The Secret Six (1931) Movie Script

What's the matter with
that whistle tonight anyway?
Let's go.
Good night.
- So long, Fred.
- So long.
So long, slaughterhouse.
So long, Oscar.
Let's go over and get
a hunk of steak, huh?
Naw, I'm goin' home.
- So long.
- So long.
If you can get away from the
old lady, come on over.
Hey, barber dick--
where's the ball?
Johnny's in the back room.
The back room?
Hello, Johnny.
Hello, slaughterhouse.
Push the lard over, will you?
Hey, smelts!
Give me a gob of spaghetti.
Hey, and a bottle of cow
with it, will you?
Where you been for a week?
We got a swell job for you.
Swell job?
I got a swell job.
You know how much money
I made last week,
not counting overtime?
35 bucks.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
And if I go back to
that pig-sticking thing,
I'll be knocking over 40 slugs
every Saturday night.
You're in a piker's game.
Yeah? All right.
I'd rather have a belly
full of guts anytime
than a belly full of lead.
Oh, Johnny?
Goin' out tonight?
What of it?
Nothin', but...
Don't stay out too
long, honey, will you?
Go on. Go on,
cut the applesauce.
Hey, Johnny,
who's the missing link?
Gee, she's swell.
Is she hard to get
acquainted with, Johnny?
But blondes come high.
How much we make
last week, gouger?
150 bucks.
Got a rod?
Got it on you?
If you're interested,
come on along.
Sure I will.
Good night, Johnny.
What's the matter with that guy?
He's a dummy.
Oh, that's smart.
Hello, Johnny.
You been sellin' Alky
to Colimo's gang,
ain't you?
Aw, Johnny,
you don't think I would
sell out on you now?
So, you're gonna start
lying about it, eh?
I wouldn't think of
of tryin' it again
if I was you.
Go on, get busy.
Come on!
See anything?
No, sir.
Didn't get out in the alley?
No, sir.
They're around here
somewhere, though.
Let's take a look.
Hey, Newton.
Mr. Newton!
We're in a jam.
You got to tell us what to do.
Turn on those lights.
Well, gentlemen,
what can I do for you?
The cops knocked over our still.
They got Delano. They'll
give him the works.
We think we better quit.
You think?
What if Delano rats on us?
Who is that?
That's an old pal of mine,
the guy I told you about.
He was with us,
and he thinks like--
oh...He thinks, too,
Sure, I do.
Delano won't squeal.
He wouldn't dare to.
I'll have him out
in the morning.
Give me my hat.
Here it is.
Where's my stick?
Give me my stick.
I wouldn't go without my stick
if I had to see you all
hang first.
What if they have
raided the still?
What's one still?
They think they can stop me?
And as for the rest of you,
keep your mouths shut.
Run back to the holes
you came from...
You spineless rats.
Run away from money!
Hey, wait a minute.
Where do you get off,
eating a hog's share?
I bring more dough into this joint
than all of you eggs put together.
I'm running this show, ain't I?
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Well, it's a good thing you're
a pal of mine, Johnny Franks,
that's all.
Enough of that.
What do we got on
for tonight, Mr. Newton?
Tonight you start muscling
in on Colimo's territory.
Into the city, chief?
Yes, and someday we'll run smiling
Joe Colimo right out of the city.
Tonight we're leaving
a business card
at one of his speakeasies.
But that's a tough gang.
You heard what I said.
Aw, don't get sore, Newton.
That's all right.
We'll shove off.
Can we take dummy Metz
along, chief?
No. I have work
for the dummy here.
I don't like it.
Aw, stop your squawkin'.
What do you want to do,
be an old woman all your life?
I don't like going into the city
and messin' around some
other guy's joint.
you guys--
and you,
easy on the rods.
Anything else, Newton?
That's very good Brandy
you borrowed
out of that government
Hello, baby.
Hello, Johnny.
Mr. Franks.
Hello, sweetbreads.
You keep your big hands off me,
or I'll have Johnny kick
you out of the gang.
Who, me?
Yeah, you.
Aw, listen, you--
you'll be crawling on your
hands and knees to me someday.
- Yeah?
- Yes, me.
Not while I'm sober.
You big side of beef!
What's the matter, peaches?
Slaughterhouse needling you?
You lay off of that,
do you hear?
Aw, I was only fooling, Johnny.
Maybe you're traveling
a little bit too fast
for this gang.
Come on, gouger, let's go.
- Evening, gents. What'll you have?
- Beer.
Make mine milk.
And not skim.
Yes, sir.
3 beers...
A bottle of milk.
Comin' up.
Hey, boss?
Franks and 3 of his mob
just came in.
Say anything?
Didn't say a word.
I know why he's here.
Hello? Hello?
No, this isn't Joe.
It's his brother.
What's that?
Ok. All right.
Hey, Joe.
That was Finkel.
Johnny Franks just walked
in with 3 of his gang.
Is that so?
Well, tell Eddie
to go down there
and take 6 men with him.
