The Selfish Giant (2013) Movie Script

Can't stand you!
- Chill out.
It's me.
- Calm down, Arbor.
- Fucking get off!
- Just chill.
- Get off!
Get off!
- Arbor, it's me.
It's Swifty.
- Chill out.
You're off your head, you,
aren't you?
Fucking mad head, you.
Gonna come out?
- Want some?
- Yeah.
- Friends.
- Friends.
- What are them torches
down there?
- Is that railway
people or pol-
- Shit. Get down.
Get down.
What are they doing?
- Fuck knows.
Should I go have a look?
- No, wait here.
I want to see what
they're doing.
- Come on, we'll go look.
- Go on, then.
Oh, shit.
- Yeah.
I'm almost there, yeah.
Get some of your boys
down here now, yeah?
- Oy! Fuck off!
- Hey!
- Go, go, go!
- You thieving little bastards!
- Let us in!
- Oh, he's coming now.
He's got a big ax.
- We're not open yet!
Who the fuck are you?
What do you want?
Is that my-
What the fuck are you doing
with my fucking horse?
- What's that?
Where'd you get that?
- It's cable.
We found it.
- Oh, yeah?
Get off my fucking horse!
Take it inside.
- Would you put the ax down?
What the hell's going on?
- Found these two at the gate
with Tommy.
- We lent him,
went for a ride for a laugh.
Didn't know he were your horse.
He were tethered up
in that field.
We got you some cable, though,
don't we?
- Right, bring it in here.
- What?
- It's all right.
- Away, lad.
- Come on. Simba!
Come on!
Every twat knows,
you've got to strip it
before I can take it
'cause the number on casing.
See that?
Bright wire.
- You burn it off
if it's marked.
- What do you mean "marked"?
- That's what I mean, marked.
Look at yous.
All over you.
- How did we get that?
- SmartWater.
Don't ever come back here
with that shite on you.
Go on.
- We'll strip it next time.
Do it proper.
Burn it off.
- There won't be a next time.
Now fuck off.
- You lot, up.
Fucking hell.
Have one
of your little freak-outs
last night, spazzy boy?
- Fuck off, you crackhead.
Tell you what.
This is the first night
I've not seen
you and your boyfriend
fucking spooning.
Why is this smelly pikey
on my floor, anyway?
What are you doing?
- Fuck off, you druggy bastard.
- "Fuck off,
you druggy bastard"?
How about you fuck off,
you pikey bastard?
- Martin!
- Get him a horse and cart...
- Leave him alone!
- And get him out the house.
Pikey scruff.
- Shut up!
Just ignore him Swifty, love.
You're always welcome here.
- I don't want a skanky Swift
in my house.
- Will you shut up?
It's not your house!
- I can smell him!
I can fucking smell him.
Move him.
- Will you get up?
We got an appointment
at clinic.
And no messing me about
this time.
You're going.
You two, can you get up, please?
Not again.
Truancy fine.
Sorry, Mum.
- I can't see no stains.
- Remember when Kitten put
that torch on us?
We could see it.
- What are you doing?
- Nowt.
- Since when did you put
your own clothes in wash?
- Don't know, Mum.
- Today.
- I earned you some money
for that fine.
- Where'd you get that?
- Just said I earned it.
- Tell me where you got it from!
I worked my arse off,
yeah, for this.
For you, yeah?
And you don't even accept it!
You ungrateful bastard!
- I'm not ungrateful.
- Fuck off!
- Arbor, I'm just saying.
- Fuck off!
Fuck's sake!
- I just want you to go-
- Fuck's sake!
- If you'd go to school
in first place-
- Don't want to!
- All right, all right!
Have you taken your tablet?
- Yeah, I fucking have!
- Has he?
Oh, not again.
Get in here!
- What?
- Have you chorred his tablets?
- No.
- I can't believe you,
you selfish bastard!
- Don't fucking chat shit,
you little fucking muppet.
- As if I ain't got enough to do
without having to get
a repeat prescription.
- Are you gonna pin it on me now
'cause of this little spazzo?
- Fuck off now!
- What you doing, little prick!
- Martin, just get out.
- Fuck off!
- Fucking crackhead!
- All right, Arbor, listen.
You'll just have
to get one at school, yeah?
- No!
- Arbor, I need you
to go to school.
