The Secret Lives of College Freshmen (2021) Movie Script

"Hampton... knows..."
the truth,
even if...
he pretends otherwise.
He needs... to disclose...
"what happened."
Gotta hide this.
Ah, I still wish
you were staying closer to home.
It's not like
I've never been gone before.
For a summer, maybe.
This is... you know.
This is different.
You're just upset
that I'm not going to USC,
like you and Dad.
That's not true.
I think this is gonna be
a wonderful
and unique opportunity for you.
What are you looking at?
It's just something
that Professor Hampton wrote.
"The actions of time
leave its mark"
not only on our collective soil,
but on the very seeds
that drive
our individual perception.
To become aware
of the weeds within
"is, in essence,
the act of blossoming anew."
Sounds a little too flowery
for my liking.
He's just saying
that we all have scars
and that taking chances
is healthy.
Just remember,
even though
you like his writing,
it doesn't mean you have to love
everything that he says.
Oh, my god.
Mom, I'm not that stupid.
Just stop worrying.
Plus, Jodie's gonna be there.
She'll keep me in check.
Great. Just what I was hoping.
I know how your mind works.
You already want to know
who these kids are,
who their parents are.
Comes with the territory.
Okay, well, can you just
put your investigative
journalist brain away?
We don't judge books
by their covers, right?
Just like your father would say.
Hi, Mrs. Marks!
Hi, Jodie.
How are you settling in?
It's amazing here.
My parents send their love.
Oh, I'm sorry we missed them.
I'll connect with your mom.
I can't believe we're both here!
I know! I'm so excited.
How's the room?
Oh, girl.
Just wait.
I worked us some magic.
The magic of Jodie Mays.
- I'll take this.
- Thank you.
Let's go!
Follow me!
- I can't wait to show you guys.
- It's so nice.
So this is our building?
Yeah. It's so nice.
I can't wait to show you
the amenities.
Easy, Mom.
Are you kidding me?
Okay, they did not have
dormitories like this
when I went to school.
They had rooms
in the olden days?
Very funny.
No, seriously, how did we
get this dorm room?
I managed to talk
to the student union.
I told them we were
childhood friends
and that we wanted
to room together.
And I got my parents
to put in a good word.
You are tenacious.
Early bird catches the worm.
Can you please rub
some of that tenacity
on my daughter?
Oh. Ha, ha.
No, this is gonna be great,
you know, us being apart.
I can figure out myself and...
define me for me.
That's very self-aware
of you, Mrs. Marks.
Ah. See? I can be woke.
And, that said,
I am your mother,
mothers know things,
so, if you need anything,
I'm only a phone call away.
I appreciate it.
Oh, and I also thought
that I would register
as a volunteer for the college...
Could you just...
Could you just not?
It's-It's nothing personal,
I just...
She needs to use this space
to grow, Nancy.
Like you did in your day.
Liberating your mind,
expanding the invisible
societal and psychological walls
that imprison us.
You're gonna be one of
those overbearing psychologists,
aren't you?
I'll give you a discount.
All right.
I should get going.
Please say hi to your parents
for me.
I will.
And you...
It's a new chapter.
Be strong.
Love you, Mom.
I love you, too.
Drive safe.
Thank you.
Bye, girls.
Her first time being home alone?
Since before
she met my dad, yeah.
You'll be fine.
Anyway, let's get you set up.
Orientation starts in an hour.
Okay, so I was thinking about
signing up for the debate team,
but I haven't quite...
Those look delicious.
Look at this place.
This is so...
- Jodie!
- Hey, Daisy!
Welcome, you two.
You must be Hannah.
I know all about you.
Oh. Hi.
I'm Daisy.
I'm the Spencer Dorm R.A.
and Residency Chairperson
for the freshman students.
Your mother is Nancy Marks,
the journalist, right?
Yep, that's her.
I love her writing.
You must be so proud.
She's a great writer.
As I bet you are.
No pressure, of course.
I'm not really into
what she's into, though.
Oh, no?
What are you focusing on?
Here, follow me.
I'm actually a big fan
of Andrew Hampton's work...
Or Professor Hampton.
Well, you've come
to the right place.
We're actually in the same class
with him this semester.
Oh, no way.
That's awesome.
Well, welcome.
Grab a goody-bag.
Sign up for any of the clubs
that interest you,
and if there's anything else
you need,
from better pillows,
access to the best study spots,
info on who's the best kisser...
Just let me know.
Thanks, Daisy.
It was nice to meet you.
You too.
I'll come say hi later.
She's been so cool,
and she's head
of the student union,
so I wanna learn from her.
the handsome devil himself.
He's even better in person.
Focus on your student union.
Good afternoon.
As most of you know,
I am Sonia Michaels,
Dean of the school,
and I'd like to welcome you
to our fall semester.
Our campus,
while still relatively new,
is built upon the reputation
you give it...
Guided by
the world-class faculty
we have for you in residence.
I'd also like to take a moment
to remind everyone
that the health
of our student body
comes first.
If anyone is feeling
the need to talk...
About anything...
Please reach out and do so.
Daisy Faulkner,
our residency chair,
is there to help.
Our counselors
are here to listen,
as we all are.
onto brighter things.
We have a mixer tomorrow night,
and we hope to see you all
What was the Dean referring to?
