and sing.
- Only if you come with me.
- (Bonnie laughs)
Now, I know my Uncle Patrick
doesn't want to,
but I think if we clap
and cheer loud enough
we might be able to
get him up here.
(audience applauding)
(audience cheering)
(Sam whooping)
Okay, okay, okay.
Come on, come sing with me.
- I just don't do singing.
- Everybody does singing.
(Bonnie laughs)
(cheering continues)
Remind me to send Santa a note
to make sure he puts you
on the naughty list
as I had no intention of
doing this tonight.
So, as many of you know,
I used to love a good
Christmas Carol.
It's been a few years now,
but because it's my new friend
Bonnie's first Christmas
karaoke, I thought,
tonight I'd give it
a go with her.
So let's have a warm
welcome for Bonnie.
We're gonna need it.
(upbeat music)
(cheering continues)
BONNIE & PATRICK: Dashing through the
snow! (Bonnie laughs while singing)
In a one horse open sleigh!
O'er the fields we go!
Laughing all the way!
Ha ha ha ha!
Bells on bob tails ring!
Making spirits bright!
What fun it is to
laugh and sing!
A sleighing song tonight!
Oh, jingle bells,
jingle bells!
Jingle all the way!
Oh, what fun it is to ride
in a one horse open sleigh!
(audience cheering)
(audience applauding)
- Encore?
- No! (laughs)
Let's hear it for
Bonnie Parker, everyone.
(audience cheering)
(audience applauding)
Now, I have a special
surprise for everyone.
A little elf told me that
Patrick here just happens
to know the perfect harmony
for "Silent Night".
- Oh.
- (Silent Night starts)
So, without further ado.
Silent night
(Patrick joins in)
Holy night
All is calm
All is bright
Round yon Virgin
Mother and Child
Holy infant so
Tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly
Sleep in heavenly
(Silent Night plays softly)
(music continues)
Hey! There you are.
Thought I saw you sneak out.
BONNIE: Yeah, I was
gonna send you an email.
I was just gonna head home.
Thank you, it's a
wonderful party.
- Everything okay?
- Yeah, yeah, I'm just tired.
Sure you're okay?
Yep, yep. I just misread you.
I thought we were getting along
a little bit better than
we actually did.
I think we get along
pretty well.
I mean, aside from the fact
that you push me outta
my comfort zone.
What's that mean?
I saw a post from one of my
employees with the boots
you got them from me.
Not a big deal,
but I don't like being mentioned
on social media.
(chuckles) Isn't what matters
that your employees
liked the boots?
Why are we even talking
about this?
No, I just, I knew it.
Knew what?
That you had an opinion
about me.
Well, of course I have an
opinion about you, Bonnie.
No, listen, listen.
It has been really great
getting to know you.
You're a really great guy and
you have an amazing daughter
who you should really
spend more time with.
What do you mean?
Yeah, you know, just get
her off social media.
You know, you say you
don't like it,
but it's kind of the
way of the world.
You should really just spend
more time guiding her
and you won't be disappointed.
Oh, and you know,
you and Fiona looked really
great up there.
She's a wonderful woman.
Merry Christmas. (chuckles)
(engine rumbling)
(solemn music)
(music continues)
(gentle music)
(Bonnie sighs)
(music continues)
(keyboard keys clacking)
(light music)
Oh no, my necklace.
Thank you very much, and
Merry Christmas to you.
Last minute shop for a client?
Some personal shopping then?
Shopping makes me happy, okay?
Except you don't
look very happy.
SANTA: Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!
Ho ho ho!
Merry Christmas. Ho ho ho!
Well, good morning.
You seem to have
some gifts there.
Kind of. (chuckles)
Well, just remember,
it's not presents
but our presence that matters
most for Christmas.
(ethereal music)
Merry Christmas, Bonnie Parker.
Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!
(soft music)
"It's not presents,
our presence that matters
matters for Christmas."
(soft music)
(upbeat holiday music)
(energetic song) Fa la la la la!
Fa la la la la!
Fa la la la la la la la la!
Deck the halls with
boughs of holly!
Fa la la la la la la la la!
'Tis the season to be jolly!
Fa la la la la la la la la la!
Don we now our gay apparel!
La la la la la la la la la!
Troll the ancient Yuletide
Fa la la la la la la la la!
(energetic instrumental)
(Sam laughs)
(Bonnie laughs)
Fa la la la la! Deck the
halls! Fa la la la la!