Arbor, I need you
to go to school, yeah?
- Yeah! God's sake!
- Right, Swifty?
Can you get him to school,
- Now just sip it with water.
- Swifty.
- Right, Fenton, that's enough!
Where's that pencil?
Why don't you just leave him-
Pick that up.
- You.
- Pick that up now!
- Suck out, you little tramp.
- What did you just say?
- Fuck off.
- Oh, I see.
we're a bit special, are we?
I mean, maybe you can come and-
Since you're so special,
you can come and join me
at the table, no?
- No.
You stink.
- Ah, funny guy.
Get out your seat
and pick that up now!
- You pick it up.
- Stop laughing, everyone.
Fenton, pick it up, now!
Oy, yeah?
Funny, is it?
Fenton, come here.
- Oy, quick!
- Fenton.
Study room!
- Every fucking day, man.
I hate the study room.
- You're not meant to like it.
- Shut up.
- Hey!
Get in here now.
- Here. Who's having this?
- What's up, mate?
- Beans again, Mum! Wow!
- Big boy, aren't you?
Hey, watch your language!
When you've got your food,
get in the living room.
- Take him in there,
will you, love?
- When you've got your food...
- Go on into living room.
- Where's my tea?
- Look at you.
You're useless, aren't you?
You're supposed
to put money aside
for the electric.
When you've got your food,
get in the living room.
- Right, go on.
Sit down and eat.
- It's cold!
- Yes, I know it's cold.
- Sit there.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Clear off there.
Get off that settee.
And be quiet, the lot of you.
Quiet. Shh.
Hiya, mate, come in.
Come in.
There you go, mate.
300 quid.
- I'll give you 250 quid,
Price Drop.
- You want to sit down?
- Be no comebacks.
- No comebacks.
- No comebacks. 250.
Hey, kids, away from there.
I need to get this out.
- Give it up, yous two.
- Hey, would you stop fighting
and sit down?
Sit down and eat your tea.
- It's not bleedin' funny.
You try lifting one of these.
- Ha-ha, ha-ha.
- Weakling!
- That's right.
Put it down.
Turn it round.
- Weakling!
- What we gonna sit on now?
- Just sit on the floor.
- Fuck!
- You watch your language, you.
- Can I go out, Mum?
Ah, me fucking leg!
You got me fucking arm trapped,
Price Drop.
Down here. Down here.
Fucking hell.
You get in and finish your tea!
Come on, let's get it shifted.
- Look at the state
of Swift's house.
It's fucking disgusting.
- Mate, you're gonna get
lurgy now.
- Yeah, he's gonna start
frothing at the mouth
in a minute.
- Retard rabies, yeah.
- Shut up, you bell ends.
- He's got retard rabies.
- Oh, yeah, whatever.
Dickheads. Chip.
- Tramp!
Little scruff.
- Where'd you get
your jacket from?
About time.
What you been doing?
- What have you been doing?
- Just been climbing that,
waiting for you.
- Trying to look through
me bedroom window?
- Oh, yeah.
Come on.
- Back in your bush.
- Go on.
Come on, Diesel.
- Hey, look, it's Kitten.
Go on!
- Come on.
- Go on.
Go on.
- No, come on.
- Go on, Diesel.
Go on.
- Yeah, Kitten.
You want some more
of that cable?
- I'm busy.
You can handle him better
than that.
What are you doing?
- He's holding his reins
too tight.
- What?
- He's holding his reins
too tight.
He's pulling it back.
- Loosen reins.
Where'd you learn that?
- Taken to road races
when I were younger.
- He's mad for horses,
him, you know.
- Come on.
- Oy, wait here.
- Go on, off you go.
That's better.
Why didn't you do that
first time?
Go on.
- Go on again.
- Face forward and get on
with your work, mate.
- I can't be arsed
doing my work.
- Well,
that's your first warning.
Get another one,
I'll see you again tomorrow.
- Oy, faggot!
Did your mum get fucked
by a horse, Swifty?
Is that what's got
bothering you?
- You're a fucking tramp.
- Don't drink that, mate.
Seen the state of his lips?
You'll have something on that.
- Your mum's a mong.
- Your dad, yeah,
is an inbred retard.
Look at me.
Is an inbred retard, yeah?
And your family's gonna be
in debt
for the rest
of their fucking lives.
- Oy, his psycho mate's coming.