Surprised your mom
didn't scoop it.
There was a suicide
on campus last semester.
My god, that's awful.
What happened?
this girl felt her grades
didn't measure up,
and when she got caught
she couldn't take it.
Can't believe
grades can do that to someone.
A lot of childhood trauma
leads people to believe
they have to maintain some sort
of unattainable standard.
It's a lot more common
than you think.
Yeah, I guess.
There's gonna be
a celebration of life next week.
Who's that?
Rachel Garber.
I heard she's a bit different.
What? I'm practicing.
Wanna join?
I'm here to study journalism
and literature, so.
Well, a little chemistry
never hurt anybody.
You're insatiable.
Come on!
All right.
Right on cue.
Come in.
Just doing the rounds.
You settling in okay?
We're pretty much settled.
That's so great to hear!
You're really going to love it.
Actually, I was gonna ask
if there's anything
I can do to help you
or anyone else on the Board.
Are you looking to join
the Student Union Board?
I am.
Great! Yes, amazing.
Well, there's
a soccer tryout tomorrow.
Lots of board members play.
Could be good to get in there.
Yeah. Sure.
I-I've been known
to kick around a few balls.
Oh! I love it.
Hannah, any interest?
Um, I hate bruises and kicks
and falling,
so, I'm gonna leave that
to you guys.
Of course.
Well, if there's
anything else you need,
I'm just down
on the first floor in 101.
And I'll see you
in Professor Hampton's class
I'll see you there.
Been known
to kick a few balls around?
All right.
- Okay.
- I feel ridiculous.
Goodnight, guys.
Sleep well.
See you tomorrow.
There's actually
a sign-up sheet,
so just stop by
the Student Union Building.
Thanks, Daisy.
Of course.
Saved a seat for you.
You'll be glad you're so close.
His cologne is to die for.
Good morning to you, too.
Morning, class.
I trust everyone
had a good summer?
Excellent. Excellent.
Ah, I see
that we have some new faces.
It's always nice to see.
I'm Andrew.
Professor Hampton.
Now, as most of you know,
but for those that don't,
my supposed claim to fame
lies somewhere between
my early op-eds
in the mid-2000s,
a few books,
Pulitzer Prize, and...
the oldy typewriter.
Now, I've been quoted as saying
that the typewriter
"added stakes to my thoughts...
Weight to my words,
and consequences to my choices."
You know, one bad stroke,
one little mistake,
and there's be a price
to be paid on the page.
So, with that in mind, please,
indulge me...
Laptops, tablets,
any electrical devices,
put them away, all the way away,
that's it.
Now, returning students...
Who would care to elucidate
on what my three mighty pillars
of journalism are?
Miss Faulkner.
Good to see you again.
Go ahead.
Very good.
Personal... make it your own.
Process... trust in the ritual
of putting pen to paper.
And patience... learn to have
compassion for your journey.
I know
that some of you
have the Freshman Ice-Breaker
but, for your first assignment,
due tomorrow,
which we will read out loud,
I'd like you, in a page or less,
to tell me about
the weight of your words
and the risks that you will take
to be the best writer
that you can be.
Now, far greater minds than mine
have often said,
"I will do anything...
Anything!... "
To achieve my dreams...
"just don't make me do 'X.'"
I want to hear what your "X" is.
And the winner,
as chosen by your peers,
will be my new T.A.
Oh, and I want them
Commit to the page!
You can find some pens,
some paper.
Collect them on your way out.
Class dismissed.
That's it?
He's unconventional.
That's how he gets
the best out of us.
Hey, you coming tonight?
Oh, I don't know,
just with the assignment now...
Come on, please.
You have to.
I'll be hosting
one of the booths.
Okay, I'll come.
Yay! Okay, I'll see
you and Jodie later.
I'll see you later.
Professor Hampton?
I'm Hannah.
Hannah Marks.
I saw you yesterday, didn't I?
Yes. Yeah.
I, um, I saw you, too.
yeah, I just wanted
to let you know
that I'm not expecting
any kind
of special treatment for...
My mom is Nancy Marks.
She writes...
I know who you are, Hannah.
Your submission essay
was impressive.
And I'm well aware
of who your mother is,
but don't worry,
you'll be treated just the same.
Okay. Great. Yeah.
Um, have a good day.
You too.
Hey, look at this.
Yeah, I saw it earlier.
This was her?
So pretty.
Depression isn't choosy.
Why aren't you dressed?
I'm not going.
It's the Ice-Breaker.
It's Professor Hampton.
He's tougher
than you would expect.
And you think
Professor Daleski's psych class
is easy?
I have to read a whole chapter
for tomorrow.
Come on. You're too young
to turn into your mom.
Oh, my gosh.
This is amazing.
I'm so excited.
Hey, hey!
- Hey!
- You both look gorgeous.
So do you.
I love your shoes.
Oh, these old things?
You doing okay, hon'?
Yeah, yeah.
Just a lot of people.
Trust me, they'll feel
like family in no time.
Excuse me a moment.
It's nice.
I know, right?
What's he doing here?
Faculty always drops by
for Ice-Breakers.
Like I said, family.
Hey, how's your first
assignment going?
Uh, it's not. Not yet.