Let me go with him,
will you, Joe?
Uh-uh. No. Not a chance.
They're tough babies.
I, uh, mean by that
you stay here.
All right, Joe.
Why don't you let Ivan go with them?
Toughen him up.
No, I wish I'd had sense enough
to keep that kid
out of this racket.
Good day,
Mr. Franks.
I'm glad to see you here.
Yeah. I'll bet you're
glad to see us here.
That ain't bad beer.
But you got some good beer
at your back door right now.
Only cost you one grand.
I can't afford it, Franks.
Honest, I can't.
I just bought a truckload
from Colimo.
You'll be buying it
from us from now on.
But I'll tell you boys,
I ain't got the Jack.
Get it.
I don't know.
I'll see what I've got
in the...Cash register.
You better make it snappy.
After that phone call,
why, there's liable to be
a little mess around here.
Yes, sir.
We're takin' too much territory.
Hello, Eddie.
Hello, Johnny.
What do you want?
Muscling in, huh?
Yeah, what of it?
Well, I think you guys
better be moving along.
Now, ain't that too bad?
We had to use the rods.
They opened up on us.
I got Colimo's kid brother Ivan.
Smiling Joe Colimo's
going to have
a lot more respect
for you boys after this.
What do you think
we ought to do?
Keep quiet, keep quiet.
Forced to shoot
in self-defense.
It's that simple.
You better beat it
down to pier 14
and stop the Gettle brothers
from bringing in that load.
What do you think I am,
a messenger boy?
Beat it.
Colimo-- he's downstairs.
He's comin' up!
Get back on those
choppers, quick!
Remember one thing--
don't give in an inch.
Our gang is nearly
as strong as his,
and he knows it.
Good evening, gentlemen.
Good evening, Newton.
There's a couple of choppers
lookin' at you, Colimo,
so you better watch your step.
I got plenty of my own lookin'
at this whole town of Centro.
You know what
I'm here for, Franks.
Who got my brother?
Turn him over to me.
I wouldn't turn
his dog over to you.
So you'd rather have
us pick you off?
Ivan was a nice kid.
I'm sorry about that.
This is the last time
I'm asking you, Franks--
who got my brother?
And if I turn him over to you?
That's all I want.
I'll take care of him myself.
The guy you're lookin' for
just left here.
You'll find him
on pier 14 right now.
He's wearing a camel's
hair coat and a derby hat.
If you double-cross
me, Franks...
I didn't want to rat
on my pal, Newton,
but I thought it'd be better
if we didn't have
any trouble with Joe.
He's gonna come around
our way of thinkin'.
My pal Johnny Franks...
Put me on the spot, huh?
Well, they--
they winged me.
I'm glad
they didn't get you, kid.
Thanks, Johnny.
Have a little drink,
and I'll get you a sawbones.
Naw, where's my bottle of milk?
Didn't you expect me back?
Don't be crazy, slaughterhouse.
Have a little drink of Brandy.
It'll do you good.
Thanks, Johnny, ol' pal.
Go ahead and shoot,
if you've got the nerve.
I'll never turn my back to you.
You listen to me,
You won't shoot me because I'm
going to save your neck...
For reasons of my own.
Not a chance!
Give me your gun.
What for?
Never mind!
Give me your gun.
Hello, slaughterhouse.
Hello, captain.
Hello, Newton.
Look at this.
What's goin' on here?
What happened?
Call the coroner's office.
We heard shots up here.
Stop pushing.
Where'd you get those
wounds, slaughterhouse?
A bee stung me.
You're gonna have a
whole hive after you
before I get through with you.
You're gonna have a hard time
explaining this,
Mr. Newton.
You think so, captain?
There's the man.
Come on out.
I didn't do it!
Shut up!
Hello, slaughterhouse.
Hello, hi.
There's the gun.
The barrel is still warm.
He almost got
slaughterhouse, too.
Naw, he wouldn't
kill Johnny Franks.
He hasn't got the guts.
No? See if you can get him
to admit he didn't do it.
Yeah, I know he won't squeal.
He's afraid of what
the gang will do to him.
I know this bird.
Who did this?
What's his first name?
He killed my dearest pal
Johnny Franks.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
Well, buck up, slaughterhouse.
That's a tough break. Johnny
was a great little kid.
I know just how much
he meant to you.
Say, he was the
best pal I ever had.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Get one of slaughterhouse
here, too, will you?
I'm gonna make
a big story out of this.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Hey, look out, will
you, captain, please?
Where is he?
Where is he?
Let me by!
Let me by!
He's gone!
They got him!
He's dead!
Who did it?
You did it, you devil, you!
Slaughterhouse killed him! He
always had it in for Johnny!
He killed him, oh...
I'll get you!
Come on, slaughterhouse, Newton.
Let's go.
Get back there.
Now clear the way!
Don't worry, slaughterhouse.
I'll have you out
in the morning.
Come on, get back there.
Get back!
I'll get you for this,
I'll get you!
Shut up, will you?
