The Sector (2016) Movie Script

This is Lyndsey Bird, reporting
live from the White House,
where the Secretary of
Defense has confirmed
that the internet kill switch has been
initiated due to cyber terrorism.
Unconfirmed reports
of catastrophic failure in global
telenet and communications systems.
Trading on all major
financial markets has been
suspended indefinitely.
They're calling it the Drek Virus.
The Prime Minister
has declared a state of emergency.
The source
of the virus, which has
crippled the core
of modern society, remains a mystery.
As food and water grow
scarce, people want answers,
and they're tired of waiting.
Despite martial law another
violent day of riots and unrest.
The D.O.D. confirms that the Drek Virus
has gone global,
forcing the worldwide economy
to stop all foreign trade.
The President has declared
a state of emergency.
Rioting and looting are flooding
the streets here in Washington.
We're being told to evacuate
the area by the National Guard.
The death toll continues to rise.
I'm getting a report that
we're going off the air now.
Good night and good luck
to all of you. Godspeed.
What's your poison?
Red Eye.
That's gonna cost ya.
You know how much it cost's to keep that
generator running outside?
Just pour the drink.
Ain't seen you around here before.
Looking for someone.
You a chaser?
Listen, I don't want any trouble.
Relax. Just looking for a man.
Calls himself "Ringo."
Can't say I heard of him.
Big guy in his forties.
Wears an eye patch.
A real eyesore if you ask me.
You sure you haven't seen him?
What are you after him for?
He robbed a supply caravan
en route to Union City.
Killed a couple of troopers
in the process.
Isn't that right Ringo?
And what do they call you?
What's it to you?
I always like to know the name of a man
before I cut him to pieces.
If I were you I wouldn't
try that. The way I see it
you have two options.
You can walk out of here
real peaceful like,
or I can carry you out.
What's it gonna be?
I've got news for you, Union Man.
This is the Barrens.
Your rules, don't apply here.
Wrong answer.
By the way, the name's Dresher.
Keep going!
Been tracking this maggot for weeks.
So why don't you throw a little
professional courtesy my way
and hand him over.
I wasn't asking.
Get in Ringo.
You... throw away the piece.
I'll remember this.
I'll see you back
in Union City, Dresher.
We'll have a drink.
I'll even buy.
Whaddya know. This day
keeps getting better and better.
ARGH! Son of a bitch.
Dresher! Are you kidding me?
Dresher get me out of this.
Did you do this?
Did you set a trap?
You should keep your distance.
You son of a bitch.
You're not taking him.
You're not taking my bike.
My bike is worth more than your life.
You might want this.
Maybe not.
C'mon man you can't leave me
out here for the wolves.
Dresher! You can't leave me out here.
Dresher! I swear, the next time
I see you, your ass, is mine!
Son, where I come from
there are two types of people,
thieves, and takers.
And you son, you are a taker.
You have taken advantage of my kindness.
You come into my house
and you do not bring
the payment you owe me.
And you expect me to give
you some kind of leniency?
Shamrock please.
I didn't mean to disrespect you.
I can pay you what I owe you.
I just need some more time.
Time? Take a look around yourself son.
Time is something that none of us have.
And yours has just run out.
You're going back to the prison mines.
No! No please.
I'll give you anything you want.
You don't have anything that I want.
Get him out of here.
No! Not the mine!
Anywhere but the mine!
No please, anything Shamrock no! No!
Well well well.
Look at who just breezed in.
You know Dresher,
I'd given you up for dead.
You did get him right?
I got him.
How long has it been?
What, I sent you out after
Ringo more than a week ago.
You know Dresher, there was a time
when you could track a bounty
before the sun could set
and the moon could rise.
What happened?
Is that why you sent
Brennan after my mark?
Brennan? Brennan. Oh Brennan!
Oh right. Have you seen that
arrogant little prick lately?
Yeah in The Barrens where I left him.
Don't ever send another chaser
after my bounty. You got that?
