The Secret of Karma (2020) Movie Script

This secret of karma is a guide
to live your dream life.
To be healthy, wealthy and happy.
It's a guide to show you
how to achieve your goals,
to get what you always wanted.
Because isn't that what we all want?
This is a story about a man
who died and came back.
He remembered what
happened on the other side
like others before him and since.
He saw himself as young man
in his future incarnation,
where he learned how to control his life.
In his current life he
blames karma for everything.
In his past he begins to
understand the mistakes
which he repeats now.
You won't be because
that's what I'm here for.
Our hero will meet my helpers
which to the ordinary soul
could be confused for gods and angels.
But rest assured, we are all one.
This story begins in a city
called Prague with a writer
who believes his karma
is holding him back.
A man who believes that
karmic debts are real.
But how can they be if we
create our own reality?
- Read.
Checking progress of new manuscript.
Missed the deadline twice.
Deadline was yesterday,
as if you didn't know.
Please send draft ASAP.
Open script.
Okay, let's see.
Where did I leave off yesterday?
Chapter, chapter three, The Pilgrim.
Alpha Centauri, a world
in need of guidance
and spiritual uplifting.
Animus, a builder of a
higher level, he knew this.
He also knew Adriana would know this.
Adriana, a ruler willing to
give up a kingdom for love.
They both knew that they
could only do so much
for the Universe without
drawing attention.
And Animus of Europa knew
that the Red Guard of Earth
were already watching his every move.
But so strong was his love for Adriana,
that he did not care.
And because of this, Alpha
Centauri was destroyed.
Because the builders of
the Temple of Uplifting
had placed it on this
planet, too close to Earth.
Too close to the Red Guard.
Sir Chancellor and his
faction from the Red Guard,
they destroyed the city to
hide evidence of their terror,
evidence of their
destruction of the Temple.
Because all wars and
conflicts begin in the mind.
Because we are all just Pilgrims
on a quest for spiritual uplift,
a desire for an evolution from within
that manifests without.
We find that we rely so much on words,
that we forget that we were separated
from our own guidance systems.
Oh, shit.
- Hi Frank, can we meet up?
- With you, always.
- Uh, Ronnie's gone again.
- Maybe he went to the office.
- Don't be silly.
Do you have time to meet
me right now, before work?
There's something I need
to talk to you about.
- What's up?
- Well I need to talk to
you about it in person.
- Okay, so pick me up and afterwards
you can bring me back home.
- What about Martina?
Will we have a problem?
- Martina?
She'll be okay.
Are you talking to someone?
Antarctica, the year is 3017.
After fleeing the
devastation of Alpha Centauri,
our Pilgrim follows the faint signal
to this lonely, frozen dump.
The signal growing stronger.
Is it an alien civilization
or perhaps something more,
but on a different plane.
This way.
Come here.
This way.
Follow my voice.
An ancient
seer with a window into
what has been and what will be.
An ancient past has led to the destruction
of a current world.
- I've brought you something.
This is my gift to you.
- I'm sorry, I can't accept that.
- What is your name?
- Adriana.
- So it is yours, Adriana.
I came here to give it back.
- It all comes back to
the girl from your dreams.
She is Adriana, ruler of Eurasia.
There's a karmic debt
between the two of you
and you have to pay it back.
The worlds are at war.
Animus is your old friend
and he rules over the moons of Europa.
If you succeed to create an alliance
between Adriana and Animus,
your debt will be repaid.
Obstacles will come and you will feel
like everything is lost.
Peace might come at a very high cost.
But what was this
Pilgrim's ancient past?
As he resumes his quest,
his starship transforms
into a different kind of ship,
one just as modern for it's time.
California, 1932 an ancient past
to the time of our Pilgrim,
but perhaps one just as violent,
just as damaging as the
future he just left behind.
- Are you kidding me?
You write all day and then
that nurse calls you
and you run to see her.
- She's a friend, a classmate.
So what.
- So what?
Doesn't she have a husband of her own?
They're having problems.
- So are we.
- Don't worry, we're
not sleeping together.
- Neither do we anymore.
- Someone got a new dress?
- I needed a confidence boost.
- Looks good, yeah!
- And Martina?
- Oh, forget it, just drive.
Let's go have a drink.
I told you, I'm working tonight.
- Good evening.
What'll it be?
- I'll have something strong.
- Right, warm brandy and for you?
- Water, thanks.
- Oh boy, not much of
a party girl, boring.
- So what's up?
- Ronnie.
I think he's seeing someone.
- Probably a stewardess, right?
- What do you mean a stewardess?