- Go on, Swifty, hit him!
Go on, Swifty!
Don't let 'em bully you!
Fucking hit him!
- Fight! Fight! Fight!
Fight! Fight! Fight!
- Fuck off me!
- Fenton, Swift,
Headmaster's office now.
- Fuck off.
- Oh, yeah, big boy.
Go on.
- Dickhead.
- Go on!
- His team leader
administered his medication.
- Why do you use
this stupid language?
To make me feel intimidated?
Well, I'll tell you something.
I don't feel intimidated by you.
I've had two kids
through this school,
and you've failed both of 'em.
- You have to look at
the bigger picture.
- Where's he gonna go now
now you've kicked him out?
'Cause nobody else
is gonna take him, are they?
- Mrs. Fenton, if we both speak
at the same time,
neither of us will hear
what each other is saying.
- Well, I've heard enough
from you.
- I don't think
mainstream school's
the right place for him.
I'm sorry.
Is there anything I can-
- No.
You've been excluded
- Sick.
- Arbor!
- He's been excluded
for 10 days.
Lad's got concussion.
He had to go to hospital.
That's what he said.
You need to get an education.
- It's all right, Mum.
- Our Arbor were protecting him.
Arbor stood up for him.
- Didn't mean for him
to get into trouble, Mrs. Swift.
- I'm sorry, love.
- Brilliant, eh?
Don't have to go to school.
I can go out scrapping
and make some money.
You coming or what?
Guess what.
- Are you joking?
- No.
- We're like fucking right divs
with that.
- We got to start somewhere.
Come on.
- Oh, my God.
- Come on, then.
- Smell you from round
the corner, Swifty.
- Go fuck off, you.
- Fucking stink, you.
- Oh, there's a pan there.
Watch that lot
so it don't get nicked.
- Oy, Swift.
Did you lose that baby
or did your dad sell it?
- They'll be worth something,
won't they, Swifty?
- Take that.
- Yeah.
- Leave these.
- Yeah, yeah, ain't it.
- Take these bits as well.
- Oy, what the fuck
are you doing?
- What does it look like?
We're scrapping 'em.
- You're fucking not
scrapping 'em.
I'm fixing 'em up
and selling 'em.
- Seriously,
you're fixing them up?
Don't fucking think so.
- Who the fucking hell
do you think you are, eh?
Coming round here
and thieving my fucking stuff.
- Get away. He's me mate.
- Hey!
Now fuck off out me sight,
the pair of you.
- Shut the fuck up.
- Go on and take your fucking
shitty pram with you.
You fucking get in now.
- Fenton, you thieving bastard!
I'll break your fucking legs!
It's your brother. Look.
- We look like fucking
- Oh, well.
- We look stupid, Arbor.
- Doesn't matter
if we look stupid,
does it, though?
We're not stupid.
Just going out
to earn a bit of money.
Know what I mean?
Got about 3 quid there
or summat.
We'll bang halves.
That's sick, mate.
- Look at that.
- That is massive.
Bradford massive.
Bradford massive.
Wicked, wicked.
- Fuck me!
Hey, come on.
Hurry up.
- What's this crap?
- Aluminum, that.
Hang on.
And a bit of brass.
- Right, dump that over there
and help them lads get
bright wire out of that lot.
- All right.
- Steve.
- Swifty, get wire out of that.
- Hey, what time
do you call this?
You got to be back by 5:00
for weigh-in.
Hey, what's with the face?
Do you want to go round
with a pram like them two divs?
25 quid to hire
the horse and cart.
- I thought it were 20.
- Yeah, well, you thought wrong.
Price of copper's gone up.
My price has gone up too.
- Tight bastard.
- What did you say?
Pay up or fuck off!
If you haven't got the money,
you can't take him out.
Now turn round
and see to fucking Diesel.
What are you looking at?
Get on with what
I asked you to do!
- You lads working for Telecom?
Thought you worked for Railway.
- Right, what you got for me,
- We got bright wire,
legacy cables,
unmarked, untraceable.
- Poly-sheathed cable.
- Processed?
- Aye.
And 40 of these.
10 kilo copper bales.
- What are you giving?
- I reckon 21/2 grand,
- Fuck off. 31/2.
- 21/2 grand.
- 31/2.
- If you took it in
and weighed it for 3,
it'd be no less.