Heh heh heh.
You know Dresher, if I was you,
I would start to sleep
with one eye open.
I'll take my chances.
Where's my gold?
Yep. I got your payment
for you right here. Pay him.
Also got something else
you might be interested in.
I doubt it.
Hold it. This is serious.
Now, something is going down.
Something big. You ever hear of
the name Anson? John Anson?
Once maybe.
Yeah well the word is
he has a gang that rides with him.
Call themselves the Black Sashes.
They've been scrounging around
in the Barrens ever since
this world went to shit.
Now, they've been causing
all kinds of grief and havoc.
Raping women, burning towns.
The whole nine yards.
Your point?
The Union has put a price
on his head and they must want him
really really bad because
this is the biggest payday...
...I've ever seen.
Thirty kilos of gold prime.
Thirty. Kilos?
You also know that
every tracker is gonna be out
there, gunning for him.
Here are the goods.
I want you to do what you
do well. I don't give a shit
if all his limbs are missing.
I have one request.
You bring him back alive.
I'll give it some thought.
Yeah well I wouldn't think
about it too long Dresher.
You know there's always...
You should really tell me
when you plan on stopping by.
You should really learn to lock
your doors at sundown, Reverend Raines.
My doors are always open.
This is God's house, remember?
What's God gonna do
when a gang comes in here
and steals everything you have?
I'm gonna do what the
good lord gave me the
common sense to do.
I'm gonna shoot 'em.
Heh. Gonna shoot 'em?
Look at you. Red Eye.
The Devil's Kool Aid.
I am not in the mood for a sermon.
You know Dresher,
before this all happened,
before the world dilapidated,
I did a lot of bad things.
Did harm to some good people
who didn't deserve it.
Here we go.
I remember once I robbed a liquor store.
This kid was behind the counter.
When I put that gun in his face,
he looked at me. Wasn't
a look of fear. Not anger.
It was solace. Like somehow
I was about to release
that kid from a life of pain.
Sometimes I see that same look
in your face my friend.
Told you I was in no mood
for a sermon. And I don't
wanna be released.
Bullshit. You got no past.
You got no future. A man
with no memory of who
he is a dangerous man.
Point is, you may never
know who you really are,
and sometime you're gonna have
to come to terms with that.
Appreciate the bed.
Reverend, the liquor store.
What happened?
It's open.
Aaryn Honey, there's
somebody here to see you.
Can't you see I'm with a client?
He won't take no for an answer.
Aaryn. How ya been?
I've been, great Dresher.
How've you been?
I need to talk to you.
Well, I'm a real busy right now.
It won't take long.
What do you want?
I'm after a mark.
You never change do you?
You haven't shown your face in
almost a year and when you do
it's about some bounty
you're after. Go to hell.
Wait. Who did that to you?
It's not really your problem is it?
That's fair. Listen.
I'm working on something big.
Real big. And when I'm done
the Union is gonna pay
me enough gold prime so we
can get the hell outta here and
go wherever we wanna go.
Dresher, I'd really
like to believe you, but
you're just like all the rest.
You're all promise. Nothing else.
I don't want this for you.
I never did.
Right now I need your help.
You know everybody that comes
through these parts.
Who are you looking for?
This guy.
The guy's name is Anson.
Has he been here?
Bout a week ago.
He and his boys showed up drunk as hell.
Beat on all the girls here.
Paid well but they
weren't exactly worth the trouble.
You're telling me Anson did this?
No. Anson was strange
but he wasn't hostile.
He spoke of things. Odd things.
Something about going home.
The guy gave me the creeps.
He did his business and he left.
So he um...
Yes, me and him cause
that's what I do remember?
I remember.
Alright, I need to know
where they were going.
He said something about Maker's Point.
That's all I know.
Maker's Point.
That's The Badlands.
What the hell would he want there?
I don't know and I don't care.
Well whaddya know.
The bounty hunter returns.
Hey you can have a shot at her,
but I will be back later
at night, so do yourself a favor.