If Newton Springs him,
he's liable to come back
here the big shot.
Come on, move it.
Say, did you know Johnny Franks?
Sure, I work here.
You seem all broken up
over his death.
Couple of years ago,
he gave me a job.
A nice, respectable one.
Yeah, it's a tough break.
But I know these rats
as well as you do.
He got what was coming
to him, all right.
Say, who are you, anyway?
A reporter from the tribune.
Can I use your phone?
Sure. Make yourself
at home.
- Hi, baby.
- Hello.
How's business?
Come on, get out of here.
This is a private phone.
Oh, yeah?
Hello, tribune?
Give me the city desk.
Hello, examiner?
I'm gonna have breakfast, lunch,
and dinner here, baby.
Who you kiddin'?
I'm at Johnny Franks'
Johnny Franks
bumped off tonight...
Johnny Franks was
found dead tonight...
3 bullets in the back...
I think you're swell, girl.
Don't pay any attention
to old sour Hank.
He likes to give advice.
Give advice? What? Oh, no,
I wasn't talking to you.
They say a man by the name
of Delano pulled the job.
They arrested a guy
by the name of Delano.
And that slaughterhouse gorilla.
What are you gonna do when
they close up the joint?
Get another job.
Hello? I wasn't
talking to you.
I'll call you back later.
Yeah, ok.
I'll phone you later.
I really mean it. Anything
I can do to help you--
listen, if you're gonna fall
for anybody, make it me.
I'm the dependable guy.
But lay off of Hank.
Baby, you got a pair of the
most beautiful blue eyes
I've ever seen.
I'd sure like to take you
around and introduce you
to my aunt Emma.
What a break for aunt Emma.
Just a pal.
Say, listen,
get that Hank guy,
that reporter,
to lay off of me, will you?
He must hate my guts
or something.
If you'd keep your mouth shut,
- he couldn't show you up.
- Yeah?
He's kinda crazy about
you, ain't he, Anne?
I'll say he is.
Well, why don't
you have him stop
running off at the mouth, then?
How can I?
You mean what's in it for you.
Well, Hank's a nice kid.
Wet his beer, mama.
Don't worry, Anne.
We'll make it worth your while.
I'm going over to the
district attorney's office.
I'll have you
out of here by noon.
- Ok.
- See you later.
So long, Newton.
Here's Newton.
Good morning, gentlemen.
Hello, Newton.
Come on, Hank.
Let's chow.
Much obliged, Carl,
but I've got to go down
and see my grandmother.
- Oh? Does she live in Centro?
- Yup.
I'll go with you. Maybe
she's got a girlfriend.
I'm not kidding.
Well, neither am I.
So does my aunt Emma.
Well, so long, Hank.
Give my love to grandma.
Hello, Hank.
Hello, Anne.
I knew you were here.
I've been waiting for you.
Is that so?
What's the matter?
Oh, nothing.
Is is anything that I've done?
Well, slaughterhouse has
been a swell friend to me.
He's not such a bad egg
when you know him.
And you...Well,
you're tryin' to help send an
innocent man up, that's all.
I never knew you felt
that way about him.
He's been the only friend
I've had for two years--
except you, Hank.
Ooh, what big eyes
you've got, grandma.
Say, who are you kidding?
Ask Hank.
Where do you think you're going?
With you.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Believe me, big boy,
this is one scoop
you're not gonna get
without a little competition.
Come on, baby.
How are you, slaughterhouse?
How you been?
Now, listen, listen, folks.
I want to take this opportunity
to thank all of my pals
for standing by me.
If it hadn't been for my pals,
I'd be down there eating
those Navy pearls yet.
Come on, let's
put on a party, huh?
Where's Anne?
She's in the cloakroom.
Ok, thanks.
Ahem. Why,
I beg your pardon.
I didn't expect to
find you here, Hank.
What do you think I'm doing
down here in Centro?
Visiting my grandmother?
Well, if I did, I don't now.
This is one scoop
you beat me to.
Come on.
We better shove off.
Hey, Hank!
Ain't you gonna stay
for the big blowout?
Sorry, slaughterhouse,
but if you don't mind,
we'll be running along.
Aw, sure. Go on.
You got a nice gal, Hank.
I think so, too.
Anne, come here.
Uh, I'll be seeing you
in the morning, huh?
Thanks, Scorpio.
You're a smart guy,
You know how to get the old
newspapers made, don't you?
She's a good worker.
Say, I'll see you all
in a minute.
I want to tell Carl
a story here.
You'll find it worthwhile.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Well, Carl...
You were pretty nice
during this trial,
and I want to show
that I appreciate it.
Here's a little present for you.
Oh, yeah?
Look inside.
What's this?
Oh, just a little
present, you know?
We've got an election
coming up here very shortly.
Yeah, you're gonna run for
chief of police, aren't you?
No, no, no.
I'm putting an honest man in.
He's gonna be the coming
mayor-- the gouger.
Oh, yes.
I can't accept that.
Aw, don't be silly.
