The Secret Scripture (2016) Movie Script

My name is Rose McNulty.
I did not kill my child.
My name is Rose McNulty.
I did not kill my child.
Stephen, don't forget,
you'll need the deeds.
- Do you have the keys?
- When I get back tonight.
I'll be sure to pop around
on the weekend.
People say this is where
she killed the child.
Now, we just
need this woman
to be reassessed
so we can move her
to the new facility.
Once you meet her,
I believe you'll have her
signed out by lunchtime.
I'm not sure why they
needed to send someone
as eminent as you, Dr. Grene.
Come in.
Good morning, Florence.
I've brought a young man
to see you here.
Roseanne Florence Clear?
No. Roseanne McNulty.
I'm the wife
of Michael McNulty.
We have a son.
Can you tell me, Roseanne,
what age are you?
That's no question
to ask a lady.
What age are you?
Hello, Mrs. Magpie.
How's your husband?
One for sorrow,
two for joy.
Which are you?
Number two.
Dr. Grene.
Dr. Grene.
You can't stay here forever,
can you, Roseanne?
I will, thank you.
You're real.
We might have to move
you to a new facility.
I'm staying here.
- Until when, Roseanne?
- Until I want to leave.
We're turning this place
into a hotel and a spa.
Then I will stay
in the hotel.
I'm finished speaking now.
Caitlin, how many are ready
for the bus tomorrow?
Eight, doctor.
I thought there was nine.
One passed, doctor.
Her friend Joe Grady
from ward five.
- Oh, that's sad.
- Tell me, doctor is...
She has ears that can
hear through walls.
Eyes in the back
of her head.
She's seeing stuff
all over the place...
visions, apparitions.
She just can't function
in the real world.
Ah, the real world.
Tell me what direction
that is again, Dr. Hart.
Ward three.
Ward three.
I must remember that.
Okay, thank you, Audrey.
So, these are the plans here.
As you can see,
quite an extensive thing.
And they're going to build
a walk all the way around.
Oh, watch this.
Wait until you see this.
Watch this.
And she'll stop...
...and proceed.
She's living in her own
little purgatory.
I'm not saying
the new facility is heaven,
but it's time to tick
the box, doctor.
Here we are.
It's sad, I know.
That's it, you're sad.
Yeah, that's it.
Sure, I know, yeah.
But we're grand.
We're grand.
Ah, there's Margaret.
I know.
Throw that out.
Oh, my Lord,
what are you doing?
What are you doing?
They're my things.
Oh, my Lord.
Oh, my God.
What have you done
with my Bible?
Those are my books.
Give them back to me.
- What are you doing?
- I'm only doing my job.
Nurse Caitlin?
Nurse Caitlin?
Nurse Caitlin!
What on earth?
What on earth.
- Nurse Caitlin!
- Calm down!
Stop! Stop!
Please, please.
My things are in there.
- Please don't drive...
- Rose, what's going on?
- My diaries.
- She took the keys.
- Everything in my scripture.
- Hey, get back in the truck.
- My scriptures.
- Rose, what's wrong?
That's me in there.
Me. My life.
What's going on, Florence?
- What's going on?
- Keep away from me.
Don't let him
come near me.
- Don't let him come near...
- Go back to your work, nurse.
- Calm down.
- Go back to your work.
- I'm sorry?
- I said go back to your work.
- She's looking for her diaries.
- I know. I know.
- She's fine, she's fine.
- Leave her alone.
- Let her go.
- This is a medical matter.
Isn't that right,
- This woman's hysterical.
- Why did you throw
- her stuff out?
- Because she has to leave,
that's why.
She has to leave.
Isn't that right, Florence?
There you go.
All right,
this'll calm you down, okay?
There you go.
There you go.
- Here.
- Thank you.
Can you lower the skip,
All right.
Keep your feet up now.
That was a medical matter.
Nothing to do with you,
do you understand?
Nothing to do with you.
Nurse, looking in skips
has got nothing
to do with you.
I'll make it part
of my evaluation then.
Are you saying
you're going to take
for this patient?
All right, well,
in that case, nurse!
Don't leave the patient,
do you understand?
Make up your mind, doctor.
You have until Friday,
Dr. Grene.
- Get all this stuff out.
- Right, yeah.
Hey, hey, hey.
That's her Bible.
Give it here.
Get all this stuff...
All this stuff up to her ward.
How do you feel?
Like someone took my soul.
You see,
they took my cross.
Your cross?
