The Secret Village (2013) Movie Script

Massachusetts colony, october in 1666.
22 people die in a mysterious way.
A slave was guilty of witchcraft
and burned at the stake.
The truth about their death
has been kept secret by the villagers,
And was unknown to the outside world
for several centuries.
- Hey, Jess.
- What do you think?
I've thought a lot about what you said.
Can not you give me a second chance?
We have already talked about it.
You can not.
I know, but this I believe.
- This may be the right thing.
- I can not. I must stop.
Please do not do this.
- Who are you?
- Greg. Your new roommate.
Mary rented the other room
to me.
Mary said something about it, but I thought
it was a few weeks.
It was meant,
but Max girlfriend threw me out.
That's why I came here earlier.
- Mary said it went well.
- Sure. Make yourself at home.
- Let me know if you need anything.
- Thank you. I'll do that.
- I have to take out some boxes.
-I got it.
- Thank you.
- What's your name anyway?
- Sorry. Rachel.
- Nice to meet you.
- I'll try to keep it clean.
- Awesome.
'Show me where the boxes are.
- Where are you from?
- New York. Upstate.
- Self, then?
- A small town on The Cape.
- The Cape?
- Sorry. Cape Cod.
- Do you have lead in cartons?
-A girl has to work.
- Today's training.
- Thanks for the help.
- I hope it works.
- What?
I'm working on an article. Mary said
that there would be problems.
I promise not to bother you.
I'm easy to get along with.
- Sorry. It sounded unpleasant.
- I can not offend.
- Okay. Thank you.
- Here
Today we will talk about
witch trial in Salem.
It happened here, in our city.
Why were all killed people?
Does it happen still?
- Are you sure you want to do that?
- This is what I've been waiting for.
Do not worry.
I'll be fine, Mom.
- Thanks again for the help.
-Not at all.
- What are your plans for today?
- I'm tired and should get some rest.
- The drive was tiring.
- I'm going away. See you later.
- Okay. Goodbye.
- Bye.
- Yes?
- My name is Rachel.
How can I help you?
I have heard
you can tell us about the resort.
Sure. Come in.
What would you like to know?
Anything you can tell us about the area.
First I want to warn you
for some things.
Many locals do not like strangers.
We do not like change.
The families who founded the village still live
and we are almost self-sufficient.
We do not like them
that threaten our independence.
They do not like journalists-
Or to talk about mj?ldryge-
poisoning or witch trial.
They are sick of the Past
and no one will talk about it.
If you try it's best
that you go from here.
- What do you mean?
- You would soar in mortal danger.
- Why are you talking to me, then?
- There's a reason for that.
I risk my position in society.
But I do not want to talk about it right now.
Hope you understand.
- My name may not be mentioned in the article.
- Self-Klan not. You may remain anonymous.
What can you tell us about
ergot poisoning?
It is a fungus that attacks
rye, wheat and other grains.
When eating fungus infested
legumes damage-
-Central nervous system,
arteries, veins and other organs.
It fits with my research.
What can you tell us about
ergot poisoning in the resort?
It has been more than one outbreak
in the art.
There have been big and small outburst
and has happened in many years.
- Do you know how many people have died?
- It depends on the outbreak it was.
It's been all between 10 and 100.
Oh my God.
This is the largest number of deaths
I've heard of.
We are not proud of.
That's why I warned
whom you talk to.
Do police and authorities
about this?
Are you kidding me?
Have you seen any cops here?
We turn to the authorities.
We take care of ourselves.
Are there any physical evidence of
an outbreak that I can see?
Yes, but you must be
very careful.
There is a secret cemetery
where mass burials have taken place.
You can visit the site,
but you must be careful.
You are in danger of locals
find out what you're doing.
- Are local people really so dangerous?
- So Dangerous?
Is there something else I should focus on?
There are a few other things
that can help.
I'll give you a map
and some articles.
Who is it?
- What do you mean?
- There was someone there just now. I promise.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
You should go home. I'll contact you
when we can meet again.
You have to go now.
- Is there a problem?
-You should go before it gets too late.
. Hi
. Hi-
- How was your day?
- Pretty good.
- What are you doing?
- I emailed.
- I have not much time.
- I'll let you continue.
No problem.
See you later. All right.
- Can I ask you a few questions?
- About what?
I am new to the area
and are interested in local history.
- I have heard of ergot poisoning.
- That I do not talk about.
I should probably tell you that it sat
a note on the door yesterday.
What did it say?
Something that I should stop digging
in the past.
And that I should go from here.
What does that mean?
Locals know enough
I'm a journalist.
They may know that you are also here.
- Mary might have said something.
- Yes.
Lokalben Paul told us that locals
not proud of his past-
And does not want to talk about it, but
I think they are trying to hide something.
- Interesting
- Yes.
I'll be careful who I'm talking
with because they do not like strangers.
Then we have to be careful
who we are talking to.
Sure. There is no problem.
I'll take a walk.