I've done, like, three versions.
I hate them all.
That's three more
than I've done.
I don't know
what to write about.
If there's anything I learned
from being in his first class,
it's that
personal always resonates.
Oh, my gosh!
Are you seeing this?
Everybody, calm down!
Guys, please.
Everyone, listen
to Dean Michaels.
Everyone, please listen
to Daisy and Dean Michaels.
Please, everyone...
just breathe.
Could be a deep-fake.
Hard to tell these days.
So, where is this window?
Spencer Dorm. 407.
Just this way.
Jodie, that's our room.
I know, this is the first
I'm hearing of this.
From what I understand,
it's school policy
to not disclose the location
as to not
cause unnecessary grief.
I'm freaking out.
We just assumed
it was as Amy had written...
That it was a suicide.
There was a letter,
which we turned over
to the authorities.
I'd like to read that.
How are you guys holding up?
It's a lot to take in.
Cyber-Forensics will look into
the source of the video.
Do you mind
if we speak in private?
Certainly, Detective.
I can't believe this.
Honestly, I don't know if
I feel comfortable staying here.
I totally get that.
I'd be creeped out, too.
You can stay with me tonight,
if you want,
and I'll look into what else
is available tomorrow.
I... I think we'll be okay.
Just see what you can do.
Of course.
I am so sorry, you guys.
Okay, well, try get some sleep
and I'll see you both tomorrow.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
Oh... she has
the most uncanny timing.
I don't want her to worry, so...
Hey, Mom.
Yeah, everything's great.
All settled in.
Yeah, everyone's really nice.
How's the assignment?
You sleep okay?
I was all right.
Jodie wasn't.
It's not the easiest,
sleeping underneath
those windows,
knowing what happened
right there.
Well, I wish
I had better news, but...
No rooms available?
But there will be.
Student turnovers
happen all the time.
Can I ask you
a question about that?
Yeah, of course.
Do you really think
that she was pushed?
I mean, I don't want to gossip,
but there's this girl,
Rachel Garber...
she always had it for Amy.
What did she have against her?
She liked Amy,
Amy didn't like her back.
"I recall the first moment
I was moved to tears
by words..."
"And it's not like
I was afraid to fail,
but it still stopped me
from trying."
"It's unfortunate that
one of the greatest truths"
is now also lost to the land
of cliche and cynicism.
By serving others,
we serve ourselves.
It seems so obvious.
"That it's not so obvious
scares me."
"And so I ask myself
the same question every day."
In the face of certain death,
would I make the same choice?
Will I give into
the side of
my over-cautious mother?
Or will I rise to the side
of my brave father,
whose courage got him killed?
And even though I was
too young to really know him...
I'll do anything
to be like my father...
Just don't ask me
to risk my life for my work...
"because that's what
I'm most afraid of."
Thank you...
It's very moving.
And it's good work, overall.
Nice first effort.
Alysha, much, much stronger.
Harry, I recommend that you...
I had no idea your family
had been through that.
So, without
voting for yourselves,
I'd like you to write down
who you felt best represented
the assignment,
with the "Three Ps"
being your metric.
Now... once you've done that,
if you'd like
to pop them in there...
and we'll tally the results.
That was so good, Hannah.
Your dad sounded amazing.
Thanks, guys. He was.
We have a consensus.
So, your new T.A.,
should she accept her mission,
Hannah Marks.
Well done.
Thank you.
I can't thank you enough.
I'm so excited.
Well, I am so glad
that they chose you.
Hannah, your words...
That's the power of language,
when used properly.
Wow, thank you.
Actually, I hold
a writer's night every week
with some of my T.A.s
from other lit classes.
We get together, we work,
we share ideas,
sometimes our own writing...
Assuming you're available.
Of course.
Yeah. Anything you need.
Great. How's 8:00 p.m.?
Unless you have other plans?
Uh... no, that sounds great.
take that.
And there you go.
What's this?
That's my address and keys.
Well, you're gonna have
a lot of work, aren't you?
I won't always be there.
See you tonight.
He said that?
But not like a pick-up line
or anything.
Someone's hot for teacher.
I am not.
Oh, come on!
You love his work,
he's handsome...
who wouldn't have
a little crush on him?
I'm his student,
he's my professor.
I'm just... I'm just
excited to be his T.A.
He gave you his keys.
Because I'm his T.A.
Well, you definitely don't
wanna tell your mom about this.
I know.
Just trying to enjoy
my own achievements
before she warns me
about the dangers of...
I don't even know
what she'll come up with.
What is this?
What'd you find?
"No sophisticated
method of plagiarism
shall result in the formulation
of inherent authorship."
Oh, my...
Oh, my god.
This is Amy Hines'.
Is that her journal?
I think so.
I don't know.
I wonder if she writes
about her last days.
Ugh, that's creepy.
I need to get this
to the Dean tomorrow.
What should I wear?
I thought this was
a student-teacher meeting.
It is,
I just want to look the part,
professionally speaking.
Oh, yeah.
For sure.
Hi, Professor Hampton.
Please, call me Andrew.
Just... I hate "Professor,"
it's so formal.
Come in, come in.
Make yourself at home.
I'm just finishing off
a couple things in the kitchen.
Wow, this is your home?