Weigh it in then.
- Fuck weighing it in.
- Hey, you two.
Get that barrow
and bring it over here.
21/2 grand.
- And put fucking kettle on.
- Fucking hell, Swifty.
- Come on.
Bring that barrow over.
- Ay, don't forget
your fucking pan, kid.
- 49 armored.
Add it all up.
Take it to the back.
Give us your pan.
One of ali.
- And one of brass.
- Aye, he's a good trotter.
- The best.
- Yeah, well, everyone you ask
got best, haven't they?
I've had a lad training Diesel.
He's fast, very fast.
That's for you.
- Ta.
- Hey.
And that's for you.
- Ta.
- Hiya, Mick.
You all right, lads?
- Bye-bye.
- Bye, darling.
That's one...
All right?
- Hey, ya.
How you lend a horse and cart
for me and Swifty
and we'll bring you back
some proper scrap?
- You've no experience.
Fuck off.
- Hang on. Hang on.
His granddad used
to be a rag-and-bone man.
- You should be at school.
- I hate school.
I'm a fucking scrap man, me.
- Nah, nah, nah,
listen to this, mate.
He's a proper grafter,
this one.
- Does he ever shut up?
- Are you up for it, then,
Chip 'n' Pin v. Diesel.
Sunday, A-65.
- Course.
- Let's have a look at him,
- Who?
- Shergar.
Who do you fucking think?
Diesel. Come on.
- All right.
- See you later.
- Come on.
Here he is.
- Whoa, here we go.
- Hey, hey. Hey. hey.
What are you doing,
you bloody idiot?
Come here.
Come here! Come here!
- Steady.
Steady. Steady. Steady.
Steady, lad.
Steady, lad.
- Good lad.
- Steady.
- He's fast.
He's fast, you know.
- Going backwards.
- Oh, fuck off.
- Or with a rocket up its arse.
- What the fucking hell
were you doing, doing that?
Come on, Daniel.
Come round here, now.
Daniel. Daniel.
- Are you nervous?
You're sucking on that fag
well enough, aren't you?
Do you think you're up
to driving this horse or what?
Because if I don't think
you are,
I'm gonna have
another few quid on...
- I don't think he's gonna win.
- All right, do you not?
- Nah.
- 50 quid on Diesel.
50 fucking quid.
- Anybody else want a bet
or what?
- Hey, Kitten,
he's shit himself.
- Finish line, this.
- Yeah!
- They go under here full go.
It's sick!
- Yeah!
- Come on! Come on! Come on!
- If Diesel wins,
Kitten'll be loaded.
- Come on!
- Get your money ready, Kitten!
- Go on! Go on!
- Come on!
- Go on, Diesel!
- Go on, lad!
Go on!
Go on, Diesel.
Good lad!
- Come on, Diesel!
Go on!
- Diesel's in the lead!
- Go on!
- Go on, Diesel.
Go on, lad.
- Come on, Daniel!
Get up there!
Get back, you!
- Fuck off, man!
What are you doing?
- Keep up, Daniel.
He can't see the car!
He's got his blinders on!
- Get off me, man!
Fucking hell.
- Daniel, get up there!
- You're spooking him!
He's gonna get him hurt.
- Come on!
Get back, you fucking asshole!
- Stop pulling him back!
Give him his head.
Send him!
- Fucking hell, you!
Get back!
- Go on! Keep going!
You can do it!
Go on!
- Get up there!
Come on!
Come on!
- Yeah!
- Fucking bastard!
- Fuck! Fuck!
- What?
What? What?
- What the fuck
were you playing at?
- Weren't my fault.
A car got too close.
- I'll have your balls off.
- It's that horse.
It's spooked.
- Don't blame it
on my fucking horse!
- It's mental out there.
- Out of my sight.
- They're all laughing at you
behind your back.
Laughing at you playing
a hard man,
when all you are is
a fucking wannabe Gypsy.
- All right, all right,
all right, all right.
Come on. Calm down.
Don't let me ever see you again
or I'll fucking kill you!
- We'll work for you.
- Get my horse in that box.
- Let me drive him for you.
- Swifty,
we're gonna be scrap men, us.
- Ain't got no money.
- Well, if you haven't got
the money,
we have to take the settee,
- Ain't got settee, neither.
- Well, where the fuck is it,
- Where's this come from?