I'm sorry, Rose.
Rose, will you read it?
So, that Dr. Grene
can reevaluate you.
Oh, does that mean
I can stay?
It means you won't
have to leave tomorrow.
Oh, tomorrow?
I've been here
for 40 years.
My child
was born out there.
Who will remember my baby?
I want to hear
your story, Rose.
Do you have ears
to listen?
The undertaker
doesn't need his ears.
He should rent them out.
Who is the undertaker?
- The other doctor.
- Oh, right.
"January 4th, 1942.
I write these words
in secret,
in fear, and in terror.
I need to find
a relative to claim me,
I am here forever,
to a living death.
My childhood was happy.
I was happy in County Sligo. "
I got my music
from my dad.
I loved my dad.
When my dad died,
my mother's heart
died with him.
She stayed in
her mourning clothes
mourning night and day
until they took her away.
Stayed in her mourning
clothes night and day
until they took her
from me.
When I met
Michael McNulty...
I knew I would
wait for him forever.
I never would have met
my fighter pilot
if it wasn't
for the terrible man
with the mustache.
When the war
came to Belfast,
I lost my job.
I evacuated
to the Republic,
which was not at war.
I went to work
for my mother's sister
Aunt Eleanor
in her temperance hotel.
Going back
to my childhood home
of Ballytivnan
was like stepping into
a fairytale,
a peaceful world cut off
from all of reality.
May I take your cases?
Thank you.
- Hello, Roseanne.
- Hello.
- How was your trip?
- Just fine.
Come on, you two hussies.
Let's go.
All were welcome
in my aunt's cafe,
and Protestant alike,
on their appearance.
My aunt had a strict
seating policy.
Those who
were allowed inside,
and those
who were kept outside.
- No.
- And those who
weren't allowed at all.
- There you see...
- Hi, Joe.
...poor Joe Brady,
who will die
in the mental asylum
at the top of the town.
Can I have a...
- ring, sugar...
- A donut?
Happy as I was,
the fighter planes
beyond Ben Bulben
were always a reminder
that the war
was never far away.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Rose of Prunty's
Temperance Hotel?
- I am.
- I'm Michael McNulty.
Of McNulty Tobacco
and Spirit Merchants.
That's the one, yeah.
We're opposites, so...
Don't they say
opposites attract?
Oh, do they, now?
I'm going away
for awhile, Rose.
I hope you're here
when I get back.
Well, it was nice
to meet you, Michael.
Nice to meet you,
too, Rose.
Rose? Rose Clear?
- I am.
- Haven't seen you
since you were a girl.
At your mother's funeral.
Maybe you've forgotten
what Ballytivnan is like.
You need to be careful
who you fraternize with.
- What do you mean?
- Are you sympathetic?
Where do
your sympathies lie?
With us or with the Brits?
The McNultys are a family
of shopkeepers,
no trade.
Bread buttered
on both sides, understand?
Careful whose side
you take.
I'll be keeping
an eye out for you.
Conas at tu?
Go maith, Toms.
Go maith.
Stop that, Michael McNulty.
Oh, no. Stop it!
Watch out for me,
will you?
You swam
all the way across?
You have to be
careful out there
when the tide is turning.
It looks calm on the top,
but underneath it's churning
like buttermilk.
I'm a good swimmer.
You know, this is not
a spot for ladies.
Well, I didn't see a sign.
Doesn't need a sign.
It's been that way forever.
Everyone knows that.
- I didn't.
- Hmm.
You're not from
around here are you?
You swim over there
on the other side
of the causeway.
All right.
I'll forgive you today.
Are you a policeman?
I'm not.
A lifeguard?
I am a lifeguard
of sorts, yes.
You can't be
a lifeguard of sorts.
You're either a lifeguard
or you're not.
Are you a butcher?
A baker?
A candlestick maker?
You have no fear do you?
- Fear of what?
- Fear of what?
The only time 'round here
a woman looks directly
into a man's eyes
is when she is his wife.
Well, I better go, so...
Would you like a lift?
- Maybe not.
- Fine, so.
I kept the window down
to let the air in.
Then I looked in the mirror
and something told me
not to leave you behind.
A little birdie?
A great big birdie,
like a phoenix.
Well, if I get into this car,
will I ever get out?
Depends on where
you're going.
I'll take you
to Ballytivnan, so.
You promise?
I promise.
All right.
So, what are you doing
in Ballytivnan?
I'm working
for my Aunt Eleanor.