Of course you can.
We need a lot of help
around here.
In other words, you're
going to run this burg.
Well, that's kind of the idea.
Go ahead, keep it.
It's all right.
Gee whiz, we give these
to all of our pals.
Oh, yeah?
I see. I'm one of
the pals?
You're one, and you're
gonna help us a lot.
That's great, pal.
You thought I'd forgotten
about you, huh?
Oh, no, not a chance.
Me forget my buddies?
Hello, Fritz!
Why, you old pig-sticker!
Come up here!
This is Fritz,
an old pal of mine.
He worked here and has been
working here for years.
He's one of the best
pig-stickers in Centro today,
and that's something to
be proud of, ain't it?
Underneath this coat of mine
beats an honest heart,
the honest heart
of a working man,
the same as you all have.
And I'm going to
take great pleasure
in introducing to you
one real honest man,
one man for
the working men--
the honest Nick Mizoski!
You've got just exactly
two hours
to get down there and vote for
honest Nick Mizoski--
just a minute, folks--
now the votes from
precinct number 18.
The South side has just come in.
I'm sorry to inform
the citizens of Centro
that your future mayor
is a gunman and a bootlegger--
Nick Mizoski.
There's something I want to
warn you about, big fella.
You're way out in front now,
but you don't want to let
this go to your head.
You want to watch your
step from here in.
Aw, we got this town
by the seat of the pants.
What's a town?
Our next move will be
into the city.
The city? Oh, gee...
What's to stop us?
You, if you don't
stop talking so much.
You want to get rid
of that woman, too.
She sure is a Gabby old dame.
She even talks in her sleep.
Why don't she keep her mouth
shut like I do all the time?
I wonder what she's going to say
when you tell her that, uh...
I've given her the air.
Oh, boy...
Colimo's comin' up.
Wait a minute.
What are you going
to do with that gun?
You heard what he said.
Colimo's coming up.
What you've got to do is
learn to use your head
and not a gun.
If Colimo's up here,
it's because he's worried.
Let him wait.
Let him wait.
20 Colimos don't mean
a thing to us now.
Put that gun away.
Straighten your clothing.
Go in there and talk to him.
Act like a gentleman.
Well, hello,
Mr. Scorpio.
I just thought I'd drop in
and extend my congratulations.
That's swell of you, Joe.
You know, I been thinking,
it might not be a bad idea
if, uh, we got together.
Sure. Why not?
Well, the next time
you drop over to the city,
call in at my place and
make yourself at home.
We'll talk it over.
And any time you're
driving through Centro,
why, you come right here
and make yourself right to home.
Well, thanks, thanks.
That goes for you,
too, Mr. mayor.
Oh, sure--
I mean, much obliged to you.
So long.
So long.
So long.
You want to be
a nice little boy.
You might be working
for me someday.
Joe and me's gonna be
good friends now.
Who sent for me?
The honorable Nick Mizoski...
Your new mayor.
I just wanted to have
a little word with...
The ex-chief
of police.
What do you mean?
You know what I mean.
I'm in, and you're out.
Now you shut up, all of you.
I've got something to say,
and you're going
to listen to me.
The night my kid was...
Bumped off,
I swore I'd drive every one
of you out of this country,
and I'm going to do it!
And you
newspaper guys--
making heroes out of hoodlums.
You're gonna stop that now.
I mean it!
Now don't forget, you birds,
I've just begun to fight.
Now, ain't that too bad?
He's just begun to fight!
What Donlin just said
certainly got under my skin.
Chum, I'm sorry I
ever laid off this gang.
Sure. You were
looking at them
through a pair of
beautiful blue eyes.
What do you mean?
Come on over here, Hank.
I want to talk to you.
Hello, buttermilk.
Say, I'm going to have to have
a little more appreciation
from those newspapers,
you get me?
Sure I get you.
You're no crossword puzzle.
Listen, Scorpio,
I'm sorry I ever started
in to double-cross Hank.
He's a swell kid
and the first guy I ever
knew that was on the level.
You ain't falling for
that guy, are you?
I'm crazy about him.
And we're gonna
get married, too.
Now, ain't that too bad?
Gee, I wish I could
find a gal like you
that would fall for me that way.
Hello there, Carl.
Hi, slaughterhouse.
Hi, Anne.
- Hello, Hank.
- Hello, Scorpio.
We were just talking about you.
We sure were.
Say, Hank, uh...
Look into that.
Is that swell?
You're shooting up the wrong
alley, slaughterhouse.
Listen, Anne,
I just heard that you've
been paid to hook me
so I'd lay off this gang
in the newspapers.
Is that true?
Aw, what dirty scum told
you anything like that?
Is it true, Anne?
Yes, it's true.
Oh, but please realize
that I've changed.
And I really do care
for you now, Hank.
That's a great line
of chatter, Anne.
You better pin it
to somebody else.
Well, that's a break for you.
I'm here, you know.
Kinda hard to get, too.
I know just how you feel, Hank.