Don't be here.
Take it easy on her hot pants.
Dresher, what you said
about this being your last
job and coming back for me,
if you don't come through
you're not welcome here anymore.
You got a problem?
Yeah. I do.
Don't shoot. Don't suppose
you got any petrol?
Sorry hun. Fresh out.
That's too bad.
Selling anything?
Got some water.
Purified. Seventy percent.
You like gold?
You bet. Where you heading?
Maker's Point.
Hate to break it to you
but life expectancy
out there is slim to none.
You a lawman?
Second one I've seen today.
No shit?
Bought the last bit of my gasoline.
Hey, what about your bike?
Keep it.
Is that you bounty hunter?
We know where you are now.
I can send a couple of my boys
out there and root you out.
So I take it you're Dresher.
We picked up your scent fifty miles ago.
You want a drink?
Call off your dogs Anson.
I'm taking you back to the Union.
Piss off Dresher.
Anson is mine.
You chasers. Ya know you are
all the same. Now let's get down to
it. Drop your gun or
we'll fill you full of holes.
Once more, lose the piece. Shoot him.
How much is the Union
offering for my head?
I mean it's gotta be a lot. Why else
would you travel out
to this little paradise?
It's good enough.
So you really believe
these bureaucratic morons
are gonna pay your freight don't you?
Listen brother I don't know you
but based on your reputation
I figured you for smarter than that.
You do know me.
I mean to me you're just
another human garbage collector
doing a job nobody else wants
to do. Which brings up an
interesting question.
Why do you do what you do?
Following some kind of code?
Is it revenge? Redemption?
I like to see assholes like you
get what's coming to 'em.
No you're a pawn.
That's the truth of it.
You're a pawn taking orders
from the same guys
who created this mess.
This beautiful cesspool
we wake up to everyday.
You're fighting on the
wrong side brother.
It's a on the losing cause,
you don't even know it.
Why don't you just cut him down.
I swear, I won't kill you. At least,
not right now anyway.
Counter offer. You both die.
How about I string you
up next to your buddy.
Two noblemen side by side till the end.
How's that suit you?
Hang him.
Those ropes ain't gonna
hold much longer.
I know It's not.
What the hell were you thinking?
I was trying to save your ass.
Giving up your weapons like that.
Did Shamrock send you out here?
Of course he did. What do you
think I'm out here on vacation?
I'm gonna kill that son of a bitch.
No disrespect Dresher, but
I don't think you're gonna
get that chance.
Don't take this personal Dresher,
but doing what we do,
ya gotta look out for
number one. So maybe
I'll see you again sometime.
Maybe. Maybe not.
Who are you?
How ya feeling?
Where am I?
You're safe. You're in a barn
outside my home. I'm Stillwell.
Who's this?
It's okay. Kyra's
been watching over you.
How long I've been here?
Too long.
You've been here for several days.
You're wounds were extreme.
All you need right now is rest.
But you can't do it here.
Girl's got a secret.
Okay... excuse us
for a moment. Come here.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
He is a Union affiliated bounty hunter.
I don't think I have
to tell you the kind of
trouble he can bring down on us.
We're on our own out here
and if we keep going the
way we are we're not gonna last.
Now you know that
and I know that. He could prove, useful.
Now have I ever given you
a reason not to trust me?
Why do you think he would wanna help us?
You're up.
What's all this?
This is just salvaged computer parts.
Much of it excavated
from the prison mines.
Some of it can be refurbished with work.
I didn't think any
of this existed anymore.
The Union might consider it contraband.
Well the Union doesn't
have to know, do they?
I don't know. Do they?
Take it easy friend.
I'm just a scavenger trying to
survive just like everyone else.
Some of these parts still fetch
a price on the barter trades.
Piracy. The Union
definitely frowns on that.
Why don't you bring us in?
I'm obliged for what you
did for me so I guess
I'll collect my things and be on my way.
You're in no condition to move on.
Now you stay right here with us.