Yeah, I thought
it was about time
I laid down some roots,
you know,
and what with this residency,
it made sense.
It's gorgeous.
Uh... where is everyone?
Well, I had
a few late cancellations,
so it is just you and I
this evening.
Oh, we can cancel...
No, no, no, it's fine.
You know, I'm sure we'll have
plenty to talk about.
Would you like some wine?
I found it in the cellar
when I moved in.
Actually quite good.
Sure, yeah.
Is this you?
Well, it's an attempt.
Kind of a sad one, really.
No, I like it.
The dualistic nature
of being human.
Ha. Well... cheers.
So what are the two sides
of Professor Andrew Hampton?
What... you wanna start there?
- Just dive right in?
- Mm-hmm.
Okay, let's dive right in.
Oh, we don't have to.
No, no, no.
No, I like it.
In fact, I'll up the ante.
Why don't we make this
even more interesting,
and you tell me?
What, me tell you
your different sides?
Yeah, why not?
You know, use your instincts?
I don't know.
I feel kind of on the spot.
But you know what,
that's not a bad place to be.
And you don't
have to be accurate.
I often find that
my best writing technique,
even when it's just
for an exercise,
it comes from closing my eyes,
sitting in a feeling,
well, ignoring, of course,
my own judgments and just...
letting it flow.
"Letting it flow."
- Letting it flow.
- Okay.
But you have to close your eyes.
That bit is very important...
- Okay.
- I must say.
one side of you
loves adventure
and discovering a newness...
but, like anything,
that gets old,
you crave to feel grounded,
hence the home...
until that gets old, too.
Have you been
talking to my therapist?
Seriously, that's pretty...
pretty on the money.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
Hmm. Okay.
Your turn.
Close your eyes.
And remember the three Ps...
Keep it personal.
Okay. Personal.
You know who you are...
to be fully you,
you need acknowledge
that you're a product of others,
and you find that hard.
So you rebel,
you rebel against your mother.
I mean, you rebel
against anything
that you perceive
to be constraining,
and that rebellion is exhausting
and, ultimately, feels...
How am I doing?
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to...
- No, no.
- overstep or...
- No, no. No.
- touch a nerve.
That's true.
often, I'm wishing
that I could...
just be me.
Just do my own thing,
without my mother swarming me.
Although, to be fair,
you know, if it wasn't for her,
there'd be no Hannah Marks.
And, well, wouldn't the world
be worse off for that?
I'm serious.
You know, your words
have a very...
they're gonna have an impact.
They already are, with me.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Now, should we get started?
- Yes.
- Let's do that.
- Let's do that.
- Okay.
This way.
This is good.
This is gold.
It's really good.
I like what you've done.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
Yes, yes, yes.
It's time.
Only if you want to.
I've never
used a typewriter before.
Now's the perfect time.
Take her for a spin.
I'm going to be over here.
Hannah, this is raw... honest.
It's intimate.
Thank you.
Yeah, I just...
I don't know.
I just felt really free tonight
just inspired.
I had a really good time.
I'm glad you're here.
Me too.
Uh... we shouldn't.
I'm your professor.
You did that?
I'm impressed!
I'm ashamed.
Trust me,
you're not the first one
to fool around with a teacher.
He's like 15 years older
than me.
Um, try 20.
So how far did you go?
We just kissed.
Mm, kissed by a Brit.
My, my.
Oh! Sorry.
Sorry. Sorry.
Rachel... right?
I don't think we've met yet.
I'm Hannah.
Freshman from Washington State.
I really like your hair.
I used to dye my hair
all the time.
Looks really good.
You're Nancy Marks' kid, right?
Yeah, yeah, I am.
Hmm. So much for the apple
falling close to the tree.
Excuse me?
Professor Hampton.
He certainly has a type.
Of course,
is how you frame, or re-frame,
the scenario
that you're critiquing.
A T.A. is held
to the same time zone
as everyone else, Miss Marks.
I... had a weird morning.
It looks like it.
We have several
second-year journalism majors
who are re-taking
their first literature class,
so, I would like...
Miss Faulkner
to stand up
and tell us the difference
between a journalist
and a reporter.
in the media,
all reporters are journalists...
not all... journalists
are reporters?
Is that a question?
It's a statement.
Can you tell us why?
Daisy, you got this wrong
last semester,
hence me affording you
the opportunity of redemption.
Can anybody else answer?
A reporter
gathers facts, finds evidence,
and then reports the news,
whereas a journalist
reports the news,
but doesn't necessarily
gather the facts themselves.
What do you think, Daisy?
I think that sounds correct.
Not only correct,
but it lines up with
what most of you want to do.
See, journalism
requires imagination, right?
The ability to take events
and frame or reframe them
in an eloquent
cause-and-effect manner.
I know some of you
will be better suited,
depending on
how your brain works,
to journalism,
and others better suited
to reporting facts.
Our job, this semester,
is to get both of those sides
of the brain working.
Goes to the very heart
of the dualistic nature
of being human.
We all have
at least two sides.
You okay?
I don't know
what his problem is.
He always swipes at me.
Maybe he's just challenging you.
Yeah, like he challenged Amy?
How did he challenge Amy?
I don't want to gossip.
Everything all right?
The police
authenticated the video.
Oh, no. Do they have
any evidence or...