- Mrs. Prunty?
- Aye.
What do you do?
I hear people's problems
for a living.
A psychiatrist?
I shouldn't drive you
all the way into the village.
You'll break your promise.
Well, it's a small town.
Wouldn't want people
talking now.
Thank you.
Sorry, Father.
Father Gaunt?
Are you going to stay here
all night, doctor?
Listen to this.
"July 21st, 1969.
Man on the moon on TV.
One of them called Michael.
Could that be my son?
So far away, so free...
Felt like a bird all day. "
She doesn't believe
her son's dead.
What is that?
"Moonlight Sonata,"
I think.
It's fascinating.
Is everything all right,
It's grand, Mrs. Prunty.
Rose, would you serve
Father Gaunt, please?
- Hello, Rose.
- Hello.
Let's have a look,
shall we?
You're a protestant girl,
Sure we can't
all be perfect, Father.
I'll have
an Earl Grey begob.
Don't have that at home.
It was named after
the Second Lord Grey.
- The second, not the first?
- The second.
He was the Prime Minister
of England
a hundred years ago.
They named a tea after him.
They did.
They're a funny people,
the English.
Would you consider
yourself English, Rose?
I'm not an English Rose,
I'm Irish true and true.
Will that be all?
She was in the car
with the priest, you know?
- The Protestant girl?
- The Protestant girl.
You're sure about that?
Oh, yeah,
I am about that, yeah.
Virgin Annie
is what we used to call
your mother.
She was so pure.
Wouldn't look at a man
before marriage.
Then she met your father.
Nine months later
you were born,
with a marriage in between
to satisfy Granny Kaddon.
I was born from love, so.
You can't be
Kathy Kaddon's daughter
without boundaries.
I'm having
no relationship with him.
Mrs. Prunty.
If you step out
with Father Gaunt again,
I'll fire you.
Hello, Rose.
Did you see the way
she looked at me?
Are you sure
she was looking at you?
Then out of the sky he came,
as promised.
And I knew it was him.
I knew it was Michael
doing his little dance for me
alone in the sky.
Then he flew back
to the war.
I watched...
until he became
a dot on the horizon.
Most of the other men
in Ballytivnan
were a rough lot.
There was the tailors gang.
- Desi.
- Eamon.
The tailor O'Donnell
and gentle Jack Conroy.
It is Rose, isn't it?
Clear. Rose Clear.
Would you come out with me,
Rose Clear?
Out where?
The pictures.
The snug
in the mixed bar.
Well, I might
if you had some manners.
I'll find them.
I will find the manners,
Miss Clear.
And respect.
You'll have
to find that first.
Well, Jack, how'd you get on?
Oh, my gosh.
I'm telling you, Rose,
it's not your imagination.
Would you like to dance,
All right.
You're a strong woman,
I'm not.
I'm fragile.
Give her space there,
Joe Brady.
Make room
for the Holy Spirit.
Let the lady breathe,
Why don't you dance
with her, so?
What's wrong, Rose?
Rose, are you all right?
- Everybody's looking at us.
- No, they're not.
You're just
being paranoid.
Like my mother?
- Rose. Rose.
- I just don't want to be
the center of everybody's
attention, Jack.
I love you, Rose.
- Jack.
- I do, Rose.
- Please.
- Let me go.
No, look into my eyes
the way you did
the other day, please.
- Let me go, Jack, no.
- Please, Rose.
Go home, Jack.
Why are you
leading men on, Rose?
What did I tell you?
Do not look men
in the eye.
It's you who look me
in the eye.
I'm a priest, Rose.
You're a priest who also
wants to be a man, Stephen.
Make up your mind,
but leave me out of it.
- Aunt Eleanor, I...
- I have a business to run,
- I'm sorry.
- Do you not understand
the power you have
over men?
Get your things together.
Will you be all right
staying here on your own?
Germany calling.
Germany calling.
Germany calling.
The great offensive
against France has ended.
It has been brought
to a victorious conclusion.
And throughout the world
people wonder,
when will the offensive
against British soil come?
Michael. Michael!
Over here! Here!
Michael, we have to go.
Come on! Come on!
Oh, no.
We have to go.
- Michael.
- Go on!
Keep your voice down.
Men, to the river.
Search the bank.
Come on! Come on!
Over there.
Over here.
Come on.
You better hide.
Open up.
This is where you are.
Open up.
Come on.
Tell me where he is.
Tell me where he is
or I'll have you
on this floor.