Come inside. I'll bet you're hungry.
How long you been a chaser?
Umm... long as I can remember.
So you were chasing a bounty
just before I found you.
Who're you after?
It's a man by the name of John Anson.
We've heard of him.
What'd you hear?
I've had a run in with
a couple members of his gang,
a while back. As far as I'm concerned,
he's just another
madman with a blood lust.
He'll get what's coming to him.
Yes he will.
Must have a pretty
big price on his head.
It is all you chasers care
about right? The money.
No the Union's
been trying to lock him up.
I tracked him to Maker's Point.
Another chaser found him first.
The Union. It's funny isn't it.
Even in this climate politics
remain and they expect
law and order to exist.
And what if it
didn't exist? What then?
We'll drive you to
Grover Flats in the morning.
I'm sure you can find
your way back to Union City
from there.
That's a... ghost town.
Well, they prefer the Union to think
of it that way. It's getting late.
The barn okay?
I'll see you at first light.
What is it about you?
You don't much care for my kind.
Well I try not to care
for a lot of things.
But for some reason I do.
I do too.
A bounty hunter with a heart.
You got me. What about you.
There's not much to tell.
Just been trying to
survive since the Drek Virus hit.
What'd you do before that?
It's complicated.
Usually is. Stillwell?
He was an accountant.
And your father.
That's right.
You know you're lucky to have him.
Most everyone else lost everything.
I lost plenty.
I used to believe
in everyone and everything.
I always saw the good
no matter the circumstances.
It's funny my father
still does. He believes
in the end good still
exists. He believes there
still good people here too.
And you don't?
What's your next move?
Get back on Anson's trail.
Why do you do this?
It's a job.
Hunting a man who left you to die sounds
more serious than just a job.
Well, see you around Union man.
You looking for something pretty mister?
I'm always looking for something pretty.
That's not why we're here. Show her.
Seen these two?
She doesn't know.
Now you boys can buy one
of our girls, or you can
head on down the road.
You can die in about forty five seconds,
and we'll kill everyone in here.
Or you can tell us what we wanna know.
They live about
twenty miles down the road.
Go ahead. Take a look.
Yeah, she's vintage.
It was here
when we found the place.
You know it's...
well not exactly in the
condition it is now. I took
the liberty of making some
modifications. Thrusters.
Tracking wheels for almost any
terrain. I believe you saw the
solar fuel cell over there.
Well I told you
I'm a scavenger. You know.
And the extra parts come
from the barter trades.
Come on!
Well I guess I better
take you into town now.
Yes sir.
You're a good man, Stillwell
I don't suppose there's any way
we could talk you into sticking
around for a while.
Look, if you're in any kind of trouble.
No. No trouble at all.
Take care out there.
Hey Dresher. Get your man.
I always do.
Anything but Red Eye.
Figures. How about Kentucky?
Three gold prime.
Just pour the drink.
I'll also need vaccinations.
You expecting to get
the plague or something?
Actually I expect not to.
What happened to you?
What do you care?
Call it a curiosity.
Some men came in here
earlier, looking for some girl.
It was nothing.
What girl?
They were creeps. Wonder what they
want with Kyra and Stillwell anyway?
Forget it. Not our business.
These men, who were they?
Never seen them before.
They were wearing black sashes.
Like they were part of some gang.
This the guy?
No. But I wouldn't mind
having another go at those two.
You got a car?
Got a bike. Why?
I need a ride.
Hahahah. Forget it.
You came back!
Take it easy. Take it easy.
Lemme take a look.
Listen to me. Listen. You're
gonna make it. You are.
You're a bad liar Dresher.
Two men. Anson's men.
I know.
No. No there's more
to this than you know. Kyra...
Where is she?
They took her. She has
to survive. She must survive.
She will.
You promise me.
You promise me.
I promise. Stay with me Stillwell,
stay with me.
Stillwell. You're a good man.
He's gone.
Relax. I'm no threat to you.
I saw you in town.