They're not saying.
But, please...
we don't want to alarm anyone.
Best keep this quiet for now.
Of course.
Oh, my god.
If someone pushed her
out the window, then...
They could still be here.
Listen, I gotta run,
but let's talk about this after
Jodie's tryouts this afternoon.
Are you coming?
Uh, maybe.
I gotta see
what Hampton gives me.
The workload can get heavy.
Right. Let's keep this
between us, yeah?
Yeah, of course.
I've never seen
anything like it.
Her face was a picture that day.
"Hampton is starting
to warm up to me."
Finally felt like I got noticed.
"Hard work is paying off."
"Daisy... she's such a riot,
so nice and personable.
We're going to study together."
"Hampton invited me over.
It feels so good and cool
to earn his confidence."
Here I come
How do I look?
You look like
a regular Crystal Dunn.
Couldn't help yourself,
could ya?
Like mother, like daughter.
I overheard Dean Michaels
talking to Daisy.
The police
authenticated the video.
They think somebody pushed Amy?
- Shh!
- Holy sh...
Daisy's the only one that knows.
You can't tell anyone.
Okay. Yeah.
Wow. So they think the killer
could still be out there?
Oh, my God.
Well, nothing like
a little outdoor sports
with a killer on the loose
to ease the stress.
We don't know
the killer's on the loose.
Wanna come watch?
Protect me?
I can't.
I gotta stay in.
There's still
so much work to do,
but maybe
I'll watch from the window.
From the creepy window?
The creepy window.
Just go shoot some balls
or score some goals,
or whatever you do.
Okay, well,
text me if you need anything.
"Also, I told her
she was wrong about Hampton."
I felt pressure
"to consider expulsion
for the plagiarism."
Plagiarism... that's twice
that that's mentioned.
Whoo-hoo! Let's go, guys!
Nice work.
Can you tell I haven't played
since I was never?
Showing up is more than
half the battle here,
so it looks good on you.
And you'll get better.
Hannah didn't wanna come watch?
She's writing, studying...
The usual.
The harder she works,
the more talented she becomes.
And the more boring,
I might add.
She's also a little rattled by...
And, I mean, don't worry,
I won't say anything to anyone...
But she did tell me
about the police update.
She did?
We've been best friends
since we were little.
It was written
all over her face.
She couldn't hide it.
But don't worry,
secret's safe with me.
Just wanna keep the school from
fully freaking out, you know?
Yeah, totally.
Amy and the journal
and the murder...
Amy's journal.
We found it.
It's safe, though.
Did Hannah not
tell you about it?
Well, she meant to, I'm sure.
Yeah, it was at the back
of our closet.
You're kidding.
It's safe now, though.
I only read a few pages,
but it was mostly talk about
the ethics of plagiarism
or something.
Anything about her working
with Professor Hampton?
He always had a thing for her.
We need to get that journal
to Dean Michaels.
Oh! Hey, Hannah.
Just in time.
I was just finishing up.
Hey, how are you?
Are you sure?
Sit down.
Can I talk to you
about something?
Of course.
Rachel Garber
said something odd...
about Amy Hines...
and you having a "type".
Rachel said that?
Well, that's bizarre.
Well, I barely know
Rachel Garber.
Amy, she was my T.A.,
but, Rachel, I...
I don't really know her.
But you and Amy got close?
Yeah. Yeah, we were close.
"Close" like...
What happened with us, that...
well, I don't do that.
That's never happened before.
I mean, look,
I'm attracted to talent.
I find talent to be
the most attractive quality,
and, you know, Amy, like you,
was talented, but...
nothing ever happened
between us.
Oh, that was a lot tougher
than expected.
Oh, no.
I gotta run.
Everything all right?
Yeah, it's just
something at the Innus dorm.
I should go, but...
how do you feel about returning
these balls to the gym?
Yeah, of course.
Happy to.
Thank you so much.
You're the best.
Okay. See you tomorrow.
So, was she caught plagiarizing?
I mean, she was a gifted
and dedicated student.
I certainly had no reason
to suspect her of plagiarism.
I found her journal.
Amy had a journal?
Yeah, which I need to turn in.
What, you still have it?
Have you read it?
You have done nothing wrong,
and I will support you
as much as you would like me to.
And I get it,
with all of this going on,
if you don't want
to be my T.A.,
it's okay.
And if you think
that we went too far
the other night,
I get it.
You know, we... we don't have
to continue with this at all.
No, I wanted to.
I really admired
your mind and...
liked you.
That's all past tense.
Like you.
Present tense.
What am I signing myself up for?
Hold that.
Ah, yes.
Dinner is ready.
Yeah, I ordered us
something special.
They don't deliver,
so I've got to nip out
and get it,
but there are some assignments
there that need marking,
if you want to get started.
Or, you know, you know where
the typewriter is,
if you feel inspired.
And there's wine in the fridge.
I'll be right back.
Wonder if he has a charger...
Where might a charger be?
I hope you're hungry.
Hey. Sorry.
My phone is dead
and I was looking for a charger.
Okay, well,
there's one in the kitchen.
I hate to do this,
but I'm really not feeling well.
Uh, what's wrong?
I've just kinda
lost my appetite.
Okay, well, uh, at least
let me give you a ride.