Want to join us?
- It's amazing.
- It's nice.
Really cool.
- It's a good place to consider.
- I can imagine.
Say, Greg. Why are you here?
- For the same reason as me?
- Type, but I'm not a journalist.
- What are you doing?
- I am a writer.
- Cool. Have something screenplay filmed?
-I can not say.
- Some anonymous independent films.
- You have to start somewhere.
This place might
get the fuck on our careers.
You write the article and I
writes the screenplay that makes success.
- It sounds like a movie in itself.
- I am good at my job.
Sorry. Hello.
- We wonder ...
- I do not wanna talk about it.
- It only takes a few seconds.
- Leave me alone and get out.
- It was weird.
- So it has been in recent weeks.
Paul is the only
who wants to talk to me.
I'm being followed.
I can not tell you everything now.
- Here are answers to many questions.
- Who is following you?
- I do not have time to explain.
- Thank you.
We can not meet at my place.
I'll contact you.
Do not trust anyone. including ...
I must go. We heard.
Hey, Max. Good news.
- Save the front page for me.
- What do you think?
I'll send pictures now.
Check your email.
- Good. Do you have permission?
- You will soon have the whole story.
We heard.
DIED Oct. 11, 1999
DIED Oct. 11, 1999
What do you do? Get out!
Are you okay? Hello?
- Sorry. What did you say?
- I wanted to check if you feel well.
- Sure. I'm waiting for a call.
- From who?
- Paul.
- Right-Paul.
- I'm going home to him.
- Should I go with you?
You get the credit.
- Are you okay?
- We must here.
There is something really fishy here.
What did you see in the house?
He was sitting dead in his chair. And then ...
I saw locals with black hoods
who performed some sort of ritual.
They held candles in their hands and looked
as if it would do anything.
- They freaked out when they saw me.
-Take it easy. WE solve this.
Are you okay?
- Are you going to tell me what happened?
-There is something really fishy here.
What did you see in the house?
I'll be right.
Rachel, I'm Jim
and is Paul's friend.
He asked me to give you this.
Be careful.
You are in grave danger. Do not trust anyone.
- What do you think?
- So you work here now?
- Who was that?
- I do not know. It is weird.
- I think he's been following me.
- Good thing I'm here to protect you.
I'm really strong.
I'm just joking. So strong is not.
- Want some coffee?
- Please.
It's not for the money.
I am trying to make contact with the locals.
Very smart.
Are you sure you're okay?
Yes. That I will do.
- Okay. See you at home.
- Okay.
What do you want?
- I wonder if I can ask if ...
- Who is it?
Let me fix it.
- Can we talk about ...
- Come in.
Hi, I have received more information.
20 people died in the same week
in October 2010.
But I do not know if it is of
ergot poisoning or something else.
I need more time
to piece this together.
I have been informed that some thing
will happen in a few weeks.
- You only have a few days time.
- You get the article soon.
- I'm sending Sam if needed.
- No, I can handle myself.
- I tell if I need help.
- The item will be ready on the 29th
I know that. Goodbye.
Are you sure you're okay?
Yes. That I will do.
- Okay. See you at home.
- Okay.
Why did you choose this location
to your script?
I wanted a good story to film.
I read an article about a city
which is completely self-sufficient.
They are shielded
from the rest of the world.
The film will be about a society where
residents turn against each other.
They have their own government.
They believe neither in sex, marriage
or to have children.
Neither sex or marriage?
- They probably died out.
- Bingo.
There is certainly some
who practice it.
I want to do thorough research-
And write a really good script.
Then maybe I can get back
my apartment.
Apartment as your girlfriend
threw you out?
Yes, that's right.
- What happened between you and your girl?
- She does not understand my job.
She wants to
I provide "a real job".
She wants me to be something I'm
not. She sees me as a loser.
She does not support me.
I want to show that she's wrong.
The only thing you need to prove anything to
is yourself.
This is Greg. Leave a message
I will call.
Greg, it's Rachel.
I was just wondering where you are.
Call as soon as you get this. Goodbye.
The first thing to look into is that it
has been more than an outbreak here.
There have been both small and large
outbreaks. It has been going on for years.
She's in there.
WE should get her now,
before it becomes dangerous.
- What do you know about ergot poisoning?
- I know quite a lot about it.
I grew up in a town near Salem.
In school, we learned much
the witch trials.
We talked about that ergot may have
poisoned grains and arable land.
And that the poisoning was the villagers
to believe that they were possessed.
I became interested and have read
many books and done research.
My essay was about it.
When I graduated in
School of Journalism, I read-
-About a city in western Massachusetts
who had many outbreaks for years.
You have reached the right place.
I'm obviously not here
to eat.
We need to talk in private.
What do you want?
You probably know what I'm referring to.
- We need to talk in private.
- About what?
Is anybody there?
It is time to sleep.
We read another book tomorrow.
- Can you tell us about Salem witches?
- Where have you heard of it?
- In school.