Leave her alone!
She's hiding him,
the Brit-loving traitor!
She's a whore!
I can see it in her eyes.
Out of the way.
Get out of the way!
You chose the wrong side.
Come on, Conway.
- Shh.
- He's gonna die.
Who's Tom?
He was a friend of mine.
Where'd you get the burns?
Our plane
burst into flames.
Tom was burning alive.
I tried to get him out,
but no luck.
I escaped, he died,
that's it.
Things happen in war,
How's you hand?
The water's nice.
Haven't heard that sound
in a long time.
...over this island
for the last few weeks
has recently attained
a high intensity.
The gratitude of every home
in our island
goes out
to the British airmen
who undaunted by odds
are turning the tide
of the world war
by their prowess
and by their devotion.
I better be getting back soon.
I think I'll have it
going soon.
...great victory
for the Royal Navy.
on the home front,
and despite mounting
civilian casualties,
the gallant men
of the RAF
continue to take to the skies
in their Spitfires... protect
their small island.
Go hide.
I'll get rid of them.
You can't live out here
all on your own, Rose.
I'm fine.
I need a housekeeper.
Can I come in?
I don't think
that'd be right, Father.
I don't think
you should come in.
Why not?
I'll consider your offer.
Just give me time.
I just need time.
Yeah. Okay.
I thought he'd left
without saying good-bye.
I felt
the loneliness again.
But different this time,
like losing a part
of myself.
Then I saw the flowers
he'd left for me.
Would you like a cigar?
- You have cigars as well?
- I do.
Well, I won't say no.
You can get them
at St. Malachy's.
The asylum?
They grow tobacco
at the farm.
The patients go mad
without their smokes.
God help them.
Is it terrible?
Right now it tastes
like the best cigar
in the world.
Do you play music
as well as you can cook?
I played piano.
My dad taught me.
I'd love to hear you
some time.
It reminds her of Michael.
True love.
May I?
All right.
What are you
thinking about?
My mother.
She was crazy in love
with my dad.
After he died, she went mad
and they sent her away.
Sometimes I think
love scared her.
I'm scared
that you'll die.
Will you wait for me, Rose?
Try and be safe now.
It's safe.
What's that for?
It's for you.
For bravery in the face
of the enemy.
I don't want you to leave.
Stay there for a minute.
Who is it?
It's nothing.
I'll take care of it.
Will you marry me, Rose?
You want to marry me?
I do.
I want you all to myself.
You have no ring.
Maeve, thank you.
Sorry for the rush.
You're welcome.
Your name?
- Rose Clear.
- Rose. Lovely.
- Michael McNulty.
- Michael.
And have you the ring?
And by the giving
and receiving a ring,
I now pronounce you
man and wife.
Albeit it was a ring
from a cigar,
but I'm sure it'll stand up
in the court of Heaven.
What are you waiting for,
You may kiss.
Oh, my goodness.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you, Father.
No, pastor.
I'm sure you'll be
very happy.
Woo! All right.
We're off.
Come on, Mrs. McNulty.
Let's get your bags
and get out of here.
Michael, stop.
Michael, you have to go.
There's someone inside.
You have to turn around
and go.
- Go, go!
- You can come back for me.
- Go, Michael.
- I will.
I'll be back for you!
Go, Michael! Go!
Father Gaunt?
You having a good look
there, Ann?
Oh, I thought
it was parish business.
Sorry, I didn't see you.
I'm just so shortsighted.
You're the only
family member still alive.
It's very sad.
What do you find most
interesting about that report?
Hold it up to the light.
Well, you can
see right through it.
Father Gaunt was hitting
the keys very hard.
He obviously believed
every word he was writing.
Here, spell "nymphomania. "
N - Y - M - P - H - O - M
"Nympho... " A-N-I-A
- Well, he got that right.
- Yes, and look at this.
Sergeant said he saw her
kill her child with a rock.
I mean...
I did not kill my child.
They killed my baby,
but I baptized my son,
baptized him in the name
of his father
with salt water
through salt tears.
You are my jury,
one man, one woman.
One man and two women.
One man, one woman...
Two people.
I want a fair hearing
from the two people
I trust
before I die.
Did you find my husband?
Is he dead?
I have a warrant here
to bring you
to Saint Malachy's
Mental Hospital.
Why? Why?
- Come on out now.
- No.
No, I can't go!
No, I can't!
He might come back!
Michael! Michael!
No! Michael!