Who are you?
I'm a finisher.
There's a lot more going on here
that meets the eye Dresher.
How do you know my name?
I know everything about you. Please.
There's no easy way to say this.
I'll just come out with it. I
come from a different world,
and I do mean a different
world. Self aware technology.
Riding black holes. Where death
for me has no dominion. Let me
put it this way. There are
two worlds. Parallel.
Occupying the same space. One,
has unspeakable possibilities.
Unlimited resources.
Ruled by law. Clean air.
We haven't suffered the travesty.
The shit that's been wearing you down.
Our experiment has paid off.
What experiment?
Time travel.
Time travel?
Yeah. It's like riding a bucking Bronco.
It threw us and landed us here.
The time corresponded
with the Earth we knew,
but it wasn't the world we knew.
It was this world.
Before the virus spread.
Let me get this straight.
You're telling me that
you came here from some sort
of alternate universe?
And that this reality, right
here, it's not real?
Oh no it's real.
Through the looking glass
mirror image where we're
sitting right now, reality is a
by-product of free will. You try
something, and sometimes
the mistake are better than
what you're reaching for.
It gave us a warning about the
consequences of future actions.
That we didn't have to go through the
economic collapse. The war.
The Drek Virus.
I'm assuming
you're not out of your mind.
Why are you here now?
Like I said, I'm a finisher.
The shit is about to hit the
fan. Dire circumstances.
Stillwell's death has caused a tear.
Tear in what?
In the fabric of time and space.
It's a simple device. It's how
I got here. The man you're
tracking, Anson. He knows
about this. He's made a
deal with certain parties to circumvent.
How the hell would he know about this?
Because he's from my world.
When the borders were
opened the doors got breached.
Game on. They offered Anson safe
passage back to home world,
in exchange for Stillwell and the girl.
I gotta get outta here.
I shouldn't even be talking to you.
Another unbalanced action
can cause a tear.
We took a big chance bringing Anson
and the Stillwells here.
Your world has become
a dumping ground for our
garbage. You have to find her,
alive or dead, and turn her over to me.
Why would I do that?
It's all about balance.
I can make it worth your while.
Nothing can make it worth my while.
Whaddya have to offer me?
Gold? I don't need it.
I told you I know everything about you.
You lie awake at night knowing
something's not right.
You feel abandoned, because you are.
Nothing is right because it's
not. You had a life in my world.
You had a family.
The hell are you talking about?
That's what I'm
offering you. Answers.
Try The Badlands.
There's nothing out there.
Oh there's something out there alright.
How do I find you?
You don't. I find you.
Kyra, good morning.
Been a long time. It's funny thinking
something so beautiful could
exist in a world this ugly.
Isn't it boys?
Go to hell.
I probably will. And
I have to say, I've missed
all the sweet things you say to me.
But you've always had a lot of
spirit. That's why it's always
been hard for me to believe that,
you're truly you're father's daughter.
Don't talk about my father that way.
You didn't have to kill him John.
Your father knew the risks.
If he had truly loved
you, he wouldn't have gotten involved.
So what now? Kill me too?
I'm not going to kill you Kyra.
You are my ticket home.
Oh I get it.
They made a deal with
you, didn't they? Well you can
forget it. I would rather die
than go back.
I've been on this rock
for two and a half
years pissing on the ground.
Eating food animals would turn
their heads at. I want out of here
and you are going to be a
good little girl until that happens.
I don't want any trouble.
These, are sacred lands
I'm a Union bounty hunter.
No one crosses our borders,
without a price.
Take what you want.
I got gold.
Take him away!
Take point up on the roof.
We expecting someone?
I'm not taking any chances.
So what's your big plan?
Hand me over to Gargos?
No. But I'm sure
it'd make him happy.
You are the only woman that ever
brought him to his knees right?
No my accord is with Washington.
You are so blind. Do you honestly
think Senator Allen is going
to let you go home?
He will kill us both John.