You've been grafting, ain't you?
I want better for you.
If you're to get on,
you've got to go to school.
- I'm excluded.
I'm not supposed
to go to school.
- You're breaking me heart,
If you show 'em you're sorry,
they'll let you back in.
- How much did you get
for that scrap?
- Nowt.
- You must have got something
for it,
you lying bastard!
Fucking lying little bastard.
- Is he coming out?
- He's not here.
He's at school.
- School?
- He's better off there
than hanging round here
with you.
- I stuck up for him, though.
Stuck up for lot of you
when people were ripping you.
- What's he still doing here?
- He's been excluded,
but he comes anyway.
- All right, Cheech?
Where's Chong?
- Leave him alone.
Come here.
What are these?
- Oh, from yesterday.
You weren't here
and some good stuff came in.
- Yeah, well, it's still got
to be accounted for.
You know,
we've got to be careful.
The laws are tightening up.
- Should be out there
watching ports,
not wasting time on us.
What's that?
- Can I finish yoking up Tommy
and go out scrapping for you?
- Sod off.
Come on, give me a chance.
- Stop mithering us.
I said no.
- Then Tommy'll just sit there
all day.
I've seen a batch of cable.
I could get it for you.
- Keep it above board, love.
- Have to be processed.
You got 25 quid?
- I got 20.
- Would you like one, love?
Oh, no, not him.
- You've been excluded, Fenton.
- Easy now.
- I'm calling security.
What are you doing sat here,
you daft twat?
Let's get out
and make some money.
Come on.
- You got that bridle too tight
on that horse.
- Let me come sort it out
for you.
- You're a bad influence,
- Go, go, go.
- Go, go, go.
Go! Go!
Giddyap, Tommy!
- I know where
we can get some cable.
Make this horse go faster,
will you, yeah?
- Yah!
- Put your backs into it.
- Thanks.
- There you go.
- Good work, boys.
- Pry that motor out now, then.
- All right, then.
There. It's out.
Worth quite a bit.
Copper wound, that.
Hey, come on, hurry up.
They haven't seen you.
Let's smash this on the cart.
Got to burn it off, ain't we,
'cause it's marked.
- Sound like Kitten, you.
- Piece of cable like that,
length and width of your arm,
probably about 500 quid.
- Don't even think about it,
- Steady.
- All right, lads,
where's your pushchair?
- Fuck off.
- Much better load
than you had last time.
- Good scrap, this.
200 pound a ton.
- You reckon?
- Yeah.
- We'll have a look.
- I know.
- All right.
It's better than last load
Do you just want to take it
round there?
- Here are.
We burnt all casing off
and removed all SmartWater dye.
- 37 on that?
- Yeah.
- All right, Arbor love?
- Yeah.
- 240 quid.
That's all right,
ain't it?
- Gonna go check on this horse.
- Yeah, whatever.
- 2, 3, 4, 5...
There you go.
- Ta.
- Hey, do you want your docket?
- Yeah, please.
- There you go.
- Thanks.
- Hey.
- What are you doing?
Get off.
- For tax.
You're under 16.
Got to tax you at source.
- Idiot.
- What you doing?
- Swifty!
110 quid there.
That'll sort
your mum's electric.
- Sick, eh?
What are you gonna
spend yours on, then?
Buy a new settee and that?
- Here are, though, Swifty,
Just don't let your dad
get his hands on it.
- No, I won't.
- Hurry up, Swifty.
I want to get off.
Reckon we could get
that cable off that pylon?
- It's too risky.
- Think of money, though,
Oh, come on, man.
I can't do it on me own.
- Oy! Swifty.
- All right, Kitten?
- Meet me first thing, 6:00 a. m.
I want you to have a go
at driving Diesel on road.
See what you can do.
All right?
Get in.
- What's the point
in a trotting horse?
They can't pull a cart.
- It's well soft, this one.
- What? Shut up, Swifty.
You're soft, you daft bastard.
- Give us a footie on.
- God's sake.
You better not have shit
on your shoe.
Oh, your arse is on me head.
- Hurry up and stop
mucking about.
- Get off!
There, you're on now.
What the fuck's happening here,
There you are.
- It's like a fucking advert,
isn't it, eh?
- Summat worth nicking here.
That your new dosser, Kitten?
- What, are you gonna get him
to finish
that job Daniel couldn't do, eh?