I can not sleep.
- Was anyone killed witches?
- Yes.
- Has the witch trials today?
- Do not worry. We'll talk more tomorrow.
- Good.
- Good night, sweetheart.
Good night, Mom.
- Leave me alone and get out.
- They are watching us. We'll talk later.
Awesome. Thank you.
I'm coming.
I must go.
She goes now. Follow her.
Hi, Greg. It's Rachel.
I wonder where you are.
Call me when you get this. Goodbye.
- Followed someone after you get here?
- I do not think so.
Good. Follow me.
- What were the home of Paul?
- Tried to gather evidence.
- They murdered him?
- Maybe.
Because he was talking to you.
- I might turn.
- Why are you helping me, then?
I need your help. My family
have lived herein many generations.
When Lincoln prohibited claimed Slaveri
villagers that my ancestors-
-Exerted Witchcraft and Voodoo,
which was not true.
You are a journalist.
You can exonerate my family's name
and reveal this secret city.
It is an honor.
I have to show you some things.
There is significant evidence
for your claims.
We follow.
- Open the door.
- I do not see her.
Come out. We just want to talk.
Open the door.
- Max.
- Rachel.
- The story just keeps getting bigger and bigger.
- What do you mean?
- It's about more than poisoning.
- I do not understand. Explain.
I stole a book from the cult where
is that they should kill with natural poison.
I understand nothing.
What are you talking about?
- The deaths is always in October.
- Calm down. We need proof.
We need to stop it
before something terrible happens.
The article is long overdue.
Gather evidence.
I send down Sam to help you.
There's more. I need more time.
- We have no more time.
- I'll call you when I know more.
There you have your evidence.
They have about 50 locals in there
with their will.
Why is that?
According to locals, the bewitched
but they are poisoned and die soon.
I wanted to show you the place,
but we go into when the time is right.
We can not stay. We must go.
Come on.
It does not matter
where you go. I'll find you.
You can not Hy.
What are you doing?
You make a mistake.
You should not have slept here. Go home.
There is no safer place
than your home.
- What symptoms did people?
- All you can think of.
Muscle spasms, hallucinations,
-Shakes and gangrene.
And worse than that.
- How bad?
- Some were like vegetables.
And others died.
Jason, it's something that is not true.
Is there something going on in town
we do not know?
Have you contacted all?
I called my editor. He must
know what time we go to the house.
Tell him we need many
police there tomorrow afternoon.
I do not know. She's still talking.
- What happened?
- A long history.
Tell us where you have been.
My cell phone was left here. What has happened?
You have no idea
what has happened in recent days.
Come here.
These are for you.
I do not understand.
Go up and take a hot shower.
Put on something nice.
I'll buy you dinner.
Then I have to tell you all
has happened.
- We'll talk later.
- We must leave town.
We can do this. Relax.
It'll work.
- What are you doing?
- What's going on, Greg?
- What gives?
- What do you mean?
- I saw that you took the books.
- I do not know what you ...
I saw that you took the books
and gave them to the man.
- Listen to me.
- Get out.
- Get out of here.
- Let go of me.
Get out!
- Max.
- I'm glad you called.
- It's crazy here.
- Good news. You get two more days.
I do not trust anybody. Even the
my roommate trying to silence me.
Be happy. You've got two more days.
Do not you get complete, Sam.
Call the police before it is too late.
- People are in grave danger!
- Calm down.
Can you help me?
I'll tell the police that you do not
trust your roommate?
I must stop.
I have more to show you. Come on.
The test toxin on locals
in some sort of experiment.
- Will all here?
- Yes.
No other will come here.
- Why they do not move?
- They are afraid of them that control.
- How long have they left?
-Not for long.
- Max, are all prepared?
- Is that you Rachel? I hear nothing.
- Are you prepared? We are inside the house.
- There are broken.
I trusted you.
This is the last one.
- Thanks for the help.
- Here
Hope it works out
and that you get home safely.
- Do you have medicine for her?
-Not with me.
We will contact Dr. Rush in New York.
- It dissolves.
- You have my number if it's something.
- Yes, I have.
- Bye.
Hi there. Yes, we are.
Rachel, when are you coming back?
Locals need you.
Do not forget that Paul and I
always here and help you.
Paul and I are always here
and help you.
Thank you for calling. We heard.
- Are you okay?
- That I will do.
What can you tell us about
ergot poisoning?
Why are you helping me?
- Hello. My name is Greg.
- What do you want?
Can I talk to you about Paul?
I do not understand.
We were confused
when she broke into the house.
When she was talking to herself
I understood that she was infected.
- Contaminated?
- Of ergot poisoning.
She was hallucinating and paranoid.
There have been many outbreaks here.
- Can she be cured?
- We are trying to help her.
Man I never get the opportunity
to talk to her.
There is a specialist in New York
with medicine. Can you go there?
Sure. I go there.
- Keep your eyes on her in the meantime.
- Naturally
The Secret Village