My deal with Senator Allen
doesn't end with you.
So that's your big price
for freedom? He's going to
chain you to a leash.
Just keep you around
till they do their dirty work.
Somebody once told me,
it's better to be a slave
in heaven than a king
in hell. He was right.
That doesn't sound too good.
What do you have?
Cancer? Tuberculosis?
No, but it's sweet of you
to care. Get her inside.
Why don't you just call
all this off before...
...Gargos finds out.
He will never stop hunting you.
Why don't you just stay here
and die with a little dignity?
Get her inside.
Ya alright?
You don't have to worry about me Gulch.
Is what she said true?
No. I'm right as rain.
Can't you tell?
Sure about that?
Do your job.
Yes sir.
On your feet!
Welcome, to The Badlands.
Bon a petit. Something funny?
Yeah. The fact that
you two clowns think...
...Anson's actually gonna
take you with him.
She's say anything to save her own ass.
Maybe. Then again.
What? Am I supposed
to take the word of a whore?
Anson told you how you was this Gargos
fella's personal little blow up
doll. Well I guess the old
saying really rings true.
Once a whore, always a whore.
Enjoy your grub.
I killed it myself.
Whatever it was.
What is this? You
gonna tell me what's going on?
The price of your freedom.
I don't understand.
You're gonna fight.
Is that what you want? Huh!?
Is that what you want? Huh!?
Union man.
You come back here,
I kill you myself.
You've got to be kidding me.
Give me one good reason why I
shouldn't just kill you right now?
I don't think you're in any position
to make threats, Dresher.
You want Anson, you can
have him. I don't care.
But right now I need your help.
Are you with me?
Or should I just chop your head off?
I guess I'm with you.
Gotta say, never though
I'd see you again.
We've got an innocent girl up
there. I need to get her out.
Alright, what's the plan.
I need you to take the roof.
I'm going in through the front.
What're you gonna do,
just walk up and knock?
You don't know me.
Let her go.
Well, clearly I have underestimated you.
I know what you're doing.
Well then you know I'm not
going to spend another day
on this antediluvian world. I'm not
gonna let a primitive lawman
stop me. Now we've had this
dance before. Drop your gun.
We both know you're not gonna kill her.
You're right. I'm not.
Why don't you come take her.
Just do what he says.
Clearly I have underestimated you both.
He's all yours.
Wait. Wait. Listen. Why don't
you come and work for me?
I'll make you an offer you can't refuse.
I've heard this one before.
Let me see your hands,
before I shoot them off.
You haven't heard my offer.
Just get your hands up above your head.
Your call.
Son of a bitch.
I never thought I'd say this
but it's good to see you.
Hold the applause.
You said you knew what's going on. How?
Someone from uh.. the alternate
universe, world of yours,
paid me a visit.
I don't know. Some shadow man.
He almost split me in half.
Wouldn't give me his name.
Said I just had to get you back.
Must be from WITSEC.
It's the Witness Protection
Program run by the federal
government on my world.
My father was an
accountant for the mob.
The Gargos crime family.
He found out that high-ranking
politicians were taking money
from Gargos to control hedge
funds for future campaign
funding. My father tried to blow
the whistle but Gargos found out
and he took me as payment
for a crime against the family.
Your father had to testify?
I wish I believed any of this.
I didn't believe it
until they sent us here.
A parallel world. Who would
have thought, right?
- Alright asshole.
- Hang on.
I'm gonna finish this.
For my father.
I needed him alive. Well this
changes things. Nice shot.
What are we doing here?
I need to take care of something.
You're so tense.
This is amazing. I can see you,
but I don't see Anson.
The mark has been eliminated.
Where's the body?
You came in here, without a body?
What am I supposed to tell the Union?
And what about the gold prime?
Forget about the gold prime.
I learned a thing or two out there.
Nothing is as it seems.
Nothing is...
You been hitting the Red Eye
just a little bit too hard Dresher?
I'm out.