- He'll not be able
to shift it either.
Lad told me cable chamber
is still isolated.
At least 4 grand of copper
down there.
- Make yourself useful.
Get cable and put it in fire.
Risk to reward ratio's
in our favor then.
- Not on that job it ain't.
What? 132,000 volts?
You'd have to be mad
or desperate or stupid
or summat to risk that.
- Where you off?
You're never up this early
to go scrapping.
- No, I'm off to drive
Kitten's horse
this morning, aren't I?
- What for?
- Arbor!
Where's your kiddie coke?
Where's your fucking pills?
- Oh, shit. What's he doing?
- Get the fuck off!
- Where's your money?
You got money?
Give me your fucking money!
- Get the fuck off him!
- Give me!
Get off!
Get the fuck off me, Swifty!
Please, mate, please!
They're gonna do me
if I don't pay 'em back.
- I hate you.
I hate you!
Fucking prick!
- Fuck off, then!
- Who invited you?
- Are you gonna let Swifty drive
in the race for you?
Well, are you?
How do you make money
from a race?
How much is Diesel worth,
then, eh?
1 OK?
If he wins in race,
he increases in value.
Bet you could sell Diesel
for thousands, isn't it?
- Shut the fuck up.
He's good.
He's focused.
- I could do that.
- Oh, could you, heck?
Takes skill, that.
- Whoa, boy.
- Whoa, whoa.
- You done good, Swifty.
You done good.
Handled him well.
- Can't half boogie, can he?
- Aye, he can boogie.
You had a good feel for him.
- Yeah, I thought it
were gonna be a bit hard,
but it came back quite nicely.
- Hey, Diesel, good lad.
- Give us a bit of this.
Well, open it, then!
- Hey, what are you, his dosser?
You shouldn't be drinking that
shite anyway.
You're hyper enough as it is.
You need tranquilizers.
Bugger off.
How were his mouth?
All right?
- Yeah, thought it was gonna be
a bit hard,
but he's easily pulled back,
isn't he?
- Aye.
His girth all right,
not too tight?
- Yeah, he can breathe.
- Hey! Where are you going?
Where the fuck are you going?
Come back here now!
Fucking get down there!
Come back!
- Steady.
- Arbor!
Whoa, Diesel, whoa.
Steady, lad.
- Stay away from my horse!
Turn him round.
15 grand's worth of horse.
Fucking idiot.
- Fuck!
- Yah!
- Mum?
- They were looking for Martin
'cause he's been
nicking off people.
- Every time I try to get us
out of trouble,
he just gets us deeper in it.
Where is he?
- Laying low.
His dad's, I think.
- I'll sort it, Mum.
- How can you sort it, love?
- Make some money.
Pay off his debts.
- No, Arbor, you're a kid.
- Come here, Mum.
- Bastards.
I'm having that.
Ah, just got electric shock.
I'll bench you above me head.
- Ah!
- Watch yourself.
Whoa, watch it.
You nearly took me arm off.
Don't mess about there now.
- I'm not messing about.
- Go to sleep.
- No way.
Get away.
Not hard enough, mate.
- Yeah, I am.
- You're not.
- Come here.
- Don't-
- Give you a little dig with it.
- You wouldn't dare.
Let me give you a little dig
with it.
- No.
- Here are, then.
Just in your arm.
- No.
- Don't be tight.
- Don't be tight?
Let me give you a dig
in the head.
- Give me a dig in arm
if I can give you a dig in arm
with it.
- No, 'cause your digs-Ah!
You're crushing my foot!
- Don't try and test me.
You can't test me.
- Stop squashing me foot, then.
Mum, bizzies.
- Fuck's sake.
I'm sick of lying for him.
They'll raid his dad's flat.
He'll kick him out.
He'll come back here.
And I'll get me windows
put through again.
I've had enough now.
Maybe a spell in jail
will do him good,
sort him out.
He can detox and all.
- Can still get it inside, Mum.
- How do you know that?
- Everyone knows that.
- He ain't here.
I've kicked him out.
And don't ask me where he is,
'cause I don't know.
- We've come about Arbor Fenton.
- I don't think so.
- Heard he had a bit of trouble.
- It's all sorted now, thanks.
- You should take
your shoes off.
Shoes off.
- This is a formal interview
under caution.