You're here on the word
of your only living relative
Mrs. Prunty
and the confirmation
of the parish priest
- Father Gaunt.
- Why?
Sexual behavior
of an unwarranted nature.
Have you found my husband?
Mrs. Prunty says
you're not married.
It's all in your head, Rose,
like your mother.
I think you need time
to settle down here, Rose,
and I think we'll keep you
here for awhile.
But I haven't
done anything.
Nurse. That's all.
This is your new home, Rose.
Come with me, dear. Come.
You're safe here.
We'll take care of you.
If you don't want to end up
on that side of the room
get under your covers
and be quiet.
Sit down!
Take a little bit
of porridge, Rose.
Let them see
you're eating it.
I'll deal with this.
Get her out of the bed.
Get her out.
- Right.
- Strap her in.
No! No!
No! No! No!
Shut her up.
Here's your porridge.
- No!
- Hold her.
- Open your mouth.
- No!
- Open her mouth.
- Fuck you!
Open your dirty mouth.
Open it.
Open your mouth
or I'll break your teeth.
Now, we're going to have
to clean you up.
Let me go!
Please, no! Let me go!
- Pipe down!
- Let me go!
I want my husband!
Let me go! Let me go!
- Get me my husband!
- Try not to hurt yourself.
That's a good girl.
They say it was here
that it happened,
on the rocks over there
by the causeway.
You're right.
It is beautiful.
Can I ask you, doctor,
why did you
take this case on?
I had to fix up
a few loose ends
at my parent's house.
I remember coming down here
for summer holidays.
I remember my dad
yelling at me
for swimming at high tide.
I can't imagine
what it would be like
to be locked up
for 50 years.
She's in here, Father.
Hello, Rose.
We need to be
in the room, Father.
I know you haven't wanted
to see me, Rose.
Mrs. Prunty
won't sign you out,
but if you were married,
Do you understand me?
I'm pregnant, Father.
You, out.
They're saying
it's the priest's baby.
Father Gaunt?
I'd like to hear
his confession.
Imagine her.
We need to get this tobacco
to St. Malachy's.
What are you going to do
with your baby?
What do you mean?
I'm giving him up.
You don't want it?
I have no choice.
He'll be sent
to America, I hope.
You hope?
If he's well,
he'll to be sent to America.
If not,
he'll have to stay here
for the rest of his life.
You! Get back to work.
Great news!
Great news, Sister Sarah!
The twins have finally
been adopted.
They're off to Boston.
Isn't that great news,
You'll not be taking
my baby away.
It'll be staying here.
How long have you
been with us, Teresa?
Since I've been born.
Since she was born.
That's if it's lucky.
Some of the poor mites
don't make it.
Lock the back door for me.
Do it quick.
Rose! Rose!
Rose, it's Stephen!
Come on!
Is she away
in the head or what?
Come on,
she may drown.
Come on.
She's lost, Father.
- She's lost.
- Keep going, keep going.
She'll never
survive in this.
Keep going!
Father, is it your child?
We're going
on to them rocks.
Keep going, keep going!
Rose! Rose!
Jesus Christ.
She's killing the baby!
Oh, my God.
My memories.
They took my memories.
Took my memories
with the electricity.
This is you?
Ah, yes, that's me.
What happened after
the baby was born?
He came out and he cried.
And I cut the umbilical cord
and he cried.
And what happened next?
Where's my cross?
you know, for bravery
in the face of the enemy.
The... the cross.
Where did you get it?
From Michael.
Michael McNulty.
Are you sure?
As sure, as sure,
as sure.
What did the baby
look like?
A boy.
A beautiful boy.
Do you think
I killed my baby boy
like everyone else?
No, I don't, Lady Rose.
You know,
there's a sickness...
There's a sickness
in people
that stops them
seeing the truth.
Oh, dear.
Anything you see
with love is the truth.
The rest is smoke.
Excuse me, girl.
You're a good listener.
Do you do intimate...
Only if I have
two more of those.
So, what's your story,
My mother loved me
to the point of insanity.
Talked so much she'd take
all the air out of the room.
And my father
was a man of few words.
That meant
"Make the tea. "
That meant
"Sweep the floor. "
That meant,
"Help me, I'm dying. "
He's lying on the floor
and he's trying
to tell me something.
He's like,
"Your mother... "
I said, "Loved me?"
And he's like...
And he's pointing
to himself,
so I said,
"You love me?"
And he's like...
There was always
something missing, you know?