- I've known Ronnie as long
as you two have been married.
We both know he's been successful
in the aviation business
and that means there's
always another stewardess.
Look Ronnie splits women
into two categories,
ones he can have sex with now
and the ones he considers
to be silly cows.
- I belong into the third category,
we had sex immediately and I'm
a silly cow who married him.
- Yeah, mm hmm.
- Yes?
- Maybe it's karma, I mean, look at us.
We must've done something.
- Excuse me.
- Action.
- Maybe we should cool it for a while.
- Whatever.
- Man.
I'm in bad pain
Blind we become
and blind we remain,
until something opens
our eyes to the truth.
- Something's really wrong with me.
Call an ambulance.
Opening your
eyes and understanding
that you are free to
change your path in life,
frees you from the concept of karma.
We're losing him.
He's in cardiac arrest!
But distant memories
are oftentimes confusing,
frightening even and it becomes
hard to convince yourself
that you alone hold the
key to self realization.
He's flat-lining, doctor!
He's fibrillating.
- I'll hit him.
C'mon Frank!
This is the beginning
of the real journey.
Once you leave this
realm and you cross over,
it's as if you're flying.
- Entering a twilight of sorts.
Parallel lives many different time lines,
many different stories
written by the author.
- I'm getting married.
Your heart is more powerful
than all the other power
in the outside world.
Clinical death or a window
into the story of our lives to come?
Stories that have been lived
and stories yet to come.
All seen behind the curtain of the night.
- You must be full of questions,
having come all this way?
- Well, to tell you the truth.
- You're on a quest.
Will you stay a while?
- Well, if you don't mind.
- Relax, just give me a
little time to get ready,
we have quite a journey ahead of us.
Sometimes it takes more than death
to open someone's eyes,
to see behind the curtain,
but see behind it we must.
- One for you, one for me.
We should do a toast.
Here's to your health.
- To being young.
- How's it going.
- Look here we've got a new soul.
- He looks lost.
- And what can I get for you?
- Whatever you'll be serving, I guess.
- Yeah, not what I'm asking.
- Look, I'm just waiting here for a girl.
- I see.
Too bad, I have been here a
long time and that's the first.
Don't worry everyone who comes here
is a little confused at first.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
Let me guess, he's lost?
- More than usual.
I'm taking him to see the Manager.
- You know I can hear you?
- But can you see?
Watch over him, okay?
- Wow, she's something else.
Never seen anyone as odd as her before.
- Oh, I think you've seen
worse things in your life.
- Yeah, you're probably right.
One jumps from
one plane to the next,
forever moving aimlessly forward
past the fixed point on the horizon.
A pain in the chest, an angel in a bar,
a city on fire, or a faint signal of hope.
Realizations begin in many different ways,
yet always start from the same point.
C'mon, don't give up!
One more time.
Clear, charging,
- Clear, charging.
- Frank.
There are many
journeys, yet only one quest.
Sometimes we find ourselves in a pattern
enjoying a good life, but
forgetting about our journey.
- Hey, wake up, you idiot.
Wake up.
Wake up!
It's me.
- Ronay, I'm flying against the Germans!
- You're flying?
I need you to fly for me.
Listen to me, I'm starting an airline.
I need you to be my pilot.
You're my best friend.
You're the best pilot I know.
- Yes, I am a pilot, but, but
only if you share a drink with me.
- I think you've had enough.
- It's never enough.
- Gentlemen.
He's been here all day.
Would you care for anything?
- No, that's alright.
This won't be the first time
I've had to save my friend's ass.
I'll just have some whatever that is.
- Champagne, we're celebrating.
- Champagne?
Get him a big bucket of ice
and dump it on his head.
Thanks, off you go, thank you.
Go back to sleep, will you?
What is this stuff anyway?
Are you kidding me?
What's your name?
- Does it matter?
If you defeat the enemy inside of you,
the outer one can't hurt you any more.
Is the enemy what I believe in?
- What do you believe in, Henry?
Only eternal, unconditional love
can overcome the burden of this world.
Look in my eyes.
But the journey
never forgets about us.
- Calm down, we're just going for a drive.
- Okay, I trust you.
- That's good, you should.
- How did I get here?
- You really don't remember?
There are many journeys,
yet only one quest.
- I heard that somewhere.
- Maybe in the bar?
Where is the manager?
- He is working on something.
You know him, he has time for everything.
- Sure, the manager of the
stage called the world.
- His holiness.
- Wait, don't you have a sister?
We're all brothers and sisters here.
Isn't he a bit odd?