Fa la la la la la la la!
Deck the halls!
Fa la la la la! Deck the
halls! Fa la la la la!
Fa la la la la la la la!
Deck the halls! (song ends)
No more voids to fill.
(gentle music)
(soft music)
Mmm, they smell good.
This is so much fun, Dad.
Thank you for doing
this with me.
Do you wanna open a Christmas
Eve Christmas gift?
Like we used to always do?
Yeah, yeah, I do.
All right, let me see here.
(gentle music)
Thank you, Dad. Thank
you so much.
You're welcome.
Here, lemme help you with that.
(music continues)
Just like Bonnie's golden angel.
Wait a minute.
I found this in the snow
the other night.
It has to be Bonnie's, Dad.
You should give it back to her.
I'm sure she's missing her.
Missing her. (chuckles) Yeah.
Dad, I know you like
Miss Appleby, but...
Whoa, hold on.
What do you mean when you
say I "like" Miss Appleby?
Her video of you two
singing together.
Silent night
And I know I'm just a kid
and I don't know much.
- Seems you know plenty.
- But I just think, well...
I think Bonnie Parker makes you
smile really nicely, Dad.
I think she does, too.
And if I had a vote
in this matter,
I think she's a really great
fit for you and me.
She makes us better.
You know what?
I'd have to agree.
Okay, so two things.
One, you need to promise
no more going online without
my permission.
I should have been aware
of it long ago, but
my focus wasn't where
it should have been,
which is on you.
And two...
what do you say about
(gentle music)
(fire crackling)
(gentle music)
(stammering) Yes, absolutely.
- Right, right now. (chuckles)
- Who are you talking to?
- No one, just a client.
- On Christmas Eve?
I have to run one quick
errand for the firm
and then I'll be right back.
Right now?
- Just for a moment.
- Sam?
(Bonnie sighs)
(Sam giggles)
(soft music)
- Patrick.
- Hey.
What are you doing here?
Where's Phoebe?
Oh, she's outside
with your sister.
She's driving her to the bakery
to get a Christmas Eve dessert.
A Christmas Eve dessert?
- Mhm.
- What's going on?
Why don't you grab your coat
and I'll explain when
we get there.
Get where?
It's a surprise.
(gentle music)
(chuckles) Okay.
- Whoa! Can I take this off now?
- Careful, careful! One second.
- Can I take it off? Why?
- Not yet.
It's a surprise.
A surprise? What kind
of surprise?
(laughs) Are we there yet?
What's happening?
- Hold on, hold on.
- Can I stop? Oh.
(gentle music)
You brought me to Rudy's?
Mhm. Yeah.
You think thoughtfully about
everyone all the time.
And that got me thinking,
who does thoughtful
things for you?
Sure, I like my hoodies,
but let's face it,
I needed a change.
I was stuck in the past,
set in my ways.
And then you and your shiny
red boots waltzed straight
into my life and became the
person to show me that.
And what's more, within moments
of meeting my daughter,
you even discovered
what she needed.
(gentle music)
- That's the angel I gave Phoebe.
- She already opened hers.
I found this one in the snow
outside the Christmas party.
(Bonnie gasps) I thought
it was lost forever!
You, on your own, are
a unique gift
that I'm so blessed to receive.
(Bonnie laughs)
And I'm sorry about the
about me and Phoebe's
music teacher.
I should have been more aware,
less naive, and...
I promise a mix up like that
will never happen again.
I've been lacking depth and I
wasn't really aware of it,
but it took you, Patrick,
to help me fully comprehend
that I want to become the person
that I've always
known that I am,
but I just, I've been
hiding from.
I like you, Bonnie Parker,
a lot,
and while I don't know
what the future holds,
I do know that I would really
like you in mine.
And my daughter's.
Me too.
So, I was wondering if you,
you would like to put on
this exceptionally stylish
holiday sweater,
and join me inside to start
a new holiday tradition,
having a bowl of chowder before
returning to your house
and having Christmas dinner with
your sister and my daughter?
(Bonnie exhales)
I would love that. (chuckles)
Before we go though, why don't
we start one more new tradition?
(Downtown Christmas Eve - Jenn Grant
plays) Someday you will find me
(song continues)
I could get used to this
new tradition.
(song continues)
In your lovin' arms
so safe and warm
Downtown on Christmas Eve
(song continues)