No. No, no, no.
I'll be fine.
I just got cramps,
but I will see you
in class tomorrow.
Well, okay...
and feel better.
Thanks. Bye!
I don't know what happened.
I was just walking.
Sorry, excuse me.
Oh, my God.
What happened?
We tried to call you.
M-My phone's dead.
What is it?
There was an attack.
Wait. Where's Jodie?
I asked her to bring some gear
to the gym, and she...
She didn't make it.
Hey, sweetie.
It's a nice surprise.
Honey, what's wrong?
So tell me that again.
Like I said, I-I just remember
being pushed onto the pathway,
and then... and that's when
I hit my cheek on the railing.
Were you able to see them?
Tell their size?
Tall, for sure, but it was dark,
so I don't know.
Honey, I got here
as soon as I could.
Just a minute.
Any news?
No, there's nothing yet.
You must be Hannah's mother,
Mrs. Marks.
I'm Sonia Michaels,
Dean of the school.
Uh, Nancy.
I'm sorry we're meeting under
such terrible circumstances.
Were you able to reach
Jodie's parents?
The authorities are in touch.
Mrs. Marks?
Excuse me.
I'm Detective Mike Philips.
I'm actually, well...
I read your work
and it's terrific.
Well, thank you.
You okay?
It was your dorm room
we went into, right?
The one where Amy Hines stayed?
Do you mind me asking
what you were doing last night?
Yeah. Um, I was
helping Professor Hampton.
We were at a Writers' Room.
I'm his T.A. this semester.
Writers' Room?
Yeah, just...
grading papers and stuff.
Teacher's assistant duties.
Are you aware
that Amy Hines was also
one of his teacher's assistants?
Yes, I'm aware.
I'm sorry.
Who's Amy Hines?
She was a student last semester.
Fell out of
her third-floor window,
in what was thought
to be a suicide,
but now there's some doubt
cast on that.
Any further updates on that?
Well, um, the video
is definitely authentic,
it's just too dark to see
who pushed her out the window.
Someone released
a video showing a figure
pushing Miss Hines
out the window.
Excuse me.
So it was a homicide?
I'm afraid so.
Do you have any reason
to suspect
that she might be targeted?
Target Jodie?
How are the two things
Well, two girls
attacked on the same night,
a suicide which turns out
to be a homicide,
all within the same dorm...
It's a question
that needs to be asked.
Excuse me.
Mom, I was gonna tell you.
We're gonna go drop off my bags,
and then we're gonna have
a little chat.
You have no idea
the primal urge I have
to take you
out of here right now.
What else haven't you
told me, Hannah?
I know when
you're keeping secrets from me.
What is that?
It's a journal
belonging to Amy Hines.
The girl?
Why do you have it?
I think she hid it here.
I was gonna turn it in, but...
I just didn't get a chance
then I read something in it.
"I told her
she was wrong about Hampton."
There was pressure
to consider expulsion
for the clear plagiarism.
The confrontation turned tense,
"bordering on violence."
So who is she talking about?
I don't know.
But there is more
that I need to tell you.
Last night,
when I was at Andrew's...
Professor Hampton's
Writers' Room...
I found
something in his drawer...
Amy's student I.D. card.
Why didn't you say anything?
I was in shock!
Everything happened at once...
The I.D.,
and then Jodie and Daisy.
The police could charge you
for withholding information.
And you might as well
just throw that journal
on top of the pile, as well.
What do I do?
Were you and Andrew Hampton...
No. God, no.
Then the first thing we do
is we find him.
Because that's what
investigative journalists do.
Unless you'd like to run
straight to the police
and tell them why you were
withholding this information?
you want to be a journalist?
You want to live
by your own rules,
follow your own hunches?
Then let's go see
where this leads us.
Professor Hampton?
Professor Hampton?
So, this is
the fabled Writers' Room?
This is it.
Okay, so where
are the I.D. cards?
He must have taken them.
And why were you looking
in his drawers?
I'm his T.A.
It just seems odd
that he'd be so careless
about something like that.
Yeah. I know.
Where to next?
The celebration of life...
It's right now.
He's probably there.
Thank you so much for coming.
Those are
such beautiful flowers.
You want to sign right there.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you so much for coming.
Amy would've
really appreciated it.
Let's stick close together.
Daisy, this is my mom, Nancy.
I'm such a big fan
of your work, Mrs. Marks.
I'm sorry
we couldn't meet earlier.
That's very kind of you.
I'm sorry
for everything that
you're going through right now.
How are you holding up?
I-I can't stop
thinking about Jodie.
How I-I wished
I'd never asked her to...
There's someone out there
and I am not okay with that.
Hey, have you seen
Professor Hampton today?
Not since our last class,
but it's interesting
you say that, actually.
seems like a convenient time
to disappear.
I-I should tend
to the other guests.
It was so lovely
to meet you, Mrs. Marks.
Nice to meet you, too, Daisy.
Did you see that?
The girl sending you daggers
over there?
I don't get her.
What is it?
Hannah, honey...
Look, whatever it is,
we'll get through this.
Mom, I don't want
to talk about it.
Then just show me the text.
Unless you want me to guess
that you had an affair
with Professor Hampton
and you don't want to admit it?