- No, he doesn't know yet.
- Oh, that's gonna be something.
The last time we had a customer here
who was as lost as he
is, he needed a drink.
So, what's it gonna be?
- Beer?
- You want one, or you're
asking if we have it?
- I'll have one.
- And a water for you as usual?
- Yeah, the usual, but two of them.
- Two it is.
- A toast.
To us and our journey.
You may look at
life as one big game.
Something to be played to
the best of your ability
until you can't take it no further.
And then you become conscious that
you may need help to guide
you through your life
and sometimes that help comes
from the people we least expect.
- Adriana doesn't rule.
She's still in exile.
She's still hiding from...
- The Chancellor?
- He has destroyed Alpha Centauri.
He will continue to destroy
every Temple you construct,
you know that.
- We are familiar with the
Chancellor's true nature.
He has made a change though.
Give us the
Temple of Spiritual Uplifting.
- I'm entering into an alliance
with Adriana, regardless.
- How about ending the game by default?
- Keep playing.
All right.
I'll build it on Earth.
But we both know it's Adriana's decision.
She'll be pleased.
As one moment in
a life time is reached,
another moment in another
life time is surpassed.
Clear, charging.
Clear, charging.
Yet, as we are starting to realize
time lines all lead down the
same path to the same beliefs.
There you are.
What's this big news?
- Henry.
I'm getting married.
Aren't you happy for me?
- I'm just shocked.
Do I know her?
- No, no, no.
She's my true love.
Isn't she beautiful?
I want you to be there.
You're my best friend.
You should be my best man.
I feel like I know her.
- No, that's impossible, she's in Paris.
- Paris?
Yeah, you're right, I've never been there.
So, how did you meet her?
- Oh, let me tell you.
A concierge friend of mine introduced me
to one of the wealthiest men in France.
And this is his daughter, so
I romanced him, uh, and her.
And as a wedding gift he
gave me this business.
I'm telling you, Henry, my boy.
You have got to find
yourself a rich bride.
- Well no wonder you're so happy.
It's your true love of money.
Well you know what?
If this works for you,
then I'm happy for you.
I myself am looking for something more
after my experience.
- I don't know.
I think that the booze has changed the way
you think about things,
what with all your talk
about past lives and future lives.
Don't you think that you could've at least
lived a life in which you
are absolutely filthy rich?
- You're right.
And if you can only have one go around,
then you are one lucky man.
Imagine that if at the
end of your business deal,
you end up with a silly cow.
- All's well that ends well,
you can always turn off the lights,
if you know what I mean.
No, she's very smart.
- So you are saying
she's in this with you?
- Hey, easy, I know you, you bastard.
No flirting with her at the wedding.
- Friends don't go after
their friends' wives.
- No, friends don't go
after their friends' wives.
Here's to friends.
To understand our
beliefs, we may face obstacles.
All familiar in some way.
The delegation of
the ruler Animus has arrived.
- Lady Chancellor, Sir Chancellor!
With the Queen still in exile,
Animus' ship has arrived.
- Step forward, Ambassador.
- Where is Queen Adriana?
We have brought a gift
from our ruler, Animus.
- She's still in exile
on the surface below.
This gift
is for her and her people.
- We are in charge now.
- My queen, accept the
Temple of Spiritual Uplifting
as my wedding gift.
Let's begin with the preparation.
I will wait for you tonight in the temple.
- We must reject this gift.
- But why?
- We may lose control.
- We have to unite together with Animus
to get their technologies.
- I have other ways of achieving that.
Track them down.
Destroy the Temple and Animus.
The past always
holds the key to the future.
- May I cut in?
- Of course.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
- Big day, hm?
- It's just a deal.
Not like when we met in Paris.
- You're not like Ronay.
I would love to be as free as you.
- Clear.
Something as simple
as a ring on a finger
or a finger on a button...
So small, so simple, but the
consequences of such actions
can ripple through a life
and can affect a life time.
Every one of your lifetimes.
We all control and
create our paths in life,
and when we disturb the
natural balance or things,
our paths choose us.
- What do we have here?
It must be my favorite little helper.
My dearest Angel.
- Angel?
Do I know you from somewhere?
- Well, you know
everybody knows me, Frank.
Look into your heart.
Why are you here?
- How do you know my name?
- I know all the names.
Last cycle.
- Are you God?
- Should I be?
- If you're not God, then who are you?
- You may think of me as a
manager, no as an Oversoul.
- An Oversoul?
- I look out for all of your
souls down here on Earth.
Is she an oversoul too?
- Angel is your guide.
I make sure you are taken care of.