The Archbishop loves
to take a walk down here.
The other side, of course.
Why'd they ask for me?
I don't know.
I was just asked
to pick you up
and bring you back.
She's awake!
She drowned the baby.
It is really
the priest's baby?
You poor thing.
The poor thing.
Can I see him?
Your baby's
in a better place.
What do you mean?
Your baby's dead.
- Yes.
- No, no.
Shh, shh, shh.
You're home now.
I want my baby.
Shh, shh, shh.
We'll take care of you.
We'll take care
of you now.
My name is Rose McNulty.
I did not kill my child.
My name is Rose McNulty.
- Orderlies, hold her.
- I did not kill my...
- My name is Rose McNulty.
- Mouth guard.
- I did not kill my child.
- Come on, get it in there.
Hold her.
Hold her still.
Hello, my love.
Have you come
to take me home?
I have.
Michael's dead, Rose.
They killed him.
What are you
talking about, Michael?
Michael's dead.
Have you come
to take me home?
No, Rose. No, Rose.
Listen to me.
- Michael's dead.
- Michael.
Rose, he's dead.
Tell Rose I love her,
and that I was
thinking of her.
- No.
- They killed him.
- I'm sorry.
- No.
No, no.
Father, it's time to go.
I'm sorry.
Father, I have my orders.
Stephen. Stephen.
Don't... Don't leave me.
It's okay. It's okay.
It's all right.
It's okay, Rose.
I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry, Rose.
- Michael.
- No, no, no, no.
- Michael.
No, no, no.
No, Rose.
Take me home, Michael.
- It's okay.
- Michael.
- Orderlies.
- Rose, Rose, Rose.
It's okay.
It's all right.
It's all right.
It's all right, Rose.
What are you doing?
- Look at me. Look at me.
- Where's Michael?
- Where's Michael?
- What?
You killed him!
- You killed him!
- Orderlies.
- You killed him!
- Rose, Rose, Rose!
- Okay, Father.
- No, get back.
You killed him!
What did you do with him?
Where's Michael?
- You killed him!
- Rose, stop that! Stop that!
You killed... You...
Okay, it's all right.
Look at me.
It's okay.
It's all right.
Okay, Rose?
Let's sit down, okay?
It's all right.
It's okay.
- No, you killed him!
- Restrain her.
Orderlies! Nurse!
Go back to your beds.
We have her now.
Rose. Rose!
I committed my memories
to the Book of Rose.
They became me,
and I became them.
My secret scripture...
and me.
There's no difference.
I accept now
that Michael is dead.
I don't accept my son
is dead.
This has left a hole
in my heart
that can only be filled
if my son comes
to claim me.
Dr. Grene.
Listen, you don't have
to sit here all night,
you know.
Take yourself off
for a sleep somewhere else.
- Go on.
- Tell me,
is there
a committal report?
Yeah, of course.
- I'll leave it out for you.
- Okay. Thanks.
You're thinking
too much here.
I mean, the transport's
going to be here
at midday tomorrow,
so she has to go.
She has no family.
Nobody's going to come
and claim her.
Just talk to her.
Explain it to her.
Make it easy for her.
You've read
the sergeant's version
- of events?
- Yeah.
Two stories.
Which do you believe?
I believe her.
Surprise, surprise.
Are you okay, Rose?
I dreamed I found my son.
Caitlin, can you read
that passage again?
"There were no calendars
or clocks in our babies' home,
so we would not know
our babies' birth date.
My baby was born
after the late daffodils,
when the apple blossoms
were in bloom. "
What's your birthday?
Depends on who you ask.
My mother said
the first of May.
My father said the second.
Take a look at this.
What the hell's
going on here?
The transport
will be here shortly.
If you don't move,
we'll have to sedate you.
Why, Dermot? Tell me why?
It's the church, Stephen.
It's just the church.
"Dear Stephen,
I've been your dad
for 40 years,
and I've loved you
all your life.
You were given to me
and Margaret as a baby.
A godsend,
and you have
enriched our lives.
We were told your mother
was dead by Father Gaunt. "
Father Gaunt, where are you?
"When he came to us
later in his life
and told us the truth... "
Father? Father?
"... he was a deeply
troubled man.
I'm sorry that I could
never tell you myself.
Your dad,
Martin Thomas Grene.
P.S. This medal belonged
to your real father,
a brave man. "
Michael sent you,
didn't he?
He did.
Let's go.
Where to?
Have you come
to take me home?
I have.