I'm sick of this
newspaper racket.
So am I. Let's get
out of it.
Yeah, it's lost
all of its kick...
Colimo's just been bumped off.
Yeah? Where?
Down on maple street. Hot news!
- Come on!
- Let's go, Hank!
Now that Colimo's shoved off,
we can move into the city
and I can be a real gentleman.
A man is born a gentleman.
Sure, newt.
Yeah, yeah...
I'm up.
Phillip. Phillip!
Yes, sir?
What's the big idea?
30 grand under last week?
Yes, sir.
They raided 12 stills
and closed 75 speakeasies.
- Last week?
- Yes, sir.
Get Newton on that telephone.
He's on his way
up here now, sir.
Those guys...
Didn't I donate
10 grand last week
to the policemen's charity ball?
Yes, sir.
Yeah. Well, it's just
like feeding a hungry dog
and have him turn around
and bite you on the leg.
Quite true, sir.
If I can't conduct
an honest business
with those guys chiseling
and muscling in
every 5 minutes of the day,
I'm going out and
start a milk route.
I've got expenses
of my own to keep up.
I ought to go out
on a desert island
where there ain't no coppers,
and then I won't
be bothered with 'em.
Good morning,
Mr. Scorpio.
Did you rest well,
Mr. Scorpio?
It sure is a fine day.
I wish everybody
was as dumb as Metz.
Ain't I dumb enough for ya?
Shut up.
You said something
about a letter
to the consolidated
grape growers.
Oh, yeah.
Take a letter.
"Dear gents--"
uh, "gentlemen."
- Gentlemen?
- Right.
"You better lay off
shipping grapes
"into our state
if you don't
cut me in on it."
Read that.
"Gentlemen, I understand
you are shipping
"concentrated grape juice
into our state
without consulting
our organization."
That's right.
Thank you, sir.
"I ain't gonna stand
for no rotten--"
please, please.
Not rotten, sir.
Something more, uh...
More conservative.
Say stinkin'.
"Stinkin' deal."
You know, I don't
want to be talking
like no sissy, Phillip.
"Yours truly...
Yes, gentlemen,
I know this gang.
I've seen them crawling
out of their holes for years.
And today, while Scorpio
is living in luxury,
every decent citizen
is put on the spot!
Business is being gutted,
and even homes threatened!
Gentlemen, the district attorney
and operator 36 are here.
All right.
Good morning, gentlemen.
Mr. Keeler.
- Hello, Carl.
- Hello, Donlin.
Mr. Carl Luckner
has brought the
district attorney
more valuable information
than any other man on our force.
Carl...This tribunal,
known only as the secret six,
represents the greatest force for
law and order in the United States.
These men have gathered together
to fight and destroy the vicious
power of the gangsters.
How much has Scorpio's gang
given you in bribes?
I'm not quite sure.
I've turned it all over to Mr.
It's over $40,000,
not including valuable gifts.
Gentlemen, we are
facing another crisis.
I've just had word
from headquarters
about the massacre last night.
6 officers were killed,
2 fatally wounded.
Captain Fuller regained
consciousness this morning,
but before he could identify
any of the suspects,
a bomb was dropped
into his room.
Have they arrested Scorpio?
No. Newton provided
too clever an alibi.
How about the gang?
They disappeared after the raid.
Newton must have sent
them out of the city.
Then try and find out
where he sent them.
Yes. I'm going to
Scorpio's home tonight.
I may have some
information, gentlemen,
by morning.
Thank you, Carl.
Thank you.
You see, gentlemen,
it's useless to try
to make any arrests
until all of the gang
are back in town.
Hello, Hank.
How are you?
Say, what's going on in there?
Oh, I was just having
a little talk
with a couple of guys.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Why all the secrecy?
You go ask your grandma.
Nah, come on.
Let a pal in on it.
You know I'd tell you anything.
Yes, you would.
What are you going in here for?
Hey, listen--
if a gangster carried a gun
for a couple of years,
he'd probably carry it the
rest of his life, wouldn't he?
Why, sure. A lot of guys are
superstitious about their rods.
What's on your mind?
Come on, now.
Let a pal in on it.
I tell you-- go
ask your aunt Emma.
Why you...
Hello, Mr. Simms.
Hello, Hank.
How are you?
Fine, thank you.
What can I do for you?
Have you the bullets that killed
Johnny Franks and Colimo?
You mind if a take a squint
at them through there?
Certainly not.
Mr. Howard, bring me
tray number 12, please.
Here they are.
What do you make of it?
The same gun killed both men.
You got a lead?
Yup. I think I have.
I may be cockeyed,
but I'm certainly going
to follow it through.
Thank you very much,
Mr. Simms.
You're quite welcome, Hank.
How they coming, Eddie?
Just made a grand slam.
This game's a cinch.
Any sap can play it.
Telegram for
Mr. Scorpio.
Will there be an answer?
Just a moment.
What's Metz trying to tell you?
Someone's in the house.
Watch that front door and don't
let anybody go out, will you?