And you're not God?
- Oh no, I just work for her.
- Then where are we?
- Behind the curtain.
You'll begin to understand soon enough.
Angel will make sure of it.
Look at my mansion.
Waiter, hey!
Hey drinks right here.
- Cheers.
Some may call this guilt.
And when that path takes
us into the wilderness,
the darkness can seem to be all
that is left in the world,
but remember these are only moments.
Moments created and shaped
by our individual choices,
not karma, not some
goal just out of reach.
Moments on the time line of our lives,
moments that create the
natural balance in this world.
Moments that we can never forget,
no matter the time or the life.
- Hey, are you collecting flowers?
- It's important work.
All the money goes toward arc renovation.
- I see.
They hold power.
I've brought you something.
This is my gift to you.
- No, I'm sorry, I can't accept that.
- What is your name?
- Adriana.
- So it is yours, Adriana.
I came here to give it back.
- And you, I feel like I know you.
- You don't remember, do you?
Adriana, I'm looking for
the builder of this Temple.
Welcome to our village, stranger.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- A gift from Queen Adriana.
I'm looking for the creator of the Temple
where she's staying.
I am not the Builder,
but we can help you find the one you seek.
- I heard you know the
Builder of this Temple?
It feels like the Builder;s close,
but no one knows exactly where he is.
They are all afraid of the Red Guard.
Since they did this.
- I wish everything was
the same like before.
And so we follow
that distant vibration,
no matter how faint.
My dearest Henry,
it has been years since we have spoken.
I often wonder what you are doing
where you are, who you are with.
I will always remember the way
my heart instantly fluttered
when Ronay would start to talk
about your fighting days together.
Fate slew him, but he did not drop.
She fell, but he did not fall.
Impaled him on her fiercest stakes,
he neutralized them all.
She stunned him, sapped his ferment fans.
But when her worst was
done and he unmoved,
regarded her, acknowledged him a man.
And now I feel so alone.
Just the thought of you dying
before you meet our daughter.
It will never stop tormenting me.
- Clear.
The vibration, a
faint signal growing stronger
trying to stay on the
path to understanding.
Showing us that we're always
intersecting with others
and that it's up to us to decide
how we will relate in those circumstances.
- We found the one you
have been looking for.
- Kill him.
- What if he could help us find
the constructors of the Temple?
- We don't need him.
- I'm not going to be
part of this anymore.
No response.
He felt the vibrations
from the ruins of the Temple?
As did the Red Guard?
No, they were there for him.
- People in the village led me to you.
- People say way too much.
- Am I here by chance, then?
- Coincidence?
It does not exist.
You know why your world was destroyed.
You even know why the
Temple was destroyed.
That's why you're here.
- You know my fate?
- You think I don't know everything?
We both know I can only show you the path,
but you have to walk it on your own.
- Thank you and your
wife for saving my life.
You can thank my wife.
My wife is the Healer.
I'm an archeologist.
You were lucky I was there when
the Red Guard attacked you.
I'm searching for the Builder.
No wonder
the Red Guard attacked you.
Yes, thank you.
I can't return to the ruins out of fear
I lead Sir Chancellor
and his men to Adriana.
let me see if I can help.
- Chancellor Astaroth approaches.
As arranged by your savior.
- I see that your rescue
was at the last minute.
- Yes.
- I still have a few people
with whom I can trust.
Then you know
more about my journey
than I thought you did.
I think we both know.
You have become the keeper
of the guidance system
from when you were born.
You are now at Zero Point.
Free to choose who you want to be.
- I guess you know who gave me advice.
- I'll give you the coordinates
for Sir Chancellor's hidden armada.
Pacifism and interplanetary law
instead of global power, only
serves to unman the people!
They would hold Europa up to us
as a model and deliver
to us Spiritual Uplift?
They would make Earth bow to Animus
just so they can oppress
us for all eternity!
Compare Europa's men to the
heroes of the Red Guard!
Nothing but Shirkers,
Deserters, and Pacifists!
I ask you, what can be the only meaning
of loyalty to Earth?
The power of the Red Guard!
My dearest Henry,
the world is on fire again, my love.
The same fire that brought
you to me so many years ago.
Oh my darling one, how
long you wandered from me.
How wary I grow of waiting and
doubting and calling for you.
Sometimes I shut my
eyes and I shut my heart
towards you and try to forget you
because you've grieved me
so, but you never go away.
You never will.
Please Henry, just promise
me and I'll smile faintly
and take up my cross again
of sad, sad separation.