God, I feel so stupid.
Honey, no.
Anyone in your position
could've made the same choice.
I mean, a handsome professor
who passes himself off
as some altruistic mentor...
The Writers' Room
was at his place.
That's where Amy's I.D. was.
I just feel so stupid.
I shouldn't have...
You are not stupid.
You see the best
in people, Hannah.
There's nothing wrong with that.
You got that from your dad.
What's that?
The last time I'm gonna hide
something from you.
Now that's my girl.
You sure this isn't
breaking and entering?
You have a key,
you have a right to go in
and get your papers.
Go and get the I.D.
"Those that know,"
know I never set out
to hurt anyone,
but after pushing Amy too far
in too many ways,
I just...
"couldn't take it anymore,
I'm sorry."
So you don't think it's odd
that he typed up
his own suicide letter?
Odd? Maybe.
happens more times than not,
just not on
an old-fashioned typewriter.
I'm sorry to ask this now,
but that video on your phone...
How long has that been going on?
Just one stupid night.
And you thought
that hiding that from me
would do, what?
Were you protecting him?
I was just...
He's a predator
and they prey on those
that idolize them.
Let's assume,
as a thought experiment,
that Professor Hampton
was having an affair
with Amy Hines.
She wanted to cut it off
and she threatened
to report it...
Right, so then he...
took it into his own hands,
charged her with plagiarism,
creating a plausible scenario
for her to take her own life.
And the perfect set-up
to throw her out a window.
there's something outside here
I need you to take a look at.
Cold filters.
Dark lipstick.
Rachel Garber.
What about her?
She wears lipstick like that.
Well, I guess I need
to pay Rachel a visit.
I should have
just listened to you.
About what?
Going to USC
instead of this place.
Don't say that.
I mean...
no one could've
seen this coming,
including me.
I just wanted to do it
on my own, you know?
I can't imagine
the pressure you're under...
but I'd be proud of you
no matter what you did.
And I know your father
would've felt the same way.
What if they don't find her?
Oh, honey.
She's strong.
I should've been there with her.
Oh, Hannah. Honey.
When your dad died...
I kept blaming myself
for so long.
I just thought
if I could've
just gotten the information
and warned him...
but you can't control
what you can't control.
I think
you're still learning that.
Yeah, I probably am.
You are such a wonderful person.
And you have so many good things
coming to you.
We're gonna fix this.
You and Detective Philips
seem to get along.
Stop it.
What? He's nice.
I'm a professional.
So is he.
Just think,
you guys could, like...
solve word puzzles together
and watch Sherlock reruns.
Let's just...
let's try
to get through this alive.
Cold filters.
Dark lipstick.
There's this girl,
Rachel Garber,
she always had it for Amy.
I barely know Rachel Garber.
What does she have against her?
She liked Amy,
Amy didn't like her back.
Amy, she was my T.A.,
but Rachel...
I don't really know her.
Rachel! Wake up!
I'm trying to sleep.
Have you seen Rachel?
Police were here earlier,
asking the same thing.
I saw her arguing with
Professor Hampton yesterday,
but haven't seen her since.
What are you doing?
Being nosy.
Hey. Sorry for waking you.
What are you doing in here?
I think Rachel did it.
- What?
- Look. This is her footage.
Oh, my god.
Apparently, she was arguing
with Hampton yesterday,
before she...
Did you hear?
Hear what?
Hampton was found dead.
What? But-But...
But it's a homicide, I swear,
and it has to be Rachel.
We have to get
the Dean, the police...
No, they already know.
I have to get this to them.
And the journal.
Yeah, we found Amy's journal.
Well, where are you going?
To get my mom.
Mom? Mom.
Get dressed.
We gotta go.
What? Where are we going?
Hannah? Honey.
Where are we going?
I have to hand this evidence
into the station.
Station? And what evidence?
Hannah, slow down and tell me
what's going on.
That's Rachel Garber's laptop.
The girl who was staring at me.
It has all the videos on there...
Amy falling, me and Hampton...
And I found
gold cigarette filters
with the same dark lipstick
on them just outside her car.
Like the ones they found
at Hampton's?
- Okay, but why?
- I don't know.
Maybe it says in the journal.
"Eventually reached a point
where she got aggressive,"
threatening me,
saying if I didn't keep silent,
"she'd silence me."
Who's she talking about?
I don't know.
"We went for a walk."
Said that her entire career
would be ruined
and that I should just
kill the story
"and take the bribe."
Who's she talking about?
Does it say?
- Mom.
- Who's that?
It's Rachel Garber.
It's Rachel Garber.
Mrs. Marks? Nancy?
Are you okay?
Where's Hannah?
Was she driving?
Yes, she was driving.
There... There was a computer...
It was a journal and a computer.
Rachel Garber.
What about her?
Hannah said
she was behind everything.
She tried
to put us off the road.
Well, that's a coincidence,
'cause Rachel Garber is M.I.A.
Oh, my god.
We have to find Hannah.
Move slowly.
"The three Ps,"
Ms. Marks...
That's what every writer needs.
You don't realize
how cliche black boots are
until you have to wear them,
you know?
Gold-filtered cigarettes...
look familiar?
Gold-filtered cigarettes...
Highly addictive,
wouldn't recommend them...