You have the balls to come
into my house, empty handed,
and then tell me that
you're done? Listen to me
very very carefully Dresher.
I tell you when you're done.
No one disrespects me in
my house, especially not you.
I just did.
What do you wanna do boss?
Teach him a lesson.
An easy one.
Yes sir.
Go have a talk with him boys.
I'll check inside.
We'll bury him at dusk.
They body's gone.
The whole place has been looted.
I'm sorry kid.
You alright?
I always had this fear
that I would lose my
father to this place.
Now it's come true.
He was right about one thing.
What's that?
There are good people here.
What's this?
Nothing I wasn't expecting.
You've crossed the line this time.
Been waiting a long time for this.
So have I.
Don't do it.
You killed her.
That's what I do.
I'm a spider, she was the fly.
Nothing more, nothing less.
You used me to get to her.
You low life son of a...
...bitch. How do you
even know about me?
Well I feed on despair, Dresher.
Well you found the right place.
I owe you.
No. I owe you.
That would be the last thought
you ever have.
Your name is Dresher.
Martin Dresher. You serve
special ops during time breaches.
You ran into your
doppelganger this side of the fence.
He was killed in the chaos.
They couldn't tell you apart,
so they left you here...
Blank. The rest is on this.
Who are you?
A finisher.
What the hell is that?
They start it, I finish it.
You think this world is bad?
It's gonna get a whole lot worse.
Some day our paths are
going to cross again.
I thought I told you to come alone?
Yeah right. I'm not stupid.
Like I'm gonna be alone
with you Senator? You know,
if anyone would see us talking...
Well, you couldn't very well talk over
the phone now could we?
What do you want?
Just thought you might like to know,
that little problem that's been
keeping you up at night...
It's been eradicated.
And the girl.
Kyra's dead?
I never understood
your fascination with her.
She betrayed you.
Anson failed me. I had to take
matters into my own hands.
So you brought in your finisher?
And he's a colorful
little character, isn't he?
But he gets the job done.
You. You went too far.
Too far?
When you and your cronies came up
with this little plan, I went
along with it, because I had
no choice. Falsifying witness
protection records.
Sending them into The Sector,
so they wouldn't be found.
Safe you said.
Safe it was.
Clean, you said.
Clean it was.
But killing Kyra, that,
that wasn't part of the deal.
Consider yourself lucky.
It's all to your benefit.
You wouldn't stand the indictment.
At what cost. You're obsessed
with this parallel world
and it's going to be all of our undoing.
Now suddenly you have
a conscience? You know yourself,
this world has no more tolerance
for criminals, the poor, the...
...sick, none. Send them to The Sector.
Free us of their burden.
And what if the wormhole doesn't hold?
Oh it'll hold trust me.
Once crime is down and jobs are
up, we'll be having this amusing
conversation over dinner
at the White House, pal.
You really think you're
gonna be the President?
You sick, delusional,
pathetic son of a bitch.
You can forget about any more donations.
I'm off your payroll, and I'm done
with you. I don't care what
happens to me, but I'm
gonna blow the lid off
this whole thing. You and this,
is over. You understand? Over!
You disappoint me.
Well, worked out better than I thought.
Alright Senator, I did my part.
You know, you did the right thing.
I guarantee you and your family
will be safe from The Sector.
I guarantee it.
At least your family will be.
Alright, Mister Dresher.
Let's see how far you'll go
to save your family.
Your name is Dresher. Martin Dresher.
They couldn't tell you apart,
so they left you here, blank.
I was shown the truth that day.
We live in a society
of choice and free will.
And free will, like anything
bares consequence.
It seems the government
on alternate Earth
has plans for us. They're
calling us The Sector.
They plan to use our world as a prison,
where they will exile violent
criminals, do away with
innocent lives that proves any threat,
and bury their dirty secrets.
My name is Martin Dresher.
My wife and daughter
think I'm dead, but one day
I'll find my way back to them.
The Finisher told me that our
paths would cross again,
and I'll be ready when they do.