Stupid dummy.
There's no one here.
Stupid? Ha ha.
Just like a fox.
What are you doing here?
I don't have to ask you that.
Oh, please don't be unkind.
We haven't seen each other
for such a long time,
I've missed you.
That's quite evident.
Oh, please!
If Scorpio finds you here...
Oh, please go, Hank.
If it ain't my old pal Hank.
This is a surprise.
To both of us.
It must be something important
that would bring you up here.
It was.
Hello, Hank.
Say, I'm certainly glad you got
my message to meet me here.
Afraid you'd miss it.
I see. It was you
that sent for him.
Oh, sure. I've been trying to
get ahold of him all evening.
Well, come on,
let's go in and have a drink.
No, thank you.
I'm on the water wagon.
Maybe you'd better, Hank. I got some
pretty tough news to break to you.
Not grandma?
Yes, Hank.
Gee, that's tough.
Well...I'm glad it was you
that broke the news to me.
Say, I'll meet you there
in half an hour.
Yeah. And listen, Hank,
bring aunt Emma, too.
- Yeah, all right.
- I'm awfully sorry to bring you up here like this.
Let him out, will you?
I'll be seeing you.
I'll see you later. Bye.
Have a good night.
Good night, sir.
I had a grand time.
Hey, lady!
Listen, Hank, I know
they're after you.
You've got to go away.
You must protect yourself.
I'm not afraid of them, Anne.
Besides, he's
too much of a coward.
Hank, I know you
won't believe it...
But I'll always care for you,
and that's why I want you to go.
No, no, come on.
Come on.
They just arrested Scorpio.
Yes, I know it.
You'd better not
testify against him.
I've already told
the district attorney
that I'd tell everything.
Yeah? You're putting
yourself on the spot.
Oh, I know it, but...
What's the difference, Carl?
- Take miss Courtland home, get me?
- Yes, sir.
Take good care of yourself, kid.
- Hello, Jim.
- Hello, Mr. Scorpio.
You don't have to give me your record.
I know it.
- No bail.
- What do you mean, no bail?
You can't hold him without bail.
Nevertheless, we're going to.
Who's behind this gag, huh?
There's a lot of you guys
who'd like to know that.
Don't worry, Scorpio. I'll
have you out in the morning.
Frisk him.
- Go along with him, Eddie.
- Ok.
See you later.
Wallet, $3,600.
Can I keep the chewing tobacco?
All right.
That's all, sergeant.
Take him out and lock him up
in that special room out there.
Thank you.
There's your receipt, Scorpio.
Thank you.
All right, boys.
What do they got me in here for?
You'll find out soon enough.
I suppose you've been wondering
what's become of
your dummy friend.
We've had him here for 3 days...
Sweating him.
Well, now, ain't that too bad?
Take a look over there.
Look across the corridor
and see your old
friend slaughterhouse.
Better talk before he does.
You might help us to stretch
his neck and save your own.
There's nothing
to be afraid of, Metz.
We know you're not
a deaf-mute.
And we're in no hurry.
We can wait just as
long as you can.
You remember Delano,
don't you, Metz?
He died in the prison
hospital last week of T.B.
Swearing he never
killed Johnny Franks.
That he was framed by
slaughterhouse and Newton.
That he was railroaded to the pen because
he couldn't talk as fast as Scorpio,
that he was afraid to talk.
Ah, your hand goes to your neck.
Well, that's natural.
You want to save your
neck, don't you, Metz?
And you can save it
if you're willing to talk.
I'll talk. I'll talk!
Let me get out of here!
I can't stand it any longer!
I'll talk! I'll talk!
Silence in the court!
If there is
any further disturbance,
I will have
the courtroom cleared.
Mr. district attorney.
Now, then...
Don't be intimidated
by anyone's threats.
Just continue with your story, Mr.
You say that on the night
of November 2, 1927,
Scorpio handed you a revolver?
Yes, sir.
Have you ever seen
this gun before?
Yes, sir, that's it.
Are you sure?
Yes, sir.
He always carries it.
He was very superstitious
about that gun.
Was Joe Colimo still
in the building
when Scorpio gave you this gun?
I object, your honor,
to the district attorney asking
this witness leading questions.
This is an unfriendly,
an unwilling witness,
and if your honor please, I shall
ask him leading questions.
- Objection is overruled.
- You may proceed.
After the murder of Colimo,
did you return
this gun to Scorpio?
Yes, sir.
That's all, Metz.
Your honor, I'd like to ask
this witness a few questions.
Were you ever employed by the late Mr.
Joe Colimo?
Why did you leave his employ?
He fired me.
What for?
And you threatened, in the presence
of witnesses, to get even.
I tell you, he didn't have
any reason to fire me.
How long have you known
Mr. Scorpio?
About, uh...4 years.
How did Mr. Scorpio happen to discover
that you were not a deaf-mute?
Well, I...I lost my temper with
him one day and called him a--
oh...That was the first time
he'd ever heard you speak?
What did he say?
