The Secret Number (2012) Movie Script

This is pointless.
This is very good, Professor, thank you.
That wasn't so hard, was it?
So does this look wrong to you?
Because it is wrong.
Because it's missing 'Bleem'.
You think I just made this up, don't you?
Just pulled this number
out of thin air, yah?
So you have discovered 'bleem' then?
I am not entertaining some delusion,
Doctor. I am a mathematician.
I am pursuing the truth.
I'm sorry, I'm not trying to offend you,
I'm just trying to understand.
But I need you to help me understand.
Are you trying to
understand 'bleem', Doctor?
Or are you trying to understand me?
Okay, Professor.
Let's assume that you're right
and 'bleem' does exist.
It'd be a counting number, right?
It is an integer, yah.
So you go 1, 2, 3...
'bleem, '
4, 5, 6 - is that right?
Very good, Doctor.
Right, so if that's true... should then be able to
have 'bleem' of something, right?
I'd like you to do me a favor, Professor.
Separate out 'bleem' of
those jellybeans for me.
...take your time.
So 'bleem' is not an integer after all.
So 'Bleem' is not an integer...
Bleem exists!
Calm down, Professor.
Something was preventing me...
I was sitting right here.
I was watching you the entire time
and there was nothing preventing you,
except for the fact
that 'bleem' does not exist.
I must get back to my research...
I'm sorry, Professor. I'm
afraid we're done for the day.
I just need something to write with.
Please. Pencil and paper is all I ask.
We can talk about writing materials
at your next evaluation, alright?
Take the Professor to his room.
Please, I am so close. I can feel it.
We can pick this up tomorrow.
Come on, Professor.
Take it easy!
So would you say you are a
man of reason, Professor?
Of course, yah.
Well, I'm a little confused...
...what reason could anybody possibly
have to keep a number secret?
Why did they try to burn Galileo
at the stake, Doctor?
This is heresy to them.
We're talking about the very
fabric of our universe here.
What do you know about
higher dimensions, Doctor?
What, like parallel universes?
No, these are dimensions beyond what
we can experience with our senses.
The first four are taken up by the Minkowski
Space-Time, which we live with every day.
But physicists now tell us there are at least
seven more dimensions we cannot access.
Abstract dimensions that permeate
everything - yet remain completely hidden.
We have no way to grasp the possibilities,
to tap us the potential of these dimensions
because we haven't got the math.
So you are suggesting that with 'bleem'-
'Bleem' changes everything.
Thank you, Professor.
This next report comes from Stockbridge,
Massachusetts, where on Thursday
an unidentified man was struck and killed
by a car near Pinewood Elementary school.
But beyond the tragedy, a mystery has emerged
as authorities have made no progress
in determining the victim's identity
in the three days since the incident.
Police Chief Hal Malick is referring to
the lack of any leads as 'bizarre'.
More on the story as it develops.
In other news...
We're doing a second sweep now.
He was definitely here at bedcheck,
I haven't let anyone into the room.
Ah, looks like he left us a little snack.
Don't touch those!
It's just jellybeans, Doc. Want one?