Do you understand that, Fenton?
Hey, do you understand?
- Yeah.
- A witness saw two youths
burning railway
or communications cable.
- That's nowt to do with him.
- Cable theft is a very serious
crime, Mrs. Fenton.
Trespass on the railway
is 1,000 fine.
- I ain't been on railway.
- Vandalism.
Endangering lives.
Maximum penalty
of life imprisonment.
- He's just a kid.
He ain't nicked no cable.
You're looking at wrong place.
- He is, as you say,
Mrs. Fenton, a minor.
There's unscrupulous people
out there getting kids
to do their dirty work
so they don't get into trouble
with the police themselves.
- I do look out for him.
- Is that it?
Go on, then.
You can put your shoes back on.
- See ya.
- Bye.
- You heard what
that policewoman said.
That Kitten is using you.
I don't want you
going down there no more.
- Mum, I'm gonna make
a lot of money.
- I said I don't want you
going down there no more.
- For God's sake.
- Don't do that.
Can't you see it's pulling
on the corner of his mouth?
How would you like it
if someone did it to you?
- Fuck off.
You think you know it all, you.
- Hey, what are you doing here?
I told you,
I don't trust him near Diesel.
Now get back.
Stay back.
Have you yoked him?
- Yeah.
- Right, come on, then.
Bring him round.
It's all right.
All right.
You done?
- Yeah.
- Come here.
You all right?
- Yeah.
- I want you to drive him
in re-match
against Micky's horse.
- Me?
- You can do that?
- Yeah.
- It's a big race, Swifty.
Don't let me down.
Win and Diesel's worth
big bucks.
Lose and he's worth nowt.
Get off my car.
- Get in.
- He'll just keep money
from race, you know.
How's that gonna get
your mum out of debt?
You're just lining his pockets,
you know, Swifty.
He's using you.
We won't be able to move this.
- Course we will.
- Will we fuck, man?
Are you mad?
- Right, take some
of that stuff off,
and that, though, gut it out.
- These won't come off.
- What won't, that?
Go on, pull it.
Job's a good one.
See that? It'll be easy.
Go on. Get started.
Let's just keep stripping it,
and we'll be able to do it.
- You don't even know
what you're doing.
- Course I do.
- Daft cunt.
Be able to get all roof off
and that at this rate.
- How are we gonna put that
on there?
- There's a way.
- Is there, fuck.
- I got wheel off.
- What you want me to do?
Shit Smarties?
Fucking car!
Pull it, girl.
Pull it. Pull it.
- Get yourself off the field.
You're gonna kill that pony,
- Fuck off
and mind your own business.
- Hey, ya, I need some boys
that'll be able to lift a car
on that cart.
I'll give yous a fiver.
- I'll do it.
But I want a tenner.
- All right, all right, Kevin.
A tenner.
- I'll do it for a fiver.
- You can hardly stand up, mate,
let alone lift a fucking car.
- Yeah, go on.
I'll give you a lift.
- Go on, now, get out.
- Fuck off, you smackheads,
fore I wrap a pool cue
round your head.
Fucking twat.
- Well done, lads.
- Sorted.
- Getting too old for this job,
- Come on! Move over!
- Fuck off, wankers!
- Move out the way, you pikeys!
- Wankers!
- Put it by light iron!
- Sweet, Tommy.
Good boy.
- Where you going?
- Pay point.
- You owe me 25 quid
for the hire
of the horse and cart.
Value of burnt-out car?
Fuck all.
Now get back out there
and earn it.
- Robbing bastard.
Fucking hurry up!
I want to get out of here!
He's a bastard, him.
We don't need him.
I'm gonna get that cable off
of pylon and all.
Come on. Move.
- Shouldn't we do this down
at Kitten's?
- Why am I gonna go down there?
He's a muppet.
What's the point?
We're here.
- Where are you gonna get paid
up here?
- Take 'em down to another
Not going down
to Kitten's again.
- Where the fuck have
you got all them from, Arbor?
You've chorred 'em off, Kitten,
ain't you?
Arbor, you're gonna get
your head kicked in.
- 15 bales. 600 quid.
- You've got to understand,
I'm dying to run that race.
- Yeah, and I know you are.
I'm dying to get some money
for us both.
Why's you a dosser?
If you don't stand up
for yourself, Swifty,
you'll never have owt.