How vain it seems, to write only
to quell my own fearful mind,
but if I do not tell you this time,
Henry, my love, I fear I
will never get to do so.
Please, my love, forgive me.
I have so much weight on my breast
that I can barely breathe.
I need to meet you, my love.
I will wait for you in
the field our gazes met
for the last time.
I will wait for you.
- Letter from States Side, Henry.
Yeah, here.
Need a couple
more chairs probably.
Should be on the other side.
When was the last time?
What they give you?
- Well, well, well.
So I'm not the only one?
Who is it?
- Nicole.
I haven't seen her for 10 years.
- Well, I will leave you two alone then.
There you go.
- He was ordered to
destroy the technology,
but he's willing to hand it over.
- Please spare my men.
Their lives has no value
compared to the technology.
- Okay, we need to confirm the position
in order to get the complete technology.
Go ahead.
Gentlemen, dismissed.
Sir Chancellor
has grown mad with power.
You must stop him and return Queen Adriana
to her rightful place on the throne.
Ask the Ambassador to Europa for help.
Animus gave his life for him.
- Adriana's indecision has
caused horrible things.
- She deserves to be back on the throne.
Sir Chancellor of the Red Guard
is responsible for all the horrible things
that have happened.
Not Queen Adriana.
- Are you asking for my help?
- Will you?
But Animus is dead.
- You are the creator of the
Temple of Spiritual Uplifting.
Adriana must be restored.
- Okay, I will come with
you, but I will not fight.
No response.
- Clear.
- So, apparently he is having blackouts.
- He's been here for a while,
but he didn't have time to
break away from his body.
- What's wrong with my body?
Lady Astaroth
gave me the coordinates,
but she did not give me clearance.
Let's just hope
she didn't also tell them
that we were coming.
- Intercept them.
Red, one, away.
Red two away.
Red three and four away.
We have company, stay tight.
Copy that, stay tight.
Locked on.
Target locked, firing.
warning, warning, warning!
Outcomes become clearer.
All fueled up, Sir!
Be safe up there, Henry.
You're cleared for take off.
Copy that.
The bunker is supposed
to be somewhere three
clicks north of here.
The convoy is en route.
Copy that.
I'll keep you posted on what I find out.
- Hey I hear him.
Is that one of our planes?
- Yeah, right there.
Yeah I see him.
- Yeah, it's right there.
Base, I got eyes on the convoy.
Copy that, keep your
head on a swivel up there,
confirmed enemy sighting in your area.
- Roger that.
Of course there is.
Hey boys, do you see me down there?
- Hold up!
Messerschmitt incoming!
Let's get 'em.
Come on, take cover!
C'mon, you son of a bitch!
Oh my dearest Henry.
I desperately need to see you again.
Come to me, my darling.
The world is falling apart and our duties
and morality are fading away.
My love, there is so much I need to say,
I fear that I may never
stop deliver me, my love.
You create the
ability to access everything
and anything that is relevant
to the definition of your
life as you have created it
in your local experience of existence.
And when you find ways to quiet your mind
to release resistance or find thoughts
that are resistance free,
you begin to see the world
through the eyes of source.
- It is good, the same as your heart.
Did you understand the
purpose of your lesson?
- My future is my choice.
- So you've made your choice.
Good, because your time hasn't come yet.
So you no longer believe in karma.
- Belief is a set of
thoughts you keep thinking.
And the first law of this
universe, the law of attraction,
says you will attract into your life
the subject of your attention.
You are the creator of your own reality.
Choose your thoughts
and beliefs consciously,
because you will experience
them in your life.
Your heart is more
powerful than all the power
in the outside world.
Unfold your humility,
compassion, love and affection
and let it guide you
by it's endless energy.
- That sounds good.
- I was the one who gifted you your heart.
- Am I gonna live?
- I think we understand each other now.
The distortion of all
things begins to fade.
- Hi Violet, you're as
pretty as your mommy,
and I'll bet that you're as
smart as your daddy, too.
Your purpose and reason for living
come in to full view.
- Is it you, mommy?
- That is me.
- Our paths have
intersected, but not joined.
We will meet in another life.
And you begin to understand,
that there is no karma,
just the law of attraction.
- I asked for a reason to live
and I received a complete set of tools
to become the conscious
creator of my own life.
I am the creator, I am the god
and so are you in your own reality.
We become what we think about.
Welcome to Earth Gods.
Start creating your own Paradise on Earth.
Paradise on Earth.
Paradise on Earth.
Paradise on Earth.
He's back.
- The secret of karma,
my love.
We become what we think about.
- Please tell me can't
you, my love, are you there