He says,
"what's your racket?"
Meaning by that that no man
would pretend to be a deaf-mute
- unless he was hiding out.
- I don't know.
I object to that
question, your honor,
and ask that the answer
be stricken out.
- Objection sustained.
- Let the answer go out.
Then what excuse did you give him
for pretending to be a deaf-mute?
Well...I said I was married to a
dame that was on the hunt for me,
and if she found me,
she'd send me up for a rap.
And what did
Mr. Scorpio say to that?
He says...He was sorry
for all married men
and wouldn't spill the beans.
And he continued to befriend
you, expecting, of course,
that you would repay his loyalty
and kindness with service.
I don't remember.
Your honor,
if I may suggest,
I think it would be
a very wise move on the part
of the police department
if they would investigate the
criminal record of this man fink,
alias Hagen, alias Metz,
alias the dummy...
And they'll find out
that right now
he's wanted in San
Quentin for jailbreak.
Don't believe him!
I object!
Silence in the court!
That's that,
gentlemen of the jury.
Mr. district attorney,
call your next witness.
Miss Courtland.
Miss Courtland, please.
This way, miss Courtland.
Raise your right hand.
Do you swear the evidence
you're about to give
in this case before the court
is the truth, the whole truth,
and nothing but the truth,
so help you God?
I do.
Now, we want you to
tell your story frankly
and without fear.
Did you ever hear Mr.
Scorpio discuss Mr. Rogers?
- Yes.
- When?
It was the night
of Mr. Rogers' death.
What did he say?
He said he was going
to kill Mr. Rogers.
Did you know to whom
he was speaking?
No. The man
never answered.
Did you warn
Mr. Rogers?
Yes, I followed him to tell him.
I object, your honor,
on the grounds
that calls for hearsay.
Objection sustained.
Strike it out.
Miss Courtland, do you believe
that Mr. Scorpio
killed Mr. Rogers?
I have every reason
to believe it.
I object!
I request both the answer and
question be stricken out.
Objection sustained.
Strike them out.
That will be all
for the present.
Miss Courtland, if you please...
I'd like to cross-examine
the witness, your honor.
You may proceed.
I have known miss Courtland
for a good many years...
Casually, of course,
but long enough to know
that she's
at all times truthful.
So I expect a Frank and honest reply
to a few very simple questions.
I think I heard you say that
you resided at 118 park drive.
Yes, the clarendon arms.
Oh, yes, yes.
Uh, what yearly rental do
you pay on that apartment?
Rather an exclusive
Uh, you were
in Mr. Scorpio's rooms
the night you say you
overheard this threat?
You drove there in your
limousine, didn't you?
- A gift from Mr. Scorpio?
- Yes, sir.
But not the first gift
he'd given you.
Uh, pardon me, may I ask...
That 8-carat square-cut
diamond you're wearing...
That is an engagement ring from Mr.
No, we were never engaged.
Well, did you ever--
that is, in the
presence of witnesses--
ever protest any real affection for Mr.
No, I loathed and despised him!
I'm very sorry if I've said
anything to upset you.
Of course, to be compelled
to accept gifts
aggregating $100,000 from a
gentleman one loathes and despises,
that naturally puts one in a
very unhappy frame of mind.
But you were engaged
to Mr. Rogers?
Well, did you ever-- that
is, in front of witnesses--
profess any real
affection for him?
Yes, I loved him, and I wasn't
ashamed to say I loved him!
That's why I warned him!
Oh, if he...If I...
Ah, yes. Thank you.
Don't let that dame get away from
you, and get right back here.
We might have to use the rods
to get out of this joint.
Your honor
and gentlemen of the jury,
in spite of the rather unconvincing
testimony of the last witness,
she has unconsciously
revealed to you
one of Mr. Scorpio's
finest traits--
an unselfish generosity.
It has been endeavored
to prove to you
that Mr. Scorpio is
a blackguard, a hoodlum,
a gangster,
and a public enemy...
And yet I can prove
to you, gentlemen,
that Mr. Scorpio is
an established businessman.
As American citizens,
we represent law and order,
as opposed to the destructive
forces of gangland.
Therefore, I ask you to go
into that jury room and,
after due deliberation,
to return a verdict of guilty of
murder in the first degree...
And to fix the penalty...
At death.
I thank you, gentlemen.
So you're sticking up for
these bootleggers, are you?
The public is as guilty
as the bootleggers!
Who buys the liquor?
Do you?
No, I make my own.
Oh, that's got nothing
to do with it!
Oh, Mr. Jones... please, would
you come here a minute?
Gentlemen of the jury, have
you arrived at a verdict?
We have, your honor.
Mr. clerk, will you
receive the verdict?
Please read the verdict,
Mr. clerk.
"We, the jury in the
above entitled action,
"find the defendant
not guilty of murder
as charged
in the indictment."
Gentlemen of the jury,
is that your verdict?
Yes, it is.
You are discharged
from further service as jurors.