You'll always be a poor bastard
under someone else's thumb.
- All you're bothered about
is metal.
- All you're bothered about
is horses.
You're soft.
You need to harden up.
Oy, what's that?
Side of that bin.
- Whoa, steady, Tommy.
We'll go weigh in now, yeah?
- Hang about, man.
I want to do something first.
Go on.
You think it's live?
- I don't know.
I wouldn't risk it.
Wha-what you doing?
You were gonna test it
on that foal, weren't you?
- Get off.
- You're a fucking psycho, you.
- Get off!
- Have your drugs
stopped working?
How would you like it?!
- Swifty!
Swifty! Get off!
- Get off! Swifty!
- Here you are.
- Hey, you can't bring
that horse in here.
- I've come all the way
from Bradford.
- Well, you're a daft bastard,
then, aren't you?
- What am I meant to do
with that lot, then?
- Go on, sling your hook.
Go on.
- Fucking dickhead.
- What the fuck are you doing,
- Hey! Hey!
Isn't that Kitten's horse?
- He'll fucking mince you, mate.
- They won't let me
in scrapyard
with horse and cart.
We'll do you a favor, eh?
We'll take scrap in van,
get it weighed in for you.
We take a cut.
You get the rest.
- All right, then.
- Good lad. Come on.
- You nicked this off of Kitten,
didn't you?
This is the stuff I brought in.
Ah, what do I care, eh?
I got paid for it.
Take a cut now,
I get paid for it twice.
That's for nicking
my railway cable,
thieving little twat.
Fucking hate you, Arbor.
- Come here.
Come with me.
- You owe me 1 grand.
- Mick took money.
- Too fucking bad.
Those bales were marked,
you stupid little twat!
Put it to widest setting,
Get off!
- Come here. Come here.
Give me your hand.
- Get off!
- Come here!
- Get off!
- I'm gonna take your hand off,
you thieving little bastard!
Come here.
- Swifty!
- Don't fuck me about!
- You're gonna replace
that copper you stole off me.
Look for a concrete block
over a manhole.
That's cable chamber.
Take chain off.
Put them boots on.
Take these off before you start.
Now go.
Fuck are you looking at?
Go and see to Diesel.
- Come on.
- I came for Tommy.
Make sure you were
treating him right.
You killed that foal.
- I don't even know what
you're on about, Swifty.
- You're a fucking mental case!
Course you did.
You're out of control.
- Did you grass me up, though,
- No, but I wished
I had've done.
You fucked it all up, Arbor.
- Well, if you hate me so much,
then how come
you've come back, huh?
- 'Cause I'm thick
like everyone says.
I'm soft, aren't I?
- Swifty, wait there.
I swear down on my life
I did not do it.
I need your help, Swifty.
- Well, get behind it, then,
or we'll never shift it.
- Fucking hell.
- Oh, shit, Arbor.
- I'm fucking shitting myself.
- Fuck's sake, Arbor.
- Here you are.
You need gloves.
Here you are.
Come on.
- Fucking bastard!
Kill you!
- Get off him!
Fucking get off him!
Get off him!
Get off him.
- Let go of him!
- Fucking bastard!
I'll fucking kill you!
You killed him!
- Grab his legs.
- Ah! Get off!
Get off of me!
- You twats!
- Get him in the cabin.
You bastard!
- Oh, no.
- Fucking bastard!
- Calm down.
- Fuck off!
Fucking hate you!
- Don't say owt.
- Fuck off!
Fuck off!
- I made him do it.
It were my fault the lad died.
- Step down, mate.
- She doesn't want to see you.
Hey, it's me.
- You all right, bro?
You all right?
You gonna come out?
Arbor, come on.
I'll make you a brew.
We'll go and-
We'll go and have a kickabout
or something.
What you say?
Play a bit of footie?
Arbor, seriously, mate.
Mum's really...
really worried.
Please come down.
Arbor, come on.
Stop being a dick.
Please, mate.
Oy, look at me at least, bro.
Mate, please come out.
I don't want to drag you out.
Mate, come on.
Come on, bro.
Mate, don't, please.
Don't struggle,
'cause I'm gonna have
to drag you out of there.
Come on, please, get out.
Arbor, come-
Come the fuck out now.
Get the-
Get out, Arbor!
Fucking hell!
- I appreciate it, love.