But necessity
is the mother of invention.
Sorry about the whole
running you off the road thing.
I couldn't let you turn this in.
Ah, yes...
words on a page.
"The primal pursuit
of pen to paper."
Getting sick of the "P" s?
I'm not.
How about...
a little pyromania?
What else do we have
in today's goody-bag?
"No devices. No laptops."
And you...
you just had to play
Little Miss Journalist,
didn't you?
I'll admit,
when I saw
that the daughter
of the famous Nancy Marks
was enrolled here,
I was excited.
I really thought we would've
worked on something together.
But you just had to get
carried away, didn't you?
"Good morning, class,"
and Miss Marks...
"You're so wonderful,
your words are so moving."
"Oh, me?
Oh, shucks, professor!"
"You're so handsome and smart,
and I'm so talented... "
Give me a break!
Gold filter.
Well, either
this killer is very sloppy...
or someone's
trying to frame someone else.
My late-husband and I
used to do that.
Do what?
Finish each other's sentences.
You actually remind me
a bit of him.
It's the East Coast accent.
Do you hear that?
Yes, I did.
Are you all right?
Who did this to you?
Who put you in here?
I saw...
In black boots and gloves.
Was it Rachel Garber?
But I think I know who it is.
You think you won
that T.A. competition fairly?
He chose you,
just like he chose Amy.
He likes them
weak and vulnerable.
It's why he never chose me,
'cause I'm strong.
Oh, precious.
It's not even a scratch.
Not like what I did to Jodie.
Enunciation, Miss Marks!
Any last words you'd like
to reveal to the class today?
Why are you doing this?
Why does anyone do anything,
Sometimes, we all have to make
the brave and hard choice,
even if we're scared.
I thought you'd appreciate that.
You're sick.
You think I could
have you or Jodie
running around out there,
knowing what you know?
So you attacked her?
I had to!
You don't think
Jodie would've told the world
if she knew the truth?
And you don't think
I didn't notice her
angling for my position?
I know her type.
She'd stop at nothing
to get what she wanted.
She would've said
you were projecting.
Too bad for her.
Which suicide letter
shall we choose today?
I typed them freshly myself.
Copied from the Internet.
It was you.
You plagiarized in class...
That's what happened.
And Amy caught on.
She... She told you
that she caught you cheating
and she warned you to stop.
I did not plagiarize.
What are you talking about?
It's literally the same syntax
and thematic structure.
You would've been expelled.
Your career
would've been ruined,
so you pushed her
and then you blamed Rachel.
Poor girl.
Her scream was horrible.
Then, when that didn't work,
you turned on Hampton.
Wow! Some people
really are more suited
for investigative journalism.
He was easy.
Pathetic, really.
Which brings us
to our denouement.
Such an elitist
and pompous word.
Let's reframe it.
I prefer...
"the end."
Please! I can help you.
How can you help me?
What I need
is to do well in school,
not get expelled for
something that was a mistake!
You so much as make a sound,
I will end you
in the worst way possible.
Mom! Mom!
It's Daisy!
I don't know where she...
I don't know where she is.
It's okay.
Come on!
Where are you?
That was a pretty good push.
You're a lot stronger
than I thought.
I know you're in here.
Come on, Nancy.
I'm gonna find you.
I know you're in here.
Drop it!
Put it down!
Anything you say
can and will be used against you
in a court of law.
So, she pushed Amy?
And killed Hampton.
She admitted everything.
Detective Philips said
that she, uh,
she caused her own injuries.
She punched herself in the face.
She was crazy from the start.
Crazy Daisy.
You should trust your instincts.
Turns out Miss Garber's
been following this
longer than we have.
We thought you were missing.
I know. Uh...
Sometimes, it's just safer
to keep your distance.
when it comes to Daisy.
Look, I-I saw
what she was doing,
trying to peg it on me
and-and Hampton.
Uh, I got everything
you need here,
all the evidence.
I'm really sorry for thinking
that you were involved.
Oh, it's fine,
that's what Daisy wanted.
I also had you totally wrong.
Guess we both
judged a book by its cover.
Uh, I'm gonna go down
to the station,
and process, uh, Miss Faulkner.
I'll keep you posted.
I'd like that.
Me too.
Professor Hampton
always talked about
our "two sides".
What we show...
what we had...
how the true self emerges
when we stop fighting ourselves,
allowing us to be free
to take on real adversity,
to face that
which scares us the most.
Guess who got voted
into Student Union?
What? That's awesome!
Get someone else
to carry your soccer balls,
thank you very much.
I'm really proud of you.
I'd say you have big boots
to fill, but...
But that's creepy.
Our lives are meant to be lived,
to fully experience
the first four,
the bittersweet,
and even sometimes the sublime.
Are there risks?
But a little heartbreak
never killed you.
It only makes you more alive,
more ourselves.
Like Jodie.
Like Professor Hampton.
Like my father.
I hope the drive
wasn't too long.
Oh, it was lovely.
It's nice to get out
of the city, actually.
Yeah, I bet.
We can't take anything with us,
but at least we can take
the memories of those
that helped us become
who we are today...
The mentors, friends,
those we lost...
the ones who made us "us".
They're a part of us
now and forever.
Like chapters
in our personal book of life...
The duality of being human.