In all my experience
on the bench,
I have never seen a more
outrageous miscarriage of justice!
Your verdict must remain as a blot
upon the courts of this state.
The defendant is discharged.
Court's adjourned!
Don't let that fellow get away!
They ought to lynch him!
Frank's steak house,
Centro. Step on it!
Where's the dame?
She's waiting for you in Centro.
Yeah? Well,
ain't that too bad.
What about this Carl
Luckner guy, chief?
Very clever young man.
Perhaps a little bit too clever.
I gotcha.
That gets that done, all right.
Hello, honey.
Where did you come from?
The stork brought me.
Oh, yeah?
Wish he'd bring me one.
Hello. Get me
station 23. Yeah.
Hello. Carl speaking.
Yeah. Hey, listen,
I'm down at
Scorpio's steak house.
Yeah. We're all
drifting in here
to congratulate our
old pal slaughterhouse.
Oh, good.
Luckner's at Scorpio's.
Whole gang is in Centro.
Are we ready for them,
I'm ready.
Here are warrants
from the department of
justice for all of them.
What are they charged with?
Fraudulent income tax returns.
I've got them on arson.
And here are deportation
warrants for half of them.
As a representative of the
bar association of America,
I can assure you that
Newton will be disbarred.
That means no more fixed juries.
Donlin, are you ready?
You bet I'm ready, and this
time there'll be no escape.
Close ranks around
the town of Centro.
Close in on main street from the
stockyard to the drawbridge.
Close in on the square block
around Scorpio's headquarters.
Give orders to have all the...
Squad car 35, close right in
around the town of Centro.
Squad car 56, close right in
around the town of Centro.
Close in on main street from the
stockyard to the drawbridge.
Squad car 91...
All right, Joe, let's go!
What does slaughterhouse
want with me?
Don't ask me, Carl. All I
know is he said something
about you giving him
a boost in your newspaper.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
Hello, slaughterhouse.
How are you?
Hello, Carl. We've
been waiting for you.
Well...I guess
I go for a ride, eh?
Yes, I guess you do, but you're
going to do a little talking first.
Carl, who are the secret 6?
I don't know.
Well, you'd better know.
There's more where
that came from.
What are you
going to do with her?
We've got her for company
for you on the ride.
Carl, you better come through.
Who are the secret 6?
I said I didn't know!
Will you tell us
if we let her go?
It's the truth, Newton. I haven't
the slightest idea who they are.
Well, you better get an idea.
Well, should we get started?
He'll talk before we
get down to the river.
You know,
that water's a little
bit cold, Carl.
Well, you might at least
give me a chance
to say good-bye to
my good old aunt Emma.
You're full of funny
jokes, aren't you?
Hold him here.
Put out those lights.
There's the chief.
Come on, you two boys,
let's go in and get 'em.
The rest of you, stay here.
What do you want, Donlin?
We've got federal, county, and
city warrants for you, Newton,
and all your gang!
You better come down here
now and give up quietly.
Otherwise, we'll
come in and get you!
All right, Donlin,
we'll be right down.
You hold Donlin on that spot.
Don't you let him
enter this building.
Get over against the
wall there, you guys.
Get over there! Get
over against the wall.
Get over there!
Give me part of that dough.
We haven't got time
for that now.
We've got to get
out of the country.
Give me part of that dough.
You can cut through the stockyard.
I'll meet you at pier 14.
Give me half of that dough!
I'll see you at pier 14.
You'll see me now!
Well, that serves me right.
That's the first time
I ever turned my back
to you, you rat.
Gee, newt, I didn't want to get
you, but you asked for it.
Peaches. Peaches!
Send 'em over the roof!
Tell 'em I'm not here, peaches!
Come on, come on.
Get in here, baby!
Get in here, my old pal!
Come on in, you bozos.
I got him!
Come on up! Come on!
Come on in!
Where is he?
He's in the closet.
Get him! Get him!
Come on out, slaughterhouse!
- Pete!
- Yeah?
- How much time do we got?
- About 10 minutes.
What you doin', sweatin'?
No. If we hadn't
croaked Newton,
he'd be able to
get us out of here.
Hmm. Well, he can't fix the
jury where we're going.
passed out of jail.
Yeah. Now let me
slip you the real dope.
The secret 6 is on the job.
Yeah. We're gonna
clean up the country.
And listen, Sam, don't call me up again.
I'm all in.
I'm gonna lay off
for a month and sleep.
No, at my aunt Emma's.
- I want to thank you for your help, Carl.
- That's ok.
The secret 6 wants to
do something for you.
Yeah? Well, all I want
is a lot of sleep.
If they feel that way, why don't
they do something for Anne?
Send her away on a trip, give her
a chance to start all over again.
Poor kid,
she's had a tough break.
All right, Carl, I think
that can be arranged.
Hello, hello. Sam?
What do you want?
Boy, that's hot news!
Shot through
the bedroom keyhole?
Say, have the cops hold
the guy in pajamas.
Sure, I'll step on it!
dead! Extra, extra!